A woman is taken in her home and turned into a dark plaything
I pulled up to the curb, and parked my car. Christina was sitting on her porch, smoking a cigarette. The look that crossed her face was one of pure puzzlement. She and my wife had been friends for about two years, and I had never come over to her house without my wife in tow.

I shook the thoughts that were rolling around my head for a little bit. This was my last chance to turn back. I was about to roll the dice hard in the next few minutes, and I had literally my whole life riding on the bet that I was about to make. My wife, my family, he'll, even my freedom. If this didn't happen the way that I'd played it out in my head I was totally fucked. Was it worth it?

I looked up at her as she took another deep inhale on her cigarette and slowly blew the smoke out, the look of wonderment still on her face. I stood behind my car and looked at her, weighing the possible risks against the possible rewards. She was wearing jean shorts, and a green, extra slutty spaghetti strap shirt. I made my mind up the instant I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples standing taut against the cheap fabric.

Well, go hard or go home, if I was going to take the risk, I was going to get every last thing out of it that I could. I walked up to her and watched her stub out her cigarette, blowing out her last exhale through her nostrils. She was tiny, five feet at the outside. She was a little plump, but her d cup breasts more than made up for the extra pushin cushion. Her face was plain, not ugly but not really beautiful either. Pretty, would be an excellent description of her.

My wife and her were tight, but I knew she had some very rough history. Growing up in an abusive home, running away early in her life... A drastic spiral down into drugs and alcohol. She had met my wife during the first phase of her recovery. My wife being the lady she was made fast friends with her, and Christina being the woman she was had managed to totally isolate herself beyond her only friend, my wife. She was delicate and from what my wife had told me totally screwed up.

I felt a little like a dick for what I was about to do, but, well my fantasies were starting to grow to the point that I was going to have to do something about them or I was going to end up blowing up in a very inappropriate way. My wife, well, I loved her, but she was not the woman to unwind this particular itch... She would not approve, and I could not do that to her. That made Christina the best choice, she was already fucked up, and she wasn't ever going to get better... And I could use that to my advantage, and in some ways, I thought it might help her.

I looked at her and said, "hey, can I talk to you inside for a bit?"

An instant look of worry smashed across her features, I could tell she instantly thought something had happened to Lisa, my wife. I felt a little bad for leading her on, but it wasn't the worst thing that I was going to do to her... Hell, it wasn't the worst thing I was going to do to her in the next hour...

I followed her into the house, walking past her into her house. It was dirty, as it always was, but a quick survey around didn't show any drugs or paraphernalia, so that was a plus.

I heard the door click shut behind me. I spun, catching the brief look of surprise that crossed her face as I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her hard against the door. Her eyes went into the back of her head for a few seconds. She was a little limp, but managed to stay on her feet. I reached over and thumbed the deadbolt closed. The next little bit would be a bad time to have someone walk in on us...

As soon as the door was locked, I reached over with my left hand and cupped her tit. At first, I just squeezed, caressing like I would a lover. I realized then that I didn't need the be kind. I could take whatever I wanted to...

My fingers clamped down as I roughly squeezed her tit. That made her a lot more lucid! She started to struggle hard and I clamped down harder on her throat. Losing oxygen for thirty seconds or so sure pulled the fight out of her. I didn't do anything beyond simply hold her there, and eventually stopped struggling. Her hands wrapped limply around my arm.

I smiled, feeling the toothy maliciousness of my own grin. I knew then that I must look like a devil to her, but in that moment it felt so good, I just couldn't resist the urge to give in to the darkness. I knew right there that I was going to get exactly what I wanted.

"Good. Smart girl. You're learning fast. Keep paying attention like that, and you'll do just fine." A little hope drained out of her eyes, a calculating coldness coming in.

My left hand wandered back up to her tit, my hand dipping into the fabric. "You fucking whore. Standing outside, your tits hanging out, your nipples flashed across the whole neighborhood. Shit, you're probably one of those dumb cunts that complains to herself when the guys stare, not realizing how lucky you are to simply get off with a good ogling.

I ripped the fabric hard, tearing the shirt down the middle, spilling her tits free. She gave a little cry and her grip tightened on my arm a bit. I leaned in close to her, smelling the scent of her. Something vanilla based, cut with the scent of her cigarette smoke. It was a sexy scent...

My hand came back up and cupped her breast again, only this time I latched my fingers hard around her nipple. She cried out in pain and squirmed a bit. I wished she would just get to it... So we could move along.

Finally, she tried to play her hand. "I'll tell Lisa..."

One hand still on her tit, the other still around her throat I continued to roughly roll her nipple around in my fingers. Never once did I lessen the pressure. I couldn't let the fear in my gut show. If I played this right then she would wither, but if I screwed up, even a little, I could end up in jail.

"So, you'll tell Lisa?" I nodded my head frowning as if considering her threat. "Lisa. I'm sorry I kept this from you... Christina, she called me up, and asked if I could come over. She came onto me hard... I turned her down. I knew she wasn't well... She broke down. She seemed really embarrassed, and I know you two are tight, so I kept it from you. I didn't want to break up you guys, so I kept it down." I shook my head, as if I were really sad, really playing up the act. Just like I was giving the speal to Lisa.

"I guess she was angrier than I thought, I don't know what to say..." I smiled smugly at her. "Course, I'm sure Lisa will be pretty forgiving... I mean you make a pass at her husband, and then lie to her and accuse him of attacking you..." I left the statement hanging. Letting her connect the dots. I allowed scorn to enter my voice. "Who's she going to believe? Her loving husband? Or her junkie friend? Oh, and apply that same thought to the cops as well. Only then, Lisa sees you trying to ruin her husband..."

Tears starting leaking from her eyes and I knew I had won...

I did the most disturbing thing I could, I leaned in and licked her tears away. I finally pulled my left hand away from her tit and ran my finger down her cheek. "So you're my little whore now... Either that, or you can learn to be all alone... So. What's it going to be?"

I leaned in and licked her nose this time. "So what's it going to be? You want to live all alone, or are you my little whore now?" She nodded weakly... I pulled her away from the door a bit and slammed her head back into it. "Say it!" I growled at her.

She started sobbing. "I'm your whore."

I smiled my evilest grin. "Good. Now, drop your pants and bend over the arm of the couch there...." I pointed with my chin towards her shitty little second hand couch, letting go of her throat. She did exactly what I thought she would. She tried to run. Like the dumb bitch she was though, she tried to make it through the door behind her. Which was locked... Honestly, I was happy she did it. I didn't want this to go too easy. After all, I needed to break her down.

I spun her around and punched her in the stomach. Hard. She went down like a ton of bricks. I grabbed her by the hair and hauled her to her feet, throwing her over the arm of the couch. She started to to struggle up and I hit her in the right kidney. She half squealed in pain but was still winded from the punch in the stomach. I reached around her and unbuttoned her shorts, pulling both the, and her panties down around her thighs.

I dropped my pants around my ankles quickly, my cock already rock hard. She wasn't ready. She wasn't wet. Her cunt felt like sandpaper as I jammed myself into her. She squealed as I entered her. Grabbing her hips I pushed into her as deeply as I could. God her pussy was so fucking tight! Within five strokes her pussy was soaked, easing my passage as I fully pulled myself out of her cunt and then slammed myself back into her balls deep.

She struggled weakly beneath me as I fucked her. By stroke twenty... She was pushing back into me, moaning between her sobs. I wrapped my hand in her hair and pulled her head back hard. "You fucking whore!" I whispered into her ear, "you are getting off on that cock, aren't you?"

She nodded weakly, her sobs coming deeper and deeper now. Her hips continued to push into me however. She tried to cover herself, to cover those luscious tits. I knocked her hands away and grabbed her right tit hard. She cried out, but the line between agony and extract was getting even more blurred.

I had had enough at this point however. I wanted her placid, but not over eager. So I shoved her back down and redoubled how hard I thrust into her. My orgasm came quick and hard, and I felt myself swell and then spill my cum deep inside her. I wasn't worried about getting her pregnant, Lisa had told me that after a botched abortion a couple years back she was barren now, and I figured this, being our first time together, was time to treat myself.

My final thrust was deep and hard and I cried out. And then it was over. I pulled myself out of her, feeling the cum sliding out of her as I did. I pulled my pants up to my thighs and dropped down on the other couch. Feeling limp, and tired. I looked over at her, sobbing into the couch cushion she was face down in.

I spotted her smokes laying on the table. Fuck it, I thought. I used to love smoking a cigarette after sex, but Lisa started giving me such a hard time that I finally gave it up. But now, well, now I was in charge. I picked the cigarettes up and took one from the pack and lit, inhaling deeply.

Looking back over at Christina I was finally getting sick of her bullshit. "Quit pretending cunt. You know you liked it, and there's plenty more where that came from. Now get your ass up, and go get me an ashtray, oh and something to drink."

She sniffles one final time and picked herself up. She leaned down and started to pull her shorts up. "Leave them off bitch. I'm not done with you today." To her credit, she only hesitated a second before she dropped them and stepped out of them. She started to remove the tattered remnants of her shirt. "Leave that. I like it that way."

Without another word she walked out of the room. Now would be an interesting time... Would she run? I could hear her rummaging around in the kitchen. Would she come back with a weapon. I was tense as she walked back into the room, carrying a soda in one hand, and a plate to use as an ashtray in the other. She stopped a few feet away from me, holding the plate out to me.

I pointed to my feet. "Kneel. This dick ain't gonna suck itself."

It was funny to watch a little bit of light drop out of her eyes. She handed the plate and soda to me and knelt down. She didn't start sucking, so I grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her face into my crotch. She opened her mouth and started sucking. I guided her head for the first couple minutes. Taking the occasional drag from my cigarette. As soon as I stopped guiding her head the blowjob turned lazy as shit. Can't have that now can we?

"Look at me whore." I commanded her. She looked up, surprised. I slapped her a right to left strike that was more noise than actual contact. I didn't want her black and blue, I wanted her to suck my cock like she was trying to remove skin. "Suck it like you mean it cunt." I picked up her pack of cigarettes again and took another from the pack, lighting it and breathing out, blowing the smoke right in her face. Her eyes flicked back and forth between my eyes and the cigarette, and inspiration struck.

"In fact, if you haven't sucked me off by the time I finish this cigarette, I'm going to put it out on your face. Then I'm gonna beat you bloody. And then... Well then... I'm gonna get creative." She started sucking like an animal then. Her mouth sliding up and down my shaft like an animal. She put herself through the paces. pushing my cock deep down her throat. I couldn't help it my hand dropped down on the back of her head, tangling itself in her hair and guiding her through. she was latched down on me like a hoover. I could have cum halfway through the cigarette, but, I wanted to make her sweat a bit...

Just before I put the cigarette out I flooded her mouth with my sperm. I didn't want to, but when she saw the cigarette almost gone she kicked it into high gear her hand getting in on the action as well as her hot wet mouth. I went stiff as a board as I came in her mouth.

She spit it out dribbling cum down my ball sac. That finally really pissed me off. I stubbed the cigarette out and turned to her. Once again, I slapped her in the face, this time it was harder, more painful.

She looked at me like a kicked puppy. She held her hand to her face holding her cheek.

My eyes narrowed, and locked in on hers. "Next time I grace you with my cum, you swallow it. Understand?"

She nodded slowly. Tears welling in her eyes once again.

I stood and pulled up my pants. Pulling my wallet out I flipped a fifty dollar bill out of it. Letting it float down to her. Her fingers wrapped around it, bringing a cold smile to my lips. "It's official, you're a real whore now."

Her face crumbled. "Here's the deal. I'm gonna text tomorrow. That'll be your cue that I'll be here in 15. Answer the door naked. And your nipples better be pierced." I walked to the door reaching for the knob, at the last minute I turned back to her. "Oh, and get your clit pierced while your at it." I winked at her. "See you tomorrow."

She just stayed there. Kneeling on the floor. A blank look on her face. It was right then, that I knew I had her, my own sweet little whore.

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