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Chinese Schoolteacher Captures English Student
I'm having such a good sleep. Dreaming...I’m kneeling, face down, bum up. My girlfriend in China is slapping my ass and sticking something hard and thick in and out of me. She tells me to make sure to get pictures if I get laid in England. I’m cumming…OOOH!

My eyes pop open. Oh, just a dream, but so good. I vaguely remember having some stupid bitch last night. I glance over, yes the camera was on. I’ll look later to see who I fucked. What was her name? Susie, Karen, Jody?? Whatever, I turn over to go back to sleep. Maybe I’ll have another sexy dream of my girlfriend.

Just drifting off. A bang at the door! What idiot’s banging on my door so early in the morning?

I get up, throw my night gown on and stumble to the door. Opening the door I see some sleazy man and a wobbly naked girl who looks like she had a very rough night. Woozily I recognize the man…the hotel keeper. The girl, oh yes, Susie, or was it Laura? Casey maybe? I don’t remember but it’s the one from last night. What’s she doing here?

Oh yes, I loaned her to the hotel guy and told him to bring her back in the morning. I wanted to use her in my final presentation this morning.

Bleary eyed, I ask, “You finish her? She good? OK, give her me. Now you go fuck off. Thanks.”

Grinning, the hotel man pushes her (Laura? Sally?) into my room. Her hair is a mess. Goo all over it. Men! Did they spend all night fucking her hair?

She looks pale, she’s shaking, there are black circles under her eyes. I look her up and down. Bruises on her tits. Bruises on her ass and legs. Looks like her face was slapped a lot.

“You need to take better care of yourself Susan,” I say, adding, “Get in the loo and wash up. You look ugly.” I shove her toward the loo. She stumbles in looking confused. Her tummy rumbles loudly reminding me it is breakfast time.

I ring the front desk and tell the hotel man to send me breakfast. He says, “Two breakfasts?”

I say, “What? You want me get fat? I only need one breakfast.”

He replies, “What about the girl?”

I reply, “Her? She not need more food. She ate sausages all night!” I hang up.

The shower is running. I wait for the girl to come back out. I’m annoyed, I can’t remember her name. Ah, a solution. Seeing her purse on the floor I open it and look at her ID. Sarah.

I think, “Hurry up Sarah, I need a morning fuck before breakfast.”

Ah, Sarah is finished. Now she can lick me again.

Her she is. Wearing towels? How can I see her body with towels? I sigh because it is so annoying.

I crook my finger at her and grin.

The bitch demands breakfast instead! What am I, a serving maid? If she didn’t think to feed herself before, tough! I tell her that, adding a snooty remark about eating sausages all night.

Suddenly she’s flying across the room at me. Screaming. Grabbing my hair.

Oh goody! Morning exercise!

Seizing her arm, I spin her around causing the towels to drop. Good. That gives me a better view.

Pulling her tight against me I feel her body, warm and moist from the shower. I crush her to me making sure my nipples rub against her nipples. Her nipples are soft, how different from last night.

She’s trying to push me away but I just hold onto her warm ass and plant a big kiss on her luscious lips.

I have time to use her body again before going to my morning presentation. After that it’s off to the airport and home to my bushy-pussied lover. She’ll enjoy all the pictures I have of Sarah.

My tongue finds her tongue. Mmm. Yummy. My hand slides up and down her ass crack. Yes, I’m getting hot!

Forcing her down on the bed, I continue thrusting my hot tongue into her slowly yielding mouth. I think her nipples are starting to get hard. Good.

Pulling her up to a sitting position I give her face a hard slap just so she remembers who is boss.

I make her sit on the bed. Then I slip my left leg under her right leg and my right leg over her left leg and push in close so that my bald pussy rubs right against her hairy cunt. Yes!

Looking straight into her eyes I rub our pussies together feeling her soft heat against mine.

So hot!

I’m coming so fast! I can’t stop! What a fuck!

She's on the verge of coming also but suddenly there is a knock on the door. Sorry honey you can cum later...if I have the time.

I get up and answer the door. It’s the hotel guy. With my breakfast. And the hotel bill because he knows I’m checking out today.

I pay with Sarah’s credit card and take the receipt so I can submit it with my expense account and get the money back…after all I am entitled to a bonus!

The breakfast is satisfyingly filling. Sarah keeps staring at me every time I take a bite. Bitch still thinks I’m a serving maid?

After breakfast I put on my business suit and toss Sarah’s bikini to her (I retrieved the bottoms from the lobby last night…they seem to have lots of footprints on them).

Time to go to the convention centre.

Taking Sarah by the hand I leave the fleabag hotel and lead her to my rental car. The traffic is light today and we reach the convention centre within minutes.

I lead her from the parking garage to the main doors. She seems to be very self-conscious wearing her skimpy string bikini in the crowded atrium. Lots of men and a few women are staring at her. There she goes...blushing again!

Her eyes are fixed on the floor.

I escort Sarah to the lecture hall reserved for my talk. Yes, it is all set up with chairs for 150. I notice there is a larger lecture hall next to it also set up with plenty of seats. The sign says “Capacity 200”. There doesn’t seem to be anyone scheduled in it this morning.

I have a hundred people already signed up from my previous talk but I want to fill the hall. In fact, I want an excuse to get the larger hall and fill it.

Stationing Sarah at the registration desk I tell her to just stand there and look pretty. She definitely does not look happy. I don’t care...lots of men are already smiling and crowding around to register.

My flip chart today calls the talk “How to save the street girl.” I made the name up on the way over. Men are looking at the title, looking at Sarah, grinning and signing up. Sarah looks very uncomfortable. Too bad.

As registrations quickly pass the 150 mark I call the conference people and demand the larger lecture hall. Request granted.

Within ten minutes I’ve reached the 200 mark. Patting her on the bum I say, “Good girl Sarah.” (I’ve noticed quite a few of the men have patted her bum as have a couple of the women.)

Everyone is filing into the lecture hall and filling the seats. I position Sarah at the front facing the crowd making her stand with her feet apart and her hands clasped behind her back. I don’t want the crowds' view to be obscured.

I’ve started my lecture now. It’s completely different from what was originally scheduled. In fact, I’m making it up as I go along. I don’t think anyone is seriously listening. They’re all ogling Sarah. That bright pink blush really goes well with the white bikini. She keeps looking at me in a pleading manner. I whisper to her, “Behave Sarah, you’re going to get a special treat at the end.”

My lecture is about how I found Sarah working the streets and introduced her to the wonders of education. Complete rubbish. After an hour I run out of nonsense to spout so I bring out a thick pad of paper, announce that the lecture is over and that everyone who writes a complimentary note about my lecture can “examine” Sarah in more detail. Faces light up.

Making Sarah bend over facing away from the audience, I pull the strings on her bikini so both top and bottom fall to the floor. I explain to the audience as they file up to leave their comments that they are allowed to feel between Sarah’s legs or caress her breasts, whichever they prefer.

I think Sarah just whispered in a pleading manner, “No, please, no.” So rude!

One by one, dozens of hands stroke Sarah’s pussy and ass. Two of the women won’t let go of her tits. I have to tell them to make room for others. Some of the men are licking their fingers. I’m glad they enjoy my little Sarah. Oh...some of the men have started spanking her ass. It’s turning red.

Keeping a tally of the written comments I see that 150 members of the audience have earned the right to touch Sarah. As the last of them reluctantly files out of the hall, I congratulate Sarah on being such a crowd pleaser. She seems to be shaking and shuddering. Is she cumming??

I let her put the bikini back on, lead her back to the rental and say, “OK, Sarah, we’ve had such a good time together, I‘ve decided to take you to the park.”

She asks for lunch claiming that she hasn’t eaten since yesterday morning.

“Always thinking of your stomach,” I remark, adding, “You will get fat if you eat too much. I’m doing you a favour by not over-feeding you. Now get in the car.”

We get in the car, me wearing my business suit, she wearing her skimpy bikini. I like the contrast.

We are going to a big park I found a few days ago. It has lots of trees and meadows. Some parts are crowded, some not.

Arriving at the park I stop the car near some trees and we walk to a small opening behind the trees. The opening is visible from the road but there’s no traffic.

Motioning Sarah to stop, I put my hands around her pulling her close. I untie the strings holding her top and bottom on. They fall to the ground so I can feel her naked body close to mine. My hand roams across her bum and up and down her dainty, smooth back. My lips press against hers feeling her hot tongue eagerly trying to enter my mouth.

We enjoy a long passionate kiss, her tongue exploring mine. Her body feels so incredibly hot. I turn her around so my hand can access her pussy better and start finger fucking her wet, sticky cunt. She is having trouble breathing. She is gasping as my finger rapidly rubs in and out hitting her hot love button each time.

I continue kissing her flushed face and fondling her little tits as she gets hotter and hotter. Contemplating withdrawing my attentions again I decide she’s been a good sport so I rub harder and harder as her body squirms against mine. Her naked body presses against my fully clothed body. Soon she shudders and screams as she finally explodes with a nearly violent climax.

As her shudders slow, I tell her, “Oh, I forgot something at the car. You wait here. I’ll be right back.” She looks puzzled but nods her head as I scoop up her bikini and head back to the car. So gullible!

I get in the car, toss the bikini in the back seat and check my winnings. I have Sarah’s new leather purse and her top quality leather briefcase. I have her stories which I’ll share on my internet blog. I have her pictures which I’ll post on my blog as well as on a few porn sites.

Putting the car into gear I start to ease it back to the road so I can go to the airport and catch my airplane back to China. As I do, I notice two cars arrive. Seven young men get out dressed in white trousers and cricket sweaters and carrying cricket paraphernalia. They look like preppies from some local private college.

Watching out of my mirror I notice they are strolling toward the clearing where I left Sarah. This could be interesting. I quickly drive out to the road to a spot where I can see the clearing. Yes, there’s Sarah kneeling on the grass waiting for me to return.

The preppies are almost there. The first one enters the clearing. He suddenly stops. The others bump into him. He points. They look. Sarah looks up.

Sarah jumps up. She’s running. They’re chasing. This is fun!

The lead preppie swings his cricket bat at her legs. Sarah goes down. No, she’s up again. The second preppie dives for her legs. She’s down again!

The preppies are now in a circle around her. They are going to get a biology lesson. Pants are dropping. Too bad I can’t stick around to watch. I have a plane to catch. Oh, well.

I drive off to the airport.

Bye bye Sarah.


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