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As this is my first story please excuse any mis-spelled words. This is a boy/boy story and is completely fictional so if its not your thing please do not read as you will be disappointed. Now to the story, hope you enjoy.

Introduction: Babysitting Steven

This story starts off slow to reflect character as well as to set the scene.

As most weekend I was asked to babysit for my neighbors, they lived not so far down the street and was extremely nice, they seamed to prefer me to babysit instead of any of the other teenagers in the neighborhood. I was always paid a little extra as they think there only son is a brat. I know different.

A bit later than usual my mum came into my room and told me that I was wanted to babysit but instead of being a couple of hours of babysitting I was being asked to stay the weekend.

“Az! The Bradley s want you to stay the weekend and watch Steven for them.”

I was quite used to the babysitting but an entire weekend was new to me, it kinda made me a little nervous as I was only 15 at the time and Steven is only 11 and he was really athletic and loved to be out in the fresh air.

My mum left the room and i immediately jumped into the shower and began to get ready as i was wanted as soon as possible. I gathered up my things, spare clothes, game console etc... and then headed for the door.

“Im leaving now mum, see you tomorrow.” I shouted.

As i made my way to the door, i noticed my mums and dads suitcases lined up at the door. this immediately made me nervous as i didn't have anyone to come to if he was being a ‘brat’.

“You wont see us son as we are going with the Bradley s on there trip.” my mum replied with haste as i drawn the door open.

I was slightly angered as i didn't get invited but i was used to the hole thing of leaving me behind whilst they have a weekend away so i slammed the door and began my way over to the Bradley s as i was already slightly late.

Bang, bang, bang! I hit the door with quite some power as they were in a rush so i wanted to make myself heard. They opened the door to invite me in. there house was really big and i loved babysitting as they had loads of junk food to pick through just for me.

“Steven, come down and see us off, we are leaving.” Mrs Bradley balled.

Steven was very polite and quite well behaved, he was still considered a brat by his parents as he liked to be left alone and didn't really interact with his parents as they were always working. To a young boy that time is the most important so as they was not around he didn't interact.

They said their good byes and told the usual to Steven, be good and do as hes told.

I closed the door and locked it behind the Bradley s. I immediately let on to Steven and asked if he wanted to play some video games before he went bed.

“Sure, ill get the snacks.” Steven replied as though he knew what i was going to say.

I set up the games console and put in a game, Steven brought the snacks and took his perch right beside me as this is they best view of the TV.

We lost track of time and before i knew it it was almost time for Stevens bed time. Steven was obviously bothered the fact he had to go bed but i made him a deal. I told him to go get a shower and put his jamas on and he can stay up for a whilst longer as i preferred the company due to the sheer size of his house.

Steven immediately left and headed upstairs, i never noticed before be he has such a small body, with shiny black hair and bright green eyes he was a very cute boy. He is slightly tanned, i was more than sure he had some kind of different ethnicity other than British but as he was young i never really bothered to ask. Round about 20 minuets past and he came down in his tight boxer briefs and a dressing gown. He usually wore this to sleep as being a young boy i knew this was normal as i do the same thing.

He perched back up next to me, closer than he did before and we continued to play video games taking few breaks as he would get up to get a snack or a drink as i would sneakily take a look at his little slim body and his little butt. As he was athletic he was quite well built he had a small six pack, and his muscles were well defined for his age. He was so sexy and every time i took a sneaky look i began to get hard in my pants looky enough i wore tight boxer briefs which helped hide my slowly hardening cock.

It was almost 12am, i had started to notice that Steven was getting sleepy as he was making silly mistakes whilst playing games. I asked him if he would like to watch a film and if he fell asleep i would put him to bed.

He agreed so i put the TV on and began to get comfy. Whilst i was searching for a movie I had noticed that Steven couldn't get comfy so i offered up my lap for him to sit on and lie into my body to keep him warm whilst supporting him as i was more than sure he would fall asleep. Also i knew i would enjoy having his little bum rubbing against my dick. As i thought about this he sat on my knee and my dick began to get hard as though it was a natural reaction.

I found a film and placed my arms around Stevens soft young body feeling his muscles and naturally attractive body heat which drawn me to him, but also to keep him warm as he was beginning to shiver, i reached behind the sofa and grabbed a small blanket and covered him up. Almost instantly he was asleep so i left him to ensure he would stay asleep as i put him upstairs.

Now i knew he was asleep i was almost fixated on feeling his little body as i knew he had never been sexually touched and certainly he had never had anyone violate him. My senses prevailed and i managed to stop myself from violating his young soft body but my dick had no reasoning as it poked his tiny little butt sending slow but unbearable pleasure through my body. I found no other way to stop my pleasure but to put him into bed and keep myself away from him.

I stood up, placed his arms around my head and grabbed his little butt to pick him up, he murmured as i lifted him, i could feel the sweatyness of his young arse as it had made contact with my over heating body he got comfy in my arms and gave me a tight squeeze as though he was starved from affection. I welcomed his soft arms and took him upstairs.

I lay him in bed and took his robe off him exposing his little young sweaty body, he began to wake up as i covered him up. As i began to walk away i felt his soft hand grab my hand and pull me towards him. I could tell he was still sleepy and he managed to murmur “good night” as he pulled me toward him so i had to kiss him on the cheek.

It felt wrong but so right at the same time, i couldn't help myself but put my hand between his open legs, i slowly caressed his slim muscly legs. I was instantly erect, i knew he couldn't see down at my crotch as his bed is high off the floor. He let me rub his legs and caress him, i was sure he enjoyed it as he began to get comfy in his bed, i removed my hand of his leg and placed it on his head and began to rub my hand through his soft hair. I could feel him beginning to fall asleep as i continue to rub my hand through his hair.

Now i was sure he was asleep i removed my hand and covered him up to his neck with his duvet ensuring he was warm and comfy before i left to head down stairs. As i began to make my way out i noticed his underwear in which he wore before his shower. I tried to resist it but i just had to grab his underwear and take a slow and long smell of his little boxers. The scent in which filled my nostrils was overwhelming. I felt like i had a full blown orgasm over smelling where his small developing crotch was. I could mainly smell the sweet aroma of his little arse as i had to run down stairs in which i turned my laptop on and began to watch some highly erotic porn.

I thought to myself and began to put myself and Steven into the desired roles in the porno. He was the small and young looking boy who i was more than sure was going to get his little arse drilled and i was the slightly taller and bigger built boy who was destined to pound the little boys tight puckered arse.

As i did this i smelt his underwear which instantly sent me over the edge, unbelievably i held myself back from blowing my thick creamy load all over the couch. As i did so i heard a small noise coming from upstairs. I instantly pulled my boxers up and my pants and made my way up stairs to see if Steven was asleep. As i made my way up the stairs opposite his room i could see a little shadow on the wall as he made me leave a night light on for him, but on this shadow was a slightly pushed out area where his little dick would be, i couldn't believe my eyes. I had been spied on whilst i had a wank and even more un believable he had a bonor too, but then i immediately remembered that i was smelling his underwear and i got so scared thinking what if he told his parent or my parents what he had seen.

I didn't know what to do and i was so scared i closed my laptop and began to try and calm myself down, thinking about he had a bonor too so he must of liked what he had seen. I succeeded to calm myself down, i turned off the TV and placed Stevens dirty underwear in my bag and began to make my way up to the Bradley s room as i was told to sleep in there.

I got into their room and the bed was enormous i quickly stripped to my underwear and got ready for bed. As i jumped into the bed i was taken in to the softness of the bed and the feeling of Steven being in my arms shot into my head as i closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

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who else came here because your name is steven i was excited to read this until i saw it was boy/boy not that i have anything against gay people i just dont swing that way

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