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This is going to be in the mind of Tre Cool. I'm sorry if i ofend anyone but, I love Green Day, and always think about them making out to get me horny.
*sigh* The screaming fans, the hot chicks (there was one girl in particular, but I'll tell you about that later) It's all redundant out here, why do you think Billie made that song, and being the drummer of Green Day doesn't make things easier eather. Sitting back there, playing the same songs over and over again every night. But I do remember that night things got out of hand, and quick I might add. Wow, they were great. Huh... What? You want me to tell the story?...

I don't know. Well, I'll tell you, if you keep it a secret. *wink* Okay. It started like any other normal day (whatever you call a normal day for a celeb) Anyway, I woke up with my B.E.M.H.O.(Basic-Early-Mouning-Hard-On in case your wondering) and took a cold shower to wake up.

I got out and put my towel on 'round my waist. I looked in the mirror only to find that same 32 year old man who is just a child at heart and doesn't look a day over 25. At that same moment, my bathroom door slamed open. I opened my eyes only to see...

"Wow. Smoking realy does stunt your growth." Mike said, his eye's wondering down to between my legs. My towel had sliped off of me.

"I just took a cold shower. What do you expect? And why were you looking down there anyway? Fag." I quikly put my towel back on.

"Dude, you were standing right here, it's quite noticeable. Not to mention your little...flaw."

"I lose more women that way," I've had an accedent down there, only got one. "Your lucky man. I hear the wemen you go out with. They almost all say the same thing. 'Oh he's packin'." I said leaning on the sink.

"Sence when are you so jealous of my manhood?" He said looking at all the little knik-knaks I had in my bath room.

"I'm not jealous. Are you fucking crazy. Me, jealous of a man." I said walking out the bathroom to put on some boxers.

Mike stayed behind in the bathroom. I could tell he was checkin' me out but, I wasn't realy paying attention.

"Hey Tre. Could you come here for a secound?" Mike called out from the bathroom.

"What's wrong with coming out here?" That sounded wrong in so many diferent ways.

"You need to come in here." I heard him snicker, no doubt from what he had said too. I couldn't help but chuckle under my breath myself.

"All right, I'm coming." We couldn't contain our laughter anymore.

I walked over and peered inside. I was soon blinded with shaving cream sprayed right in my face. Mike then jumped pass me and into my bedroom.

"Oh, your gonna pay for that one Mike." I said staring him down.

"Make me." He said extending his arms out giving me a clear shoot.

Those two words and I ran full speed at him and tackeled him onto the bed. I leaned over him staring into those beautieful ice-blue eyes of his. I started to feel something stir in my boxers. What was happening to me? This was Mike. My best friend. And he was... turning me on? But how? I've always been attracted to wemen. But to just look into those eyes, and the feel of his body benieth me, it just...felt so good.

Mike seemed to be thinking somewhere along those same lines. Soon after, I started to feel him stiffen against me. We looked into each others eyes once more, then I started to lean closer to him. I grazes my lips against his. I could hear a small groan escape Mike's hungry throat. He reached out his strong arms, placed one hand on my lower back and one on my neck pulling me closer to him placing his lips onto mine. I never wanted him to let go. I opened my mouth inviting him in. He got the hint and slowly opened his mouth in return, alowing me to explore his mouth with my tongue.

I was now stiff and obvious. I slowly moved my hand up under his shirt. God this man was well biult. I pulled his shirt off of him then proceeded to his neck with forceful loving kisses. He moaned in plaesure. He seemed to like it. I then quickly proceeded down to his belt buckle and undid it.

"Tre..." He whispered.

"What's the matter?" I panted in arousal.

"I-I don't know, if I..." He hesitated.

"It's okay. I'm right here. It wont hurt, I promise."

"But I...oh..."

I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then pulled them off his beautieful slim and fit legs. I rubbed my hands up and down his thighs preparing myself. All those wemen were right, Mike was packin'. I have to admit, I have never done this before. But Mike deserved it. All the shit he has to put up with me and Billie. He needed to be relieved, right here, right now. In one swift movement I put him in my mouth taking every inch I could, moving my lips slowly up and down his erect manhood.

"Ahh, oh god...oh god Tre..." He moaned digging his fingures into the bed. I started to move my lips a little faster, making him squirm.

"Yes, yes...fuck...this is what I wanted. T-this is what I wanted all along...ahh...TRE!" He said trying to string together words. He was realy enjoying this. Good. I took that as my cue to go even faster. And I did, tasting every inch of him.

I could tell he was holding back. I then moved even faster still. Taking him all in my mouth.

"Ahh... Tre... I can't hold it anymore, I-I... AAAHHHhhh..." He kept screaming my name untill he was empty. I quikely lapped up every last drop of his juices. I moved back up to face him.

"You did good."

"Thank you Tre. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He panted wipping sweat of his face. I kissed him softly, letting him taste himself then laid down next to him.

"Now...It's my turn."

Mike quikly turned his head to face me. "What?"...

To Be Continued...

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2012-11-25 18:27:15
Tre is originally bi.
And Mike is straight.
Just no.


2005-09-09 14:29:43
I understand that male sex, can be a spur of the moment, sort of thing, and there is not much build-up, the tensions are too high; but a somewhat extended re-write, could happen. I may have some ideas.
Rudbi one


2005-08-12 00:28:33
That was cool, but a little more deion of the sex action: how did it taste, feel, what happened when he came. how did u feel?


2005-08-11 00:46:41
the funny thing about this is i didnt read it and i bet you since its greenday its probably true lol thank god punk/emo artists never get on the 100 greatest guitar solos


2005-08-09 09:12:46
i love Green Day too, the story was great, mabe in the next one you should bring Billie into it :P

and i love those moving pics of Billie snogging other guys - such a turn on ;)

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