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I usually don't go around robbing people. It was a hobby when I was in college. I always found the thrill exciting when I sneak into someone's home and steal their things. The very thought of getting caught gave me an adrenalin rush. I had stopped when I graduated, swearing I would never do it again.

Well Its been three years since I left college. I got a free lance gig as a writer and things weren't going so well for me. I had been fired from my job because one of my co-workers filed a complaint that I sexually harassed her. Stupid bitch. She begged me to fuck her. Guess there was nothing I could do about it at the time. I've been looking for a job for the past few months but no one wanted to hire a sexual predator.

So now here I am, about to do the one thing I swore I would never do again. I looked in the mirror in my bed room and looked myself over. I was wearing my old black sweater and black slacks. I smirked slightly. I started feeling the adrenalin rush I used to when I was in college. Digging in my drawer I found my old ski mask. I shoved it in my pocket and chuckled a bit. "Welcome back old friend." I said looking in the mirror. I grabbed my bag of tools in case of emergency and walked out, locking my door, and heading to my car. Getting in I pulled off to the richer side of New York.

The homes of the rich were pretty far off from the city. The more rich someone was, the farther their home would be from the city. I drove for nearly two hours before seeing a pretty big house at the end of the street. It sure did look like it belonged to someone who had money. I sighed before turning off my head lights and parking behind their house, putting on my ski mask. Lights were on, so someone was home. "Shit." I got up and grabbed my bag of tools before walking up to the window. A woman was laying on the couch. From what I could see she was sleeping. I went in my bag and pulled a frequency distributor from my bag and planted it on the ground, turning it on to take out any type of alarm system this woman had.

I took out a hammer and smashed the window before twisting the lock off the window and opening it. I climbed in, looking at woman who was asleep in front of her TV. She had long black hair and a fair complexion. I smiled slightly as I looked over her body. She was nice and curvy, with a nice set of tits. She was wearing a baby blue baby doll night gown and her ass peaked out a bit from under it. I smirked and started walking around the house, picking up things I saw of value and putting them in my bag. I walked back downstairs and stopped when I saw the woman was awake. She looked uneasy, as if she sensed me in her house. "Fuck" I muttered under my breath. She turned around hearing my voice and she got up, clearly startled. "Who are you?!" She asked me. She didn't wait for an answer before she got up and took off running for what I'm assuming is the nearest phone. I swore and ran after her, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her on the floor. She screamed for help and I punched her in the face. "Shut up! Just shut up you stupid bitch!" The woman stopped screaming but she was crying. "What's your name?" I asked her. She was shaking and sobbing. "K..Karen. My name is Karen." She said. I looked at Karen and smiled. "Karen. Nice name." I looked over her body before smirking. I pulled her up by her arm and pulled her back into the living room. "Please, please, please don't hurt me." She begged. "Take whatever you want just don't hurt me."

I reached into my bag and took out some electrical tape. "Oh don't worry sweet heart. You're going to enjoy every minute of what I have planned." Forcing Karen on her knees I held her hands behind her back, wrapping the table around them tightly. I went in my pocket and pulled out a switch blade, cutting her night gown off her body. I let out a slight groan, looking at her body. She had such smooth skin, and her breasts were so round and perky. I felt myself getting hard. "I didn't come here intentionally to do this, but you woke up and, well, how could I pass this up?" I asked her. She was shaking her head crying. "No please, please don't do this." She begged and shook under me and I smirked. I took my cock out from my pants and chuckled. "But I want to." I forced her mouth open and shoved my cock in her mouth. "Bite me and I'll break your fucking neck like a tooth pick." I used her hair as a handle before I started slamming her face down on my cock. She gagged and choked but I loved the noise. Her saliva felt so good on my cock it was unbelievable. I held her head in my hands before I started to thrust into her mouth. "God you feel amazing." I told her. I watched her eyes as they widen and her throat swelled each time I shoved my cock down her throat. It wasn't long until I emptied my balls in her throat. She choked and cried before I pulled out. She sobbed looking at the ground. I could see my cum dripping from her mouth. I walked up behind her and started jacking off to get myself hard again. I pushed her face down to the floor and looked at her pussy. I shoved my cock deep into her and started to thrust. I could see her breasts shaking every time I hit the hilt.

"Gah please stop! Stop!" Karen cried. I ignored her and only pounded harder and faster. My cock throbbed inside of her and I didn't last much longer. I busted a load in her pussy, showering her walls with my hot sticky cum. I pulled out and chuckled. I looked at her, planning on leaving her like that before I heard t he door opening. "Mom I'm h-" Called a fairy like voice. I looked up and saw a teenage girl standing in the door way, frozen in fear. I assumed my presence is what made her cut her arrival announcement short. I picked up my knife and pulled Karen's head back, placing it on her neck. "Get inside, close the door and lick it, and stand over here or else I'll slit your mother's throat." I warned her. The scared girl did exactly what I told her and I sighed. Karen was begging me not to hurt her daughter and I laughed, letting go of her hair and letting her head drop on the floor. "Strip off you clothes. All of them." I told her. The girl shook but took off all of her clothes. I smiled before turning Karen over on her back. "I want you to beat up your mom." I told her. The girl shook her head. "No I'm not going to do that!" She yelled. I took my knife and stabbed Karen's arm. "Will you do it now?" I asked her. The girl nodded and walked over to her mother when I backed away. "I'm sorry mom." She said before she punched her mother in the face.

I smirked watching the girl beat up her mother, punching her face, chest, and stomach. I began stroking my cock at the sight. The girl had her mother's eyes and hair color, but her breasts were smaller than her mother's. Even so, they still shook as she pounded her mother to a pulp. I smirked groaning before picking up my tape again and grabbing the girl's arms, wrapping tape around them and shoving her to the side. I picked up my knife again before looking at the two. "Anyone else live here?" I asked. They both shook their heads before I smirked. "Good." I knelt down and started stabbing Karen over and over again. I stabbed her in the face, eyes, chest and sides. Her daughter was screaming and crying, begging me to stop and Karen was just screaming for her life. I chuckled when Karen laid still. Pushing Karen's legs open I went to her daughter and picked her up by the hair. I dragged her over to the corpse and put her face in between the corpse's legs. "Get licking." I told her. When she shook her head begging me not to make her I forced her face into the dead pussy. "Start eating that pussy you little slut." She started licking and the corpse released its bodily fluids. A mixture of piss and cum poured out and I smirked. "Swallow it all." I told her. The girl grimaced and did as she was told before I pulled her head free. "Hungry?" I asked her. She shook her head and I chuckled. "Too bad." I picked up the corpse by the hair, and grabbed the daughter by the hair before dragging both to the kitchen. I sat the daughter down in a chair and laid the corpse on the table. I used my knife and started cutting the meat off of the bones. "What's your name?" I asked the girl. She trembled and stuttered. "M....M....Meghan." She said.

"Well Meghan I hope you like ground meat." I said. When I was finished cutting the meat off I tossed it in a frying pan, frying it up. I finished frying it after a few moments and plated it before walked over to Meghan and sitting the plate in front of her. I picked up a fork and picked up some meat before holding it to her mouth. "Eat." I told her. She shook her head and cried before I slapped her. "I said eat it!" She screamed and I shoved the fork in her mouth. I forced her to eat all of the meat before thinking. "Please let me go sir." Meghan begged. I shook my head. "I would have loved to. I really would, but you've seen too much." I said before pulling her hair back and slitting her throat. I let her fall forward on the table and I sighed happily. Pulling her off the chair I positioned myself to enter her asshole. I pushed my dick in, fucking her ass slowly, enjoying the feeling. I watched as her wide eyes stared at nothing. I came and rolled her over on her back before shoving my dick in her pussy. I pounded away watching her body rock. I kissed down her stomach, sticking my fingers in her mouth and wiggling them. I came hard and chuckled before getting up and fixing my pants. I went to the living room and picked up all of my things, making sure I had all of the things I wanted to take, before leaving the house. I smirked feeling satisfied and went home.


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Not a bad story, but it did seem a bit rushed.

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You just chuckled? That's it..? You suck cock

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Jesus Christ.
I.....I don't even...

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