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I had always been curious about my sexuality. Girls just never did it for me. But the way a man's body looked, the shape, the muscles and of course his cock always intrigued me.

I was 19, first year out of school when a friend came to live with me. His name was Darren and he was 18. He was going through some issues and needed a place to crash. My door was always open for him. I just never imagined how it would turn out.

Darren was shorter than me, dirty blonde hair, but with a body that would get me hard in an instant. His athletic build from rugby and gymnastics made him irresistible.

I had always been attracted to him, but always ignored it.

When he was living with me, we used to share my bed. I used to fantasize about what could happen from there. But nothing.

Our relationship grew more and more flirty, and him constantly walking around in his jocks drove me insane!

Once we cleaned the spare room out he moved in there. I was relieved to have that temptation out of my bed but he still spent most of the time in my room. We used to wrestle and fool around a lot and the more we did it the closer we got to a more intimate feeling.

One day, as he was getting in the shower I knocked to ask him something. He opened the door, completely naked and asked me what I needed. I wouldn't find the words. All I wanted to do was get down on my knees and suck his beautiful fuck and run my tongue up those perfectly defined abs. I became instantly hard but you could not tell because of my jeans. I tried to regain composure but I think he must have realised because he playfully said to me "You've been wanting this for a while, hey man?" I just shrugged it off because I knew he was just joking. Little did he know he had just mentioned one of my long term fantasies.

Things got more heated from there, we became more physical. Though just as friends, more underwear wrestling sessions, some nights he even came to sleep In my bed, even though there was an empty one just next door. I don't know if he also wanted something to happen. When he moved out, my dreams were crushed. I knew it probably wouldn't happen by now but things between us just grew stronger. One night, he came to stay over and while we were asleep, somehow we managed to get into the spooning position and I could feel his hard dick on my ass. It was incredible. When he woke up he jerked away and said "Shit bro haha sorry man" and then jokingly pointed at my clearly hard dick and said "Clearly you were enjoying that man" At this point I had had enough and I replied, "I really was, wouldn't mind if it had carried on" This took him by surprise and we just laughed it off but I could see that he had considered it.

This made me braver. The one night we went to go stay at a friends house. Darren was in a bad mood so I tried cheering him up. We were wrestling for a while and even though he has a better build than I do, I still managed to over power him. We ended up sitting on the couch, with Darren on my lap and my hands under his one leg and on the other. I got daring. I started subtly rubbing his leg with my thumb. he didn't seem to mind, but I knew I needed to keep it subtle since we were out in the open with our friend and his sister in the room. I started moving my hand further up his leg, until I was just under his crotch. this got me excited and my dick was solid. Darren, being on my lap was bound to notice, but he had not said anything. I began to rub the side of my hand on his crotch, when he suddenly stood up and said "Its so late! We better crash!" I got scared now because I though I had crossed a line.

We were sharing a bed together that night. At first it was awkward, but then I heard my phone beep. He had sent me a message saying "I thought it would be easier to carry on with this in the dark ;)" My dick sprung to attention again. My friend was still in the room, but I began searching for Darren's dick. It didn't take me long before I found it, hard as rock. He pulled me in closer and we began to kiss. It was more than a kiss. I felt my body freeze up and everything went into over drive. His hands were on my ass while mine were on his. Fuck he had a nice ass. I took off both our jocks and he whispered to me "I know what you want, now take it" and moved over onto his back. I climbed on top of him, still making out as I fondled his dick. I moved my mouths attention from his mouth down his firm chest until I found his nipple. I played with that for a little while, before moving my tongue down his firm abs. When my mouth reached his cock, I felt like a kid in a candy store and I knew I was going to suck on this lollipop all night! I played with the head for a while, just teasing him with my tongue. it was driving him wild. I continued to take him in my mouth. His cock was perfect. Not huge but not small. I began to go slowly up and down the shaft when he had had enough. He took my head and fucked my face. I could feel his big balls slapping my chin and I could not wait for them to unload in my mouth.I felt his body convulse and he said to me "You always look at me with those beautiful eyes and you know I cant say no, so hear is what you've wan--" he could not speak as he unloaded in my mouth. His cum didn't shoot down my throats, it felts like it poured out. Like condensed milk. I couldn't take it all as it ran down my chin. I kept sucking until his cock grew limp and slid out of my mouth. He then found my cock with his hands, and after a few shakes I blew the biggest load of my life. We both lay there on our backs for a few seconds, and I looked up at him, he was looking at me and we embraced in a long kiss. He then said to me "We should try clean this up before Rob wakes up," I agreed. after cleaning up, we spent the night cuddling.

The next morning we went our separate ways. Not much was said between us, and I was scared that he might have regrets.

Later that afternoon, I heard Darren's car pull in outside my house. When he walked in I didn't know how to greet him. I felt uncomfortable.He came in like nothing had happened. We were talking casually like always and then he made some douchebag comment which led to a wrestle. This time, that is not where it stopped. We ended up embraced in a long passionate kiss, my hands fondling to take his shirt off and feel his hot body against mine. We both got our pants off and when I tried to go down to find his cock he pulled me back and said "Today its your turn," as he pushed me onto my bed. The feeling of his warm mouth on my cock was overwhelming. He teased me as I had teased him the night before, but he went down a lot faster. He got to work. He was a master with his tongue. He swallowed my 6" like it was something he had been missing his whole life. I felt myself getting close and I pulled him off of my cock into a kiss and asked said to him, "I want you to fuck me," He had no arguments. He asked me if I had protection, and I told him I didn't care. He flipped me over and he spat in my ass, taking his master tongue to work on my hole. Fuck, I never imagined that having someone rim my hole would fell like THAT!! He then stuck a finger up my ass and asked me "Do you like that?" I could answer. My body was in so much ecstasy, all I could do was moan. He put another finger in my tight ass and then couldn't wait any longer, he pushed me face down on the bed and whispered into my ear, "I will go slow" I felt him ease his head into my tight, virgin hole. The pain was unbearable. I didn't know what I had down this to myself. As he got into a rhythm, the pain turned to pleasure, I could feel his balls slapping my ass. He could see that I was feeling better, and quickened the pace. He began taking his dick right out my ass, and then shoving it all the way back in. We moved into the missionary position and he told me he was about to cum. I said he must cum in me. As I told him to, he reached for my cock and started wanking me as he fucked me at a fast pace. I tensed up as my cock shot its load. When my ass tightened, Darren said "OH FUCK" and I could feel his cock swell as it shot deep into my ass. It was incredible. once we were both empty, he leaned down and started kissing me. I felt his dick soften and slip out of my ass as some of his cum dripped out. We were both out of breath and when we looked over at each other, we both smiled our biggest smiles and he playfully punched my arm. This was the start to a real friendship.

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2013-08-03 00:11:54
Ace Mallette is a fake pretending to be related to Justin Bieber. He's using all of Christian Beadle's old pics.

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2013-08-03 00:11:13
Ace Mallette is a fake pretending to be related to Justin Bieber. He's using all of Christian Beadle's old pics.

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