Authors note: thank you for reading this is my first story in hopefully a long series. I have never written a story like this before so I hope you enjoy< but a few things I would like to point out this will be one of the first stories I've ever written so please let me know what I could fix and make better, also this story has themes many will not like such as very young, mind control,incest, and possibly bestiality down the road. One more thing before I start, is that I don't have very good grammer skills so please excuse me if I make mistakes I will continue working on my grammer. thank you and I hope you enjoy.
=============================================================== CHAPTER 1

My name is Alex wells my life has always had one very odd thing in it that thing would be my mother. You see the reason I say this is because my mother gave birth to me and my twin sister when she was only 8 years old and afterwords she stopped aging entirely so by now she is about 24 years old but still has the body of an 8 year old. Doctors to this day still have never found a reason for her sudden age stop. What happened was that when she was 8 years old she was raped by an unknown man I guess you could say my father. My mother still to this day still says it wasn’t rape though that it was consentual even though she was only 8.

I didn’t even know of my mother until I was 10 years old due to the fact that I was raised by our grand parents due to my mother only being 8 when she had me. To be honest for those ten years we believed she was our sister. The reason for our suddenly living with her now as my mother was because our grandparents died in a sudden car accident and so custody was given to her. Here I am now at 16 living with my mother.

I just finished the yard work as I walked into the house. Stripping off my shirt due to the unbearable heat out side and deciding a shower would feel great right about now. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door looking over myself in the mirror. strong jaw, short but just enough to style amount of hair and, all the yard work over the years giving me some nice muscle definition I look built but not to built, but even after all this I've still never had a girlfriend the most I've ever gotten was when me and my cousin once experimented about 5 years ago but that was it.

I stripped off my pants and underwear in one go and tossed them to the side. I will say I am quite proud of my dick it's about 5 inches flaccid and 9 inches hard. I walked over to lock the door but suddenly the door flew open revealing my small young bodied mother. We stood there in shock for a second just standing there staring at each other . unable for either of us to move then it suddenly hit us, as I covered my self up as best I could and my mother turned around apologizing profusely repeating I'm sorry over and over.

“Its OK no worries” I said face turning red as I stood there. She slowly closed the door and apologized one more time before it shut.

My mother had always been a shy person. And a bit clumsy to, so stuff like this happens all of the time. Like sometimes she'll change clothes without closing the door, or walk around the house in just panties and a tank top all of these incidents have led me up to having a complex you could say. My complex is now I’m into young girls I know I know its sick its gross but I cant help it it's been around me all my life my never aging mother always doing stuff that turns me on, and I cant help that my sister takes after her mother as well.

My mother was short even for a 8 year old she was about hip length to me and I'm about 6'3 which also means every time she hugs me her face presses against my crotch which shes always clueless on the affect she gives to me. She has long dark hair almost black and obviously has no visible features such as tits or ass, but even so I still find her tiny butt and flat chest appealing in there own way.

I turned on the shower and stepped in letting the water cascade over my tired muscles. I began to relax and loosen up I started having thought such as my mother changing clothes, walking around the house barely dressed like she does, and I started to get horny I decided I better rub one off in here while I'm at it and so I began to jerk off in the shower imagining my mother all the while. I sensed my oncoming orgasm and began to stroke faster but just as it was about to happen my mother knocked on the door and informed me that I need to get out because I’ve been in to long. I stopped and turned off the shower sighing because I couldn’t finish.

I got dressed in my room still hard under my jeans I was wearing, but I tried to make it look as hidden as possible. I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom standing on a stool to reach the counter, so she could make some sandwiches she finished just as I entered and hopped down to run over and give me a hug cause her face to press directly into my boner that still hadn’t gone down yet but she just acted as if nothing happened and smiled at me as she let go. My mother was always a very affectionate person she loved giving hugs and kisses any time she could, but with my complex I gladly excepted them all.

She looked at me and said “I'm sorry about walking in on you sweety I didn’t mean to as a way to apologize I made you some lunch its your favorite peanut butter and jelly”

she handed me my sandwich and grabbed hers as well. as we sat at the dining room table to eat them I took a bite out of mine and relished in the taste its just something different about Pb and j when you mom makes it. I looked over at her and saw some weird contraption of what you could call a sandwich. My mother has the weirdest taste buds you'll ever find she likes the oddest stuff.

She saw me eying her sandwich and giggled saying “ I see you've caught sight of my masterpiece” giggling again.

“More like monstrosity what did you put in this time?” I said.

she made a face in mock surprise and said “what do you mean monstrosity! Its delicious and what I put in it would be peanut butter, cream cheese, and mustard”.

I think I gagged a little at her sandwich “ that sounds awful change monstrosity to disaster ughh” I said laughing

“ I can have my sandwich any way I want and if you don’t like then guess what” she stood up turned around “you can kiss my sweet little butt” she said sticking her tongue out while spanking her butt playfully then sat back down and continued eating.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:15. then I suddenly remembered “oh shit we gotta pick up Anna!” me and my mom both got up and grabbed our stuff and got ready to go we went to the car I got in the drivers seat while my mom got in the passenger seat she asked me “what time does she get out?” and I said “2:45” I tried starting up the car which just sputtered and coughed instead of starting I looked at the gas and thought “shit I forgot to get gas last time” we were empty and the nearest gas station was about 10 blocks away.

As I sat there something in the back of my head told me to try one more time. I sat there silently hoping it would work and turned the key again and the car roared to life and suddenly the tank was half full as well. I thought it was weird but didn’t really care as I drove away to pick up my sister.

We arrived about 20 minutes late as we pulled in to the parking lot we saw her standing there looking around like a lost puppy. we pulled up just in time too as some guy started to hit on her.

I stopped the car next to them rolled down the window and said “sorry but I’ll be taking her home”

she hopped in the back and we drove back home I couldn't help but look at my sister in the rear view mirror. She was gorgeous she had long blond hair, a cute innocent baby face, and a rack to die for the have to at least be double D’s in size she had long full beautiful legs that connected to a great ass. But besides her body Anna was also amazingly smart the only reason she's even in summer school is because shes to lazy to do the work.

As we were driving my mom asked her “ how was summer school?” Anna just grumbled and said “ it was fine boring but fine”.

I don’t understand whats been going on but Anna has been really cold to mom lately and I really wish I could help.

Later that night at about 6 pm I was sitting on my bed thinking about what could cause a fight between my mom and sister. I sat there for about ten minutes but could not find any reason why but just then I hear a knock at my door.

“come in!” I said to whoever was there.

In comes my sister waking in slowly and shyly saying “hey bro can we talk?”

“sure thing sis whats the problem?” I said looking at her curiously.

“I’m pretty sure you've noticed but I’ve been acting pretty bad towards mom lately, and I feel bad its not her fault I understand her feelings, and why she did it I guess but I just cant calm down. I want to tell you what I saw but you have to promise not to get upset or say anything to mom OK?”

I sat up strait and said “of course I promise I wont”.

She looked at me hesitantly for a second the started “ about a week ago around 1 am I got up to go to the bathroom and when I was done I saw the laundry room light on so I went to go turn it off, and I saw mom in there sh-she was on her knees with her hands down her pants masturbating”

I was surprised but then I thought that wouldn’t be the reason for her to be upset everybody masturbates even mom.

“but the part that shocked me was that she had her face buried in one of you pairs of underwear and was sniffing them. I cought our mom fingering herself to you!” she said sounding very distressed and unsure what to do.

I was shocked at hearing this I mean my mother was fingering herself to a pair of my boxers! what if I had cum in them does that mean she was getting off on her own sons cum. I started to get hard at the thought of it and imaging it, but luckily I had changed into some loose shorts earlier so my sister didn’t notice. Then one thing struck me about what she said.

“wait you said you understand how she feels? What do you mean?” I said. I thought that my sister might have a secret crush on me turning me on more than I already was but I shrugged that off as impossible.
“ I uh uh I meant it as... uh” she kept stuttering unable to think of anything to say then simply said “ I like you and not as a brother” she said tears welling up in her eyes.

I was shocked again I mean its not like I never had thoughts about my sister before I mean I’ve had plenty but for her to be saying shes had the same shocked me.

“i uh.. don’t know what to say” simply dumbfounded by the situation in the last five minutes I learned my mother was fingering herself to my underwear and my sister likes me NOT in a brother sister kinda way. She stood up and tried to leave the room covering her no doubt crying face. She was scared when she tried to leave I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me I pulled her into a tight hug and simply stood there trying to comfort her.

she was no doubt shocked at this, thoughts rushing through her brain such as “doesn’t he hate me now, now that he knows a disgusting person who lusts after her own brother?” she pulled her head back and looked me the eyes tears streaming down her face and asked “ do you hate me now? Now that you know how disgusting I am!?” distress behind her voice.

“i could never hate you no matter what OK and besides...” I stopped for a second a stared into her eyes but instead of finishing the sentence I decided to use actions instead of words. I leaned my head forward and kissed her deeply and lovingly feeling her soft lips against mine. At first she tensed up but then started to relax in my arms and I kissed her deeper and deeper I felt her tongue trying to gain passage into my mouth as I parted my lips for her to enter and our tongues danced together going around and around as we felt every inch of each others mouth.

We pulled apart and I looked into her eyes they where heavy and she was breathing hard and we pulled together for another round of kissing they moved over to the bed and layed down with me on top of her. her sweet lips still pressed to mine in this passionate embrace. we pulled apart again and looked at each other.

She simply said “take me I want you so bad and for so long please take me now” she was practically begging me. We took off each others clothes until we were both in just our underwear “ you sure” I said she silently nodded her head. That’s all I needed for me to unhook her bra and watch as those two beautiful flesh mounds came into view completely unobstructed. I took them into my hands and massaged them softly relishing in the feeling of her bare breasts. Leaned my head down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth causing her to bite her lip and moan quietly. I guess her nipples are her most sensitive part because as I sucked her one nipple I reached over and pinched her other nipple pulling on it softly with my fingers causing her to moan more and more in pleasure. I took my hand off of her one nipple and snaked it down to her panties and began rubbing her through them. Her moans got even more intense and I felt her panties getting wet. I slipped my hand inside and started rubbing again until I found a little button at the top and rubbed around it then rubbed it directly. When I did it her whole froze in place and her moans became gasps as she was in the throws of an orgasm I kept sucking and rubbing her until she came down then I stopped and looked her in the eyes she was smiling that beautiful smile at me and breathing heavy.

I moved down and pulled off her panties and then took off my underwear. She gasped when she saw my dick and smiled a naughty smile “who knew my brother was packing a huge cock like that try to be gentle with it though its my first time”. I nodded my head and gulped I slid forward, and placed the head of my cock at her opening rubbing it up and down slightly trying to wet it a bit. Then I slowly thrust forward feeling her warm insides contract around tight and wet. I stopped as I hit her barrier then I thrusted through it and stopped again. She winced for a second then a few moments later she said “I'm fine you can continue I’ll be okay”. I started to slowly thrust back and forth into her slowly building up speed until we were going at a normal pace and she started to moan in pleasure “oh fuck that feels good please go faster” I complied and started thrusting into her even faster causing her to moan even more. I pressed my lips to her as I pounded into her faster and faster because if I didn’t kiss her mom would definitely hear the noise she was making. I felt my orgasm rising and said “I'm gonna cum soon!”. she moaned and said “you can shoot it inside me its a safe day”. I kept thrusting until I felt that familiar tingle and thrust deeply into her. I shot spurt after spurt into my awaiting sisters womb. As the first spurt hit her she started cumming feeling the warmth of
my cum enter her body. feeling the pleasure of it all and trying to cover her voice moaning loudly into her hand.

I fell over next to her both of us breathing heavily almost panting. she turned her face towards me and smiled “my god that was wonderful thank you so much” she gave me another kiss and snuggled into my arms as we lay there.

“hey sis?” I said.

“yeah bro?” she said sighing happily.

“i love you” I said then looked at her face trying to gauge her response.

she sat there for a moment and then started crying in my arms but they weren't tears of sadness they were tears of joy.

She looked up at me and said “ I love you too”

eventually we got up and got dressed. we looked at the clock and it said 8:23its been two hours since we started.

Anna left the room positively gleaming with happiness as I sat there.
I don’t know why but I thought it was weird. earlier in the day the car was empty but suddenly out of nowhere was half full, then while I was thinking about what was making Anna mad at mom and she almost immediately came in and told me. I don’t know why but it just seems linked somehow.

I left the room in search of dinner it was late and I was getting hungry. As I entered the kitchen I saw my mother doing the laundry and it made me think to what Anna told me. I quickly dismissed it I mean what was I gonna say “I was told that you were masturbating to my boxers last week is that true?”. yeah like that would work I guess I'll just have to find some way to ask but not now at least. I looked over again at her and noticed something on the shelf we kept a basket to put glass bottles for recycling in there it was tipping over and mom was right underneath it! I ran over trying to grab the basket but it was to late as I started moving it fell over “ I wont make it in time!” I thought. I reached out my hands as if trying any way to catch them but them I tripped and hit the floor I closed my eyes and listened for the breaking sound a scream anything but there was nothing no noise it was quiet? I looked and was shocked at what I saw the bottles hung there in mid air as if they were floating in water I'm completely dumbstruck I have no idea what was going on at all. My mother heard me fall and looked over in my direction running over to me asking if I was alright. “I’m fine” I said then felt weird. I felt the world warp around and twist, I felt something warm running down my nose. I reached a hand up and put my finger in it I looked at my fingers and realized it was blood. I was having a bloody nose then everything went black and I passed out the last thing I heard was the sound of bottles crashing to the ground.

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