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A story about some pretty sexy stuff
one day while fisting his own ass, hitler started a war.
Christian gay of 50 shades of gay fame didn't like tthis and decided to punish him
"you've been a bad boy," Christian said. "suck my Dickson"
hitler was flying in this custom fighter plane, who had named it the kumshot mark2
hitlers trademark gay moustache was now a milky white, stains of yellow in the mix
mmm, creamy!

suddenly he spied an american bomber
not so fast you swine! hitler had the enemy plane in his sights and pulled the trigger
tiny pellets of his own cum, freeze dried into bullets spurted of of the kumshots cannons
when he ran out of cum pellets, a pumping mechanism connected directly to his own cock would begin jerking and funnelling his semen directly through the gun barrels at the front of the plane
the american bomber when down in flames, its engines cloged with semen
the music from top gun began to play
he flew to the bomber and flipped his plane upside down to see the pilot
he pulled his wang out and took a photo (of his wang, not the other plane) hitler was disobeying the number oen rule of aireil combat never follow a plane down but by god, hitler always went down at any chance
he jumped out of his plane towards the bomber and immediately began sucking the pilots cock
a jet of semen thrust the pair out of the bomber and safely back to earth hitler had the pilot pinned down
his head stuck between hitlers powerful thighs he had no choice but to furiosly suck hitlers swollen balls

it turned out the pilot was pope “eggs” benedict. eggs benedict remembered hitler from his hitler youth days
as they burrowed into the earth from the furious ball sucking they both grew hotter and hotter sometimes passing into underground lava which both their semen mingled into hitler turned pope eggs benedict (benedick) around and began plowing his ass at 1,000,000,000,000 degrees centegraid PLOW PLOW it was as hot as anything as hemingway famously wrote, "the earth moved", quite literally and the pounding continued until they both broke through to the other side of the earth

AH right on target eggs benedicts mused. his eggs now thoroughly emptied of all his hot steamy benedicts. They had resurfaced at the popes most favourite cafe! Lick my butt hitler! he demanded as they entered La Cok Cafe, it was french. Eggs benedict promptly ordered a long black "shaken not stirred" he said sternly to the attendant, who stood, to the popes pleasure, rather erect indeed. Suddenly the long black was delivered, right into benedicts awaiting asshole. freshly lubed up by hitler. A long black as it was to all catholics was precisly that, a giant black dildo. shake shake shake it was shaken in out and around of benedicts slippery slide of a hot bottem. Hitler watched on furiously tugging his swollen rod, which awaited a well deserved release

eggs benidict was no stranger to cumthe hollandaise sauce he put on his eggs benefict was composed largely of cum hence the name, pope "eggs" benedict
he mixed raw eggs in with the cum to increase the nutritional content and consistency of the sauce
the pope was also no stranger to nutrition, and his knowledge of it allowed him to suck and fuck as he pleased pope eggs benedict is quite the rascal eggs benedict rubbed hitler's face in faeces best café ever he mused

hitler chuckled, small pieces of shit flying out of his mouth as he shook up and down. shit began to bubble out of his mouth, sometimes spurting into his eyes. he was enjoying himself immensely

SUDDENLY hitler woke up! his pants stained with semen, it had all been a dream...a very wet dream at that.
now back in the fuhrer bunker, hitler discovered a story, the very story you are reading right now
he was unimpressed and became outraged he furrowed his brow in a vein attempt to understand the situation
beads of sweat began to form on his forehead, and his balls he grabbed the kumshot mark 4, his custom made pistol, its ammunition freeze dried pellets of his own semen

slightly arroussed he stuck the kumshot in his ass it was shaped like a dildo in fact, it was a dildo that shot semen his own personal long black. in out in out

one last orgasm he mused in desbelief as he found everything he was doing was in the story he had found
Hitler fired the dildo gun! BANG the first shot caused hitler to wince in a mixture of pain and orgasmic pleasure! BANG BANG BANG hitler was dead! cum overflowing from his filled asshole
through his body and out his mouth! dripping over his moustache and face. This was in fact exactly how his body was discovered by the US army. Eggs benedict sat on his golden throne, a giant golden septre wedged firmly up his holy ass. It began to vibrate one two three times, no four! he began to cum all over his skinny frail legs, and as he moaned and septre out, he vomited on the floor. It did not matter to him the mess he made, in fact it turned him on, as he came again he knew hitler was dead. The publication of the story and his forbidden love with the furher was completed and his godly work was done. He came again.

The end.

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