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I had finally married at 33 years old and had chosen probably the oldest virgin I had ever met. She was my own age!
My Virgin Wife Back In 1984

I could not believe how terribly aroused I had become after the events of the long, long wedding day. I could tell that her struggling was mostly for show. She felt her resistance weakening, just as my thick, painfully hard penis touched the small red lips of my young bride’s vagina. The bloated head was shiny and it slightly resembled something that should have whiskers!

"Just for a second!” She finally gasped, even as I slipped into her tightness. "Uh, uh, you can break me, but don't you dare squirt in me!"

Billie felt a little stab of pain, but it was over so fast! Momma told her that the first time would hurt, but that was nothing! Maybe it was because she was so slippery, she decided. One thing led to another, and suddenly I was sliding my eight-inch trouser mouse into her snug depths.

"Look me in my eyes and tell me how you're feeling and how much you love me.” I whispered as I slowly stroked it back and forth inside her. She was so warm inside.

"Oh, darling, this feels unbelievable! I am so totally helpless. I love the way you control me. I love you Ted! I will do anything you want me to. This feels good. I adore you, baby.

Billie had consumed more than a couple of glasses of champagne and her babbling was fueled by her own lust and her submissiveness. I lifted her right knee a little and stroked her a little faster for another few seconds until she let out a loud groan and as I softly commanded, her orgasm began immediately thereafter. Still whispering into her ear I continued pumping her as she started to shake all over.
Her loud cries of pleasure helped me to another plateau of wedding night ecstasy. She let out a few soft moans and her small plump body began to shake all over.

"Oh baby... Oh baby... I am.... Oooh.... Mmmmmmm!!!!" was all I heard her say as I allowed myself to ejaculate deeply inside her. Then to give herself more leverage or something, she wrapped her arms and thighs around my body and squeezed as hard as she could, and I suddenly felt something warm and silky flood all over my lower belly. Our combined juices were too much for her to keep it all contained.

She had tasted sweet before, that I wonder if it would now be the same. Pushing her away from me I decided to go down for seconds and lowered my face so I could lick every drop off of her furry mound. In seconds she was climaxing again which caused my cock to get rock hard again. I was ready for something new. Somehow she knew this.

"Now it's my turn." was all I heard her say as she sat up, scooted over me. Billie pushed me down on my back and straddled my body. On her knees, she slowly positioned herself up closer so that my rock hard cock was positioned right under her. She took it in her left hand and began to rub it up against it. Oh man I was so turned on by this; I almost came right then and there. But she wouldn't let me. Every time I showed a hint of excitement, she would stop for a few seconds, and then start up again. She was driving me crazy, but that was okay, cause I was loving every minute of it.

"Tell me what you want baby”, she said.

"I want you”, I managed to say to her through all the soft moans I was letting out.

"Oooh you do huh.... And what would you like me to do?", she asked.

Apparently many women like guys to tell them what they want them to do to them during sex. I myself never understood that concept, but I guess they need that sort of thing. So I told her exactly what I wanted her to do. I whispered, "I want you to fuck me like you were a dirty whore”. I reached up and slid my hands under her crumpled up nightgown and began to squeeze her small breasts.

"Oooh I'll be glad to baby. I thought you'd never ask." she said as she slowly lowered herself down onto my twitching cock. As the hard shaft slid inside her once again she threw her head back and let out a soft moan. I continued to squeeze her tiny hard nipples harder and faster and she apparently liked that, cause it made her move up and down faster on top of me.

"Mmmmm!!! Mmmmm, fuck me baby.... Fuck me!! Fuck my brains out.” I began whispering to her as I squeezed her apple sized breasts harder. She looked into my eyes and bit her lower lip and squinted as she moved up and down on me faster and faster. Every time she came down, I would push my cock up inside her and this got her even more excited. I continued talking dirty to her.

"Oooh baby, yes... That's it... Mmmmm, I've wanted to fuck you from the day I met you at Karaoke...” I told her in a whispering voice. Mmmmm...."

She leaned over more, grasped my shoulders tightly, and began to fuck me like no one had ever done before. She was very wet inside and this lasted for what seemed like an eternity but right before she squirted a flood of juice around my cock I heard her manage to say through all her moaning, "Mmmmm, what took you so long? All you had to do was ask."

God it was such a wonderful experience. What she’d said made me so excited that within the next few seconds I’d spurted deep inside her again, spraying a huge load forcefully all around my deeply embedded cock. At that moment she said, "Oooh baby, I feel you coming inside me. . . . That's it... Let it out... I want you to fill me with your sweet juice."

Finally with one last moan and thrust, I grabbed her quivering plump hips and pulled her down and I eased my cock so deep into her, it almost came out her mouth and I felt more ball juice splash all over up inside her warm clasping hole.

When we were finished, the whole room smelled like sex and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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2014-03-01 05:49:32
Another bullshit 8 inch dick story. You loser lying pos. don't ever write again.

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2013-08-14 18:23:33
Loved the part about your "trouser mouse" honey. Sure wish I'd a been your new wife way back then. You are right, I like it a lot when my husband tells me what he wants me to do to him. I don't know why but talking dirty to me just starts my motor quick like a brand new Mercedes that he bought me did last year

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2013-08-10 03:11:57
Good story married sex is best and getting fucked the first time is exceptionally good for the woman believe me it was for me and I haven't given up on it yet and we have been married for better than 48 years and fucking and sucking my man and him loving to go down on me is still my favorite past time.


2013-08-01 14:31:48
This was different, I enjoyed that. Keep going and you have a chance of being a fine writer. Good Luck (countrycadillac)

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2013-08-01 00:49:31
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh wedding night bliss !!!!! Wonder who she will be fucking next because all women are pigs and eill cheat on their husbands every chance they get

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