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We drove swiftly but safely into the city. I could tell that this had been well coordinated. Police officers stopped traffic at every intersection as we flew past stopped cars en route to the White House. We were checked by Secret Service agents several times until we were met by General Tobin and escorted into what I assumed was the war room. We were introduced to the President and shown to a large screen. I could see a large “blob” which appeared out of place.


“Okay, but I’d like to see and hear what’s happening.”

VERY WELL. I used my powers to clear up the images. There were many gasps when the Gorkon warships came into view. There were more than a hundred.

“Will we be able to repel such a number,” asked the President.


President Baxter replied, “I have asked to address the General Assembly of the United Nations and have informed them that there is an international emergency. The address will be broadcast all over the world. Today is Wednesday; I will speak on Friday morning. I think we will need several of these photos to convince everyone, although I have no illusions that I will be believed by the representatives of some nations.”

We worked at a fever pitch for the next day. Now that we knew where the Gorkons were we needed to orient all the satellites. However, just to be safe, we also scanned all other directions until we were sure the heavens were clear. They were—thankfully. When all our preparations were done I allowed Donald to rest; he was justifiably exhausted. We were removed to a secure location where he and Gina ate a sumptuous meal and laid themselves into a comfortable bed. There was no sex tonight. They held each other, said “I love you” several times and fell into a deep slumber.

They were awakened around eight for a shower and breakfast. After much discussion it had been decided that we would not accompany the President to New York to protect our identities. We sped again along the highway, this time back home. We arrived at the Provanos’ home just before noon. Mrs. P was there waiting nervously; she hugged Gina and Donald before they retired to their room. “I’m sorry, Gina. This hasn’t worked out the way I hoped.”

“Donnie, we’ll have plenty of time to celebrate once we’re rid of these horrible Gorkons. We will be rid of them, won’t we, H?”


“We’re tired, all right, but not too tired, are we, Gina?”

“Definitely not!” she exclaimed as she fell back onto the bed pulling Donald onto her. It was a pleasure for me to see them express their love for each other. There were times I missed my planet, but we had nothing to compare with the physical love expressed between two humans. Donald and Gina kissed and touched each other as they prepared to unite physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Gina ran her hands up and down Donald’s body before finding his hard erection. With surprising strength she pulled him up, his manhood to the seat of her femininity. There was no need to lubricate him; she was running with her nectar.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her core. There was tenderness in their love, but this was raw brutal passion brought on by the stresses of the previous days. Their bodies met—faster and faster, harder and harder—as they held each other. So hard was their sex that the bed actually bounced several times. I could sense Mrs. P smiling as she worked in the kitchen. Suddenly, Donald grunted loudly as Gina began a long silent scream. Their orgasms brought them to Nirvana, wiping away the stresses of the past day and night. Donald might have collapsed onto Gina, but at the last second he slid to the side panting wildly from his exertions. Gina too was drained both physically and emotionally. She held her love tenderly as they fell asleep.

They rose in time for dinner and walked into the living room to find both of her parents glued to the TV, something they rarely did. Word of the President’s speech had been leaked to the press with only the words “international crisis” and “planetary emergency” used. There was much conjecture, but like the ray, no real facts. The young couple begged Gina’s parents for permission to watch tomorrow, promising to go straight to school afterwards.

All broadcast television turned to the United Nations at 9:45 EDT the following morning. There was polite applause, but nothing more, when President Jonathon Baxter strode to the podium. He began his speech in front of a huge screen after making the usual salutations to the Secretary General and other UN officials.

“You will probably laugh at the beginning of my remarks, but I guarantee you won’t be laughing at the end,” he began. “I learned almost two years ago that there is intelligent life on other planets.” He was right—there was laughter. “If you look at the screen you will see how. Army officers had gathered at one of our bases to review a new weapons system. They did exactly that, but it wasn’t the system they expected.” He paused as the screen came to life, showing a bright blue beam appear from the right, obliterating a truck out in the field. It went on to destroy another vehicle. The laughter came to a sudden halt. “This was a demonstration by one of our citizens, but, obviously, this technology does not exist anywhere on this planet. We learned that the citizen’s body had been invaded by an alien being, a leading scientist from another world. With his help we built this device—the screen showed the ray cannon—which we used in a test to destroy Pan, one of the smallest moons of Saturn. Many of the people on Earth saw this and there was much conjecture as to the source and reason for the ray.

“Next you will see what happened when one of our scientists got the bright idea to tamper with the cannon. We had been warned by the alien that such an action would turn the ray upon itself. Seventy-three people died as a result. Now I want to call your attention to the next slide.

“This is a photo from the Hubbell telescope taken three weeks ago. It is pointed toward the Altair system. The next slide is the same view taken yesterday.” There was strong reaction from the large group of diplomats as the vision of the distant stars was obliterated by a dark cloud. “Our alien friend enabled us to break through this ‘masking’ device, revealing what was behind.” There were sharp gasps and expressions of shock from the assemblage.

“I have been told that these are the Gorkons, a warrior people from a galaxy far beyond the star Altair. Clearly they are not on a peaceful mission which might require only a single ship. We have been told that they live on a densely populated planet much in need of water. We believe that many of these ships are tankers. I personally believe that the Gorkons intend to invade Earth and steal our water for their own use.”
By this point the noise in the General Assembly had reached the level of a riot. Only repeated bangs of the Secretary General’s gavel restored order.

“Thank you, Mr. Secretary General,” President Baxter continued. “Over the past two years our government has launched forty new Global Positioning System satellites, into each of which was built one of the ray cannons you saw earlier. These satellites are tracking the Gorkons as I speak. We intend to attack them with a multitude of rays once they reach Saturn. We will attack until each and every one of those ships is obliterated.

“However, there is always the chance of a miss or a failure so I have ordered the Armed Forces of the United States of America to prepare for a possible invasion and I strongly suggest that each of your countries do the same. This is a time to forget our differences and pull together to save our planet.

“I must tell you that the ray cannons will self-destruct exactly thirty days after their first use. My government has no intention of using such a terrible weapon on anyone other than the Gorkons. My government will provide information as to when we will initiate the strike as well as a live television feed from the Hubbell once the attack has begun. Thank you for your attention.” President Baxter strode purposefully from the podium leaving the room in a state of mass confusion.


Reaction to the speech was mixed from thankfulness for the nation’s preparedness to anger that the information had been withheld from the public until now. Most Americans, indeed most of the world, were in a state of shock. Until today the idea of intelligent life on other planets was just that, an idea. Now it was a potentially fatal reality, one that could threaten all life on Earth. It was a sobering day for many.

President Baxter returned to Washington to prepare for the attack, one that was planned to surprise the Gorkons. I had told the president that there was no concept of negotiation with them. It would be either total victory or total defeat. I was sure that it would be the former, but I knew more about what was happening than anyone else on the planet.

Donald and Gina returned to school, but hardly anyone could concentrate on their studies. Football seemed to be suddenly immaterial…inconsequential. The season was cancelled. Everyone was on edge until the week before Thanksgiving when President Baxter announced that the rays would fire on Thanksgiving morning. Donald and Gina (and I) were summoned to Washington. The Thanksgiving break was perfect. Nobody would become suspicious of our absence. Gina’s parents came with us; we stayed in a major hotel in the Washington area and were driven to Andrews Air Force base early Thursday morning.

The satellites had been deployed in such a way that half would always face the Gorkons. As the Earth rotated some would move out of the action while others would come on-line. Each cannon would fire until its target was destroyed. Then a new target would be selected and it would turn itself on once again. Energy for the rays had been collected from the sun and stored for months prior; I could tell they were fully loaded and ready.

We were greeted by General Tobin; Gina introduced her parents who were clearly nervous, just like the rest of us. President Baxter joined us a few minutes later and he greeted us warmly, but then he was a politician while General Tobin was a soldier. At 8:10 a.m. he walked calmly in front of the television cameras; we were careful to stay well behind them so we would not be seen. He made a few remarks and pushed the button, explaining that the rays would take a few minutes to turn themselves on.

Simultaneously at exactly 8:14 twenty bright blue rays streamed into the distant skies. A live feed from the Hubbell was provided. All around the globe troops stood at the ready. The government had informed the public that it would take more than an hour for the rays to reach their quarries and another hour-plus for the results to reach us. In spite of that people around the planet were glued to their sets.

The silence in the command center was nerve wracking until the results finally reached us. One after another the Gorkon ships were vaporized. The cheering and shouting in the room were frantic with excitement. All in all the attack lasted more than six hours. In the end there was only one tiny ship left. I took over, knowing that this was the command vessel. It would be necessary to destroy it to free my planet. I aimed no less than ten cannons on this tiny target. I didn’t think we could miss and I was right. It disappeared in a bright blue stream and then the skies were clear again. Sighs of relief could be heard throughout the room as I was sure were repeated around the planet.

I was surprised when President Baxter asked if I would speak to the people of Earth. I agreed on the condition that neither Donald nor Gina nor her parents would be seen.

“My fellow Americans and friends around the planet,” President Baxter began, “I think I should introduce you to the hero who has made all this possible. For obvious reasons there will be no video, but he has agreed to speak to you.”


I KNOW THAT MANY OF YOU ARE RELIEVED, BUT CONCERNED ABOUT THE PRESENCE OF THESE WEAPONS IN THE SKY. BE ASSURED THAT ONCE WE KNOW THAT THE THREAT IS TRULY OVER THEY WILL BE DESTROYED. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE HORRIFIC BLUE EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. DAY OR NIGHT THEY WILL BE VISIBLE. I LOVE BEING HERE ON EARTH AND HOPE TO BE HERE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME. I let Donald know that I was done; he handed the microphone back to President Baxter who announced publicly that he was ordering the American troops to stand down from emergency status. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief once the cameras were turned off.

The president returned to the White House, but not before speaking to all of us. “I wish I could give you a medal or citation. I’m sure you understand why I can’t. Just be assured that everyone on this planet owes you one—a really, really big one!” He shook everyone’s hand and left. We were invited to Thanksgiving dinner with General Tobin and his wife. Dinner was great and the food was plentiful, but I could tell that Donald and Gina just wanted their lives to get back to normal.

General Tobin asked Donald what he was thinking in terms of college. “I’ve been looking at a few and I’m leaning towards Princeton. But wherever I go Gina will be with me. I hope we will marry by the end of the school year.”

“That’s interesting. Did you know that President Baxter is a Princeton grad? I’m sure he’d be glad to put in a word for both of you.”

“That would be great, sir, but we really want to make it on our own merits. Gina’s a fantastic student and, of course, I have a lot of help, don’t I, H?”


“Way to go, H! I knew there was something I loved about you!” Gina was laughing after my compliment as she teased Donald. “I may be smarter, but not by much. I am smart enough to realize that I do love everything about you. You are the sweetest, kindest, most considerate person I’ve ever known…and soon you’ll be all mine.”

“I hate to remind you, but I’ve been all yours for years.”

“I hate to break up this love match,” her dad interjected, but we really do have to get back to the hotel and I’m sure General Tobin has other things to do than entertain us.”

“Actually, thanks to Donald and H I don’t really have all that much on my plate any more. Once the ray cannons explode I’ll be ready to retire. This whole episode has been too much for me.” We all wished him and Mrs. Tobin well and left.

The ride back to the hotel was a quiet one until Gina spoke, “This has been some day. I guess we all have a lot to be thankful for.”

“Amen,” her mom replied. Unknown to any of us General Tobin had phoned the White House as soon as we left. He had a lengthy discussion with the president. We made it back around ten and went straight to bed. All through the lobby we could hear the noise coming from the bar where everyone was celebrating. Apparently, they had a lot less stress than we had.

Once their door was closed Gina fell into Donald’s arms. “I’m so glad that’s over. I don’t know how you handled all the stress, Donnie.”

Donald chuckled, “By making love with you every night. Seriously…I wouldn’t have made it without you…and H, of course. I wonder sometimes if I had any more stress than everyone else. It’s been a bad time, a really bad time for the entire planet. Thank God we won and thank God for you, H. When I think of how many lives would have been lost…I just want to cry.” Gina looked up at him again then tiptoed up to him, her lips meeting his is a long sensual kiss that they both knew was just a prelude to their own celebration—the celebration of the day as well as their love.

Their clothes fell to the floor like snowflakes in winter as they raced to the bed. Donald had eaten too much and he burped loudly, much to the amusement of his lover. “Tsk…tsk, you obviously need an antacid and I have just the thing for you. Care to guess what it is?”

“Hmmm, it is really yummy and in seemingly endless supply?”

“Yes, indeed—feel free to take as much as you need.” Donald smacked his lips as he laid Gina on the bed, kneeling between her legs and spreading them wide. He leaned in for a quick sniff before taking a lengthy lick. He loved the taste of Gina’s nectar. It was only seconds later that he dove in with tremendous energy—energy that was directly related to the terrible stress he had been under, stress he had tried to hide from Gina. He sucked her entire pussy into his mouth causing her to jump suddenly off the bed and gasp loudly.
Donald was just beginning; he attacked with his tongue…his lips…his teeth. Gina, in response, locked her legs around his head as her breathing became rapid and irregular…as her level of rapture increased quickly. When Donald sucked her sensitive bud between his teeth and nibbled lightly, Gina exploded. Her body shook wildly and out of control. She had trouble breathing as the spasm rolled through her body. She was relieved when it stopped and she could inhale once again, but not as relieved as Donald who was finally able to escape her leg lock. He crawled onto the bed next to Gina as she recovered.

They held each other until Gina turned and held his chin, making a point. “I never want to find that you’ve kept a secret from me again. You were under tremendous stress, weren’t you?” He nodded slowly too ashamed to speak. “Why didn’t you tell me? Aren’t we supposed to be a team?”

“I…I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to worry.”

“I was worried. We spend so much time together I feel I know you like I know myself. I knew right away that something was wrong, but I wanted you to tell me. I’ll forgive you on one condition.”


“That it never happen again…deal?”

“Deal!” Gina leaned over to seal it with a kiss. Then she moved down his body. “I’d better take care of this or it will be poking me all night.”

“You know the things you do to me so I can’t guarantee no poking.”

“Well…okay, a little poking later on when I’m horny for you again.”

“And when will that be?”

“In about two minutes!”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Donald rolled onto his back pulling Gina on top of him. Donald was strong; he lifted her easily moving her over his manhood. She opened her legs, welcoming him to her torrid core. Her eyes were closed as she slid down his rock-hard pole. When she was securely seated on him she leaned forward, gripped his head firmly and kissed him deeply, expressing her love with her entire body.

They moved together, Donald driving his cock deep within her, Gina gripping him firmly with her powerful vaginal muscles. They gave each other so much pleasure as they built toward their orgasms, but surprisingly they stopped just before. They relaxed for almost fifteen minutes before beginning again. It went on for more than an hour until they could hold back no more. Donald came hard, draining his body of all its semen. Gina came just as hard, her orgasm lasting almost a minute. She might have been physically injured had I not made Donald grasp her securely to his body. They were exhausted and fell asleep immediately, but they were at it again later in the night. I often wondered how they could get by on so little sleep. They weren’t Aquarians, after all.


I was often amazed by the resilience of the earthlings. Despite the danger and stress of a Gorkonian attack everything was back to normal the following day. Gina’s dad drove us home Friday morning and we arrived shortly before noon. “There’s one big advantage to going out for Thanksgiving dinner—no leftover turkey! How about if I fire up the grill and make some dogs?” Everyone agreed so Donald trotted straight to the back yard. Since moving in he had virtually taken over all the grilling, relieving Mr. P, who was a less than enthusiastic chef, of the duties. Gina followed her folks inside, gathering the tools, rolls, and hot dogs before joining Donald on the patio as he was cleaning the grill with a long-handled wire brush. They kissed briefly before she dumped her load on the nearby table. She kissed Donald again before returning to the kitchen for plates.

On her return she teased Donald, kissing his neck and tickling him while he was trying desperately not to burn the rolls. Finally, he turned, looked her in the eyes and kissed her before picking her up bodily and carrying her into the kitchen. He closed the door as he returned to his cooking duties. Once he had finished he took the lunch inside and pulled Gina onto his lap as they enjoyed each other as much as they enjoyed the meal. Yes, everything was back to normal.

Exactly thirty days after Thanksgiving, December 28th, the skies all around the world were lit up by forty simultaneous explosions, exactly as President Baxter had promised. His approval ratings went through the roof and he was praised all over the world for his role in saving the people of Earth. It was a joyous time, so much so that an international holiday was declared. At exactly 8:14 a.m. EST—the exact time the attack on the Gorkons began—church bells and sirens around the world sounded around the globe.

I had always found Christmas to be an interesting holiday. Other than the religious significance the whole idea seems to be how many presents one could receive. It was an especially interesting holiday this year. Gina’s family was in the habit of attending Midnight Mass then returning home to open their gifts in the early morning of Christmas day. Donald and Gina opened their gifts, thanking the giver, usually Gina’s mom and dad, although they also gave each other several gifts, usually clothes or jewelry or other personal items. Just when they thought they were done Mr. P. found another gift under the tree. “It’s for you, Gina.”

She took it and looked it over. It looked like a shoe box and it was covered in brown paper as though it had come from a supermarket bag, which indeed it had. It was from Donald. “Donnie, why isn’t this in Christmas wrap like the rest of your presents?”

“Because it’s not a Christmas present,” he replied as Gina began to unwrap it. She gave him a look when she found another smaller box inside also wrapped in plain brown paper. Again she unwrapped and shot Donald a truly exasperated look when she found yet another smaller box inside. “What is this, the matryoshka doll of presents?” She attacked this box and froze when she saw the small blue velvet box inside. Donald knelt at her feet and pulled it from her. Slowly he opened the box, removed the ring, a one carat solitaire, and placed it onto her shaking finger. She had a tear in her eye when he looked up at her. Then he joined her on the couch and kissed her tenderly. “I hope it fits okay. I had a little help with the sizing from Dad who just happened to…um, borrow that ring you thought you had lost. I have it here in my pocket.”

Gina could hardly speak as she gasped, “It’s perfect. I’m so surprised. I never thought….” Her mother came over to look at the ring and hug both Gina and Donald. Her dad did the same and Joey came over to comment, “I knew I had you pegged right all the way back in ninth grade.” He shook Donald’s hand and hugged his sister. They went to bed; it was a magnificent day—a wonderful time for all.

It was also the time that I had decided to give Donald and Gina a present, one that would assure their success in life. I told Donald about the gift, but only that I would need use of his body for three days. A drafting station and small lab with a microwave oven were set up in the basement. I took control of Donald at 9:00 and released him at 4:00 in the afternoon. Three days later the project was done—Donald had “invented” a new solar cell, one based on inexpensive carbon with a simple production process, exactly like those used on the planet of Aquarius where silicon was in very short supply, but carbon was plentiful.
Donald and Gina looked in amazement at the small working model we had made. The next day they went with her father to a patent attorney who filed the application for him.

After the Christmas holiday Donald and I began work on an all electric car. We took an old Honda Civic, removed the engine and installed a number of the new solar cells on the roof. These were wired to four powerful DC motors and several large storage batteries. The big advantage of the new cells was that they produced four times the electricity of a comparable silicon cell at less than one-fourth the cost. The work was slow because of Donald’s involvement in basketball and baseball in addition to his regular school attendance. However, allowing me to take control of his body enabled him to work at more than triple his normal rate. My experience in engineering as well as physics made the work easy conceptually so we had almost all of the technical work done by April. We’d finish the paint, seats, and other cosmetics before the end of the school year.

Donald and Gina began to interview at colleges in mid-January; Princeton was first on the list. They interviewed on the same day, Donald going first. The interviewer, the Dean of Admissions, was extremely cordial, much more than Donald had anticipated despite his outstanding academic and athletic record. “You have an excellent record, Donald, but would you kindly tell me what you did to warrant a two page recommendation from our president?”

He was taken aback for several seconds before he found his voice, “I didn’t know he had written anything for me, sir. I did him a bit of a favor a while back, that’s all.”

“Hmm, a favor you say…for the president? Interesting…hmmm…what would you say was the high point of your high school career?”

“Well, the high point of my life was when my girlfriend agreed to marry me. We’ll attend school together. She has an interview this afternoon. The highlight academically came when I accidentally invented a new solar cell made from carbon.”

“Carbon? That’s impossible.”

“I have one with a small motor here in my briefcase. May I show you?” Donald opened the clasps and pulled the device out, placing it under the lamp on the dean’s desk. He connected the wires and watched silently and proudly as the motor spun rapidly. “I’ve applied for the patent and several corporations are interested. I’m also making an all-electric car using these as a power source.”

“That’s amazing; would you mind if I showed this to a few professors? I could return it to you later after your girlfriend interviews. She must be Miss Provano. I see you have their name on your application.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve lived with them ever since my parents died a few years ago. They’re wonderful people, which is hardly surprising considering their daughter.” The rest of the interview was more a series of queries about the solar cell than anything else.

Gina’s interview also went well, but ended a bit early when three engineering professors rushed into the dean’s office. “Gina, would you mind terribly if I showed Donald’s invention to these gentlemen. I understand very clearly that you’ll attend college together and there’s no way you’ll be separated.”

“That’s correct, Dean. Donald and I should be considered as a single entrant. I will tell you that Princeton is our first choice, but we are considering several other excellent schools, including Virginia, Harvard, and Stanford. Why don’t I bring Donald in? He’s right outside, probably more nervous about my interview than he was for his own.” She rose and went to the door, bringing Donald in with her. He answered the questions—yes, he was tinkering with a carbon cylinder he had extracted from a dry cell and had coated it with what he thought might be some cleaning materials. No, he couldn’t say what materials, but they were readily available. Yes, he had determined the voltage produced at 6 volts. “Six volts? That’s impossible!” exclaimed the Dean of Engineering.

“Feel free to measure it yourself.” He pulled a volt meter from his briefcase, handing it to the dean.

A few minutes later the dean returned it. “Remarkable…do I understand that Princeton is your first choice?”

“Yes, sir, but you should know that I will only attend school with Gina. We’re engaged to be married. We will not be separated under any circumstance.”

“We would appreciate greatly if you would cancel your other interviews. You are both accepted here. Talent like yours doesn’t occur every day. Do I understand that you have a patent pending on this? If so you will be a very rich young man.” There were handshakes all around, the Dean of Admissions advising them that a letter of acceptance would be out within the week. It was a major exception of their rules, but then Donald was an exceptional find.

“You’re an extremely lucky young woman,” he told Gina.

“No, sir…I’m the lucky one. Gina and her family took care of me when I had no one. It was her love that has driven me to this success, knowing that success or failure she would still be by my side.” He thanked them and left. Together, hand in hand, they walked down the steps to her parents and the long drive home.
That night in bed Gina asked him, “Are you really the lucky one, Donald?”

“Of course…I have you and I have H, but mostly…I have you. You’ve been with me through everything—good and bad—ever since we met way back in ninth grade. I’d be nothing without you.”

“That’s exactly what I’d be without you.”

“I guess we’re the perfect couple, then.” Gina nodded and led him to bed.


Donald and Gina returned to school in January with a vengeance. Donald approached his final year of basketball hopeful that, at last, he could lead his team to a championship and he was determined that nothing would stand in his way. He played all three positions even though guard was his natural place. At just over 6 feet, 4 inches tall and 200 pounds though, he was tall enough and strong enough to play inside, as well. When the season was done the team had won the county championship and gone all the way to the state semi-finals before losing to a strong team from Central, a school with almost twice the enrollment. Donald had averaged 26.4 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 13.3 assists per game, what he told me was a triple double. He wasn’t at all surprised to earn first team all-county honors as he had the previous year, but when he was named the state’s Mr. Basketball and first team All-America by both the Associated Press and Parade Magazine he was astonished.

Donald also had an outstanding season on the baseball field where he batted .675 and fielded without a single error. There was considerable interest by several professional teams until he told them not to waste their pick. He would not play professional baseball at any level. The next four years of his life would be spent in southwestern New Jersey attending Princeton with his wife at his side.

Donald graduated valedictorian while Gina was salutatorian. They wed the following day, honeymooning in Bermuda. Gina’s parents were justifiably proud of their achievements. Donald was already a reasonably wealthy man at this time. Gina’s dad had invested his funds wisely, almost doubling Donald’s money in just under four years. However, that was just the beginning. There was a huge bidding war for the carbon-based solar cell with giant manufacturer General Electric winning. Of course, Donald had a huge advantage in the negotiations process—I could tell him their strategy long before they came to the table. While a student at Princeton he earned more than $100 million annually. He never publicized that he had turned down considerably more from a major oil conglomerate, ostensibly to keep the device off the market. Donald told Gina that he remembered something I had said years ago, “I remember H saying something about ‘doing good’ and helping when he was asked why he had helped me. I also want to do good.” In an effort to “do good” he established the Douglas and Judith Dugan Memorial Foundation in memory of his deceased parents to help underprivileged children get a better education or to learn a valuable trade. Over the next ten years the United States overcame its dependence on foreign oil as the solar-powered all-electric car became increasingly commonplace and the price of gasoline dropped to less than fifteen cents per gallon. Few people wanted to buy a conventional automobile. When used all-electrics became available as used cars the gas-powered car joined the dinosaur as an extinct species.

Donald drove Gina to Princeton in his unique car. He was stopped several times by curious policemen even though it was clear from the outset that Donald was not speeding. Mostly, they asked questions about how it worked and what those little black squares on the roof were. They were also intrigued by how quiet the car was. It had no muffler or exhaust system, no radiator or coolant, only the lightest power steering system and brakes. In short, it was a revolutionary vehicle. One collector, a well-known television comedian, offered him $500,000 for it. “Sorry, but I built it to own and drive. It’s not for sale.”

Despite the delays they arrived on campus a day before they were required to be there. Their marital status entitled them to live either off campus on in graduate housing on campus. Wanting to be close to their class work and the social activities, at least for the first year, they chose the latter. They breezed through orientation week acing all the placement exams although there were a few challenges, primarily at the freshman mixer.

Gina had grown from a beautiful young teenager to a beautiful sexy woman. At five feet eight inches tall and 118 pounds she retained all of her body from ninth grade—her flat abdomen, her round firm butt, and trim waist—with the exception of her breasts which were now at least a solid C-cup. Her shiny black hair fell well past her shoulders, hanging between those magnificent glands whenever she rode Donald to yet another incredible orgasm. Not surprisingly she received plenty of attention from the males of the class. She was asked repeatedly to dance, but always smiled as she showed the erstwhile suitor her engagement and wedding rings first and her handsome strong husband second. She usually led Donald to the dance floor where she slow danced exceedingly close to him even when the music beat at a rapid tempo. All that did was convince the boys how right they had been in trying her. Later at home, she laughed at the whole thing.

“Well, Gina you can laugh. You were the belle of the ball. I didn’t see anyone who wanted me.”

“Yes, you did. I wanted you…just as I’ve always wanted you…just as I want you right now and just as I’ll want you tomorrow and the day after that and…. Had the role of the sexes been reversed, I assure you the girls would have been falling all over you. You would never notice them, but I did. I think some of them were actually drooling…just like me.”

“Oh God, the whole dating and sex thing is just so silly…so stupid.”

“Yes it is, darling so come to bed and let me show you exactly how desirable you really are.”

“Okay…but it’s going to take some convincing.”

“I think I’m up to the task. Let’s go…stud.” That really made Donald laugh…”stud! Yeah…right!” Gina dropped all her clothes in a big pile, commenting that tomorrow would be another day, took her husband’s hand and let him down the short hall to the bedroom. Through some stroke of luck they had managed to get an apartment on the end of the dorm—fewer neighbors to disturb with her screaming. She recalled her mother telling her how much she and her dad would enjoy sleeping through the night now that Gina and Donald were off at school.

She entered the bedroom, threw her panties into the hamper and turned to Donald. She quickly removed his clothes and led him back to the bathroom where she turned on the shower. Gina took the soap and gently washed him, squeezing his muscular ass cheeks and kissing his nipples. She could see the stress of the mixer dissolve away as she licked her way up his neck, around his chin to his mouth. Her tongue pushed into his mouth to begin one of the most sensual passionate kisses of their relationship. Donald responded strongly, lifting her off her feet and pressing her chest against his. “Careful, darling I wouldn’t want to fall. Then I might miss out on making love to the number one stud at the mixer.”

He slowly lowered her to the tile floor, kissing her again once she was back on earth. I loved these little moments when they solved their misunderstandings and problems through their love for each other. “I think I might have overreacted.”

“Well…that’s what happens when you take the belle to the ball.” When Donald looked into her face she was grinning ear to ear.” One look and he was laughing. He had been right. The whole thing was so stupid and silly. Gina was his wife and she loved him. All those other guys were probably jealous of him—jerking off just as he was preparing to make beautiful delicious love to Gina. The water turned off and their bodies sufficiently dried, Donald led her back to the bedroom where he laid her onto the bed. He climbed in next to her. He kissed her gently, but, of course that didn’t last very long. Their passion rose swiftly as they clung to each other.

Mid-kiss, Gina threw her left leg over Donald’s hip and guided his cock, already dripping oodles of pre-cum to her slit and into her tight canal. They moved slowly, his thrusts shallow due to their position. It was clear after almost ten minutes that nothing much was happening. “Uh, Gina I….” She silenced him with a finger to his lips.

“I know…but just think…this way we can do it forever. In an hour you’ll be as desperate to cum as I am. I love you, Donald. I love everything about you. Now and forever, I love you. You are all—everything—to me. Now, should I continue or do you want to kiss me again?” Donald took less than a second to decide as he covered her mouth with his, her tongue with his as he slowly—very slowly—made delectable love to his wife. I was very happy. An hour later Gina moved on top of him and rode him quickly to an incredible orgasm as he bathed her womb in slick white cream.

There was a period of adjustment, of course. There was more work--harder work--but nothing I couldn’t handle. Despite my help there was most of all more stress, the need to succeed. Even though Donald had earned enough money to last several lifetimes during his freshman year he still felt the need to come out on top. Gina had the same concerns and the same stresses. Fortunately, they had each other. Their bond was stronger than ever.

Much of Donald’s stress came from competition between the engineering school and the physics department; both wanted Donald as “their” student. Rumors of arguments almost breaking out into physical violence reached Gina one day as she studied in the library. Two graduate students were heard talking about the problem as they walked past her table. She packed up her books and found Donald immediately. He met with the two parties and made himself clear, “Gentlemen, I will decide what course of study to follow when I am ready and all your arguing will only convince me to attend another university. I wonder what would happen if I were to call the Admissions Office at Harvard or UVA? Both were extremely disappointed that I came here. I beg you—don’t make me disappointed, as well.” At that, he rose and left the building, meeting Gina on the sidewalk. Holding hands, they moved quickly to their apartment.

In the end the argument was solved when Donald decided to major in math with a minor in physics. Gina, as expected, majored in French and minored in Spanish. She hoped to become a teacher even though she would never need the money. Like her husband she just wanted to “do good.”

Donald played varsity basketball, making All-Ivy several times. He also played on the varsity baseball team, but football was a thing of the past. After four years Donald and Gina both graduated Summa Cum Laude, but neither sought employment. Donald’s foundation had grown like Topsy with many Fortune 500 corporations signing on to support their work. Donald and Gina spent the majority of their time managing the foundation and their growing staff, but Donald also spent time in the lab. With a little help from “you know who” he invented the no-friction electric motor in which the magnetic armature floats between two like-poled magnets so that all three repel each other. This invention revolutionized the use of motors everywhere by virtually eliminating friction. It was also sold to General Electric for an additional minimum of $100 million a year.

It was five years after their graduation when Gina first became pregnant. Their baby boy was named Douglas H after Donald’s father and some unnamed friend of theirs. Two years later a second son was born—Robert H, after Gina’s dad and me. Their third was a girl they named Ashley, breaking tradition—they just liked the name.

I had to give them credit. Despite their enormous wealth they lived very reasonably. Not a year went by that they gave less than 90 percent of their income to their foundation or other favorite charities. Usually, it was much more. They had a large house in the same community where they had lived through childhood, but it was no mansion; it was just large enough for their needs. They had new cars most years, but they were typically a Honda Accord All-Electric and a Toyota Highlander, also all-electric.

Donald’s first all-electric was donated to the Smithsonian. Additionally, they raised their children to believe in giving to those less fortunate. Public schools were good enough for them and they would be good enough for their kids. They lived healthy lives, eating in moderation, exercising regularly, and only occasionally drinking alcoholic beverages. As a result their weights even ten years after college were virtually identical to what they had been in high school.

One sunny day in April Donald, Gina and I had a long chat; Douglas had reached the age of twelve. We all agreed--the time had come for me to have a new host. When we had finished they called Douglas into the study. “Doug, please sit down with your mother and me,” his father began, “I have a long story I want to tell you. You’ll find it hard to believe, but it’s all true. We know because we lived it. It began when I was your age in seventh grade. When I’m done I’ll prick both of our fingers and give you the very best present you’ll ever receive.”

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