Ericka outide her house tanning when a man pulls to ask to use her house phone and things go terribly wrong
A Sexy Rapest
Description:Ericka outide her house tanning when a man pulls to ask to use her house phone and things go terribly wrong.

Ericka steps on to her porch in her two peice she sits down to read her magazines when she saw a man pulld a car Ericka house is right infront of a busy two way street so a lot of young boys and older men always honk. "Help me" the man yells she runs over he almost pass out she caught him before he felid. Can I use your house ? the man said. Why ? Ericka ask "my car is acting up and my cell phone is dead can I call my wife ? "okay sir" "no need to call me sir I'm only twenty six". Ericka show the man to her house when the man grab her by her neck. "Listen hear your going to do what i say or else" the man pull a gun out Ericka got scare "now open the front door and show me to your bedroom". Ericka follow his orders she open the front door she show him upstairs to her room they enter he let go of her. The man puts his gun down takes Ericka bathing suit top off he stares at her big boobs what size are these ? he ask her while he squeeze them "48D" Ericka cried. "Lay on the bed" Ericka lays on her bed the man licks her left tit first, then the right one he pull Ericka down "spread those legs" he licks her pussy then finger her for a while. Ericka moans in pain she plays with his dick she rubs it "now suck my cock". Ericka gots on her knees she grab his dick she sucks it she suck it for a couple minutes when the guy cum in her mouth. "Sallow it or else" the man yells as pull the gun closer to her head Ericka gasp as she sawllow his cum then she pull the man dick out her mouth then he grab her he push her onto her bed the man reach into his bag he pull a rope out he tie her hands behind her back "owe" Ericka says in pain then the man told her to bend over the railing of her bed. Ericka stare at her bed railing as she squeeze it. The man put the gun on the bed first then the man ram his dick inside Ericka pussy from behind "Ahhhhhhhh that hurts" he went fatser she moans in loud pain the man grab her hair he pull her neck up the man leans in her kisses Ericka and he splits in her mouth. How old are you ? "fourteen" "well for a fourteen year old you shouldn't be outside showing your tittys to every car who pass by". Who you live with ? the guy says as he slap her ass both cheeeks turn red "my mom and my older brother" the man took his shirt off he had big musclse and abbs. Your pussy is tight are a you a virgin ? "yes" "I'm not on the pill" "so what I'm in control I can cum in you if I want" the guy says as he out a switch blade out of his bag he cut Ericka left arm it was a medium size cut she bleed alittle. "Are you carry ? Ericka yells "this scar will help you remember the sexy rapiest in his late twenty who rape you" the man says as he slaps Ericka ass a couple times. Then Ericka started to worry as the man kept going Ericka didn't want to get pregnant, but the man dick felt so dam good in her. Then the man cum in her he shot Five loads and he shot the last load on her boobs."lick all my cum off your boobs" Ericka started licking her boobs she thought the man cum taste sweet and a little tart. Ericka close her eyes when she open them she was lay on her back Ericka turn her head to see the man grabbing her vasaline off her dresser it was the one you take on to go. Ericka use it for her lips the man rub a lot on his dick then rub some on the entrance of Ericka butty hole the man lays on Ericka bed "i want to be fuck cowboy style" he command Ericka swart over him she lay her fee back she slide onto his dick. The man grab Ericka tiny waist "you got a big ass for a tiny girl" "I just want to get this over" Ericka whisper "you better shut your mouth or i can be having a bullet go to your head in a minute now fuck me" he yells "that really hurts" Ericka yells. "I was the one who did all the work so now it's your tuen" he says as Ericka big ass goes up in down. Then as Ericka started going fats the vasline effect started kicking in "this shit is burning inside of my ass" Ericka yells as she kept riding him"face me" he comands. Ericka didn't slide off his dick all she did is turn around while his dick still in her. Ericka lean forward the man grab Ericka chin he pull her lips to his after that he started sucking her tits while he kept fucking her ass. The man cum he shot a long load as he kept fucking her ass some of his cum started sliding down his dick as he fuck her ass one more time. "Time for a shower" he says the man lift Ericka off his dick she lay on her bed. "My pussy and my ass hurt" "well lets get you in the tub" the man hops off the bed "I'll be back in a couple minutes the man came back six minutes later with the same pants on and one of her older brother tee shirt. The man lift Ericka up he carry her to her bathroom in her bedroom he had the tub fill with beads for her tub he lay her in it. Then grab her lufa and wash her body. Ericka feild asleep while the man dress her in her nightwear when she woke up it was after eleven pm and the man was gone she rush over to her window to see his car gone. Ericka told her mom what happen the next day, but the man was never found so he was never arrested. A week later Ericka found out she was pregnant nine months later she had her baby girl it been five years Ericka is nineteen now her daugther is five years old, Ericka in college now and dating a lovely young man.

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Two different spellings of rapist before the story even starts. You have been failed by education.

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Obviously English is a second language or your teachers were shit. Shocking spelling, no paragraphs, and a lousy story about, of ALL things, a fucking RAPIST. If you are an 18 year old female, then you're a pretty sorry example of one. NEGATIVE VOTE for wasting my time.

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crap spelling, crap writing, no formatting...yet another pile of shit written by an unintelligent idiot

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Horrible. Can't spell rapist?? Can't use paragraphs??

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