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2 years ago...

Nothing happened on Friday night. Nothing happened on any Friday night, or any other night of the week. The date went well, just like every date we had afterword, but nothing has happened. Jason and I have been going out for two and a half years and nothing has happened. He hasn't so much as finger banged me, and won't even let me give him a hand job. Every time I even try to bring it up, he changes the subject.

But that changes tonight. No more will I have to rely on my hand, or certain objects around the house to get me off. Brownie was neutered about a year after I first fucked him, and tried a few times after, of course, to no avail. He still uses his tongue sometimes though. After tonight, I will have a real man to fuck me, and he will like it.

I look at myself in the mirror. My tits have grown into a small b-cup, I sometimes wish they were bigger, but at 5' they don't look so small anyway. My ass is still flat, but my hips have budded out, giving me a nice, if not odd, hourglass figure. I have my pubes trimmed for tonight, and I have a baby blue streak, the same colour as my eyes, dyed in my shoulder length, raven black hair. My thin lips have bright red lipstick on them, and I somehow managed to keep a light tan from the summer, even in January.

I put on my new, lacy red lingerie, and hear a knock at the door. Jason is coming over to watch a movie tonight, but I throw on a thick, white robe in case it's not him.

It is him at the door.

“Hey Mandy.” He is holding a few movies for us to choose from. I don't plan to get that far.

“Hey! I'm not quite ready yet, come upstairs while I pick out some clothes.”

I can see the apprehension in his face, even though he's seen me in my underwear many times. Not a good sign. Still, he follows me upstairs and sits down on my bed. I see the opportunity, so I face him and drop the robe.

“That's an... interesting choice of underwear.” He says, nervously.

I approach him, “I bought them just for you.” As I straddle him and push him back, I can see the sweat form on his forehead.

“Maybe... maybe this isn't a good idea.” He's looking for a way out.

“Don't worry, no one is supposed to be home for a few hours, we have plenty of time.” I pull back and kneel on the floor. “You just need to warm up to the idea.”

He stumbles for words as I unzip his jeans. “No, stop...” I haul down his boxers and jeans. He is still soft.

“Looks like you still need some help.” I grab his flaccid cock and stroke it a few times before wrapping my mouth around it. Still, nothing happens. Fuck.

I look up at his face. There are tears running down his cheeks. “I think... I'm sorry... I think I might be gay.”


After what just happened I can believe it but... “What the fuck!? How long have you thought this? Why didn't you say anything? Fuck, we've been going out for two and a half years!”

“I'm sorry, I wasn't sure, it was just an idea I had. I never liked the idea of a girl touching me... I'm sorry...” Tears streamed down his face.

“Get out.”

“I'm sorry...”

“We're done. Just... get out!”

I watch as he leaves the room, listen to the front door open and close. Then I break down. I curl up, sobbing into my pillow, on top of the blankets, still wearing nothing but my lingerie. I feel Brownie jump up onto the bed and curl up against me. I lay like that, crying, for half an hour.

Finally, I stop crying. I roll over to face Brownie. “Thank you B,” I say, “You've never let me down.” He licks the dried up tears from my face as I rub down his fur. I should probably get dressed.

I leave the lingerie on and throw on my hot pink pyjamas. I send a text to Rachel.

'You home?'


'Mind if I come over?'

'Sure, everything alright.'

'I'll tell you when I get there.'

I put on my winter coat and walk the half block to Rachel's house. There are no cars in the driveway, so it's just her. I walk in without knocking, and hang my jacket in her closet. She is watching a movie on the couch, but she shuts the TV off when she sees me come in.

“I figured you'd want to talk.”

I tell her the full story. I even manage to hold back my tears until the very end. She holds me tight until I have no tears left.

“The hot tub is set up in the back yard, maybe it will help take your mind off things.”

“I don't have a swimsuit with me...”

“You can borrow one of mine.”

I just look at her. She knows how I feel about stuff like that.

“I have a brand new bikini I haven't worn yet.”

“It probably won't fit though. You're a bit broader than I am.” And her tits are almost a d-cup, could be depending on the brand.

“Well you can wear one of my old ones, or wear your underwear.”

I'm not sure what the lace would do in the hot water. “Fuck it. I'll borrow an old one.”

We go to her room and I take off the pyjamas as she looks for a bikini to fit me. When she sees me in my lingerie she says, “There's no way Jason is not gay, if I was a guy I wouldn't say no. Hell, I'd have a hard time saying no now.” I smile as she passes me a top and bottom. I go to the bathroom to put it on.

I look at it in the mirror. The top doesn't quite fit, it covers me well, but I can feel the extra space where it hangs away from my breasts. It doesn't help the the right strap is just about off either. The bottom, on the other hand, hugs my pussy close, barely covering everything, it too seems to have a loose strap. Maybe it's just the style? Both pieces have a navy and white floral pattern, which suits me surprisingly well. I borrow a hair elastic from the cupboard and tie my hair in a loose bun.

When I exit the bathroom, Rachel is wearing a forest green bikini, which actually fits her round breasts and ass. Her light brown hair is in a loose ponytail hung down to her shoulder blades, she also has a red streak to match my blue. She stares back at me with her blue-grey eyes.

A thought crosses my mind. 'That body was in the bikini I'm wearing right now.' There was a time that would have grossed me out, but now... I'm not sure what I think.

“Looking good,” Rachel says playfully, “Let's go.”

She grabs two towels from the bathroom, and I follow her to the backyard. The hot tub is covered on two sides and on top, and there is a TV in the corner. We climb in on opposite sides, wasting no time in the cold winter air.

Rachel flips through the channels, and winds up turning on the music channel when there's nothing else to watch. We talk a little, but we mostly just enjoy the warmth of the water surrounding us.

“We should roll around in the snow, and jump back in the hot tub, see how long we can last.”

I look at the freshly fallen snow. I hardly like the idea of lifting my arms into the cold air, let alone covering my full body with the snow itself. “You first.”

“Alright, but you have to do it if I do.” She hopped from the hot tub and clumsily dove on top of the snow. She barely let out a cry as she rolled around in it for longer than I would have expected her to.

As she got back in the hot tub, I could see the goose bumps covering her skin, and I noticed her nipples poking through the fabric of her bikini. I get the same feeling I had when I first saw her in the bikini. Why?

“Beat that.”

I shiver at the thought, but i have an idea. I get out and jump into the snow, rolling around for a moment. Before I stand back up, I grab two handfuls of snow, and shove them into my bikini, sending shivers through my chest, and pleasure through my body. The feeling is so great I grab another handful, and shove it in the bikini bottom, sending shocks of pleasure up my pussy.

“Mmm...” I stand up, as Rachel stares at me.

“Don't enjoy yourself too much.” She says jokingly. The heat from my crotch quickly melts the snow, while the snow against my tits drops as I stand up. As I sit down in the water, the bikini top floats to the surface.

“Oh shit.” The right strap came right off.

“Don't worry, that was ready to fall off anyway.” We haven't seen eachother naked since either of us hit puberty and stopped getting changed in the open dressing room. “But you can't have all the fun.”

I watch as she undoes the top of her bikini, dropping it to the side of the hot tub. Her breasts seem to float in the water, making them look even better. Suddenly the same feeling comes back to me, stronger than ever. I guess I can finish taking off my top. I haul it over my head and drop it to the side.

I'm sitting in a hot tub, topless, with my best friend. I'm wearing her bikini bottom and can only think about how her pussy has touched the same place that mine is. I've been waiting to fuck my boyfriend for two and a half years, and that's never going to happen now. I know exactly what I've been feeling all night. I need to get fucked.

As we stare at eachother, Rachel says, “I want it too.”

Immediately, I push myself from my corner and wrap my arms around Rachel. Our tits press firmly together, as our lips meet in a passionate kiss. Her tongue dances around mine as she pulls me tightly against her.

As we continue to kiss, I feel her right hand glide down my wet body and slip into my tight bottoms. She easily slips her middle finger into my submerged pussy. After a few strokes, I decide to return the favour. I feel her trimmed bush as my hand slips past, reaching it's destination.

We keep this position for a while, making out while fingering eachother. The feeling is unbelievable. Of course, I've only ever had my own hand, not anyone else's.

She slowly hauls her lips from mine. “I want to taste you. Stand up.” Before I can move, she grabs the bottoms and rips them half off my legs. Clearly they were ready to break as well.

I do as she asks, and I lift my right leg onto the side of the hot tub, kicking away the bottoms. I feel the cold winter air against my tits as she brings her lips to my exposed pussy. I immediately feel her tongue reaching as far as possible, slipping around the mixture of water from the tub and my own wetness. I let out a moan as she slips three fingers into my pussy, and I feel her tongue slowly glide out.

I grab her head when I feel her teeth pinch my swollen clit, and her slender fingers continue to slide in and out of my boiling pussy. She slips her tongue back in around her fingers, by now I'm sure she can taste the wetness pouring out of me.

The control she has of her tongue is amazing. When Brownie licked my pussy he would more or less be lapping at it like one of his peanut butter filled toys, but now, Rachel's tongue has full control, working with her fingers to create a greater feeling than I've ever experienced, including actually getting fucked by Brownie.

I can feel myself get closer to the edge. Sensations are shooting through my whole body, especially my swollen clit and my now close to freezing nipples. I let out a cry as my orgasm hits quicker than I expected, catching me off guard.

I feel my juices flooding down my pussy, around Rachel's fingers and tongue, and out into the cool air. Rachel manages to lap up most of them, and when I back down off of her I can see some of my wetness flowing down her chin and neck.

I feel my tits readjusting to the heat as we stare at eachother silently for a few moments.

“Your turn.” I say seductively as I move toward her. She lifts herself to sit on the side of the hot tub, and extends her legs so I can remove her bottoms. I slide them off, revealing her beautiful pussy, glistening in the soft light. Her light hair is trimmed into a small arrow, pointing directly at her juicy lips. I figure I'll follow the arrow.

I lean in and lightly slide the tip of my tongue down her slit. When I reach the bottom, I swiftly extend my tongue and shove my face into her pussy, making sure to get as far in as I can. I start to swirl my tongue around inside her, and I feel her squirm from pleasure, and hear her let out a soft gasp.

I bring my hand up, inserting two fingers into her tight pussy, pushing them alongside my tongue. Rachel squirms as I begin sliding my fingers in and out of her, and she starts lightly moaning from the pleasure I felt only moments ago.

She has a sweet taste, not too different from my own. I'm not sure how I can help her get off faster, but I will certainly try. I begin sweeping my tongue around inside of her, and I pretend I am painting a picture inside the walls of her sweet pussy.

With the increasing noise coming from her, I can tell she is enjoying the technique. I reach my thumb around my tongue and begin to pinch her clit. I notice her grip on the side of the hot tub tighten as she arches her back.

“I'm about to come!” she screams. I don't slow down. “Fuck... Amanda...” My submerged pussy tingles when she says my name. “I'm coming!”

Her delicious juices flood into my mouth and all over my face. I lap up as much as I can as her body continues to spasm. She slowly moves forward and dips back down into the water. She grabs my head and shoves my mouth into hers, pressing her own juices into her face, tasting as her tongue dances around mine.

After a moment we release eachother and begin to wipe ourselves off. I notice the music from the TV. I had completely forgotten it was on.

Rachel stands up and steps out of the hot tub, grabbing a towel, and throwing one to me as I stand.

“We're not done yet.” she says seductively. I follow her into the house as I dry myself off.

We walk up to her room, neglecting to cover ourselves on the way. I notice her juicy ass as we walk up the stairs, swaying back and forth with each step, her pussy just barely visible underneath. She orders me to lie on the edge of her bed. I obey as she walks to her dresser. She hauls out a huge vibrating dildo and flips the switch. I hear the buzzing sound and know it's going to be a night to remember.

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