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first time writting
First a litle background. I married this woman that was 10 years younger then me. Her name was julie. She had a daughter named Brittany. Julie is 29 about 5'3" blonde hair blue eyes about 110lbs. She has 42D breast and a nice round ass. Brittany is 16 about 5'5" black hair hazel eyes about 175lbs. She has 48DDD nice big bubble butt. I'm 39 6'1" shaved head blue eyes about 225lbs. My cock is 8 1/2 inches long and5 inches in diameter.

I had been working for about ten years at the same job. I was on my wat to work. When a car blew threw a stop sign hitting my car sideways breaking both my legs. So my wife had to go back to work. I was trying my best to do for myself while she was at work. It wasn't working out very well. We couldn't afford a nurse to come in to help me. So Brittany desided at her moms request to take time off from school to help me around the house. It started off simple enough. She would help me get my food, wash the dishes forme ect. Things that her mom would do.
Brittany came into the livingroom that night. And said it's time for your bath. I said that I was going to skip my bath tonight. Because yoour mom is not here to help me. She said that she would help me bathe. I told her that I didn't think that it was a good idea because she would have to see me naked. She said get real dad I have a computer. I've seen a cock on there many times it's no big deal. I told her that it was a big deal because I didn't want her to have to see me in the buff. She wouldn't give up on me taking a bath. So I gave in and let her help me.
I went into the bathroom she helped me get undressed then I sat on the chair near the sink. I couldn't get my casts wet so that meant no shower. I washed my face arms and everything else that I could reach. Brittany washed my back and feet. Then without warning she grabbedmy cock and started washing it even though I had just washed it. I said woah what are you doing Brittany? She said that I didn't get it clean. Besides mom gave me permission to wash it for you. I told her that when someone else touches me there i t causes me to get hard. She said I know and mom told me how to take care of that too. My head was spinning with all this so I wheeled my chair into the bedroom to lay down. Brittany fallowed me to the bedroom. She didn't speak she just climbed on the bed and started sucking my cock. It started to feel really good soI got into it. Hell she gaave head better then her mother. She started to get into it too. Before I knew what was happing she took her shirt off and brought my hand up to her breast and used my hand to fondle her tits. Before I was feelingher nipples harden under the touch of my hand. She began to moan on my cock which vibrated my cock. I watched as she reached down her shorts and start to pub her pussy. Then she stopped sucking me and said dad I want you to fuck me. I knew it was wrong but I was already past the pint of no return. She straddled my waist being careful not to hit my legs. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock untill she hit her hyman. I said that pushing through that was going to hurt a bit. She just bit her lip and shoved down onto my cock hard and fast. She sat there for a few. Then she started to move up and down. She started gettting faster. I slid my hand down onto er clit and began rubbing it making her moan loudly. She stared to buck hard on my cock then stopped frozen as she climaxed hard. Her cumming om my cock sent me over the edge and I told her that I was about to cum. She pulled off my cock just as my first thich rope ofcum hit her between her tits. Then she capped her mouth over my cockhead taking the restof my load in her mouth. After I finished cumming she opened her mouth showing me that she caught all but the first shot. She then closed her mouth and swalloed it. We then fell asleep ude in each others arms. About anhour later Julie came home from work crawled in bed with and started licking my cum out of her daughters pussy. The movement of the bed woke me. I rolled over to watch her. She reached out her hand and started stroking my cock. Brittany woke up to her moms tongue. Then they both took turns sucking my cock until I was ready yo blow my load again. I shot all over both of their faces. I got out of the bed and back into my wheelchair moving it closer to the bed I pulled Brittany to the edge of the bed. She knew what was comming as I slid my tongue across her clit making her moan. Sliding my fingers into her tight now wet pussy causing her to go wild. She began to buck and twist. Watching me eather daugters pussy got Julie really turned on. She climbed overBrittany's faceand lowered her pussy down o her mouth. Brittany hungerly started licking her moms pussy. I made Brrittany cum 5 times with my tongue and fingers. She made her mom cum so hard that she covered Brittany's face. Julie got me back on the bed and started to ride my cock as Brittany sucked on my balls while she played with her mom's clit. We all came at the same time I sleppt that night with Brittany on my right and Julie on my left.


2013-07-28 12:45:07
"O" yes, use paragraphes, learn how to spell and USE A PROOF READER !! It was a great story line but with 43 errors you need to start over very slo !! countrycadillac

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-28 12:35:37
Some of the WORST writing that I have ever seen.
Many inaccuracies (like having a dick that was 5" in DIAMETER). This would be like having a dick the size of a loaf of bread. According to your figures, Brittany would have been born when Julie was only 13 years old. This seems very improbable.
Terrible spelling (i.e. "desided", "ect". "yoour", "pint of no return", "untill", "hyman", "thich", etc.
Improper punctuation throughout.
You need a better education as well as a good proof-reader before you try writing again.
This should never have been submitted for publication.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-28 03:25:51
next time you write a story slow down don't rush it and most importantly USE PARAGRAPHES!

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