She seduces him b4 telling him who she is
It started with an E-mail. I've received many E-mails from women wanting me to give them money to come to me. Invariably they have been frauds just looking for money. This one was different. She said that she had discovered my web site and wanted to come and visit.

Now my cabin in the woods only has one bed and I told her that and she said it was okay. She could sleep in her car if I wanted her to. She had sent me a picture and she was blond, 5'5" and weighed about 110. She was 42 years old, 18 years younger than me. She arrived late in the evening about 9 and we talked about the abuse my wife had inflicted on me and how it had led to me abusing our daughter.

She then asked me when I had last had sex. I told her it had been nearly 15 years. Then she asked me if I found her attractive. I said,"Yes, and you remind me of the first girl I ever made love to." She asked me,'How did it happen?" I told her I when I was 17 my mother and brother had gone to St. Louis to a Craft Show and left me at home in Salem, Illinois with about $20 and all the food in the house.

On Saturday I'd gone to Augustino's Pizza for supper when two girls and a young man came into the restaurant. They sat at the table adjacent to mine and since the man actively engaged the red headed girl, I started to talk to the thin blond. She told me she was from Decatur Illinois and knowing Decatur was much larger than Salem I asked her, "Why did you come to this one horse town?" She told me, "I came to get laid."

After we finished our meals they followed me to my home and I took the blond into my room and made love to her. I was not very good. I was inexperienced and knew only the mechanics of sex.

After I was done telling the story the Charlotte had asked me if I had learned anything in the years and decades since then. I told I thought I knew enough to do a much better job now.

That was when she slid up to me on my homemade sofa and kissed me with tongue. I had put my arms around her as we kissed and now she pulled my left arm around and set my left hand on her right breast. It was a B cup, not very big, but very firm. Still as I rubbed it through her blouse I felt the nipple stand up under the thin material.

I unbuttoned the blouse and discovered she was braless and now I was massaging her breast with my bare hand. She was continuing to kiss me and french me and I was enjoying this a lot. She unbuttoned my shirt so I proceeded to remove it from my arms and shoulders. I then removed her blouse. She lifted herself of the back of the sofa to allow it. Then she reached for my zipper and pulled it down. She then unbuttoned my slacks and I lifted my hips to allow her to push them down. She did. She rubbed the front of my boxers and realized I was hard. She said,"I want to see it!" I raised my butt off the sofa and she pulled down my boxers and my hard cock sprang free. I reached to her slacks left side and unbottoned them and pulled down the zipper. She raised her hips clear of the sofa for me to push them down. I did.

I saw she was almost naked. The panties she was wearing barely covered her pussy and only had a thin waistband. Still she said,"You showed me yours. I should show you mine." She raised herself up and I pulled down her panties and discovered they were thongs. We both stood up to step out of our pants and undergarments and while we were standing she embraced me and pressing her body to mine she kissed me and sent her tongue on a mission to tickle my tonsils.

As we pulled out of the kiss she reached for my organ and pulled me toward the sofa. I reached for her pussy after she had me sitting down and concentrated my efforts on her clit. She started to stroke me but had to let go when her orgasm struck and lost it. I laid her flat on the sofa with one leg up on the back of it and other off the sitting surface hanging a few inches above the floor. I put two fingers into her vagina and felt around her pussy for her G-spot. When I found it I rubbed it frantically while the other hand pressed on it from outside. I had my mouth on her pussy going up the slit around her clit and back down to her fuck hole. She was moaning and panting and soon hit the orgasm again. With the leg on the sofa back she lifted her ass off the sitting surface in this most intense climax so far.

When she returned to herself and regain a semblance of control she grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up to her head. She looked me straight in the eye and said,"Make love to me Charlie."

She did not have to tell me twice. I lined up my still hard prick with her vagina and started to push it in. She was pretty tight but definitely not a virgin and soon my balls hit her ass and I was in all the way.

I told her,"Bring your leg down off the back of the sofa." She said,"Why?" I replied, "I want to change the position just a little." She brought her leg down and I lifted my leg on that side and put it just outside her leg. Then I raised my other leg and pulled her leg back up on the sofa. I planted my knew just outside her leg. Then I started to rock my pelvis. I would rock it three times then rotate my hips to hit her G-spot again. I kept up this pattern working her toward another orgasm. After about five minutes she climaxed again. This time she lifted her hips and me off the sofa. This was more intense than the last one.

As she came out of it she said,"Dad you definitely learned a lot since you fucked my mother." I was shocked! She then said,"That story you told me matched what my mother had told me about how and where I was conceived." She remembered you and gave me your name and I found you through a people search sight and then found you on and that was how I found out about you abusing your daughter. I figured you could do me. too.

I resumed rocking my pelvis and rotating it. No wonder she reminded me of the first girl I'd ever made love to. She was the child born from that action. I decided to ask the big question. "Aren't you afraid of producing a birth defected child with me?" She said,"No, I had my tubes tied after my third child." This was the first I knew she was MILF but she was still my daughter. I told her,"Don't you think this is wrong." She answered,"No, not really, you wanted me and I wanted you." That was true but before I knew who she was.

"Tell me about your kids,"I asked her. She said,"I have three as I told you. I have two daughters, aged 18 and 14 and my son is 10." "Are the girls sexually active?" I asked her. She said,"The 18 year old one definitely is and the fourteen year old has experimented but is still a virgin." The boy incidentally is active to the extent that he plays with himself and has gotten oral sex from the three women in his life. All three were abused by their father. Oh Shit, Here I go again." Then she raised her hips again and I lost my control and pumped rope after rope of cum into the daughter I never knew.

After my erection faded and fell out of her I got off her and sat in a nearby chair. She sat up and stuffed a couple of kleenexes up her pussy to catch my semen that was flowing out.

She asked me if she could use my computer. I nodded and she reached into her purse and pulled out a DVD and loaded it into my computer's DVD drive. The menu popped up and I told her to select "Play it with the VLC Media Player." The computer showed a menu. She went into the first selection. The girl was a younger version of her mother, about 14 or so.She said,"This is my oldest, Ramona. A man was eating her pussy and she was shaking or orgasm. Then when she was done she got up and sucked him off she went up and down his cock her lips running from the bush as the base of his cock to the head of his cock. When he came in her mouth she waited until he was done then come off his cock and opened his mouth to show him she had retained the jism in her mouth. Then she closed it and swallowed.

This went to another scene with an even younger version of the woman before me.
She said,"That is Rhonda, my second child." these two went through the same man eats girl to orgasm and then the girls sucks the guy until he cums. She was a bit different in the blow job. She turned her head to make the penis push her cheeks out on both sides. She said,"This is why he did not ask for visitation or fight my request for child support. If he had done either of those things I would have turned the DVD's over to the state's attorney.

"Don't know if you want me to meet them considering my past with my daughter." "Or your past with me?" She teased,"No, I'm not worried that you are going to do anything they don't want to do." The DVD continued to the father doing oral sex on his son. The boy could cum but not ejaculate. When he shook the man stood up and the boy returned the favor. I told her Turn it off. I've seen enough" She touched the computer touch pad and closed the media player. I told her. I might do something with the girls but I will not do anything with the boy.

"That's okay" was her reply,"Despite his father starting him off with cocksucking he is straight and has never had another guy only girls. I can stay a week then send one of the girls down." I told her,"They don't know me from Adam. They have never seen me. They can't want to do what we did." She said,"Don't bet on it. They have been to your page and seen that face shot and read your story on the other site you built. If you can take the younger one's cherry without her screaming bloody murder she'll thank you and so will her boyfriend.

I told her. Normally i go to bed about this time. She said,"let's go." and we went to bed. But that is another story.


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