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36 year old celebrity cheats for the first time on her second husband
Britney’s first time cheating on her second husband

After enjoying a very relaxing deep massage at the Hollywood spa & fitness center from George, an unbelievably strong, hard-bodied, black masseuse, I wrapped the white bath sheet around myself and headed off to the ladies shower. To my extreme dismay there was a sign on the door stating that it was closed due to plumbing problems. I went back to see if George knew how I might avoid having to drive back home to take a shower as I needed to pick up my husband after work.

He grinned, told me it was late and the place would be closing soon and suggested that I go ahead and use one of the men’s shower stalls. He said that if I’d hurry he would lock the door and wait outside. I decided that it was worth it to save time before going to meet my husband after he got off work. I entered the men’s shower and removed the large bath sheet covering my naked little body. I got under the soothing, hot spray and as I soaped up I became more than just a little turned-on thinking about all the nubile young jocks and studs that had washed their buffed, muscle-bound forms in that very same shower before me.

Suddenly, I dropped my soap and bent down to retrieve it. When I stood and turned around slightly I found myself facing George again, only this time he was as naked as I was and was sporting a massive, rock-solid black cock that I had already figured he would possess! Now, after seeing it first hand, I was certain that it was absolutely the longest, thickest one that I’d ever seen in my life, including the one’s in those DVD porno movies my husband is always urging me to watch with him.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what he had in mind so I boldly approached him, licked my lips and kneeled down in front of him for a closer look of this black studs dream tool. I had never fucked a black man before but there was always a first time! After fondling his heavy, full ball sack and stroking my tiny fingers over the unbelievable, throbbing prick for a moment I knew right then that it was going to be lodged deep in my pussy very soon even if we did get caught!

As I carefully wrapped my lips around the huge purple head he moaned and muttered something about not wanting to be fired. I was hoping he’d locked the door to the showers so I ignored him and started to suck eagerly as I felt my cunt getting wetter than it had in quite a while. I soon found myself trying to get more than just the swollen head in my mouth! Having been married and completely faithful for nearly 20 years I was beginning to feel like the nastiest whore, not concerned in the least with getting caught.
The only thing on my mind by then was getting that big log of black meat deep into my pussy! I could barely get the bulbous head into my mouth and there was no chance he was going to get deep throated by me. Hell, I couldn’t even get my fingers around the shaft at the base! How was I, a thirty-six year old, five foot tall, 110 pound woman going to get a giant cock like that into my pussy? No matter, however, I was going to fuck this beautiful man or be torn apart trying!

He growled and lifted me up by the armpits, carrying me effortlessly out of the shower and depositing me on my back on the same massage table. Again hoping that he had already locked up I spread my skinny legs wide as he moved in between them. I gasped as he pulled my hairy outer lips apart and pressed the huge, swollen head against my tiny little opening. I was so wet already that when he pushed the slightest little bit those outer lips opened wider than I thought possible! I inhaled sharply as the huge head popped inside me and relentlessly began to split me apart!

There was only a little pain but a warm feeling began as I lifted my legs higher and wrapped the heels of my size five feet around his hard, muscular ass. The entire thing just scooted up inside me as far as it would go; crashing into my cervix and making me feel like the nasty slut I had just become!

To my extreme surprise he felt really good as he gritted his teeth and started to fuck me slowly. He clasped his huge hands around my butt cheeks as I began crying out for him to please take it easy with me. George started to pump the first half of his cock a little faster and I felt my pussy relaxing even more as my lubrication increased tremendously. All the sudden he jerked the entire thing out of me and laid it on my quivering white belly. He looked me in the eyes and asked me if I liked his big black battering ram!

I responded with another groan, “Your cock is just fabulous George, please shove it back inside me! FUCK ME! GET BUSY!” Well, he heard me perfectly. Two seconds later I felt him spreading my cunt lips apart again with his dark, calloused fingers and quickly pushing the entire ten or eleven inches back inside me so quickly that it knocked the wind out of me! Ignoring my whimpering he started pounding me like I was some kind of a rag doll! The feeling was indescribable, the giant head was sliding across my g-spot over and over fabulously and I started to come like I’d never come before in my entire fuckin’ life!

He banged my sopping wet cunt like the wild man my husband had never been for what seemed like such a long time! By the time I felt him start cumming inside me I had already come so many times I’d lost count! He stopped moving his enormous hose so I grasped his massive balls and felt them contract as he squirted deep into me in waves! I nearly passed out. When he finally quit pumping cum into me and pulled the slowly deflating monster out of me with a wet sucking noise I was so weak that I couldn’t even pull my legs together!

Needless to say, my husband was going to have to find another ride home this evening because George was hard again already and was about to do me again!
I told him to lie down on the floor and I was going to get on top this time. He just grinned from ear to ear.

The next morning I called down to the gym to thank him again and blatantly ask him to invite me over to his place and give me another ride whenever he could “fit me in!”

Brittany S.
Hollywood, California

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2013-08-14 20:16:57
This was great but it was hard to believe she was married once before at 16. Oh wait, she's from the south somewhere isn't she. You didn't say how long she was married to #1 before she found #2. I just saw a picture of her on TMZ the other night I think, if its the same one. That guy at the gym was so lucky.

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2013-08-06 03:39:28
married at 16 for the second time and a celeb name like brit s hmmm wishful thinking on authors part but I agree this is prolly a true story of a cheating wife just a different name, all women cheat they are just cum guzzling cheat machines living off a mans hard work,and money while shelling out pussy for any cock man or beast that can get hard for them

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2013-08-05 20:24:51
Just another white pig wife fucking a nigger behind her husbands back............. fucking woemn are all nothing but cheating slut pigs,,,,, I hope her husband finds out what a cheating pig she is and beats the living shit out of her, then sticks a .38 up her cunt and emptys the thing, after that he should dump her on the niggers doorstep

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2013-08-05 14:53:29
That was just great !!! I could almost belive this was your own true memory ?? I sure hope you continue to write down some more tales of yours. PLEASE !!! (countrycadillac)

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2013-08-05 14:53:10
So you got married when you were 16?

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