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Dad takes his realtionship with daughter to next level
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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey - “Dad that cannot happen Again”
Prior: Kelsey - “Paying The Rent”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad – this is like really SICK.”
Prior: Kelsey – “This Crazy. We can’t do it here.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad. Please, NOT the Belt.”

(Bob’s treatment of his daughter Kelsey has reached the depths of depravity even as he
has found love with the teen store clerk Ali who was friends with Kelsey. Ali and Bob have begun their first sexual encounter while watching a sex tape of Kelsey with her Dad.)

I started the tape of Kelsey giving me a blowjob.
“This is absolutely awesome.” Laughed Ali.

Ali reached for my crotch and started to rub me. The next thing I knew she
had my zipper open and had my cock in her hand. She was stroking my cock,
giving me a lovely hand job while she stared into my eyes.

She snuggled up real close. “I hope this feels good.”
All the while we watched Kelsey sucking my dick on TV.
Ali was laughing. “I love this. I can’t wait to see another.”

We looked around to see Kelsey watching us and seeing herself on the tape.”
I never saw her that mad and red in the face.


I can’t believe you are watching that tape. You two are like totally sicko’s.
“Ali, you better be gone when I get up.” Kelsey screamed and left.

Ali and I looked at each other and we broke out laughing.
“Play It again Sam.” Ali smiled.
I started the tape of Kelsey sucking and gagging on my cock.
Ali pulled off my pants and shorts. Slowly she stripped off her shorts and
panties, treating me to a short striptease.

Ali knelt over me guiding herself onto me. It was the fit of a fine glove.
We were one as our hands held each other hips tight.

I felt so good inside her, we made love on the couch and then retired to my bedroom.
We woke up in each other’s arms, as crazy as it sounds I truly felt I found real love.

Damn, Ali looked beautiful. Just like in a movie she wore one of my shirts hanging down
to the top of her thighs. We went to the kitchen where I made some coffee and we

“WHATS THAT BITCH STILL DOING HERE.” Kelsey came into the kitchen and was in
a rage to find Ali still there.

Kelsey rushed Ali and raised her had to slap her. I grabbed Kelsey’s arm and twisted it behind her back.
“Kelsey, watch your mouth, you may be talking to your new MOM.” I yelled at her.
“New MOM, are you fucking crazy, she is my age.”

I slapped Kelsey across her bitch mouth.
“I said watch you slut tongue.”
Her face scarlet red, Kelsey was trembling.
“Kelsey, Ali and I are hungry, rustle up some breakfast. “
“Yea Kelsey, all that loving makes us hungry.” Mocked Ali.
“I think eggs and toast with some bacon would be good.”
“Scrambled OK for you Ali.”
“Sounds good Bob.”
I slapped Kelsy’s ass. Get a move on, now. We are hungry.

Ali and I looked into each other’s eyes. We sipped our coffee and watched
the bitch Kelsey making our breakfast.
Ali leaned over and whispered in my ear an idea for after breakfasts. I smiled and
shook my head. “Great idea luv.”

I have to admit Kelsey cooked up a good breakfast and kept the coffee coming.
Ali and I chatted, our eyes kept meeting, our hands touched. After we
we enjoyed our wonderful first breakfast as lovers it was time for a shower.
“Kelsey, clean up and then we have something we need you for.”
“Dad, I have things to do today.” “ Put that shit on hold, we have a busy day.”
Kelsey knew better than to complain.

Kelsey cleaned up and started to walk off. “Where you going, I told you we had plans.”
I grabbed her by the hair as Ali and I made our way to the bathroom as I dragged Kelsey
behind us. Ali and I removed our clothes. “Strip, I yelled at Kelsey as I turned on the water.

Ali and stood under the warm shower with the bitch Kelsey on her knees between us.
I pushed Kelsey’s mouth on my cock. Ali grabbed her hair and pushed Kelsey’s face
on to her mound. Back and forth we used Kelsey’s mouth to pleasure us.

Ali and I kissed and ran our hand over our bodies and Kelsey switched her mouth back and forth between us. We stepped out of the shower and I put Ali’s beautiful butt up on the sink counter. I grabbed Kelsey and moved her on the floor between us. “Lick my balls, suck on them, lick my ass.”
Ali Laughed. “Don’t forget me bitch.” “That’s it girl, tell her.” I chimed in.
As we made passionate love we could feel Kelsey’s lips and tongue licking sucking.
“Use your hands too slut.” I yelled at Kelsey.
I held myself hard inside Ali so Kelsey could lick and suck.
I could take it any longer and I satisfied myself inside Ali even as I heard her scream with pleasure.

Done we pulled apart looking down on the Kelsey, red in in the face kneeling between us.
I fed her my cock to clean off and then pushed her face into Ali to lick clean also.
Ali squeezed hard and dribbled some cum into Kelsey’s face.

“Look up at us.”
“Look up, open your mouth.”

Ali and I kissed and then we drooled together watching our saliva drip into Kelsey’s waiting mouth.
“Swallow it, let me see your mouth empty.”
“Sweet.” Ali laughed. “Pouty little Bitch.”
Ali and I smiled and kissed.
“Bob, I’d like to do it again but gotta go to work.”
“I’ll miss you, Kelsey and I have a little errand to run anyway.”
“Love You.” Ali yelled as she left. My heart jumped at those words.

“OK, Kelsey, clean up and we are taking a little trip.”
“Dad?” “Get dressed.” I said firmly.

As we drove Kelsey blurted out.
“Why are you doing this? “Mom left us, are you taking it out on me?”
“You are all I have, I do everything you want and you treat me worse than a whore.”

I can’t say for sure why or how things have developed with Kelsey.
I guess she is right. I have to think my attitudes toward her derive from my feelings toward
her Bitch mother. I see her mother in her, the whore who left me, in Kelsey.

I wanted to say something to sooth her. I thought I should say something nice but…
“Shut the fuck up. If I want to hear from you, I’ll let you know.”
I didn’t want to deal with my slut daughter. My mind was filled with my wonderful
night with Ali.

We drove toward the downtown, Kelsey had little to say until we turned into
an old warehouse area. “Dad, what are we doing down here””
“Just another block.” We rounded the corner and Kelsey gasped,
realizing why we were here.

ADULT SUPERSTORE the gaudy sign glared.
The store was in an old warehouse building. The empty lot next store was the parking lot
which had a good number of old beat up cars and about a dozen tractor-trailers.
The building had signs, advertising their goods. Videos and booths. Leather goods.
Sexual aids. A mostly motley group of men stood around outside. As I drove up with Kelsey we attracted a lot of interest and stares.

“NO NO Dad, Please.”
“DAD, Don’t make me go inside that creepy Video store.”

To Be Continued

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2015-04-28 12:36:31
My dad also died a lonely death. I was too scared of him to visit him in the hospital. Too bad.

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2013-08-06 01:37:07
Needs more detail all of the stories in this series needs it explain the sex more you seem to rush through it. Explain the tightness and the warmth etc. Sincerely A

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2013-08-02 20:48:55
make Kelsey report him

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2013-08-01 19:13:03
One teen and a store full of perverts. Could get interesting.

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2013-08-01 17:13:34
dad know how to treat daughter to good time, should have fun in store

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