adventures of a master and his slaves
I walked the grounds of my estate making my way to the kennels there was the puppy as always in her black latex bitchsuit what was left of her auburn hair pulled through two slits giving her the look of a basset hound. A Rottweiler was busy with her cunt; puppy’s elongated tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth she yelped with each thrust.
Naomi followed close behind me as we left the kennels and made our way to the stables. She hated going there not because of the shows the mare puts on for us but alaina. Alaina was my brazilin stable manager of Amazonian size and stature. Albania’s body was strong but she is weak minded it took me only three days to break her. It only took Naomi one night with alaina to fallback in line after a little transgression. Or maybe it was the two weeks she spent in the doctor’s care after that night.
“Master” alaina said in her heavy accent dropping a bag of feed and bowing her head.
“Carry on” I said
“If it pleases you master the mare is in with duke right now”
“Oh my, what did she do now?”
“She tried to run, I could find any rational thought to it but she tried none the less, so I put her with duke and gave him some special feed beforehand.
I followed the sound of loud grunting through the stables. A latex horse snout was pulled through the bars and tied in place. As I drew close I could see the pain in her green eyes. The mare was one of my favorite triumphs bound into a black latex mare suit forced to live on all fours her red hair pulled through to form a beautiful mane. After she angered me one particular time I had the doctor remove her teeth and make a few other modifications so that all her holes could fit a horse’s cock. I watched the show as my percheron duke was buried to the hilt in mare’s cunt. Alaina definitely gave him something extra most stallions last a minute at most in any mare’s cunt. Dukes well over five minutes since I walked in. I glance over my shoulder to see Naomi’s small ebony body trembling as alaina ran her hands across her small body.
“alaina” I said sternly
“sorry master” she said raising her hands in surrender “I meant nothing by it”
I dismissed her with a wave. She smacked Naomi’s ass hard as she left sending her forward a few inches from the force.
“Naomi I am in need of your services”
“yes master one moment master” she dashed off I turned as she approached a moment later a folding chair held in her arms. I took a seat enjoying the show duke put on for me as Naomi worked on my cock bobbing slowly. I thought the show was over when duke whined and emptied his seed into the mare but he sat still atop the mare catching his breath before slowly starting up again I will have to reward alaina later for putting on such a splendid show.
By now I was ready to burst; I took Naomi by the hair and stood holding her on her knees beneath me. her hands flew to my dick and she jacked it with a fury until her dark features were covered in my cum.
“that was excellent Naomi” I said “come let’s leave the mare to her fun”
After dinner I was in the library reading about the roman empire Naomi curled up in a chair near me
“Naomi” I said
“yes master” she said leaping up from her chair
“round us up some entertainment tonight” I said “sisters would be nice”
She left and I made my way to the bedroom I sat on the bed waiting for Naomi to return. She arrived five minutes later with two girls in tow. They looked no older than fourteen tugged along by the collars about their pretty necks. She had them dressed as your stereotypical catholic schoolgirls. the only difference between them was hair color one blonde one black. I took the black haired one by the scalp and ordered the blonde to undress me as I molested her sister. I nodded to Naomi and she excitedly made her way to the cabinet on the far wall. Now standing there naked except for the blonde on my cock. Naomi returned wearing a massive strap-on. She looked at me for approval, which I gave with a nod, before she ripped the blonde from my cock an impaled her on the strap on.
I dragged her sister over to the bed ripping her shirt off before putting her on all fours and taking her. Naomi was now sitting on a chair with the blond painfully bouncing on the strap-on. The strap-on was buried deep in the blonde’s ass, she altered between crying and wailing as Naomi stroked her hair. The raven haired girl looked back over her shoulder in relief as I pulled out but screamed like her sister as my nine inches went up her ass.
I put her in a choke hold pulling her up and c lose to me I whispered in her ear “what are your names”
“I’m Marissa and my sister is dawn sir”
“well Marissa say goodbye to dawn her sun is setting”
She tried to look at me over her shoulder but I held her tighter forcing her to look at her sister. With a nod Naomi whispered in dawns ear and her eyes went wide a second before Naomi wrenched her head around and kissed her dead lips Marissa screamed and I added more pressure to silence her I ravaged her ass with a savage fury until I released my seed into her. in the pleasure of my afterglow I choked her into unconsciousness.
“Naomi you did amazingly as always” I said tossing the unconscious girl off of me and calling over my mistress. She slipped out of the strap-on and slid into bed with me as we drifted off to sleep.

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Personally i prefer a more drawn out death, strangling or otherwise, but still a good story

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i hope you fucking choke. change your writing style

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