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This all started over waffles, well that necessarily isn’t true. I’ve wanted to fuck my mother ever since I hit puberty. But it was more than that. I wanted to dominate her force her into being my cock sleeve, my fuck meat. But I never had the courage to act upon these deliciously twisted fantasies until rage pushed me to it. That’s where the waffles come in. My mother was a lazy bitch who could never be bothered to degrade her self to cooking her own goddamn meals. So from a very young age I learned to cook. The kitchen became my sanctuary where every cooking instrument became an extension of me. My mother was a average woman not some stellar beauty like some women, no she was real and that was probably why I wanted her so badly. She was about 5 ft 10 and somewhere around 180 pounds. Her only real plus were her breasts, they were fucking glorious. Soft and warm they were the only friendly thing about her. Her nipples soft and pink the aureola only about the size of a half dollar maybe a little bigger. I swear to god they were porn star tits, and they were mind blowing. But as I was saying this all started with waffles so please allow me to explain.

I woke up as I normally did and every other 17 year old boys do with a rock hard cock. I masturbated quickly soothing myself of the problem. I then dawned my morning battle ware which was a pair of striped pajama bottoms. I walked out to see the queen bitch herself in a raggedy light blue robe. I received a quick blessing when I saw a slip of pink nipple. But like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time I stared a little too long, “the fuck are you looking at you little fucking perv?” she questioned angrily covering her self quickly. I quickly averted my gaze to the floor “now get in there and make breakfast”she said gesturing towards the kitchen. As I collected the ingredients and started cooking my brain floated elsewhere. I started thinking about all the shit she had pushed on me all my life. We weren’t poor but we weren’t well off, so naturally this lead to an unhappy bitch. as my rage built so did my arousal. I thought of all the years of shame and pain. And I also thought of how much I would enjoy showing her who the dominant alpha in the relationship was. In hindsight that’s probably why I burnt the waffles. All thoughts of rebellion and sex were pushed from my mind. I put them on a plate and brought them out with some syrup and served them up to her. She took one look away from her smartphone and said to me “What the FUCK is this shit.” “i-i just” I started to stutter. She picked up the plate and smashed it into my face.

What I did next changed my life forever, I reached out and slapped her hard as I could across her face. The only sound I heard next was the crack of her smart phone hitting the floor. In the next moments I was not sure which of us were more surprised her or me. “you- you little SHIT!” she screamed “i'll have you pay for this you worthless fu- her sentence was cut short with another resounding slap. And again, again, and again, the harder I hit the harder I got. When I finally stopped one eye was puffed up and a small stream of blood was dripping out of her mouth. I got even harder -which at that point I didn't think was possible- at the sight. I sub-consciously started stroking my cock through the pajamas. She saw this with her one good eye and it widened in terror. I raised my hand readying for a back hand. “WAIT!!! wait”she cried. She pulled down my pj's and started stroking my cock. “this is what you want right? I can make you feel good just no more, please no more” she sobbed. The power I felt then, the rush! pushed me into grabbing her head forcing her to her knees. Her red hair in my hands I roughly forced my cock down her throat. Her hands went to my thighs trying to push me off but I was too strong. My only job of working as a mover gave me too much strength for her to hope to push me off. My cock went in and out with a rough rhythm, her mouth a warm soft hole for me to pleasure my self in. I worked hard to the sweet sweet sounds of her gagging on my hard cock. I felt the pressure building in my balls I felt her hands slip away from my thighs and saw her good eye roll back up into her skull. The lust was to strong, controlling my every movement. finally I climaxed I came harder than I ever had before. My cum spilled out of her mouth dribbling down her chin and down onto her perfect breasts. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and allowed her to fall to the floor.

As she let blood and semen dribble out of her mouth onto the floor. I reached down and grasped her by the neck and waist pulling her up onto the table. I rubbed my cock gently around her pussy and contemplated fucking her right then and there but then I had a better idea. I spat in my hand and lubed up my cock and put the head of my cock to her pucker. I started gently to begin with. The pressure woke her “whuh- she began as soon as I heard that I reached out and smashed her forehead against the table against the table
and pushed hard into her ass “ARGH UH HUH HUH” her screams turned to sobs as I fucked slow. Not because I wanted to but because I had to since she was so fucking tight. Her ass started to bleed and I used the blood as lubricant. She screamed louder making me fuck even harder. My thrusts rocked the whole table my pre-cum and her blood mixing into a perfect lube. As I rocked the table I felt my balls clench up again my I slammed my balls against her and I came so hard that the table broke and shifted rising her ass to my belly button. While my balls were now empty I was far from finished with her. I quickly left her sobbing broken form bent over the table her feet barley touching the floor her tippy toes barley touching the ground. I rushed to my room and threw open the door to my closet and grabbed my longest leather belt. I walked back into the dinning room just in time to see her standing up her robe barley clinging to her form. she stood like a deer taking its first steps, wobbly and unsteady. I folded the belt over and smashed her across the face sprawling her on the ground. She sobbed as I ripped the robe off of her exposing her back and ass. I raised my belt and whipped it across her back leaving a red gash across her every time. “I AM YOUR MASTER NOW WHORE, YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE YOU HAVE AGAIN.” “AGGGUHH UH HUH HUH YES PLEASE STOP”. She sobbed “YES WHAT?” I demanded. “YES...MASTER” she cried.

To be continued will be decided by any feed back.


2013-09-06 15:29:30
I liked it. Good stroke story. And as for anon 3 comment on it being trashy...I think that was the point, moron.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-04 19:13:31
Absolutely fuckin loved it. I'm a girl, apparently a slightly twisted girl lol. Love the nitty gritty ones that just get straight to the point.
You got me off twice with the anal rape bit. Knackered now! Cheers fella!

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-02 18:35:21
that is stupid. trashy

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-02 12:59:47
Dont bother, it was crap


2013-08-02 01:45:07
good story.... so what's next? :)

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