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A dirty "old" man at a party finds a horny young playing with her self in an upstairs bathroom.
A Young girl in the bathroom by LorenLost

He walked in on her in the upstairs bathroom, it was one of those pass through types connecting to a bedroom as well as the hallway. He thought he heard some moaning sounds from behind the slightly open door so he opened it slowly and silently and stepped inside to find a young girl in a night shirt stroking her pussy while she looked through the other door into the bedroom beyond.

The sounds of drunken sex came from the room and she was fully involved in her own pleasure as she watched the action in the bedroom. Leaning back I looked over my discovery. She was slender with nice legs and had small tits with hard little nipples poking out against the thin fabric of her nightshirt. Her fingers were deep in her pussy and her hips moved with the rhythm of her fingers. She looked young! Maybe 15 or 16? This was going to be fun!

In one quick motion I moved across the room and putting my hand over her mouth I grabbed her and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her back from the door then pushed it closed with my foot. She tried to cry out in surprise but I held her close and whispered in her ear.
"Do you want them to hear you? Want me to tell them what you were doing?" I feel her go limp in my arms as she realizes that she caught. "Good girl!" I say. I turn her around and push her against the wall, holding her with my hand over her mouth. "Look what I found, a dirty little girl who likes to watch people fuck while she plays with her pussy!" "I bet you’re supposed to be in bed by now, aren’t you? How much trouble are you in if I drag you downstairs and tell everyone what you were doing?" She shakes her head.. NO! "Will you be quiet?" She nods yes! I put my other hand around her slender neck and hold her too the wall then uncover her mouth. "Oh please mister don’t tell on me!" she cries softly. Well you are pretty cute; I smile at her and slip my other hand down to her pussy to find it hot and wet.
I push her legs apart with my foot and stroke her wet snatch, looking into her eyes I rub the nub of her swollen clit, making her gasp then bite her lip. "Your pussy is all wet little girl! What kind of a little slut are you? You were ready to come weren’t you?" She only nods her head and looks down at the floor. "Well don’t worry, I know what to do with dirty little sluts who spy in the bathroom."

Pulling her by her throat I lead her to the shower and turn it on. "What are you doing?" she asks in a horse whisper. I pull her back against me and grab her ass, squeeze it then slap it nice and hard. "I'm going to give my little dirty girl what she needs, I'm going to fuck your brains out!" "No please... wait!" "No more talking now just do what I tell you and I won't hurt you too much!" "Now sit on the toilet and spread your legs, I want to see your wet pussy!"

She tries to hesitate and I slap her ass again then she quickly moves to sit on the toilet and slowly opens her legs. I move to stand over her and tell her to rub her horny cunt like she was before. She slides a hand over her pussy... "Good girl" Now I strip off my clothes and stand naked in front of the girl while she plays with herself. “I know what you were doing, watching that girl in there getting fucked and imagining that it was you, Fantasizing about getting fucked while you play with your hot little pussy!” “Well tonites your night cause now you are going to get what you wanted!” She stares wide eyed at my growing member in front of her and I start to stroke it slowly, making it swell quickly and rise to full attention. "Oh my god!" she whispers... "It’s fucking huge!" "You can't put that in me!!" Oh yes I can! Now suck on it! I tell her and move forward to push it towards her mouth.

She takes my swelling prick in her hand and strokes and squeezes it then licks her lips. I grab her head and force it towards my cock as she opens her mouth and guides the fat tip into her young mouth. She's done this before I realize as she slurps and sucks more of it into her mouth. "OH .. You like to suck cock, don't you?" I say as I shove more and more into her mouth.

She is still rubbing her pussy as she licks and sucks my hard cock deep into her mouth, taking all that she can and a little more. Pulling her hair I fuck her mouth roughly, making her gag as it hits her throat. "Suck my cock you slut! Show me what a whore you are!" I give her mouth a few more strokes then take it away from her. "Get up and turn around! Now bend over!" Kneeling behind her I spread her ass open to expose her pussy and asshole.

I slip a finger into her pussy and she moans loudly. Reaching over I grab a towel and stuff it into her mouth. She is bent over with her legs spread and her ass up and I dive in! I lick and suck on her young pussy and clit while spreading her ass open wide. In only moments I feel her legs start to tremble and she is moaning loudly as I push a finger into the tight ring of her asshole and slowly shove it all the way in.

Leaning back I smack her hard across her ass once, then again and again making her groan loudly into the towel stuffed in her mouth. "Horny little slut! Do you like it in your ass?" Spreading her open even wider with my other hand I push another finger into her ass, twisting them slowly as I push them all the way in in till my fist is pressing close against the wetness of her cunt.

Leaning over her I reach up to squeeze her tits then pinch and twist her nipples while I start to fuck her ass with a steady rhythm. "Fuck your ass is tight!" "I bet you have never had a cock in your ass have you?" I ask her. She groans and shakes her head no. I get a handful of her hair and pull her back towards me and pick up the pace with my fingers, roughly stuffing them into her asshole harder and faster as I go! She cries out to me, loud sounds muffled by the towel, but getting louder. I can feel her asshole squeeze and clench on my fingers as they thrust deep inside her.

I release her hair then run my hand down her back to her ass then pull my fingers from her ass, seconds later both hands spread her open wide while I shove my tongue into her open ass. Licking and teasing her hot wet asshole with my mouth makes her moan and push back with her ass to increase the pressure from my tongue.

I reach down between her legs to stroke her pussy and rub the hard little nub of her clit! Her response is sudden and violent, She cries out in pleasure as her whole body twists and shakes under me! Pulling my face away I roughly shove two fingers back into her ass and feel her grip and squeeze them tight as they push deeper inside.

"Come for me bitch! Come with my fingers in your ass you little Slut!!” I tell her and then I feel her body go stiff and her ass grip my thrusting fingers harder and harder while her orgasm rocks her young body with pleasure. Slowing down I continue to fuck her ass and tease her clit with soft circles drawing out her orgasm in till she goes limp and slips down to her knees on the floor with her body draped across the toilet while she tries to catch her breath.

"That was wild! Fucking little slut likes it in the ass!" I slowly pull my fingers from her ass and smack her with a good hard slap across her ass then take her in my arms and lift her gently off the floor. She puts an arm around me as I pull her close and take the towel from her mouth to kiss her. Her breathing slows as she slowly returns to awareness and presses herself closer to me while I kiss her face and neck.

Grabbing her by the hair I pull her head back, breaking our kiss and making her cry out to me.. "Oooww, Hey wait!" But I put a finger to her lips and tell her to be quiet!

"Shut up and turn around!" I order her. And still pulling her by the hair I turn her around and push her forward over the counter top. Her hands go out to catch her as I shove her head down in till she is bent over with her tits pressed against the counter and her head resting on her arms.

"That’s a good girl! Now you be quiet and don't move, I am going to put my big hard cock in your sweet young ass and fuck you like a little whore!" Pushing her feet apart I smack her ass! "Get your ass up bitch!" I order her and with a cry of shock and surprise she quickly arches her back, lifting her ass up to meet my next slap. SMACK!!

"OOOWW! Hey! Stop!" she cries. "It's up! I'll be good!" Leaning over I grab her around the throat and squeeze...

"I know you will be good bitch, or I'll spank your ass so hard you won't sit down for days! Now be Quiet and don't move!" I let her go then press her down with my hand between her shoulders while my other hand moves over her ass, rubbing and squeezing her burning cheeks, spreading her open before me. "You look so sexy like this, bent over with your ass up in the air. Are you ready for me to fuck your ass now?" I ask. She whimpers and shakes her head no. "I'm scared!" she whispers. "I've never done this before and It's so big!"

Standing behind her I run my hands over her slender body, rubbing her up and down her legs over her hips and up her back. Pressed against her from behind my cock rubs between her legs as I kiss her back, shoulders and neck.

"Just relax little one your gonna be fine, when I'm done with you you’ll be begging to have your ass fucked!" I tell her as I take her arms from under her head and pull them back to place her hands on her ass cheeks.

"Now I want you to spread your ass open nice and wide for me like this." I say as I open her up with my hands over hers. "That’s a good girl, now you stay just like this for me, OK!" She nods her head and gives a low moan as I kneel down behind her and start to softly lick her pussy up and down.

Slowly I work her over sucking her clit while I slip two fingers into her pussy and work them in and out. She rocks her hips and pushes her ass back with each stroke, moaning and giving little cries of pleasure when I suck hard on her clit. Soon I work two fingers into her asshole and two in her cunt and begin to fuck her with steady strokes.

"You like it don't you? Fingers in your ass, fingers in your pussy! Look at what a little slut you are! Hot and ready to fuck!" "Tell me what a slut you are, tell me how you want me to fuck you!" I tell her as I feel her getting closer to another orgasm. "Tell me that you want me Bitch!"

Breathless and shaking from my finger fucking she moans out to me... "Yes, I am a slut, you know I am! I'm a dirty little girl and I want you to make me come again!" "I need you to show me what I can do, take me over and make me your slave. I'll do whatever you want, fuck me in the ass and spank me. Come inside me please. I want it all."

Pulling my fingers from her I pat her ass and stroke my hard cock. "Ok little girl here’s some cock for you." And I push the head of my prick into her dripping pussy and rub it up and down getting her ready.
"Oh yes daddy! Give it to me!" she cries out and grabbing her hips I shove it all the way into her tight young pussy with one hard thrust. She cries out to me when I hit bottom and I hold her tight under me while I keep her cunt packed full of my throbbing prick.
"Fuck you have a tight cunt!" I growl. And slowly pullout of her in till only the tip is in her and I can feel her shaking and trying to push her ass back to get it back inside.

Now I drive my cock back into her, hard and fast, and she cries out again. "FUCK YES!! Oh fuck me daddy!" she shouts before I smack her hard on her ass, telling her to be quiet. "Shut up and take it you little fucking whore!" I tell her as I pull out and then ram it back in again, then again harder and faster.

Pushed hard against the counter and held down with my hands on her hips she moans and twists under me as I pound her pussy hard and fast from behind. I drive my cock into her pussy over and over while she goes crazy under me, bucking and rolling her hips squeezing my cock harder and harder as her orgasm comes crashing down on her. "OOooohhh Fuck me!! I'm fucking coming!" she cries out then she goes wild! I shove my cock deep into her and hold her down while she is shaking and twisting around on the counter and her cunt is locked onto me like a vice!

Feeling her slowly relax I rub and caress her ass and back, and tell her she’s a good girl, she’s sexy and beautiful and how good it feels inside her. Then I slowly pull out of her pussy and press the tip of my cock against the bud of her asshole. She moans and arches her back, spreads her ass cheeks wide for me, whispering…" Do it! Put it in my ass daddy!" in a small pleading voice. “Are you sure?” I ask as I run the tip of my fat prick up and down over her asshole, making her moan and push her hips back towards me and start to beg me. “Oh please daddy, I need your cock in my tight little ass, I need it bad!” she cries.

I lean back and smack her hard on her ass with my open palm! “Oww!!” Then SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!! Three quick blows to her ass and tears burst from her eyes. Sobbing and shaking now she tries to lift her head and turn back to me but I grab her by the back of her neck, forcing her back down and holding her there.

Don’t move! She is crying, but stay’s put. I start again to tease her asshole with my cock-head and she moans with the contact, pushing back again with her ass. “Be still!” “Do you want me to put this back in your ass?” I ask. “Yes, sir!” she sobs. “Why??” She pauses then in a soft voice… “Because I am your little ass slut?” WHAT?

A little more confident now she replies…” Because I am your little ass slut? SIR!!” “Yes!! Good Girl!” I tell her, then shove the full length of my cock deep into her young ass and quickly reach over to cover her mouth and stifle her scream. Holding my hand pressed tight over her mouth and pulling her back onto my cock, I start to pound her teenaged asshole with steady, deep strokes that rock her whole body, making her cry out into my hand with a mixture of pleasure & pain.

This little girl is amazing, I think as I hold her helpless and fuck her young ass harder and faster. Soon I can feel her legs start to give out and she is shaking all over when her ass grips me harder and her hips thrust back into me. Then she is coming again! I slam my cock into her ass over and over while she is coming & coming & coming till she finally goes limp in my arms, passed out from the overload of sensations forced out of her inexperienced body!

This is too much for me and over come with lust I wildly fuck her young little asshole with every thing I have left, holding her tight I slam my aching cock into her ass a few more times as hard as I can.

And then I am coming! I fill her ass with load after load of hot semen while holding her impaled on my spurting cock in till finally my orgasm subsides. Then still holding her close, with my cock deep in her ass,
I slide down to sit on the floor with her slim body cradled in my lap.

A low moan escapes her lips and her eyes flutter open to look up at me, filled with wonder and surprise! What happened to me? She asks.

I smile at her then kiss her young mouth and say, “You just got your asshole fucked so good that you passed out from the orgasms!

And now, little girl.. I think it’s time to put you to bed.

So lifting her slender body in his arms he carried her to bed!

To be continued?


2015-06-07 21:40:51
A great read

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2013-10-28 20:24:40
I have a giant cock 10" in length and 3.5" in diameter. Do any of you girls want to have the fuck of a lifetime?

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2013-10-28 17:19:25
I have a giant cock 10" in length and 3.5" in diameter. Do any of you girls want to have the fuck of a lifetime?

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2013-08-01 23:41:06
All the stories that I've read that contain what I've mentioned have had excellent ratings unless they were just totally full of errors and just completely sloppily written. That's not going to be a problem for you, this story was well written so its gonna be a recipe for success. Thanks for sharing and I hope you give some consideration to my suggestions. Obviously you get a big ol' positive vote from me!!!

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2013-08-01 23:35:39
Yes you should continue the story. I would love to see a little more deion of the sex though, how does her asshole smell, does your dick get slightly dirty from doing her ass? Give her a nice bush and hairy ass, and what color is her hair? Throw in some peeing, describe what her dirty panties look like are the stains yellow with a clear sticky viscous fluid still in them? Give her some skidmarks in those panties and then describe how each area of her panties smell, do they smell pissy, musky, do the skidmarks smell fresh or more like her dirty ass sweat? Might as well throw in some piss play too and describe it throughly. Although your story has a lovely perverse and sexy quality, adding these things will "bulk" the story up and greatly increase the horny factor!!! There are a ton of people that like one, some, or all of the fetishes I've mentioned, a few will bitch like always but far more will be thankful and appreciative. Continued

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