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When I meet a young girl outside a liquor store who needs my help It ends up with a wild trip at a seedy motel.
The Young Ones

Hey mister, Can you buy me a beer? She said as I got out of the car. She was maybe 20 and looked tired and a little strung out.

Walking out to the car I hand her the 40oz in a bag, She smiles. Thanks a lot!! She says hugging me. Your kind’a cute, are you looking for a date mister? She asks.

I look her over, A little dirty but still very cute. Sure honey, I bet you’d like to get off the street for a bit too, maybe get cleaned up? I reply.

Oh yes!! You got the money for a room mister? I’ll make sure you’re happy!! She says, winking at me and shaking her ass just a little.

Ok lets go then. I say, climbing into the car. Oh but wait, she pouts leaning into the car, her tits straining in her T-shirt. See I’ve got my little cousin waiting for me out back, and I can’t just leave her out here alone so She comes too or no deal, I guess. She says batting her lashes at me and trying to look extra cute. Well you had better get her then Honey, While get us a bottle. I tell her, patting her on the ass. They are in the car when I come out, with backpacks & bedrolls in the back with the young cousin and the older girl setting up front. Off we go!!

After we have killed the bottle of 100proof schnapps and Tara {the older one} has told me some of their story. I stop and pick up another, then get a room at a cheap motel nearby and sneak them in with all their stuff. These two are Drunk now and enjoying themselves, laughing & flirting with me. I turn on the T.V. to the porn channel and little Cindy sits on the bed mesmerized watching it. I really need to get High Tara says in a low voice, pulling me toward the bathroom. I’ll do whatever you want me to if I can get a hit first she whispers. Pressing her body against me and squeezing my ass.

I smile, lifting her up and setting her on the counter next to me. Now don’t you worry young lady, I’ve got lots of dope and I am going to love having my way with you!!

Does Cindy get high? I ask. As I mix up a big hit on the counter. She does lines but she’s only let me hit her for the 1st time, just a few days ago. Tara says OK, I’ll see what happens I tell Tara, Handing her a rig with about 60 units in it, You go in there, do your shot and have fun while I get to know Cindy a little better. I say, pushing her wide eyed into the bathroom, Rig in one hand she shuts the door.

Cindy is sitting on the bed looking very cute, Tara s taking a shower! I say moving over to stand above her. How are you, Honey? She looks up, smiling a drunken smile, this is so great!! I can’t believe we have a room!! Thank you mister!! She says.

You just relax and enjoy it. I say as I sit down next to her and put my arm around her slim waist. My you sure are a cute little thing, Do you want to get high, Cindy??

Gosh I’m pretty drunk I think, But I’ve only done that once before Do you think? I mean could I?? Is it OK? Oh yes! It’ll be fine honey, you’ll love it! I tell her as my hand explores the curves of her lower back and hips.

I stand up and pull off my shirt then walk over to draw up two more hits for Cindy and I.

Are you gonna fuck Tara tonight? She’s really hot! Don’t ya think? Cindy asks.
She giggles then says your pretty hot too mister, I know Tara wants you to fuck her! I can’t believe I said that!! She cries laughing I must be drunk!

Well Cindy lets see what happens after we get High I tell her as I hold her slender arm out and pump the dope into her veins, making her cough and shake, her young nipples turning rock hard under her shirt. Oh my god!! She gasps That’s insane.. I feel like I am on fire inside!!
She flops back on the bed, and I enjoy the view as I do my blast!!

Where s Tara?? She asks, trying to sit up again. In the shower, she s all right, you just relax sweetie your going to be fine! I tell her while pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it aside, She flops back on the bed and I move down to remove her shoes then rub her feet. It feels good to be high like this, don’t you think? I ask her Oh yes she moans my skin is on fire but the sheets are so cool, and your hands feel so good on me! I want to be touched all over. I run my hands up her slender young legs pushing up her skirt as I go. She moans softly as my hands explore her sweet little body, squeezing her small tits then pinching hard little nipples and making her squirm beneath me.

Oh GOD.. Yessss! That feels so fucking good! She moans as I start to suck on her tits and my hand moves down between her legs. Lets get these off of you I say pulling white panties up over her legs as I lift them up into the air. “But what about Tara??” She says a little worried. She’s just fine, she’ll be out in a bit don t worry, I’ll deal with her, but right now I want to enjoy your sweet little body a bit. I spread open her legs and move up over her, taking her wrists I hold her arms over her head and kiss her mouth deeply.

You are such a good little girl I tell her in a deep whisper, just lay back and relax. Then my mouth is on her hot skin, I kiss her neck, suck on hard little nipples then kiss my way down her flat taunt young belly, making her body tremble and low moans escape her throat. Look at that sweet young pussy I say Do you know how fucking sexy you are Cindy? I ask her as I spread her legs and run my fingers down to her wet cunt lips tracing slow circles around her sex. Oooohhh I feel sexy when you touch me like that She sighs then my mouth is at her pussy, licking and probing her with my tongue.
I hold her legs open wide licking her clit wildly in till she is shrieking with delight and her whole body is shaking beneath me as her orgasm builds inside her tight little body!
I’m Coming!! Oh my god I’m fucking coming!! She cries out as I lift her ass up off the bed and shove my tongue deep into her pussy while her legs lock around my neck pulling me to her.

Pulling her off me I lay her out on the bed, still shaking, and stand up.

Oh Cindy what a hot young slut you are! I am going to love cramming my hard cock into your tight little cunt and fucking you in till you scream for me! But first you need to rest while I check on Tara!

I open the bathroom door to find Tara stepping out of the shower her tight body glistening with water, I hand her a towel, How you doing, sexy? I ask. That was great! I thought I was never going to stop rushing!! She smiles How’s Cindy? She asks
She s just fine, Drunk, really fucking high and very, very cute! I tell her.

Now look Tara I whisper, pushing her against the wall and stripping the towel from her hand, you’ve got high now, real high! I bet. And you two can have this room for the night! But now I m going to fuck little Cindy’s brains out and you are going to watch me!! “But she’s only 15.” She’s a hot horny slut just like you are, so shut up and come enjoy the show!
“You’re crazy! I told you I’ll fuck you, you can do whatever you want with me! But Cindy is just a little girl, you’ll hurt her or scare her.” Tara says, trying to sound firm. I start to laugh & ask her how old were you when you started fucking? No, never mind.

Now listen to me and listen good! I growl as I grab her by her throat & look in her eyes… I am going to do whatever I want with Cindy & you too! I just finished giving Cindy the best orgasm of her young life & she loved it! What?? No way! You’re crazy. Tara mumbles. I release her, saying shut up and stand still then turning her to face the wall I push open her legs with my foot and spank her ass hard several times before shoving my hand between her cheeks to rub her wet cunt. She is sobbing softly when I’m done. Now you do what I ask, ok? And don’t worry about Cindy, She’s going to love it!! And when I’m done with her I m going to fuck you in your tight little asshole in till you come so many times you think your dieing!!

My fingers pump into her pussy deeper and deeper with each thrust and her sobs turn to moans of pleasure. “Oh that’s good, why don’t you fuck me right here, right now!!” she begs pushing her ass back against me. Don’t you wish!! You slut!! I laugh pulling my hand back from her pulsing twat and grabbing her by the hair. Not yet honey, First I Fuck your sweet little cousin like a whore while you watch then we will see about your hot young asshole, understand!! I tell her, slapping her hard across the ass as I release her.

Leaving the bathroom I find Cindy sitting up on the corner of the bed, God she is cute, curly red hair down around her shoulders, Perfect little firm tits standing off her chest with rock hard nipples, Her skin still flush from the dope & orgasms!!
Where did you go?? ,God It s so hot in here, what s happening to me?? Where is Tara? She babbles out to me as I walk over to her. She’s getting dried off honey she'll be out in a second, Now come here!! I say pulling her to her feet.
She giggles and falls towards me and I take her in my arms and kiss her young mouth.

Lets get this skirt off you now so I can see your sweet ass. I say pulling it down over her hips and letting it fall to the floor at her feet. Taking her ass in my hands I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist and leans back. Do you like my titties? She asks, shaking them for me.
They are still so tiny, I wish they would grow some more. she pouts. There perfect!! I say sucking half her round breast into my mouth and squeezing her tight ass as I lift her up even higher. Then I drop her back onto the bed making her squeal in surprise.

You are a very hot and sexy young lady Cindy, Did you know that? I ask. Those perfect tits and sweet young ass! Any man would kill for a chance to get his hands on you! Really? She giggles. Yes! But right now you are all mine and I am going to fuck your brains out tonight, do you understand?? I ask, holding her down on the bed.

Oh god, I think so… yes!! She looks worried, but what about Tara? She still wants you to fuck her. Wont she be mad? And I m just a skinny little girl, I don’t have a body like Tara, That is why she always keeps me out of sight when she is getting guys to give her stuff. I just laugh & shake my head.
Do you really want to do it with me? She asks, posing a little for me. Am I really sexy? Oh yes, Cindy you are a very sexy young girl & I am going to show you just how much I want you!

Tara! Come here !! I call. She walks naked from the bathroom to stand at my side. Look at your sexy little cousin now Tara! She Knows I want to fuck her & she’s already come for me when I licked her pretty pussy. She looks to good not to fuck her, dosen’t she? I ask. Tara stands there looking from Cindy to me & shaking her head. I move over to Cindy and start rubbing her young pussy with my hand making her moan & roll her hips. “Oh Cindy, I’m sorry!” Tara sobs, I can’t believe he is really going to do this to you! There is nothing I can do but I’ll be right here with you! Yes she will be watching me pound your tight little pussy with my hard cock and when I m done with you I’m gonna fuck her in the ass and you can watch. I’m not scared Tara, says Cindy starting to sound a little scared. But I’m not sure what I am supposed to do or what He wants me to do?

Don’t worry you’ll be fine, now come over here, I say. Tara is going to suck my cock while I play with your hot little body and get you all hot & ready to fuck. Cindy is holding my hard cock and feeding it into Tara’s hungry mouth while I am slowly fucking her pussy from behind with one hand and tweaking her nipples with the other. I push Tara off my dick and turn Cindy to stand in front of me facing the mirror, She slowly strokes my rod as I run my hands over her tender young body rubbing her clit and squeezing her small titties and spreading her ass open to press a finger into her tight little asshole. OH yes Cindy, look in the mirror, look at you now you hot little tramp, Feel my fingers inside you and squeeze my fat prick in your hand. Can you see how fucking sexy you are & why I want your hot little body? I am going to do nasty, sexy things to you Cindy and I know you want it! Tell me you want it you little slut, I can feel you shaking and your pussy is dripping wet while I am fucking your ass with my fingers. Cindy moans and shakes her head no but she is staring wide eyed at herself in the mirror while she pushes her ass back into my thrusting fingers.

How can something so dirty, like your fingers in me feel so good? I feel sexy & horny but I’m confused & scared too! Cindy says softly to me.

I lean in and whisper to her. I own you now and I will do whatever I want with you and you will love it all by the time I am done with you.

Now! Get on the bed, Slut!! I say, tossing her onto the bed roughly.
She cries out as my fingers pull from her tight back door and her young body bounces onto the bed! “Oh God… Wait, No!” Shut up and turn over, face down!! I shout and move quickly onto the bed and smack her young ass! Now get your ass up in the air!! Whimpering, face pressed into the bed, She raises up on her knees for me and my hand goes to her pussy. That’s better, good girl! I say while fingers stroke her hot little cunt.

What a sweet little ass, don’t you think? Tara?? I ask, smacking Cindy hard with my other hand & stuffing two fingers in to her pussy. Cindy cries out from my rough treatment as Tara moves closer. “Yes!! She’s sweet!!” “Don’t hurt her!”

Moving up behind her I guide my cock to her young pussy & rub the tip slowly up & down her slit causing her to tremble and moan in anticipation of what’s next.
Looking down at Cindy’s hot young pussy I slowly push my fat cock into her tight little cunt. Holding her tight as I work it in, pull back a bit then push in more while she is moaning & trembling beneath me. Oh God, It’s big, she cries.
I pull back then cram it back in even deeper. Oh god, oh god, oh god she is chanting while my cock fills her pussy even more. Please, It’s too big, it can’t fit! She begs. So I slowly pull out in till only the swollen head is still inside her. Yes , oh thank you she says just before I slam my full length in to her, filling her completely and making her scream. Holding her hips I keep my self pressed deep in her cunt as she sobs, moans and shakes under me.

Now just relax & I am going to fuck you now. Again I pull back till only the tip is inside before I slam back into her but this time there is no stopping!

Over & over I pound my hard cock into Cindy’s tight little teen pussy making her cry out with pleasure mixing with fear as I fuck her hard and fast. Hot tight and wet beneath me I can feel her relax and start to move her hips to the rhythm of my fat prick pumping her young cunt. Slowing down now I rub and squeeze her ass, spreading her open to watch my cock sliding in to her sweet young pussy.

She is moaning loudly now and I can feel her building towards her orgasm so I spit on my thumb then press it down to cover her tight little asshole then rub it in circles slowly while I fuck her with slow deep strokes and push my thumb deep into her virgin asshole. “Oh god! Oh fuck, what are you doing to me?” She cries as I slowly fuck her ass with my thumb & her hot young cunt with hard cock. “Come on you sexy little bitch, I want you to come for me!” and I fuck her harder. Now she is crying out with each deep thrust of my cock & pushing her tight ass back to meet my thumb, forcing it deeper into her clenching ass.
“ Oh, Oh, Oh my god! Oh yes! Fuck me harder, I’m coming!!” She cries.
I feel her pussy clamp down hard and I shove my cock deep & hold it there while my thumb pumps her ass over & over in till her orgasms fade away and she collapses breathless beneath me!

Slowly I pull my fat prick from her hot, sticky young pussy & she moans softly.
Leaning over I grab Tara by the wrist and pull her close, then pulling my thumb from Cindy’s little ass I shove Tara down. Spread her open! Get down there and tongue her asshole so She’s nice and wet and maybe it wont hurt her to much when I shove my hard cock in to her ass! “No please, I can’t.. You can’t do that!” I grab her hair & force her mouth down onto Cindy’s exposed asshole, muffling her protest! Lick her ass bitch! Holding Tara by her hair with one hand I proceed to spank her ass good & hard, driving her into Cindy. Suck her ass! Lick it & fuck it with your tongue or I’m going to beat you! I shout at her.

Cindy is moaning and crying loudly now as Tara tongue fucks her young ass harder and faster while I watch. Leaning over I grab Cindy’s hair, pulling her head back & turning her to look at me. ‘Do you like that, slut?” Do you like to have her tongue fucking your tight young asshole? Tell me! Do you like that you little fucking slut? “YES!! Oh fuck yes, I like it!!” She cries.

Shoving her face back into the bed I let go of her & reach back to grab Tara’s hair, I rip her face from between Cindy’s cheeks, pulling her over on to her back with a scream of surprise and pain! Yeeeooww! Oh fuck! Wait! Tara cries as she’s tossed back on the bed. “ What are you doing??” Shut up Tara! I shout.

Moving into place behind Cindy I grab one cheek of her small round ass, squeeze it tight & pull her back towards me. Talk to me Cindy! Tell me that you want me to fuck your young ass you sexy little bitch! I say & smack her ass with my open palm! “Oowww! Shit, oh fuck!” Cindy cries out while I spank her again & again.
Tell me you want me to fuck your ass, Cindy! I shout.

“Wait! You Cant!” Tara screams rising up before I slap her pretty face!

Shut up & watch! See what a slut little Cindy really is! Sit back and enjoy the show, you’ll get your turn when I’m done with her! With tears streaming from her eyes Tara moves back sobbing, “I’m sorry Cindy! I’m so sorry!”

With both hands on her ass, rubbing her burning red cheeks I ask Cindy again,
“Tell me & tell Tara what a slut you are Cindy! Tell us how bad you want to get your ass fucked!!” I spread her open & spit on her exposed asshole.

Her voice is filled with fear & desire, shaking with excitement when she moans out to me, “It’s true! You were right! I am a fucking slut!! I want to be a dirty little whore for you! Please take me & use me any way you want!” “I’m so fucking horny, my pussy is on fire & my ass is burning! I need you to fuck me!”

“Where do you want me to fuck you, slut??” I ask. “Oh god, please fuck my dirty little asshole Sir!” Cindy replies. “Cindy, NOOO!” Tara cries. “YES TARA! I need it bad!” “ Make me your whore Sir, fuck my ass!” Reaching down to take Cindy by her hair I pull her head up to kiss her open mouth deeply then release her to fall back face down. She lifts her ass as my hands grab her hips & pull her back! “Fuck yea, my sweet little slut!” Is all I say before I stuff the swollen head of my cock into her virgin ass. A long low groan escapes from Cindy as I press hard, pushing fat cock slowly into her tight little asshole in till I have about 4 of my 8 inches crammed inside her! Pausing to catch my breath I rub her ass, hips & back while I tell her how good it feels to be inside her!

“Oh daddy! It’s so big! I can’t believe my little ass is gonna take it!” she groans. “I’m scared but I want it all inside me, You know what a whore I am Sir, so give it to me! Fuck your young sluts ass, shove your fat cock up my ass & make me scream!!” She begs me while she is trying to push her ass back into me.

OK! Little one, here it comes! I grab her hips and spreading her wide I drive the full length of my rock hard prick into her young ass! A wild cry turns to a groan when I stop, holding her close & feeling her tremble under me!
“Fuck yea! You’re one hot little nasty bitch! Your ass is so fucking tight!” I groan.

Now I am going to fuck you like a whore Cindy, Pound your ass & make you beg for more like the hot slut you are! And slowly I start to pull my aching prick out of her burning hot ass. “Oh god! Yes, No... Wait!” Cindy cries.
“Please don’t hurt her!” I hear Tara behind me.

I stop with only my fat tip still in her ass, “Tell me what you want!”
“Hurt me, Fuck me, break me with your cock! Fuck me any way you want!” Cindy shouts.

And I slam back into her ass hard & fast! “AAArrrgghh!” I cry and start to drive into her over & over with steady deep strokes that rock her tiny body & drive her into the bed forcing low grunts & cries from her while she’s split open on my cock!

“Look at her Tara She loves it!” I say as I fuck Cindy’s ass with deep, pounding strokes that rock her tiny body & make her cry out each time I fill her tight young asshole with my cock.

Reaching down I wrap my fingers around Cindy’s tiny throat and pull her up off the bed to kiss her neck & shoulders while I fuck her ass. Get up here Tara, pinch her nipples & rub her little clit while I pound her ass!

Tara shakes her head no but slowly climbs up beside Cindy & starts to play with her pussy & hard little nipples. “Oh yes! Rub my hot pussy Tara!” She moans.

Are you going to come for me now Cindy? I want to feel my sexy little bitch coming while Tara strokes your hot pussy & I fuck your tight little asshole!
“Oh Yes! Fuck my ass daddy, pound my ass and make me come for you! She cries.

I pull her back into me & fuck her tight young body hard and fast while Tara starts to finger fuck her dripping cunt in till she is shaking and screaming from her orgasm.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” “ Oh Daddy fuck my ass harder!’ She cries

I Pound her ass with everything I’ve got for a dozen more strokes, feeling her ass clenching and gripping at my cock, before I start to come. “Fuck yes!! Take my come in your hot little ass!” I shout as I pump load after load into her tender backside.

Cindy lies limp and breathless beneath me while I slowly pull my spent member from her ass and watch as my come slowly drips out of her ravaged asshole.

Tara leans over and smacks Cindy hard across her ass! “God Cindy, I can’t believe what a little slut you turned out to be!!”

Getting up off the bed I watch as Cindy slowly rolls onto her back and with a little mischievous smile says. “Well hell Tara, I was tired of you having all of the fun while I was left to wait!”

To be continued...

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2013-12-05 01:02:57
It's pretty good :) it just bugged me that the dialogue wasn't in quotations which made it hard to keep track of. But keep up the good work!

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2013-08-26 05:32:03
Where this isnt the best story I have read it is far from the worst. You need to be more deive with your actions and putting physical deions when a character is introduced helps with visualization. (Height, weight, hair, clothes,etc) It helps give depth to your characters.

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2013-08-04 12:25:09
be more detailed next time and imaginative!!!!!

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2013-08-03 15:14:29
Good story. Fix the damnable spelling,sentence structure, and puncatition

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2013-08-03 03:10:33
This story fucking sucks.

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