I see a lot of you enjoyed my first story. I apologize for Andy rammer or spelling mistakes. I try hard to catch them. I hope you enjoy and will continue with this story. Please remember if you do not like young story's do not read and give negative comments. I warned you that some may not enjoy as much as others.
I went down stairs in my silky pajama shorts and light yellow thin t-shirt without panties or bra just like most mornings to start fixing breakfast. I started on the eggs when I hear Kevin come down stairs in his light tan dress pants and button down shirt. He is smiling and comes up behind me wrapping his arms around me. "Good morning my amazing wife," he says softly in my ear and then kisses my neck. I press my ass back against his cock. "Morning sweetie, how was your shower?" I ask with a grin. "Mmmmmmmm," he moans as he pulls me close and rubs his cock against my ass. "Whatever that was last" he says. I throw my head back and laugh.

He reaches under my thin shirt and grabs my tit and squeezes it. He kisses my neck. I moan " I don't know what came over me." I said. "But when I saw your cock getting hard with Sally laying naked on top of you sleeping, I couldn't help but tease your cock more." I tell him and giggle.

He tweaks my nipple and kisses me on my neck before leaving me to go over to get his coffee. "I could not believe you started playing with my cock while she was laying on me. And once you put your mouth on it my mind was in overload." He laughs and shakes his head. "That is one night I will keep in my mind for the rest of my life."

We hear Sally coming down the stairs. She turns the corner and she is standing there naked. We both are staring at her naked little body. She is rubbing her eyes trying to wake up. Kevin looks at me and blushes. I look back at Sally, "good morning little one." I say with a smile. She runs up to me and I gather her in my arms and hold her against me. "Morning mommy. Morning daddy." She says in a cheery voice. "Are you chilly without your clothes on?" I ask. She shakes her head no. "You must of forgot to put my night clothes on last night mommy. I slept all night without clothes on." She says with a smile. We both laugh at her funny excited smile. "I guess I did baby girl. I guess I did." I say with a chuckle.

""I liked it without clothes. I didn't get all tangle up in my night shirt like I do sometimes. Can I always sleep like this?" She leans back in my arms and point to her naked body. I smile and look at Kevin. He is just staring at us. She is in my arms with her legs wrapped around me. I know he sees her cute little bare ass under my hands. Kevin clears his throat. "Sure as long as your not cold." He says in a not so confident voice. "After all mommy and daddy sleeps naked sometimes also." He smiles and winks at me. I laugh and say. "Yes we do."

"Yea!!!" She yells and claps her hands. She puts her arms around me for a big hug. "Thank you mommy." Then she gives me a quick kiss on my lips and climbs down off me. She heads to the refrigerator and grabs the orange juice out and places it on the table. Then heads to the cupboard to get a glass. She reaches so high to try to reach the cups but she is still to short. She is almost six and try's very hard to become independent when doing something's. "Here Sally, let daddy help you." In stead of grabbing the glass for her, he grabs her around the waist and lifts her up so she can reach the glass. Then he sets her bare bottom down on the cupboard. "Doesn't daddy get a morning hug?" He says with a little pouty voice. Sally giggles, "oops, sorry daddy." She says as she wraps her arms around his neck. His arms wrap around her. "I love your hugs, baby girl. I love your hugs". She giggles and leans back and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. "Mmmmm, and I love your kisses". He says with a smile. His hands slowly glides up and down her bare back. "You gotta go to work today dad?" She asks. He pulls her against him in another hug. "Yep, today is Monday. I gotta go to work." He lifts her off the counter and I see his left hand glide over her little bottom as he sets her on the floor. "But I will be back before supper" he tells her. "Ok."she says and heads over to the table and pours her OJ.

I walk over to him and put my hand on his similar-hard cock. "Mmmmmm, I thought so" I say as I gave it a little squeeze. A slight moan leaves his lips and he pulls me hard against him and kisses my lips hard. His tongue flys into my mouth as he pushes me against the counter and grinds his cock unto my lower belly. "I am going to have a hard time raising a girl." He says with a smirk. I laugh at him and give him a peck on the lips. "You will be fine."

He sets down at the table beside Sally. We are all eating and not saying much. Sally finishes and then asks. "What are we doing today mommy?" It is summer break so with Sally being out of school I keep trying to find things to do to keep her busy and to get us out of the house. "How about calling Kim and seeing if she wants to come over and go for a bike ride today?" Her face perks up and claps her hands. "Yes, yes." She says and hops off her chair and runs over to hug me and then turns to Kevin and gives him a hug. He scoots his chair out and gathers her up onto his lap. He puts her on his left leg and holds her with his left arm as he drinks his coffee. I sit back and look at my husband holding our naked little girl. His thumb starts gliding over her skin as he holds her and talking to her about what all she was going to do with her friend today. I see his thumb glide over her flat little tits and over her tiny nipples. He adjusts his cock with his right hand then places his hand on her bare thigh. He keeps talking to her. She is so excited to talk to him she does not seem to notice his hand on her thigh. He rubs his thumb upon her inner thigh. I feel my juices slipping out of my now wet cunt. I Squirm in my chair a little wondering how far he is going to go with this. Then I see him take a deep breath and pat her leg. "Ok sweetie, you need to head upstairs and get dressed for your busy day." He kisses her on her forehead and let's her hop down. "Ok, bye daddy. Have a good day at work." She gives him a kiss on his cheek.

Kevin leans over puts his elbows on the table and puts his head on his hands. He shakes his head. "Damn, her skin is so soft." He looks up at me and I smile at him. She is growing up isn't she." I say and smile at him. He stands up and grabs my hand to stand me up and gives me a big hug. Then he reaches his hand down my back and glides it over my ass and squeezes as he kisses me softly on my lips. His hand slides to my front and goes under my silky shorts to my wet pussy. He slides his finger over my juices and over my clit a few times then dives it into my wet cunt. "Mmmmmm" I groan and prop my right leg up onto the chair beside me so he has easy access to my pussy. He leans back and smiles at me. "I knew you had to be soaking wet watching me touch Sally." He pushes his finger deep inside me. "Oh, God Cindy. You are so wet. I want to fuck you right now." I am about to melt onto his hand. Then he pulls out his fingers before I cum. He lifts his fingers to his lips and suck off my juices. "Mmmmm. I am going to smell you on my hand all day." He smiles and kisses me and glides his tongue into my mouth so I can taste my own juices. "Be prepared to be fucked hard when I get home tonight." He says with a hunger in is voice. "You better." I said looking straight into his eyes. "That will be all I am able to think about today". He groans as he grabs his keys and forces himself to get to work on time.

Sally comes downstairs with a pair of shorts on and a pink t-shirt that has a big heart on the front. "You look very nice today sweetie." She smiles and she heads off to the Living room for some cartoons.

Sally and I had a good time today with her friend and I got a lot done around the house. I tried to keep my mind off last night and Kevin getting me all horny this morning. I hear Kevin's car pull into the garage. I head into the kitchen to meet him as he walked through the door. I had already taken a shower an hour before and got all freshened up for him. I put my hair back in a ponytail and put on a short mini skirt and a blue tank top I usually wore without a bra. He sees me as soon as he walks in. He looks me up and down then moans and closes his eyes. He walks over to me and wraps is arms tight around me and kisses me hard. His hand reaches under my skirt and feels that I have no panties on and moans "oh shit, Cindy you are so hot." And slides his finger into my wet pussy. "I need to fuck you so bad. I could hardly concentrate at work."

I laugh. He looked at me with a serious face and said. "Seriously, I needed to fuck so bad that every girl that walked by in a short skirt I wanted to grab and bend her over my desk and fuck them." He kisses me again and grabs my ponytail and pulls my head back to look at me again. "Even the ugly ones. I was so horny I didn't care." I laughed and reach for his pants and start undoing his belt. "Show me." I tell him.

He smirks and then grabs my waist and guides me to the kitchen table. He turns me around and pushes me slightly rough to bend me over the table. I hold myself up on my elbows to steady myself as he pulls his pants down and then slides my skirt up over my ass. "Oh shit." He says. He takes his left hand and pushes my body flat on the table and orders me to spread my legs. I spread them slightly apart. "Farther." He orders a little rougher than necessary. His hand still in my back holding me down and with his other hand I feel It on my ass. He gives it a hard smack and my body jumps but I can't get away since he is holding me down. I feel his finger ram into my pussy and then out and then more fingers. He is being very rough with his fingers taking them in and out of my pussy. Pushing them in and twisting them in as far as my tight push will allow. "Oh shit." Is all I can say as my ass is trying to move away from some of the pressure but I can't get anywhere. His fingers then disappear and I breath a little relief but then I feel his hard cock ram into my very wet pussy. "Oh, god." It hurt but felt good at the same time. I am unable to move. Both his hands are on my waist now as he pumps in and out of me hard. "Oh, shit babe. This feels so good." He keeps ramming into me with his cock hitting the end of my hole. It feels like he is forcing his way farther into my body. I hear him grunting and he is about to cum. "Oh,shit......oh shit......ohhhhhh" he pushes against me and holds himself deep inside as I feel his cum squirt into me with lots of power behind it. He slowly pumps a couple more times and sqeezes my ass and separates it. I feels his thumb rub over my little ass hole and I moan.

He pulls his cock out and I feel his juices running down my legs and he glides his wet cock over my butt crack getting it all wet. I feel his finger putting pressure onto my hole. "Oh crap." I say "are you going to put your finger into my ass?" He laughs softly and says "I am thinking about it." I feel his finger slide from my wet pussy to my hole and then circle my hole then back to my Pussy for more juices. I start to feel his finger pushing into me and it pops in. "Ouch" I say and try to lift up he had never done this before. His hand pushes me down. "Shhhh, baby girl. It won't hurt for long."

Oh, shit. I think to myself. We are back to roll playing. I try to relax. I feel his finger slide farther in. I tense up. "Your ok, baby. Just relax." His fingers come back out and back in my pussy for more of my juices. I feel my ass hole very wet and then the pressure starts again. His finger pushes in easier this time. He pushes in and out slowly and his thumb is messaging my outer hole relaxing me. All at once It starts to feel really good. I moan and push against his finger slightly giving him the signal that I like it. "You like that don't you sugar?" He pushes his finger in all the way and pumping it a little faster.

"Yes." I moan as he fucks my ass with his finger. Then I feel a larger finger go in and force me a little wider. Is that his thumb, I wonder. I get use to the wider feeling and start wiggling against his motion. "Yes, sweetie fuck your daddy's thumb. You got it. It feels good doesn't it?" I feel myself about to cum. "Oh, yes daddy fuck me harder." I say in a moan. He pulls his thumb out and feel his fingers in my pussy. My body is so turned on I need to orgasm now. I feel him press into my ass again. This time even thicker. "Oh shit kevin. What are you doing?" I ask .

"Two fingers baby girl. I want you to take two fingers." He glides them in farther and it feels so good now. He is fucking my hole and I am wiggling harder against him. "Yes, baby, cum for daddy." I feel him slip his now again hard cock into my pussy and I can't hold back any more. I cum hard onto his cock and he rams his fingers into me at the same time. "Ohhhhh, yeeeesssss." I yell. I lay across the table and I feel him slide his fingers and his cock out of me. "You ok sweetie?" He asks. I answer softly. "Oh yes. I am sooo good." He leans over and kisses my naked ass.

"Where is my other baby?" He asks. "I thought she would of walked in on us by now." I laugh and push myself up off the table. He pulls my against his chest. "Did you want her to walk in?" I ask him. He smirks. "Yes and no. The thought of it turned me on at first but I didn't want her to interrupt our fuck." He says with a laugh.

"She is staying over at Kim's tonight." I tell him. I saw his face be a little disappointed. I smile and say. "I think that is a good thing." He laughs and says, "your probably right."

During the week Sally is always trying to get away with not keeping her clothes on. It could be because she sees her dad and I naked quit often. In the morning Kevin comes out of the shower naked when getting ready for work and Sally is usually in our bed by then watching cartoons. I may run around the house in the morning picking up laundry and making beds naked after I have take my shower. I do this to give my body time to cool down after my hot showers. So, seeing her without clothes from time to time is just something that happens. This week I have been putting pretty sun dresses on her and not giving her any underwear. She seems happy with that and usually keeps the dress on longer.

Kevin and I, seem to be more aware of her nakedness. She will be playing on the floor on her stomached and her little tushy is peeking out from her dress. I can see Kevin sitting in the chair behind her and watching her as she wiggles around on the floor playing.

At night when reading her the night time story, I have been wearing my short night shirt letting her sit naked on my lap with her bare bottom on my bare legs while I read her her bedtime books. Her legs spread out on each side of my legs. She squirms around a lot when I am reading to her. It is very tough to concentrate on the book when I feel her naked legs and ass on my legs. My panties get slightly wet everytime. Kevin sits on the bed watching her little naked cunt and waiting for his time to put her in bed. When the story is done he picks her up and carry's her to bed. He then lays beside her. He rubs her naked back until she relaxes and falls asleep. I watch him slowly move his hand up and down her back and his fingers extend over her sides covering every part of her side and back. He gets to the top of her little tushy crack and goes back up. I see his cock harden the longer he lays there with her.

We head into the bedroom that first night and he instantly starts to strip off my panties and starts licking my pussy and plunging his tongue into it. Drinking every drop of my wetness. I am Moaning uncontrollably. He starts playing with my clit between his teeth and I squirm needing more. He slides his finger in me. He slowly moves it in and out. "I'm cumming....stick two fingers in me" I plead to him.

"What do you say?" He asks in a mischief voice.

"Please Daddy. Two more fingers in my hole". I beg in the sweetest voice I can since my mouth is so dry.

He puts in 2 fingers and licks my clit. I push against his mouth and my orgasm is strong and I start squirting into his mouth. All I can hear is him licking and moaning as he cleans up all my juices. He slips up beside me with his chin glistening from my juices. He kisses me and I taste myself. I kiss him deeper wanting to taste more of my juice in his mouth.

"I like this play time" I say with an innocent smile.

He kisses me on the nose as he slides his dick into my warm wet pussy. Having a nice slow movements as he sucks on my tits. It's not long before he shoots his cum into me and we lay in each others arms and fall asleep.

The rest of the week continues with the similar evening routine. Except by Friday I can tell he is needing a little more action. So after dinner I surprise him by taking him out to the pool.

"Time for an evening swim as a family." Sally gets all excited and stripes off her sundress. I follow suite and take off my clothes. We both look at Kevin.

"Come on daddy." Sally says "take off your clothes and lets get in the water."

I giggle and say "yes daddy take off your clothes".

He looks at us both stunned. Sally goes over and starts tugging on his clothes. "Daddy, take off your clothes." I can see him slightly blushing from the thoughts in his mind.

"Ok, Sally. I guess we need to help him." I say and His eyes dart up at me.

"You both will help me?' he stammers.

I laugh and Sally giggles I look at Sally and say, "ask daddy nicely if we can help him get his clothes off".

"Daddy, can we pleeaassee help you take off your clothes" she pleads as she gives her best daddy smile.

I see his cock twitch under his shorts. he laughs nervously and gives her a hug pulling her close to him. "yes Baby Girl you and mommy can help me take off my clothes." she gives him a big kiss on the lips. Just hearing him say that makes my insides get sooo turned on.

She is all excited. she starts clapping her hands. "Mommy you help him with his shirt and I will get his pants." Kevin looks at me with a concerned look, knowing that his cock is growing by the second. I smile "thats a great idea sweetie". "lift up your arms" he complies. Sally starts pulling down his gym shorts. I see his cock is starting to make a nice tent in his boxers.

"maybe I should leave on my boxers" kevin says.

"NOOO Daddy and she reaches for this boxers and starts to pull them down. He helps her a little so his cock doesn't get hurt. As Sally leans down to take his boxers off, her hair glides across is hard cock. I watch it twitch and a moan comes out of his mouth.

Sally runs to the pool. "come on daddy and mommy get in"

"I am going to cum alright" he moans under his breath.

I grab his hand and walk with him to the pool. "I think you will enjoy this" I whisper to him.

"That was part of your plan?"

"Oh no. That was a bonus" I smirk at him.

He pulls me close for a long kiss and then a splash of water hits us. "come on daddy. Come on mom." She yells to us.

He rushes into the water to chase her. Sally is squealing with joy. He grabs her and pulls her against him as he twirls her around. She escapes wanting him to catch her again. This continues with us going after her and playing catch and release. Giving her kisses on her stomach and neck as we catch her. she starts to tire out so I get the floaty tubes. I put one around my back and under my arms. then I put one under my knees. I call her over to me. She climbs up and straddles my body facing my legs and leans back against my breasts.

"Come her daddy and DO us" I call out to him

"Ya daddy, Do us" she giggles.

He comes between my spread legs and looks at me, then at our Baby Girl. "Do you?" he asks.

"yep" we both say.

Sally starts to chant. "DO US......DO US......Do US"

We both laugh. I feel his hard cock brushing my ass as he walks us to the shallower end of the pool. once his cock reaches my pussy he stops and looks straight into Sally's eye. "Baby GIrl. Are you sure you want me to do you and mommy?" Sally bounces on my hips where she is straddling facing Kevin. which makes me rub up and down on his rock hard cock. He grabs a hold of my legs and pulls me towards him hard and managed to poke his cock inside my pussy. I moan with pleasure at the surprise invasion. Sally giggle with joy as she was jerked almost off my hips. I wrap my legs around his hips as he grabs Sally and holds her on top of me.

"Hold on tight to Daddy, this could be a bumpy ride" Sally grabs a hold of Kevin's neck and holds on tight and wraps her legs tighter around my waist.

I moan as i feel him twitch inside of me.

"Daddy ride us around fast" His baby girls squeals.

"OK. Here it goes" he grabs my waist and traps her legs between my legs and his arms to hold her close to him. He starts plunging in and out of me. She starts giggling and holding him close to her. He pumps harder moaning out load as she giggles and squirms against him. I feel her legs get tighter which cause me to pull daddy deeper into me.

"Harder" I moan as I try to keep my senses.

"Yea Daddy harder....HARDER" She yells

He pushes me up against the edge of the pool and starts fucking me hard. Sally's head is besides his as she holds on tight. Her little pussy is moving up and down on my belly. I see daddy kissing her neck. reaching one arm around her to hold he close as he fucks her.....I mean me. I climax as the thought crosses my mind that daddy is fucking his little girl. He pushes hard on into me and holds us both still as our bodies quiver from our orgasms. He leans Sally back onto my breasts and leans forward to kiss me hard on the mouth as his cock twitches its last bit of cum inside of me. We both moan aloud and then hear Sally Moan repeating after us. I giggle with what breath I have left.

"That was a fun ride Daddy" I say in my horse sounding voice. "Did you like that ride Baby GIrl?"

"Yes mommy" as she clapped her hands. She reaches for Kevin's neck again and pulls him in for her thank you kiss.

"Your welcome Baby GIrl" Now how about you swim for a little while longer while mommy and I rest.

"Ok Daddy" and she pushes herself away.

He pulls me to him and kisses me. "Thank you mommy for the ride"

I giggle "your welcome" we set on the steps cuddling together each other letting our heart beats return to normal as we watched our little naked girl swim around in the pool.

We both got out of the pool and laid on the lounge chairs. Our head raised slightly so we could watch her swim and just relaxed. I smile down at his cock which is in a simi hard position the whole time watching his naked baby girl in the pool.

"I am done swimming,"Sally tells us as she climbs out of the pool. She runs over to Kevin and gives him a hug and starts to climb up onto his chest. I see his cock just inches from her tiny pussy. Kevin just lays still lets her lay on his Chest a couple of minutes and then starts to rub her back up and down. I see his hand going beyond her waist. Each time a little farther onto her little ass. My pussy starts to get a little wet just watching his hands. I see his cock twitch as she starts to squirm and is getting very close to the tip of his hardening cock.

She then starts to set up. " I am not tired daddy." She says. I still want to play. When she is sitting up getting herself situated on his stomach she starts to bounce a little around. Kevin holds her with his hands on her tiny waist. Then with a little Maneuver. She is all the sudden sitting on his cock. His cock is flat on his stomach and she is straddling it. His eyes get big having her pussy lips on his cock. She starts to wiggle and looks down at what she is sitting on. She laughs. "I am sitting on your pee pee, daddy." His body pushes up against her pussy without thinking. "Oh God"he moans.

I am in shock. She wiggles back and forth. "Do it again daddy."

He looks at her confused. " do what again?" He asks.

She rock back and forth on his cock. "Bounce me up and down like a horse." He eyes close as he feels her move on his cock.

I see his hips start moving back and forth and she starts moving with him. I see his cock slide around against her pussy. His hands hold her tight. And really starts pumping her gently. She is giggling. He looks at her and then at his cock and watches his cock head rub against her pussy lips. He starts to moan and closes his eyes. I see him push his cock up against her and hold her against him. "Oh,shit baby. Oh shit." I then see him squirt his cum all the way up to his chin.

Sally is shocked. "Where did that stuff come from daddy." She points at his cum on his belly.

He catches his breathe and looks at her. "It came out of my penis." He tells her bluntly.

"Where?" She asks looking all confused.

He points to his cock. "You called it my pee pee. I call in my penis."

"Oh, did your penis pee?" she asked.

"No baby. My penis did not pee."and he laughs a little. "That is daddy's love cream that squirts out when I am very happy." He pauses and rubs her against his cock again. "And you my little princess. You made daddy very happy."

Sally clapped her hands and looked over at me. "Look mommy. I made daddy very happy." She said on a very excited voice.

"I see that baby girl. Good job." I come over and pick her up. "Lets all go in the pool and get daddy cleaned off. I first take my finger and lift some of his cum off his chest and put it in my mouth.

"I can eat it". Sally asks shocked that I just ate the white stuff.

I look at Kevin realizing I just ate that in front of Sally not thinking of what she would think. He looks at me then at Sally. " If you want to you can".

She puts her finger in it then decides not to try it. She looks at me and lifts her finger up to me with her daddy's cum on it. "Here mommy you eat it." I kneel beside the chair and lick the cum off my daughters finger. "Mmmmmm, I moan. I feel Kevin's finger slide into my pussy as I do it. I moan loader. "Yummy" I say. Can mommy have some more?" She gets some more on her finger and starts feeding it to me a little at a time. As she giggles at me. Kevin's finger pushes deeper inside me. I close my eyes. "Oh shit." and I rock back onto his hand and cum all over his hand.

Sally looks at me. "You ok mommy?" She asks.

"Oh yes baby. I am wonderful. It just tastes so good." I tell her. I stand up and lift her off of his cock and walk to the water. "Lets get cleaned off. I think daddy had enough fun for one night." I said over my shoulder, so Kevin would hear me.


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Great story.....had me and my hubby so fucking turned on.......reminds me so much of how I was educated.....


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This is almost exactly how it started with my youngest daughter. GREAT story


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That story was amazing. I would love to be the dad.

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