It was the first blind date Alison had ever been on. She was nervous about it, but tried to not let it get in the way of the evening. His name was Gideon, and he was gorgeous. She didn't expect that because usually the only guys that used online dating services were ugly. That's kind of why she liked using it. Ugly guys were always the nicest.

Gideon, however, was as polite as they come. He knew exactley what to say, and what to do. For once Alison thought that this might work out. She stared at him as they spoke over the resturaunt table. He had dark hair, which he had let grow longer so it curled around his ears and eyes, but not long enough to be a hassle. He was 6'2, and 180 lbs. Fit, but not overly muscular.

The first date went extremely well, so Alison agreed to a second one. That one came and went and soon enough, they had somewhat of a relationship. After three weeks of seeing him, Alison found it extremely odd that he hadn't made a move on her. They had kissed and that was about it. She was in no way a "quick mover", but no one took this long trying something. Finally, one night after dinner, Gideon asked her to come to his house. She had yet to see what sounded like a palace, considering he had inherited quite a bit of money after his parents died in a car accident.

She was right thinking it was a palace. It was one of the biggest houses she had ever seen. She marveled at it as they walked through the front door. Alison removed her shoes and began to make her way to the huge couch in front of the big screen tv, when Gideon grabbed her arm.
"Wait," he said. "you need to see the basement."

Alison followed him down the stairs to the basement. He flicked on the lights and Alison stopped dead in her tracks as she saw what was there. The back wall was lined with a variety of objects, masks, whips, chains, robes, and dildos. Along the other walls were straps and chains, and against some sat strange chairs and tables.

"What is this?" Alison asked in horror. She didn't really need to ask. She had heard enough of this kind of sex to know she didn't want any part of it.

Gideon walked to her side. Without warning he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head to the floor.

"I want you to listen very carefully to me, you little cunt. I own you now, and you'll be better off doing exactley what I say, or else you'll really be sorry." He snarled.

He let go of her hair and told her to stand. Sobbing, she managed to get up.

"Take off your clothes." He said simply.

Alison relalized this was her opportunity to escape. She took him by surprise and started to spring up the stairs. He bounded after her and caught her before she had gotten halfway up. Taking her by the hair once again, he dragged her down the stairs and slapped her in the face.

"Oh that was a big fucking mistake you little whore. But if that's the way you want it, that's the way you're going to get it."

With that he ripped the buttons of her shirt and slipped it off, flinging it aside. He pushed her to the ground and forced her pants off, revealing her black bra and matching thong. He grabbed the thong from the front and pulled it has hard as he could, so the fabric ripped into her pussy. She screamed in agony and he let her go, collapsing to the floor. He then grabbed her arm, pulling it up to where a pair of shackles hung from the ceiling. He strapped her in, and stepped away to admire his work. She wasn't quite tall enough for her feet to be fully on the ground, so she struggled to keep her balance on her tip toes. Gideon grabbed his pocket knife and cut away her remaining underwear.

He felt his cock harden in his pants as he saw her hanging there. Her mascara was running down her face, her lean body helpless. He walked to her and without any warning and stuck two fingers into her pussy, making her scream with pain. He fingered her just long enough for her to get wet, then stuck is thumb up her asshole. She screamed again and struggled to move away from it, but he only stuck it in further. He laughed at her crying there and headed to the back wall to find some good toys to use on her.

Gideon came back and adorned her with some nipple clips with weights on them, making her screech as they weighed her perfect round breasts down. Next he plunged a black buttplug into her asshole. It was his smallest, but her virgin asshole was so tight she nearly passed out from pain. He slapped her to keep her concious.

"The last thing you want to do is pass out, bitch. You don't know what I'd do to you while you were asleep."

Alison said nothing, but the tears kept streaming down her face. Gideon grabbed his line of rope and began expertley wrapping it around her size B cups. He wrapped it nice and tight so her tits swelled and began to turn purple. Then he removed her shackles from the hook that held them to the ceiling, but kept them on her hands. She fell to the floor lilke a ragdoll, and the buttplug slipped out of her asshole. This enraged Gideon. He slapped her face as hard as he could and shoved it back in.

"If this falls out again, I swear to god I'll give you my biggest one."

He instructed her to get on her knees and he removed his cock. It was eight inches long and quite thick. It pulsed as if it knew what was next.

"Suck it you filthy whore."

When Alison didn't move, he grabbed her by the chin and top of the head, forcing his cock into her mouth, and ramming it to the back of her thoat. She gagged, but he liked it and did it again. He thoat fucked her until he was ready to cum, then told her to lay on her back, with her shackled hands above her head. She obeyed this time, finally realizing the results if she didn't. He rammed his cock into her pussy, and discovered she was wet.

"Oh you like this, you cunt? I should have known that a slut like you would love being treated like what you are. "

He rammed his cock into her faster and harder and she began to moan. He realized she was about to cum, so he pulled out and began to jack off. Alison lay still as he came all over her face and tits.

"Did you like that?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied.

He spit in her face and said "Call me fucking Master you piece of shit!"

"Yes, Master." She said.

"And do you want more?"

"I do, Master."

Suddenly Gideon rammed his entire fist into her pussy. She screamed with pain and tried to squirm away from him as he pushed is arm into her.

"You don't get to have pleasure here, you fucking bitch! You get nothing but pain." He said, pulling his arm from her.

He walked to the back of the room again and came back with the biggest dildo she had ever seen.

"Get on your fucking knees with your head on the ground and ass in the air." He ordered.

She did as she was told, and he removed the buttplug. Then, he started working the dildo into her asshole. When he didn't hear any cries of pain from her, he plunged it in the entire way, her screams making his cock hard again. He pulled out the dildo and started fucking her pussy again. He waited until she was beginning to enjoy it, then pushed the dildo into her ass. He rammed them both into her until he filled her with his hot cum. He stood above her and pissed onto her back.

Standing, Gideon, grabbed her by the arms and brought her to what almost looked like a massage table, but thinner. He strapped her arms up to the top so she was on her stomache, with her pussy and ass hanging off the end. He strapped her feet into stirrups behind her and spread them.

"Well, I'm almost done with you, so I thought we'd clean you up, and celebrate with a little champagne."

He took out a fine bottle of champagne, and one glass.

"I suppose I should have said 'clean you OUT'"

With that he began to shake the bottle. He opened it quickly and shoved it into her cunt. The spray of the champagne flushed into her and she began to scream with the most agonizing pain she had ever felt.

Gideon removed the bottle, and watched as the liquid spilled out of her. He poured himself a glass of what was left.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. I don't think we should see eachother anymore." he laughed.


2007-11-21 07:36:14
it was fucking awsome


2006-12-15 05:00:34
seeing as how its your first story you didnt do too bad, hell it mad me wet. but it could have been more discriptive and a bit longer, but other then that i loved it. and the ending fucking rocks. keep on writting cant wait to read your next one.


2006-06-01 12:46:11
loed it


2005-09-07 23:00:02
Perverted SOB. Don't write any more.


2005-08-13 09:15:03
You need help, both with your mind and with your writing.

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