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Ryan reached around and unhooked my black bra as I eased my hand down over what was now his obvious erection. I crawled on top of him and kissed my way down his body. When I reached his briefs, Ryan lifted his ass so I could pull them off and toss them to the floor. Still under the covers, I wrapped my lips around his mushroom head and flicked my tongue over the piss slit. Ryan let out a gasp as I started to take more of him down my throat.
A year later, Joe and I decided to remodel our home and make more space for our little boy. He was only three months old, but he would be needing his own room soon. I had also wanted to spruce up the bathroom and expand the kitchen. We looked around for a contractor and found a local company that offered reasonable rates and came highly recommended.

Since R.J., our son, was born, Joe had made an effort to be home more often. This weekend, though, he had to go out of town. I didn't really complain since he had been home almost non-stop for about a month or so, which was a new record.

Joe left on Friday and I got up early Saturday morning to meet the construction crew downstairs. They knocked on the door a little after eight. I opened the door and there were two middle aged men standing there. "There was no chance I'd be tempted by them," I thought to myself. They said they were ready to get to work.

I had taken R.J. over to my sister's house last night since I didn't want him to deal with all the noise. I went to make some coffee and turned around and saw a young man carrying a ladder into the kitchen. He was facing the other way, but I found my eyes starring at his gorgeous ass. I took another sip of coffee and snapped back to my senses. I was about to head upstairs and get some stuff out of my bedroom that I wanted to keep private when I heard a familiar voice.

"Nice to see you again," the young man said as he looked up at me on the stairs.
"How's it going." he asked.
"Good," I said, still shocked that it was him.
"Don't you work for the student painters, or whatever," I asked.
"Yeah, I still do that and I do this too. I have a connection."
"And what is that," I asked.

Just then a guy came in carrying drop cloths and answered my question when he bellowed "Don't just stand there. We have work to do, son."

"Your dad works for the company too, I see."
"Owns it," Ryan said with a smile as he went back out to the truck to get some more supplies.

I already had the baby I wanted, so there was no need to try and get Ryan back in bed. I was determined to keep it purely professional this time. Besides, it wasn't like me and Ryan would have all that much time to be alone. His dad and the rest of the crew would be there and I had to run back and forth between home and my sister's house to check on R.J., so I would be busy too. Seemed like a perfect way to avoid being tempted by a hot young college boy.

For the next few weeks, I made every effort to avoid Ryan. I said hi from a distance or when he was surrounded by his dad and other workers. Joe came home, but ended up moving us into a hotel to get away from the chaos of the renovations. It wasn't until almost three weeks since the work began that everything was finally done.

Joe had to go out of town to hammer out the details of a big merger his company was involved with. R.J. and I moved back into our home. The only thing left to do was replace the old lights in the bathroom. I wanted a specific light and it was on back-order. I got a call from Ryan's dad that morning that it was in and he'd be over to put it in. "Great," I thought to myself, "I avoided temptation."

It was a little after noon when there was a knock on the door. I had just finished feeding R.J. and he was down for his nap, so at least it was a good time for Ryan's dad to install the light. I made my way downstairs to the backdoor.

"Ryan," I said with a surprised look on my face.
"I thought your dad was coming over?"
"He had another job to get started so he sent me over," Ryan said, standing there in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with a black baseball cap on.
"Well, okay," I said, trying to conceal my surprise.
"That a problem?"
"No, not at all."
"Good," Ryan said with a smile as he went upstairs with the light fixture he held in his hand.

I followed behind and found myself glancing at his ass as he headed upstairs. His jeans weren't as baggy as the ones he usually wore. I have to admit that he did look sexy as hell with a big leather tool belt around his waist, which he managed to support very well.

"How's the little guy," he asked while getting to work in the upstairs bathroom in my room.
"R.J.'s a fine," I said, "he's sleeping."
"R.J. stands for what, Robert James," he asked.
"Ryan James," I said, correcting him.
"Named after me," he asked playfully, having no idea how true his words were.
"It's a good name," I said, trying to brush it off.
"I agree," he said with a smile.
"Been working out," I asked in an attempt to change the subject.
"Yeah, pretty seriously, actually."
"It shows," I said, taking a good look at his body, which was clearly more muscular and defined than it was a year ago.
"Thanks," he said, continuing with his effort to install the new light fixture.
"Still fucking that girlfriend of yours," I asked.
"We're not together anymore."
"Sorry to hear that," I said.
"Yeah, thanks."
"Couldn't take all that cock, huh," I asked playfully.
"Something like that," he said with a sheepish grin.
"I guess it's been awhile for you then," I asked.
"What makes you say that," he asked, focusing on his work.
"I see, so you've been busy then," I said.
"Let's just say I get things taken care of," he said.
"Well, good for you," I said while listening to the baby monitor to see if R.J. was still napping.
"It has been a little while though," he finally admitted.
"No shame in admitting that," I said.
"Didn't say there was," he responded.
"All done," he said, as he stepped back so I could look at the lighting fixture.
"Very nice," I said, as my eyes took another glance at his ass.
"Thanks," he said, "Glad you like what you see."

Apparently, he noticed where my eyes were wandering. He cleaned up the bathroom and turned off the light. He was getting ready to leave when I put my hand on his muscular shoulder.

"What," he asked.
"Nothing," I said, looking straight into his deep blue eyes.

He grabbed me and pulled me close. Even with his tool belt on, I felt his obvious erection. I took off his hat and ran my fingers through his hair and slowly pulled off his t-shirt.

"Holy shit," I said as I got a good look at his upper body.
"Liking the view," he said with a big smile as he reached down to take off his tool belt.
"Yeah, it's alright," I said, reaching down to undo the button on his jeans.

I felt his throbbing cock as I eased down the zipper on his jeans. As his jeans fell I ran my fingers over his chest and solid eight-pack abs down to the waistband of his 2Xist briefs. Neither one of us said a word at this point. We were soon out of our clothes and on the bed.

Ryan was positioned above me. He looked down at me and I just nodded as he eased his huge 11-plus inch cock inside of me. I dug my nails into his back and let out a gasp as he plunged inside of me.

I couldn't believe how fucking thick he was. My entire body shivered with one orgasm after another as Ryan continued to pump away. He starred down at me with his stunning blue eyes and slid his tongue inside of my mouth as he continued to thrust his cock in as far as he could go. The only sound in the room was the sound of Ryan's balls smacking against me as he picked up the pace and rammed in and out with enough force to make the bed shake.

I was moaning and screaming now stop as Ryan continued to pump like a man possessed. Every inch of my body was in ecstasy as the hot 19-year-old stud showed no signs of being out of energy yet. We were both drenched with sweat as my hands eased down to Ryan's bucking ass cheeks.

I closed my eyes as yet another orgasm rocked my body sending my juices flowing all over the young stud's engorged cock. He didn't even flinch as he continued to thrust in and out rapidly. His cock was throbbing as he continued to ram it in with no signs that he was even close to achieving his release.

I was surprised at his incredible endurance. I kept my hands glued to Ryan's perfectly round, muscular ass as he continued to drive it home. I looked right into his deep blue eyes and finally caught a look on his face that said that he was fighting the urge to blow his load. His face became more clearly contorted as he continued to thrust away. After a few more deep thrusts, Ryan let out a load moan.

"I'm cumming," he shouted at the top of his lungs as his young seed shot out with the force of a fire hose at full force.

The sheer force of his cum caused me to have yet another orgasm as Ryan continued to pump his cascading cock in and out. After leaving his cock inside of me for a minute, he slowed eased it out and laid down next to me.

"I have something to tell you," I said, running my fingers over his chest as he took a moment to catch his breath.
"What," he said, turned on his side to face me.
"Remember that weekend about a year ago," I asked.
"How could I fuckin forget babe," he said with a smile.
"Yeah, well..."
"What is it," he said, interrupting me as he brushed his fingers over the side of my naked body.
"I wasn't on the pill," I said.
"Well, no harm done I guess," he said.
"You're not making this easy," I added.

I looked directly into Ryan's amazing blue eyes with tears in my eyes. He reached over and wiped the tears away from my eyes.

"R.J. is my son isn't he," he asked.
"Yes," I said as more tears flowed.

Instead of breaking into a fit of anger, Ryan pulled me close and held me. I thought for sure he'd get up and run out of there as fast as he could, but he remained next to me. Neither one of us said a word as Ryan rubbed my arm and wiped the tears from my eyes again.

"Does your husband know," he asked.
"No, and I don't want him too," I said.
"Yeah, I wouldn't think you would."
"I'm sorry," I said, "I didn't mean to use you like that. It was wrong and I'm sorry."
"Yeah, me too," he said as he got up and slipped back into his clothes.

I hurried up and got dressed and followed Ryan downstairs. He was about to walk out the back door without saying a word when I grabbed his arm.

"Meet me in the park around one tomorrow afternoon," I said.
"I don't think so," he said as he started to leave.
"I'll bring R.J. and you can spend a little time with him if you want," I said as he started to walk towards his truck.
"Yeah, I'll see," he said, getting into his truck and leaving.

Clearly, Ryan was upset. He had every right to be. I'm not sure why I told him though. There was just something about him. It wasn't just a casual fuck anymore. I actually had some feelings for him. I went to check on R.J. Joe came home later that day.

The next day, I went to the park around one o'clock like I said I would. Joe was at work, but I did tell him I was going to take the baby to the park. I looked around and didn't see Ryan. I couldn't really blame him. I just sat down and let R.J. take in the sights. My mind was wandering as I starred off into the distant sky.

"Hey," Ryan said, tapping me on the shoulder and snapping me out of my daze.
"Glad you could make it," I said.
"Yeah, well I had some time," he said.

At first, our conversations were very one note. Yet Ryan continued to stop by the park every afternoon, except on weekends since Joe was often home then. Ryan slowly started to loosen up again and relax around me. He was really comfortable around R.J. Since he wasn't even six months old yet, there was plenty of time for me and Ryan to talk. For the first time, I actually started to know him.

He told me that his mom's friend used him for sex too and had a baby. She eventually moved away. He said he suspected that it was his, but she refused to say for sure when he asked her the day she moved away with her husband. He was just 16 years old at the time. I teased him about liking older women. We finally got back to the point where we could kid around with each other.

Some days Ryan wore his typical jeans and t-shirt, but if he didn't have a painting job he wore shorts. I have to admit that he looked pretty damn good in a pair of shorts. He started bringing a few stuffed animals and other little stuff for R.J. A few times a week, I told him to just come to the house since Joe usually worked during the day. He seemed to prefer coming to the park to hang out with R.J. though.

"Hey, why did you tell me," Ryan asked while sitting next to me on the bench at he park, "I mean you were free and clear. You didn't have to tell me shit."
"I don't know," I said, "I guess because we had just had sex and I was looking over at you and there was just something about the moment. You were so kind and gentle. I just felt that you deserved to know."
"Thanks for telling me," he said, looking at me with his deep blue eyes.

We kept up our routine for several months. Ryan was getting pretty attached to R.J. He even found a few excuses to come and fix stuff at the house. One fall day, Ryan came over around two or so. He called to say he'd be a little late because he had class. Joe was out of town anyway, so it really didn't matter.

Ryan came over and he hung out with R.J. in the living room. He was wearing khaki pants and a hoody with a messengers bag. I guess that was typical college gear. At least Ryan went to a local school, so we were able to keep up the regular visits.

I came in to give R.J. his lunch. Ryan helped me feed him. I went to clean him up when the phone rang. I had R.J. in my hands. Ryan held R.J. while I went to answer the phone. I came back with tears streaming down my face.

"What's wrong," Ryan asked.
"That was the coast guard. They said that Joe's plan went down off the coast of Florida. They haven't found any bodies yet, but they don't think there are any survivors.

Ryan took R.J. to his crib and came back and walked me over to the couch. He put his arms around me as I buried my face in his chest.

A few months later, Joe was officially declared dead. I made arrangements for a funeral just before Thanksgiving. I continued to let Ryan see R.J. I wasn't in any mood to flirt with him, but I felt that he deserved to still get time with his son.

Ryan was more supportive than I thought he would he be. He came over to help me out with clearing the leaves out of the yard and other little things around the house. I spent Thanksgiving over my sister's house. When I came back, it was getting colder.

It wasn't cold enough for snow yet though. Ryan came over to spend some time with R.J. He also had some finals to study for. The afternoon wore into evening and I invited Ryan to stay for dinner. After dinner, Ryan came into the kitchen to help me with the dishes.

"How are your classes coming along," I asked while handing him a dish to dry.
"Good," he said, "I can't wait for the semester to be over though."
"Still pursuing a degree in business?"
"Wow, I'm surprised you remembered."
"Some things about you stick," I said, trying to keep the conversation casual.

I let Ryan put R.J. to bed. He actually did a pretty good job with him. I was surprised how well they bonded. Ryan came back downstairs and was ready to leave. It was still raining outside and it was getting late, so I decided to go ahead and ask Ryan to stay the night.

Sure, the neighbors would probably talk, but that didn't bother me. These are the same neighbors who thought of me as both a gold digger and trophy wife when Joe married me and I moved into his house. He was a little hesitant at first, but it didn't really take all much convincing to get him to stay.

"You live in the dorm," I asked after coming back downstairs from checking on R.J.
"No, I have an apartment off campus with two other dudes," he said.
"Sounds crowded," I said.
"Exactly," he said with a laugh.

As the evening wore on, I found myself resting my head on Ryan's muscular chest. We were watching one of the "Final Destination" movies and talking in intervals. I told him about when I first met Joe. I was pushing 30 and my younger sister was already married and I felt pressure to find a guy and get hitched.

I met Joe at a party I catered. We went out for a few months before he surprised me with a proposal at this fancy French restaurant he took me to one evening. He made a big deal out of it and everybody in the place was starring at me and I felt like I had no choice but to say yes.

"It's not that I didn't grow to love Joe," I said as Ryan held me tight.
"I can't say that I've every really been in love," Ryan said, "I'm only 19 so I guess it'll happen eventually though."
"So it's all about the random hookups," I said, tickling his chest through the beige t-shirt he had on.
"Not so much anymore," he said, " I mean, I've had girlfriends, just nothing really too serious and always lots of fucking."
"I see," I said, "Since you have a huge cock all those girls just want to see what it's like."
"It's not the non-stop fuck party you think it is," Ryan said, getting serious.
"It's a curse then?"
"Sometimes," he said, "Seriously."
"I guess that makes sense," I said, resting my head back on his chest.
"Not too many girls want to take the time to get to know me beyond what I have between my legs," he said, giving me a little kiss on the forehead.
"I'm sorry I used you to get pregnant," I said, looking right into Ryan's blue eyes.
"I kinda suspected and you didn't exactly play fair by telling me after we got done fucking," he said, still holding me.

The movie was over. I told Ryan that he might as well just come up in my room. He half-protested, but it didn't take much convincing to get him up into my bedroom. I got a quick shower as Ryan got down to his white 2Xist briefs. He behaved himself and stayed inside the bedroom while I showered and slipped into a black bra and panties. Just as I was leaving the bathroom, Ryan came in. I was surprised that he was still soft in his briefs, even though he did still have an impressive bulge.

"My turn," he said.
"It's all yours."
"Thanks much," he said, closing the door.

I was shocked at how civil and polite we were being. I guess maybe he felt kinda weird about coming onto me since it had only been a few months since Joe's plane went down. While part of me understood, another part of me was frustrated that he wasn't acting like he did the last time we had sex. I just gave him that whole speech about being sorry for using him, so how would it look if I made a move on him? Besides, he went on about wanting someone who wanted more than what he had between his legs.

I was actually getting to really know Ryan and R.J.was falling in love with him. "Damn, why's he taking so long," I thought. I had time to think and if I kept going I might come to the realization that maybe I had feelings for Ryan beyond just his deep blue eyes and amazing ass.

Before I could go on with this internal debate, Ryan came out of the bathroom in his white briefs. He was clearly freshly showered. He actually looked fuckin hot with his wet hair and the water from the shower glistening over his pecs and eight-pack. He had incredible self control tonight since his cock remained soft, even though his plump balls and the outline of his circumcised mushroom head were visible. I took a deep breath and got comfortable under the covers.

"Mind if I go check on R.J.," he asked.

"I already did while you were in the shower, but go ahead."

"And you don't have to ask," I added as he left the room.

A few minutes later, Ryan came back in the room and said that R.J. was fast asleep. He was going to grab a blanket and pillow and sleep on the floor. I told him he was being ridiculous and to just get into the bed. After some initial hesitation, he got on top of the bedroom while I was under the covers.

"That's not going to work," I said, glancing at his half-naked 19-year-old body.
"Why not?"
"I won't bite," I said, "Get your ass under the covers."
"Yes, ma'am," he said with a smile as he eased himself under the covers next to me.
"Was that so difficult?"
"Nope, but other things might be a little harder," he said, showing a glimpse of the playful Ryan.

I didn't say anything. I just turned away from him and pretended to get to sleep. After about ten minutes, I turned over to face him. He was lying on his back. I tried to be still, but I rested my hand on his chest. He opened his eyes, but didn't say anything.

"No fair." I said.
"Talk about fair," he said, putting his hand on top of the one I had on his chest.

Neither one of us said a word. We just starred at each other. Ryan broke the tension when he kissed me the lips. It was a tame kiss at first. Then he kissed me again. This time he practically shoved his tongue down my throat. I slid my hands down his chest and stomach until I reached the waistband of his briefs.

Ryan reached around and unhooked my black bra as I eased my hand down over what was now his obvious erection. I crawled on top of him and kissed my way down his body. When I reached his briefs, Ryan lifted his ass so I could pull them off and toss them to the floor. Still under the covers, I wrapped my lips around his mushroom head and flicked my tongue over the piss slit. Ryan let out a gasp as I started to take more of him down my throat.

Before I could finish, Ryan had me on my back. He returned the favor and kissed his way down my body and used his teeth to pull my black panties off. He tossed them on the floor next to his briefs. He soon positioned himself on top of me. He looked me right in the eyes with his head poised right against my pussy lips. I just nodded my head as Ryan took the signal and slowly eased his 11-plus-inch monster inside of me.

He went slowly this time, allowing me to feel every single inch of this thick manhood. I wrapped my legs around him as he intensified his efforts. I ran my fingers through Ryan's hair as he continued to work his huge member in and out. There was enough light from the moon and the outdoor security lights to allow me to get a good look at Ryan's face, especially his blue eyes. I just stayed fixated on his eyes as he continued to steadily drive his cock in and out.

We continued to remain silent, except for the sound of our heavy breathing. Ryan had worked himself up to a faster pace. I left my legs up towards Ryan's shoulders as he pumped with more force now. I had already had a few orgasms as Ryan continued to thrust deep inside of me. I spread my legs wide and grabbed onto his tight ass as he continued to ram it in. The bed was shaking as every inch of Ryan's huge cock continued to drive in and out like a jackhammer.

It wasn't long before Ryan couldn't hold back anymore. Without warning, he rammed stream after stream of gooey cum inside of me. Before Ryan could pull out, I pushed him on his back and got on top of him. He grabbed my tits as I slammed down hard on his still-erect cock. I rested my hands on Ryan's pecs as I bounced up and down on his cock. Before he could cum, Ryan grabbed me rearranged it so that I was on my hands and knees and he was right behind me. I let out a gasp as he shoved his cock inside of my dripping wet pussy from behind. He rested his hands on my ass and starting playfully smacking my ass as he continued to impale me with his huge cock.

Ryan definitely had been working on his stamina. Even when he made me squirt, Ryan kept us his efforts until he couldn't hold back anymore. With a load grunt and a "Holy fuck" Ryan blasted a huge load of his potent cum into my pussy. He pulled it out when he was still shooting and jacked it off until some more cum came out and landed all over my back. After taking a minute to catch his breath, Ryan was soon back on top of me. I dug my nails into his back as his cock rammed in and out at full force. We were drenched in sweat by time Ryan came one more time. Eventually, we both fell off to sleep together.

In the morning, I woke up and Ryan wasn't there. I was about to go look for him when walked back into the room with a tray in his hand. He crawled back into be and placed the tray with some fresh scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and lightly buttered toast on it.

"I was going to get up and make you breakfast," I said, smiling as I starred at his muscular body.
"That's what you get for sleeping in," he said as he got comfortable and ate his share of the breakfast.
"Wait, what about..."
"I already fed R.J." Ryan said, interrupting me.
"Aren't you efficient," I said, carefully moving the tray from the bed to the floor.
"What did you do that for," Ryan asked, grabbing one more slice of bacon real quick before I moved the tray.

I didn't say a word as I go on top of Ryan and ran my fingers over his chest and stomach. I felt his cock start to stir as I pinched his nipples and pressed down harder on his muscles. This was all the incentive Ryan needed as he turned me on my back and positioned himself on top of me. I reached down and pulled his cock out of his briefs and grabbed his head and put it up at the tip of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his shoulders as Ryan's cock eased into me.

I shoved my tongue down Ryan's throat as I glanced up at the mirror above the bed and starred at Ryan's amazing ass as he fucked me. He continued at a steady pace. He seemed determined to make it last as he kept going hard and deep. R.J.'s crying broke Ryan's concentration. He thrust one more time before he eased out and stuffed his still-hard cock back into his briefs. Before he could get up, I told him I'd go this time.

After changing R.J., I came back and Ryan was fast asleep. I carefully got back into the bed and ran my fingers over Ryan's sleeping body. He slowly opened his eyes and kissed me. He crawled back on top of me and pulled his dick out of his briefs and shoved it back inside of my pussy. This time he showed no mercy and just drilled me.

I let out a scream as Ryan rammed his rock hard cock in and out until he blasted a huge load of cum inside of me. Before I could say anything, he shoved his tongue back down my throat as he kept thrusting until a few more ropes of cum flowed out of his young cock. He suddenly broke the kiss and got up to grab a shower.

I got up and slipped on my robe and went to check on R.J. I came back into the bedroom and Ryan was back in his jeans and t-shirt. I went over and gave him a kiss as he pulled me close and returned the kiss with a decent amount of tongue.

"Morning," I said.
"Morning," he said with a smile.

I went to get a quick shower. After slipping into some jeans and a white sweater, I went to look for Ryan. I found him in R.J.'s room. He was sitting on a rocker reading him a story.

"I guess I should get going," he said.
"Yeah, if you have to, sure," I said.
"You can come back and spend some time with R.J. later if you want," I said while standing by the front door.
"Yeah, I'd like that," he said.

He started to walk towards his truck, which he parked in front of the house. I was about to close the door when he stopped mid-way down the walkway and came back. He grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat and kissed me hard for about a good 30 seconds or so.

"What was that for,'" I asked, recovering from the amazing kiss.
"Something for the neighbors to talk about," he said with a sheepish grin while walking to his truck.

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