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I get laid all the time now since my husband and I discovered how much fun it is to share me! We decided we wanted to continue having threesome sex after a rather large business/cocktail party one evening when my husband caught another man fucking me!
A handsome guy had been flirting with me and, after way too many drinks, I thought I'd tease him a little since my husband had been continuously 'tied up' talking to clients and associates. I asked the cute guy to help me find the ladies room and, while walking down a dimly lit hallway, he made a shy 'move' so I let him kiss me. I immediately felt I was cheating on my husband, but the naughty sensation I felt inside led me to follow him into an empty room so we could try a few more! The kissing soon led to fondling when his hand slipped under my blouse and into my bra! I was shocked at myself when I didn't put a stop to my behavior, but I was so flattered I let him go on! His lips were soon touching my nipples and his hand had slipped under my skirt and between my legs. I got so 'wet', and I felt so 'nasty' when his finger entered me, I couldn't resist the temptation to rub my hand over the growing 'bump' in his slacks. I unzipped him and felt how hard and how big he was. My pussy was tingling and I decided to take that 'taboo' step for a married woman, so I asked him if he would slip his penis inside me for a few seconds just so I could 'feel' it! He eagerly accepted my invitation, kissed me, then slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor between my legs. He pushed my knees apart and slipped off my panties, then he held me open as he slowly rubbed the head of his penis across my 'girly spot'. It nearly made me cum, then he moved forward and pushed that huge cock deep inside me. I immediately had one of the most incredible orgasms of my life!
My husband, who wanted to introduce me to some of his clients, hadn't been able to find me and began searching through our host's house. He had heard noises when he walked by the study and opened the door to see if it was me. My new 'boyfriend' and I were shocked, thinking we had locked the door and, almost as if my husband hadn't noticed anything, the guy jumped off me and started pulling up his slacks while I was pulling down my skirt, covering myself! I started whimpering, asking my husband to understand, that we just had way too much to drink and things had gotten out of control! There had been only one other act of infidelity on my part during our twenty years of a marriage, when I let one of the men at the office talk me into screwing him, so I thought my husband would really be upset...but all he said was 'Did he cum inside you'? I had been on birth control for years and we both knew pregnancy wasn't an issue! Then my husband said 'Now that you've been fucked by another guy...again, and this time I saw it...I want to have some real 'adult' fun! I want to watch him suck on your breasts, and then fuck you until you make him empty himself inside of you! When he's finished, I want 'sloppy seconds'; I want to know what it feels like to fuck a sexy slut with all that slippery cum inside of her! When I was in college I heard how great it is, but never tried it and now I want to see for myself'! I was still in shock and, not wanting to upset my husband any more, said 'Yes, sweetheart'! I actually felt another tinge of arousal as my husband locked the door so we wouldn't be disturbed this time! All three of us knew we would have to be quick about it; we were at a party, but our focus quickly returned to nasty sex as soon as they began fondling me! I kissed my new friend's penis, then stroked it while my husband watched. It grew hard almost immediately, so I laid back and lifted my legs over his shoulders so my husband could watch the guy's big cock slide back inside of me. After a minute or so, while my husband was stroking his own cock, my husband asked, 'Do you like fucking my wife while I watch'? My hands felt my lover's buttocks tense up as he answered my husband 'Yes, you have the most beautiful sexy woman in the world!', then he began shaking, and then I felt his hot cum squirting into me! He kept his penis inside of me, pumping and squeezing as he was panting. The scene really affected my made him so hard and so aroused when he heard the 'squishing' sound the guy's empty penis made as it kept ramming deep inside me, he could barely wait and said he needed to take his turn and fuck me too, before he came in his hand! When hubby began his turn and, as soon as his cock was buried all the way inside me, he also tensed up, started moaning, and cum gushed from his cock too! We stopped and began getting dressed, but my husband remained so aroused and so hard, he had to relieve himself again! He lowered his slacks for the second time, lifted my skirt, then slid my panties aside and guided his cock into me from behind! While our new friend watched, my husband slammed it in and out of me again; this time for several minutes! When he started panting and tensing again, I knew it was a first for us! I had made him cum twice in a row!
Since then, we often talk about how much more aroused we get when I act like a slut, how incredible our own relationship is, and we arrange to do it again and again! We are very discreet, and our friends would be shocked if they knew about our sexual adventures, so we advertise on an adult dating site to find strangers who want to screw another guy's wife! We ask new friends to wear condoms now to be extra safe, and we have met with at least four or five dozen different men just so they can fuck me while my husband watches! We have had lots of fun doing it and plan on continuing as long as we both continue to get a kick out of being nasty! Have to admit, I even have a new fantasy now. I sure wish my husband would surprise me and arrange my first gangbang. I just love to fuck!


2009-08-28 15:13:12
great fuck release,ever..


2009-06-09 14:55:02
Great story keep up the good work. Felt as though I was there watching myself go for it.

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2008-07-23 03:20:36
Good one i liked it just how i like it to happen


2005-09-28 11:44:20
this is just great! i always let the other guy come in my wife first also, it's the greatest to watch his cum squirt past my dick when i shove it in.


2005-08-14 00:37:32
"Watching" "Coaching" and "Taking Turns" These are the things my 16-y-o son, 17-y-o step-son, and his father all say are the best parts of fucking and sucking me. What I think they mean is the watching turns them on and the being watched makes the fucking hot and nasty. That's the way it works for me too. That's why we practice group sex in my family.

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