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One story ends another begins
The Way of the War
after the war

We almost decided to move the wedding date forward by two days to co-inside with V-E day. The end of the war in Europe. But decided to leave it alone, besides to much effort had gone into the preparations for the 10th .

The wedding went off with out a hitch and Erica's little belly bulge was hardly noticeable. After all she was only about 4 or 5 months pregnant at the time. Let them count... later ... Erica laughs.

We departed for our Honeymoon in a small floatplane loaned to us by the USAAF. My Dad had spoken to some of the bigwigs at the oil Company and we were able to use one of their private Lodges. In a state with a lot of natural lakes with no modern amenities we nestled down for a week.

When we departed we had no idea where we were going. We climbed into the plane there was a map taped to the control panel with Latitude and Longitude written in red. When we reached the coordinates, below us was a pristine lake and at one end their was a flashing red beacon.

We touched down and Taxied to the boat dock in the shape of a ' T ' where we tied up at the right end of the dock. The left end was taken up by a boat house. We unloaded and walked down the dock and up a slight incline to the rustic Cabin. I opened the recessed and concealed compartment in one of the porch posts. This contained the padlock key for the front door.

I opened the door and turned to Erica placed my arm around her back and the other arm under her legs and swept her off her feet and carried her across the threshold. Before I set her on her feet I placed a tender kiss upon her lips and said I love you Mrs Lincoln.

I put her down and we gazed at the interior of our Honeymoon Castle. It was one Large room with a loft large enough to hold two full sized beds a dresser and end tables accessed by a spiral staircase. The lower section, the left side was a living room with a sofa and two easy chairs with stands for the oil Lanterns. The right side was the dining room and kitchen. There was a large cast iron wood burning stove with a shelf above which held the pots and pans. Other shelves on that wall held dishes and can goods and other food stuff.
There was a large deep sink with a hand pump Dad had told me about the pump there was a diverter valve when in the lake direction water from the lake could be pumped in for cleaning. In the opposite position the pump delivered crisp clear clean water from a natural spring which was stored in a cistern at the top of a small hill. Neath the loft was was the lower bed room which mirrored the loft, The beds were end to end with about 5' between the foot of each bed.

The spiral staircase was behind the living room and behind the staircase was the door to the bathroom and to the back porch. The bathroom had running water from another cistern from the lake water. My instructions was that I should pump the cisterns full everyday. There was also a small wood stove to heat water for baths.

The waste water and fecal waste was sent to a cesspool system all by gravity feed . A lot of money had been spent on this paradise in the outdoors. The front porch had wolf and deer skins tacked on to the walls and there were traps hung on hooks. And their were two rocking chairs and a porch swing perfect for evening relaxation and contemplation.
There was a gentle breeze blowing off the Lake, I opened the windows on either side of the Cabin. The cross ventilation worked well enough that the Cabin stayed cool even when the stove was lit. There was a lean-to shed next to the house which had a small tractor and wagon which enabled me to keep the supply of wood complete.

As much as we wanted to consummate our Marriage life must go on. By the time we had everything done including baths it was after dark We settled down into each others arms and in seconds we were both sound asleep.

But not to be denied I awoke at around 0230 to the gentle ministrations of a still sleeping Erica. She had rolled over during the night and I was spooned around her. In her sleep her hips were gently moving. My extremely hard cock lay between her legs and the lips of her pussy were encasing it. Her head was laying on my left arm and that hand was stroking her left nipple. My right hand moved down from her right breast to the soft down around her navel and on to her pussy hair finally reaching and tweaking her clitoris.

With that stroke her eyes popped open and we both gained relief. She began to laugh, “here we are an old married couple... getting off like two teenagers in the back seat of a car.”
I joined her laughter threw the covers back and said, “Damned what a mess. I sure hope there are enough sheets to last a week.”

I lit the fire in the bathroom stove. When I walked back in Erica was changing the sheets and was bent over and her hips were moving back and forth... That's all it took One extra sway and I was hard as a rock I grabbed her hips and rammed it home. Erica squealed in surprise and braced herself on the bed. I reached around her and slid my fingers on to her clit which was as hard as steel and rubbed it.

Her hips began to gyrate more, I left her clit and worked my way to her breasts those perfect spheres of women flesh I pinched, twisted and tweaked them. I was pulling on her body, pulling her back on to me. I was pulling so hard that I lost my balance and fell backwards dragging her with me. I landed on my butt in the floor and she landed on top of me. We never separated and we continued stroke. I nibbled and slobbered on the back of her neck as I continued to caress her breasts.

It is a wonder that the wolves didn't answer her. As she neared her climax she was howling and I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf trying to blow the house down. She began to repeat herself... “NOW … NOW... NOW and another howl ROOOWEOOOELLLLLL. Her Pussy clamped down on my cock as she had her climax... Her pussy muscles continued to contract and release until I shouted YESSSS. I bathed her womb with baby juice. If she hadn't already been pregnant she would have been after that. We collapsed there in the floor dragging the nasty sheet she had been changing into the floor with us.

We awoke the next morning with those sheets wrapped around us and the cum had dried and was sticking to our bodies we were a mess. I swear the dried cum was ripping off hair and skin as we pealed them off of us. The little stove I had lit during the night was out and the Kettle I had sat on it was boiled dry... But wouldn't trade the memories for nothing.

Later that day we walked along the lake shore and watched the different animals that came down to drink or to catch food. We sat down and watched a pair of Otters playing, they were hilarious . And yes we did see a wolf, in fact there were seven of them. I told Erica these were the ones she had called. They scampered in to the bush as soon as they saw us.
The days were taken up with exploring and work around the Cabin. The nights with reaffirming our love. But as all good things must come to an end. The day arrived that we had to leave. I cranked up the plane and we took off. Almost immediately I noticed something wrong the sky was darkening and my compass begin spinning, lightening was flashing and thunder was clashing. I started raining not a drizzle but a full fledged storm visibility was zero. the plane was being tossed a round like a badly made paper airplane. We dropped at least a 100 feet in an instant, then was flung to the side.

I tried to climb above it but the engine tried to stall. The next thing is to try to get under, I began moving lower, my instruments were going haywire I had no idea where or how high I was. Then the think that scares me the most the engine began to cut out . I looked over at Erica who was trying to send out a may day... she was shaking her head … the radio wasn't working.

'Dotty …. I am in trouble …. can't give you coordinates … In a bad storm I think we are going down.' I dipped the nose a bit more hoping for a clear spot but also afraid to get too low there were mountains and trees... very big trees. Our only hope is to find a clear spot over water and try to set down.

Lightening flashed close to starboard and I heard a sound like a car door hit with a hammer. Then nothing but the storm... the engine had quit .. we were dropping fast. I tried to restart but it seemed like no spark at all.

Suddenly as if a window opened I could see below us and could see water...less than a 100 feet below then the window closed. I told Erica to hold on it was going to get rough... she laughed , “You mean worse then now?”

I tried to set a glide pattern to bring the plane on down seemed to be working there was a flash of lightening and dead ahead of us I could see trees Now if that ain't the shits looks like a small Island in the middle of a big lake. Nothing I can do about we are going down.

We skimmed the water then the pontoon sank in the water then porpoised, we hit land then crashed into the trees and slammed to a stop. A tree limb had crashed thru the windshield. I was bleeding from the shattered glass. I looked to Erica she was covered in blood and her left shoulder was at an awkward angle, The tree limb had slit open her scalp from her eyebrow just above her left ear to the back of her head. She was unconscious,

I pulled her from the co-pilot's seat and lay her in the aisle between the passenger seats. I broke out the first aide kit and began to try and stop her bleeding. It was not going to be pretty but her scalp had to be sewn up. I washed the cut with alcohol then began to stitch I am glad she was out I am sure this had to hurt. Finally the last stitch and I tied it off and sprinkled sulfa powder along its length.

I checked her shoulder, I was not sure if it was broken or just dislocated. I decided the best thing was just to wrap the whole thing till a Doctor could look at it. I looked out he porthole the rain was still coming down. I found a tool kit and removed the seats from the port side and stacked them on top of the starboard seats. I pulled some blankets from the cargo area. I lay one on the floor edged Erica on to it then covered her up with another.

I decided to check the cargo area and make an inventory of our resources. An inflatable life raft rated for 6 which meant it would hold 4. Hmm, With motor, 1 HP. There was even a 1 gallon emergency gas can and it was full. A bottle of purifying pills for water, a box of C – rats and K – Rats. For the two of us we had enough for almost a month plus 3 canteens and camp kits. As long as we were at the plane there was a 5 gallon water container and paper cups. We had our clothes and would have to go through them and only take what we needed. I was also surprised to find a a rack with a 30-06 and a twenty two rifles with one box of 30-06 rounds and 5 boxes of twenty two long rifle ammo. That plus the fact I never went anywhere without my Luger.

I used my awol bag for a pillow and lay next to Erica and went to sleep. Later I could here water lapping the bottom of the fuselage. I looked out the hatch the rain had stopped but the island was gone... it was under water. I was not really worried about it as yet most of these lakes had outlets and generally remained at a constant level.

I contacted Dotty again, 'We are down on an Island in the middle of a large body of water. The Island is under water at this time. I am not sure if the plane is visible we are enwrapped by trees an their limbs. I am alright but Erica is badly injured. I sewed up her head about a 5 to 6 in gash I believe I saw her skull while I tried to clean the wound. Her shoulder is also broken or dislocated I have it strapped down. She has not wakened since the accident.'

'I have no idea where we are, I flew blind for over two hours with no compass, no altimeter and Zero visibility. The engine gave out and there was no more chance we were going down. The damn Island was a fluke and there was no chance to avoid it. We were lucky we missed hitting a tree head on. My only guess is we are still in Northern Minnesota in their lake country. The way we were going
we could be in Canada.'

After we signed off I checked on Erica and dribbled a few drops of water into her mouth... her tongue licked at her lips but she didn't open her eyes or make a sound. I took the alcohol and cleaned her head. It never seemed to affect her. She was starting to worry me.

I looked out the hatch and could already tell the water was receding. Not much sense of doing any thing right now. Just let Erica rest and hope she comes out of this. Six hours later the water was back to normal but Erica was still out. I climbed out of the plane for a look around. I walked to the rear of the plane there was about 10 feet of white sand with a metallic look. I turned and looked back at the plane it was almost invisible I walked around the island which was no problem since it was less than 50 feet in length and half that wide, almost completely treed. Dotty had been tuned in and filming everything.

I heard a scream and ran back to the plane Erica was a wake “What happened, what is wrong with my shoulder, why does my head hurt.” she started to reach for her head .
I told her it wasn't a good idea that I had to stitch her head wound, and her shoulder might be broken. She wanted a mirror I told her I didn't have one, Her face and head was badly swollen and I didn't wish for her to see it.

I made one of the C-Rats which happened to have chicken soup in it. Little by little she was able to get the soup down. I was really worried about her head it seemed to get bigger and bigger. I was becoming worried that I would have cut it open and drain the wound.

I looked in the medical kit and found some aspirin, I crumbled three in to a glass of water and gave it to her. In minutes she was out cold again, I covered her and watched over her again. I lay beside her and drifted off to sleep. Some time during the night ….

I woke up late the next morning I was uneasy and knew not why I looked around there was pus and blood all over Erica I reached over and touched her … she was cold and stiff. From the looks of her fingers she had began to scratch and had burst the stitches open and she bled to death. 'Dotty, Erica is Dead make a film of what you see. I am going to leave her in the plane and I am going to work my way out of here.

The date is May 20 1945 Erica and I have been Married 10 days.

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