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being alone is never fun. Giratina decides to make a friend and finds out that he really loves her.
He was all alone in a world not like their own. He watched as the other world was filled with light, color and happiness. But mostly he liked to watch that one girl, who had fire for hair and was kind to all.

Her eyes were the color of the purest Amethyst, and soft pink lips. He watched her play with her Pokémon and laugh. Her laugh made him smile and lightened his soul. Every day he would watch her in her room, outside, when she bathed. Oh how he wished she could come and be with him.

He closed the looking portal between the worlds and looked at his bleak and muted world. sighing he laid down to rest a bit after watching the girl, she had already gone to sleep and he was already so tired. He fell asleep quickly dreaming about his the girl he called his light.

Her name was Hikari and she was 17 years old, and she had fiery colored hair and deep purple eyes. Her body was curvy with larger than average breasts and a really nice ass. She wore a yellow sundress and was walking out to feed the wild Pokémon. She smiled as some Rattata, Mankey and many other Pokémon gathered around her waiting to eat.

"Hey everybody how are you today?" She asked putting down bowls of food for them.

The Pokémon chowed down and a Starly landed on her shoulder chirping at her. She petted the Starly and feed it some food. Hikari had been living alone in her little house ever since she was little. Her parents died when she was five years old and went to live with her aunt. Hikari’s Aunt was an evil woman and dropped her off at this dusty little shack.

Hikari was so lonely the first few week but she had plenty of rawmen noodles to eat. Her Aunt would come by once a month to drop off supplies but that was about it and the night would scare her. But soon the Pokémon who lived around the area would come and visit her.

When Hikari was old enough she got a job and saved up money to fix up the old shack that was her home. Today her house was a light peach color and the interior of her house was bright and homey feeling. Hikari hated feeling alone and depressed so she tried her best to stay positive.

Even with the Pokémon who kept her company she wish she had a friend with whom she could talk with. When the Pokémon finished eating Hikari picked up all the bowls and took them in her house, leaving the front door open. Humming she started to wash the dished thinking of what she had to get done today.

"Oh! I really don’t have much planned to do today" She told a Shinx who was laying in an open window.

The Shinx gave a lazy reply and jumped out of the window to go sunbath in her back yard. Hikari sighed and finished with the dished. She walked to the bathroom and took a long relaxing shower, all her thoughts started to cloud he mind. The girl tried to stay busy to keep the lonely thoughts out of her mind.

Hikari sat in the shower and started to cry silently as she curled into a ball. A voice drifted into the room but she couldn’t make out the words. Opening the shower curtain Hikari looked to see who was there. No one, she shut off the shower and wrapped in a towel around her body.

Hikari checked all through her house and found a few Pokémon roaming about but that was all. Letting out a sigh of relief she went to her room to get dressed. Walking out of her room she heard the voice again this time much clearer.

"Don’t cry my light" said a deep ghostly voice.

"Who are you? Where are you?" She asked backing up against a wall and looking from side to side.

"I am Giratina and I live in the other dimension of this world"

"Huh? I have never heard of you before"

"I am a creature who is alone in a world opposite of your"

"You’re alone?"


Hikari got up and walked into the middle of her living room searching for the voice. But all she knew was it was Giratina’s voice coming out of thin air, like a ghost. “Giratina, Why are you all alone? Are there not any other like you, where you live?"

"No I am the only one my light, that live in the other dimension"

"Wow I bet that’s even lonelier then how I feel.."

A black swirl started to form right in front of her “It is quite lonely being all by myself. But if I had a friend who could visit me I wouldn’t mind it". The swirl turned into a gaping black hole right in the middle of her living room. “The one who is my Light, would you please visit this lonesome creature"

Hikari new that feeling of deep down despair from being alone and here was the Pokémon who was talking to her who also knew the feeling. Her heart was telling her to go, to go and find a friend who will listen and talk with her. Slowly and cautiously she made her way to the black hole. Hikari lightly touched the middle of the hole and she was sucked in completely and everything went black.

Her eyes flung open as she sat up to look around, but there was something covering her not allowing her to move. The girls mind raced thinking that something had fallen on her. Hikari tried to push at it but she was to week to budge it. Then suddenly the thing moved and a large head was looking down at her.

She screamed and backed away from the creature. It was large and with a grayish body, red and black stripes down its middle. Golden armor like structure around his head and neck, and the creature had black arm like things coming out of his back.

"Hello my light" He said moving his head lower so they could look each other in the eyes. “I’m Giratina, I hope I didn’t scare you too much"

"Y-you’re Giratina?" Hikari stammered.


Hesitant she got up off the ground and slowly walked towards Giratina. She was scared, but she remembered the sadness in that voice when he was talking to her back in her home. Hikari looked around the other world she was transported to and gasped. This worlds color was dark and murky and islands floated all around.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"You are in my world. Where you’re world is full of light and life mine is dark and no life but mine"

Hikari walked to the edge of the floating island that they were on and looked out across the land. This world had a sad beauty about it with the muted reds, greens and grays. The ground under her feet gave out and with a shriek she fell. Giratina shot down from the side of the ledge and flew towards Hikari.

As Giratina neared her his black arms shot out to wrap around her body. “I got you" He said pulling her close to his body. Giratina shot back up towards the floating Island and landed softly on the grey dirt. Hikari still had her eyes closed shivering as Giratina slowly set her down.

"Are you ok my light?" Giratina asked and stroked a black arm up and down her back to quell the shivering.

"Yes I’m fine, and why do you keep calling me light? My name is Hikari" She said putting a hand on the arm thankful for its comfort.

"Hikari? What a lovely name for a girl who made of light"

"You sure are poetic" She smiled at him and he lowered his head down to her eye sight so Hikari didn’t have to keep looking up.

"Is poetic bad?"

"No not at all! I think it’s very cute" she said and smiled at Giratina.

For the rest of the day the two talked about Hikari’s world and about all the Pokémon that lived there. It was very late at night when Giratina made the portal for Hikari to return back to her world with a promise to return and visit him again. When the portal closed Giratina noticed something. There was a small patch of bright green grass.

After several months Hikari still went and visited Giratina and the other world started to become full of life again. Soon after first meeting Giratina he started to touch her with his arms, but it wasn’t sexual just like touching her arm and shoulders sometimes her leg.

Hikari was starting to have feelings for Giratina Strange one usually only ones that should be felt for other humans. But since she is was only with her own kind scarcely she never bonded with anyone. Pokémon have always been with her, always been her friends. But never had she felt like she might be in love with Giratina.

On that night when the portal was opened and she was transported to the other world she would tell him what she was feeling. When she arrived at the other world there was Giratina waiting for her. His head lowered to so he could look her in the eyes and nuzzled her.

"I’ve missed you Hikari!" He said lowering and arm down to stroke her back.

Hikari shivered and laid her hand on another arm touching her shoulder. Laying her head on the arm she looked up at Giratina who looked happily back at her. She looked back lovingly in his eyes then turned her head to kiss the black arm that supported her head.

The arm twitched and Hikari looked up at Giratina who looked hack with confusion. She smiled big and said “I think I have fallen in love with you Giratina". She hugged the arm and the arm stroking her back wrapped around her body lifting the girl up hugged her against his body.

"I have always loved you my light" He said nuzzling her and Hikari kissed his large head.

Giratina set her down and with one of his arms stroked up her leg and slipped under her dress to rub against her pussy. Hikari gasped and jumped back some and looked up at Giratina. He looked confused and a little hurt by her reaction.

"Did I do something bad? I have watched many humans and when they say I love you they end up mating. Is that not how it works?"

"Well yes, bu-"

"Then let me express my love for you the way you’re people do it"

Hikari blushed but she was turned on now after his arm touched her. She looked up at Giratina and then un-did the buttons on her dress then let it slip off her body. Exposing a light peach color lace bra and matching panties. She walked up to the arm she flinched away from and straddled it rubbing her pussy against it.

"Ok, I want to express my love to you to" she said rubbing more making herself wet and making her panties wet.

Giratina’s arm stroked against her pussy and Hikari moaned. Another arm wrapped around her body and he lifted her up and laid back. Giratina set her down so that she saw straddling his lower body. He ripped off her bra and panties exposing creamy white breasts and a cute pink pussy. Hikari laid back and Giratina’s arm spike first started to play with her pussy. Another arm was rubbing and squeezing her breasts. Pleasure was like electricity through her body making her moan and writhe.

He kept teasing her body with the things he learned from watching the humans in the other world.The arm playing with her pussy started to push into her. Hikari gasped as it pushed further into her stretching pussy wide and filled her with pleasure. She pushed against the arm and it slipped deeper into her, then it started to thrusts.

Hikari couldn’t help but cried out and pleasure flooded her body and she came hard her juices dripping out. He kept thrusting into her tight pussy and his other arm kept playing with her wonderful breasts until she came again screaming her pleasure.

Giratina slid out of her and moved her so that she was on her stomach then started to push her back. Soon something large and hard was pressed against her opening, Hikari thought it was another arm and looked back. It wasn’t an arm, It was Giratina’s cock large and hard ready to slide into her.

"You’re so big! Are you going to fit inside me?"

"We shall see"

Hikari lifted her hips up a little and Giratina started to push her back on his cock. He slid in to her pussy with ease from being so wet and stretched from one if his arms. Hikari cried out and her pussy was squeezing his cock. Giratina started to thrust up into her tight hole his cock pounding into her, ravishing her.

"AH! Giratina you feel so great inside me!" She moved her hips in rythem with his forcing him deeper in.

"I have never felt such pleasure as this Hikari!"

He kept pounding the girls pussy feeling it squeeze around her as she screamed out his name. Hikari just orgasm from Giratina’s cock hitting her cervix. She was trembling and still trying to move against his cock trying to get him to cum inside her waiting womb.

Giratina let out a terrifying roar and then Hikari felt it. He was cumming inside her shooting his seed into her womb filling it. Hikari screamed in delight as the hot liquid oozed out of her. Giratina’s black arms gently lifted the girl off his cock and the rest of his seed spilled out of her.

"I love you" she said.

"As I you" he said

Hikari laid down next to him and started to dose off. Giratina laid his arms over her and started to drift off to sleep. The bleak world he once lived in was now full of light and color. All because of his Light.

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