Hade 11 kids

Hello,this happened 2 weeks ago.
I was going to the gym and a saw my aunt on my way to the town,she said "do you wanna come back to mine for dinner"
I said sure I have to call mum and tell her.
She said "okay"
Then when I got in her car I notice that she was wearing just a bra and thongs,I have to say she look so good.
Then I called my mum as we went to my aunts house.
My sister picked up and said hello
I reply and said tell mum I'm going round aunt Nessa for dinner.
She replayed okay and laughs
Then we pulled up out side her house,she then got out the car and she gave me a nice view.
I had a tent in my pants already.
Then we went into the living room and she said do you want a drink, I said water please as it was a heat wave outside.
So she said okay she went to get it so she come in with my water and trips over and the water goes over me it was very cold water.
She told me to get them wet items off.
I said okay.
She said I go a get u some underwear it put on.
I toke my top off and shorts and boxers I had all read took my shoes off.
Then I toke my sock off.
Then she came back with a pair of underwear but it was thongs she laugh and said that all I have.
I said I stay naked if u don't mind
She said I don't mine but u have to let me take care of your boner.
Then I said how you going do that?
She said let me give you a blow job
Then I said okay I've always wanted my aunt to do that.
Then we went into the bedroom
The she tide me to the bed.
Then I said aunt your in some kinky stuff.
she said I know the she wink at me.
The she told me to open my mouth the she put a ball gag on my mouth then she but a blind fold over my eyes,so now I couldn't see.
Then she said I'm going to get something for the shop bye.
As I couldn't speak I want to tell her to untie me but she didn't.
She was gone of 1 hour but when she got back I could feel more people in the room I was scared hopping it was my aunt back.
The she wiped my dick so hard I cried she done it 25 times.
Then she took the gag off and a young girl pussy was on my face I start licking her out she start moaning then I felt a person pussy heat on my head of cock then my aunt yellow out OMG fuck me hard! The some one start suck on my balls at the same time it felt so good then the ball sucker stop and then my aunt to some one to take the blind fold off so I could see who else was in the room the I had to adjusted to the light the I found out that I was licking my sister out when she got off my mum and aunt was fucking me.
all my dreams had come true then I start to cum in side my aunt then I cum in my sister then mum.then she told me that I had to fuck all 3 girls every day before school and after school.

Then they un tied me and then we had dinner we had dinner naked my aunt called us a take away she then gave me the money to go to the door a pay for it.
When the door bell went I took out it was a female she was 5'10 blond hair must been 27 old and 36DD boobs then I opened the door naked I ask her to bring it in and put it on the floor then she notice I was naked she was like wow your cock huge she said it must of been 9" then she grab it and start to it in her mouth then my sister came in for the food she stopped then my sister said don't stop keep going and then she did my sister toke food and the I ask what her name was age said Kate I said my name is Daniel she said okay Daniel do you wanna fuck me I said okay the I slotted it in she told me she was a virgin I almost chocked when she told me. The I told her I was about to cum then she said she not on the pill and I didn't put condom on eager then I was fuming in her she said that I was so good the I told her if she want my number I give it to her then she left that night I got to have sex with my mum and aunt and sister 3 more times each.

Then I ask them if they were on the pill they said no the I thought I could of got 4 girls pregnant in one night OMFG!

A week later my mum came in and told me dad had left her she start crying
I said do you know why and she told me because she I pregnant with my child.
I said I'm sorry mum I feel really bad.
She said you have to sleep in my bed from now and keep fuck me
In my head my dream cam true after mum stop cry I left her their went into my sister room ask her if she was pregnant she said she didn't know I told her to go a take a test use one of mums she keep like 10 in the bathroom.i don't know why but I don't ask so we was walking to the bathroom then she said do you wanna come in and watch as she done it it went to + this I ask what dose this she said you a dad the she said come and clean my pussy I said okay.

Then that night my family had a get to together my sister mum and aunt but my aunt comes last with that food girl I was happy to see her there was a ballon saying I'm pregnant I ask who's ballon is that they said mine all of them I was shocked and happy.
But my sister was only 15 years old my mum was 45 and aunt 36 and Kate was 27.
When the baby's was born all in same week.
In the end we all moved in together I got married to Kate and I had 3 more Kidd with Kate and 2 more with sister and 1 more with mum and aunt so I had 11 kids I'm oldest kid is now 5 I live in big house have sex more thank 4 times a day.
My sister and mum and aunt want to marry me but my wife keeps saying no
Hoping one day to marry them all the end!

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2013-08-17 11:17:27
I guess Iam a lucky guy..I have been having sex with my mother & aunt Brenda. These two sisters are very horny..they take any hard cock in their cunts. I happen to be the only man in our get to serve their needs. Mother has bigger pussy than Brenda's but she knows how to use her strong pussy muscles. Aunt Linda has a juicy watery cunt. I love them deep into their bone...well...into their pussies.

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2013-08-03 13:24:19
the story is not true

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2013-08-01 00:21:52
go to fuckin school you dumb shit

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2013-07-31 04:41:30
How the fuck did you get to 18 and write this pile of poo! Go back to school and start again -

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2013-07-31 04:08:05
what a crock of infantile lying badly written shit, go back to first grade and learn to write then wait ten years until you are old enough for your first fuck

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