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How to gangbang a lady – Dining out on Monica.

Over 80% of women fantasise about having sex with more than one man at a time.

However, there are at least 5 reasons why less than 10% of women have done so.
(i) STDs, (ii) will feel like a slut; (iii) will ruin reputation; (iv) may get physically hurt; (v) boyfriend/husband will get jealous/will not treat me the same afterwards.

I have been involved on many occasions in what many people term gangbangs. Each one has resulted in multiple orgasms for the lady concerned, but none of them were ‘gangbangs’ per se. Personally, I love to see a lady turned on and giving in to her sexual desires. I wouldn’t want the lady concerned to fear any of the five things above. Nothing is 100% safe, but, as with everything in life, risks can be minimised if not eliminated. Choose your sexual partners carefully. Be as sure as you can be that, whatever you do, no-one gets physically or emotionally hurt and don’t allow that to happen to those you are with. There is a huge difference between acting like a slut (fun) and being treated like one (not fun).

In 2005 I became involved with some guys who thought exactly like I do and we had a lot of fun. No-one was hurt and no-ones reputation was ruined. Instead there were many orgasms and a lot of cum. A real lot of cum.

Anyway, I prefer to call these experiences “dining on a lady”. I wrote this story for my girlfriend. The hope was to persuade her that she should take the plunge from fantasy to reality. It worked.

Feel free to copy it and ‘find and replace’ the name of my girlfried with the name of yours or your wife's and see if it works for you. If you are a lady reading this, feel free to feel as if I wrote it for you. In a way, I did.

This was the first story I wrote and I would like to pay special thanks to the people who submit their stories and experiences to this site. Without your words and inspiration this would never have been written.

How to gangbang a lady – Dining out on Monica.

We had been at a black tie event. Fantastic music and much dancing. We had a great night. You, as ever, had attracted more than a few stares from the men there, particularly as you danced. I enjoyed watching you as much as ever with your fabulous ass floating above the dance floor. Omigod! How I love that arse of yours. From the moment I first saw you and forever since then it constantly occupies my thoughts. Perfectly shaped, lifting off at right angles from your long sexy legs, firm to touch and curving deliciously towards your narrow waist. It is hard not to stare at it when you stand still, and when you walk it is poetry in motion, but as you dance it is impossible not to stare at its mouth-watering wiggle which only goes to demonstrate how firm and tight and perfect it is.

I remember seeing you dancing to fast songs with several of the people we'd met, and it looked like you were having a fabulous time. You seemed almost oblivious to the stares other men gave you, instead you just kept smiling at them with your infectious smile… your killer smile. Pride filled my head as I watched you move your body in such a sexy way and I enjoyed thinking about having what other men desperately wanted.

You are beautiful, stunning to look at, always gorgeous, and invariably sexy but that night all these things were especially true. You were wearing a smooth, short red dress that showed your curves beautifully. The bottom hugged your arse so tightly I had wondered how you had managed to get it on. And your legs in their customary ‘hold-up' stockings looked as amazing as ever.

Your hair was down and you wore a diamante necklace which accented your smooth neck and shoulders and drew eyes to your fabulous breasts which were just as gravity defying as your arse. It is only now thinking about it that I realise that there was something else about you that night - you had looked incredibly seductive. As usual, you were scintillating company as well as one hell of a sexy dancer and your spirit was contagious to the men you were dancing with.

Not everyone enjoyed you being there however. At one point you were dancing with a huge good looking guy; you were just messing around and dancing close, but suddenly his girlfriend appeared out of nowhere and exchanged words with you. The guy smiled at you nonetheless as his girl made it quite clear the guy was taken.

We'd ended up with a group who were staying at the adjoining hotel with us and, at the end of the evening, which had finished disappointingly early, we all ended up in the hotel bar.

The bar was oak panelled and dimly lit with booths and rooms seemingly everywhere and by the worn smooth look of the panelling the bar dated back centuries. Each booth or room was intimate but you could hear the hubbub from the different groups of people.
Some of the men we'd met earlier had gone into an adjacent room, the only one with a door, and had started playing a game of poker. As the night went on, the other couples had drifted off to bed and we went to join the others in the next room.

The room was a feast of leather and oak and chandeliers with a fire roaring at the far end. It looked to be a sort of members bar and was even more secluded and intimate than the main bar area. There was very little light and only the chandelier was on and it threw a glow over the table in the centre of the room. The fire threw flickering light into the rest of the room and gave a sense of secrecy, intrigue and history.

Music was playing too as someone had wired their i-pod into the stereo. It was a bit of a mix of styles, but it added to the general atmosphere.

As we entered, Dave, who we'd chatted to earlier at the event, asked me to shut the door behind me. There was a crate's worth of unopened beers on one of the tables in a bucket of ice together with wine, spirits and mixers and Dave asked us to help ourselves. We did.
The game was going on at the lit table. On one side of the room was a bar, which was closed, and on the other side, close to the fire, was a leather sofa with two large leather armchairs.

We recognised five of the people we'd spoken with earlier. They were all sat at the poker table still sporting their dinner jackets and with their bow ties hanging James Bond style around their necks and dangling down onto their dress shirts. The scene we had walked into could have been from any decade for the last hundred years.

Whilst we recognised each of the men, you had danced with them earlier, Dave took the opportunity to introduce the group again. Dave and Mike worked together and were good friends. Both were in their late 20's. We both immediately recognised John as the guy you'd messed about with earlier. Fortunately his annoying girlfriend had crashed as soon as we'd got back to the hotel. He was a big guy - well over six foot six inches tall and full of muscle. Will seemed pretty quiet, but had a dry sense of humour and when he spoke, it was worth listening to.

Jason was the fifth, and, whilst it was a handsome group, he was easily the best looking there. Then there was you and I.

The game that was going on was clearly just a warm up and soon it became apparent that the real game was about to begin. Mike asked us if we wanted to play. It was £100 stake to buy the chips. They were to play for an hour and depending on how they all felt - a second game was planned.

I took £200 out of my wallet and bought us both a seat at the table. The game was serious, but also a good laugh and there was a great deal of banter of which you were at the centre.

You looked fantastic - drop dead gorgeous - your fabulous stocking clad legs were on show with the short red dress you were wearing. You had heels, of course, and they served to accentuate the definition in your legs. And then your breasts. I loved their shape, their weight, how your nipples got hard when you were aroused, and how, in the dress you were now wearing, they oozed sex appeal. It is difficult to describe how much I loved you in those moments as I watched you from the other side of the table.

Watching as your killer smile cracked across your face, the way your eyes shone, the way you teased and flirted and the way you engaged the people you had just met was everything I had come to expect. Each time I saw you in such form I was transfixed with your beauty, how sassy you were … and how sexy.

The others just loved having you there and they loved that you gave as good as you got, and then some.You were true to form and whilst you entertained the banter with enthusiasm, you were also competitive. In fact, despite a slow start you soon got the hang of the poker face. You became difficult to 'read' and you had an impressive number of wins. It's fair to say you had some good hands to start with, but you made the most of them, soon winning enough to double your stake. However, your cards can't have been that good all the time and, after a while, you must have been successfully bluffing with the men becoming increasingly reluctant to call you.

Jason and I were the first to lose and we ambled over to the sofa to sit by the fire grabbing a beer each as we went. We sat on the sofa half chatting and half watching the game as the rest of you continued to play. When the game stopped after an hour, you were clearly the winner. You had accumulated £400.

The game broke up and we all gathered around the sofas and chairs to drink and talk.
Our new friends tried not to be too obvious in their glances at you. Jason, however, stared, watching your body intently as you walked over.

We chatted freely. At one point, you asked if you could get anyone another drink. Will and John wanted a beer. As you got up I watched the five men stop what they were doing and follow you with their eyes as you walked to the table. Your delicious ass shook back and forth with every sexy stride.

You knew they were watching and deliberately fumbled the bottle opener onto the floor. When you bent to pick it up, you did so slowly from the waist. You knew they would be able to see the fantastic outline of your perfect figure. We all had a good look at your tight little arse sticking up air and marveled at your fantastic legs. When you straightened up, you opened the bottle and sat it down on the table, then you turned back to us.

"Will there be anything else, gentlemen?" - there was silence.

"Are you sure I can't get you something Jason?" you asked with a glint in your eye and as you bent to pick up the bottle cap which had "fallen" to the floor. We could all see down your top - you knew exactly what you were doing - just enough to get them excited, but not too much.

"Damn." was all Jason could say. You just grinned at him.

"Here you go," you said as you handed Will his beer. I know you could feel the men watching your every move and that you enjoyed teasing them. You are good at it and, to you, it was great fun.

As you sat John's beer down, you had to bend over slightly to get it on the coaster. I noticed you turn slightly so that Jason could look down the top of your dress and see deep into your cleavage. It may have looked accidental, but I know you meant for it to happen. Jason noticed, but didn't acknowledge anything except a slight grin as you straightened up. You looked across at Will as you did. He was smiling broadly. He had also noticed.

After about 10 minutes John suggested that we join in the second game. The stakes were to be higher and at £1, 000 they looked to be a little too serious for me.

You, however, were keen to continue your winning streak and asked if they would let you play for the £ 400 you had won. They refused. I offered an IOU for the remaining £600 but they politely declined saying that there were no IOUs.

The others had clearly come ready to play as they each had £1, 000 which they placed in the centre of the table.

You asked again if you could play with just £400 , but they were not keen.

"You need another £600," said Mike ". . . or the equivalent…"

"How about we put a value on each of your items of clothing?" he continued half jokingly…

The men went through what you were wearing.

"Shoes…" said Dave "£10 each"

"They cost £200!" you said indignantly.

"Yes, but we're not buying them!" said Will laughing, "if you lose, you can have them back tomorrow morning."

"Dress - £50, bra - £30, stockings - £10 each and knickers - £60" said Dave ticking off what you were wearing.

"…if they come off I'll want a lot more than £60!" … you shot back

"£80 for the knickers then" Dave shot back equally quickly.

"That would still leave you £ 400 short" said John before you could interrupt.

I don't think you were serious but you entered into the spirit of the conversation that followed. There was a lot of haggling with you acting more indignant and more outraged each time anyone suggested any figure for anything.

"I'd pay £100 to get my hands on your cute ass" said Dave.

"It'd cost you that just to look at it…" you instantly replied "…through a pair of binoculars."

After a lot of banter, John tried to wind proceedings up. He wanted to play.

"OK" he said "how about the remaining £400 is made up as follows...

4 - £25 chips to touch, cup and fondle that fabulous arse.

4 - £50 chips to touch you anywhere"

"With our tongues" Will interrupted quickly.

"OK" continued John, slightly exasperated. "4 - £50 chips to touch you anywhere… with our tongues"

And one special £100 chip for you to touch us where we want!"

"With your tongue" sang out Will again.

"Right and one special £100 chip for you to touch us where we want …with your tongue" John continued in a monotone.

"We'll make each of these a pink chip so we all know what we're playing for…"

"Ok, but I can call it quits whenever I want - right?" you said checking that you didn't have to lose any of them.

"Sure" said John "Can we play now?"

Since you'd had a little to drink and because of the concession that you didn't have to play either your clothes or your pink chips (and, no doubt, because of your competitive nature) you agreed. I turned one of the armchairs towards the game and sat down to watch.
Dave started dealing the chips out. Each had a different colour.
You were given £800 in chips which you placed in piles, keeping the "forfeit" pink chips in a separate pile to one side. Your clothes made up the remaining £200 and you were told to place your clothes into the pot if you wanted to bet them at any stage.

The first hand was quite funny as instead of using any of your chips you ceremoniously plonked your shoes on the table as your stake. You lost.

The game ebbed and flowed and I watched as your £400 in cash (non-pink) chips went up to £600 then down to £200 and finally down to £50.

On your next hand you were dealt 3 Queens, which was the best hand anyone had had all night. When John raised you £200 you thought you were on absolutely safe ground. In went the 4 arse fondling' £25 pink chips and two £10 chips.

Mike quickly spotted that you were £80 short, but you were way ahead of them. As soon as he opened his mouth you stood up and, ensuring that they saw absolutely nothing, but imagined everything, you bent away from them. Your short dress rode up your thighs slightly and almost, almost revealed your knickers. Then with your cute ass facing them in all its perfection you reached around and slowly removed your knickers from under your dress, peeled them away from your taut arse, shimmied them down your legs and stepped out of them with perfect balance and placed them in the centre of the table.

"I'll call you," you said, as 5 mouths hung open at what they had just seen. John, however, had amazingly drawn a straight. It was unbelievable to you and John teased you mercilessly. He put your knickers in his top pocket and rolled the £25 chips between his fingers as if suggesting they were your buttocks.

Eventually and sportingly he said "Don't worry, I'll give you a chance to win them back"
You folded on the next few games, not losing any more, but John used one of the pink chips in each of those games and eventually they were evenly distributed around the table. If you quit now four of the five men would be able to rub their hands all over your fantastic butt.

At that stage, you had £30 in cash, £30 worth of bra, £20 of stockings and £50 worth of dress and pink chips worth £300. I could see you totting them up in your head and, with still £430 left, must have been confident that you'd win back the lost pink chips. You had no intention of letting 4 strangers handle your arse.

When the pink chips were in the pot you knew you had an opportunity to win them back. That made you a little braver with the cards than perhaps you should have been.

After perhaps another 20 minutes, however, your bra (which you had carefully removed through the armholes of your dress) and stockings were in the pot along with one of the £50 pink chips. When you lost, all that you could say was "oh funk!". Quitting now would give four 4 men a handful and one lucky one the chance to touch you with his tongue… what that might mean was beginning to dawn on you… when you started you hadn't considered that you'd be betting with any of these chips.

Again you folded the next few games, but with two aces in your hand in the next you thought your luck had finally turned.

You bet the remainder of your £50 pink chips leaving you with just your dress (£50) and your £100 pink chip.

But Jason raised the stakes again. You needed to bet £150, all-in. To get these chips back you were going to have to remove the remainder of your clothes and bet Jason a whole heap of trouble to prove you had the best hand.

By this time I was at the edge of my seat. - I was feeling nervous for you.

You took an absolute age to decide. You were weighing up the options. If you folded, the only thing you had left to bet was your dress, your bra and what was bound to be a blow job so you would have to quit. But that would mean you were going to let 4 men fondle your bum, and 4 others lick you where they wanted - you'd be almost naked anyway - the only thing you were really avoiding was a blow job. If you played and won - you'd be able to buy back all the pink chips you'd lost. But if you played and lost - someone… Jason… was going to want you to lick his dick… It looked as if you were going to fold, but then, with a look that said "what the heck" you flipped the £100 pink chip into the pot. Suddenly, as you stood up to remove your dress, the atmosphere changed from one of fun and frivolity to serious anticipation and excitement.

The room was absolutely silent as you considered exposing your naked body. But you were not going to be shy - you were convinced, I think, that this is all they would get to see and, at the end of the hand, you would be dressing again with enough money to buy or win back the remaining pink chips.

You unhooked your arms from your dress, and crossed one arm across your chest to prevent the dress slipping down.

You did not rush and, ever the showgirl, you waited until their attention was palpable.

First your large perfect breasts came into view. They looked amazing - they always do - and even though your ass is the most exquisite I have ever seen, your covered breasts can stop traffic. If exposed, your round and firm orbs would cause traffic to certainly crash. No one could take their eyes from you.

Then you pushed down at the sides of the dress slipping it over your waist and, with your legs tightly pressed together, wiggled it past your hips. As you did so you turned slightly to expose your beautifully round ass to the appreciative onlookers. God, your curves are exciting. Your gorgeous firm ass jutted out fabulously as you bent to pick your dress off the floor and place it in the centre of the table. And as you turned to do so our new friends got their first chance to see your pussy which was, as ever, trimmed neatly and almost hairless.

"Jesus!" exclaimed Mike cutting through the tension and staring bluntly at the goddess in front of him. "Rob, where in the world did you ever find such a fantastic looking creature?"

There was no proper answer to that. I had found' you when I wasn't looking. You were just so different from anyone I had previously met. Incredibly giving and kind and OMIGOD! ... so sexy. And, as I later found out, the best sexual partner I could ever wish for. I smiled as, in that instant, I remembered how when you first had anal sex (with me, after many months of me pushing my fingers in your tight arsehole to warm you up to the idea) you got so excited that within minutes you were slamming your ass onto my rigid dick like a seasoned pro. On that first occasion, after you regained enough composure following a violent orgasm, I could see you felt totally betrayed by your body. You made me promise not to tell anyone how much you had enjoyed such a depraved act. Needless to say, since then we have enjoyed many nights with my cock buried to the hilt in your ass, sometimes to the exclusion of your pussy. You love it - rather, your body loves it - more than you would ever admit.

"You don't find women like Monica," I eventually said, "they only actually exist in your dreams".

With your perfect body on show, you didn't re-take your seat, but allowed the men to continue feasting their eyes on you.

You turned over your aces… "You are going to need three of a kind at least to beat me…"

Jason said nothing but turned over his cards one by one - King, King, 5, 6, and finally …….King.

You stood for a second motionless as things began to sink in - Jason scooped the chips into his hands, and carefully placed his pink chips into his top pocket.

Slowly you came back from your trance and we went to sit on the sofa as the game momentarily continued. I gave you my jacket to cover you up a little, but as I did I was sure that you looked wet. As we sat down I brushed my finger against you. "Wet" does not adequately describe it. I pushed my finger against you and it slipped in easily.

You told me that it was completely involuntary and asked if I could "get you out of this mess", but, before I could answer, the poker game broke up and the men came over to the sofa as they had done after the first game. This time they were each carrying one or two pink chips.

"OK Moni, its time to pay up" said Mike.

You looked at me and I immediately offered to buy back the chips, but Will reminded us that "bets were bets" - "No IOUs".

We tried to talk our way out of it, but I was a little more enthusiastic at the thought of seeing you touched by another man…. other men….

"Ok you lot - it was just a game right? You're not seriously going to make me go through with this…" you argued.

I could see that you really didn't want this to go any further. However, the men were really piling the pressure on you to see whether you would.

"C'mon Moni…. Pay up!"

All eyes were focused on you, but you said nothing…

In the end, however, Jason broke the deadlock by laughing.

"It's Ok Monica," he said, "don't stress, we'll work something out."

"Although, I am tempted to make you go through with it… as you are… fucking …gorgeous." Jason emphasised these last two words so that you knew he meant them.

John, reached into his top pocket and pulled out your knickers - "I'll second that" he said. "I am sorely disappointed… you are so hot - I nearly lost it when you took your dress off" he smiled kindly at you as he spoke and passed you your knickers.

You took it from him and stepped back into your knickers with a look of sheer relief - you blew out air as you straightened up as the weight of their expectations lifted from you.

Mike gave you back your dress, and, as you reached to take it, Mike started a playful tug-o-war, with it as the rope. "Aw guys, do I have to?" he said playfully as he quickly gave in.

You stepped back into your dress, pulled it over your gorgeous ass and hooked your arms back into the straps. I could see your chest rise and fall as finally your nervousness subsided.

Your stockings were last on and each of the men took a last lingering look at your legs as you rolled your stockings up and stepped back into your shoes.

"Ok!" said Jason smiling, "I think you should at least get us all a beer Monica. My throat went dry the moment you took your shoes off and it hasn't recovered."

Dave switched the light off above the table and the guys jumped into the sofa and armchairs and began to relax by the fire.

"Alright" you said "fair enough - who wants a beer?" We all did, and, with your clothes back on, your confidence began to grow again.

You opened six bottles - and somehow managed to carry them back to us all in one go.
You handed them out one by one. I was leaning on the arm of the sofa and with all the other leather seats taken, you leaned against me and we started to talk as a group about the poker game that had just finished… of course… most of it involved the guys talking about how exciting it was to see you in various states of undress. I put my arms around you and pulled you tight against me.

Mike started it… "Thanks for the beer - but I have one more request before I consider completely letting you off the hook… Would you come here and sit on my lap? You have been teasing the hell out of us and that cute ass of yours is driving me crazy…"

Will laughed "I think I'd like a piece of that too."

And so it was settled, you were to spend the rest of the evening sitting on the guys' laps. I just smiled - the atmosphere had become calm, relaxed and friendly.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, however, there was a certain amount of sexual tension in the room. And you didn't seem to mind at all that you were the object of it. Still, there was something delicious about the flickering firelight, the music playing, and the intimacy of the moment.

First you went to sit on Mike's lap. You stopped in front of him and turned around facing away from him. Your hands reached down for his knees and you lowered yourself gently onto him. You sat away from his crotch, but leant back into him and put your arm around his shoulder.

At that point anyone coming into the room would have taken you for his girlfriend, but no-one did. You graciously rotated from one lap to the next as we drank and chatted.

When you reached Mike for the second time I could see that you were no longer perched on his knees but had squarely placed your firm butt right into his crotch.

As you exchanged from one lap to the next your butt became more and more familiar with the guys and when it was my turn you gyrated against my cock. It was the music perhaps but it's also one of the things I love about you. When you are turned on you cannot stay still - your natural motion is to gyrate and rotate your hips and press against your sex.

As you got up from me you reached down and squeezed my hardening cock and, as was becoming the pattern, before you moved on to the next lap, you bent forward from the waist, raised yourself up and rotated your perfect arse provocatively at the owner of the lap you were about to leave.

The fire gave off just enough light to see who was there but it threw random shadows and highlights making it difficult to see more than a fleeting glimpse of anything.

Jason was sitting in the armchair next to us and when it was his turn again I thought I saw you place your hand right on his groin before you sat down, but the flickering light prevented me from being sure.

You told me later that mine was not the only cock you felt straining against his trousers. Each lap you sat on had presented you with a lump which you had to wiggle against to locate it in the crack of your arse. You also told me later that mine was not the only cock you squeezed and that as you had swapped from one lap to the next you had made sure that your fingers traced the length of each cock through their trousers.

I needed the bathroom from all the beer and excused myself for a moment. As I re-entered two minutes later I noticed that Jason's hand was now on your thigh, inside your dress. He wasn't moving it or being threatening in any way - it was just there - and that is all I thought - You told me later that his cock was almost bursting through his trousers at that moment and you could feel it pressing and throbbing against and between your ass cheeks. You had pushed down firmly on it and gyrated rhythmically against it to encourage it.

Again, you later confessed to me that having Jason's cock pressed against you had really turned you on. You admitted that a part of you was wishing then that you had had the nerve to pay the bets that you owed. You could tell he had a sizeable dick and you imagined what it would feel like to have your lips wrapped around it. You even wondered what it would feel like to have it thrusting into your pussy.

The conversation ebbed and flowed, but somehow it always came back to the game….and your body.

"Honestly, I didn't think you'd go through with it" said Mike.

"I didn't think you would either" said Will "especially with Rob here".

"I'd only even contemplate it with Rob here" - you replied.

"I was sure you would bottle it… it's always the ones who are so damn good at flirting and driving me crazy that turn out to be the biggest teasers" said John.

"I agree" said Dave "I wasn't sure to start with … but I had you down as ‘all talk and no action' by the end."

That comment seemed to sting you a little. "You couldn't have handled the action, Dave" you said mockingly.

"Funny thing is…" said Jason "None of us were about to bottle it, but as you walked away from the table to Rob we all agreed that it was up to you." "But there you go - in the end you wouldn't dare."

Why he had to use that word I'll never know, but I know you well enough to know the effect it would have.

You stood up from Jason's lap and turned defiantly to look at him. "Are you daring me?" you said indignantly but with half a smile crossing your lips.

"Not exactly…" said Jason "It's just that when the moment came you didn't dare…I guess you didn't think you could handle me" as he said this, he held his hands in front of him holding his palms about 12 inches apart.

"You're not ready to handle something this hot," you smiled back at him and licked your finger and made a sizzling sound as you touched your arse. "If I had dared you'd have fainted from the excitement!" you smiled at him. We all laughed.

"I've heard about that ‘thing' of his …" said Will "he would actually have fainted… it's the sudden rush of blood to his nether regions…" we laughed with Jason.

"You'll never know the size of that problem…" said Jason smiling, "…unless you want to get that gorgeous arse out again and let us run our hands all over it…"

As he said "that gorgeous arse" he reached up from where he was sitting and cradled your arse with his hands and squeezed your ass cheeks gently.

You didn't complain at this - he was challenging you…

And then the fateful words again "It's true isn't it - you wouldn't DARE…" said Jason "to pay the bets…"

We all stared at you. Jason had his hands all over your gorgeous arse. He held it firmly as we waited - wondering what you would say or do.

You did nothing … But I knew you were smarting from the ‘outrageous' allegation that you wouldn't dare.

But I know you - sometimes better than you know yourself. I knew you were going to let them all fondle your arse… but then, with your point proved, you'd surely stop.

Jason kept massaging your arse… and, pressing firmly against the material, he started to slowly work your dress up over the tightness of your bum until it was around your waist.

He would've stopped if you'd had stopped him, but you didn't stop him…

With your dress at your waist Jason let his hands slowly drop to the top of your knickers. His hands were still pressed against you but were now caressing your smooth skin. He moved them in small circular motions and every so often allowed a finger to slip under the waistband, By doing so he was slowly able to move the waistband down and began to expose your perfect butt. You stared at the others. At first it seemed as if you were not going to let it happen, but while you were raising your eyebrows at them and cocking your head slightly, you were letting their eyes feast on your arse as it was gradually and … ever … so … slowly … revealed.

John was first to make a move, he stood behind you and reached down with outstretched hands and touched your arse - a cheek in each hand. Your knickers were halfway down your cheeks and as he massaged your bum he pushed your knickers a little further down with each circular motion.

Will was next and he stood in front of you sandwiching you between himself and John. He slipped his hands down the sides of your knickers and both men gradually moved forward towards each other until both your front and back were pressed against them. It was difficult to see exactly what was happening but, as they massaged you, your knickers slid slowly downwards until they were at the top of your legs, and, whilst they were still covering your pussy, your beautiful arse was almost completely exposed (but for the hands that were all over it).

Mike approached from one side and Dave from the other. Now you were completely surrounded and I could see almost nothing of what was happening. Now the hands did not seem to be confined to caressing your arse. Mike and Dave went down on their knees and, taking a leg each, they ran their hands upwards from your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thigh… higher and higher until their hands were brushing against your mound. They were alternating so that they didn't arrive at the same time. Each time they pushed against your knickers it caused you to catch your breath. This encouraged them to push harder against your sex each time they arrived at the top of your leg.

As these men massaged and stroked you, your body began to sway ever so slightly as if you were about to dance again but I knew it was more with the sensation of the hands that were caressing you.

All this time Jason had been watching from his seat in the leather armchair. He stood up and gently moved the others aside to get access to you. He slowly turned you around so that you were facing away from him. He sat down again and pulled you back so once again you were sitting on his lap, this time with your knickers still in a roll at the top of your thigh.

Almost imperceptibly you ground your hips downward into Jason's lap.

Jason's hands began to wander over your body as the others moved closer to touch every part of you. They were caressing you body from head to toe. They stroked your ankles and calves, your thighs, your waist, your arms and your breasts. And now we could all see how you were rotating your hips onto Jason's covered hardness.

Your short dress was now riding even higher up and Jason began to brush your mound through the thin material of your knickers.

I moved so that I could see Jason's hand and I could see that whilst you were pretending not to be excited, your body was betraying you.

"O-mi-god - I think Monica is completely turned on..." Jason said to us all.

You said nothing. Ever so slowly, Jason started to reach around and slowly moved his hand down to your sopping pussy. You not only didn't try to stop him, you slowly, but positively arched your back to make it easier for him to reach.

"Let's make sure," whispered Jason as he curled his middle finger into your pussy and pushed it in to the second knuckle. You sucked in air as his digit worked inside, parting each moist fold. He started massaging your swollen clit with his thumb.

"Oh my god, she is soaked!" He informed us gently but unable to hide his excitement. "Oh my god, that is hot, wet and tight". From where I was - I could see that, in slowly pushing his finger in and out of your pussy, he had caused your juices to run down your thighs. We all just stood and watched.

That's when I was sure the flush on your cheeks was not from embarrassment but from your building lust at the anticipation of what would happen next. You closed your eyes and just allowed Jason to push his finger slowly in and out. Your knickers were to one side and his middle finger slowly curled all the way in and then all the way out. Despite the music playing we could all hear how wet you were.

After what seemed like minutes, you opened your eyes to looked at me as if half expecting me to stop it, but instead I took your hand and held it. Slowly I pulled on your hand and brought you to your feet as Jason let his finger slip from you. I slowly ushered you over to the other armchair. - God you looked delicious. Your dress was riding high on your waist - your knickers were rolled up making a thin line around the top of your fantastic legs and under your shelf like butt. Your heels and stockings accentuated how perfect your legs are.

I think you imagined what was about to happen. You remembered flashes of the conversation before you started playing poker for the second time "4 pink chips …to touch you anywhere… with our tongues." Nobody needed to tell you where they wanted to touch you - you knew, I knew - we all knew.

Before I made you sit down in the armchair I stood behind you and slipped my arms around you. I reached down with my right hand and slipped it under your knickers and against your mound. As I did this my breath almost stopped - your knickers were drenched and your pussy simply leaked your juices as I pressed my middle finger against it.

I desperately wanted to taste you and I didn't care that we had an audience. But I knew that I had to take things slowly as you were under a spell which might be broken at any moment.

I curled my middle finger up inside you to keep your concentration there and as i rocked it in and out i moved around you to kiss you. You kissed me back urgently and, whilst you did, I took your knickers in my left hand and pushed them down as far as I could without breaking our kiss.

Now your pussy was on show and I slowly moved to the side of you so that you were exposed to the excited crowd.

Your eyes closed and you held them shut in pleasure as I continued to finger fuck you. Dave stepped forward and slowly pulled your knickers from your thighs down to your ankles and you stepped out of them.

I backed you up against the armchair and without taking my finger from your pussy I lowered you down until you were sitting on the edge of the chair. I moved between your legs and knelt in front of you. As I moved my head towards you, however, your legs barely parted. I slipped a second finger inside your pussy and put my tongue against your clit and as I licked you, you relaxed - first a little and then more. I circled your clit with my tongue until I could feel you slightly arching your hips towards me. When you did, I flicked at your button - exactly how you like it.

With my left hand on your chest I carefully pushed you backwards in the chair so that your body was more horizontal and, as I continued to work your pussy with my fingers and tongue, your eyes closed and your head slowly tilted back. I told you to keep your eyes closed.

At this moment I remember thinking about the times when we are in bed and I start to talk dirty about you taking on more than one man. Your body betrays you in those moments and you become instantly electrified with excitement. Your hips begin to grind into me and your breath shortens. As I talk about you taking one man after another, your body begins to buck against mine, trying to force my cock deeper and trying to grind your clit against my pubic bone. And when I talk about your mouth, pussy and ass being filled with hot spunk your body begins to shudder in orgasm. Just seeing how excited those thoughts made you was a massive turn-on. I loved seeing you turned on and I loved how your body and sexual being took you over, making you do things you would otherwise never dream of.

I wondered whether you were already thinking that far ahead, but I concluded that you were still existing in the moment or you would have stopped yourself. I thought that if I could just get you past the point of no return I would finally see whether you were capable of totally releasing the sexy animal that undoubtedly lurks just beneath your sophisticated and calm exterior.

Will was now standing close and was ready to quickly swap with me. Keeping my fingers in your pussy I moved to kiss you again - our lips locked and you thrust your tongue into my mouth. I took my fingers from your pussy and brought them to your lips and you greedily sucked them clean of your juices. As you were doing that I motioned to Will with my other hand.

"Will has just given me this" I said to you as I showed you a pink chip - you opened your eyes briefly to look at it. "That means he gets to touch you wherever he wants ... with his tongue. He is currently sitting between your legs with his mouth just a fraction of an inch from your pussy," I carried on quietly but firmly. "He is desperate to lick you but wants to be sure that's what you want."

You could now feel Will's hot breath close to your sex, "If you want to pay off your debts you need to offer your pussy to him." I continued.

"If you want to stop then you need to reach down and cover your pussy with your hands" said Will, taking over from where I left off.

"It's up to you" I said as I got up and, as I did, I leant over you and kissed you deeply. You kissed me back forcefully and urgently, sticking your tongue deep into my mouth and tasting your sex on me.

The room was completely still as we waited for your response.

Slowly, you moved your hands towards your pussy and we all were sure the evening’s entertainment was about to end. Your hands paused momentarily at your pussy as if they would cover it...

I asked you later what was going through your mind at this moment and you said "lots of things... Firstly, I knew I was wet. I was desperately turned on in fact. I had spent the best part of an hour wiggling my arse onto a variety of hard cocks. Secondly, I knew that if I stopped you'd take me back to our room and fuck my brains out. Whatever happened, I was definitely going to get an orgasm. Thirdly, I was feeling in control, so i knew I could stop at any time. And finally I really wanted my pussy licked."

And with that final thought, instead of your hands stopping over your sopping pussy, they continued moving until they were hooked behind your knees and then you started to pull your knees up with your legs still splayed wide.

'Fucking hell' I thought - you're actually opening your legs for him and offering him the easiest of accesss.

At that precise moment, Will leaned forward and locked his mouth around your clit. As I moved away, I saw Will start to suck on your clit. You moaned in pleasure and as you did Will began to tongue-fuck your pussy, reaching into you as far as he could.
It was fabulous to see you so very turned on.

Will lashed at your clit with his tongue for what seemed like forever until I saw John stand up with a pink chip between his fingers. John moved over to the side of the armchair to speak to you.

"How about having my tongue next?" he asked. You didn't respond. Instead you reached around his neck and pulled his face towards yours. You kissed him passionately, leaving us all in no doubt that you wanted his tongue inside you.
And then, seamlessly, Will and John swapped. Will stood up and leaned over you and he too kissed you as he left - you responded to him with the same enthusiasm you had me. A pattern was established, we were all to kiss you immediately after we had tasted you. And each of them were to experience the excitement that I do when we kiss. The electricity, the urgency of your tongue as it probes deeply into my mouth, and now with new men, each with the sweet taste of your pussy on their lips and tongue.

John was now in position, his broad shoulders forcing your legs wider. He was obviously good at it as you lifted your legs high and wide to let him get complete access to your clit, and your mouth hung open as he circled it with the tip of his tongue.

You began to moan softly, not wishing us to see you were turned on, but that was impossible. Whatever John was doing with his tongue was obviously working as your hips were bucking and writhing at his face. Maybe you were simply thinking about the fact that in the last 10 minutes three men had buried their heads between your legs and three more were standing in line. You later told me that what really turned you on was thinking of his girlfriend squaring up to you earlier and knowing that her precious man was now on his knees between your long legs.

Mike was next. He didn't even have a pink chip. He simply leaned over you and waited for you to put your arm around his neck and pull his lips towards yours which you did. However, your disappointment as John made way for Mike was apparent. But Mike too made you push down onto his tongue, this time his fingers pushed inside you as he licked. First one finger, then two and then he moved his head back so we could all see his index and middle finger slowly fuck you.

All I could think, as you were letting him make a spectacle of your sopping pussy, was that you wanted him to.

Dave was next and was the fifth person to taste your pussy. As he started, Mike was letting you suck your juices off his fingers, which you did willingly. Dave meanwhile jabbed his tongue at your entrance and buried his face in your sex. I knew, by the pressure his face was patently exerting that he was pushing his tongue into you as far as he could and swirling it around, lapping up your juices.

Finally, Jason had his turn. All the time you had been lying further back in the leather armchair - as each took their turn you spread your legs wider, making it easier for them to kneel in front of you and pleasure you.

As Jason licked you, your ass was right at the edge of the armchair, your legs were hooked over the arms. You showed us every intimate part of you. We could all see how excited Jason was; his trousers were unable to disguise his pleasure.

Jason's little finger was locked straight and began teasing your arse. As he licked I recognised the tell tale shift of your body as you centered his finger and pushed down on it slowly allowing it to enter ever so slightly. Jason moved his fingers allowing two and then three to enter your pussy whilst his little finger dipped into your arse to the first knuckle.

With his fingers safely stashed in your tight pussy and arse, Jason moved to kiss you. You met his tongue eagerly with yours. And god did you kiss him… your tongues thrust back and forth into each others mouths and all the time he was working his fingers further and further into you. Just as his little finger reached the last possible knuckle he returned his tongue to your clit.

Looking back, this was the moment where there was no turning back, your breathing quickened and your body started to rock to take his fingers further and further inside you. You no longer cared that we were all watching. You wanted to orgasm with his fingers in your pussy, and your arse gently splayed as his tongue lashed against your clit.
But Jason wanted to make a spectacle of the event and pulled you to your feet. He began attacking your pussy from every conceivable angle. As we were all going to discover later, Jason liked to flip his women between positions. He was like an accomplished porn star; incredible stamina with an eye for what looked good. He also knew exactly what he was doing and I don't doubt he could have given you an earth shattering orgasm whenever wanted. For now, however, he simply wanted to make a show for all of us to watch.

As you stood, he crouched down and pushed his head between your legs and forced his tongue upwards to reach your clit. He drove his tongue in and out, forwards and backwards, round and around and from side to side. You pressed down to increase the sensation, and, as you did, Jason began to lower his body to the floor.

Soon you were squatting right over him, your knees were apart and your pussy pressed against his mouth as he lay on his back. You were facing his feet and we, depending on our viewpoint, could either see the delicious outline of your arse as it hovered above his face or your neatly trimmed pussy. But all of us could see his expert tongue go to work on you.

I could sense that your thighs were beginning to give way, and, at the moment I thought it, Jason swiftly moved to flip you into a new position.

Within moments he had you on all fours on the sofa with your rounded arse pushed towards him. He quickly sank his tongue into you. Then he took his index finger and started to tease your arsehole. He pressed gently against it as he licked your slit. Then he twisted round and moved his head under under you so he could attack your mound and press against it. He moved his right hand and stuffed two fingers into your pussy and started to rock them in and out.

Jason kept his rhythm and you started to moan - your breath shortened - your moaning got louder and with a sudden grunt of joy your body started to convulse with pleasure. All the muscles in your body tightened and you shook as your orgasm started. The orgasm swept through you, your body arched with it as if it was passing through you like a wave . And it did not stop. You continued to cum and just carried on shaking until the biggest and longest orgasm I have ever seen you have gradually subsided.

Jason slowly stood up facing you.

When your eyes eventually opened, Jason was standing right in front of you holding the £100 pink chip.

"You have one more debt to pay Monica" he said calmly.

You were still flushed from your orgasm but had regained enough of your senses to know what was being asked of you. You looked at me to see my reaction but I gave none.

"Why don't you just get it out Monica? All you have to do is lick it a little and the debt is settled" said Jason.

You looked at me again - this time I half nodded at you and smiled as if to say -‘it's ok, just lick the thing and get it done.'

Without a word, you turned round and sat forward and began to rub his bulge through his trousers. It seemed to extend halfway down his leg and you traced it with your fingers from his balls to the tip.

You didn't take your eyes off it. You first struggled with his zip, but he moved your hands and helped you to unzip him. I watched transfixed as you reached in to take out his cock. Jason let out a slight moan at the sheer ecstasy of your touch.

Your jaw visibly dropped when you saw the size of it. It was just as big as I had imagined from his bulge. Your hand could not close around it and it would have taken four of your delicate hands to completely cover its length. Your eyes remained riveted to it. He stepped forward a little and his cock bounced at eye level in front of you.

"Before you lick it" said Jason "would you just stroke it a little?"

You actually didn't need to be asked as, the moment you had released it, your hand had naturally started to stroke it up and down and, due to it's size, your other hand had joined in.

You worked at it with your hands and with it just brushing your lips you pushed back the skin to expose the shiny head which was slick with pre-cum. You started to stroke him but, as it throbbed and strained, you could not get your fingers around the shaft sufficiently to keep it in your grasp. It took both your hands to keep it under control and, as you stroked it, it appeared to grow in length and girth. It was rock hard and perfectly straight and full of excitement. As you worked on it you kept stopping momentarily to marvel at how big it actually was.

It was such a sexy sight. Your semi-naked body sitting at the edge of the armchair, your legs wide apart either side of Jason's, your hands corkscrewing up and down his impressive dick. The tension in the room was palpable. No-one made a sound and we watched as you slowly looked up at Jason.

"So where do you want me to lick you Jason?" you said provocatively and with a wicked smile.

"Here?" and as you said it, you slowly licked from his balls to the tip leaving a glistening trail along his massive cock with the tip of your tongue.

"Here?" you said as you flattened your tongue and licked across the purple head of his engorged cock.

"Or here...?" this time pushing your tongue to a point and licking the tip of him and pushing gently against the opening at the tip of his penis.

Jason smiled. "I think you'll find that the deal was that you would lick whoever won where he wanted." You looked at him slightly confused.

Jason smiled again "I want you to lick the head of my cock with the back of your tongue while the tip of your tongue licks as far down the shaft as you can."

You had known you were not going to get away with just 'licking', and Jason was making it very clear he expected you to take his massive shaft in your mouth.

"Put your tongue out Monica." He ordered, and, because you could not think of what else to do, you complied. Jason placed the tip of his cock on your outstretched tongue and pushed it forward until the massive head started to force your lips to stretch around it. Jason very slowly started to move his big dick in and out.

As Jason was beginning to fuck your mouth I wondered how long you would have to let him fuck it before the bet was paid.

You looked directly at me. Without breaking my gaze you slowly allowed his massive dick to part your lips until the head was completely engulfed. Your pretty mouth was stretched to the limit, but despite its size, you began to suck him in and out and all the while your hands never missed a stroke.

Jason was in ecstasy "OOOhhh my God!!! Jesus! Oh my god that feels good!!!" God I knew that feeling, I knew Jason was getting the cocksucking of his life. You had learned to deepthroat with your first boyfriend. As a much more experienced man he had told you that that was what you should be able to do and you had told me that he had taught you to control your gag reflex and how to contract your throat to send pulses of pleasure to the cock in your mouth. It had taken you some time to be able to deepthroat me in the same way as I was considerably larger than any of your exes and Jason was considerably larger still. But you resolutely allowed Jason to fuck your mouth deeper and deeper without backing off in the slightest.

"O-mi-god" Jason kept repeating "That is incredible…"

Watching you take more and more of Jason's enormous dick in your mouth had caused almost total silence among the onlookers.

Mike was the first to speak "Fucking hell! She is hot!" Breaking the silence like that caused us all to suddenly stop holding our collective breath.

Will began to stroke his hard cock through his trousers - "Oh-my-god she's fucking delicious."

John, whose view was partially obscured, moved closer to get a better look - "Look at her - she's fucking amazing"

"Jesus Christ!" said Dave as he too moved closer to the action.

Your cheeks were hollowed with the effort of sucking. To demonstrate just how hard you were sucking on him you sucked hard as you moved your head back and off his pole so that it made a popping sound.

"Pop!" you held it and looked lustfully at it before enveloping him again.

"Pop!" and then you wanked him furiously for a few seconds.

"Pop…….. Pop……... Pop"

You began to look at those who were watching. You looked at each of us in turn as you worked your lips around his shaft. You were showing us what we were missing. And you made sure that you made eye contact with each of us. It might have been Jason's cock in your mouth, but, to each of the men there, you were sucking their cocks and giving them Jason's pleasure.

I recognised something as you looked at me. It was the girl who relishes a dare and who sometimes and deliciously allows the devil inside to take control. You were no longer paying back a debt, but you were putting on a show. I knew this was a one-off occasion and you were not going to let it pass without milking every drop of excitement from it. There was no plan. Neither of us knew that this was going to happen. It was just happening and it was exciting and you were just going with it. It's what makes you scintillating in and out of bed.

As you worked on him, Jason swung around to sit on the arm of the sofa. As he did, he took your hand and guided you to your feet keeping your mouth close to his thick cock. You were now standing with your legs apart slightly as you bent over him and continued to stroke and suck him.

We all stared at your perfectly round arse, but what struck me was how your pussy appeared to have opened in anticipation. It glistened with wetness and in invitation.
You moved onto the sofa and now on all fours you gobbled on his cock for all you were worth.

This was truly an amazing sight and I was incredibly turned on to watch your gorgeous mouth wrapped around someone else's thick dick. I had fantasised about it many times, but the reality was much better than I could ever have imagined.

The others moved around slightly to get a better view of your perfect arse. It bobbed provocatively as you worked your way as far down Jason's shaft as you could. Again the tension began to build… I started to realise that far from this being the end it was just the beginning - your mouth began to work his cock furiously and the slurping noises coming from your mouth clearly showed that you were loving every second.

At first I thought I was mistaken, but then you began to wiggle your delicious perfect arse towards us - swaying it, invitingly. Will didn't need it to be any clearer than it was. He moved closer and his hand dropped to between your legs cupping your mound and exploring your slit with his fingers. First one and then two fingers disappeared into your sopping pussy. Then he slid himself slowly to the floor and, leaning across the sofa and by parting your knees a little further, he was able to put his head between your legs. His nose was pressed against your ass and his tongue reached out to lick your clit and along your slit.

You barely missed a stroke on Jason's cock and began to slowly gyrate and apply pressure to Will's tongue. Because each of us had already licked you and because you were so turned on you didn't seem to care at all that he was getting seconds. Nor did you seem to care as each of us took it in turns to lick you and finger you as you sucked Jason.
Each time we changed places, you pushed your ass further out in search of the next tongue - you moaned a little each time you found one.

When finally it was my turn I was simply amazed at how wet you were. My finger slipped so easily inside as you ground down on it. As I began to lick you, you stopped sucking for a moment to ask me to fuck you. Well, rather, you simply said "What are you waiting for?"

I stripped off and placed my cock at your entrance. It was hot, and, despite its wetness, tight. I was so turned on I nearly lost it there and then. I slowly and carefully buried my cock inside you. Then I just held it there as you continued to suck Jason.

He started again to fuck your mouth slowly at first and then slightly harder and deeper. As he did, I remembered something you once told me. If you let a man fuck your mouth you are telling him he can fuck you anywhere. I knew that, you knew that and, no doubt, Jason knew that.

After a few moments I regained a little composure and I was able to move a little. We slowly developed a rhythm as I fucked you gently. You were, as ever, wet and very tight. It took a while before your pussy was able to accommodate the entire length of my long thick cock. But eventually I was fucking you as deeply as I could. I gripped the perfect curves of your hips and each stroke gradually became longer. I was so excited I had to move quite slowly at first, I was pulling out until your pussy lips were stretched around the swollen head of my dick and then working it right back in to the maximum depth. As I continued, and whilst each outward stroke was always slow and deliberate, I gradually made the inward stroke harder until each was a forceful ramming into your stretching pussy.

I suppose I wanted to show these men that it was me who owned the fantastic creature who was suddenly the object of their lust, but I also knew that, each time and the harder I pushed, I was pushing your mouth further and harder onto Jason's long thick dick.

To my knowledge that is the first time you have ever had two dicks in you at the same time, but I could tell by the moans that were being stifled by Jason's dick that you were loving every second of it. A part of your brain may have been asking you what on earth you were doing, but the delicious devil inside you was relishing every stroke, every slurping noise that escaped as you sucked and stroked Jason's enormous dick, and the fact that 4 more men were watching you.

I noticed suddenly that your pussy was sopping with excitement. Each stroke was now accompanied by a loud squelching noise. There was no hiding it - whatever your brain was saying - your body was announcing that you were loving the roasting you were getting from two big cocks. I needed to claim you, before you belonged to everyone there. I began to finger your ass while I fucked your pussy. I worked my index finger as far in as I could. Your moans became louder and I knew the thought of the audience seeing me finger your arse was turning you on as much as the sensation.

God I was desperate to fuck your tight little asshole, in front of them all, there and then, but I couldn't continue as I knew I would explode and the spell would be broken - so I withdrew. You turned round instantly and momentarily to see why I had stopped.
"Why are you stopping?" you said breathlessly and with a certain amount of frustration.
Jason was quick to take his opportunity and disengaged his cock from your mouth and moved behind you. His cock seemed to have grown from all the sucking. It was now completely rigid. When Jason had held his hands about a foot apart earlier that night, I hadn't thought to believe it, but it was quite true.

He placed his tip at your entrance and located it between your moist lips.

As he did so, he said calmly and firmly. "Ok, Monica, your debts are all paid off. You can stop now if you want or you can keep going." You immediately tried to back down onto his cock. But, as you did, he moved with you, stopping you from getting what you wanted. You tried ramming your ass back. You desperately wanted that fucking big cock in you but Jason just kept teasing you by pulling away every time you tried to impale yourself on it.

He just kept the tip of his huge cock right at your entrance and instead of plunging it into you he spoke again. "I can see you want to fuck me and, to be frank, I want to fuck you, but you have got a lot of my friend's dicks hard in this room and there is a lot of tension. So I say again, you have a choice. You can stop now or you can keep going. It's up to you."

He beckoned Mike over to stand in front of you. You knew what he wanted and what you wanted. You desperately wanted Jason's dick in your pussy and if you had to drain Mike's cock to get to it so be it. You would finish him off in a few seconds and soon you'd be sinking your pussy onto Jason's huge pole.

You reached out and started to unbutton Mike's flies. His cock sprang out and you grasped it with your right hand and slowly started to stroke him.

It immediately hardened even more to a size similar to my own. Just shorter than 10 inches and quite thick.

"Will," said Jason, "let's see if she can handle two at once".

You looked up at Will as Jason beckoned him further forward. "Ok", you thought to yourself as you imagined how Jason's dick would feel. As you did, you dropped to your knees and began to stroke Mike a little firmer than before. You momentarily stopped as Will arrived. His bulge was evident and you traced its length before starting to unzip him.
You reached inside to massage his length and released it for us all to see. It was a good size and ever so slightly larger than Mike's.

You looked up at the two strong handsome men in front of you and took one in each hand. You didn't rush. Each had a sizeable pole and whilst they were hard you knew you could get them harder still and you rhythmically stroked them.

It might have been obvious before then, but I think it was at this moment that I realised Jason intended you to drain every drop of cum from all of us. I wondered if Jason would limit your involvement with others to blowjobs or whether anyone was going to feel that tight pussy of yours softly but firmly gripping them to a climax.

And there you were, on your knees, two fit, good looking men standing side by side in front of you. Your perfect body bobbed as you stroked them. You seemed to be sizing them up and comparing them. Each was big but almost as if you were weighing them you worked out that Will's was the biggest and decided to take them in size order.

You licked the pre-cum from Mike's swollen cock-head and tried it for size. Compared to Jason this was a breeze and you could tell that you could take most of it. Will had his tip licked clean next and you wrapped your mouth around it as if to confirm your earlier assessment.

You looked at Mike and took Will in your willing and eager mouth and then vice versa. It was incredible to watch as you pulled them closer. You disappointed neither and let them take turns to fuck your face. You brought each to the edge, and then Jason spoke.

"Ok boys, she wants a mouthful of spunk. She's begging for it. And when you've spunked all over her pretty face I'm going to fuck her. Now Monica prove to me you want to be fucked..."

With that you tipped your head back and opened your mouth wide and let your tongue widen ready to receive their loads. They saw what you wanted, but, in case there was any confusion, Jason told them anyway.

"I want you to cum over her face - give her every drop you've got. Come on, come on - she wants it… you know you want it Monica …"

And then suddenly, together, they started unleashing jet after thick jet of hot spunk into your open mouth. Will jacked off several streams of warm cum which pelted your cheek, nose, and lips, Mike's cum smashed against your forehead, and dripped down your nose and cheek. You held your mouth open and flicked your tongue out to catch the flying cum. Mike and Will grunted in joy in seeing that your awesome body was covered in their spunk. A huge glob of cum hung from your chin and we all watched as it hung further and further down as gravity got hold of it.

Despite your attempts to smear it off with their cocks, wads of thick creamy spunk still covered your hair and face. And from your chin it had dripped onto your tits.

You half smiled at Jason as you just took your index finger and scraped a good dose of the mixture into your mouth and closing your lips around the base of your finger and slowly pulled it out scraping it clean. A half smile cracked across your face - the saucy pussy cat had got the cream, I thought to myself as you did, causing me to smile at you in response.

"You're not finished yet Monica" said Jason, "Dave. Come and lubricate Monica's pussy with your spunk and, while you're at it, stretch it a little as otherwise I've got no chance of getting my dick in there."

Dave stepped forward, pushing Will, who was almost doubled up with pleasure, out of the way. You hadn't thought of fucking anyone but Jason, but you needed something in your throbbing pussy. Dave would do for now. You would get to Jason next.

Dave already had his cock poking out through his open zip. Dave's cock was thick indeed and although we couldn't see the base it was not short on length. He pushed it forward towards your cum covered face and you moved your head forward to meet it. Your mouth had to stretch to its limit to accommodate it . It seemed to grow as you sucked and stroked it.

"Monica." said Jason softly "Show Dave where you want his cock."

You stopped and turned to look at Jason. You sat back and leaning on one arm you started to finger your clit with the other, using your fingers to spread your pussy lips apart as he watched.

"You want to be fucked don't you?" said Jason. "You want to me to push my massive cock into your pussy don't you?"

All you could do was almost imperceptibly nod in agreement.

"You want me to fuck you while your boyfriend watches my big dick pounding in and out?"

Nothing escaped your lips. But you didn't disagree either.

You turned back to Dave and started to suck him again.

You looked up at him and wanked him hard.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy" he told you.

With that Dave edged back onto the sofa and sat down. He guided you forward so that you straddled him, cowgirl style, and you slowly lowered yourself onto him. "This is going to feel so good, so good." he whispered as you closed your eyes and slowly worked the strange cock into your hot pussy. Your pussy stretched to accommodate the fat prick. You slowly moved up and down, each time going a little further and letting him thrust back and push deeper into you.

"C'mon Dave fuck her pussy!" Jason said quietly to him as if he were the only person in the room, but we all heard it.

He did as he was told. You wriggled in pleasure as he forced deeper into you until he was buried to the hilt, his balls banging against your arse. His size caused you to let out a massive groan as he pushed in right to the hilt until you were stuffed completely with a big thick cock. He started thrusting, and grinding his hips upwards into you forcing his way in even deeper. As he pulled out your tight pussy lips were pulled too and then as he thrust into you they were squashed as he continued driving his cock into your willing pussy.

"Come on - fuck her" Jason said to him just audibly.

"Come on - cum in her" - as Jason spoke you looked directly at him and as you did you began to build up pace.Beads of sweat appeared on both of you as you slammed down harder on Dave's thick dick meeting his upward thrusts. And each time it looked as if both of you were at your limit Jason commanded him " harder,", " deeper".

As we watched I could see that already Mike and Will were hard again, each stroking themselves - each lost in their thoughts. You bounced up and down as you rode Dave's fat cock harder and harder.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum." Dave said suddenly forcing himself deeply into you. "Yes Dave, do it." said Jason as you moaned, still trying to impale yourself further onto him. You wiggled from side to side, your eyes tightly closed. Dave started to grunt in pleasure and he convulsed as he came inside you. He involuntarily continued to pump for what seemed like forever. His hands released their grip on your firm ass. He was spent and he collapsed onto his side. You slowly dislodged yourself from him and rolled off and onto your back next to him.

"Ok" said Jason "You just need to drain John and then I'm all yours".

All this time John had been watching from one of the chairs at the poker table. At this moment he brought it closer and turned it to face you directly. You looked spent - you were covered in sweat and your hair was matted with cum. But he just guided your hands to the bulge in his trousers. As soon as you touched it you looked straight at him. It felt massive and, despite the fact that you felt shattered, you wanted to see it. You unbuckled his trousers and reached in - although you pulled, it was not until you used both hands that you were able to free it.

John's cock was hard, but too heavy to support itself completely and it pointed at 45 degrees towards the floor. You grasped his enormous cock with both hands and lifted it upwards so that it was pointing directly at your face and then you gripped it firmly and squeezed it hard.

"Fucking Hell" you said as you started to work your hands from the base to the tip.

John's was almost as huge as Jason's was. As with Jason you had to use both hands to slowly wank him. To my amazement, as you did this, the veins in John's dick started protruding along the full length of his shaft. John had one rugged cock. The ridges and veins would surely excite you from the inside.

We all watched as you lowered your head and began to lick up and down the sides of his cock, then you tried to get his huge dick into your mouth. Before you could really start though, Jason stopped you by touching your shoulder. He shook his head gently at you. "I want you to take it in your pussy," he told you.

You slowly pushed John's thigh to remove him from your mouth but your lips clung tightly to his shaft as you did. This time though, his monster dick did not sag at all. Even though it no longer had your hands to support it, it pointed skywards.

John sat down and held his thick cock vertically and it jutted out from his groin. You climbed onto the sofa so you were straddling him and knelt on cushions so that your pussy was just rubbing the tip of John's cock, you began to lower yourself down onto this mighty phallus; I could see you were dripping wet and your pussy juices and Dave's cum were thankfully lubricating John's tool. Your pussy lips began to spread wider and wider apart as you took more and more of him inside you

Inch by inch, you took John's dick. We could hear moaning as you did "Oh god you're so fucking big." You didn't, you couldn't take him fully the first time, but, as you started bucking up and down on him, you gradually took more and more of his length, I could tell because you were leaving a shiny ring of juices around his shaft that was getting further and further down. John grabbed your ass cheeks and finally pulled you right down his length. You let out a squeal of both pain and pleasure, and John started to fuck the living daylights out of you. John slowed down his fucking rhythm and pulled your ass cheeks apart rubbing his finger over your tight little ass. I was surprised to see you try and sit back slightly so his finger tip slid into your ass.

With your hands on his chest you squatted over him and rode him furiously to a conclusion. His whole body shook as he came and it looked like he pumped a gallon of spunk into you he was shaking for so long… and as he shook and pumped another load of cum inside you. You orgasmed again.

Jason immediately pounced. He moved towards you and placed the tip of his massive dick at your entrance. God it suddenly looked huge against your tight body, notwithstanding that John's dick must have been the biggest you'd ever had until that point. He took hold of his cock by the base and rubbed the head against your pussy lips smearing cum and your juices around the tip to lubricate it.

He smiled at you lying there with your legs spread and pushed against your pussy.

Nothing happened except your lips splayed and depressed with the force he was exerting. He stopped to smear more juices on his dick and tried again. This time the head disappeared and you let out a huge sigh.

"Omigod - you're fucking huge…" you gasped.

He pulled out a little, but your lips were now locked around him and they stretched and hung on to him. This time when he pushed a further two inches penetrated you. Another moan escaped from your mouth. "Omigod …"

Jason kept working away… each time a little more of his huge cock went inside and each time your moans got louder. And then he was buried to the hilt. He was in… and he was fucking you. He owned your pussy and he owned you.

"God your pussy is tight…" said Jason as he fucked you. As he fucked you, we could hear his massive dick forcing out Dave's cum from within. He pulled almost all the way out and held it there… slam - right back inside as far as he could go. Slam…….. slam ……. slam ……slam …..slam ….slam ….slam, slam, slam…He was having the time of his life. He owned your pussy… he was fucking you in pleasure, but also to show you that you were his.

He said nothing, but I could see it in his face with each thrust… "Take that ….", "and that", "and that", over and over he smashed your tight pussy with his massive dick. The sight of his huge brute of a dick making you whimper was a massive turn on.

Jason flipped you over onto all fours and gripped your hips firmly - for the next minute or so he fucked you furiously - with each thrust a short sound of pleasure came from your mouth almost as if his cock was forcing the sound out. It looked amazing that your small body could take a dick that big, thrusting that hard, but you remained there with your tight body arched and your eyes screwed up moaning with pleasure as Jason fucked you royally. He pounded you mercilessly and all you would do was moan… over and over again.

Suddenly it was ‘showtime' again as Jason took charge of your body. He flipped you and fucked you from every angle. He first bent your flexible legs back until your feet were touching your ears. Your pussy was splayed wide and he took his cock right out and plunged it back in over and over again. Then he lay next to you on the sofa and brought your legs together and fucked you from the side.

When he was through with that position he lifted you up and fucked you while he held onto you. He carried you over to the bar and fucked you standing up. He lifted you on to the bar and fucked you like a pornstar.

Then he lay on the bar and had you squat onto his dick. You put your hands on his chest to support some of your weight and then began to move your hips up and down to massage his long thick shaft with your pussy. You moved up so that his tip was almost disengaged and then you lowered yourself until he was all the way inside and then you repeated the move again only this time you paused a little longer at the top of your stroke and quickened your descent. Jason was loving how you loved being in control of his sensation.

You rode his mighty cock in this position for several minutes until his dick was dripping with your juices. Jason then stopped you at the bottom of your stroke and, holding on to you, he swung his legs over the side of the bar and dropped down to the floor forcing his dick ever further into you. He placed your bum on a bar stool and continued to fuck you.

He was giving you a right good seeing to, but it turned out that he had barely started.

Next he turned you round and fucked you from behind as you leaned against the bar. He slammed into you with your legs together and then he lifted one of your legs so we could all see him driving his cock into your willing pussy.

Then, in a flash, you were back on all fours.

Jason grunted as he bent over your back and slammed into you, grabbing both your tits with his hands. You screamed in pleasure this time as your pussy clenched his cock. Jason worked his massive member in and out of you as quickly as he could, and your moans soon grew in intensity and frequency until you convulsed as your orgasm took hold of you. Jason saw that you had gone over the edge and simply quickened and deepened the pace as you rode and rode the orgasm on and on and on. Juice gushed and sprayed from you as you came, forced out from you by the savage slam fucking you were getting.

That was the first time I ever saw you cum from pure power fucking and I think you were as surprised as I was. Jason, without even touching your clit, had just fucked your pussy into total submission.

Jason finally stopped to recover his breath and disengaged his enormous dick from you yet still sporting a massive erection. But he was not finished.

"How about I fucked your tight arse?" said Jason as you looked at him.

It was a rhetorical question and you knew it. You raised your arse high and put your shoulders to the ground. My god it looked fantastic, your freshly fucked pussy was puffed out and glistening with your juices and cum. Jason needed no second invitation and placed his dick against your arse.

For a split second I had slightly mixed emotions that a man we had just met was about to take the thing that had until then been wholly mine. It was the fact that I had fucked your arse that gave me ownership of you… I was the only one who had spunked deep in your ass and, whilst that remained true, you were mine. But now that exclusivity was under threat from Jason's careful but forceful probing.

You realised what he was going to do and protested that it was too big. He ignored you and told you to relax as he slowly rocked back and forth and just kept probing. Then he was in, the head of his cock inside your arse. I didn't think it was possible, but the cum acted as a fine lubricant. You tensed and then started to relax. Jason started moving again pushing a bit deeper, you tensed again but relaxed quickly.

You grimaced slightly and told him not to move. Jason stopped momentarily but soon started to work his dick further and further inside. It was very gentle compared with the savage fucking your pussy had just experienced, but he was in your arse and Jason knew, as we did ,that he needed to take things slow. Soon the pain would subside a little and he could begin to demolish your ass in the same way he had your pussy.

Jason slowly built up the pace. His gentle strokes grew faster and deeper and I could see the slight grimace had gone from your face
You turned to him "you can fuck it a bit harder now".

"That's it Jason", "You can fuck it as hard as you like".

Jason was now banging into your tight arse for all he was worth, and then without realising what I was doing I heard myself speaking out loud.

"Come on Jason.. . fuck her arse, fuck her arse… fuck it … cum in that perfect tight arse…"

Jason grabbed on to your hips and slammed forward into your anus. I knew what he was feeling. Your anal muscle was pulsating around his throbbing dick, trying to push him back out.

You started to become very vocal, urging him on as he fucked your arse with long powerful thrusts. He looked as if he was about to explode and stopped suddenly.

Jason's strong arms suddenly gripped your hips firmly and he lifted you up whilst still keeping his massive dick safely stashed in your tight arse. He then manoeuvred his hands until they were hooked under your legs and slowly stood up as he lifted you with him. I could see his cock was about three quarters of the way up your arse and your open pussy was on show for all to see.

Jason had the strength to lift you until his cock tip was almost visible and then to pump you up and down.I have no idea what it felt like but you didn't give the impression it was painful, quite the opposite. You had a look of deep satisfaction and concentration and I realised you were about to cum again.Your body shook for the umpteenth time that night.

Jason slowed and stopped to allow you to catch your breath but his dick remained in your arse.

Jason slowly moved backwards and began to sit down slowly on the armchair. The final part of his movement was sudden however and the jolt as he hit the chair caused his dick to be buried in your arse to the hilt. With that, Jason, with his arms still hooked behind your knees lay backwards so that you were lying with your back against his chest. Your legs were spread wide and whilst your arse was quite full anyone who wanted access to your pussy could just do whatever they wanted.

I knew what Jason had in mind. He and I were the only ones left with full loads of spunk and I could see exactly how this was going to end… and I wanted it. Within seconds I was kneeling in front of you and slowly pushing my cock into your cum filled and well fucked pussy. The fact of Jason's massive dick in your arse however, made your pussy tighter than ever.

Cock in pussy, cock in arse, pussy, arse, pussy, arse, pussy, arse. Our rhythm built and we fucked you like that for several minutes.

The others were loving the show - "Jesus Christ" said Mike "she is so horny". I was aware that as we fucked you the others had been stroking their dicks again. Every so often one of them would lean over you so you could suck the remaining contents of their balls from them. I didn’t count the number of loads you swallowed in this way, but I guessed everyone, other than Jason and I, had given you a second helping.

Your mouth hung open and with each thrust you said "oh god", "oh god", "oh-my-god".

You started saying "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God" over and over as Jason pushed his cock deeper into your arse. As he buried it fully into you, you started saying loudly "fuck me, fuck me hard". Jason began to thrust in and out of your arse as I started thrusting into your widely stretched pussy. Jason was fucking your arse faster and harder. By now you were loving every inch and every second.

"Fuck harder!" you yelled out as Jason and I were thrusting our cocks in and out of your body. You swore and moaned while we had our way with your delicious body.

"I want to be filled with your cum!" you yelled out. "Harder, harder, HARDER!"

And then at the same time we both pushed inside, filling you to the brim. Your body shuddered as you came almost instantly. Jason and I came at the same time. More spunk shot inside you from both directions. Jason was grunting as he started shooting his spunk into your arse and I shot a second lot of cum deep into your pussy, filling your pussy with my spunk. You could see Jason's cum leaking out of your stretched arsehole. As you disentangled yourself I could see cum running in rivulets down both legs.

We all looked at the messy gaping holes we had made of your ass and pussy and then we all dressed quietly. Without speaking we returned to our hotel room.

In the morning I went to breakfast on my own. The poker crowd, except for Jason, were all there with their girlfriends. No-one mentioned the previous night and we acted more like old friends, except I knew we'd never see any of them again and your secret... our secret... was safe.

When I got back to our room you were incredibly horny and pulled me onto the bed.

As we made love we talked about the previous night. I remarked that you were still wet; you just smiled at our video camera whose red light, unknown to me, was blinking on the dresser.

When I came inside you, you smiled again knowing my cum was mixing with Jason's. Had I known this I would have realised why he hadn't made breakfast.

You lay there sated and happy – and looking forward to watching a ‘film’ at home with me later.


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