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It was Friday night at 7:30 when Max's car drove up to my house. I was dressed in the sexiest lingerie I could find at Victoria's Secret, a red lace bra, red lace panties, red lace long socks and a sheer cover up. I walked up to the Escalade and sat on Max's lap. I could feel that there was already a huge bulge in his pants, so I rubbed my ass up against it as he started to make out with me and pinching my nipples.
"Wow there, Kiara! We haven't even gotten to the house yet and you're already horny?" Finn said smiling looking at us through the rear view mirror.
I blushed and laughed. I had never been to their house before. They all shared a house and since they're all loaded, I heard it was pretty big. I had a big house too, but I doubt it would compare to what I was about to see.
We pulled into a circle driveway.
"This is where the magic is gonna happen!" Matthew laughed and winked at me.
Finn opened the big double doors. The house was magnificent. It had an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, 9 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 2 kitchens, a man cave and last, but not least, a sex room.
The 3 horny boys led me to the living room closest to the sex room.
"What do you wanna watch?" Max asked the other two boys.
"Let's show her our collection!!" Finn said
Max opened a drawer and there were TONS of hardcore porn videos. He picked one, laughed and put it in the DVD player.
It started out with a woman tied up in a bar and guys coming up to her, one by one, and fucking her senseless.
"You like that, slut?" Matthew asked, since he could see my wet stain through my laced panties.
"Yes master!" I said.
Max smiled and started to rub my already dripping wet pussy. Without saying a word, Finn took off my sheer cover up, bra and panties exposing my hard nipples. They all started roughly slapping my tits and laughing together. Matthew grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder, and led the way to the sex room.
There were many toys there, vibrators, ropes, chains, dildos, nipple clamps and much, much more. One side of the room was light and inviting and the other side was dark and scary looking.
"You wanna be our fuck toy again?" Max asked.
It was a rhetorical question because even if I had said no, momentarily I would be fucked. Finn started to get a dildo and fuck my juicy pussy with it. It hurt soooo good.
"Does that feel good, slave?" Matthew asked rubbing my clit.
When they stopped rubbing my clit, their pants were already down to their ankles.
"Suck it, bitch and don't stop until I cum in your mouth." Finn demanded.
I opened my mouth taking in his cock inch by inch. I knew he loved to see me struggle to fit it all in my mouth. Max and Matthew started slapping my ass and tits with their giant cocks. It turned me red, but it turned me on much, much more. I could feel Finns load spurting on my tongue and he made me swallow it, all of it.
Without any warning, Finn suddenly started to fuck my pussy making it even wetter. Max was next to get a blow job. He forcefully stuck it in my mouth, grabbed my hair and started rhythmically fucking my mouth. He now came much faster all over my face, and told me to leave it there.
"My turn." Matthew said evilly.
His cock always hurts the most since he's about 10 inches. He's very rough with me and I love it. He took my hair and thrusts my head back and forth, while he thrusts his hips back and forth. I could hear his balls hitting my lips and he finally came in my mouth and made me swallow every last drop.
"I call ass!" Matthew says as if I'm a toy.
Max agrees but says he's next. Matthew shoved his huge throbbing cock into my tight asshole. I can barely take it and am screaming to the top of my lungs. I start to give Max a blow job with my slutty mouth. He slaps my face and tells me not to stop unless he gives me his permission. Unfortunately, I stopped because I was about to throw up.
"HAHAHAHAHH big mistake." Max chuckled.
He opened the drawer and got out rope, nipple clamps and a gag. The other boys stopped fucking me, so he could do what he had to do. He tied me up to the pool table that was in there and put a clamp on each of my nipples. I was screaming so loud that he had to put a gag in my mouth.
It was very strange to me that Max could be so rough with me. He was the one that I know loved me, but maybe it was revenge for me not wanting to have sex when we were dating in high school. Whatever it was, I liked it. Then, he took the clamps off my nipples.
Matthew pulled out whipped cream and started spraying it on my pussy and tits. Finn started greedily licking it off and nibbling on my nipples when I tried to scream.
"Enough of this shit, let's go swimming." Matthew said.
"Yeah, the slut will love the pool." Finn said
They untied me and once again, I was flung over Matthews shoulder. They walked naked through the house and threw me in the pool as they went to the hot tub. It was freezing cold and I asked if I could join them.
"You can under one condition!" Max replied.
They told me to crawl over there, so I did, I sat on Finn's lap and he started to slap my tits. They all started to touch me once again and told me to relax. Finn put his hand into a fist and started putting it in my mouth.
"You're such a horny slut, that needs to be taught a lesson." Matthew said sternly.
They tied me up on the table near the pool and got the hose. Max started to spray me as I coughed. They started spraying my tits on full blast until I started to cry, even though I was secretly enjoying this.
"Awwwwwe, baby, what's the matter?" Finn smirked.
I jut flashed him a sexy smile and let the water hit my body.
"This slut is enjoying it!" Max yelled.
Let's go upstairs and do something she won't enjoy!"
They led me upstairs
and took a cage to a living room. Finn put me on a leash and right when they were about to lock me in a cage, the doorbell rang.
"Pizza's here! We'll go get it." Max said to me.
I was being walked downstairs completely naked and on a leash I was a dirty, dirty slut, I was their dirty, dirty slut. He opened the door and immediately the delivery boy saw me.
"Hey, keep your eyes off my girl." Finn exploded.
Finn payed and tipped the delivery guy and shut the door. We went back upstairs and ate pizza.
"I think I'll like it here." I thought to myself.

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2013-07-31 18:35:53
I agree with the anon reader. He said just what I was gonna say


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2013-07-31 09:45:23
Not a bad story, but the flow between scenes and the different action is a bit choppy. Slow down a bit. Draw on some of your own personal experiences to describe a certain event. For example, they put the nipple clamps on her and thentook them right off again. A single line added could help the flow of the story. The way this story is right now, it would make a good outline for a killer story. Just add a bit more detail.
Check out the story called Two Girls and a Birthday. I just read it and it was pretty good. The author has a nice writing style that makes the story very understndable. Don't give up, you show a lot of promise as an erotic writer. 7/10

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