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I will now tell you the story behind this story. I started writing the Jack Write Saga about a year ago, intending for it to be shared between a small community, but a slight 'mishap' in my life caused the third book to be ended abruptly. After this, I started working on another Jack Write series, but didn't see the story going anywhere, so that was put on hiatus indefinitely. I am releasing the story now so that I can get some ideas from the people reading (you) for a new story that I plan to release in smaller instalments. For you, this means:
This is the second part of a three part story
I recommend that you don't read the last chapter of book three if you feel any kind of attachment to these characters
My next story will be based entirely on what you put down there in the comments
Thank you.

Also, if anyone can correctly guess my age in the comments I will let them name the next story. (You won't guess it ;)

Jack Write - The Erotica - Book 2


About a week after the cruise, life was going good. I often went round to Lucy's house so we could talk about anything or just have quiet sex, and Jason was always coming round here as well to, from what I could hear next door, do the same. Me and Cynthia talked a lot more now, mostly about what new things we had tried in bed, and me and Jason were as good friends as ever, which I found surprising considering he was fucking my sister. So life was definitely going good, and then our parents decided to take us to the beach for a holiday, and that we could each take a friend. To play it safe I picked Jason and Cynthia picked Lucy, so tomorrow we would pick them up in the car, and drive down to Cornwall. I was packed already, and didn't bother with condoms this time, if there was one thing I to needed, it was Viagra. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning to quite a sunny day. My morning erections had gone to semis now, because I was being satisfied quite regularly, and so I just had a shower, put on some jeans and a T-shirt, went downstairs to join Cynthia at breakfast, then we took our bags outside. Our car was an old defender, with rows of seats in the back, facing each other, and we had to put bags on the seats next to us, but there was still enough space for more bags and 2 more people. I had picked the row of seats behind the driver, so that our mum couldn't see much of what I was doing there. Our dad was planning on driving up later in his car because he needed to "do some things", which meant he wanted to drive up and listen to Bob Marley in peace. We stopped at Jason's house, who got in and sat next to Cynthia, then at Lucy's house, who sat next to me, then we set off for the beaches of north west Cornwall.

We arrived around midday, and Cynthia and I went straight down to the bungalow where us four would be staying and just sat down for a bit talking on the beach. My mum came down from reception with our keys, then went to find her cabin, on the other side of the path from us. The bungalow was a round, wooden structure with a few windows, and we saw the layout when we went inside. It was split in half by a wall, with 4 beds on the side with the door, and two doors at the other end of the room, one of which a assumed lead to a toilet. We all smiled at each other thinking about what we could get up to in this bedroom, then went back up to the car to get our bags. Back in the room we talked about what we could do here apart from the obvious swimming and sunbathing, and Lucy and Cynthia decided to go swimming, as it was a surprisingly hot day. They changed into bikinis in the bedroom, which came as quite a shock, but I definitely wasn't complaining. To have two hot girls strip naked in front of me is just what I needed to wake up after the long car journey. When they left and me and Jason were alone, he asked me "you sure your okay with me banging your sister Jack?" I nodded and said yeah, because even though I felt like I shouldn't be, I was fine with it. "Then let's go swimming" he said, smiling.

The water was pretty cold in the sea, but a few minutes in I didn't care at all. I was being warmed by Lucy's body heat as she stroked my cock under the water, and I fingered her ass, which I found out she really loved. I could see Jason an Cynthia were doing something similar a little way away. We came out of the water and dried off, and went to look around the small beach town. We found a few cafes and eat a late lunch, then went back to the room for showers, which me and Lucy took together. Both my parents knocked on the door when we were done, and we greeted my dad, who announced that they were going to a bar for the night. This gave us four lots of free time to ourselves, and we pretty much got straight to it. I went into the bathroom to get some lube, which I was definitely going to need, and when I got out Lucy was already lying naked on my bed. I took off my shirt as I walked towards her, then lay on top of her, and started kissing her tits and mouth. "Hey Lucy" I whispered, "know how you love it when I finger your ass" to prove my point I slid down and put my index finger in her asshole as far as it would easily go, and she moaned and clenched her ass in response, "well how about trying anal?" I said, and she didn't need telling twice. She rolled out from under me and got on all fours on my bed. Doggy wasn't a position we did often, but I definitely enjoyed it, and got the lube from the floor. I put a lot on me and her, then fingered her hole with two fingers to loosen it up temporarily. She couldn't help wriggling around with pleasure as I did it. She looked so sexy with her pussy dripping with lube in front of me, and I took of my underwear to reveal my fully hard cock, then kneeled just behind her. I glanced over at Jason and Cynthia, who were already immersed in missionary sex, because apparently Cynthia squirts more often in missionary. I grabbed Lucy's hips and pushed the tip of my head into her asshole. I had no idea how my cock would fit it there, but I took it slowly and after a while I had nearly my whole head in her hole, and she was clutching the side of the bed in anticipation and moaning. It hurt a lot, but I put in one last push and my head went all the way in, and about an inch of my shaft went to because of the force I used, which made her gasp and then let out a long moan. It still hurt a lot, but then it became a lot easier and I realised she was clenching, and then most of the pain was replaced with pleasure, and I saw why people prefer anal. The inside of her asshole felt amazing around my cock, and by the time I was completely inside her I felt ready to cum. I slowly pulled out to the head then went back in, and Lucy was becoming wider quite quickly. I repeated this a few times, Lucy wriggling around every time I made a movement, and then I felt comfortable enough to move quicker, and soon built up to a steady pace. Lucy gave up with using her arms as supports, so just lay on her chest making high pitched moaning sounds. I knew I was close to cuming, which was pretty quick compared to normally, but it's so much more pleasurable, I couldn't hold it, so came about 5 ropes into her ass, then heard the familiar noise Lucy makes when she cums, and the cold lube dripping down my leg was replaced by a much warmer liquid. I looked over at Jason, who was now licking out Cynthia, who thrust her shoulders back and squirted at long stream of juices into Jason's face. I don't even remember if I made it back to my bed that night, because I woke up on the floor.


I looked around the dark room at what was happening. The blinds were shut and I couldn't see much, but worked out that Cynthia and Lucy were still asleep, and Jason was sitting on his bed, already dressed. "Mornin" he said, slightly too cheerfully, "hi" I said as I got up, and tried to clear my throat because it was dry. He kept looking at me, smiling, so I asked "what?". He raised an eyebrow at me and paused before adding, "anal?". The conversation then turned into a mixture of Jason saying "you lucky bastard" and me ignoring him, and Jason saying either "how" or "why" repeatedly, which I also ignored. He eventually got the message and I went to take a shower. I thought back to the night before, and wondered what was going to happen today. I knew my parents were planning on going to see a friend who lives near here, and we would have most of the day to ourselves. The shower woke me up and I went back into the bedroom in a towel. Cynthia was awake now, and I could see her and Jason had been talking, and I had a good idea what it was about. Cynthia rushed to the bathroom when I sat down, and I started getting dressed. I had just pulled up my shorts, when Jason suddenly burst out laughing. "what?" I asked, and it took a while for Jason to stop laughing and explain. He pointed at Lucy, who was still asleep, and started laughing again before he spoke. "dare you to bismark Lucy and wake her up" I agreed as I imagined this that it was pretty funny, but quite liked the idea too, so stood up and walked over to Lucy as I pulled out my cock. I lifted it up and performed a downward strike on her cheek. I fell back on my bed laughing at what it looked like, and Lucy woke up pretty quickly, saw me doing up my fly, felt her cheek, then threw her pillow at me.
This was going to be a pretty good day.

The beach was mainly used by adults on a quiet holiday, and I imagined that there were a few people on honeymoons here, so I didn't think we would find anyone our age, and the beach was pretty much deserted in the day. The four of us walked away from the path down the beach, and found 2 deck chairs facing the sea. This proved not to be a problem as we could easily fit 2 on each bed, so we lay down and sunbathed in swim shorts and bikinis. Lucy moved her hand onto my crotch and slowly started rubbing my dick through my shorts, and I returned the favour by doing the same to her clit. We kept going for a while, until Lucy slowed to a halt. I looked over at her and saw she was asleep, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep as well, only half meaning to. I opened my eyes a while later, and was pretty surprised to see a woman in a miniskirt and tight top standing over me. She looked a a bit older than me, but not by much, and had long, dark hair. I really didn't know what to do or say so just blinked at her. Luckily she started speaking, "you're not the only ones on this beach you know" I replied hesitantly "um yeah sorry" as I took my hand out of Lucy's bikini, and slid her hand of my crotch. "Oh no its fine, you're still young, you should enjoy yourselves, and daaaaym" she said said looking at my groin where the clear shape of my shaft could be seen. "you deserve it" then she walked off down the beach. I wondered if I should tell the others about the encounter, and decided against it in the end.

We ate a similar lunch to yesterday and then went back to the room. We got some weird looks at the cafe because Lucy and Cynthia were still wearing bikinis, and me and Jason sat particularly close to our women for the meal. Back at the room we sat on our beds and I started talking. "Hey Jason" I began, "you dared me this morning, now I think I should dare you. Do the same to Cynthia." Jason thought for a moment, then said "OK Cynth, get over here" I saw his tactic immediately. He knew Cynthia would be a lot more willing to suck him off than get slapped in the face, so Jason was making it look like that's what he wanted. Cynthia kneeled down in front of him, and he pulled down his shorts, then started stroking himself. Just as Cynthia leaned forward to take over, he flicked his wrist and slapped her in the mouth. The noise it made had the three of us burst out laughing, but Cynthia wasn't and quickly grabbed Jason's sack and squeezed what I assumed was very hard indeed. Jason collapsed and Cynthia joined in with the laughter. "Ok" Jason said, crawling back up. "my turn. Lucy" Lucy looked up and made a "hm?" sound. "Eat out Cynthia" I spoke first and said "No way, she'll never do that" Jason simply replied, "all girls are bi mate". I watched in amazement as Lucy stood up and walked over to Cynthia's bed.

They both took their bikinis off dutifully and I appreciated again how lucky I was. My sister sat down on her bed and Lucy crouched in front of her spread pussy. She grabbed Cynthia's legs and thrust her tongue into her. Cynthia gasped and lay back against the wall, as Lucy vigorously oral fucked her. This carried on for a while until she stopped and stepped back, taking Cynthia with her. They both got on all fours facing each other, then started full on tongue kissing. Me and Jason took this as our time to shine, so I got the bottle of lube from the bathroom while Jason closed all the windows and locked the door. I quickly lubed up me and Lucy, then slowly but more forcefully and confident than yesterday, pushed my dick up her asshole. She lifted her head up as I did this, and we both experienced similar levels of intense pleasure. Cynthia kept licking Lucy's face as this happened, then stopped when Jason dived into her pussy with surprising speed. Lucy got used to the feel fast and started kissing Cynthia again. With the feeling of butt fucking Lucy quite quickly, and the sight of her kissing my sister, I knew it wouldn't be long before I came, but didn't slow down for a second. I was extremely glad Lucy preferred anal, as it's quite rare that women do, but I choose wisely and I knew Jason was jealous about it, but I doubt he cared at that moment, as he was fucking the girl of his dreams. Sure enough I felt close after a while, and went a little faster until I burst inside Lucy's asshole. Soon after she shuddered as she came, and Jason had stopped on the other end, and I could see Cynthia's spray on the floor. We all had a shower then went back for some more dares. Jason was certainly right. It would appear all girls are bi.


Next morning I woke up with a painful headache and a vague recollection of what we did last night. I was on the floor of the room, fully clothed except for my shorts. Lucy was leaning against the bathroom door looking at me, Jason had managed to get on his bed and I couldn't see Cynthia. "Hi" whispered Lucy as I crawled to my knees then held up my head while my vision blurred. I felt like I remembered less about last night now, and gave up thinking. Cynthia stumbled out of the bathroom and I saw the mess we made inside it. There were at least six towels in the corner covered in cans of something, half of which looked unopened. Cynthia fell over on her bed and said "spa day anyone?" and I couldn't think of anything better. There was a spa near the beach for people staying in the houses, and me and Jason didn't want to spend a day with the girls there, but now I felt like spending the whole day in the sauna. Jason woke up eventually and Cynthia put her hand on his head to stop him getting up too quickly. When we were all sitting up on our beds, Jason asked "so who wants to go first?" everyone put there hand up and he pointed at me. "where are my trousers?" no one answered so Cynthia went next with "where's my bra?" Jason said made a triumphant noise and produced a bra from under his pillow. "that's not mine" said Cynthia, and Jason was about to toss it to Lucy when she said "not mine either". Jason dropped it on the floor. Lucy then said "what the fuck did we do last night?" Jason looked down his shorts and said "we certainly didn't fuck". Everyone had a shower and we were about to set off for the spa when my parents walked in and pretty much said clean the room. So we did.

I got changed into baggy swimming trunks and went straight to the sauna with Jason. We choose the mixed one so we could talk more to the girls about last night. They had gone for a massage and didn't turn up until half an hour later, wearing what at first sight appeared to be nothing. At a second glance you saw that actually they were just wearing very little. They both had tight bikinis on, Lucy's pink and Cynthia's blue. They came and sat between me and Jason, who spoke first. "OK, anyone remember anything about my phone?" he discovered that he lost it while we were cleaning, and was pretty sure he had it last night. "you were taking loads of pictures with it after we came back from the cafe" said Lucy. Then I decided something, "the only way we'll work out what happened is if we go to where it happened, which judging by the sand on my clothes was on the beach" so everyone just sat in silence until we got out. Well it wasn't exactly silence. After a while of looking at Lucy's boobs, I started to get hard, which she saw when I adjusted my sitting position. She started stroking my cock through my clothes, then pulled them down slightly and jerked me off in public. There were about 6 other people in the sauna, but it was to steamy for them to see much, and a few had fallen asleep I think. She looked around to check on this before sliding herself onto my lap and slowly grinding my cock with her ass. After a while when she was sure no one was watching, she pulled down the back of her bikini and let my cock slowly burry itself in her asshole. It was a slow process with the absence of lube, but the steam helped, and she squealed quietly, so I covered her mouth with my hand. She had to go painfully slowly not to raise suspicion, and I saw Jason and Cynthia were pleasing each other with their hands. I remembered back to what Lucy said back on the cruise the night we lost our virginity, "risks are sexy", and I have to say I agreed. This was a very sexy scenario. She was going so slowly it must have been an hour before I came, but when I did it was the biggest load I had ever blown. 8 ropes were propelled deep into Lucy's ass. Lucy clenched and pulled off, which was painful, but it was so none leaked out until she got to the showers. Jason had cum a while ago, and he stopped fingering Cynthia before she came, because it would be hard to hide her spraying all over the floor. We all got out and went to the showers then back to the room, where we agreed no one had much of an appetite, so we went down to the beach.

We were all at the beach talking when someone ran up behind us holding something. It was the girl from the beach yesterday, and she had my shorts. "these yours?" she said handing them to me. "yeah" I said, talking them "how did you know?". "you left them in my room last night" she said. Us four looked at each other and Jason said "who are you?". She looked surprised. "you don't remember anything?" we shook our heads. "I'm Tricia" she said "you four came into our room last while I was riding Bones cowgirl, and demanded we went swimming with you". We looked more confused. "Bones?" asked Lucy. "my.... boyfriend" she explained. We walked to her room because Jason thought his phone there, and went in. It was of worse state than out bathroom, with cans everywhere and smoke on the ceiling. The one we assumed was Bones stood up from a sofa near the bathroom. He was short but skinny, and had badly kept dreadlocks over his eyes. There was a pipe on the table near him that looked over used and suspicious. "Hey dudes" he said smiling when we walked in. "Man what a night we had" Tricia said "they don't remember anything Bones" and Bones looked sad. "Probably a good thing anyway". Jason asked "I think I left my phone here" and Tricia made an awkward sound, then pulled a phone out of her bra and tossed it to Jason. Cynthia then asked "um, I lost a bra too" Bones thought this was hilarious and sat down again, as Tricia took off her bra and gave my sister her bra back. I thought Tricia was too hot to be living with someone like Bones, but didn't comment about that, but said "where did you find my shorts Tricia?" and she smiled as she replied "on the shore were went skinny dipping". None of us knew what to say exert Jason who only cared about one thing as usual, "damn why did I have to forget" and we all left. The only mystery remaining was where we got all the beer from, because we were already drunk by the time we got to Tricia's room, and no store would have sold it to us. Willingly.


The rest of that day was spent eating, swimming, and finding out where we got the beer. It was now the next morning and we still had no idea. I woke up last today to the sight of Lucy's vagina in my face. "Now you know how it feels" she said, putting her panties back in place under her miniskirt, and getting off me. "Felt pretty good actually" I said smiling. "Why can't you wake me up like that?" Jason complained to Cynthia. He was sitting on his bed deleting pictures from the night before. "Because when you did it I was ready awake. I'm going to slap you with it later" she said, and Jason tried hard to stop smiling, but it didn't really work. I had a shower and while there I noticed a can that we hadn't picked up yesterday. I got out and picked it up. It looked like an average fosters beer can, so I binned it and went to tell the guys my theory. "I think I know where we got the beer from", and told them what I thought, and then we waited for a bit talking about it and other things. At about 12 we walked down to Tricia's hut and knocked on the door. From the noise we heard after a door opened it was fairly obvious what they were doing. Tricia opened the door, with Bones directly behind her, both fully clothed and having what looked like anal. She grabbed my wrist and then immediately let go. She stood up and Bones pulled out and coughed while doing up his trousers. "Sorry" said Tricia, "thought you were someone else". She gestured for us to come in and we followed, wondering who the someone else was and why they wanted to see that. I noticed his beer on the floor was also Fosters, so began talking. "Bones?", Bones grunted in reply, "We didn't know where we got beer from when we came in here the first time, but now I think we must have got it from you. Did you give us any before we arrived here?". Bones sat down and had a strained concentration look on his face. He eventually started nodding. "While you were making sand angels on the beach" he began, "I saw you when I was walking back from the liquor place and gave you my bag of beer" this seemed to make even less sense now. Jason said, "OK, why did you give it to us?" Bones shrugged and said "must'v been pretty high", and then Jason asked "why didn't you tell us when we came here yesterday?", and Bones made a similar action, "must'v been pretty high". We then left, having found out what we wanted to know, and also we saw Tricia pulling down her shorts again.

We had lunch at the usual place then went for some sunbathing. We choose the same spot as last time and sat on the same sun bed, but this time Lucy lay down on top of me rather than to the side. I definitely wasn't complaining about this and Jason and Cynthia were doing the same. Then Lucy started pulling down her bikini, but instead of just pulling down the back like I was expecting, she took it completely off, then unhooked the top half as well. I followed and pulled my shorts all the way off. This was pretty hot, but was about to get hotter. She moved up and positioned my hard cock in line with her asshole, then moved back down very slowly, pushing my cock deep inside her ass. This was painful and tough because of the lack of lube, but felt even better in the end, when she went up and down a few times to get me as hard a s possible, and in a comfortable position. Somehow we managed to then fall asleep in that position. I awoke a while later to a different kind of pleasure, as I woke up more, I realised someone was licking my balls. Lucy was still on top of me, but I was so horny I didn't really care who it was doing it, so I pretended I was still asleep. They were doing a mixture of just licking all over them with their tongue, and putting my whole sack in their mouth. Whoever it was, was good, and I came in a couple of minutes inside Lucy's ass. I looked around Lucy to see who it was, but then she stood up, revealing that it was Tricia. Lucy woke up then, feeling cum in her asshole, and Tricia pretended that she only just arrived. "Hi" she said cheerfully "you must really like this part of the beach". As Lucy moved I realised I had cum at least once already just from being inside her, and I could feel dried cum on my cock as she pulled off. She put on her bikini amazingly fast and sat on the sand blushing. "don't worry", said Tricia, and I saw Jason and Cynthia were awake and getting dressed, "this will be our little secret" and I couldn't help thinking her wink was directed especially at me as she walked away. "that was very weird" said Jason. I realised I was still lying naked on the bed, so scrambled for my shorts and put them on. Very weird indeed.

We spent the rest of the day in the pool at the spa, as we didn't feel like the cold sea water. I knew I wasn't going to tell anyone about what happened, but felt I should, and was thinking about it the whole time. We got out, had dinner, and went back to the room. The next morning we woke up a little too early however, allowing for 2 sexual endeavours to take place.


5 in the morning I woke up, and looked at my phone for the time. It was the 10th of August, and I remembered we were going home tomorrow. I was sad to be leaving so soon, but at least I could still see Lucy almost every day. There was a muffled sound I heard from the bathroom. Looking over to the other side of the room, and seeing Jason and Cynthia's beds empty, I realised they must have woken up early and were having an early fuck in the bathroom. I really needed a piss though, so got up and went over to the door. I hoped they wouldn't mind too much that I interrupted them, and nocked on the door. Cynthia opened it and I got a sense of deja-vu from yesterday. Jason was directly behind her and she was completely naked and making an awful lot of noise. I noticed Jason's cock was actually in her asshole, and this was what I believed to be the first time they tried that. I gestured towards the toilet and it was obvious they weren't stopping, so I tried to piss while my sister was getting anal fucked behind me. This was not easy because of my erection, and the noises Cynthia was making were very distracting. I managed in the end and as I was about to leave she squirted all over the floor. Walking out, my first sight was of Lucy standing naked in the dark. I complemented her sexy figure with the bulge in my shorts that grew a little. She told me to come closer with her index finger, and I was pulled towards her. I wrapped both arms around her and we started missing wildly. She push me back onto her bed so she was now on top of me, her tits pressing into my chest. She started grinding against my cock and moaning. After crawling down my body she started pulling off my shorts, and I took off my shirt. She deep throated my cock a few times then sat on it so it was pulling her pussy lips apart. She rocked back and fourth a bit then slid it into her asshole. This was starting to get easier without lube, but was still quite painful and slow. Lucy sighed and looked up at the ceiling while she lowered herself onto me. She reached the bottom and clenched a few times, so she could really feel the shape of my cock and make it bigger from the teasing pleasure. She then started to lift up and down slowly, moaning with pleasure. I also found it hard to keep quiet, especially when she got bored of the slow speed, and so when she reached the top of my head, she dropped straight down onto me. I gasped and she squealed, then did it again. When she started picking up a rhythm she put her hands on my bare chest and rode me cowgirl. This had to be the best anal I ever had from her, it was my favourite position and Lucy looked really sexy in the moonlight, her boobs bouncing as she rode, and the juice glinting off her pussy. The soft inside of her asshole felt amazing around my shaft, and I couldn't believe how fast she was going. I new it wouldn't be long before I came. She kept going a little longer, then I felt myself tipping over the edge, so closed my eyes and groaned, then released a massive load up my girlfriends ass. I pulled her off and dragged her towards my face. She sat on my mouth and I finished her off. I was tongue fucking her pussy while rubbing her clit with my left hand and fingering her ass with my right. She loved this and rocked back and fourth on my face. "Oh yeah eat my fucking pussy" she said, and I almost came again. She had never talked dirty before but it was really hot. Pretty soon she gasped and threw her head back, and I sucked out her sweet juices as she came. She got off me and I saw Jason was dressed and was watching us. Cynthia was still completely naked, and I noticed for the first time how good her ass was. I could see why Jason wanted to try anal. She walked over to Jason who was kneeling on the floor, then grabbed his head and rammed her vagina into his face.

We decided to go tell Tricia and bones we were leaving tomorrow morning, so started walking there when it was late enough. On the way there Jason walked up to me and whispered "is the the first time she talked dirty?", "yeah" I said. He paused for a moment then replied, "so hot". We arrived at their place then knocked on the door. Tricia opened it and invited us in. We couldn't see Bones anywhere. "so we're leaving tomorrow Tricia, and-" then she interrupted me, "no way that's the funniest thing, so am I" Jason asked "what about Bones?", she replied "oh he went yesterday evening" and then seeing the confused look on our faces she said "he doesn't live with me, I just met him on the beach last week". We left. Turns out Tricia was a massive slut.

We had some lunch then went swimming in the sea. It was a pretty in eventful swim, but I think we all just needed waking up. We got out and went to the heated pool in the spa after a while, then Cynthia and Lucy insisted on going shopping. That wasn't the most fun thing we could have done, but I guess they deserved it. We had dinner and went back to the room, passing my parents on the way, who told us we needed to be packed for tomorrow. Back at the room we sat on our beds, not knowing what to do. Lucy came over to my bed after a while and wrapped her arms around my neck. I didn't need telling twice. I pulled of my shirt and the swim shorts a still had on, while Lucy pulled off her top and skirt. Jason and Cynthia also started getting ready. I was facing her and she was wearing nothing but a bra. She undid it and dropped it down, then said "take me Jack" I picked her up a spun her round so she was lying on the edge of my bed. She wrapped her lags around my head and pulled me closer to her. I was standing up with my cock inches from her ass. "Fuck my tight asshole" she said, and I nearly came in her stomach, her dirty talk was so hot. I forced my way into her hole, and was pretty quickly going at a respectable speed. She was making high pitched noises every time I went forward, and then gasped "your dick feels so good! Fuck me harder" she gasped, and I did. I was going as far in and out as I could, and as fast as I dared as well. I was getting tired and could feel myself about to cum, when she screamed "Jack I'm gonna cum!" which immediately pushed me over the edge. I came up her bumhole and she came over my cock. Hottest sex I ever had.

The trip to Cornwall was shorter, but definitely sweeter than the cruise, but believe it or not, the sex got even better after we left. And it was shared with even more people. What a life a was living.

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2013-08-06 00:21:10
I think this was good cant wait for the next part and my guess would be 1 to 100 you never did say i had to say only one number so i guessed those numbers if you agree with me then i think the next story should be called "how i got a harem" but if you dont agree with me then no hard feelings its just a difference in philosophy

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2013-08-05 23:31:45
Why would I bother reading this when you totally ruined the whole thing by the end of the first post. I suggest just dropping this waste of space and write an entertaining one instead. My suggestion is leave this world behind and create something new and fresh. Oh and my guess for your age is "11".

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more please! I love these storys, very well written and developed :)

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