The day after the party...
My eyes opened slowly the next morning, a Sunday morning, almost surprised to find Izzy asleep in my arms, but then I remember last night. Putting my nose to her head and inhaled her scent, this brought a smile to my face. I then realized the reason for waking at this particular moment, a full bladder.

As I move to get up, Izzy stirs, "Hey, morning, loverboy.", she says in a gravelly morning voice. She rolls onto her back. "Where you going? Aren't you going to kiss me before you slink home?", her sarcasm on full display even while she sleeps.

I lean down to kiss her, feeling her arm engulf my head, holding our lips together. Her grip loosened and her arm falls to the bed. Slowly her lips give up their fight, as it appears Izzy has fallen back to sleep. I give my sleeping beauty one last kiss on her cheek, and return to my goal of getting to the bathroom.

Once more, Izzy stirs, rolling onto the opposite side from that she slept the whole night on while in my arms. She pulls her legs to her stomach, into a semi-fetal position. This allows me to get out much more easily. I fish around in the clothes to find my underwear, then grab my shirt and pants, as my bladder incessantly reminds me of the task at hand.

I unlock the door, poke my head out into the hall, and in seeing no one, I stumble across the hall, carrying my clothes, into the bathroom. The morning sun partially lighting my way to the commode, feeling my bladder almost spill before I can sit.

As relief comes, I replay the moments here with Izzy last night. Her standing, hands on the sink, legs spread, her well-lubed ass on display in a private showing for an audience of one. Standing behind her, cock in my hand, the head gliding between her cheeks. Despite her asking me not to, I was thinking about what it would feel like to have my cock in her ass, rather than just the middle finger of my left hand. I also remembered how it felt to have her asshole contracting around my finger as she came. I wanted to know how it felt for her orgasmic contractions to engulf my cock.

Once I finished on the throne, I flushed, then put on my clothes. Getting out of the bathroom, I hear some movement down the hall, I think from the direction of the kitchen. I poke my head back into Izzy's and find her still asleep. My curiosity gets me, and I go exploring.

I get to the stairs leading up into the kitchen. In looking up, I see Elaine in her robe, shuffling around making some coffee. Her robe, while tied up, is open enough to see her well defined cleavage.

"Morning, Elaine.", I walk up the stairs into her kitchen. Upon seeing the whole thing I'm struck with jealousy and kitchen envy.

"Morning, Mitch, did you...", she stops, "everything alright, Mitch?", the look of wonder on my face must be what she wants to know about.

"Your Kitchen... it's abso-fucking-lutely beautiful!", my jaw dropping after each word.

"Why thank you, Mitch. Let me guess... you like to cook, right?"

"Yeah, but I've never cooked in a kitchen like this before."

"Well, anytime, it would be a nice change to let someone else loose in here."

"Well, then, I'll make you a deal...", sneaking over to the counter top, "You let me cook breakfast this morning, and I... won't...", in a whisper, "tell Izzy you were... watching us last night... with my finger..."

"Up her butt? Her poop-shute? Yeah, I know.", she says non-chalantly, looking down at her magazine. "I saw it and it was really hot! I especially liked hearing you ask her if she ate any strawberries." Looking back, "I told John about watching you two while I was fuckin' him. I like cowgirl, by the way." Leaning on the counter from her barstool, "But you know Mitch, you're not very good at blackmail, it usually requires that the person being blackmailed be ashamed of what you have on them. So, I have a counter offer... I let you go to town here in my kitchen this morning, and I will happily tell Izzy myself just how much I enjoyed watching you thrust your finger in and out of her back door.", she seemed quite happy. Looking me in the eye, in soft tones, "And, Mitch, if it means anything, I'd let you do that to me while Izzy watched. I bet even John would want to watch, too." What have I stepped into with this town? This bonfire, while nice and toasty from a distance, close up it might burn the fuck out of those who are not careful. As the cliche goes, can't stand the heat...

Drunk with giddiness, "Only if I could lick you as well."

Leaning into me, "Honey... you can put your tongue anywhere", enunciating each syllable, "you want on my body.", then brushes my cheek with the back side of her fingers. I could feel myself straining at the fabric of my cotton briefs and my jeans.

She breaks my trance, "So, Mitch, what you want to make for breakfast?"

Coming out of my stupor. "Um, yeah, did you have... anything in particular in mind."

"Nope, no particular thoughts. I did buy five dozen eggs, some sausage, and potatos. If you want to rummage around, feel free to make whatever you want. If there is anything you need, just ask. The pantry is over here, you can see the refrigerator, there's a freezer in the room inside the pantry. All the pots and pans are either hanging or inside the cupboards."

"How many people are here?"

"You might need to count the bodies, but I think about thirty."

"OK." I release a heavy sigh. "Let me look around."

It's about 8:00, and I figured that people would be ready to eat in about an hour.

At about 8:45, Izzy walks into the kitchen wearing a white cotton pullover nighty, seeing her like this made my heart skip a beat. Her hair looking like she slept on it, the only styling done was in pulling the nighty over her head. Her eyes not quite open yet. "Mitch, what are you doing?", wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"Don't interrupt the chef mid-creation.", Elaine said.

Pouring herself some coffee. "Do you know what he's making."

"Yeah, food.", Elaine spews sarcasm.

"I can easily see that...", and I wrap my arms around her from behind, kissing her neck, resting my chin on her shoulder.

"I've got five different quiches in the oven, along with some sausage. On the stove, there's hash browns, and I'm about to start the pancakes. Breakfast for thirty should be ready in a half hour."

"Jesus, fuck, Mitch, this is awesome. You never mentioned anything about cooking."

"Just never came up.", I said, as I go to start the pancakes.

"While eating dinner... almost every fucking night this week... and the subject of food... never... once... came up.", she says in very straight forward tones.

"Food is the general topic, cooking and the preparation of food is a specific sub-topic. It's kind of like pool for me, I don't go around telling people I would kick their asses...", Izzy cocks her head at me, "well, unless they're Tony...", shrugging my shoulders, "I don't bring up cooking either. But I will cook for you anytime, just like I will give you my best pool game."

"Do you cook for your family at home?", Izzy asked, repeating the same ground Elaine covered thirty minutes prior.

"Yes, he does, but not all the time.", Izzy looking at Elaine, "...already asked that.", tilting her head slighty.

"What else do you know?", looking at Elaine.

"He's the oldest of three. A junior in school. Julia, his next sister, is kind of slutty but cute, and she knows it. Becks, as he calls her, is the youngest and a great musician at thirteen."

"I mean about his cooking. I know about his family.", Izzy stops her.

"Oh, he likes to find new recipes and use them as a jumping off point. And...", in a jolly voice, "his buttermilk pancakes are from scratch. He didn't even have to tell me... I watched him. He made everything, I just sat here telling him where to look for something."

"You did shred the potatos.", I include. "That was a huge help! There were close to fifty potatoes."

After a moment, she rushes out with, "Oh, and he wants to get a job in a diner to make some money for a car. Does that about cover what you've told me about cooking?", looking at me for confirmation.

"Yup, that's about it.", as the first batch of pancakes come off the griddle.

Izzy walks up behind me, wrapping her arms around me, "You know, I'm sure there are a lot of places that are looking for a good cook. And as far as the car thing goes, I'm sure grandma could arrange for a low interest loan. It would give you a wider range of options for places to work. I know Vito is always looking for someone."

"Thanks for the suggestions and the offer of help with the car. I need to see what the football schedule is going to be like before any job hunting happens.", as I turn the next batch of dollar pancakes. Once they are flipped, I turn in her embrace and give Izzy a proper hug and kiss. Her lips ignites my internal flames.

"You know, Izzy, watching you cum last night...", she gets our attention mid-kiss, my heart flutters at the thought that Elaine is going to tell Izzy, here and now, she was watching us.

"You were watching us? Why you little perv. So, what'd ya think?", leaning on the counter looking at Elaine.

"She already told me that she thought it really hot and she told Coach about it... while fucking him, you said cowgirl, right?"

"Yup!", Elaine beamed.

"Oh, and she added that I could do the same thing to her while you and Coach watched.", I continued, feeling a rush saying this.

"Really? You told the supporting actor, the one who only held his finger in my ass, while I did all the real work! that he gets to put that same finger up your asshole while you make yourself cum.", Izzy stands suddenly, "And all I get is to watch? The budding starlet is rewarded with voyeurism? I think this prima donna is going to have to demand a little more attention here.", Elaine is looking down at her coffee and smirking to beat the band. I really was convinced that Izzy was the prima donna she spoke of, but with Elaine laughing...

"So, Mitch, what do you think the star of the show deserves?", Elaine asks.

"Oh, hey, don't bring me between the two of you.", trying to stay impartial, and concentrate on the pancakes. "Besides, I'm just a supporting actor."

"At least you weren't an extra.", Elaine mockingly consoles me, "Or how about a fluffer?", not really sure what that meant.

Izzy looks at me with an evil smile, "Well," and starts walking slowly around the kitchen island, "this princess knows what she wants.", a smile growing on her face, her eyes moving between Elaine and me. She still is moving slow and but a few steps from Elaine. "You know Mitch," looking directly at me as I'm trying to get this batch of pancakes off before they burn, "I think Elaine knows exactly what I want. And, you know... she's gonna give it to me."

Izzy, now directly in front of Elaine. She picks up her hand, holding it so the palm faced Izzy. Moving it slowly up to her lips, I was torn between watching Izzy and the pancakes that I just put on the griddle. When I look back up, Izzy is making love to Elaine's hand by kissing, biting, licking, and sucking her palm. Their eyes are trapped in the others sight, nothing else was necessary for them.

Gently she moves Elaine's hand and wraps it lovingly around her own breast, forming each finger to match the contours of her innocent white nighty that shrouds her skin. Their eyes never once breaking contact.

When Izzy was satisfied that her matron's hand held her as she wished, she pressed their lips together. I watched as their lips suck the others. Izzy surprises me in just how comfortable she appears, she is kissing Elaine as if they were truly lovers, or at least she's an actress who lives the part.

"Don't you just love watchin' two chicks kiss?", I'm startled to hear the Coach's voice.

But surprised even more with, "We're not chicks, we're women.", coming from both of them.

Waving a hand at them, "You two go back to what you were doing, I think we might have a pancake problem over here... Um... Mitch?", waving his hand in my face, and I look to see many bubbles that popped into holes in all my cakes. I scramble to flip them.

"Now Mitch, that's an old football trick. When you, my quarterback, have the ball and you're winning, you can't be distracted by the opposing team's cheerleaders when they kiss each other on the sidelines. If you do it, you can damned well be sure that I will pull your ass and replace you with someone oblivious to women. You know, someone like Tony. And you don't want that anymore than I do. Do you?"

"No, Coach!", I surprisingly spit out.

"Good. And I think your pancakes are done.", and yes they quite are, and these will be saved for last. While not burnt, they are a shade or three darker than the rest.

The Coach gets himself a cup of coffee, grabbing a couple cakes, and walks back into the other room. After he leaves, both Elaine and Izzy break out in laughter. It distracts me once more to still see Elaine's hand still holding Izzy's breast, and I force myself to look back to the griddle.

"Mitch, I'm sorry, but I think the Coach is right.", Izzy walks around the island.

"About what?", staring intently at my cakes.

"Men do like seeing two women kiss. I only kissed Elaine because I knew it would turn you on, and by your last batch of pancakes", picking two up, handing one to Elaine, and takes a bite of hers, Elaine eating hers, "I would say I got your attention." Her expression changed to amazement, "And, by the fucking way, these are fucking awesome. I've never tasted a pancake like this before, they don't even really need syrup."

"Yeah, Mitch, these are really good.", Elaine says, as Jenny and Lynn come in.

"Morning! Ms. Jones, thanks for the party, it was a lot of fun.", Jen says.

"Why, Jen, you are all very welcome. And please, it's Elaine, we're not at school.

"Thanks, Elaine. Is there by chance any coffee? There are a number of people who could use a little bout now.", Jen asks.

Elaine gets up, "Here, you two can have this, and I will have to make a large pot. It should be about fifteen minutes to brew. How much longer on breakfast, Mitch?"

"Well, the quiche needs to cool for five minutes, but otherwise, it's ready now. I got two more batches of pancakes, but you can start on these.", I give my rundown.

"Wow, there's breakfast, too!", Lynn pipes in, with an excited smile.

"Yeah, Mitch, here, made everything. There's quiche, sausage, hash browns, and pancakes. And the pancakes, while maybe a bit over done,", Izzy smiling at me, "they are fucking amazing."

"Cool! We'll let everyone know, I'm sure they'll appreciate this. Thanks for the coffee.", Jen says before leaving with Lynn.

"Should I get some plates?", Izzy asks.

"You know where they are.", Elaine responds.

Everything was ready, and everyone filed through to fill a plate, and then back outside to eat on the deck. Izzy ducked into her room to get some clothes, dressing in very short cutoffs, and a white cotton wife-beater, going barefoot. Elaine got the Coach, and we all went outside.

The morning was bright, only a few clouds contrasted the clear blue sky, as the sunlight filtered down through the surrounding trees. The water in the pool looked very inviting, with some people sitting dangling their feet over the edge.

I watched Rick and Ella sitting along the edge of the pool, they did seem to have bonded. She seems to be locked in a one-sided conversation, with Rick locked on every single one of her words.

I noticed that Diane pulled Izzy aside, seeming very upset over something. Once she and Izzy finished talking, Diane came over to me whispering in my ear, "Thank you for being my knight and defending my honor last night!", and she hugged me before I could say anything. And just as quick, she walked off, saying one goodbye to everyone. It seemed that everyone knew what was upsetting her, but no one said anything about what it was. A few of her cheerleading friends told her to call them tonight. I watched her walk to her car and talking on her cell. Even from this distance she looked like she was crying, but she also had a determination about her. Her tires spitting rocks as she drove off. Later, when I asked Izzy about it, she told me that Diane asked her not to say anything to anyone, me included, until after the "deed" was done, whatever that meant.

As people finished eating, they were thanking me and complimenting me. It made me feel good to think so many people enjoyed the food. There were maybe ten guys from the team with their girlfriends, plus Jenny, Lynn, Ella, and Rick. We all sat talking for another hour or so, with some jumping in the pool.

I at least tried to learn the names of the guys on the team, I'm sure I will learn the girlfriend's names later. They were all pretty much heading out together, leaving Izzy's friends and Rick. He offered Ella a ride home, and the smile on her face was her answer. She took his hand as they walked to his car. Izzy had a smile on her face, and told Ella she would call her later.

The Coach said he had some phone calls to make and went back inside. Elaine told me she was going to go start doing the dishes, and when I told her I would be up to help shortly, she told me that I did enough already and to just spend some time with Izzy.

Jenny and Lynn were sitting together, Jenny's arm around Lynn, Lynn with both hands caressing Jenny's other hand. The vibe I get from them is that they are friends before lovers. Jenny said, "So we're still on for tomorrow night, right? I mean if you want to check out a couple tattoo artists before your birthday, we should start now."

"Yeah, we should do that. Say I pick you up after I get done at school, 'round two-ish?"

"Great then... Mitch, you know,", Jen stands up, offering her hand to Lynn, "you may have a penis, but it appears that Izzy wants to keep you anyway. So, I'm just going to get over your faults and learn to like you, 'cause I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other. Welcome to Janaeville.", extending her hand.

In taking her hand, "It was nice to meet you both as well. I hope we see each other soon."

We exchange our goodbyes, and they're off. When they get to their car, they exchange a few kisses, I try to look away.

Izzy turns to me, wraps her arms around me, then leans her head on my shoulder. "Wanna go take a nap with me? I could use some sleep in your arms, and just so you know, I mean sleep literally, not metaphorically. I am tired."

"Sure, sounds wonderful. You wanna stay out here? Or go inside?", I ask.

"Actually, here does sound nice.", and she leads me over to a padded chaise lounger. I figure that I should call my parents and let them know I was spending the afternoon and maybe part of the evening with Izzy.

We laid next to each other not saying a word. After maybe five minutes of silence, Izzy pulls at the far side of my chin with her index finger, pulling my face to hers. Our lips touch, and still it feels like it felt that first night in the parking lot of Jackson's. We snuggle closer to each other, and drift off in reverie in each others arms.

When we woke several hours later, the sun had crossed the sky to the other side, it's shimmering filtered light now falling in the opposite direction than this morning. Once again, Izzy pulls me in for another kiss. "I will never stop enjoying your kisses, Mitch.", smiling up at me. "I once heard something about compatibility and the taste of someone's kiss. All I can say is I love how you taste, and don't want to go a day without your lips pressed to mine." She steals another kiss, and holds my lips as her willing prisoners for many moments.

"You up for a swim?", I ask, her head nuzzling my shoulder.

"Sure, as long as you're here with me.", hugging me closer. As we get up, something falls on the cushion. Izzy picks it up, looks at it, then hands it to me. "Seems addressed to you."

She hands me a sealed card with my name on the outside. I look at it and just wonder, not thinking to open it. Many thoughts race through my rattled brain. "It ain't gonna read itself.", Izzy prods. So with excited hesitation, I open it ripping the flaps edge.

"Mitch, Izzy is probably sitting next to you as you read, and I can tell you that from how she talks about you, that she cares deeply about you. I also know that she is a very sensuous woman who wants nothing more than to share herself with a lover. The whole of her, not just her body. It means sharing her hopes and dreams, and some of these dreams include fantasies, and Izzy has expressed a deep hope that you could accept that while she may be touching someone else's body, man or woman, it is you who she wants to build this bond of trust with, to share her essential sensuality, to share herself with you."

It continues, "I hope you will accept our invitation to join us for an evening to share some thoughts and fantasies of our sensuality. Please consider this an open invitation to join us, the both of you, in our home."

It was signed, "Elaine and John", each name in very different hands.

Wow, this is going to happen. Could I possibly grant this to Izzy? I already know it turns me on to watch her with another woman, or at least Elaine, isn't that a given for most guys? But could I... do I want to see her touch... and be touched by another man. I look in her eyes, imagine her lips kissing another man and other more intimate acts. This particular other man is the Coach... John... Elaine's husband.

I pull her close to me, and softly press my lips to hers, each moment the energy intensifies, until she breaks. "Wow that must have been some letter.", looking in my eye with a smile.

"Yeah... Elaine and Coach... John, have invited us... to spend an evening with... them.", I said in a voice almost silent.

"You... don't sound so happy?", her question caught me off guard.

"I... think...", restarting my thought. "I loved watching... you and Elaine kiss this morning. I just...", trying to clear my throat.

"Just...?", and she fills in my blanks, "you... don't think you want to see... me... with John. Is that it?", pausing to await my reply.

"Yeah... No... I mean, I don't know."

"How about we think along a different train of thought. Have you ever masturbated to a porn?", her arms draped over my shoulders, hands held behind my neck.

"Um, can I plead the fifth on the grounds that I would be lying to say no..."

She chuckles, "And those girls in the porn, do you secretly wish them to be your slutty girlfriend? If even for just a moment.", she tries some logical argument to prove her point.

I hem and haw before I stumble out my confession, "Yeah, well, but that's different."

"How? How is it?", she retorts.

"Well, I don't want to see you in a porn.", while an honest admission, I was still beating around the bush.

"We're on the same page there. But I do have some fantasies of my own... Of being a little slutty... Your little slut." Straddling my lap, her head just above mine, she kisses my lips with her inner slut, her tongue doing erotic tricks she has not shared before. "And my job as your little slut is to fulfill your fantasies. If those fantasies include my kissing another woman, I will do it for you. If it means me licking her cunt, her ass, then I will do those things for you, too.", kissing me once more. "At the same time, I do enjoy sex with both men and women. And don't forget... your little slut has desires. I would love for you to watch me pleasure another man's cock... with my hands... my mouth... him cumming wherever you want."

"OK, well... um, so does... my little slut", holding her tight, my pulse pounding throughout my entire body, "want to play... tonight?"

"How about now?", pushing me back down on the lounger, and ferociously devouring my lips, her hands undoing the buttons on my shirt. As she gets more of the buttons released, her lips offer kisses to my chest, stopping momentarily to playfully bite my nipples, before descending further down.

My shirt splayed fully open, she unfastens my belt, her tongue poking into my belly button. The button on my pants lost it's fight as Izzy now drops my zipper. Forcefully pulling my jeans down, exposing my cotten briefs to the open air. Her lips now kissing my cloaked cock, the outline of which she traces with her fingers. Taking my concealed head between her lips, her hands brush my balls, lightly grasping them through my underwear.

She sits suddenly, clutching at her breasts, I can see her excited nipples pushing at the fabric of her unfeminine cotton wife beater t-shirt with the number '53' on it. Looking at me, she pinches at her nipples. Just as quicky, she pulls her shirt completely from her body, her nude torso a heavenly sight, her breasts on display above me. As I reach up to touch them, she takes my hands and forces them up over my head. With her leaning forward like this, her proud bosom dangles over my face just out of reach of my inflamed mouth. Her eyes watching my face, as she begins to hammer and knock my face with each teat in turn, boxing my face with left and right jabs. I try unsuccessfully to trap a nipple with my lips.

Impetuously, she sits, her hands releasing mine, and moving immediately to her ample bust. Interchangably, she oscillates between squeezing her breasts and pinching at her nipples. Pulling on them, she lifts them giving me a view of their underside. They fall to her chest, as she releases them from her grip, swaying back and forth as gravity exerts it natural forces.

Returning her attentions back to my sword, she unsheaths it, and wraps her hand around as it springs free from it bonds. She immediately impales her mouth on my unrelenting cock. Her head bobbing repeatedly up and down. Her moist lips gliding over the surface of my shaft, she occasionally taking everything I had, causing herself to gag and cough, but undeterred she returns her mouth to my member.

After several minutes, she braces herself with both her hands to either side of my body, her head pushing down to only rise again. Getting a dirty impulse, I take hold of her head, and raise my hips, softly forcing my penis into her warm, waiting mouth. Seeing no resistance from my slutty harlot, I repeatedly offer my hard erection to her charged, eager mouth.

Soon, my hips rhythmically drive my love muscle into her exhilarating mouth. Within minutes my cum begins to fill her up, my hips bending as each ejaculation erupts from the tip of my cock. I could even hear my beautiful concubine swallow my seed down her throat, which causes further pleasures in my brain.

Once I had finished cumming, my little slut stands, and removes her cutoff jeans revealing that there was nothing other than those cutoffs that guarded her private parts from the prying eyes of the outside world. I relish the sight of her delicate, silky hairs that cover her pussy.

She grasps my pants and underwear, and pulls them from me. I lift my legs to ease the process. She walks behind me, lifting my head, inviting me to sit, as she removes the last of my clothes. Taking my hand, she leads me to the pools edge, and steps in, descending into the cool, crisp confines. Continuing into the water, deeper and deeper until just our heads remain above.

Turning to me, she takes me in her arms and decisively kisses my lips. For several minutes, we stand nude in the Jones' pool, our lips engaged in many excited embraces. Even in the cool depths of the water, I could feel myself begin to rise.

We both are startled to hear, "Mind if we join you?", shattering our shared silence. It was Elaine, carrying a tray of what looks to be bloody mary's, John following close behind. In turning my back from them, they stand naked before us. The sight of Elaine's generous gifts causes me to stand gawking at her in awe, remembering the first time I set eyes on her and all it took to not stare.

"Yes, please, we'd love some company.", Izzy says with no hesitation. As Elaine descends into the water, just as she came to eye level, her brunette patch of pubic hair caught my eye, thinking that maybe I could explore her as she told me this morning. My loyalty to Izzy says, "No", but my groin says otherwise.

Hold the horses, isn't it this false sense of loyalty that needs to be rejected? And I don't think this loyalty comes from the groin either. Is sex so taboo that it gets rejected by polite society, some almost limiting it to procreation. Or is sex like food, fine wine, beer, or any other sensual pleasure, something savored in it's proportions. My brain obviously firing on all synapses.

And if what Izzy said earlier about her desires, then I should admit that I want to plant my tongue in Elaine's fertile fields, plowing and tending her crops, awaiting their harvest.

In that instant, I spoke the words that I hoped would express my thoughts. "Coach... John, did you know that your wife is an angel?" The girls laughed.

Izzy saying, "Down, boy!"

"Yeah, I notice sometimes. She has a way of reminding me."

I try to reclaim some ground with, "At the same time, she pales by comparison to my vision of Izzy walking into the kitchen this morning. I think I might like clothes sometimes, especially those particular clothes."

Izzy laughs, "Or maybe you're still uncomfortable being naked in the company of more than one other person. Here, maybe if I grab your cock it will help you get used to being naked." And she reaches for me. My first instinct was to pull away.

Elaine states, "Izzy, you need to go slow, some people need time to adjust to how it feels. Come on, lets get in the Jacuzzi, and we can stay warm while we talk and get to know each other." She is leading the way to the pool within a pool, drinks resting on a floating drink tray.

As I climb over the wall separating the two pools, I realize that I am flying at half mast, I stumble and almost fall off the seat that lines the interior of the oval Jacuzzi, my face crashing into the water. I immediately stand, water level just below my knees, wiping the water from my face.

Elaine comes close, whispering in my ear, "The way the water runs off your cock, it looks like you're peeing in my pool. Kinda cute if you ask me.", I turn several shades of red. And in a louder voice, "You guys sit at that ends, and John and I will sit here." Handing me a drink, "You can put it in the cup holders around the edges of the pool."

We all fall into our given locations, Izzy is in my left arm. I take a sip of the drink, and yes it is bloody mary-like, with maybe half being vodka of the 24 ounce tumbler.

Elaine starts, "Now Mitch, as you are the newbie here, I say this to you. What happens here stays here! Obviously there are some discrete exceptions, such as Izzy telling you about her experiences with us, but I'm sure you also respect Izzy enough to not go around repeating anything she told you. It's really the only way that we can maintain a public face, there are still people in this town who believe in maintaining old sexual taboos. If you look around, you see trees for at least a mile in every direction, so we have the privacy we need, plus there are infra-red motion detectors to help maintain that privacy." Looking at me with expectant eyes.

"Yeah, sure.", as I look at each of them in turn. Stammering out, "I... Izzy has only... told me she spent the night... with the two of you. She... hasn't told me... any details... other than her reasons for... approaching you."

"And do you want to keep it that way Izzy?", Elaine questions.

"Has Mitch asked for any details?", John following.

"No,", looking at me, smiling, "no questions." Sweeping her left hand over my cheek, "But if there's anything you want to know, I have no problem talking about it. Maybe a game of twenty questions, if you want.", then looking at her second parents.

"I don't care if you ask a hundred questions, Mitch. The point is to help you relax, and just be yourself. Being naked doesn't always have to lead to sex, but sessions like this may actually do more good than years of therapy for the right person. It saved our marriage.", Elaine confessed.

"You see Mitch, I cheated on Elaine a long time ago. While I was cheating, I felt major guilt, but I was so into my twenty year old fling that I didn't want to stop. When it was over, I knew that I would never see her again, and somehow that made the sex pointless. That made my guilt worse. I felt so bad that I confessed to Elaine, the one who I would see again, that same night.", John started.

"She didn't speak to me for days, maybe even more than a week. The next time she did talk, she sat me down and made some confessions of her own. She hadn't cheated or anything, but she realized that our sex life had slowed down in quantity and quality. She told me that she was fifty percent responsible, and would do her part to correct the problem as long as I too handled my fifty. She also made some comment like 'variety being the spice of life', and how she had fantasies of having an affair, but still admitted she was very much in love with me, just as I was still madly in love with her. She said she realized then that maybe we could fix both our marriage and our sex life by sharing an open relationship."

"We went at this with logic,", Elaine started, "deciding to see if we could find another couple who wouldn't mind holding our hands and allow us to explore this new aspect of our relationship. Shortly after we met Izzy's parents. They helped us figure out what our boundaries were. As John mentioned, his affair, once it ended, was meaningless to him because he would never see her again. It was then that Rob and Helen's... Izzy's parents, suggestion to limit our open marriage to including someone in our sex lives actually made sense... at least for us it did."

"So... then... last week when you... said he brings home some nice figures... you meant that John goes out and picks up women... and brings them home to you, and you... share her?", I hesitantly inquire.

"Something like that. I've tried to go out and pick up women, but they mostly were lesbians who only wanted to sleep with me. I would bring them home if they were still interested in letting him watch, but there is only so many times that anyone can be expected to just masturbate while watching their wive's have sex with a devout lesbian. Besides, I kind of like watching another woman give John head."

"Is it just women? Or do you pick up couples? Other guys?", another line of questions.

"Couples, yes, guys, no. Guys tended to be like the lesbians and only wanted John to watch, even after explaining to them that John has no interest in other guys, they were kind of freaked that both of them would be touching me at the same time. There were also a couple of guys who insisted on giving John head, but only one of them actually tried, that freaked John out.", and she laughed, John giving her a mean look. "Couples are generally cool with swapping wives, and possibly some lesbian stuff. In case you missed it, I kinda like women, too."

"Does she ever! And I still get turned on watching Elaine tongue-fuck another woman.", John offered, Elaine smiling up at him. "Mitch, how bout a question or two for you?"

Feeling a bit vulnerable, "Sure?"

"Who was the last person you kissed before Izzy? And I mean a romantic kiss, not a peck on your mom's cheek.", John pressed.

Looking at Izzy as if to apologize, "That would... be Connie... my dad's last secretary. It was at his going away party. She got me drunk, and then took me into her office. I only remember her kisses."

"How old was she?", Izzy injected.

"I'm guessing... but 32, and she had a boyfriend, maybe a fiance. I attribute my fuzziness to Pete's Wicked Ale. She kept giving them to me."

"Anything more than kissing happen?", Elaine questions.

"Well, once she took me into her office and closed the door, my drunk brain kind of blew a circuit, and I don't really remember what happened. When I woke the next morning, I found my underwear was on inside-out and backwards, and that was after removing my pants. She gave me her email address, and asked me to write. But I haven't yet."

"Sounds like you had fun. Maybe I could write to her for you." Izzy challenged me, whispering, "Maybe we could invite her here for some weekend. Just the three of us. Or did you say she had a boyfriend?" She kisses me with lust on her lips.

"Um... yeah, let's talk... about it... and you can... write her... on the condition that I get to read it before you send it. I don't wanna mess with dad's job.", recovering slowly. "If only I could remember more. Every time I saw her, she would give me a hug, the kind that were a bit lingering. So I know I was a willing participant when I got drunk."

"How old were you when you lost your virginity? And what was her name?", Izzy follows.

"That would be Shelley. She was sixteen, girlfriend of the captain of the football team, and I was fifteen, a freshman. But if there is a time requirement for being inside, then maybe Shelley didn't take it because I don't think I lasted more than thirty seconds, forty-five max."

"Did she give you a second chance?", Izzy asked.

"No, it was kind of a random occurance. I was in the shower in the boys lockerroom and she walked in... You sure you want me to tell you this?" Izzy nodded with smile on her face, I thought I heard something from Elaine and John, but I was too focused on Izzy to hear the words. "For some reason she noticed my erection well before I did. She called me over, dangling her panties from her outstretched left hand. When I got there she tossed me a towel, then got on her knees, saying 'for lubrication', and pulsed her mouth several times over me. She then turned, bent over, and hiked her skirt, spreading to get a better view of her pussy. I then automatically stepped up and entered her. I felt weird cumming so quick. She was very pissed, and stomped off. I don't think we ever said anything else to each other."

Izzy laughed, "I think we've found a solution to that problem.", running her hand over my cheek, bringing a smile and blush to my face. "Practice makes perfect, and helps build stamina."

"So, it would appear that Mitch has a thing for older women. Tell me Mitch, who was the first woman you met here in Janaeville that you fantasized about?", Elaine posed an easy question with a difficult answer.

"Well... um...", I try to start.

"Sounds like it was you, Elaine. I have wondered just how many guys in school have fantasized over Elaine.", Izzy kisses my cheek and smiles. I'm sure that everyone could see my face change several shades of red.

"If the number of guys that sign up for her bookkeeping class is any indication, then that would be a lot. I kind of like havin' a milf-wife, or would this be a cougar-wife?" John offers.

"Just a milf, I'd actually have to fuck one to become a cougar." Elaine says.

"How about the young women John brings home? I don't think cougar applies to fucking only young men." Izzy points out.

"OK it's both! Anyway, It's OK, Mitch, I thought you were real cute playin' along by bringin' me those flowers. For the record, no other student has done that. Very sweet. Oh, and Rose? She don't know what she's talkin' about." Sitting up, her hands cupping her breasts holding them out of the water. "This is all me."

My heart skipped a beat to see her like this. John was sitting behind her, smiling at me. "They are beautiful. I've always been attracted to women with big breasts, especially my teachers.", I complimented.

"How about Diane? She's pretty well endowed. Why not her?", Coach asks.

"Hum, I don't know. Maybe there also needs to be a brain attached as well. Besides, Izzy was standing next to her the first time I saw them. They were coming out of Elaine's office. The smile Izzy gave me was unlike anything any stranger ever offered me before.", and I turn to smile at Izzy.

I continued, "So, can I ask you some questions?", looking Izzy in the eye.

"Sure, what you want to know.", she replies.

"You mentioned... you gave your virginity away at sixteen, plus you've implied you have been with other...", I hesitate.

"Women? You want to know if I've had sex with a woman." Looking her in the eye, nodding my head. "OK... so besides Elaine, there were... two others. The first, her name is Janine. She's five years older than I am, and was home from college over Christmas break. She was giving me a ride home from a party, when she pulled off the road. After parking, she told me that she thought I was pretty, and she wanted to kiss me. We spent the next hour in her car, her asking me to do things, and generally exploring each others bodies. As we tried to leave, the windows had frozen over, so we spent ten more minutes kissing and talking while the defrosters melted the ice."

"When did this happen?"

"A little more than two and a half years ago.", we both paused for several moments.

"Who was the other woman?", curious to know who else.

"I think she should tell you, as she may not want anyone to know. But that being said, we were together on three occasions. Each time just for the physical contact, as both of us were actually interested in boys. Besides, she's an excellent kisser.", adding a smile to her sentence.

I look over to see John and Elaine kissing, and silently point it out to Izzy. Whispering in my ear, "They look like they're a living recreation of Rodin's 'Kiss'." Giving her a quizzical look. "I'm sure you've seen it. I'll show you later. Let's just watch."

In our silence, I watch as Elaine is being held by John, his right hand on her hip, her left arm wrapping his neck, their eyes closed, and their lips entwined.

Elaine shifts to sit in his lap, their kisses still persisting. John threads his arm just under her left leg, and lifts it out of the water. He breaks their kiss, their eyes locking, and the smile of two lovers on their faces.

Lifting her further out of the water, she swings her free leg to the other side of John, and he returns her to the water with equal fluidity of motion. Her round ass in the water resting on his knees. Their lips have returned to their dance.

Sharing this kiss for several minutes, Elaine's head shifting sides a few times. With a loud crashing wave, Elaine is hoisted out of the water by John's Herculean hands wrapping her ass. Still on her knees, her arms wrap his head, thrusting her shoulder blades into prominence. While not in our view, it was obvious that her breasts were enclosing around John's face. Equally obvious was her shifting to her right and offering her charms to his lips.

John's hands seem to disappear under Elaine, and again, the water is disturbed by Elaine's body being lifted from the artificially warmed liquid, landing on her feet, John's hands pulling her love nest to his lips.

Her hips slowly increase their gyrations against his face, almost as if his tongue were a phallus she was fucking. They moved up and down, they moved in circles, any way Elaine could move her hips, she did.

Without warning, John broke out of the water to lay upon the deck. Elaine, walking up on the deck, only to kneel placing her cunt just over his mouth. His hands wrapped her legs both to pull her closer and to keep her in one spot.

As she leaned forward, the view of his tongue parting her lips while thrusting into her as well came to our sight. It seemed as though his tongue was long enough to disappear deep inside her.

While it escaped my attention how or when it got there, Izzy removing her hand from my cock distracted me enough for me to watch her get up, stand on the seat in the water, and then sit on the deck just behind me, her legs to either side of me.

Returning to watch John licking Elaine, John's erection obscuring my view now and then. It was then I felt Izzy rocking her hips against the back of my head, her hand pulling on my forehead to keep the pressure even.

Having been lost in the thought of Izzy rubbing her cunt against my head, I missed exactly when Elaine shifted to fucking her beau in her favorite position. He arms fanned out to the sides, elbows bending to presumably give her hands access to her breasts. Her hips spun in circles, as his cock swirled deep inside her.

The frenzied pace of everyone's fucking was causing my cock to expand beyond limits I though possible. Wrapping my hand, I joined the frenzy.

Almost as if dominos falling, Elaine orgasmed, followed by John, then Izzy, and last, mine. I'm almost certain that what pushed me over the edge was the warm wet sensation of Izzy ejaculating in my hair. I'm not sure just how long this took, but when my eyes finally focused, John was sitting in the pool with Elaine in his arms, and Izzy asking, "Are you alright?", not able to respond yet, my eyes caught the sight of my cum drifting through the water. My mind was drifting in a similar fashion. "Mitch?", Izzy asks once more.

"Yeah, I'm back... on the planet. Welcome home to Earth." Taking a deep breath, "Wow, that... was something different."

Izzy back at my side, we softly kiss for maybe fifteen seconds.

"So, if you're hungry, we have some left over pasta, bolognese, and salad?", Elaine offers. Izzy and I look at each other, and agreed we're hungry.

Izzy and I grab our clothes from the other side of the pool, and we all head up to eat. John turning to me saying, "Hey, don't worry about cumming in my pool. The filters should have it cleaned by morning." Which was followed by feminine laughter as well as several shades of red on my face.

We ate dinner, and I was very impressed by Elaine's bolognese. As we all were saying our goodbyes, John warned me, "Now look, Mitch, just because you watched me fuck Elaine, that don't mean you ain't gonna have to work hard to be my quarterback, maybe even harder. You earn your place on my team by how well you do on the field. Got that?"

"Yes, Coach!" I smile as I take his proffered hand. We thank them both for a wonderful bunch of parties, exchanging hugs, Izzy and I head home to our solitary beds.

As we share one last kiss for the night, "So, lunch tomorrow at school?"

"I'll make something we can share in the morning. I gotta be there by nine, and I think we break around noon for lunch."

"Sounds wonderful.", and she kisses me on the cheek.

"Oh, if you see Ralphie, tell him thanks."

"For what?", she asks with a puzzled look.

"If he hadn't needed that extra tutoring last Tuesday, I never would have had the most amazing week of my life."

She smiles and laughs at the realization of what I meant.

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