When I first realized something about myself...
When I was just a young girl, I always knew something was a little different about me. Funny feelings would happen, in places I didn't understand. The oddest thing about it was the reason for the “feelings”. It happened at the strangest times, like when my best friend would come over to stay the night and we were putting on our nightgowns, or when we would lie side by side in my tiny twin size bed and talk until late at night. By the time I was about 11 or so, I was beginning to realize that those urges I would get actually meant something-my body was ready for stimulation.

I remember basically everything that happened that set me on the path to my sexuality. My friend Kristy and I were only about 4 months apart in age and we had been friends since childhood. Her mother and my mother had grown up together as best friends and we just called each other’s mom “aunt” and each other “cousins”. We each had younger siblings, and I guess the thought never occurred to us that we didn't HAVE to be friends. But we were, and things were nice and normal until about the time that we were almost teenagers.

It was late July, right after Kristy’s eleventh birthday. I had been eleven since March, so I was technically the oldest and most knowing. I’ll admit, I was a know-it-all in most ways. I was probably pretty bossy too. But it was late in the evening, and we were at her house swimming in the pool. I had just gotten a new two piece bathing suit, and I was enjoying showing off my developing breasts. We were about to go into the 6th grade and practically women-even at that age I was already being warned by my ever cautious parents to watch out for boys because they “only wanted one thing”. But no boys were present, so my first inclination was to show off. As the adults went inside and the sun went down, we decided to stay in the pool just a little while longer. Her parents were big drinkers and mine had let me go over to stay the night so we weren't worried about being told what to do or when to get out. As soon as the natural light faded enough, the dim outside lights kicked on and we were left mostly in darkness, treading water and splashing each other.

I was the first to suggest that we skinny dip-I don’t know what made me bring it up, maybe I just wanted to be bossy and make Kristy do something that she didn't want to do. But boy was I wrong! In about 3 seconds she had shimmied out of her suit and it hit the deck with a wet plop. Not wanting to appear chicken, I quickly ditched mine as well and it joined hers. We swam around each other, talking and laughing and enjoying the cool water flowing around our exposed bodies. It was well after ten, the air was cooling off and I noticed that if I stood up and exposed my blossoming breasts to the nighttime air, my rosy little nipples would harden and stand out proudly. It wasn't like my nipples hadn't been hard before, but this time there was someone else there to observe and take notice. I called out to her from the other end of the pool and told her I wanted to show her something.

Kristy half-walked, half-swam down to me, and I popped up out of the water just as she reached me. I stuck my titties in her face and told her to feel how hard they were. She grinned and reached for them, and as her fingers brushed the tip an electric shock zapped through me. Her sharp intake of breath told me that I wasn't the only one affected. I saw that hers were as hard as little ice chips as well, and I glanced at her face for a brief second and saw permission in her eyes. My hand shook slightly as I reached for her breasts, smaller than mine, really not much more than little bumps. But I yearned to feel them against my hand and between my fingers. I gently pinched her tiny nipple between my finger and thumb. It felt perfectly natural to next lean over and part my lips ever so softly, sticking out my tongue and using it to trace a circle around the hard tip. Her hand fell from my breast and she reached for the side of the pool as if her legs wouldn't hold her up. I took her by the hips and turned her where her ass was against the wall of the pool and her head could relax backward onto the edge. My mouth continued the exploration almost without thinking. I could feel a throbbing sensation between my legs that I had recently learned meant that I was aroused. Just as I leaned over for another taste, she sank down and I got a nose full of water. Spitting and spluttering, I caught my breath.

“I’m sorry” she said softly, “it just felt so good. I didn't mean to almost drown you.” I told her it was ok and asked her if she was ready to go inside. She agreed and we silently headed for the ladder. Not bothering with our sopping wet swimsuits, we wrapped a towel around ourselves and quietly went through the back door, avoiding the kitchen where her somewhat inebriated parents were, and down the hall to her bedroom. She reached for the light switch but something stilled her hand and she let it fall to her side instead. In the darkness, with the only light shining in through the window from the pole light outside, she let the towel slip to the floor and I did the same.

Drinking in the sight of her tanned skin, tiny breasts, and the very slight wisp of hair that was just barely visible in the dim light, I felt as though my legs were shaking and a flush swept over me from head to toe. I was much more fair-skinned and even the slightest blush showed. We slowly walked toward each other, very hesitantly, really unsure of how to proceed. We had giggled over dirty books and magazines together so we knew the mechanics of what went on, but it was different when it was in real life. Finally we could hold back no longer and our bodies moved together, nipple to nipple, and our lips met in a feathery kiss. We gently pressed our mouths together, and our lips parted slightly. Tongues snaked out and entwined with increasing urgency. Our hands roamed, lightly touching each other. My nipples peaked and hers did the same. My mouth left hers and roamed downwards until my lips closed gently over her straining peak. She gasped and arched her back toward me, offering me more. Slowly we both sank to the floor in front of her bed.

Taking turns, we explored each other’s breasts, laving our tongues over each nipple. I felt wetness seeping from between my nether lips and running down the inside of my thighs. Something inside me compelled me to lick lower and lower until my mouth was hovering over her sparsely covered mound. I took one finger and slowly traced down her slit, finding it as sopping wet as my own most surely was. I hesitantly licked the tip of my finger, and the taste was strange to me but not unpleasant. I lowered my mouth, and flicked my tongue between her labia to get a better taste. Drawing my tongue back into my mouth, the flavor exploded on my taste buds, and I knew right then that this was what I craved. I didn’t know what ambrosia was at the time, but it surely must have been comparable to the nectar that I tasted. I eagerly stuck my tongue back into her drenched pussy, and while I had no idea what to do beyond that, I knew enough from what I had read and from what I had explored on my own body to know that I needed to focus on the top of her cunt, where the little button was that felt so good when I touched my own. I licked her from almost her butthole up, taking the time to slide my tongue into the hole where the juices flowed so freely from. I felt her tense up when I did that, so I did it again before I slid my mouth up to trace a circle around her tiny clit. She gasped when I made contact and her hips moved of their own violation. I took my index finger and stroked her hot pussy lips while I licked, then slipped it inside her tight box until I felt resistance. Now, I knew what a “cherry” was and didn’t know how she would feel about me touching hers, so I backed off and stroked just barely inside. My mouth continued to place soft kisses and gentle licks and before I knew what was happening, she started shaking and gripping my arm, then took one hand and shoved my face into her cunt. I licked her a few more times and a fresh flood of slick liquid poured from her as she jerked her hips so hard that she actually hit me in the nose with her pubic bone. I pulled my head back and watched in wonder as she quivered and shook and gradually calmed. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and looked at me. All she said was “wow”. I grinned and asked her what happened. She told me that it felt just like when she would rub herself there except a hundred times better. I knew how good it felt for me to touch my own pussy-I wanted to feel as good as she said too!

Being bossy as I was, I told her that it was only fair that she lick me too. I don’t know if she really wanted to because she didn’t say anything for a minute. Since I was only eleven, I still had enough “kid” in me to threaten to tell her mom if she didn’t. As it turned out, (she told me this years later) she was actually really wanting to but was trying to build up her courage. She finally moved and I laid down where she had just gotten up from. I spread my legs open for her, and the cold air from the vent blew across my wide open pussy. I shivered with both cold and anticipation. She got on her belly in the floor between my legs and inched towards me. She took both hands and spread open my labial lips gently and tentatively touched her tongue into the juice flowing from me. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth and must have enjoyed the taste because she went back for seconds, and thirds…her lingual organ snaked around my pussy and I knew that I would be forever addicted to the feeling of a hot mouth probing my cunt.

Being our first time touching each other so intimately, she was a little clumsy but it didn’t matter to me. I had never felt such sensation as when she placed the flat part of her tongue against my juicy slit and licked up and down. A fluttery feeling started in the pit of my stomach and I knew it felt similar to what it felt like when I played with myself but different at the same time. A huge pressure started building deep in the core of my femininity, something more than I had ever felt. She continued to lave my sodden pussy when all of a sudden she closed her lips over my clit and sucked in.

It was such an intense sensation that it sent me reeling into oblivion. A dam burst and fireworks went off behind my eyes. My legs clenched up and my fists sought something to grip. I had never felt anything like it in my life. The waves washed over me, and I didn’t know how much more I could take. She released my throbbing love button and the tides began to slowly ebb. It was over a minute before I caught my breath and I opened my eyes to see her grinning at me. “I told ya” Kristy teased me. We laughed together, and neither of us knew at the time that this was only the beginning of our new “relationship”. We stayed friends (and occasional lovers) through our late teen years until life led us in opposite directions. We are still in contact with each other, and I have often wondered if she looks back on that time in our lives as I do, with a longing to go back and relive it.

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me and two of mbff we are young bi girls.

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me and two of mbff we are young bi girls.

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