A dress rehearsal for the cherry popping gang bang
When my watch alarm went off the next morning I realized I had a morning hard on but was still tired from the previous days activities. So I turned it off and went back to sleep. A bit later I awoke to someone trying to roll me over on my back. When they had accomplished their task I felt someone pulling out my penis and jacking it. I opened my eyes to see if Rita wanted to go around again.

It was not my wife. It was our daughter Lisa. Samantha was also in the room and when Lisa got tired Samantha put her little hands on me and continued the stroking. Then my organ was put in a wet warm place and when I looked Lisa was giving me a little blow job. Earlier when she'd been jacking me off she'd had on a long slender nightgown. Now she was naked. That was why Samantha had taken over the hand job.

Then she stopped and the exquisite pleasure ceased. I felt a hand on it holding it straight up then I felt pressure on the head of my cock as Lisa was pressing her pussy on it. I looked down and Samantha was holding it up and Lisa was holding her pussy lips opened and sliding down my shaft. I smiled and said,"Good Morning Girls." Samantha climbed up on the bed and kissed me on the mouth with tongue. "We wanted to surprise you before breakfast." she said as she broke the kiss.

Lisa had finished going down my shaft her labia were in my pubic hair. She bent over and kissed me with tongue and said,"I want this. Is that okay?" I simply nodded. She started to go up and down on my shaft and her lubrication was making it very pleasant indeed. I had nothing to do so I put out my hand and played with Samantha's pussy. While it was not the optimal angle I was able to run from her virgin vagina up her slit to her clitoris and after circling that, back down to her fuck hole. She asked,"Daddy will you eat me?" I nodded again and she climbed up on the bed and sat on my chest and slid down to my mouth. I held her to me by her butt cheeks and licked up and down her slit around her clit and repeated this. My rhythm matched the rhythm of Lisa who was still riding my cock and fucking me very well.

Then I felt Samantha's body stiffen over my tongue and Lisa cried out,"Daddy I'm cumming" as she stopped her up and down squatting and bottomed out as her body quaked with the climax. I was still pretty sleepy and not really in control so when they pulled their triggers my gun went off and I squirted rope after rope of my hot, sticky, greasy cum into my preteen step-daughter's pussy.

I heard a noise and looked up to see my wife Rita standing over the scene. She told me. "When you three get done come out for breakfast. We need to talk." Both girls got off me and started to their night gowns back on. I got up and put on a robe. We all three left together and went up the hall to the apartment's dining room.

The huge table was set with 22 place settings! Two big bowls of scrambled eggs and one bowl each filled with bacon and sausage. My wife and step children were passing bowls around and taking their fair share and I waited for the bowls to come down to my end of the table. Rita was opposite me at the other end of the table.

Rita asked me about the Sabrina seduces her Father video tape. She says,"I looked at the tape and we cut back and forth between your room where Amy is sucking you to your spare room where Sabrina is masturbating to get herself ready for you. Who is doing the switching?" I explain to her,"It is a computer that sat in a downstairs utility room and if it senses movement it switches to a camera in that room. If movement continues it switches every five seconds from one room to the other however many rooms are having motion."

She replied,"I know a lot of sex goes on in the mansion without any recording of it. Could your system be expanded to pick up all that?" I tell her,"Yes but once you have too many places being scanned for action the effect will be too much discontinuity for our purposes. It might show five seconds of Fred with Georgina followed by five seconds of Ivan with Jennifer and then Five seconds of me and you and then 5 seconds of the Steve and his wife and five seconds of Josh with whoever he is with and so on and so forth. It would show sex but little plot or continuity when expanded to a place like this."

Too bad,"I know a lot of it would be very good if we could just get it. I just don't see any way to do it." I tell her. "What we could do is put a small computer board running the same software with a simplified sensing system and DVD writer copying the video in each group of bedrooms or each apartment." She thought a minute and said,"Find out what it will cost and I'll see if I want to do it." I tell her it sounds like a plan. We ate with Lisa telling her sisters she loves fucking her new daddy. Samantha bragging about having sucked me off. And the boys making plans to make woopy with their sisters.

Then Samantha turned to me and asked me,"Daddy can I get my vaginal expander refilled every day like Sabrina's Charlene does so I can be fucked very young?" I asked her,"What does your mother say,"She says she will let me do it if you say it is okay." I look up at my wife and say,"Are you sure you want to give her the say on that?" She replied,"She wants to be able to fuck like the older girls do and now that the doctor says he can make it comfortable for her I don't see why not. You know she sucks and butt fucks and loves the taste of cum so she is just like I was and I know I wanted to fuck a lot earlier than my daddy did me." I asked her,"Are your childhood sex on film or video." She told me,"Some of it is on old silent 8mm film in the basement maybe." I tell her,"We could add a sound track to it and release some of it of video through our Japanese affiliate. You might put some of the kids to finding that stuff where ever it is and re-releasing it through whatever company is appropriate."

Amy pipes up and says,"I'll take a bunch of us downstairs and we'll find whatever tape or film is still down there, if Fred can combine all the disks we did last night and finish the production." Fred says,"Only if you blow me when you get done?" Amy says,"Deal."

It is getting close to eight o'clock and I have to be in my office. So I get dressed and go to my office. Margaret is already there and tells me,"I got a call first thing this morning wanting to know if Sabrina H-----s was here. I would not tell her. Then she claimed to be your wife. I knew that was wrong since you are married to Rita." I asked the logical question."Who was it?" She replied,"Some bitch calling herself Kathi Hunt." I said,"That was my first wife. She is Sabrina's mother. And you are right to call her a bitch. She refused to make love to me, constantly accused of affairs I was not having and refusing to cook some days so I had to do it. She required I be accountable to her but refuse to be accountable to me." Margaret said,"How long were you married to her?" I replied,"Thirty years, seemed like 50" She asked,"Why did you stay?" I answered her,"I guess I loved her. Love is blind you know and looks beyond all the other's faults." She embraced me and held me close and said,"You poor thing. At least all that is ended and you are in a better place now." The heat she was generating in me was noticable. I broke the embrace and told her,"Thank you I have to go to work."

When I open the internal E-mail I send the doctor permission to refill Samantha's vaginal expander every day if she wants him to. I open one from my wife Rita. She says thank you for showing her the variation of missionary position that gave her so much satisfaction. Then she says that allowing Samantha to speed up the expansion of her vagina is creating more trouble for her. The twins Queen and Reyna also want daily refills as does Olivia and Naomi. I tell her she can say yes to all of them as far as I am concerned but I will pop no cherry until the moratorium is over. I send a carbon of my e-mail to you also to the doctor. The doctor replied almost immediately saying he would be spending half his days now refilling his vaginal expanders.

A hour later I got a call from the doctor. He said he had isolated the cells from Josh's cousin Arianna and had successfully changed them into growing embryos so he could start implanting as soon as the perspective mothers came forward. I called Josh and he said his cousin would go get implanted today. I called my daughter and told her she could be implanted today to have a cleft free daughter in 9 months. She told me she would talk to the doctor when she takes Charlene to have her Vaginal Expander refilled again this morning. I shake my head at the rush these young ones have to grow up and fuck.

Then I hear a knock on the outer office door and hear Margaret over the intercom saying,"Your wife is here to see you." I tell her,"Send her in." My wife enters wearing a black leather mini skirt and a low cut tank top. She says,"I want to talk about this. She laid a DVD on my desk and I put it into my laptop and it shows my daughter fucking herself with a small dildo then switches to me seducing Amy and keeps on switching back and forth then the camera on Sabrina moves into the Bathroom then she comes out into my room after Amy has tied me up and has sucked me to full hardness. I then see my daughter sit on my cock and fuck the daylights out of me with a big shit eating grin on her face.

Can you really design a single board computer to feed a DVD writer and do the same things here? I reach into my office book shelf and pull out the Z80 microcomputer projects book and go to my laptop and pull up the switching system I used to bring the video to the VCR at home. She asks me to print the diagrams of the switching system and says,"I'm going into town to a small engineering firm that does some work for us sometimes and see if what they would charge to built us 100 of these because I might want them in the pool area, the park area and the city scape area. The computer says the printout is done so I send my wife on her way.

I work on scripts for the deflowering of all of Rita's girls that below the age of eight. The twins may want to be taken together. Josh will be a willing costar I'm sure. Then I hear another knock on the door. Margaret comes on the intercom and says "Your daughter is here Mr. Higgins." I tell her "Send her in."

She comes in and sits down. She asked me who I slept with last night and I told her. She said,"I'm glad you were not alone." Of course she had slept alone last night having to let her vagina shrink after doing Jeff. Then I explained what Samantha and Lisa had done. She told me she'd heard that Lisa would do any boy that wanted her but preferred men of power. That explained a lot. She asked me if it was my idea or Samantha's to speed up her vaginal expansion. I told her Sam had asked for it and her mother left it to me and I left it to Sam.

Then she jumped me about the other kids. She said,"How come the twins, Olivia and Naomi were down there too." I told her they did not want to fall behind their little sister. She looked at my computer screen and saw the cherry popping script for the twins and laughed at my use of sibling rivalry to drive each girl into daring the other to go farther with the man they were with. I had not written it to be funny but if she found it to be funny, who was I to argue with her.

Then she brought up a very valid point. She mentioned the filming of my wife and I consummating out marriage last night and said,"Doesn't that violate the moratorium? I had to agree it did but I called down to the editing room and asked them to bring me a copy of the finished product when they were done. I also told them they could produce the copies, promote the copies but we would ship nothing until 30 days after Karl's passing. I typed up an e-mail and sent it to all employees to explain that if they wanted to produce porn we could do it but nothing would be released until 30 days after Karl's death.

"So now Dad when are you going to deflower Beatrice?" I tell her I'll check with the doctor but may want to wait a few days since I've been so sexually active lately. I call the doctor I tell him of my plan to move up the deflowering of Beatrice, Mary and Vanessa. He asks me if he is to produce a long term hard-on so I can do all three in a gang bang. I tell that is the script for now. He said,"Go to your wife's apartment at 8 tonight and we will run a practice by overdosing you with erectile disfunction drugs and we'll see how many girls you can fuck before you go raw. We say goodbye and before I hang up he tells me he is updating all the young girls measurements in the databases.

I check the listings of my and Rita's kids and Charlene. Charlene will require little more expansion to be able to take me. As I go through the listing of Rita's kids and Naomi is with a quarter inch of being able to take me right now. Olivia is not that close but filling the vaginal expander will increase her rate of expansion. The twins, Queen and Reyna, have identical vaginal measurements way behind Samantha but who knows how they will grow with the expander in place.

I still worry about rupturing the the cervix of the girls if we take them that young. While that thought is on my mind I hear the intercom going off and it's Margaret telling me Josh and Courtney are in the outer office and want to see me. I tell her to send them in. Courtney enters first followed by Josh. She says,"Thank you for letting me have Josh he makes me cum like crazy" Josh just shrugged.

Then he said,"Courtney has decided to carry an Arrianna clone if the doctor agrees she can. That means she wants the surgery as soon as possible to make it possible to carry a child to term." I turn to Courtney and ask her,"Is that what you want?" She said,"Yes, I understand it won't be my baby but I'll do it for Josh."

Then Josh asked me,"Have you built the six men fuck one woman machine yet?" I said,"No." Courtney cut in and asked,"Six men on one woman, How?" I turn to her and say,"Well you are too young but for a woman with tits, one man in her pussy, one man in her asshole, one man titty fucking her, one man in her mouth and then one man on each of her hands getting jacked off." What does the machine do?" It moves the woman up and down the cocks in her pussy, ass and mouth. I call my wife's cell phone and tell her I need the fax number of the engineering firm so I can send the plans for a 6 man 1 woman fuckmaster. I tell them I'll start the design work today and contract the work out. Courtney and Josh left and I went to work on the design.

I was designing the variable stroke function of the machine when Margaret came in and said."Charlie it's nearly 1PM and you haven't had lunch." I told her "I was not aware of the time." She replied,"Hope you don't mind I called the chow hall and had them send up two trays." Then she went out to her office and brought in my tray and hers. She sat across the desk from me and we ate together. She asked me what I was working on with my laptop. I told her it was a design for a girl to be able to satisfy 6 men at one time. She asked how that was possible, I explained one man in her pussy, one man in her asshole, one man titty fucking her, one man in her mouth and then one man on each of her hands getting jacked off." She thought about it for a minute. She says,"When you get it built I would not mind trying it as long as my husband is in my pussy. I told her I wanted to be one of the men in it. She told me I could take any of the other positions I wanted. When we finished eating I went back to work on the machine and she took the trays and called for pick up.

About three I was putting the final touches on the design and getting ready to fax it to the engineering firm when I heard Margaret on the intercom saying Amy and her sisters are here. I told her send them in. It was not all the girls from Rita's apartment. Amy had with her five of her sisters, Kendra, Helena, Georgina, Elizabeth and Deardra. I had no sexual contact with any of these girls except Amy of course. Amy lead off and asked me. I heard the doctor wants you to try a dry run with the idea gangbanging the three virgins so I decided to present to you some of the step daughters you have not been with yet.

They told me they had opened every box in the basement storage area and found 36 large reels of 8 mm and 16 mm movies some of which dated from Rita's childhood.
I ask her who could translate those to DVD and BlueRay and she said our internal lab had that capability and I told them to turn the reels into our lab and have them start creating the masters.

I stood up and hugged and kissed each of the girls. I told her I would be happy to count them all in if I could last long enough and told her I wanted them from the oldest to the youngest. They all agreed that was fine and left the office. As they left I wondered why Amy did not want to be included. So I called out the door to her. She turned and said,"I'd be happy to do it with you but I want to be on the camera's for this one."

It was almost time to close the office when my secretary told me there was a Sara Woods from Iowa calling and asking to join our company. I knew Miss Woods had been Josh's victim. I took the call. "Hello, this is Charles Higgins, head of Eden Productions, How can I help you?" She said,"I understand that Josh Boyles works for you." I tell her"I can't confirm or deny that." She replied,"He was my abuser and I would like to come and do porn with him." I ask her,"You realize that there might be other men you would be assigned to work with." She said,"I don't mind. I just like to cum and if I can get paid for it I'm ready to go to work." I tell her to leave her phone number and someone here will get back to her. She gives me her 319 area code phone number and I take it down. I fax the plans to the engineering firm and call it a day.

I return to my apartment my daughter has been kind enough to take me into and she is in the kitchen cooking my granddaughters are in the living room sitting on the floor. I say hello to them and they both raise their arms. I pick up little Charlene and she says,"Grandpa, when you take my cherry I don't want it to be painless. I think pain will help me get off so when you do just put it in and push hard." I tell her."maybe I'll let you sit on it and that way it can be as hard as you want it." She says, "Deal" Beatrice is standing nearby. After a long french kiss I put Charlene down and reach out to Beatrice who comes into my arms. I press her to me and tell her,"I'll still do it painlessly for you." She kissed me with tongue and pressed her body into mine and my organ responded. She said,"Mom, he's hard." My lovely daughter called from the kitchen saying,"You built it up, you tear it down." I reply,"Let's just let this one fade okay?" She laughs at that and says okay girls leave him alone.

We sit down to a nice roast beef with mashed potatoes and whole kernel corn. We eat as Beatrice teases Charlene about the fact that it looks like she will be the first of my daughter's kids to be fucked by her Dad." Charlene came back with the fact that should will be the youngest one fucked on camera in the history of the company. She was right.

After dinner as my daughter cleared the table Charlene decided she was itching for something so I ate her pussy for her. I licked up her slit, around her clit down her slit. I slipped a finger into her hole and wriggled it around as I licked up her slit, around her clit down her slit. After three circuits she was gasping for breath and moaning in pleasure. I put my finger into the small hole in her hymen and wriggled it slowly and she stiffened and quaked as the orgasm overtook her. As she came down she said,"Thank you Grandpa." Then Beatrice came up and kissed me with tongue. Then she said,"Can I get what she just had?" I said sure and her sister got up off the table and Beatrice laid down.

I laid on top of her as if I was going to make love with her and kissed her deeply frenching her. Then I went down her body an inch at a time kissing each inch as I went. I did two sidetrips off her centerline and sucked at each nipple which hardened in my mouth. Then I returned to her centerline and worked down to her navel which I cleaned out with my tongue and then I went down to her pussy and continued to eat her as I'd eaten her little sister. Up her slit, to her clit, around the clit, back down the slit to her hole and back up repeat, repeat. repeat and I kept at this for a while then suddenly she grabbed my head on each side and pressed me into her pussy and screamed "Grandpa you're making me cum really hard." My tongue was deep in her hole. I lapped it as she quaked in orgasm. As she came down I realized I had two breasts being pressed into my back.

This was my daughter's chest pressing into me. As I straightened up she said,"Please no finger fucking." I said okay because I wanted her healed up so we could be lovers again. So this was just a tongue fuck as I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. By now she was breathing hard. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. Now she was gasping for breath. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. I licked up her slit, around her clit, then back down to her hole. Then she screamed,"Daddy I'm cumming. Eat me you perverted bastard." Her legs found traction on the chair and she arched herself as she came into climax. As she came back down she said,"Thank Dad, I needed that."

I sat at the computer and sent an E-mail to Josh with a carbon to the security department. Josh was to call Ms. Wood and the Security Department was to check to make sure she was not a police informant or other risk. It was getting close to 8PM so I left to go to my wife's apartment. When I walked in an orgy was already starting. The five girls I had visit my office to be the subject of my gang bang were all being fingered and eaten. As soon as I walked in the doctor walked over and handed me three pills and a cup of coffee. I took the pills with the coffee and watching Deardra being eaten by Fred, Georgina being eaten by Ivan, Jennifer being eaten by Peter and Kendra by Amy was enough to give me an erection. I saw the twins standing by in the kitchen just watching the action. When Deardra saw me she pushed Fred back and he went to relieve Amy and started eating Kendra. Deardra walked up to me embraced me and said,"Come on lover let's blow this pop stand." She walked me back to her bedroom and helped me remove my shirt, slacks and boxers. She jacked my organ twice then laid down on the bed on her back I laid on top of her. She spread her legs and I entered her well lubricated pussy.

Then I reached with my right leg to pull in her left leg and then reached with my left leg to pull her right leg in. With my legs outside hers I had the high angle of penetration I wanted. I started rocking my pelvis. After a couple minutes she lost the power of coherent speech and mumbled something about cumming as her body stiffened and she quaked and her back arched and we were lifted clear of the sleep surface.

I knew it was too soon for me to have induced this myself. It must have been a lot of stimulation by the fluffers who were getting them ready. As I looked around I became aware of three cameras of us. One by Amy, one by Reyna and one by the very naked Lisa. Lisa was low at the foot of the bed getting the penetration shot. I continued to rock and rotate my pelvis in an effort to get another release from the beautiful tall red head I was fucking. Deardra was taller than any of the other kids at 5 feet 11 inches tall. Much of her heigth was in her trunk which made it convenient to suck her tits as I went in and out of her wet pussy. About ten minutes after the first orgasm she went into a second one. Once again she mumbled something about cumming then stiffened, quaked and arched her back lifting us off the surface. As she came down she said,"I think it is time for you to do another girl." I pulled out. We got out of bed and followed by three camera we went to another bedroom. This one belonged to 18 year old Elizabeth. She was smiling and lying naked face up waiting for me. Deardra laid me on her and guided my cock into this unfamiliar woman's pussy.

I immediately corrected for the position. Using my legs to move her legs to the inside and mine to the outside then rocking my pelvis three time before rotating once and repeat. I had been at this for only 5 minutes when she kissed me opened mouth and lifted me off the sleeping surface as her hips went up in orgasm. She was about 5 foot 6 inches tall with respectable c cup breasts. I had my cock buried in her, My hand on one breast and my mouth on the other. After another five minutes she climaxed again and this time I lost control and came into her slippery pussy. She was short on conversation and just said,"Next" as we got out of bed and I went to Georgina's room. She motioned for me to lay down.

I did. Teasingly I laid on my stomach. She just rolled me over and put her sexy little mouth on my still wet organ. She made about 6 trips up and down my cock cleaning it off. oddly the erection did not fade being reinforced by the drugs.

She said,"If you don't mind, I like to be on top. I just nodded and she impaled herself on my chemically induced hard-on. Then she went up and down on it leaning forward which would give her a good angle for stimulating her. She was bouncing up and down on my cock and her B cup tits jiggled just a bit as she went up and down. Then she stiffened and quaked. She arched her back driving in as deep as I could go and hitting her cervix in the back of her pussy. When she came out of it she said,"Viagra helps me cum too." I asked her,"Did you take some?" She said,"NO! It helps you stay hard." That was all she said before she lost the power of coherent speech as another climax over ran her. She stiffened, quaked, arched her back until her long red hair hit my toes behind her. I had been playing with her small firm tits all through this love making and her nipples had been standing up for a while. She said through clenched teeth. Squeeze my tits dammit. So I did and I was surprised to find a masochist in Rita's group as she stiffened and quaked and for the third time arched over with my cock buried in her up to her cervix. As she came down she said,"Fuck this crap. Then she lifted herself up and then shot her legs out forward. Her full weight now was pushing my cock into her and I felt her cervix give and felt the head of cock go into her uterus. Now she took mini strokes with me which pulled on the head of my cock and then released it. Then she came again. I just laid their massaging her tits and taking the nipples in hand to twist them just a bit. I am not a sadist.

As she stiffened with my cock's head in her uterus and quaked with a Richter scale 9.0 and then arched over until her hair hit my ankles. As she came down she said,"I hate to pass you on. You are a good fuck." Then she got off of me. I thought she was going to pull my cock off my body when her cervix finally released the head of my cock and it slid out.

I was getting tired and a little bit sore but it was not too bad. Amy stopped her camera and asked me,"Are you done, or do you want to do more?" I turned to her and said,"Helena, please." So Amy walked me into Helena's room. She was 15 with a very slender body and tiny tits. But naked and legs spread she was provokative. As I came in she said,"Alright if we do doggy?" She rolled over and got up on her hands and knees. I joined her on the bed and shoved my still hard penis straight up her greasy pussy. This was just sex. I slammed into her and then pulled out until just the head of my cock was inside her labia. The Cameras were still rolling and Amy had resumed being a camera woman. Lisa was still naked and was stoking two fingers in and out of herself synchronized with what I was doing to Helena. Helena said to me. "Hey you are doing me, not her, okay? I bent over her and reached around to massage her tits and nipples. She started working with me as we made love with each other. After about ten minutes she slammed back into me and rose up like a phoenix as her body stiffened and quaked. I crossed my arms putting my right hand on her left breast and my left hand on her right breast from behind. As she settled down she resumed her doggy stance and I resumed rocking my upper body to stroke in and out of her.

She says,"I like doing it this way." My hands have resumed their uncrossed massage positions.I tell her,"I like to look a woman in the eye when I make love to her and this is one position that makes it impossible." She said,"So Sorry."
Then she started to huff and puff and gasp and as the orgasm came to her I was stunned to feel my own organ trying to discharge semen into her teenaged body.
She was almost upright in the throws of if when my gun went off and she felt the pulse of it inside her body. She turned back as she came out of it and said,"Was that the first climax you've had?" "No, it is the second one." The oddest thing was my cock was still hard. She laid down flat and my cock came right out. I backed of the bed and walked to the next bedroom to find Kendra there. She was happy to take me in standard missionary. I pushed up on the bed to get to a high angle of penetration. This rubbed on her clit as we made love. It took only about 5 minutes to make her cum. She stiffened and shook but did not have the hip raising orgasm the more mature women had. I began to rotate every third stroke with her. She came again 5 minutes later. She rolled a bit this time while stiff and quaking. It was all I could do to stay engaged inside her. As she came down she said,"Can you do one more girl? Lisa really wants to do you again." I say,"I'll try to do another woman. Lisa is only going to get me once a day at the most. I do love her but she is too demanding." I get up from the bed and go out to the living room.

I see my daughter Sabrina and her daughters Beatrice and Charlotte in the living room as I come out. Seeing me still hard after five girls Sabrina stands up and comes to me a kneels in from of me and begins to suck my cock. I guess it is a thank you for giving her an orgasm after supper. Oddly I feel the jism rising as she loops her tongue around the head of it for the umpteenth time and suddenly I cum and she swallows as if I actually had any fluid to give her. The doctor comes over and says,"I'd say this dress rehearsal has been a success." Then as Samantha holds my cock he puts a hypodermic needle into my cock and draws off blood. That hurt. But at least my erection was fading. Samantha was not helping it as she reflexively stroked with with her little hand. As the organ went down the soreness went away and I became more comfortable.

Rita came over and asked me if I was okay and I said yes. She had a whispered discussion with my daughter after which she and her kids left. Rita took me into her room and put me to bed. I fell asleep immediately. I woke up about an hour later to the sounds of lovemaking nearby. Opening my eyes I see my step son, Fred,on top of his mother having sex with her as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Maybe in this apartment it was normal. I went back to sleep.
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