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Zoe meets a man...then everything changes...
Zoe- height 5’4
Eye colour brown
Hair colour blonde
Breast size 32A

The Man- height 5’11
Eye colour red
Hair colour brown
Penis size 8 inch long, 2 inch wide
Zoe sat down on the bus worn out from her day at work. She crossed her legs and looked out at the busy London traffic. There was something so mesmerising about looking out the window at the busy traffic. Many a night she got on this bus and watched London’s busy night crowd.
The bus stopped again and a new crowd got on the bus. The bus practically filled the bus to the brim. One of her less favourite stops, however all was about to change on this night.
A handsome looking guy comes on the bus, tall, broad shouldered, dark curly hair. He was wearing a long dark trench coat with a scarf and leather gloves to match. Zoe looked up in interest but quickly averted her gaze when he looked over in her direction. The man started towards her and stopped when he reached her. Zoe cautiously looked up at the man, “Mind if I sit here?” he asked in a voice that instantly brought Zoe’s eyes up to meet him. His voice was deep and masculine and sounded lie…like…Zoë couldn’t quite describe what his voice sounded like, but she liked it. “Sure, sit down.” Zoe replied moving her bag and coat to the floor. When she bent down though something quite unexpected happened. She could feel the man’s eyes on her back and somehow on the view of her rear. She sat up looking a little flustered and that’s when she felt it. She couldn’t be sure but she was positive she felt a slight wetness in her crotch. She ignored it though and the feeling quickly disappeared. “So what’s a beautiful specimen such as yourself doing out in this part of London?” by this part of London he meant Southwark. “Well I just finished work so I’m headed home.” Zoe replied blushing slightly at his compliment. “Would you mind if I walked with you? It’s just I’d hate to see you on the evening news. Knowing where this bus stop I know people may be waiting for someone such as you.” Zoe thought about this and although her mind was screaming at her saying “no! He could be a pervert!” Zoe replied simply “Alright, I’d like that.” When the bus reached its final destination the man and Zoe got off. On the way they’d been idly chatting about politics work and so on, but Zoe couldn’t help but notice he was trying to get to know her a bit too well. They walked up to her apartment and stopped outside. “Well I suppose this is where we part ways miss Zoe,” the man said in a mock gentleman’s voice. “Well if you want you could come in for a drink?” the man smiled and took her up on her offer. They stepped inside Zoe’s apartment and the man looked around. “This is a nice place you have here,” “Thanks” Zoe replied. She hung up her coat, put down her bag and took off her heels leaving her bare feet to touch the soft carpet beneath them. She moved to go to the fridge and get some drinks but the man stood in her way. Zoe was about to ask what he was doing but the man stooped down and kissed her on the lips. Zoe could taste something on his lips but couldn’t place the taste. Then she felt it, unmistakeable this time, she felt her panties stick to her like glue as her juices flowed. “How the fuck am I so horny?!” she thought to herself. The man slowly undid her blouse as they shared the kiss. She didn’t notice as bother her blouse and skirt came off leaving her in her underwear. He began to undress himself also, first came his coat, then his gloves. Next came the scarf and then his shirt. My god he had a body to behold, six pack, broad chest, even broader shoulders. Then came his shoes and trousers leaving him in just his boxers. Already she could see his meat growing. She got down on her knees preparing to suck him off but he stood her up and said “That Zoe is reserved for street whores who will submit to the wills of men, you are a higher class of woman.” This really tugged at her heart strings as she thought this was a man who really cared how this night went instead of a quick suck and fuck. Slowly she was lead to the bedroom; she couldn’t help but notice on the way he was awfully cold to the touch, his flesh felt like stone. But she didn’t care, this only excited her more. Her nipples stood on end and the man could see this through her bra. He turned Zoe around slowly and unhooked the clasps of her bra. He then turned her around again and gently pulled the bra from her chest. Her small tits poked out invitingly, but he wasn’t interested in them quite yet. He slowly got to his knees and then using only his teeth latched on to the front of her panties gently lowering them, on the way down he couldn’t help but stick his nose in her cunt. She moaned out in ecstasy as he proceeded. She stepped out of her panties and lay down on the bed. He lowered his boxers and slowly climbed on top of her. He took some time suckling on her nipples bring them to a solid state she thought they’d never come down from. Then without warning he put his rock hard meat into Zoe. Zoe gasped aloud and screamed as she had her first orgasm of the night. “How. The. Fuck. Did. He. Do. That?!” thought Zoe. Is it possible to have an orgasm upon penetration she thought. It didn’t matter he was slowly thrusting in and out of her and she was having orgasm after orgasm as she felt he tight walls getting stretched. The feeling was like no other, she’d masturbated before but dildos only took you so far and guys were bastards when it came to sex. But this, this was like nothing. Pure bliss, it was like she was in heaven, she could feel the friction being generated between their bodies slowly building to another climax. He bent his head down again and bit gently on her nipple and that finally sent her over the edge. She was now in a half dream state struggling to hold on to reality. “I’m going to cum now,” he said “and I’m going to cum in you.” Zoe tried protesting as she just remembered she was at her most fertile today and tomorrow, but it was no use all she could manage was a slight moan. She felt him expand in her and then release his hot gooey cum into her fertile womb. He groaned slightly as he did so. Zoe looked up into his eyes and she noticed something different, they were blood red, also when he smiled it looked like he had two elongated teeth. Something was wrong. “I need to sit up.” Zoe said. She went to sit up but the man pushed her down. “I’m sorry Zoe, I can’t allow that, I’m a vampire and I’m truly sorry for this but I haven’t had a fresh meal in a month.” Zoe looked up in disbelief. “This guy a vampire? I don’t think so.” But then she saw he opened his mouth and she saw the fangs, dripping with saliva. Fear gripped Zoe, she looked up pleadingly but there was no changing his mind. Zoe struggled she moved her arms but he pinned them. She tried moving her legs but she was in missionary position so all she could do was kick out helplessly. She tried bucking her hips but all that did was give him more pleasure and somehow made her orgasm again. She moaned out load “It’s only natural for you to try and struggle, please just relax, it’ll be over soon.” Zoe was still kicking though and trying to move her arms. It didn’t work. He slowly slid his teeth into Zoe’s throat but it wasn’t what she was expecting. Instead of pain there was pleasure. It felt like a second vagina on her throat being penetrated by his fang penis. ”No forget the pleasure!” Zoe said to herself as she kicked and writhed. She slowly felt herself getting weaker as the pleasure intensified. After a while she stopped moving. She felt the pleasure wash over her and the man looked down at her smiling, she orgasmed one last time and smiled back.
When the police found her Zoe was pale white, a look of sheer lust on her face. Two tiny marks were on her throat and cum was pouring by the bucket load out of her, she was just added to the list of “Vampire raping’s” which weren’t in fact raping’s, rather pleasurable deaths.
One night in the morgue a corpse sat up, Zoe looked around. She felt wetness in her crotch and a kick inside her belly.
To be continued…

I know this is shit so far but if this gets good comments I’ll write part 2 which will be more erotic, explicit and with a lot more detail. This was written in about 10 minutes. Sorry it’s so short and unexplicit.

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2014-01-19 02:54:05
Sorry I'm not the same girl from story time but I'm glad you liked it and can relate it to good work.

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2013-08-04 19:31:26
Can't wait for the next part, this was really good and interesting keep it coming.

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2013-08-04 15:14:55
You need line or paragraph breaks to make this readable. This format is useless.

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