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My first story wont be as good as you think. But thanks for readiing it.
"John, get down and over here!" said aunt. It was finally a new year. My parents were celebration with our whole family with cakes and parties. Today was a special new year but it was also my Birthday. I got up and went to my aunt. She was there holding a ruler and checking how tall I've become. She checked my height, it was 163. I was so surprised because i was 148 last year! My aunt who was equally surprised threw the ruler down and ran to where my parents were and said your son just grew 15 cm! My parents came up to double check. She was so happy she planted a kiss on my forehead and said, "Since today is your 14th birthday. I will let you go on that trip you wanted to the Amazon, but only on one condition." I looked up and asked,, What is it?"
She took out a book that was about amazon and said, " follow these rules and dont make stupid mistakes okay." She said without taking her eyes off of my eyes. I said sure
I later found out i was traveling with my aunt. I was happy because i loved her, not as in a aunt and niece way. I really loved her whole body. She had a 36dd breast size. I could almost feel her breast rubbing against my face. I got up and shook my head letting the thoughts run out of me. I packed my bag and left my room getting ready to leave. I went in the airplane thinking about having sex with my aunt and went to sleep.

My aunt shook me awake saying that we reached out destination. I looked up and saw that we had landed in Brazil. We took our luggage's and went to our hotel. It was a big Sheraton hotel. I was so excited because Sheraton was one of the best and my favorite hotel. When we went to the reception, my aunt was asking for two bedroom. The women who was maintaining there said she was very sorry and there was only one room left in this hotel. I was so excited that i let out a squeal. My aunt didn't hear me but the people around were asking if i was okay and i nodded. The time has finally come to where i can finally sleep with my aunt.

My aunt was frustrated that there was only one room but decided to go a head and check again tomorrow. We took our luggage's and went to our room. I whispered damnnnn the room was so big. My aunt smiled and said she was sorry that there was no second room and the had the share the bed. She looked sorry, but out of the corner of her eyes, i could see a small hint of lust.

We were so tired we couldnt stand up, so we decided to sleep. I slept like a baby and woke up in the middle of the midnight. I saw my aunt looking at the computer and typing on something. I looked over and realized she was masturbating. She was rubbing her clit and pretending to suck a cock. My erection started to get bigger and bigger. I couldn't see well and i scooted closer and closer. I saw her putting one finger than two finger. I was dreaming i thought i was atleast and i suddenly fell off the bed. I was naked down because i was masturbating and my aunt turned and saw my hard erection. I was dazed and started to say sorry when she came to me and touched my dick.

I was so happy when she started jerking me off. Than i felt a warm mouth swarming my dick. I was in heaven. I was about to blow my load when she told me to wait. She changed her position to a 69 and said "i learned something in french, its kiss moi ass and pussy." Listening to my aunt dirty talking made me feel so hot. I yelled, " Im Cummingggggggg and she came in my mouth and i blew my load into her throat. I had a huge load that she couldn't swallow the whole thing. Half of it ended right back at my dick. Her pussy juice was so good. It tasted like strawberries.

My aunt stood up and took my semi hard dick in her pussy. I was in heaven. I kept thrusting in her pussy out and she was moaning real loud. I kept thrusting my dick and i suddenly remembered a porno movie where a guy arched his dick sideways and the girl went crazy. I thought of how he did it and i did the samething. My aunt went crazy she was huffing. She later yelled she was cumming and i told her to wait so we can cum together. I thrusted harder and harder and i yelled, Im cummingggggg she yelled the samething and we collapsed on top of each other. I went up to her face and started french kissing her passionately .

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door and the person outside who sunded like a women said, " House keeping!"

Thanks for reading my first story. The second will come out soon.

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2013-07-31 19:58:54
Oy another one that should be put straight in the rubbish bin. Seriously this story sucks dog bollocks, don't bother writing anymore...EVER!!!! Perhaps English is about your fifth language ya bloody wanker?

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2013-07-31 10:24:02
it suck in a bad way


2013-07-29 08:54:41
Gre8 story n got instant hardon

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2013-07-29 08:02:00
Dude I accidentally wrote it three times sorry >_<

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2013-07-29 08:01:46
Dude I accidentally wrote it three times sorry >_<

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