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Sam finds himself in a place he never thought he would be, or was he supposed to be there all along? Please give feedback whether or not to continue this story, thank you, and enjoy!
Throughout high school I've been known as the quiet, friendly, popular, athletic, cute, outgoing guy. I'm Bryce by the way. I'm a Junior at Yopey Mountain High in Colorado. Right now it's December 3rd and that means conditioning for baseball is starting soon. I'm the starting pitcher for our Varsity team and I have been since my freshman year. Conditioning during the winter sucks, mostly because it's 90 percent running outside up and down the mountains of this "wonderful" state. Sometimes we lift in our schools weight room but it's mostly up to us to train on our own during the offseason, team conditioning is just for a tune up I guess. I'm very fit and well in shape, I'm about 6'6" and a half, well toned abs and my cardio is off the charts. I'd have to say I'm pretty good looking without my ego taking over. I've never been the type of guy to just fuck every girl I see even though a majority of the time that opportunity is there. My best friend Casey on the other hand, he's our starting catcher, and just to give you an idea, this kid isn't near as attractive as I am but this kid gets high quality pussy on a daily basis. Sometimes I honestly don't know how because the girls I see him with sometimes could clearly be pornstars or models, and don't forget we're 17 almost 18, that's a pretty big accomplishment. But as I said, that's not what I'm about. Since freshman year I've had two or so girlfriends each lasting maybe 5 or 6 months, yeah we fucked regularly and the pussy was great, but I never really had that connection with any of them.

Let me rewind to freshman year, I walked into school the first day and went about it like any student would, got my schedule, found my friends and headed to my class rooms. As soon as I walk in I spot this beautiful girl, the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life, I couldn't believe she was a freshman, and I didn't believe it at first. It just so happens we got to pick our seats so I decided I'd be a stud and sit next to her...

"Hi I'm Sam, nice to meet you."

"Hey, I'm Nicole."

This girl was absolutely stunning, as a freshman she was probably close to 5'2" long blonde hair, C cup tits, extremely fit and in shape, perfect tight ass that sat on her backside amazingly, crystal blue eyes, and legs to die for.

Freshman year we talked but as the year went on the talking kind of stopped and we parted ways as I was a baseball player and busy with studying and she was a runner on the track team and a cross country prospect. So freshman year ended sort of where it started, really not much connection between us at all, but I know she didn't forget me, and I certainly didn't forget her. Freshman year ended and my first baseball season as a varsity pitcher was a success and I earned a 4.0 as expected by my parents, I hadn't heard much about Nicole but I'm sure her school turn out was quite close to mine.

Sophomore year started and at the beginning it was quite boring because of how easy my classes were, but the fun part was that I had 6 out of 7 classes with Nicole. Still not talking as much as I wanted to, I decided to change that. I walked over to her desk one day, she was wearing a tight line green v neck that showed her perfectly round, soft tits just the right amount, a pair of white denim booty shorts and sperry's. I sat down and asked her why we stopped talking freshman year...she responded "I don't know, maybe if you weren't such a prick, we wouldn't have."

Now clearly I didn't do anything to disrespect her and I've always been known as the nice guy, so I was really caught off guard by this one. Sophomore year continued with me focusing on baseball more and more as more college scouts began to evaluate me. Nicole and I talked occasionally, but not much, my class time normally just consisted of me staring at her runners ass every time she got up and walked around the room. Sophomore year concluded close to the same as the previous and I couldn't wait to see what the future held. So let me fast forward back to present time.

The first couple months of this year have gone by smoothly, though I must say they've been a little bit more challenging than the first two. Like I said, our team is in the middle of conditioning and this whole week consists of mountain runs which is each day we run for 15 miles across the stupid fucking mountain ranges. It blows cock. The first four days were okay and we managed to get through them, but by the fifth day we were completely worn out and I don't think anyone was looking forward to today, but we all had a little bit of excitement in the back of our heads as we knew the weekend approached and we could do whatever we wanted. So with that in my mind I went to the locker room and got suited up, black under armour sweatpants, my black north face and a cool heat creating hat my mom got me. (cool right) and of course gloves and my air maxes of course.

So I headed out to the field where our team meets and we started our early morning ten miles before school. As we got to about mile five we decided to pace ourselves and slow down. I reached the top of the first mountain and I stood there for a second before feeling a tap on my shoulder. I turned around thinking it was Casey or someone but I was completely shocked when I looked down and I'm looking into the face of Nicole, since I tower over this girl by almost a foot and a half I took a second take to make sure it was her. She was wearing a tight light blue runners jacket, cute fleece mittens, a headband to hold her hair back, pink Nike free runs, and the tightest spandex running pants I have ever seen in my life. When I looked her up and down I swear my cock almost shot out of my sweatpants and hit her in the stomach. But it didn't. But it was hard as a rock at its complete 8 inches and I'm pretty sure pre cum was dribbling down the front of my boxers.

She opened her mouth to speak..."Well, are you just going to stare at me or are you going to run with me?"

As I stood there, still in shock she looked down and saw my cock 8 inches out parallel to the ground and she said.

"Whoa, never mind, it seems like we have a different problem to take care of, come on, I know just the trick."

She grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me into the woods, my eyes glued to her sexy little ass as she walked in front of me. We got into the depths of the trees and she pushed me against the trunk of one, with her hands on her hips, and my cock still hard as the tree behind me, she knelt down, and I knew the greatest feeling I've ever experienced was about to happen. She pulled down both layers I had on to the middles of my thighs and and as my boxers pulled down over my cock it boomeranged and hit her on the bottom of the mouth.

"This is fucking amazing." was all she could mutter out before I grabbed the sides of her head with both hands as she voluntarily opened her mouth and let me inside of her, immediately I felt the warm sea of fresh saliva engulf my cock as waves and waves of it passed over with every swirl of her soft tongue. As I thrusted back and forth my cock went deeper and deeper into the back of her throat watching her blonde pony tail bob back and forth. Eventually she took me out of her and released the grip of her tongue from around my rod.

Still stroking my cock, she managed to slip her spandex pants down far enough to reveal the sweet, shaven, dripping wet pussy of her young but mature body. She licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy before spinning around facing away from me and backing in until all of my 8 inches was submerged into her gushing, tight cunt. As I thrusted, I needed a grip, I grabbed the sides of her hips as I pulled her in, forcing my cock as far as it could go inside of her, hearing her sexy, cute, high pitch moans turned me on even more as I began to fuck faster and faster feeling her tight pussy contract and orgasm over and over feeling gallons of warm pussy juice flow down my entire cock, melting the snow underneath me. I picked up one of her legs holding it up watching her foot bounce up and down without any control over it drove my cock insane. As I stood there fucking her, watching her perfect body bounce with synchronized motion, her ass bounce with the motion of my cock entering and exiting her pussy over and over began to drive me crazy. With every thrust came a new wave of fluid running over my long rod. With her feet barely on the ground I spun her around, picked her up and lowered her tight heavenly opening down until I felt the tip of my cock meet with her pussy, I released some of my grip and began thrusting into the air, fucking her harder and harder making her scream, "FUCK ME HARDER SAM, HARDER HARDER HARDER, MAKE MY PUSSY KEEP CUMMING!" This girl was taking it better than I expected, for a girl this size to take a cock as big as mine impressed me. Thrust after thrust her smooth body bounced up and down until my cock couldn't take it. I felt my load begin to build and with each thrust my cock pulsated, building it higher and higher, her pussy still orgasming as her whole body began to shake. When I felt my load about to bust I pulled out quick seeing the pussy juice fly out of her as she collapsed to her knees, I grabbed her by the head and with one forceful thrust I rocketed my cock into her mouth hitting the back of her throat, as she bobbed back and forth with my hands on the side of her head, with one last thrust, the electric shock hit me and my first spurt of thick cum hit the back of her throat and I heard her high pitch moan muffled by my cock in her mouth, I released my grip from her head as the suction from her mouth kept me attached I grabbed her perfect tits and squeezed her nipples as stream after stream of white cum shot down her throat and on the final rope of cum I pulled out and shot it directly onto that pretty, crystal blue eyed, blonde face of hers. Cleaning the rest with her tongue before lying on her back in exhaustion. Pulling up my pants I lay next to her in the same position.

After a moment, she climbed on top of me and said.

"You know...I was just kidding about you being a prick."

With a smile I said.
"Well....I'm glad." and continued to lie there until finally getting up.

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2013-10-22 06:22:06
Superb inoitmarfon here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

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2013-08-04 11:23:26
Please continue story!

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2013-08-01 21:36:09
Just to be specific, fantasy in the title doesn't qualify as being a tag, especially when you follow it with possible reality.

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2013-08-01 21:33:31
I agree fifteen miles a day is way over the top, high school cross country runners don't run that far much less baseball players. Olympic marathoners I'm sure don't do it every day either but I would have accepted that much of a stretch in a story. Eight inch cocks seem to all the rage here lately again, it seems to go in phases, that combined with enough pussy juice to melt snow, and such long running distances add up to just a bit more bullshit than I can take in one story!!! You really need to proofread your work and don't exaggerate so much in the future, then, and only then, will your work will be worth reading. Negative vote too many errors and totally unrealistic without having a "fantasy" tag!!

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2013-08-01 07:16:04
Please keep writeing

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