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It had been a few days since the news of my dads passing and Nate and i fucked. I was feeling worse rather than better and everyone was tip toeing around me like at any moment i was gonna turn into the hulk. all this had to stop. so one morning before i left for work for the studio i sat the guys down and looked at them. "I really appreciate what you guys have done for me over the past few days but you need to stop. I am fine and to be perfectly honest i need a drink so after work i am going to the minx and if you want to join me please do if not stop acting like i am about to blow your head off. please." i said my piece and left the flat and headed off to work.
closing came and instead of heading home i headed to the minx club to get my drink on. the guys weren't there so i sat on the bar and ordered a large gin and tonic. a few drinks after that i young guy came up to me and slide on the stool to my left. "you want another one ?" he asked with a tint of Irish in his voice. i nodded as i finished off my fourth g and t. he placed his order and the drinks were soon in front of us. "now why is such a pretty woman like you sat on a bar by your self." he added i cute half smile and i couldn't help but smile back. "I am drinking my sorrows away." i said finishing off the gin and tonic.
he sat by me most of the night and talked and told him all of what of happened and more drinks came. i felt like i should leave and as i turned round i saw the reflection of him in the bar mirror, slipping something into my drink. " are you fucking kidding me, you've been spiking my drinks." i said and all of a sudden felt really woozy. he smiled at me again and laughed. "you are alright darling after a few hours of you going on and on i thought i would get a little something in return." he pulled me up and took me outside where he dragged me into an alley way and began to take my clothes off. "stop please. don't do this." i tried punching him but failed, the drugs had taken complete control of me. his hands were rushing and he groped my boobs pulling them hard and making me scream. He slapped my face hard and continued to twist and pull my boobs until he was bored of this and his hands went between my legs and he forced his fingers in my cunt. i hated what he was doing to me, but the drugs were still in affect and i couldn't react against him raping me. I felt sick to my stomach, when the man finished with his fingers and had decided that it was time for the real act of torment to begin. he rubbed his head against my pussy and forced it in hard and did this repeatedly. I wanted to scream but he had me face slammed against a brick wall. once he was bored of my pussy he lined up and before i could do anything, he rammed his cock hard into my ass without any help. i screamed in real agony and laughed and pulled my tits again and slapped my ass hard repeatedly that purple marks were forming. he soon began to buck and his cum filled my ass, he pulled out spun me around and forced his cock in my mouth. "suck it clean your dirty cow." he said smacking my face again. he pulled out my mouth put himself away and turned to me.
"you little slut, you enjoyed that didn't you." he laughed again.
"fuck you, you vile cunt" i spat in his direction, what followed was a beating that nearly matched in pain in the act of rape he just committed. once he had his fun he walked away leaving me bruised bleeding and naked, I blacked out

i could her voices and murmurs, and my head hurt like hell. i was sat in my room with Kevin and Paul watching me. my vision finally cleared and the sound was no longer fuzzy. "how did i get back?" i asked sitting up. Paul gave me a glass of water while Kevin sat next to me and began to tell me what happened.
"when you didn't answer your phone we got a little worried and went out looking for you, we spoke to the man behind the bar at minx and he said you left with some man and he gave us his deion, we left and walked round the back and saw your car there and then heard moaning in an alley way where we saw your beat up body. needless to say we all lost it and Nate went off and we haven't heard off him in awhile." as he said that his phone began to buzz.
"Hello... Nate where are you?... OK we are on our way." Kevin put his phone down and looked at us. "Nate is in jail, and they say he has the guy who assaulted you so you have to come down and identify him." i nodded and winced as i moved, Paul helped me up as we walked to the car.
at the station we found Nate, he had a bloody nose. he looked at me with those eyes and said "don't worry, its no where near as bad as you." the police interrupted us and i was taken into another room where they took photos of my wounds and took my statement and finally i managed to id the guy and was free to leave. Nate was only able to leave if we paid his bail which was a lot of money, thankfully i was able to use the money left by dad to get him out.
back home i went straight to bed and sat looking at the ceiling. a knock on my door and Nate entered again. "is this becoming a new thing now " i said chuckling, i winced at the pain in my side.Nate shut the door and slid into the bed next to me. "i will always be here for you." he said putting his arm around me.
"my night in shining Armour." i whispered as i snuggled into his chest my last thoughts were of Nate and the idea that I could love him.


2013-08-06 15:29:22
thanks i am adding the first 5 chunks together so i can add more detail and stuff


2013-08-06 15:29:21
thanks i am adding the first 5 chunks together so i can add more detail and stuff

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2013-08-06 14:52:43
Good idea. lacking in details. deive words really paint a picture.

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