"Breeding Sweet Preppie Ass" - (A Zack Morris Story)

It's 2:35PM and the school bus shows up right on schedule. I've had my eye on this boy since I was invited across the street for his 12th Birthday last month. It was a pool party and though some of the other boys were cute too, nobody pulled off "little piece of candy" quite as much as little Zack Morris. While all the other boys were swimming in baggy, Burmuda type shorts, Zack was prancing around in a tight, little speedo that his Mom bought him for his swim team try out. It was unbelievable on him...tight, baby blue with a little yellow stripe up his hips. Most speedos you see are low cut. Not Zack's...His was pretty high cut, almost to his belly button and very high on his tiny hips. It fit him perfectly and I just couldn't believe they made little swim suits like this for little 12 year old boys. It had a cut like a little girl's bikini bottom. Truly a perfect gift for a boy his age. I also couldn't believe any Mom would buy such a thing for her little boy to prance around the neighborhood in. He wore it all the time. This summer was unbearably hot and you could catch Zack in his speedo almost anytime of the day. When he went to school, he was usually wearing some sort of preppie slacks. They were usually beige and loose fitting, but pulled up right, with his dress shirt tucked in. He looked like he was headed for job interview most of time. And then there were the days like today, when he literally "sprayed" his jeans on. When Zack wore denim, he set the example. My fucking stars, he wore them tight! I was blown away how a Mom could buy her son such tight, little jeans and he had a few pairs of them too. Today he got off the bus in his skin tight, little, stone washed jeans. They were very light blue and fit his cute, little ass like a glove. I've been wanting to peel him out of these jeans since the first time I seen him in them and today was going to be the day.

"Hey Zack!" I yelled, as I ran down my walk to meet him. "How's it hangin' little buddy?" I asked.

"It's hangin' great Michael. How was it over at the High School today?" He asked.

"Great." I responded. "Us Seniors decided it might be time to let in some Middle School boys into our secret club today."

"You guys have a secret club?" Zack asked.

"Sure do." I answered. "I told them I'd like to invite you. They thought you might be too young so I told them you had just turned 12 and that you would be starting 7th grade this year. I also told them you were an awesome new member of the swim team, but they still want me to put you through a little test first."

"Oh yeah? What kind of test?" Zack asked.

"'s sort of a secret. It's really quite fun and it only takes an hour or so. Our folks won't be home for a few hours. How would you like to come in and take it now? I promise it will be fun."

"Really? You say it's fun?" Zack asked.

"You bet." I replied. "More fun than you've ever had in your life. C'mon...Let's go." I continued, as I motioned him up my walk. "

"Okay." Zack said as he was entering my house. "It sounds like it could be cool."

"You're really dressed perfectly for this sort of test. Your little, blue speedo would have been nice too, but peeling you out of these tight, little blue jeans is going to be extra fun." I said, as I closed the door behind us and locked it.

Zack looked at me puzzled and asked, "What do mean? Why do you want to take my jeans off?"

"Because you're the cutest, little boy toy in town and I want to see what kind of a little bitch-boy you can be." I said as I sat down in a kitchen chair an positioned Zack right in front of me.

"Bitch-boy? What the heck are you talking about?" Zack said with a worried look in his eyes.

"'ve never heard the term: bitch boy before?" I asked him.

"No! What the heck is that?" Zack asked as he half-heartedly tried to pull away from me.

"It's one of the fun terms we use with boys your age." I answered as I held him firmly by his hips. "How about little boy toy or little fuck buddy? Have you ever been called those?"

"No!" He answered again. "What kind of test is this anyway?"

"A very serious one young man." I said with authority. "Tell you what's your first test and you have a choice. Listen very carefully. Get down on your knees so I can take my big, hard cock out of my jeans and stick it in your mouth or I'll take you upstairs to my bedroom and take you out of your tight jeans and give you the spanking of your life."

Zack looked me in the eye for a very brief moment then looked away and said. "No way! I'm not sucking your dick! Are you one of those fags that likes little boys? Fuck you, no way!

"That's the way I like it!" I said, as I stood up and grabbed him under his arm. "The spanking of your life it will be!"

I dragged Zack up to my bedroom. He didn't back talk the entire way up. I think he knew he was in serious trouble. We walked into my bedroom and I stood Zack in front of my bed as I slipped my leather belt off. "Pull your tight jeans to floor you little punk!" I demanded.

"Please Michael...please don't spank me." Zack pleaded as a little tear rolled down his cheek.

"You didn't suck my big cock when I told you to young man. You're going to learn that when I bark, you jump little boy. Besides, I've really been waiting to peel you out of these tight little jeans and I really like paddling boys your age. It's a lot of fun." I continued, as I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. I slipped my hands into his tight, little jeans and pulled them to the floor forcefully. "Over my knee little preppie!" I commanded.

Zack stood there in awe, so I quickly tossed him over my knee and announced, "I'm really going to enjoy this preppie." I picked up my belt and folded it in half. I pushed Zack's head down and adjusted his bare, little butt to my liking, so I could really have at him. I didn't hesitate at all and Zack's spanking began! I laid in with some serious wackes on little Zack, with orders too! "Don't-you-ever-tell-me-no-again!" I said with every blow. I got into a steady pace with my belt and began to announce some rules. "When-I-tell-you-to-suck-my-dick-you-will-drop-to-your-knees-immediatley! Got-me-little-boy?"

Zack yelled out in pain, "Ow!...Yes, I got you! Please...No more! I'll be a good boy and suck your dick!...I will!"

"I don't quite believe you preppie." I answered as I lowered the strap on his cute, little ass again. This time, 10 lashes found his little butt. Zack let out some pretty loud yells, but I happily kept up the pace.

"Please Michael...I'll do anything you want! Please stop!" He yelled in desperation.

"I don't know...I think you need a few more." I told him as I laid in some more. "You-need-to-learn-your-role-little-boy!" I yelled, as I gave him 8 more lashes across his hot, little ass. "Are you ready to suck my cock now?" I asked.

"Yes..yes! I'll suck your cock...I will!" Zack announced.

"Bet your little as you will!" I said, as I pulled him up off my lap and stood him in front of me again. His little boy penis was completely limp, but his naked body was absolutely stunning. He was so smooth and so soft I couldn't control my lust for him anymore. I stripped all my clothing off and tossed it to the floor. Seeing him nude in front of me with his underpants and tight, little jeans around his ankles was more than I could stand. "Take your denim jeans completely off and pull your little, underpants up. It's so nice to see that your Mom keeps a boy like you in such cute, tightie whitie's. They're so sexy on you." I said, as I helped Zack pull them up nice and high. Not too high, but right under his belly button. The same height he wore his jeans. "There will be no sagging around me. Do you hear me young man?...Now, get down on your knees. I've got a special lollipop for you preppie boy." I pointed to the floor and Zack slowly got down on his bare knees and looked up at me with teary, little, puppy dog eyes. "Now, let's see what kind of little cock sucker you really are and if I feel even the slightest scrape of your teeth...I swear, we will get right back to a spanking the likes of which you have never seen! Are we clear preppie?" I asked.

"Yes sir." Zack quietly answered as he softly placed his little hand around my thick, 7 inch cock and brought it to his soft lips. I pushed a little on the back of his head and the mushroom head of my cock slid right between his sweet lips and almost down his throat. The feeling was unreal and to look down on such a sweet boy with my cock in his mouth was almost too much to handle. "It's so big." Zack said as he came up for his first breath.

"If you think it's too big in your mouth, just wait until I slam it in your tight, little ass sunshine. You're really gonna like that." I said, as I kept both hands on the back of his head, swirling my big hands through his gorgeous, blond hair. "All the way to my balls little boy." I continued as I really started to bounce his head up and down on my shaft. "You keep it up preppie, until I blow a nice load right in your face, you hear?"

"Yes sir. Is this good?" Zack asked, as he went right back to bobbing his little brains out.

"Fucking awesome Zack." I replied, as I was really in a rhythm now. I was pumping my big, hard cock in and out of his mouth pretty good now. I grabbed on to his blond locks and really started skull fucking little Zack. It was just awesome having him in nothing but his underpants, down on his knees with my big dick pumping his young face. I took it out of his mouth a time or two and slapped it around on his face. You know, just to give him a breather. Then I'd stuff my cock back in his mouth and pump him real good again. I skull fucked him pretty hard. I loved it when he gagged a little and had to come up for air. I'd say something like, "Big cock, huh Zack? Perfect for a little punk like you huh?" As I'd stick it back in his mouth and pump his face some more. He was taking it all...then it happened. I exploded all over his smooth little face. Zack closed his eyes tight and took it all. I shot my load all over his face and rubbed some in his beautiful, blond hair. It was awesome! I pulled him by the back of his head and slapped my sticky, wet cock all over his little, 12 year old face. He was so hot with my cum shot all over his face. I had never seen anything thing this sweet in my 17 years and I was loving every second of it!

"Get up here on the bed you naughty, little cocksucker." I ordered. I wiped my cum shot off his beautiful face with his little tee-shirt I had previously removed and ordered him up to the headboard. I literally tore the little underpants from his little ass and placed them on the bed because I knew I might need them again in a moment. I had my big hands all over his little ass, then positioned him in a classic, doggy style, head raised position. "You get a good grip little boy toy. We're gonna have some real fun now." I came up behind him and spit twice in his little, virgin ass. I fingered the saliva in good and began to mount my little bitch boy. "Hold on Zack. It's time to make you my little bitch boy." I said, as I plunged my big cock into his little, virgin ass. It was slicked up real nice and my cock slid right in with just a little force.

Zack let out the loudest cry ever. It drove me nuts, so I pounded my hard cock in harder. I pulled his hair back and talked right in his ear. "I'm going to break you pretty boy! I've absolutely had it with you prancing around the neighborhood in such sexy, little shit. I'm gonna breed your tight, little ass hard!" I positioned him just right and began to fuck his little ass!

Zack screamed out again. "Please Michael!...It's too big!...Please I'm just a little boy!"

Though, I really like the pants and groans of a boy I'm fucking real hard...Zacks cries for mercy were wrecking the mood. "Shut your little pie hole and take it like a good, little bitch boy!" I yelled as I stuffed his shredded underpants in his mouth to muffle his cries. I then got a real good grip on his little hips and began to fuck him hard! His blond hair was bouncing everywhere. "Time to breed your tight ass little boy!" I yelled as I really started pounding him hard. Real, serious, ass pounding pumps. He was so tiny for 12. An absolutely perfect, little body. So damn smooth. I continued to bang his little ass hard as he continued to moan in his underwear gag. I couldn't believe how perfect he looked holding on to headboard with one hand while half-heartedly trying to brush me off him with the other. It was to no avail of course, as I kept up the pounding pace. I was really fucking my little, bitch boy real good now. I had this little boy toy right where I wanted him and leaned into his ear again. "I've been dying to fuck the virginity out of you Zack! I can't believe how tight your ass is! Fucking perfect, little bitch boy!" I said as I fucked him a little longer.

"I've got a great idea!" I announced as I dismounted his tight, little ass. "Come with me. I've got some something real special for your sweet, little ass. I almost forgot. Come on, let's go!" I ordered as I led him back down the kitchen. I ran over to my book bag and took out a tiny, little pair of silky, pre-teen, girl panties. They were high cut, pure white and sexy as hell. "Let's really play bitch boy." I said as I held out the frilly, sexy panties in front of hm. "Slide your little ass into these." I ordered. Zack knew better than to resist me. He slid one of his smooth, little legs into the little panty and I helped him right into them. I pulled them up his tight, little butt and admired my handy work. "Holy fuck are these cute on you!" I announced. "Fuck!...Why go back up to my bedroom? Get your little ass up on the kitchen table." I ordered. Zack jumped up without hesitation and I had him back on his belly in no time. I pulled the little panties aside and spit his little ass up again. I grabbed right onto his little hips and plunged my hard cock right back in his virgin ass. I started pounding him real hard again. I couldn't believe how sexy Zack was in his little girlie panties. Zack kept up the the little whimpers as I continued to fuck his little ass good and hard! "Do ya like being my little bitch boy Zack? Huh?...Do like my hard cock?"

"Yes sir. Please hurry. It really hurts!" Zack replied.

"No hurry little bitch boy. Let's really wreck your little ass!" I said, as I really started to nail his tight ass good. I hit him with hard, solid thrusts any bottom boy would love. I leaned in again and asked, "Aren't you glad I bought you little, girlie panties Zack?"

"Yes!...I really like them." He answered in desperation.

"Your tight, little ass is so perfect in them. They're such a great change from your tight, little jeans and those little boy underpants huh? So glad I had the courage to buy them for you. They're just perfect for a little pre-teen boy to lose his virginity in. Fuck yeah!" I yelled as I continued to bang the hell out his tight, little boy pussy. I pumped and pumped his little ass harder and harder! I pushed his face down on the table and continued to pound his little ass for some minutes. It was a perfect position on the kitchen table. The fuck was so incredible and Zack was so hot in the little panties. I don't think I ever fucked anyone like this. He was so hot! Before it was over, I nibbled him out of his little panties and stuffed those in his mouth too. Then I tossed him on his back, pulled his tiny body to the edge of the table. I folded his smooth, hairless legs to his shoulders and fucked the hell out of him like that for what seemed like forever. I showed my little bitch boy no mercy and wrecked his tight, little boy pussy hard!

Finally, after almost 15 minutes of hard core sex on the kitchen table with the cutest boy in the neighborhood...I exploded again! This time, deep in his little boy hole. I pumped it in hard! I filled my little bitch boy with my love juice and finally, after breeding my boy toy hard, I gave him his first kiss.

I helped him off the table and up to the shower. "You passed my little test with flying colors Zack. I guess you're in the club now. By the way little boy, we call it the "Butt-fucking fun" club and you're now the cutest, little member hot shot.

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I totally think that it's better to just read stories than do it in person. And if you can't read the description of the story in the beginning you're just plain dumb.

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Very good but I hope no one tries this other than that very hot it has. me hard as a rock

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I just hope some pathetic perve doesn't take it to heart and do this to someone, people get messed up behind that shit, and on good days, the peeves go to jail

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I wasn't comfortable reading this at all, I felt very sorry for that little boy. Please don't do anything like that, writing FICTION is one thing. Doing is wrong. It may hurt someone badly. I,m sure you could come up with someone consenting. Keep on writing grown up stuff.

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That's why you read the tags asshats, plus, better here than on the actual streets.

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