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A girl turns 16 and goes to a party only to find herself getting fucked!
16 slut

Yesterday she had turned 16!!

Jenny had gone to a party with her cousin Becky last night; Becky was 23, and a bit of a slut!! As Jenny found out.

Now here she was, striped naked and tied up, her legs spread wide open!! He stood over her with his huge cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. “Suck It!!” He said and grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth up to his prick as he pressed into her young mouth forcing it open! She was helpless!!! And completely turned on!!!

She tried to suck as he crammed hard cock into her mouth, holding her by the hair he started to fuck her mouth, and she gagged as he slid deep down her throat. But she sucked even harder as he pulled it out, it felt incredible in her mouth and she did not want him to stop.

She could feel her pussy getting all hot and wet inside like it did when she rubbed it in the shower, or like it had when she kissed her boyfriend the first time. But this was more than that!! She was helpless now, and he was in control! He was slowly sliding the head of his cock in and out of her mouth while she licked and sucked it for all she was worth!

She was already grinding her hips in time to the cock that was pumping her mouth when she realized hands were touching her, stroking her thighs, then over her pussy! A moment later something was pushing into her pussy and waves of pure pleasure washed over her as it pushed deeper and started to vibe against her secret inner places. He was holding her hair tight in one hand pulling her to meet each stroke as he forced more and more of his swollen prick into her young mouth. Someone else was touching her!! Fucking her with a vibrator slowly and driving her wild!

“I think she likes it”, “look at her move her hips! Her pussy is soaked and she is taking all of this toy up her hot little cunt.” Becky said

Holding her down he pulls her head back by her hair, and takes his cock from her mouth, “Do you like the way Becky is fucking your little pussy with her vibrator??”
He demanded, staring down at her!

Her whole body is trembling with fear and her desire for more; she looks up at him, “Oh yes!! “ She moans softly… Oh yes what?? He demands! She feels the vibrator push deeper into her and gasps.
Then looking down at the fat little vibrator being pumped into her tight young pussy she says “Yes! I like Becky fucking my pussy with her vibrator!” He grabs her hair again, pulling her head back. “Look at me!!” He growls. “This is your last chance little girl! Do you want more? Do you want to suck my cock and have Becky fuck your hot little pussy with her toy??” He smiles down at her... “ Or do you want me to let you go home now?”

Just as he is saying this, Becky slowly slips the vibe from her hot little cunt then gives her pussy a good hard slap! “What’s it gonna be Jenny?” She asks her friend in a teasing voice.

“Oh No!! She cries out. Please don’t stop now!!” He smiles.
“Then suck my cock you little slut, show me you want me to fuck you,” “ I’ll do whatever you want!” she whispers to him before her mouth is filled with cock again! He pulls her hair again and shoves it deeper into her wet mouth as Becky starts to pump her pussy with the vibrator again!
She moans loudly then gags as his hard cock slides down her throat.

YEA!! Becky calls out, “Fuck the little slut’s mouth, and fuck her hard” as she stuffs her fat little vibrator back into Jenny’s young pussy and starts to fuck her with it good and hard!
Holding her down he pumps hard dick into her mouth over and over! She twists and shakes as she tries to pull away from him. Then gags when he crams his dick down her throat again and hold it there. She feels the head swell in her throat then he explodes…
Hot cum sprays down her throat and he groans with pleasure while he holds her tight and his hips buck & jerk from his orgasm.

Completely helpless, choking on his cock & filled with his come while her young pussy is stuffed with a vibrator is all too much for young jenny and her body gives in, waves of pleasure burst out from inside of her wiping any thoughts from her mind. She has never felt anything like this before and she is overcome by her orgasm, shaking and sweating with colors bursting behind her eyelids, her body is on fire and consuming her mind with a desire to feel more.

Slowly coming back to reality she feels him still hard in her mouth and sucks weakly as he pulls his cock slowly from her young mouth. When he releases her hair & lets her head fall back she looks up into his eyes and sees them shining with his pleasure and piercing her with his lust for her helpless little body lying beneath him.

Seconds later the spell is broken when she hears Becky’s voice... “My god!! She was cumming like crazy!”
“That was so fucking sexy watching you mouth fuck her while I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could!!” He looks down at her and smiles, “I told you she was going to be a wild little slut as soon as someone showed her the way!” Then to her complete surprise he leaned down and softly kissed her lips.

"What are you going to do with me now?" She asked him in the sweetiest little girl voice.

To be continued...

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2015-04-26 12:21:34
Fucken gay no story line and no drugs

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2013-07-29 22:24:36
Very nice! Next part!


2013-07-28 15:36:41
VERY HOT !!!!! I loved it !!! Please make chapter 2 much longer so the top of my head spins completely off !! (countrycadillac)

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2013-07-28 13:47:15
Well, I mis sthe storyline completely, its just a sort of forced fuck. Its a bitt short too but not badly written.

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