Soldiers assault and enslave a group of female students.
Maggie was only seventeen and she still had a lot to learn about sucking cock. She bobbed her head up and down, eagerly taking my shaft into her wide open mouth to the best of her sore, aching jaw's capability. She only made it two thirds of the way down. My pubes could barely tickle her nostrils. I could tell she still found that particular sensation alien and uncomfortable. She hesitated as a fresh tear dripped down her bruised, battered face. I tightened my grip on her scalp, gently pressuring her to intensify her efforts. She begrudgingly took another inch down the throat. Her breath was hot, heavy and moist. The slut had an extremely sexy mouth, though she was well behind other girls her age in terms of learning how to use it properly.
Maggie had given her first blow job two weeks prior to our little session. Four hundred blow jobs later the leggy, curly-haired bitch was still struggling. She didn't like holding her breath. It seemed nearly every time she serviced a man orally he would fill her windpipe with his girth while smothering her nose with his crotch, choking her into submission with cruel pelvic thrusts. She didn't handle it as well as some of the other girls.
She was a skinny young girl with curly, shoulder-length auburn hair. She had a round, ripe pair of size C tits and an ass toned by hundreds of hours of jogging and sports. Prior to her imprisonment she had played volleyball and tennis for her high school with a focused concentration that frequently left her oblivious to the keen-eyed stares of coaches, students and spectators on her thong-clad butt as it bounced around in her sheer white bloomer shorts. Her skin was on the pale side, but she had spent enough time at the pool to acquire a faint string bikini-shaped set of tan lines.
I heard and felt her gag on my erect penis. Here was a lady in dire need of discipline and motivation. I yanked her off of my dick by her hair and slapped her across the cheek. She cried out in surprise and tears began to stream down her face as the left side of her jaw swelled and reddened.
“I am very, very sorry for my failure to satisfy you, master! Please give me another chance to please your big, beautiful cock. I will do any sick, perverted thing you ask of me, just please let me make you cum, master... sir!” pleaded my voracious, cock-hungry slave-in-training as tears rolled off of her bruised cheeks. Despite her suffering she attempted to force an eager smile. She looked absolutely ridiculous.
I wasn't convinced of her sincerity after hearing her recite her assigned penance for what must have been the hundredth time that day. Girls who failed to perform adequately received electric shocks to the most sensitive parts of their bodies, and Maggie had become well acquainted with the sting of the cattle prod and the maddening burning sensation of electrode-studded probes inside the tender, fleshy passages between her legs.
“Don't you think you want a little bit of discipline first, whore?” I asked in a tone dripping with cruel sarcasm.
“Um... I mean... uh.. yes, master! Please discipline me master, sir! Please shock my pussy with a cattle prod! I love taking electricity up my cunt and ass, master, sir!”
Maggie turned around, spread her legs several feet apart and bent over, prominently displaying her backside and her unguarded genitals. With her hands cuffed behind her back and her feet encased in high heeled shoes that were a couple of sizes too small she had quite a bit of trouble staying on balance. As part of her training we required her to repeat her assigned disclaimer at the beginning of every torture session. Her curly locks swayed beneath her head as her soft, breathy voice rang out from between her ankles.
“Master, please be aware that I am a pain slut and that my pussy will get wet if you whip or shock my cunt or my ass. I promise not to come unless you give me permission. Thank you for making me horny, master, sir.”
Though her face was upside-down I could see the shame and degradation in her eyes. She wasn't lying to me. Her pussy was already visibly lubricating in anticipation of torture, aroused by her coerced submission and humiliation.
The interrogation cell contained nothing but my camcorder, my backpack with the disciplinary implements I had brought, a few shackles and manacles attached to the walls and a wooden folding chair I had carried in to sit on while Maggie sucked me off. These cells were always pitch black when no men or cameras were present, but during training sessions we kept a hot, bright spotlight trained on the subject at all times. The innocent schoolgirls whom we imprisoned at this facility had no information of strategic significance, so we used the cells for rape and disciplinary sessions rather than intelligence gathering.
Maggie was undergoing punishment for scraping. We had multiple reports from dozens of soldiers whom she had serviced claiming that she had touched their cocks with her teeth, one of the worst mistakes a prisoner could make. Though she hadn't broken the skin or caused any real discomfort, her ineptitude reflected a troublesome attitude that demanded harsh correction. She had already spent three days inside this underground basement cell, and she would stay for three more. We allotted her one glass of water per day, with a mandatory minimum of twenty lashes daily with the bullwhip. Her soft, pale skin was covered in cuts and weals. When we weren't whipping her we had her dangling from the ceiling by her wrists with electrified probes resting snugly in her pussy and anus, delivering shocks at random intervals of time spaced five to twenty-eight seconds apart.
I realized that whipping or shocking her at this point would be like flogging a dead horse. I had a far more special punishment in store for this exhausted young lady.
Perspiration dripped from Maggie's face down into her eyes. I could tell they were stinging from the way she blinked. Those big, deep blue eyes of hers widened in horror as I produced a spray can from my backpack.
Maggie had experienced the effects of pepper spray dozens of times during her captivity, but she had yet to experience mace. She would find this form of chemical irritant significantly more bothersome.
She spent most of her time in bondage and we didn't allow her to leave the cell, so when it came to using the bathroom she simply had to wait for us to send prisoners in to clean her every morning. She wasn't allowed food, so they fed her nutrients intravenously while they rinsed out her colon with a two-way vacuum apparatus and inserted a catheter into her urethra. We gave her very little water, so she usually had no trouble waiting for this daily opportunity to piss. In any case she always held it in, as failure to do so would result in many more days or even weeks in the interrogation cells. Sometimes we had the prisoners follow this up by leaving the catheter inserted in order to dispense irritants into the bladder. Today I had brought a sterilied catheter apparatus with me.
When Maggie saw the tube and the mace can side by side she realized that she had truly fucked up. She started to sob and weep quietly but noticeably.
“Spread your legs, cunt!” I barked. Maggie spread her legs obediently. “Wider!” I shouted. Soon her legs were so far apart that she could barely keep her balance. I inserted one end of the tube into the spray can. The other end went into Maggie's pisshole. Maggie began to wail but her pussy was just getting wetter. I pressed my index finger down on the top of the can. Maggie closed her eyes for an instant. Then they shot wide open, she raised her head and her jaw dropped. She leaped involuntarily and screamed.
The screaming and howling went on for half an hour until it became little more than hoarse, ragged moaning. It was no use ordering her to hold any sort of position at this point. She rolled around on the ground and convulsed. I couldn't help but laugh at her. I was glad to be recording this on video. Soon thousands of strangers would be laughing at her agony with me.
An hour later Maggie had regained enough awareness to give things a second try. This time she licked every inch of my balls, taint and shaft to my satisfaction and took the entire shaft down her throat until her chin pressed against my balls. I ordered her to rise as I climaxed, and then I came all over her pretty adolescent face while she smiled sweetly. She would do anything to please me as long as she didn't have to experience another bladder full of mace. The pain hadn't even begun to subside, yet she had managed to tap some internal wellspring of indomitable self-control. I odered her to resume her position bent over with her face to the ground and her butt in the air. My cum dripped down her upside-down face, running from her chin down to her cheeks and finally into her eyes. She continued smiling her lie of a smile.
A knocking sound erupted from the heavy steel door behind me. I rose from my seat to answer the knock. I ordered Maggie to turn around while she stood with her head low and her ass thrust high. Then I unbolted the door and swung it open. Two soliders tossed a battered, limp rag doll of a young girl into the cell and went on their way. The girl landed on the hard concrete floor with a light thud. She was wearing handcuffs on her wrists as well as her thin little ankles. Without bothering to look at her face or check whether she was conscious I gripped a fistful of her hair and dragged her around Maggie's lewdly splayed body to some shackles mounted to the wall on the far side of the cell. She didn't move or struggle. She bore few whip lash marks but her body was severely bruised, with dark purple tits and reddish contusions on her abdomen, buttocks and crotch. At first I couldn't tell that the red dots covering her face, shoulders and upper back were freckles rather than cuts or gouge marks. She didn't even yelp or cry out when I yanked her hair. It seemed she was lost in her own little world of pain.
This pretty little redheaded specimen was named Melanie Richman. She had been an ordinary schoolgirl two days prior. The boys were still showing her the ropes, and she wasn't exactly the quickest study. The trainers had slated her for three days in the interrogation cells, but her confinement would not be a solitary one.
I lifted one arm from Melanie's limp, unresponsive frame and attached to her wrist a cuff dangling from a wall-mounted chain. She lay on the ground with her arm raised above her. I shackled her other arm in a similar manner, lifting her body off of the ground and leaving her dangling a few inches from the floor. Then I affixed her legs to a pair of similar but shorter chains, leaving Melanie with her back pressed against the wall and her arms and legs stretched wide apart, leaving her shaven pussy exposed. The cool draft on her cunt evidently roused her from her half-conscious state. She looked across the room to see Maggie staring at her, and the full horror of what was about to happen struck home for both girls.
“No... you... you can't make me do her, sir! Please, master! She's only twelve, that's so sick and wrong and disgus-”
“Twelve, you say?” I answered in a mocking tone of feigned surprise and shock. “This is no good, no good at all. She's going to be way too tight for my cock, and I don't have any lube with me.” Maggie's full, sore, tear-stricken eyes stared into me with a look that seemed to plead from the bottom of her soul.
“Looks like you're going to have to get her off yourself, my darling. Don't worry, you're going to have a full three days in this cell to explore each others' bodies as intimately as possible. We're leaving the lights on and videotaping the whole thing.”
Melanie the twelve-year-old redhead had worn a blank, lifeless expression on her face until this moment, but suddenly she cried out and her face contorted into a look of devastated grief. Both girls sobbed and wailed as I tugged on Maggie's hair once more and dragged her over to Melanie's straining, naked, battered and nubile form.
Maggie was Melanie's older sister.
Both girls immediately realized what their presence here together signified. There were more members of their family at this detention facility, and they were all going to endure torture together and perform lewd and bizarre sexual displays with one another for the ribald amusement of throngs of horny young men.
The younger sister was even whiter than Maggie and not nearly as fit. She was thin as a rail but still quite soft and supple without a great deal of muscle tone. I particularly enjoyed training girls like Melanie and observing the transformative effects of our discipline upon their developing young bodies. I could already see the results of her impending hormone therapy in my mind. In a few months her tits would be bigger, fuller and rounder than those of her fully-grown sister.
Maggie hesitated as I dragged her face to a position hovering inches away from the young redhead's bare snatch. The seventeen-year-old had eaten lots of pussy during the course of her captivity, but in the back of her mind she had been grateful throughout the ordeal that her family wasn't here with her, that she wasn't being forced into incestuous torture with her mother, aunts or sisters like the other families she observed here. Now she knew that there was no hope for her or her family. They were all going to be utterly crushed and dehumanized, and they no longer existed as people.
The United States was a distant memory. The breakup had gone smoothly at first, as the states dismantled the federal government, established a less tightly-knit economic commonwealth and reinvented the military as a semiprivate corporation for the states' mutual defense. But within a decade the states' dominant plutocrats had gutted the military's budget to line their own pockets, and the starving military industrial complex refocused its marketing upon individual states in order to sustain itself. In the drive for ever-increasing profits they began to encourage competition among rival states, kicking off an arms race that left each state with a private army larger and better-equipped than those of most nations.
The fragmented states could not compete economically with consolidated juggernauts like China, India or the European Union. In many ways they couldn't even compete with Canada or Mexico. While California and the Northwest allied to form one of the world's most prosperous nations, regions like the deep South, New England and the Great Lakes fell into ruin. The decline that ravaged Michigan at the beginning of the 21st century became the template for a pattern of collapse across three fourths of the United States' former territory, and that was before the unpleasantness began.
While some states reinforced their positions and established militaristic, autocratic governments, other states went bankrupt and faced the revolt of their own cities. Places like Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma and Alaska simply dissolved and ceased to exist. Texas formally annexed much of the no-man's land surrounding it, but they had little power to enforce their claim as the territory fell under the domination of local warlords and excessively militarized law enforcement agencies.
I served with Texas for money rather than out of any sort of idealism or personal allegiance. I had fought with New York during their brutal campaign against DC across the territory of Pennsylvania, a march that left 70% of the state depopulated. Now that DC and New York were allied they acted as if the war had never happened.
For the civilians of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri life continued much as it had during the twentieth century. A schoolgirl in Kansas City or Oklahoma City could go about her life without ever worrying about abduction, gang rape or enslavement. But a girl in a smaller town fifty miles away could wake up one morning to discover that her town had surrendered to an advancing army, and that she had just been ordered to report to a military camp to work in a brothel indefinitely. If she hesitated to fulfill her orders, soldiers would storm her house and gang rape her in her own bedroom. They might even imprison her in her own house, deriving perverse excitement from tying her to her own bed and sodomizing her against a backdrop of stuffed animals and dainty personal effects.
I myself knew all too well the joys of fucking a non-consenting minor under her cartoon-plastered blankets while reading her private diary entries aloud. On the other hand I personally found the alien austerity of a cold dungeon cell more thrilling, especially when it came time to instruct prisoners with imprisoned relatives in all of the exciting new activites that we would introduce to their family life.
Maggie found the taste of vaginal fluids repulsive, but she typically managed to soldier through each cunnilingus session with impressive stoicism. However she balked and gagged when she tasted her sister's pussy, shocked at just how aroused and wet her little sister's virgin genitals had become. Melanie was a remarkable girl. She got off just from being beaten, kicked and slapped around. Not that she enjoyed the beatings, by any means. Whenever her body betrayed her by gushing with wetness in response to terror and physical abuse, she felt all the more violated. The boys had worked her over extensively in the preceding hour, so she was feeling particularly violated at the moment.
I zapped Maggie's anus with a cattle prod, disciplining her for her recalcitrance.
“Thank you for disciplining me master, sir. I am sorry for my failure to perform. I will try harder master, sir.” She had spoken this phrase so many times over the past three days that the words came out simply as a reflex by this point. She was oblivious to the horror that her younger sister was experiencing upon hearing Maggie's words. Melanie was of course far more innocent and inexperienced than her older sister, let alone the fact that she was such a recent capture.
“Eat your little sister's pussy like you mean it, whore!” I commanded as I lowered the prod and began to gently probe Maggie's protruding ass with my erect cock. There was no lube handy, but the female slaves who attended and cleaned each prisoner filled her orifices with lots of gooey, sticky sex syrup every morning in preparation for the constant rape inflicted upon her each and every day. Her derriere was just beginning to dry up. This was my favorite time to fuck a prisoner in the ass. There was just enough resistance to please my curved love saber while simultaneously making the process exceedingly uncomfortable for my victim. This was why I loved working with the state of Texas.
Maggie overcame her overwhelming sensation of disgust and began to lick and slurp at her sister's genitals rapidly and obediently. Melanie sobbed and began to shriek wildly as she realized that her sister was making her shake uncontrollably with physical pleasure. Melanie was thoroughly horrified that her own sister was raping her, but what made the session truly unbearable was Melanie's own realization that she herself was enjoying it.
Maggie was also getting wetter in the passionate throes of our kinky little menage a trois. A hard cock up the ass never failed to make her wet. As I thrust in and out of her she began to moan and sigh with involuntary pleasure.
Melanie being splayed out in the open for viewing as she was, I could see every twitch of her lower body's muscles and every subtle movement of her puckered anus beneath her older sister's chin. Twice in the course of fifteen minutes I observed the telltale anal contractions of full-body orgasm in the younger girl. Her sobbing and wailing intensified as the fucking continued unabated.
After twenty minutes of rough buttfucking I determined that I was ready to get things over with. I pulled my cock out of Maggie's bum. It was slick and shiny, polished with residual anal lubricant. I was ready for the next step.
Maggie continued to lick Melanie's overstimulated preteen pussy while innocent little Melanie gushed tears and pussie juice. Maggie observed that my cock was getting closer to her face and Melanie's crotch.
“Lick her asshole, whore. Work your tongue in there as deep as you can go. We're gonna lube your sister up with your spit.”
“Yes master, sir.”
“Yes what, cunt?”
“Yes master, sir. I will lick my little sister's asshole for you and get it nice and wet for your cock, master... sir!”
“Is that all, cunt?”
“Umm... I... ah- I mean, thank you for letting me lick my sister's booty, sir! It tastes yummy and it makes me feel so sexy to get her off in front of you!”
So Maggie licked, slurped and sucked until her rear orifice was well-polished enough to make an inviting target for my shaft. Afterward I took Maggie's face in my hand, gently stroking her cheek.
“All done? Do you have anything to say to me, slut?
Maggie stared into my eyes with a look of plaintive despair. I brushed some tears from her face.
“Thank you for letting me lick my sister's ass, master, sir. She's all ready for you to fuck her butt now, sir.”
She hesitated, but she could tell that I wasn't satisfied yet.
“Will you please fuck my little sister's ass, master, sir? She would enjoy it a lot and it would make me very, very hot.”
Thus Melanie experienced anal sex for the first time in her life. She didn't particularly enjoy it. Her screaming died down momentarily at the moment of penetration, then soared again as I worked my cock up her rear end. Then I began to pump in and out while Maggie licked and sucked my balls and tickled the exposed part of my shaft with her tongue as it thrust in and out. As I neared climax I had Maggie stand upright and kiss her sister on the mouth while fingering her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. Finally I pulled out of Melanie's butt and grasped Maggie's scalp once more, forcing her mouth onto my filthy cock. This time she gave head like a professional. Maybe she was working harder in a desperate attempt to get things over with, but I prefer to think that she was finally getting into the spirit of our little exercise. Moments later I pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face, taking the time to ejaculate on her sister's lips and chin as well. Then Maggie obediently licked me clean.
As I zipped up my trousers a voice crackled over the walkie talkie at my hip. It sounded like the army was doing well in Missouri. They had pushed the front back sixty miles, acquiring territory that included four hundred thousand civilians. That meant we suddenly had at least twenty thousand more attractive young girls to “re-educate” and press into service for the cause of morale support and ultimate victory. The mechanized were leaving base at 1400 hours in jeeps, trucks and APCs filled to the brim with sex toys and brutal instruments of discipline.
Maggie and Melanie's punishment had only barely begun. Plenty of men were staying on base to continue the girls' training. As a final insult I gave each girl a generous blast of pepper spray to the face. Maggie's complexion turned bright red and her tongue began to swell, but she kept licking her sister to the best of her ability. There was hope for the little cunt yet.
As soon as I exited their cell another soldier went in with a heavy wooden paddle in his hands. The heavy thwack of wood against flesh reverberated down the hall as I walked to the elevator, accompanied by Maggie and Melanie's tortured screaming. Maggie would continue to lick her sister's pussy for the amusement of a steady stream of soldiers over the course of the following eight hours, and the break that followed would be all too short.
I rinsed and dried my cock off in the restroom as the sound of dozens of bare schoolgirl feet pattered by outside the door. Naked schoolgirl slaves were running about the bass frantically, running supplies and loading vehicles for the army. Their days were long, thankless, physically exhausting and punctuated by random physical and sexual assaults. Inexperienced girls were fun, but I couldn't wait to spend some time in a recon vehicle with a well-trained slave girl. Most female prisoners ended up on the market or labored in factories, farms and brothels supervised by the military. But the fittest, prettiest, most talented and best-trained females got to accompany combat units in the field as porters, the army's pride and joy. These comfort women were the secret to our military's successes, for they made our army the envy of the world. Our liberal policy towards sexuality and the treatment of prisoners attracted much of the world's most brilliant (and ruthless) military talent to our cause. There were plenty to go around for the military, but the state had plans to train and market sex slaves commercially. The state hoped to reap unprecedented reveneues by satisfying the perverted sexual lusts of the entire world.
I grabbed a pretty blonde slave girl by her leash and dragged her to the trucks where the rest of my unit was waiting. For fun or for profit, it was time to head out to brutalize, deflower and enslave some innocent little girls.

1. The Youngest Bitch
We had nineteen porters with us when we arrived at Madison Junior High, all slaves recruited at the last school that we raided. We kept their spirits low but they held their heads high as ordered. We had enough equipment and fuel for our needs so there wasn't much to carry. We put the porters to work giving blowjobs to men in the jeeps, hummers and IFVs. A lucky girl would only have to share space with four or five men, but the cute ones usually get stuck wih twelve or sixteen men at a time. The drive took about six and a half hours.
Our company surrounded the facility in the middle of the afternoon, about an hour before classes were supposed to end. We packed the school's civvie men and boys onto buses and sent them fleeing towards unoccupied territory. They would be destroyed by shells or aircraft on the highway.
The task force amounted to one hundred and forty eight tired, ragged, sex-starved soldiers in their physical prime. We anticipated a three to one ratio of men to women. Good enough for this company. Those men can't fuck all day, and we like to encourage the men to share the army's new sex slaves. It develops camaraderie among the men, and being outnumbered has the additional effect of making the experience more emotionally scarring for the women. The more quickly and severely we traumatize the little cunts, the sooner Stockholm Syndrome sets in and they become easy to manage.
We picked forty of the fittest students and twelve of the best looking female faculty and marched them onto the soccer field. The rest stayed in the gymnasium on human shield duty. It looked like we had some real perverts handling the selection, as they mostly pulled girls from the fifth and sixth grade classes with relatively few selections from the seventh and eighth grades. But if there's grass on the field, so goes the saying...
The porters had already set up the tents and equipment. We had each girl walk into the medical tent for a heartbeat check, just an excuse to get their shirts off. They wouldn't be getting their shirts back. After the checkup each girl would exit through the rear flap of the tent into a waiting corral of soldiers who would roughly sieze her and fasten the shock collar around her slender young neck without warning, always tightening the strap a bit too much. The girls would then march to the middle of the field to sit shirtless on the cold, hard ground in the winter chill. Fourteen of the girls hadn't started wearing bras yet, and eight of them simply chose not to do so today. Two faculty members wore nothing under their shirts as well. Thus more than half of the ladies sitting on the field were waiting completely naked from the waist up, save for the collar and any jewelry or accessories on their heads.
When all of the girls were shirtless and seated we give them the doctrinal speech, a bit of confusing and circular nonsense about service and duty that they will soon be forced to memorize. Then the porters put on a bawdy song and dance show in skimpy gowns without underwear, giving the captive audience a detailed review of their oft-abused lady parts. The innocent young captives simply stared in befuddled confoundment. Many of them were so naive that they either failed to realize or failed to accept that they were all about to be gang-raped by a merciless pack of bitter, frustrated, cynical soldiers. The burlesque show was just the first step in a training program designed to make females ashamed of being female. The army would instill in these young girls a deep sense of guilt, remorse and self-loathing over the simple condition of possessing a vagina, then they would force them to display their shameful vaginas in public at all times. The show served an additional purpose, as our gynecological staff would soon have an opportunity to examine these young ladies for signs of arousal. The training specialists like to pinpoint the lesbians early on, since women who find female genitals attractive require a slightly different approach in their training.
After the show the perimeter was more or less secure and we were ready to get the new girls out of their remaining clothes. At the urging of their armed captors the girls lined up and disappeared one by one behind another tent flap, emerging nude twenty or thirty minutes later from the opposite end. Each female underwent a battery of surveys and a gynecological examination inside the tent, formal and technical in procedure but engineered to produce maximum embarassment in the subject. A few had begun to resist by this point. Nine schoolgirls and three adults exited the tent in wrist and ankle restraints after experiencing the full effects of their electric shock collars.
The naked girls retook their positions at the center of the field as one of our porters began to lead them in calisthenics and stretching exercises. Some of the older girls were already looking about for an opening in the perimeter or an opportunity to escape as they felt the hungry stares of the lustful soldiers gathering around them.
After they had completed an exhausting battery of jumping jacks, stomach crunches, push-ups, running in place, leg cycling and an unnervingly long and sensuous stretch we spurred the girls to run laps around the field for a couple of hours. The boys whipped anyone who slowed down, and when a certain girl needed a bit of extra motivation the boys had a few extra tools at their disposal.
A curvy fourteen year old blonde caught my eye as her bosom heaved its way around the track. Her name was Liz Fenway, a dancer and basketball player. Much like her classmates and teachers she was completely soaked in sweat as her full, round tits bounced and heaved in the sunlight. Her buttocks jiggled and quivered as she pushed her body to its fullest in order to avoid the whips. A few of the soldiers had something special in store for her. As innocent, terror-stricken little Liz jogged past a small gathering of young men they stared her down and produced from their backpacks a staggering arsenal of electrical prods and probes. They ranged from kinky, harmless sex toys to heavy-duty livestock control equipment. As one soldier's cattle prod struck her right nipple with a painful jolt of electricity another man tagged one of her pussy lips with a long, phallic electrical prod that resembled a policeman's nightstick. The tip and shaft of the device were lined with electrodes. These probes could deliver a far more painful and sustained shock than an ordinary cattle prod and they were sturdy enough for insertion inside the victim's body. Every single one of these girls would soon discover the joys of carrying electrified dildos around in their orifices for hours or even days as thousands of merciless, white-hot needles of electricity shot through their insides.
While the horrified teens and pre-teens were busy dodging whip strokes and cattle prods we set the pillories up in the middle of the field. The girls tried not to look at these cruel wooden restraints but many of them couldn't help but peek, much to their subsequent dismay. The girls who glanced away from the track and saw what was to be the site of their deflowering became overwhelmed with dread and despair. Sweaty, exhausted little Lizzie just focused on keeping up her barefooted pace on the hot, rough ground while struggling to avoid the whips that repeatedly cut into the tender flesh of her ass, tits and thighs. Each blow felt like a stab from a knife, splitting her skin and leaving the surrounding muscles sore and twitching. By the time they allowed her to stop sprinting she had received thirty four lashes, twelve of which would leave lasting scars. The boys loved nothing more than a battered, bruised and scarred female. Soon they would decorate the girls in a variety of ways, but there was no clearer indicator of a girl's status as a slave than the new stripes that the whips left upon their hides. The web of interlacing scars, the bright red welts and the deep purple bruises on a girl's skin served to loudly proclaim “I am no longer human, and you may do whatever you like to me without fear of consequence.”
When even the strongest girls couldn't run any further we dragged the exhausted, reluctant young ladies to their positions in the stocks. Having checked the school's registry for the birthdates of students and faculty, we arranged the girls from youngest to oldest. Each nude, sweat-drenched, sobbing wreck of a girl had her left leg cuffed to the left leg of the girl to her left and her right leg cuffed to the right leg of the girl on her right, spreading all of their legs wide apart so that they interlaced while the girls stood hip to hip. The unlucky girls at the outer ends of each row had their free legs tied to a post several meters off to the side so that their legs were spread even further apart than those of their classmates. Each girl stood on a short wooden riser, her nubile little body hunched over and her hands and face hovering roughtly at the height of our soldiers' crotches while she thrust her naked ass and cunt out into the air behind her.
Mary Burton was a cute thirteen year old virgin with short, brown hair, pretty bangs, long eyelashes and a new set of dental braces. Her experience with boys amounted to five short makeout sessions and two blowjobs. She wasn't eager to try oral sex again with her new braces, but she was soon to become an expert at it. She had found herself curiously unsatisfied with the second cock she had sucked. She preferred her first time, when her partner had ejaculated all over her face. Somehow in Mary's mind the experience felt more right. Swallowing cum had proved to be a less appetizing task than she had imagined in her idle schoolgirl masturbation fantasies.. Now that she was our captive she was going to swallow more cum than she had ever imagined possible.
While Mary stood entrapped in the stocks awaiting her fate the boys decided to treat her to a bit of extra fun. Five burly men began whipping her ass, her thighs and her spread, exposed crotch with leather straps. She howled a song of protest while her loins and the backs of her legs turned bright red. Her precocious B-cup tits heaved with every pained sob and plea for mercy.
“Please please please stop! Ow! Oh! I don't know what you want! I'm just a grade school student and I swear to God I don't know anything!” She sobbed as her eyes flared and tears ran down her flushing red cheeks. “Please don't whip me anymore!” She choked and sobbed for a while longer as they continued to whip her tits and her bare, shaven pussy.
Mary didn't fool around with other girls but she had found herself haunted of late by erotic dreams focusing upon her younger sister. Mary had found the dreams thrilling and she couldn't stop thinking about them for weeks. She suspected that her dreams might carry some symbolic meaning, and never consciously entertained the notion that she might simply have wanted to fuck her sibling. Tomorrow Mary's little sister would be eating dozens of girls' pussies while wearing a revealing French Maid costume. Tonight both girls would get to spend lots of time together in the nude, exploring each others' bodies far more thoroughly than in any of Mary's wildest dreams.
We rinsed the captives off with freezing water from a fire hose, leaving them blue from the cold and bruised from the battering force of the high-pressure water stream against their frail, immobilized young bodies. Then we switched on the overhead heat lamps, juicing the sweat from their still-soaking bodies. The porters filed through the rows and columns of pillories, spraying the students with thick clouds of intoxicating perfume and applying hot wax and strips of tape to each girl's tender, innocent crotch, genitals and ass crack. The schoolgirls rang out in a chorus of screams as the porters roughly yanked the hair from each of their virgin pubic mounds one by one.
After the waxing and depilatory lye treatment came perhaps the most humiliating part of the ordeal, during which the porters administered enemas and cleansed the captives' insides with a couple of plastic nozzles on the end of a hoses that connected to a nondescript unlabeled black cylindrical vacuum cleaning device. This process left the girls in little doubt as to which of their holes the soldiers would choose to enjoy more frequently during their impending rape. The ladies found their colons swiftly and painfully flooded, rinsed out, sucked dry and then pumped full of a translucent viscous oily substance. This ointment would act as a substrate for the standard lubricant, preventing abrasion or hemorraging when the top layer of lube began to break down. The ooze filling the each virgin schoolgirl butt also contained minerals to promote healing in addition to a powerful antibiotic.
The ladies' vaginas would receive only the standard lube, a simple spermicidal sex jelly. The lubricant came in a variety of appealing flavors and scents, but it proved woefully inadequate to the task of reducing friction inside the girls' delicate fleshy passages. The gel usually dried up after forty to fifty minutes of uninterrupted fucking. The female captives had no choice but to subject themselves to the frequent, recurring humiliation of begging to suck on the soldiers' hard, throbbing cocks in order to moisten and lubricate them with saliva. As the young ladies' cunts became dry they would make loud, eager offers of oral sex just to keep the brutal wear and tear on their inexperienced young pussies down to a bearable level. Upon future occasions during which they might be permitted to use their hands freely during sex they would rub their lady parts almost constantly. Otherwise they would turn to frotteurism and rub themselves on any knobby object within reach of their tight, animated, hyperexcited little bottoms and their aroused, eager little preteen clits. But today they were stuck in the pillories and had no such option. They could only beg their paramours to fuck them in the ass, hoping to draw attention away from their tight little virgin cunts. Of course some of the boys were perfectly willing to dry-fuck the little whores' vaginas, but we needed to minimize any serious injury for the time being. Virgin pussy was a valuable and carefully-managed resource, and perhaps the keystone of our army's morale under the present conditions.
Now that the ladies were more or less clean we could apply some perfume. The ladies coughed and gagged as we unloaded drums of cheap scented spray on their naked bodies, immersing them in a noxious cloud of fumes. After allowing some time for the wind to disperse the cloud the young girls would smell quite pleasant.
The captives became particularly anxious and uncomfortable when the porters catheterized them. They inserted short tubes painfully into each girl's sensitive pisshole before stopping up the exit with a sort of inflatable foam plug. This device was one of the most brilliant implements that the army had developed in its drive to subjugate the enemy's female population. The tiny object created enough pressure inside the urethra to effectively keep each girl corked throughout the day as her bladder filled nearly to the point of bursting. These little girls wouldn't have many opportunities to drink water throughout the days ahead, and most fluids would ultimately exit their bodies in the form of sweat, tears, saliva and pussy juice. They would nonetheless experience severe discomfort, urethral itching and a powerful psychological need to relieve themselves throughout the rest of the day and nighttime.
The female porters used phallic plastic wands to apply a heavy coating of synthetic sex gel to each bare crotch, working the thick lubricant into the girls' virgin pussies and assholes with slow, deep, rhythmic thrusts as they kissed and fondled the helpless captives. We let the porters play with the captives for a full twenty eight minutes, eventually coaxing them to lick the shackled bitches' freshly shaved virgin cunts to orgasm while applying generous clitoral stimulation with their fingers, tongues and nails.
The youngest bitch was a fifth grader named Emily Richardson. We dispatched a couple of squads to round up her local female relatives. Turns out her mom was a nurse and her sister was a model. We had hit the jackpot. In a few days we were going to make Emily a star. But for today she could only wonder at where her family was and what could possibly be happening to them.
Em was a straight A student and a soccer player. She had already started experimenting and was on her way to becoming a full blown dyke. We were lucky to catch her before she got butch. She was in heaven. We had a pretty thirteen year old redhead named Rachel lapping at her pussy lips and sucking on her clit. Rachel was still a girl but she already had a woman's tits. She had a small electric wand in her right hand which she used to shower Em's clit in sparks as she prodded the virgin's spit-soaked pussy between licks. Within a couple of minutes Emily's vagina was soaked in more than spit. The poor little girl was howling like a cat in heat.
“Nooooo! Please, please please stop! Why are you doing this to me? No! Please! I don't want it! Noooooo....” cried the little virgin as juices flowed from her cunt. The red-haired girl just kept licking, running her tongue along her inner pussy lips one moment and the next moment sucking her entire red, engorged nub into her mouth and flicking it out gently in slow, deep, open-mouthed kisses. Soon little Emily was too tired and flustered to protest with fully-formed words. Estrogen took ahold of her brain as her voice acquired a slutty, hormonal tenor. Her body was quaking with pleasure and the arousal was obvious in her voice.
“Mmm... Mmm! Oh.... mmmm....”
Make no mistake, a lot of these girls were rapidly achieving multiple orgasms under the delicate but sadistic attentions of our porters. The humiliation, the degradation, the terror, and the physical exertion of their ordeal as well as the sheer intimidating presence of so many beautiful nude females and fit, horny males was arousing most of them more than they would have cared to admit. Their chorus of wails and sobs intensified, joined by involuntary moans and cries of overwhelming physical pleasure.
“Oooh! Eeeee! Mmm! Oh Whoa oh ho ho whoa! Eeeeeee! Mmm! Eep!”
“Oh please please please you don't understand there's been some kind of terrible mist- ohhh! Mmm! Mmmmmmm!! No!! Ohmygod...”
“Ohhh! Mmmm... oooh! Ah! Ah ha ha! Hee hee ha! Mmmmm...”
“Wait no please what are you doing? Why?? Why? Please don't do this to me!”
“Nononono please please sir, please make this stop please si- OHHH!”
“mmm... mhhmmmm... mmmmhhmmm! Ooh! Ooooh...”
“No! Not There! Please, please don't touch me there! Oh my God! She's licking me! Please, God! Somebody help me! Stop it! Please! For the love of God, stop!!Oh! Oh no! OH! NOOOO! NO NO NO NONONO AAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!”
“Ohh... ohhhh hohohoah.... oh yeah...”
Lady cum was running down the saliva-polished thighs of twenty or more girls from the fifth, sixth and seventh grade classes. It seemed the youger ones had strong bisexual leanings.
With sufficient lubricant in place the rape could begin in earnest. Once the little preteen sluts' faces were all beet red from embarassment at their own unwilling lesbian arousal, we called off their tender, passionate tryst with a few blasts from an air horn and instructed the porters to fix a ring gag inside each girl's mouth. The porters completed their task, wedging each girl's mouth open and leaving her jaw stretched painfully wide. Their sore mouths and faces would ache like crazy for the remainder of the day as the poor bitches moaned helplessly, longing to close their tortured mouths even for an instant. Of course they struggled desperately to avoid thinking about the reason why their mouths needed to be hanging open. The porters finished placing the gags and then gracefully retired, taking up the customary position kneeling on the ground alongside the rows of stocks, heads on the ground and asses thrust in the air.
The soldiers made a beeline for the youngest girls in the lineup, fucking their mouths and asses with an almost synchronized efficiency. The first man to reach orgasm came in four and a half minutes, filling the rectum of a twenty three year old secretary with several weeks of pent up seed. He was disappointed in himself, not because he was embarassed at his public premature orgasm but because he had hoped to fill a virgin's mouth with that seed. Luckily the secretary's brokenhearted sobs and tear-smeared makeup indicated that the experience was every bit as degrading and traumatizing as we had intended.
Many of these innocent young virgins-of-late discovered that their taut, inexperienced vaginal muscles were nowhere near adequate to the task of servicing so many penises. Sobbing and wailing erupted from the hapless, imprisoned crowd accompanied by a most peculiar sort of begging.
“Please fuck my asshole! Oh! Oh yes! I love it in my ass!”
“No please please I like it in my butt please put your cock in my butt!”
“Mmm! Yes! Put it in my booty! Fuck my little booty! Right there! Uh huh!”
After the first thirty minutes our little whore Emily had taken eight loads of cum in her ass, two in her pussy and nine in the mouth. The boys were milling about and sampling various women, each one fluffing himself with one girl's mouth before fucking several others' asses raw and eventually taking a cunt's virginity here or there with a few quick businesslike strokes to each tight, wet pussy. The ladies' pussies were glistening from all the synthetic lube, cum and pussy juice oozing from their holes but the youngest cunts were still a very snug fit.
“Ahhh! Rggghhh! Mmmmggghhrrrr ahhh! Ahh ha ha ahhh! Oooooh! Oh! Aiiieeeeeeeeee!!” moaned dark-haired preteen Emily into the parade of cocks that filled her mouth one after the other as a complimentary parade of dicks plowed their way through her lube-dripping asshole.
Emily started to shriek hysterically when one of the larger black men forced his way inside her cunt. By this point six men had come inside her body but only now was her vagina finally losing its virginity as the largest cock in the company pumped in and out of her wet little snatch. The soldier mercifully relented after around three minutes of rough, painful thrusting, walked to the other side of the row of pillories and thrust his cock into her still wailing mouth. Her screams faded into moans, gasps, gulps and soft squeaks of desperation as he jerked her head back and forth by the hair, forcing his dick into the back of her throat. The back of her head slammed repeatedly against the upper board of her pillory, her neck scraping and chafing against the tight wooden necklace encasing it.
“Aaaagghhh... ack... ohhhmmmphh... mmmm... oooh, mmmm! Mmm! Ooooh! Mmmm... *cough* mmmm...... mmmm... oooh.... oooh.... oooh *cough* mmm? Mmm! Mmmm..... *cough*”
By the time the man had departed her vagina another man was ready to take his place, and as the soldier in her mouth dragged her head painfully up and down his shaft at a breakneck pace the soldier behind her filled her birth canal with its first dose of semen. She was one of the lucky ones. Every now and then her pussy would see some action and her anus would find a moment of respite. Most of these girls were going to become full-time butt sluts, their genitals being reserved for toys, instruments of pain, fetishized foreign objects and the fingers and mouths of other ladies.
The soldiers flocked to the youngest girls in the spirit of pure sadistic malevolence. Their objective was to subject the less experienced girls to a more severe degree of sexual brutality than the sluttier captives. The more experienced bitches would observe the consequences for appearing too reluctant, shy, demure, awkward or inexperienced. They would learn to throw themselves at their conquering masters, to evolve from limp sexual ragdolls into eager, highly professional comfort women like our loyal porters.
But the ladies would learn to their disappointment and chagrin that there was no limit to how low their captors could force them to sink for their amusement. The boys wanted to see sisters lick each others' cunts, then force them apart and strip the flesh from their back with cruel, knotted whips while they begged for a chance to continue licking each other to orgasm. They wanted to see mothers and daughters fucking and disciplining each other eagerly and without shame. They wanted to watch schoolgirls tongue their classmate's asses and paddle each others' bottoms for fun. They wanted sex slaves who would put their hearts into their labor, arouse them whenever they weren't aroused and, after exhausting every whim of their depraved masters, apply their imagination to the spontaneous performance of new degradations and new forms of debauchery. Over the course of the next few days the captives would learn to fulfill all of these requirements and more.
Helpless young Mary Burton hung next to her pretty younger sister Laura in the stocks. Mary took seven cocks up the ass before some kind soldier relieved her of her virginity. She moaned and strained against her restraints as each man thrust in and out, filling her tight little holes with meat. She came three times during the first hour. She found her pretty little mouth stretched from its usual sexy pout into a yawning wide chasm inviting any cock that should happen to pass by. Her face was so adorable that the men would pull out of other partners in order to jizz all over it. Before long she was glazed thoroughly in cum. Three black porters took it upon themselves to have some fun with her. One of the girls was fourteen and the other two were fifteen, but thanks to a generous regimen of hormonal supplements and birth control drugs they had the attributes of very well-endowed adult women.
The two fifteen year old black girls positioned themselves on either side of Mary and began zapping her tits with cattle prods. They intended to spur Mary to action, but initially the poor girl could not decipher the course of action intended for her. The youngest porter stood in front of her face and turned her back to the hapless white girl in the stocks. Then she bent over and reached for the ground. She thrust her ass and pussy into Mary's ring-gagged, cum-streaked face.
“Ahhh! Mmmm rrrrrghhh!” Mary shrieked as the porters behind her poked their electrical instruments into her tits. She stuck out her tongue nervously. As soon as the pink flesh of her tongue made contact with the brighter pink flesh of the black girl's wet young pussy, her partner became overwhelmed with excitement.
The young black girl shoved her ass hard into Mary's face. The back of young Mary's head slammed into the wooden boards encasing her head. She was in severe pain. Her neck felt like it was going to break and she wondered if the back of her head was bleeding. She struggled desperately to satisfy her partner if only to obtain a chance to breathe. She flicked her tongue over every inch of her cunt and toyed vigorously with her partner's engorged clit.
After the first hour little Emily had taken quite a few more cocks than any of the other girls. She started screaming again at the fifty minute mark and simply wouldn't shut up. I gave the authorization and a couple of men zapped her cunt mercilessly with cattle prods, one man draining the remainder of his battery directly into her swollen clit. We yanked her out of the stocks by the hair and dragged her across the field. One soldier punched her in the stomach while another emptied the battery of her shock collar, sending her into a faint. She came to after an adrenaline injection to the genitals, and a soldier dragged her back to her feet by the hair. They started whipping her with leather straps, yanking her back to her feet by her long black locks each time she tried to return to the fetal position. Finally they started raping her right there on the field, each making his best effort to pull out at the last moment in order to fill her mouth and cover her face with semen. Her pussy was too small to accommodate more than one dick, but her other holes could each be stretched to fit two, and as an end result we managed to fit five guys inside her at once.
We brought two other students and one adult female out of their wooden prisons for similar treatment. One of the young ones was fourteen and black, the other was twelve and asian. The asian, a Vietnamese girl named Trang, could have easily passed for the youngest as she had the most petite figure and the tightest vagina of the whole group apart from our little whore Emily. The black girl was named Michelle, and she was a total fucking slut. She had already started shaving her pussy, and the men noted that she couldn't possibly still be a virgin. She had a snatch like a twenty eight year old porn star and we observed that she was already well experienced at sucking cock. We picked her out because she was hypersensitive, responding to each punch, lash, slap and shock to her helplessly restrained body with a piercing shriek. We didn't have to beat her up too bad to get howling loudly enough to send chills down the other girls' spines. We also had no trouble fitting six guys inside her at once. When we decided she'd had enough gang rape for the immediate moment we made her shove a cold can of brew up her loose young pussy.
The fourth slut we dragged out of the stocks was a teacher in her late thirties named Sarah Jane Birchmore. We knocked her around for a while but she stayed beautiful even after we bruised her face up. She was trying to reason with us in between sobs, trying to find some way to bargain with us and debase herself further in a vain attempt to persuade us to spare the young girls some degree of torture.
Now that Emily and Trang were out of the stocks the soldiers still amusing themselves over at the stockade were devoting their orgasms to a twelve year old blonde virgin, pleasuring their cocks on the shackled bitches that surrounded her and then migrating back just in time to fill all of her holes with their hot, sticky cum. She took forty loads in one hour, most of which ended up in her stomach.
“OHHH! Mfff... Mmm! Ack! Aahhhh! Ohhhh! Whoaaaa ho ho haaaa! Eyeaaaaa! MMMMRRgghh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh MMMM! Ooooh!” screamed the blonde as the boys pumped her rectum, belly and pussy full of hot, sticky seed. Her heart was on the verge of pounding out of her chest. She had never been so excited and she hadn't yet realized that her girly parts could become so full, swollen and tingly. If the troops hadn't captured her and whored her thusly she wouldn't have learned how much she enjoyed the feeling of cocks rubbing the inside of her pussy and ass for another three or four years. It's not often that the men find a pretty young blonde girl who can take a long, hard boning up the ass and then display a gushing, oozing, pussy-spasming orgasm for her master. It would be a shame if we didn't get to fuck her booty before she withered into some old sixteen year old hag. The men wanted young, pretty girls Nothing could be more beautiful than the sight of a virgin pussy dripping fresh, hot girl cream, dilating and contracting with orgasm as a hard cock pulls out of the hot schoolgirl ass behind it with a resounding pop.
After two hours some of the soldiers had already retired from active fucking and the company's stamina was beginning to wane. Having satisfied themselves sexually a number of the men had grown bored. The focus of their activities shifted from sexual gratification to outright torture. One man forced himself into an eighth-grader's ass while zapping the anuses of the girls to his left and right with electric prods. Just as he was about to come he pulled out and replaced his penis with one of the wands, torturing the eighth grader's anus while fucking one of her neighbors' tortured, spasming assholes.
“Mmmm... OH! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Aeeyyeeahhh!
“mmm.... rrrghhhh rrghhhh! Mumumph! Mmpggh!”
When the prods began to run low on batteries the men brought out larger AC-powered electric shock devices with leads that ended in steel clamps with sharp, jagged teeth. The choir of screaming sexy, sweat-drenched preteen girls grew ever louder and higher as the clamps bit into the soft flesh of the ladies' most delicate parts. Within a few minutes clamps were hanging from the girls nipples surrounded by more clamps all over their tits. Clamps were hanging from their inner and outer pussy lips in sets of five, six, even seven pairs. Clamps hung from the hoods of their clits, the soft flesh inside their cracks surrounding their buttholes, their navels, their earlobes, their nostrils and even their eyelids. The spring-loaded clamps dug in with a firm, viselike pressure, causing the flesh around them to swell and redden and breaking the skin just slightly with any significant movement of the body or limbs. They would have been sufficient torture on their own. Then the troopers turned on the current.
This was about when the screaming chorus of desperate, panicked little whores reached peak volume. We had things that hurt a lot more, and most of these girls would get to experience them soon. But their strained, tormented little vocal chords simply couldn't cry any more loudly. The boys continued to torture the cunts restrained helplessly in the stocks for several more hours with cocks, whips, paddles, needles, sex toys, clamps and electric wires, but soon their virile young male bodies would need a momentary break from all the long, strenuous hours of flogging and fucking. Most of the troopers gradually departed the stockade to watch the show developing across the field, leaving plenty of juice running through the rows of tortured asses and pussies while their abandoned lovers wriggled about uselessly. Some of the poor young whores even dislocated their hips or shoulders while trying to wriggle out of the damning electric embrace as powerful current surged and ripped through their nude, toned, athletic little bodies that strained, heaved and bucked rhythmically in their restraints under the hot afternoon sun.

2. Casey Discovers Her Fetish
A thirteen year old blonde named Casey struggled with the massive boner filling her mouth. Her gentleman caller had slipped his entire package through the hoop of her ring gag. His balls rolled off her tongue as she bobbed her head and slurped mindlessly at the male flesh filling her mouth. Her screams had faded into moans and by this point the moans were fading into soft, feminine gasps, squeals and yelps. The soprano-pitched estrogen-laden squeaks that she made as one of the soldiers dug his electric prod into her clit sounded much like ecstatic wails of orgasmic delight.
“mmmfff... ahhggg.oooh.... mmmm! Oooooh! Ooooh!! mmmmmooooohhhh! Moaahhhhhh! Aaahhhiiiiaaiiee ooh! Mmm! Mmm.... mmm.... mmmm.....” cooed the well-proportioned seventh-grade cheerleader as her sweating, nubile body wiggled, shook, quaked, jiggled and bounced. The electric stabs to her clit made every muscle in her body clench and twitch as she danced there helplessly, trying in vain to remove her sopping wet pussy from the path of the horrible torture device. The guard presently serving as her torturer and lover greatly enjoyed the way her, full, round, developing teenage ass was wiggling up and down on his cock, clenching hard in reflexive spasms spurred by the current.
Casey had just gotten her new braces three weeks prior to the incident. She was still a virgin but she was already dating two boys, each without knowledge of the other. She had sucked both of them off on a few occasions and she had been worrying that her braces might impede her ability to give head. The slim adolescent pricks upon which she had so innocently practiced her cocksucking skills as a schoolgirl had done nothing to prepare for the large quantity of man meat now filling her mouth, and the braces would turn out to be a bit of an obstacle.
Casey sucked the man's cock obediently, making full use of her tongue at his urging. She had never expected that at some point in her lifetime she might have to accommodate a salty testicular sack inside her mouth.
The man behind her continued to apply regular shocks to her anus, clitoris, labia and nipples, stopping only occasionally to shove his cock into her backside and fuck her in the ass for a minute or so before further torturing her delicate partswith the prod.
Casey had experimented with ass play before, gently working a toothbrush lubricated with her own pussy juice in and out of her derriere during long, lonely afterschool masturbation sessions in the bathtub. The sweet, precocious little latchkey schoolgirl enjoyed these afternoon delights a bit too much, on one occasion coming so loudly that she didn't hear her mother walk into the kitchen.
Her mom chose not to reveal herself, instead listening outside the bathroom door and drifting off into wistful reverie as she fondly remembered her own days of girlish self-discovery. Soon she was tickling herself without even realizing it and within minutes she was reaching orgasm in synchronization with her daughter. She had never anticipated that she might be so easily turned on by the concept of her own little girl's sexuality.
A grown man was no toothbrush. Casey focused on the taste of the scrotum surrounding her tongue to distract herself from the pain of the alternating electric shocks and anal penetration. She attempted to drift off into her memories, and struggled to bring herself back to those times in the bathtub and the fantasies that used to make her so wet and horny. She had fantasized about rape now and again, but it wasn't quite like this. She had never imagined a sexual experience so cold and impersonal. They weren't even paying attention to her so much as they were using her nubile, restrained body as a sperm toilet.
Casey wasn't consciously aware of it but the restraints were turning her on. She struggled and flexed uselessly against the hard wood entrapping her wrists and the cold steel fastening her ankles to those of other women, forcing their thighs to rub and chafe together as the soldiers manhandled their bodies. Casey's first sexual experience had involved bondage. It was her twelfth birthday and she was dating an eighth grader whose father was an ex-cop. They had a few pairs of handcuffs lying around, one thing led to another and she ended up kneeling on the carpet in only her shoes and tank top, sucking her beau's dick with her hands cuffed behind her back and a dog collar around her neck. He never bothered to pleasure her in return and eventually dumped her because he felt that she lacked self-respect. She continued to pursue him however, and they continued their relationship on and off as friends with benefits. She loved sucking cock. It made her feel excited and alive yet safe and secure at the same time. She was in love, and she thought giving head would make that feeling last forever.
Starved for cock, the poor girl occasionally ended up denied and had to satisfy herself with another affair. A month after she turned thirteen she started seeing a high school senior. The encounters always made him feel guilty, but Casey just glowed with pride for days after each session like a cheerleader on her way to the state semifinals. She was barely thirteen and she was becoming a hardcore slut, and everyone at school knew. From her perspective she was a tremendous success, destined for enduring popularity. All it took was a little bit of work with her mouth and tongue.
"Mmm... mm... mmph... ummmm... ooohhh... mmmmmmm!" Casey moaned into the soldier's throbbing penis as it slipped in and out of her mouth. She sounded like she loved it, almost as if she was enjoying a delicious meal after going a full day without eating. He thrust himself deeper and soon his pubic hair was scratching the insides of her nostrils. It wasn't too different from her boyfriends, she reflected as she desperately struggled to ignore the assault on the rest of her body.
But it was quite different. There were several peculiarities to this particular session of oral sex that poor Casey tried her best to ignore. She didn't know her partner's name. He was forcing her to lick every inch of his package. His penis was significantly larger and reached far deeper into her throat. His cock smelled and tasted foul. She tried her best not to arrive at the realization that she was smelling and tasting the seven different vaginas and eight mouths that he had penetrated in the past two hours. He had already come twice with different girls, each time pulling out and spraying his cum all over his partner's innocent young face. He wasn't satisfied. He needed to fill a girl's belly with jism. After staring sullenly at the unfolding tableau of gang rape from a distance for fifteen minutes he would jump back into the fray without having bothered to clean his or his previous partners' fluids off of his organ. He loved forcing the girls to smell and taste each other. When he approached Casey he was becoming fatigued. He knew that it would take at least half an hour for the girl to bring him to orgasm with only her mouth. It was worth it, he reflected.
"You like the taste, you little cunt? You like the taste of your classmates' pussies on my hard dick? I bet you love licking your teachers' cunt juices too, don't you? You perverted little slut!"
Casey would have found the soldier's dirty talk almost comical if she wasn't in severe agony. She caught herself silently wishing that she had played with her butt in the bathtub more often. If she had known she was going to be raped at the tender young age of thirteen then she would have loosened herself up a bit more in preparation. Years of practice hadn't gotten her very far, but one of her greatest sexual triumphs arrived six months after her twelfth birthday when she managed to fit two toothbrushes snugly in her bottom, with just enough slack remaining to accommodate the tip of a third one.
She first discovered her fetish nine weeks prior to her eleventh birthday during a visit to her father's home, one year after her parents divorced. Though they had few days to spend together he still had to work, and she stumbled upon a large cache of pornography as well as the residual data from some adult websites that he had visited. This curious and attention-starved young girl rapidly acquainted herself with her father's recently liberated sexual tastes which included bondage, sadomasochism, lesbianism and graphic, organized large-scale orgies. But his favorite genre of pornography was the sort that focused upon young girls taking dicks and phallic objects up the ass. Practically every encounter in his collection involved anal sex, usually preceded by oral simply as a polite courtesty or gesture of formality. Thus innocent little Casey grew up assuming that anal penetration was standard, and that the vagina was simply a sloppy baby-manufacturing orifice good for only an occasional poke in the midst of the hectic debauchery that constituted a sex life.
Casey was eager to become a woman and all too ready to try out the techniques she learned from her father's videos. By the time she was eleven she had already become practiced at oral sex through the assistance of helpful carrots and cucumbers from the fridge. Many months would pas however before she tried poking either her perky preteen butt or her pretty, curious, sensitive and ever-moist little vagina with any veggies.
By the time we captured her, horny little Casey still hadn't played much with her clit or her pussy. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of others staring, touching, licking, playing with or penetrating her genitals. Her clit was still sensitive enough that you could bring her to climax with the breeze from a desktop fan, and the idea of spreading herself open and letting someone examine her girly parts filled her with anxiety and dread. She had played with her mom's vibrator on a couple of occasions but she quickly became uncomfortable with its intrusive presence in her hot, tight, wet little vagina and began using it to stimulate her backside instead.
Casey started experimenting with the pretty little pink dildo six weeks after her discovery of pornography, reasoning that she was eleven years old and she was ready to be a big girl. She already had a fair tuft of blonde curls growing from her developing pubescent mons. She hadn't learned to come yet but she could make herself soaking wet with just a little bit of fingerwork.
She prodded her pussy gently with the humming sex toy, grazing her pussy lips with it delicately before pressing it gingerly against her rapidly moistening cunt hole. She was still too tight to accommodate anything larger than a finger, and even that girth would cause her some discomfort. She could just barely slide the tip of the device into her vagina. She touched the tip of the vibrating phallus against her clitoris and found the sensation unpleasant, not knowing her body well enough to realize that she had just had an orgasm and was becoming hypersensitive. She put the dildo aside and fetched a towel from the bathroom.
Casey spent most of her time around the house naked from the waist down, as there was no one around and she hoped to someday surprise the cute FedEx deliveryman with an "accidental" glimpse of her developing body. She drifted off into idle fantasy every so often while doing homework or watching television, daydreaming about sucking cock and taking it up the ass like the women in those films. Was that really what adult women liked? What did pussy taste like? Would she eat it to impress a guy? What sort of things would her mom do for a guy? Had she ever let a man whip her, spank her or stick her with needles like the women in those videos? Did she put weird things in her vagina to impress the boys? Should Casey do the same sort of thing? Casey imagined herself with a beer bottle in her pussy in front of a crowd of cute guys. She imagined the men whipping her tits with belts, cold leather biting into her flesh as she pivoted desperately over the bottle with her hands cuffed behind her back, struggling to take the glass container into her vagina without tipping it over. Suddenly Casey was wet again. Luckily her nude body was resting upon a towel. Why was her pussy always getting wet at awkward moments? Why was she always so horny? Was there something wrong with her? Was she growing into a bad girl?
Casey absentmindedly flipped through channels on the television in her mom's bedroom as she sat naked on her towel at the foot of the bed. She settled on a hip hop music video full of women dancing in next to no clothing, shaking their ample thong-clad bottoms in front of regular and fish-eye camera lenses. The lyrics objectified women more than most songs in the genre, and they were full of thinly vieled metaphors for oral sex. Casey and her girlfriends loved giggling over these lyrics before and after school, but Casey secretly longed to be sexy and popular like the girls in the video and the girls in the rapper's lyrics. As she watched this video alone at home for what may have been the sixth time that week she caught herself absent-mindedly fondling, licking and sucking her mom's vibrator. It tasted odd. Casey didn't know that her mother had used it the previous night and hadn't cleaned it.
As scores of round, healthy young asses bounced on the screen in front of her Casey began to take the entire length of the dildo into her mouth. Soon the device was coated in her spit, and a sly smirk crept across her face as she leaned back, spread her legs as far apart as she could and started tickling her crack and the rim of her anus. She kept picturing those gigantic bouncing lady butts in her mind as she dipped the phallus back into her pussy and with some care managed to fuck herself slowly and gently, carefully sliding the toy about a third of the way into her vagina. She listened to the rappers deep, black voice and envisioned him bestowing praise and encouragement upon her as she took his large, dark penis into her mouth and sucked it down obediently. She started to feel hot, dirty and ashamed. Her face flushed red as the intense vibration kept tickling her puckered booty. The rapper's lyrics became more intensely misogynistic as the camera zoomed onto a jiggling black butt on television. Casey quickly withdrew the toy and mounted the bed on her knees, face pressed down against the sheets as she rubbed her lady parts with one hand and pushed the lubed-up vibrating dildo into her anus, just barely penetrating herself with the tip. Suddenly she was sweating, her head was spinning and there was a stain on the bed several inches from the protective towel. She would soon come to understand that she had a special talent. Her genitals were more sensitive than those of most girls and she could squirt a large volume a fluid a fair distance during orgasm.
When Casey's mom arrived home she examined the stains on the bed. She knew immediately upon sniffing the sheets that she was smelling her daughter's cum. She drifted off into pleasant memories of her own discovery of masturbation. Before long the mother was pleasuring herself on the same bed with the same dildo that had just provided her virgin little girl with her very first orgasm.
Casey was disappointed that she couldn't fit the vibrator snugly into her ass. She began to experiment with objects such as pens and markers before she discovered that she found the girth and flexibility of her toothbrush particularly satisfying. Within half a year she was able to fuck herself at a slow but steady pace, working the brush about six inches deep into her rear end.
By the end of fifth grade Casey was kissing boys with tongue and giving expert handjobs. She never kissed without tongue. She had learned how to kiss from pornography, so she just assumed that kissing was supposed to be sloppy and animated.
She took up swimming and started buying thongs under the pretense of keeping them only to wear them at the pool or on beach holidays. She loved the feeling of having a strap drawn taut across her ass throughout the day. Her parents bought bras for her too, but she would usually bolt for the ladies' room upon arriving at school, removing her bra and often her panties as well and stuffing them inside her backpack. Sometimes she'd "accidentally" leave her backpack open and allow a few of her classmates to have a glimpse of the underwear in the bag. Some of the boys made off with the underwear occasionally, just as Casey hoped. Soon she acquired the nickname "Commando Casey" and wore it as a badge of pride. Her reputation as the hot, skinny, horny little blonde with big tits who always wears short skirts with nothing underneath and no brassiere did nothing to hurt her popularity.
She often bought underwear in sizes that were much too small, relishing in the constricting tightness and the slight swelling in her private parts. Soon she was bored with regular underwear and started improvising new ways to surreptitiously tickle her bum in public. On some days she wore a dog collar to school, tucking the leash discreetly under her shirt collar, drawing it taut between her legs and looping up her back to the other side of the dog collar. Soon she was experimenting with knotted rope. She loved the rush of confidence she felt when she talked to boys or grown men with that knot wiggling and rubbing her body with her every breath, tickling her bottom and making her blush. The day after she managed her triple-toothbrush feat, she decided to take her fetish for public anal stimulation to the next level.
After a day of cautious fasting Casey rose from bed, took her morning shower, lubed up her favorite toothbrush and inserted it handle-first in her bum. She finished her shower and walked across the bathroom. The brush slid out. She dried it off with a towel and carefully pushed the brush back inside her still-slippery bottom. This time the fit was a bit more snug and the brush's rubber grip helped it to stay in place. She took a few more steps and suddenly squirted pussy juice involuntarily. It landed on the faces of some teen idols in the bathroom magazine basket.
Casey's mom discovered the fluid on the magazines a few hours later while Casey was in class. What did Casey see in the boys in these magazines? She flipped through the girl-fluid-soaked periodicals and before long she was of course masturbating to the same images that seemed to excite her daughter so much. Squirting ran in their family, and within minutes one of the magazines had a few new stains. Just blame it on my horny little slut of a daughter, the mother thought. The middle-aged woman was hopelessly lonely and feverish with lust. She imagined her daughter with those boys she liked, and wandered nude down the hallway to Casey's room. There was the racy underwear she'd forced her parents to buy for her, sitting at the foot of the bed. Girls will be girls, she mused.
Casey was ecstatic at the new companion in her nethers . She was wearing underwear to school two or three days out of the week by this point, and this was not one of those days. She put on her shortest skirt and prayed silently for the chance to flash her naked bottom to a boy or two, toothbrush and all. She brushed up against every boy and girl she saw in the hall. Every step and every touch wiggled and vibrated the brush's handle, causing every muscle in her lower body to tense and clench. For Casey it was pure spine-tingling excitement. Soon she would be wearing the vibrator to school in place of the toothbrush.
This sweet-faced, petite sixth grader was still a virgin and already felt like a brazen whore with nothing left to prove. She could take anything that came at her, including a dick in the ass. Or so she had expected.
Unable to see anything behind her head as she languished in the wooden stocks, she didn't even realize that it was a metal rod in her ass and not a penis until the man behind her flicked a switch and sent a high voltage current into her rectum. The things didn't have enough charge in them to kill anyone without major cardiac issues, but they could leave a lasting sting.
"Mm... oooohmmphrrggg!" Casey shrieked through a raw, hoarse and severely parched throat. The boys enjoyed nothing more than forcing a slut to moan into their skin harmonicas, vibrating their erect cocks with the helpless cunts' pitiful cries of protest and anguish.
"Mmm... yeah, girl. Suck on those balls. Bet you can't wait to eat pussy, can you, bitch? We're gonna have you eating schoolgirl pussy in a few minutes, you'd better save up some spit. Maybe your teachers' pussies too." Casey's heart sank when she realized that he must have been telling the truth. She didn't want to taste a woman's genitals though she had kissed more than a few girls at parties. She felt helpless and aroused, and her arousal made her feel ashamed. The shame only led to greater arousal.
The poor, naive, tear-faced little whore had sincerely believed that she could go through life sucking cock without ever swallowing cum, licking balls or taint or even taking the head all the way into the back of her throat and triggering her gag reflex. The weepy little cunt had never assumed a blow job might take this long or that she'd be forced to deal with an exhausted or impotent lover. Though she had never managed to swallow either of her boyfriends' cum she didn't dare spit her new lover's seed. After thirty eight minutes of slurping, licking and bobbing she finally brought him to climax and gulped his cum down like a champ. She hadn't eaten in eight hours, but she had just swallowed her ninth nourishing meal of hot, sticky semen in the past two hours.
"Ow!" exclaimed the trooper as he pulled out of Casey's stretched, aching, ring-gagged mouth. Casey had just fucked up. A single strand of pubic hair remained in her mouth, having been yanked out painfully after snagging on her braces.
"You stupid, ugly cunt!" He shouted as he slapped her hard across the jaw. We weren't supposed to fuck up their teeth, but we could already tell that she was going to be a great actress. She was going to undergo a lot of dental work anyway.
The soldier continued his tirade with a barrage of curses and threats as he unlocked the hinges of Casey's pillory and dragged her by the hair to the broken figures lying across the field. One of the sergeants and two privates were still tormenting Emily, Trang, Michelle and Mary the teacher. The company had been raping for two and a half hours now and the sun was almost down. Empty beer cans and crushed plastic cups littered the field. Every participating male had deposited at least one load of semen inside or onto the whores trapped in the stocks.

3. Emily And Trang Exercise Their Legs
Emily and Trang were engaging in a coerced spinning exercise. This seemingly harmless little calisthenic diversion became a lot more uncomfortable and degrading with the insertion of a sex toy or disciplinary device. Casey observed these girls lying on their backs, cycling their legs rapidly over their heads. As she drew closer she noticed that there were objects protruding from their cunts and asses.
Trang and Emily had taken the buttplugs in first. Emily's was two inches in diameter, close to the width of a soda can. Trang's plug was two and a half inches, closer to the shape of a two liter bottle. After undergoing beatings and sexual abuse on the cold, damp grass the girls received a few shots of adrenaline, caffeine, estrogen and mild doses of cocaine, mescaline and barbiturates. Normally the porters do this job but the boys were feeling particularly frisky on this particular day. They personally jabbed the needles into the girls' nipples, genitals and anal tissue in order to maximize the pain and humiliation of each injection. The girls were becoming progressively more excited and suggestible. They would say and do anything to get out of their situation, and the drugs addled their brains to the point at which they stupidly dared to hope that cooperation would guarantee some degree of mercy. We had each girl sit on the lubed tip of her plug as it pointed upward from the ground until the tip penetrated her anus. Then we had them bounce up and down while sucking cock, their jaws still aching from the ring gags inside them.
With a little encouragement the girls had worked the tapered plugs all the way into their slippery, greased assholes. Trang couldn't control herself and came as soon as the full diameter of the rubbery silicone plug entered her back door. She sat dazed for a moment, balancing her full weight on her sphincter and the plug inside her in order to take some weight off of her sore knees and the aching balls of her feet. Her knees were spread wide apart and the troops could immediately notice the juicy girl-plasma trickling from her vagina.
When one of the captives reveals a lust for anal, we never let her live it down. Of course it was the pressure that the sex toy exerted on her vaginal and pelvic muscles that sent Trang's reproductive system into overdrive, rather than any particular penchant for anal stimulation. The 4'10" asian girl looked exceptionally cute as her nude, battered and bruised little body reclined on its fat rubber-textured mount. Her deep, wet, tear-reddened almond eyes stared into space as she sank into a bewildered daze, resting with unexpected comfort upon the firm silicone plug filling her derriere. Her legs were spread, her crotch was exposed and she barely noticed the stares of thirty or forty men on her twitching, cum-oozing pussy. She was so confused and scared that she didn't fully realize that she had just stimulated her own butt past the point of orgasm in front of a crowd and everyone could tell exactly how much her body enjoyed it.
Emily didn't like the butt stuff so much.She strained, groaned and grunted as a guard placed a boot on her shoulder to force her downward onto the intimidating two inch plug. A soldier had his dick in her mouth but he was tired and he wasn't getting hard. Em didn't know what was wrong and she began to scream in frustration. The vibration of her worn out, shrieking vocal chords tickled the man's cock in just the right way and he started to get excited.
"Keep screaming, whore!" shouted the soldier as he zapped Emily's abused clit with his disciplinary prod. Emily complied with his demand as he pressed the nasty little torture rod into her pussy. The pain of the shock distracted her from the pain in her butt as another soldier pushed down on her shoulders until the sex toy completely filled her rear orifice.
"You didn't come! The frigid bitch didn't come! How come your pussy didn't squirt like your friend's here? Aren't you both cheap, depraved little whores? Give me a yes, sir!"
Emily nodded and mumbled some syllaples that might have sounded like "yes, sir!" through her gag after the man in her mouth finished ejaculating, pulled his dick out and started jerking her head up and down in the manner of an agreeable nod.
"What's that? Fuck me, sir?"
"waaaah guuuh huumuhhh haaangh!"
"Please fuck me, Trang? You mean this little whore right here? Sheet says her name is Trang. Of course you want to fuck her. Don't worry, you'll get to fuck each other in just a few minutes. I hope you like the taste of Asian pussy juice!"
The trooper slapped Emily hard across the face, leaving a welt that would last for days on a spot that already had a dark bruise. Her face was starting to feel like a bag of broken glass though we hadn't fractured any bones. The dozens of loads of cum filling her stomach were causing her some severe abdominal discomfort and she felt the urge to vomit, but of course we had already warned the girls of the penalty for such an act. She kept the congealing mass of genetic material inside her slutty little preteen tummy. Soon she would learn to crave it, for she wouldn't have access to food for some time.
"Let's try this again" grumbled the trooper as he removed the gag from Emily's mouth.
"Are you ready to suck dick now, cunt?"
"Yes, Sir!"
Another slap across the cheek, not so hard this time.
"Stupid slut! You will address me as 'master, sir' and you will tell me exactly what you mean. I ask you a question, you include the question in your answer. Do you understand, cunt?"
"Yes, Master, Sir! I will include your questions in my answers and tell you exactly what I mean, sir!"
"And... Yes, master sir, I am ready to suck your dick now, master, sir!"
"Not so fast. I'm gonna make you beg for it now." The officer stared into her sore, red little eyes. Emily gulped and prepared to comply.
"May I please suck your cock, master? Please let me suck your dick, master. I want to suck your cock so bad! Please let me lick your cock and suck your balls!"
"Why would you want to do that? Because you're horny? Because you're a cheap, filthy little whore?"
"Yes, master, sir! I'm a cheap, filthy little whore and I'm fucking horny and I love sucking cock so please, please may I suck your cock right now please master, sir?"
The onlookers could barely understand the innocent young girl through her pained sobs, but those tortured, slutty pleas made the trooper hard enough to finish himself off. He pulled out just in time to come, jizzed all over the girl's face and wiped his cock off on her cheek. Then he made her beg him to let her lick him clean.
"...because I'm a cheap, filthy, cock-craving little cum dumpster whore!!" she shouted as she wept uncontrollably. "Please, please let me lick you clean, master, sir! I want to lick the cum off the end of your dick! I have to have more of your cum!"
Emily had never fantasized about cock. She found penises to be somewhere between humorous and disgusting. Semen swallowing was a completely foreign concept to her. But she had potential. The trooper reluctantly allowed her to finish up as he finally went limp. When another soldier grabbed her by the scalp and jerked her face in the direction of poor little Trang her heart skipped a beat.
Trang was fucking beautiful. Emily had only recently begun to explore masturbation, and she was disappointed that her girlfriends never wanted to take their makeout sessions very far. But she didn't quite realize that she was full-on gay. Something about Trang's pitiful battered and scarred figure made Emily extremely horny. The petite asian girl's soaking wet pussy glistened in the moonlight and her anal and vaginal muscles were still contracting in post-orgasmic throes. Emily was intensely curious about those pulsating, dilating holes. She wanted to know what it felt like to come so hard that one's pussy started spasming and ejaculating fluid. She wanted to get closer to that beautiful girl and explore her body.
Without regard to Emily's personal desires or intentions the sergeant took it upon himself to play matchmaker. The two were already sitting next to each other with their hips occasionally brushing as they teetered on their buttplugs. The sarge removed Trang's gag and dropped the spit-soaked accessory onto the ground. He grasped each girl by the chin and pressed their faces together, pulling them apart and pushing them back together a few times. Then he let go.
The two girls babbled their pleas at the same time, resulting in an incoherent chorus of "please please please let me let me let me lick pussy pussy pussy pussy" as both girls tried to make their cases simultaneously. The looming soldier smacked Trang in the jaw to shut her up for a moment.
"Please, please, please let me lick my friend's pussy! She's so hot and sexy, and I'm such a slutty, horny little dyke! May I please eat her pussy, master, sir?" begged Emily.
"Please, master! My cunt is so wet! I'm such a dirty little whore! May I please lick my friend? I want to lick her vagina please, master, sir." pleaded Trang through her swollen jaw.
"Not so fast, bitches! Let's see a little bit of foreplay first! You're going to tease each other and get each other all hot and wet between the thighs, and you're lucky I'm not making you beg to do that!" shouted the trooper as he cracked a stiff birch rod over Emily's upper back. Her face was an inch or two from Trang's. The rod left a deep red imprint on the eleven-year-old's skin. She responded instantly, pushing her lips against Trang's mouth and licking like a hungry animal. The sarge had to strike Trang three times before she started to respond in kind. It was sloppy and awkward at first but soon the girls were kissing like lovers and fingering each others' pussies in response to their trainer's encouragement. The gruff sergeant had a teenage porter stick her hand into their vaginas to determine which of the two was more aroused. Emily was wetter by a long shot. The poor little dyke was discovering her orientation the hard way.
"Oh ho! Whoa, girls! let's slow down for a second. Don't want you to have too much fun." The sergeant nodded to a soldier holding a prod, who zapped both girls in the tits until they drew away from each other. We cuffed their hands behind their backs and made them lie down on the ground on their backs with the plugs still embedded in their asses. The men grabbed their legs and forced them apart and we inserted a little device into each sopping wet vagina that the boys dubbed the "lightning tampon". Each such implement consisted of a transparent, hollow phallic cylinder that would open up the vagina like a speculum, giving the boys a view of the inside. Wires lined the hollow interior, leading to electrodes on the surface. The exterior portion of the device would cover the outer genitals, with electrodes pressing into the clitoris, labia and the area between vagina and anus. Working on alternating current from a building or power line the wires could deliver a steadier current for a much longer duration than the battery-powered prods and wands. When we wanted to keep a girl in torment for hours or give her a few extra special jolts, we brought out the wires and extension cables. The porters began to shiver, shake and act nervous. They didn't want to be anywhere near this.
Just a taste of current made the two preteen girls scream hysterically. We dropped the voltage just enough to get them to shut up, then we had them start cycling. The hollow, transparent, shock-inducing dildo in their pussy stretched the walls of their vagina as the huge silicone buttplugs filled their pelvic regions and tickled every muscle.
"Easy on the voltage!" the sarge barked as the girls started to wail and moan more loudly. The private at the controls shrugged to indicate that he hadn't touched a dial. The girls were screaming with pleasure. The large objects stuffing their orifices weren't exactly uncomfortable yet as they wiggled their hips and thighs around the artificial lovers filling their holes the endorphin rush distracted them from the agony of their suffering, abused bodies and orifices. Soon they were losing themselves in pure physical effort and pleasurable feedback. The sarge started whipping their chests again, driving them to cycle ever faster. The girls struggled with all the effort they could muster, and their buttplugs and dildos wiggled in and out of their holes just a bit with each stroke.
As he continued to the strap down painfully across their chests, the sergeant ordered the two amorous preteen girls to resume kissing. Emily was only too happy to oblige as she stared into Trang's gorgeous, pleading, tear-filled eyes. She didn't like being penetrated and filled with cock, but she found that watching other girls undergo kinky, perverted exercise like this just made her cunt dripping wet. She kissed Trang like she was in love, still pumping her legs in the air as she unwittingly began to buck and grind her hips. As Trang meekly returned each lick and flick of the tongue the boys noticed that Emily was just plain fucking the oversized sex toys filling her holes. Trang felt a surge of shyness and her cycling began to falter. Who was this strange girl, and why was she so aggressive? Were they really going to fuck each other under threat of torture and somehow come out enjoying it? The whip cracked once more across her chest. Her nipples were hard and swollen. The current in the girls' pussies felt like the scurrying of thousands of tiny feet. It tickled them in ways the pair could never have conceived, made chills run up their spines and caused a trickle of pussy fluid to run down their legs. Every now and then the sergeant would adjust the controls and transform those tiny feet into tiny needles, distorting their moans of arousal and pleasure into shrieks of agony and horror.
The sergeant had them change up their exercise, alternating from cycling to spreading their legs apart and then bringing them back together repeatedly, then having each girl buck her pelvis up and down, fucking the air with her hips. After a few minutes the girls' inner thighs were completely coated in shiny, reflective juice. The girls were moaning, even screaming directly into each others' mouths as they continued to tongue-wrestle while sarge tortured their young genitalia with vicious blasts of high voltage current. That was when Casey arrived.

4. Sarah Jane Tries Her Best
Casey the blonde thirteen-year-old cheerleader suddenly found herself distracted from the scene of the two cycling, intensely aroused preteen sluts. Her gaze was drawn a few feet across the turf to Michelle and Sarah Jane the schoolteacher, both of whom were on their knees trying to force ice cold beer cans into their orifices. In constast to the maidens who made up the majority of the captives these two women were highly experienced. It seemed the fourteen year old Michelle was having an easier time getting the chilled metal can into her anus than the middle aged Mary Jane.
Both of these women had little trouble inserting their beer cans into their cunts. Sarah Jane had given birth to twins three years prior and Michelle was an accomplished pervert who occasionally performed a notorious party trick involving tennis balls for the boys. Michelle had been anally intimate with three partners since she became sexually active fifteen months prior to her capture. The first two were simple on and off physical affairs, but she soon became romantically involved with a sugar daddy in his thirties. She spent six months in a daily routine of lubing his cock orally and mounting it with her anus in the reverse cowgirl position, and despite her best efforts she always managed to arrive at multiple orgasms before making her partner come a single time. She always graciously kept grinding away at his dick until he finished, even long after she was too worn out to enjoy the act any further. The poor little bitch suffered from severe emotional dysfunction and always wept during sex, crying harder the closer she came to climax. Nobody noticed this during our little party because all of the girls were crying.
Michelle didn't particularly enjoy anal but she started offering her bottom to recurring sex partners in order to avoid the risk of pregnancy. Her English teacher Sarah Jane had never experimented with anal beyond an occasional exploratory poke up the butt in the shower with her fingers or a small bathroom utensil. The beer can horrified her to the edge of her wits. She futilely grasped at her butt cheeks, spread them apart and pressed her tight, lubed, and puckered anus down onto the rim of the can. The chill of the metal made her shiver. She wasn't having much luck.
One of the privates jabbed sweet little Mrs. Sarah Jane Birchmore in the upper back with his boot. He forced her to her knees, produced a leather strap and hooked it to her shock collar. He dragged the pretty schoolteacher across the ground, shouting at her to stay on her knees. She began to skid across the dirt. The can pressed against her butt toppled over and as she slid across the ground the beer lodged deep inside her pussy slowly wiggled its way out and rolled onto the ground. Forbidden to rise from the ground, Sarah Jane had to simply let the trooper pull her along as she accumulated scrapes and burns from the rough, sandy earth. Arriving at the jeep, the private fixed jerked Mrs. Birchmore to her knees and fixed her leash to the military vehicle's undercarriage.
"Better remember to unhook her before you start driving," one of the troopers joked.
Sarah found her position leashed to the underside of a jeep much less comfortable than her previous situation of relaxing in the stocks. The trooper pulled her arms behind her back, nearly dislocating both shoulders. He cuffed her wrists together. Poor, innocent Sarah, loving wife and recent mother of two could not move her neck or rise from her knees. The leash was taut and she balked at placing her head under the vehicle. She knew what was coming next.
The starter clicked and the engine roared to life. There was a tarp covering the back end of the vehicle that reached to the ground, covering the exhaust pipe and forcing the fumes forward into the space between the undercarriage and ground. After a hearty but contemptuous laugh another soldier approached Mrs. Birchmore from behind and shoved her head underneath the vehicle with his foot. Sarah Jane attempted to plead but she still had a ring gag in her mouth that rendered her plaintive sobbing unintelligible. Suddenly she discovered that all of her shouting, panting and heavy breathing was going to make things a lot harder on her. She inhaled a lungful of smoke and began to cough and gag. In a while the busty little lady would develop a suicidal mentality and we would have to protect her from herself vigilantly, but for now we could still toy with her using her instinctive fear of death.
"Taste the ground, cunt." The trooper continued to grind his heel into the base of her neck. The leash was taut and beginning to choke her, but there was no air to breathe in any case. She pressed her face into the ground.
"Now. Lick it. Take it into your mouth and chew it. That's a good girl." He pressed a double pronged cattle prod into her bottom, one prong poking into her anus and the other embedded in her pussy. She waited for the current as she began to french kiss the dirt, gently munching on tiny pebbles and flakes of crystal and eating the ground like a lesbian porn star eating a wet shaven cunt. We shined a flashlight into her face and pointed a camera at her. That tongue looked good in action.
Why wasn't he shocking her? The prod pressed deeper but she kept licking the cold, foul-tasting dirt, painstakingly sucking and slurping clods into her mouth as it hung open with the gag still in place. Someone had spilled a lot of beer on this patch of ground.
Sarah thrust her face against the ground desperately, hoping to shelter herself from the accumulating exhaust fumes as she rapidly became dizzy. After two and a half minutes of life threatening suspense the troopers relented and unhooked her from the jeep. They motioned for a porter to check her pussy. As they suspected the mortal terror and degradation had left her significantly more aroused than before. She was coughing, hacking and spitting out dirt. The trooper who had just removed his boot from her neck slugged her hard in the stomach.
"Swallow that dirt, cunt! Swallow it like your own whore cunt juice!"
Sarah Jane Birchmore collapsed to the ground in a sobbing heap. Her own pussy had betrayed her. She longed for a way out yet her sex organs longed to serve her enemy. Now they were going to make her swallow her own cunt juice. These boys didn't make idle threats. The trooper motioned for a porter.
"Give this one a taste" was all he said, and suddenly the naked teenage female servant was fingering the schoolteacher's pussy. When her fingers were slick and wet she shoved them into Mrs. Birchmore's open-hanging ring-gagged mouth. Birchmore was something of a prude in her private life. She had never even tasted herself before. But here she was, on the verge of becoming acquainted with more than a hundred different flavors of pussy. She wept silently, unable to catch her breath and continue her pathetic whining and moaning. The blonde fifteen-year-old porter continued to masturbate her with one hand while fingerfucking her mouth with the other, alternating hands every half minute or so. Mrs. Birchmore was gushing. She hadn't felt this good since the night she conceived the twins. She offered a silent prayer to heaven in thanks that this ordeal didn't begin until after her pregnancy ended. At least my babies have a chance, she thought.
In a minute it was over and the poor heterosexual schoolteacher's full, round tits were heaving in orgasm as she came all over the porter's supple little fingers. The porter pulled her hand out of Sarah's pussy, held up her hand and smiled beatifically. Sarah glanced upward to meet a trooper's gaze. She was an intelligent woman. She was catching on quickly and knew exactly what to do. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking on that teen girl's fingers with eagerness that surpassed the enthusiasm she had displayed while sucking her husband's cock during their honeymoon. She was losing herself in this sweet girl's tenderness. The younger girl gazed into her eyes, caressed her face and stroked her hair. She had done a good job.
"Good girl." spoke the porter in a tone of voice one would normally use with a slow-witted dog. The schoolteacher didn't notice the condescension at first. For now her desperation for any sort of tenderness, companionship or human kindness took priority. Sarah had never developed a sexual interest in women but her newfound teenage sweetheart had thoroughly seduced her. The porter removed the gag and began to kiss Sarah Jane slowly and deeply.
After a few minutes the porter was done embracing and caressing her older lover, who just gasped and stared blankly in disappointment. The naked blonde teenager rose to her feet and whispered a few terse instructions into Sarah Jane's ear. The porter then took Sarah by the leash and she crawled on all fours back to the sluts who were still exercising their legs on the ground. Casey and Michelle were now lying next to Emily and Trang. They were soaked in sweat and their tight little muscles were heaving and straining as they wiggled. They were bunched together, touching and rubbing at the shoulders, elbows and hips. After cycling their legs overhead for thirty strokes they would bring their knees together, point their toes straight up in the air, and then slowly open and lower their legs into a split. Then they would close their legs, raise their knees and begin cycling again.
They repeated these steps for what seemed like hours. Their twitching, aching cunt muscles strained around the bountiful girth of their embedded dildos. The ladies were so close together that their legs intercrossed when they spread them to the sides, each girl's thighs resting on or underneath those of another. It was an awkward tangle but the troopers standing over them motivated them to perform this ballet gracefully and in perfect synchronization. Here we had the beginnings of our new dance squad.
After thirty repetitions of these erotic splits the girls would begin their pelvic thrusts, waving their cunts up and down at their gathering audience exactly thirty times before they began cycling again. There were nearly fifty girls waiting in the stocks but only thirty or so men continued to mill about sampling their tight little cum-oozing mouths, asses and pussies. Most of the men were satiated for the moment and interested in relaxing and watching the stars of the evening.
The girls had come and then come again. They were sick of coming yet the electric current continued to run through them and light up their cunts like Vegas, drawing gushing wet orgasms from the depths of their nubile young bodies. Their pussies oozed and glistened while their cervixes and sphincters contracted involuntarily from pleasure. Casey and Michelle now had electric vaginal probes of their own, and Michelle was still harboring a beer can deeper inside her pussy. The cold metal served to conduct the electrical current, guaranteeing a unique experience for our ebony-skinned slave. She was screaming quite a bit louder than the others.
When Casey had arrived after her initial journey from the stocks the soldiers kicked her to the ground and began whipping her immediately. Now her body was covered in intercrossing patterns of stripes where their leather straps had broken the skin. They forced her to sit on a buttplug just like the others, choosing to be lenient and start her off with a small anal accessory, just one and a half inches in diameter. She came as soon as the lubed toy slipped effortlessly into her bottom, squirting a stream of fluid across the supine figures of Emily and Trang as they lay a few feet across from her. Quite a bit of it landed on their bruised but pretty little faces.
"Alright, no butt stuff for you! Sweet Jesus! Fucking tramp!" The troopers laughed uproariously at Casey's anal hypersensitivity. They laughed again at the look of disappointment that crossed her face when a porter urged her to her feet and yanked the plug from the depths of her rectum. More juice squirted from her vagina. The laughing intensified and soon Casey's face was the reddest it had ever been. This slut simply had to have it. The guys decided to have some fun with those big round tits of hers instead.
Sarge emerged from the tent bearing fists full of large spring-loaded metal clamps with serrated teeth. Michelle lay on Casey's other side and she was still pumping her legs in the air obscenely along with Emily and Trang, the three of them continuing to work themselves to repeated orgasms. Em and Trang had been doing this for forty five minutes already. Em was still making out with Trang right there on the ground as ordered, and their saliva coated each other's lips. Each time the horny little preteen bitches came the muscles in their pussies and asses would begin to contract, which we could all plainly observe through the transparent dildos in their cunts and the motion of the shiny black plugs in their asses as they wiggled in time with their wearers' contractions. In this manner we were able to document all of their orgasms during this phase of the rape session. Michelle had only been on the ground seventeen minutes and she had come twice. Emily was up to five orgasms, Trang seven.
As Casey experienced her humilating buttplug-induced double orgasm Trang stopped cycling, pointed her legs straight out, then clenched her thighs and buttocks together as hard as she could. She shuddered and convulsed as she strained her way to orgasm number eight and then spread her legs again to reveal her twitching snatch to the crowd. As she came she demonstrated to Casey the most degrading rule in the twisted game these girls were being forced to play for our amusement.
"I'm cumming! Oh, god, yes! Thank you, master! I'm cumming so hard! Oooohhh! Oh my god! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my little whore ass! Ohhhhhhh!"
Trang screamed her eighth song of orgasm as instructed by the porters. It wasn't entirely convincing yet, as we could all tell that she was reading from a script. To be more precise a porter dangled a script in front of her face and commanded her to commit it to memory to the best of her ability as she lay there kicking her exhausted legs frantically through the air, pumping the clear electrified dildo and buttplug in and out of her holes. In any case the orgasm was real and her cunt was still extremely wet.
Sarge observed the little asian whore on the ground and hesitated for a moment in order to beam with pride. He was very pleased with how Trang was shaping up. At least the day hadn't been a complete waste of time. We could only hope that the beautiful young girl was good at sucking cock and licking pussy. Emily discovered that she was a great kisser. Even a quick peck made her gush below the waist. Sarge watched the two preteen lovebirds dart their tongues in and out of each others' mouths for a moment, then turned his attention to Casey as she waited for orders with dread.

5. Casey Reveals Her Fetish
"On the ground, cunt!" barked the sergeant. "Lie on your back, legs spread wide! Now, slut! Now! Now! Now! Move, you lazy cum trap!"
Casey dropped to the ground just in time to avoid a punch to the head from a nearby trooper. Frustrated at missing, he kicked her hard in the cunt as she spread her legs. She yelped an adorable little yelp as her glistening wet mons pubis began to swell. Her bright red little gang-raped pussy stung mercilessly from the inside and out. She didn't know what proper sex felt like before today, and now she was convinced that she would never enjoy it. Her cunt was in so much pain that at this point even one of the toothbrushes with which she explored her pussy and anus at home would have seemed a daunting sexual challenge to her. She suddenly felt terribly lonely and began to long subconsciously for a companionlike presence inside her empty posterior, be it a foreign object or a rough, virile male companion. She would have freely offered her ass, mouth and more if it would have helped to pry the icy stares of the gathering troops from her shaven, moist, shining pink pussy.
Panic set in and Casey began to hyperventilate there on the ground, her soft white tits rippling with every breath. She howled as metal teeth bit into her flesh, and the sergeant had yet to completely let go of the clamps on her nipples. The teeth left marks that would last for days and they could draw a little bit of blood with some occasional tugging or from excessive bouncing. Her screams reached a high note when sarge finished releasing his grip on the clamps. Her shouting and rapid breathing were only making the pain worse by causing the clinging metal instruments to move and flip about as they dangled like tiny vises from her tortured nipples. She didn't even notice the electrical leads trailing from each clamp.
A porter bent over and whispered some new instructions to poor little Casey as the quivering, sweat-soaked thirteen-year-old whore lay whimpering on the ground. I've never seen a girl's eyes open so wide as Casey's did at that moment. The whites of her eyes had gone blood red and the tears wouldn't stop flowing. Her collar was fastened on almost tightly enough to close her windpipe and the leather bit into her flesh. Her whole neck itched and chafed and her face gradually took on a puffy, reddish-purple complexion from lack of circulation. This happened to most of the girls after a while, and the restrictions upon the flow of oxygen to their brains seriously impaired their ability to make decisions. The porter momentarily dangled a paper memorandum in front of Casey's sore eyes. The writing on the paper amounted to a dreadful pornographic script for Casey to act out for her enrapt audience. The paper hovered in front of her face for just a few minutes as the girl desperately tried to memorize the filthy, degrading monologue. She only had time to get the basic gist of it, but it turned out she new exactly how to improvise.
Casey was too distracted by the pain in her clamped tits to notice that the porter was inserting a hollow, transparent cylindrical rod into her vagina. Electrical wires trailed from the inside of the clear rod.
Sarge turned a couple of knobs on a panel and Casey suddenly felt a new fire in her tender, developing little chest and her tight, juicy pussy. Her shrieking suddenly intensified, soaring even higher in pitch than before. A soldier was standing with one foot on her stomach, pressing her body down onto the sore, cuffed wrists upon which she lay. Her arms were numb and she couldn't hope to struggle. Her legs were spread far apart and intertwined with the open legs of the girls on either side of her. To make matters worse the porter was now hooking the girls' collars together with short leashes that offered four feet of slack at the most.
The sergeant wasn't going to relent and back off the knob. The only way Casey could find any relief from her agony was to fulfill her orders to the letter. She regained a modicum of composure as her shrieks died down to a soft wail and she struggled to take control of her own tongue. White hot needles of electricity surged through her tits and every breath caused her to feel as if knives were stabbing her lungs. The trooper standing on her belly suddenly realized that she was trying to say something and stepped back to allow her to breathe in for a bit.
"Mmmmm... ooohhhh goddd... pllllleeeassse ffffuuccckk mmmyy litttllle whooorre asss!! Iiiiii'm a hoooorrnnnnyyy liiiitttle buuuttt sluuutttt aaaannnddd Iiiii looooovvvvee haaarrrdd cooooockkk iiiinnnn mmmmyyyy aaaaaaassssshoooollllee! Pppppllleeeeassseeee mmmaaaaasssteeeerrrr! Pppleeeeasssseee giiiivve iiiittt tooo meee uuuuppp mmmmmyyyyy buttt!"
The incessant quivering and trembling of Casey's own nude, writhing body lent a vibrato effect to her pained, high-pitched voice as she kicked her legs at the air in a desperate, uncoordinated effort to exercise with the other girls. So far so good, but she hadn't said the magic words.
"And what else would you like me to do for you, sweet thing?" The sergeant asked mockingly as he smirked and twisted the knob a bit. Just when Casey thought she had experienced the full extent of human agony, the voltage increased and things got worse for the poor, helpless young whore. She was no longer cycling, just kicking spastically and trying to ignore the current frying her hard, sore little nipples.
"Aaaaaannnnddd ppplllleeeasssee shhhoooocck mmmyyy buutttt tooo mmmmassssterr.... sssirr! I llllooove haaavvviiinnggg mmmyyy sssssllluuuttty lllittttllleee aaaassss tttooorrrrtuuurredddd aaandddd eeellleectrocuuuttedddd! Plllleasssse fffrrryyy mmmyyy tttennndeerrrr whooorrre bbutttt, maaasstterrrrr!"
These girls were sharp. Emily and Trang were hovering close to 80% accuracy where the script was concerned, punctuating their prewritten whorish pleas and cries of ecstasy with lots of delightful inventions produced under duress. Trang delivered every line she could remember from the script perfectly, though the material she forgot was important. She forgot to say thank you after some of her orgasms, she forgot to apologize for her horniness and her shameless display of wetness and arousal, and she forgot to beg to lick the sarge's balls as well as his penis. The boys would explain her mistakes to her and discipline her for each one soon enough.
"Please shock me, master! Oh please, electrocute my wet, slutty little pussy! I'm so horny right now! I want to suck all of your cocks! I want to lick pussy for you, master! Please, please please let me eat pussy in front of you!" When the sergeant turned up the juice and Emily and Trang's pussies started to sting, that was their cue to stop kissing each other and start reciting the dirty talk script again. The poor girls discovered to their surprise and dismay that reciting the lines made their pussies wetter and helped them climax more quickly. Occasionally Trang blurted out lines that weren't even in the script.
"Please shock my little whore tits, master! Please whip my tummy and my chest and electrocute my titties master, sir!" she would scream as her reality became a blur of agony. "Please, please! Master! Fuck me in the ass while I lick pussy, master! Make me dress up like a whore and fuck my slutty little ass with... with... a... a corncob, a banana, anything please master, sir!!"
The girls were just saying any random horrible thing they could thing of to make the torture stop, but Sarge regarded these little confessionals as an enlightening window through which we could examine these womens' subconscious desires. Trang continually asked the boys to hurt and abuse new parts of her body, offering anal in the bargain though it wasn't in the script. Emily was less exploratory and more focused on genital interaction.
"More cock!" the athletic little lesbian would shout. "Master, please give me more cock in my pussy master, sir! I'm a horny little tramp and I love to fuck! Please fill my wet little cunt with your hot, sticky cum, master!"
Casey for her part kept up her urgent demands for anal sex.
"Please, please, please buttfuck me master! I'm a fucking depraved, shameless, cocksucking little anal whore! Please torture my booty and whip my booty and fuck me fuck me fuck me in my booooootttoooooommmm!!!" Casey kept cycling harder and faster as the sergeant turned up the dial.
As the girls' masturbatory "spinning" session wore on it seemed Em was becoming hungry. Her comments took on strong oral and consumptve overtones.
"Please let me suck your cock, master! I love sucking cock and swallowing cum! I've got a stomach completely full of cum, I must have sucked fifty guys cocks and swallowed fifty loads of hot semen! Please, master, for the love of god put your hard dick in my mouth master, sir!" she cried, face streaked with dry and fresh tears.
Improvised outbursts like these inspired clemency in the cruel sergeant's heart, or whatever vile apparatus pumped his black blood through his mercilessly virile body. He would temporarily dial the voltage in their twitching little cunts back down to tolerable or even pleasurable levels and motion for the porters to sit on the captives' legs for two or three minutes, preventing them from continuing the exercise and thus allowing them some welcome rest. This didn't mean we were giving the poor young ladies any time for relaxation, though. While a girl lay pinned and exhausted like this one porter would tickle her feet while the other would tickle her under the ribs, just to keep her heart racing. Combined with the tickling sensation of the ebbing current in her pussy this would make her giggle uncontrollably, creating the illusion that she was actually enjoying herself. Combined with all the begging, panting and erotic moaning the whole tableau appeared like an ordinary, consensual pornographic film when we watched the video recordings later. Upon close inspection one would notice two exceptional details: the youth of the female participants and the visibly savaged condition of their naked bodies.
Michelle the dark-skinned fourteen year old could barely form coherent words given the intensity of the torture afflicting her genitals. Her acting was a bit more forced and less enthusiastic than the performances of the young girls surrounding her. She mumbled the same lines repeatedly between pitiful choked sobs, displaying little imagination or creative effort on her own part. The sarge decided to try a set of wired nipple clamps on her. With a little bit of extra electrical stimulation through the tits the sergeant was able to make her whole body convulse. The hollow, transparent electrified dildo in her cunt revealed every twitch and every contraction of her shamefully aroused vagina and cervix to the audience.
Soon she had swapped the beer can in her rectum for an electrode-studded silicone monster three inches in diameter. She loved it like a boyfriend. Sarge could turn up the juice as much as he liked but as long as she clenched and wiggled just right she could turn that pain into pleasure. The soldiers loved how each oversized buttock jiggled and flapped around the huge plug as she cycled her legs overhead.
Michelle came several more times after the swap, and when the troops demanded that she make out with little blonde thirteen year old Casey she seized the initiative, forcing her tongue into the unwilling white girl's mouth and reaching for her tonsils. Michelle gazed longingly into Casey's eyes and Casey could only stare back in horror. The act of kissing another girl didn't arouse Michelle, but the prospect acting like a cheap slut in front of a crowd of cute boys always made her wet.
After Em and Trang had each experienced an hour and fourteen minutes of electrogenital torture the sergeant decided that he was sick of their slutty yet childish moaning. Mrs. Sarah Jane Birchmore and her size DD tits squatted a short distance across the field. Her young, blonde porter held her hand and cooed soft encouragement into her ear as she struggled once again to fit an ice-encrusted beer can into her curvacious derriere. A trooper stood behind her and rained blows on her back with a whip in order to further motivate her. Emily caught a glimpse of her teacher now and again as she continued her own kinky, exotic masturbation performance on the ground before her enrapt audience. Emily had conveniently forgotten the parts of the script that dealt with lesbianism. She dreaded the inevitable consequences that would result if they realized how much those topics excited her. But she had always harbored a latent crush for this particular teacher, and Mrs. Birchmore was a hottie. As a junior high school teacher she tended to dress unflatteringly, but now that her gorgeous body was open for inspection Emily found herself mesmerized at the unexpected sight of her former teacher putting on her own kinky sexual display.

6. Emily and Trang Learn To Ride
The moon was ascending into the sky and the soldiers turned on huge, bright spotlights that cast a radiant glow over the garbage-strewn field. There was Mrs. Birchmore, the wise and intellectually savvy mentor, mother of two. Her sweat-covered body shone under the spotlight, illuminating her cuts and weals for all to see as she squatted over a cold can of brew, desperately struggling to shove the beverage up her ass without using her hands. Emily froze for a second and stared. Sarge turned up the juice and Emily came.
"oooohhhh!!! mmmmm! Lick my pussy! Yesss! Ohhh! Lick my little sopping wet whore cunt! I want to eat your pussy! MMMM arrghhh! I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming OOOOOHHHH ohh, yesss!!! Fuck me now you hot, slutty bitch! Mmmm! Fuck me with your mouth and your slutty little tongue! Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm! Oh! oh! I mean let me! Please! Let me eat her! Please Let me eat pussy, master! I want to lick clit and nibble on pussy lips and slurp down cunt juice! I'm a horny little dyke and I looove eating puuusssiies aaaand vagiiiinaaaas! Please please please make me cum I wanna cum sooo hardd! Pllleeaaassse maaaasssterrr! Let me taste her cunt!"
The sergeant was slowly turning up the juice. He could tell that it was just making the little slut come harder. She had performed satisfactorily in any case. She had finally hit every topic in the script except for the subject of incest, which Trang also overlooked. Emily had remembered key phrases like "little sopping wet whore cunt" and "I love eating pussies and vaginas" with perfect clarity. The script never called for her to ask for cunnilingus from another woman, however. Em's next outburst of forced, awkward dirty talk was completely her own invention.
"OOOOOOHHH MMM OHMYGOD I'M GONNA COME SO HAARRRD!!! Please master, please shock my tight little whore pussy! I'm begging you! I'm so wet! Shock my clit! Harder! Please! Harder Master Sir! YESSS! I'M COMING I'M COMING I'M CUMMMMMING TORTURE AND SHOCK AND WHIP MY PUSSY AND FUCK ME SUCK ME FUCK ME MRS. BIRCHMOOOOOOOORE!! UNNNNNNGGHHHHH!!"
Just when Sarge had thought he'd made Emily's face as red as was humanly possible, the cute little preteen had just revealed a saucy tidbit of information about herself. She flushed with embarassment that stung her pride on whole new level. Just as lil' Em arrived at her seventh electrically powered climax her teacher Mrs. Sarah Jane Birchmore let out a final groan of exertion and wiggled the large wet beer can halfway up her anus. The naked blonde teenage porter looked down at Sarah with proud blue eyes and a look of impressed satisfaction.
"Good girl." The comment had an even more condescending ring to it this time around as the porter gave Sarah an approving pat on the head. Sarah had gazed into these deep, compassionate eyes in a desperate search for a soulmate and she had found only a trainer. She never suspected that a fifteen year old girl could get her so worked up, so frustrated or so obviously horny. She longed with all of her heart just to be someone to this aloof blonde girl and to mean something to her. Or just to have that playful little tongue roll and flick its way around, across and all over her clit... Sarah Jane stopped herself in mid thought and sighed. What were the men here doing to her? They had raped her repeatedly, forced her to perform humiliating sexual parlor tricks, beaten her viciously and nearly smothered her yet she was just becoming more and more sexually aroused and submissive with each passing moment. Sarah Jane Birchmore's ordeals were just beginning.
The kind platinum-haired teenage porter beckoned Sarah Jane to rise and took her by the hand to the table where Sarge's equipment was set up. The pitiless sergeant produced another electrified phallic probe and ordered the schoolteacher to bend over and grab her ankles while the porter delicately inserted the instrument of torture into her vagina. Sarah Jane had no strength or will left to resist, but she clung feverishly to the deluded belief that her cooperation might make thing easier on the younger girls.
Sarah Jane received no specific commands beyond "put that tongue to work, whore. You're a teacher, so teach these kids what you know." A private grabbed her scalp and forced her face close to Emily's damp, bright pink little crotch. Mrs. Birchmore's eyes darted about uselessly for a bit before she tentatively reached forward and tugged gently at the phallus filling emily's cum-polished pussy. The electrified dildo slipped out just a bit. The sly sergeant decided to surprise them, discreetly twisting another knob. Emily screamed in tortured agony and Sarah jerked away in fright. The soldier shoved her face downward again. Emily's shouting died down to a whimper as Sarah's tongue reached for her vagina again. Sarah tugged harder this time and the instrument came out with a loud pop. Emily's stretched and dilated pussy slowly began to retract to its original circumference.
Emily was tired of screaming. She just pouted and moaned softly into Trang's lips as the soldiers insisted that the pair resume their makeout session and the lovely young couple reluctantly complied. Mrs. Sarah Jane Birchmore was on her knees performing cunnilingus for the first time since college, her face buried in the moist warmth of little Emily's damp, gushing young sex.
Sarah remembered how to eat pussy but she hadn't ever imagined doing it to an eleven year old. She absolutely would never have anticipated rocking an eleven year old's world so thoroughly, nor that such a young little pussy could fill Sarah's mouth with the intoxicating taste of more honey than she could handle. She didn't enjoy the taste as much as she had when she was younger, but Sarah hadn't lost her touch. Emily relished every lick, every slurp and every kiss like the healing touch of an angel upon her ravaged nethers.
"mmm... ooohhh... give it to me... so good. Mrs. Birchmore? Lick my pussy, Mrs. Birchmore... suck on my clit... mmm! oh yeah! I want your pussy Mrs. Birchmore! You're so sexy! Sooo hottt! ooooohhhh! I... I'm coming again! OHHH! OH! THAT'S IT! YES! YES! YES! THAT'S THE SPOT, FASTER FASTER FASTER FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ON MY CLIT YOU FUCKING SLUT... OOOOHHHHHHH! OHHhhhh YEeeahhhh.... oooohhhh... yeahhh.... mmm... I love you, Mrs. Birchmore."
Sarah Jane Birchmore could barely suppress the urge to gag at the taste of little Emily's copiously flowing vaginal fluids. But after her terrifying moment under the jeep she could hardly call this the worst experience of her life. She could even learn to enjoy it. She had always thought of Emily as being very cute, in a strictly non-sexual context. If she had to become a preteen girl's bitch, this athletic little piece of ass was probably the best option. That tight little butt, the way it wiggled, Sarah Jane just wanted to spank her, spank her hard and jam her thumb up her puckered little... and just like that Sarah Jane was coming. The little lesbian slut had made her come without doing anything at all, except frustrating her and dehumanizing her and treating her the way a brutal man would treat a low-class whore. The little bitch made her furious, so furious that it made her horny. There was something intoxicating about the atmosphere, maybe hormones or pheromones in the air or maybe it was the mysterious drug injections the men had rudely administered to the most tender portions of her body. All Sarah Jane knew was that she loved and missed her husband yet her body craved more girl love.
The troops made Sarah practice her cunnilingus on the other three girls while they remained secured to Emily by leash. One by one she popped the electrified dildos out of their vaginas and then she set to work on their tired, aching cunts. Her mouth was incredibly dry and she would have sucked off a whole platoon for a canteen of water. The sergeant magnanimously authorized the nude blonde teen porter to trickle water from a pitcher onto the students' pussies as Sarah Jane licked them, greatly increasing the thirsty teacher's enthusiasm for the tedious and degrading task. The other girls weren't as flattering or as responsive as Emily had been. The troopers noticed their awkward discomfort and decided to make things even more difficult.
"Now lick the blonde one!"
"Back to the Asian, you dumb cow!"
"Okay okay stop! Now go eat the nigger's pussy!"
The men had the poor schoolteacher running back and forth, giving her just enough time to slurp some water out of one gash before running to the next. Soon they had her using her hands to finger whichever girls she wasn't licking. She scrambled to and fro and the blonde porter noticed that she was panting uncontrollably. Once again the fifteen year old porter granted mercy upon the schoolteacher. She took a swig of water, bent over and kissed Sarah Jane with her mouth just slightly open. She spat a mouthful of water into Sarah's mouth which she promptly swallowed. The porters had a generous water ration and in this manner they could quench a girl's thirst without letting the troops know. But before the porter could bend down for a second kiss, Sarah Jane had shoved her head between the blonde's legs and was lapping at the girl's pussy like it was the last drink of water she would ever need. The porter blushed. The act seemed entirely spontaneous on Sarah's part, the result of her mind cracking and her reproductive instincts taking complete control. No one realized that Sarah was falling for the young teen, enchanted by her gorgeous face, her sexy adolescent figure, her calm, confident eyes and her compassionate nature. Maybe it was just electricity having its way with Sarah Jane's pussy, but she never moaned more loudly with pleasure than when her face was buried in that blonde fifteen year old's crotch.
"Number seven! Get off that whore and get your filthy, used-up cunt back over to the stocks! You're on jiz-mop duty!" barked the sergeant.
"Sir, yes sir!" shouted the young blonde with a grin that suggested she was eager to please. She didn't so much as glance back at the schoolteacher who had nearly licked her cunt to orgasm of her own voluntary accord. Sarah Jane's heart was crushed for the second time in one day.
The schoolteacher despondently returned her attention to the task of eating out her students. It had been a long day and she hoped maybe the men were on the verge of leaving them alone for the night.
Sarah Jane raced from one pussy to the next, bringing Emily just to the brink of another orgasm before being forced to abandon her like an insufferable tease. Suddenly Emily hated her teacher as much as she had loved her a few minutes prior. She and Trang were becoming tired of kissing each other and the boys were noticing.
"Alright, foreplay's over!" shouted a corporal. More demands emerged from the excited troops.
"mount the chink bitch, whore! Ride her fucking face!"
"taste her cum, you little dyke!"
"I think it's about time, girls." intoned the sergeant.
A trooper dragged the twelve year old Vietnamese girl to her feet by her hair. Trang moaned pitifully and swayed on her legs, barely able to stand. He jerked and shoved her until he had positioned her over Emily's head, then he pushed her down crotch-first onto Em's innocently despondent preteen face. He then proceeded to shove Trang's face into Emily's lap. It was of course both girls' first experience with the sixty-nine position.
A few men crowded around to goad the little girls with electric prods. They licked and sucked obediently at each others' lady parts with quiet, sensuous solemnity. It was eight minutes before they started to moan like Emily had when her pussy was filling her teacher's mouth. These two weren't acquainted and didn't even know each others' names. They just moaned and sighed wordlessly into each others' laps, humming their lips against each others' clits and gently tracing the folds of each others' inner labia with their respective tongues. The men had never seen anything quite so feminine. These girls were barely supposed to be experimenting at this point in their lives, and here they were demonstrating intimate, infallible knowledge and understanding of each others' bodies as well as the nature of the female genitals. Trang exhaled a soft, blissful gasp as a flick of Em's tongue brought her to the brink of climax.
"Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!" chanted the soldiers as their excitement mounted. Repeated gasps of "oh!" escaped Trang's lips as she started to thrust her hips up and down, grinding her pussy into Em's waiting mouth. We hadn't counted on Trang becoming the top or enjoying it so thoroughly. She was riding poor Emily's swollen face like a saddle. They came within seconds of each other as Emily gripped Trang's face with her thighs and squeezed her head, grinding her asian face into her soft, pink eleven year old pussy. Trang couldn't move her neck but her tongue darted about rapidly as she searched for the clit, the lips, something or anything she could lick. With nothing within reach she started flicking her tongue in and out of Em's vaginal opening. She was greeted instantaneously with a mouthful of Emily's cum as she suddenly felt a painful sting on her left buttock. She yelped a high pitched cry of shock but the sudden, bold attack was just what she needed to get off. Trang was learning to appreciate pain and discipline. She squeezed emily's head between her thighs and rode the bitches face like a saddle for a few seconds before covering her mouth and lower jaw with girl cream.
Since both girls' faces were coated in pussy juice by this point we felt it would be for the best to have them make out again for a few minutes while we watched Casey and Michelle eat each other out. These girls just didn't have the same chemistry. The crowd grew impatient.
The sarge beckoned a few porters over who then disappeared into a tent. They came out bearing loads of sex toys in their arms.
The troopers unhooked Casey and Michelle's collars from the necks of the other girls and dragged the handcuffed Casey from her position sitting atop Michelle's face. Now it was Michelle's turn to experience humiliating unwanted orgasms under the gentle ministrations of another young schoolgirl's tongue and lips. They allowed Emily to service Michelle without handcuffs, using the full capabilities of her hands to enhance the ebony-skinned fourteen-year-old nymphomaniac's experience. Emily licked Michelle's brown thighs and pink inner labia, sucked her engorged clit, stroked her full young breasts and buttocks and slipped her fingers in and out of Michelle's cunt. Michelle shivered and struggled to suppress her moans of arousal, meeting with hopeless failure.
“mmmm.... mmmmm oohhhh! Ooohhhh... whoaaaa!!” cried the fourteen year old negress as she squatted on her eleven year old girlfriend's mouth. From Emily came only strained panting and the sounds of her moistened tongue and lips lapping against Michelle's wettening pussy.
Soon blonde cheerleader Casey and her petite unwilling lover Trang were standing upright, back to back, Casey's butt pressed firmly against Trang's. The ultimate degradation of the evening would belong to this sexy young couple.
Meanwhile Emily was licking Michelle's pussy and enjoying it. Michelle was screaming blissfully as the younger girl tapped on her buttplug with her nimble little fingers, sending reverberations through the dark-skinned teenager's lower body. Michelle had a bit more clitoral real estate than the average girl, giving Em's tongue plenty to work with. Casey and Mrs. Birchmore couldn't have brought her to orgasm within an hour, but Emily took eight minutes.
"Mmm! Ohhh... oooh!" moaned the black fourteen-year-old slut as pale, freckled Emily ran her tongue up and down her pussy lips. She wasn't reciting a script and she was no longer trying to wriggle out of any immediate physical torture. She no longer needed to feign arousal, yet her slutty voice rang out in a soaring crescendo . Emily was secretly very proud of herself for giving her partner such a good time.
Michelle was enjoying herself just a bit too thoroughly. After Em made her come a second time the sarge ordered the little white girl to stand upright. Next he compelled Michelle grab onto Em's thighs and eat her pussy from below. Michelle's flat nose tickled Emily's pert, eager, twitching little schoolgirl anus. The soldiers had done their best to put the girls through hell, but for the moment she felt she was in paradise. She loved having a little collared slave working beneath her, servicing her naughty bits without a thought for herself.
"Mmmm! Give it to me, you little slut! Ohh, yeah! lick my pussy, you know you want it. Doesn't it taste good? Yeah, that's a good little pussy suck bitch. Mmmmm!"
Unlike her ebony-skinned lover, Emily was trying to put on an entertaining display for her captors. She assumed that as long as she let girls fuck her and looked good doing it, she could continually distract herself from the misery of her fate and evade less pleasant experiences such as electro-vaginal torture. She would prove to be half right.
Meanwhile a porter brought a nasty-looking three foot double-headed dildo to the spot where Casey and Trang stood back to back and began polishing it, using her mouth to lube up one end and her pussy to lube up the other. Casey and Trang tried not to think about what was coming next. Their jaws dropped when the sergeant ordered them to extricate their buttplugs. With their hands cuffed at the small of their backs, the girls couldn't quite reach their own bottoms. Thus they had to remove each others' plugs in a rather awkward ceremony of bowing, bending and tugging.
Soon the handcuffed little girls had managed to pick up the double-ended silicone cock in tandem, gingerly sliding the heads into each other's puckered, lubricated assholes. Then Casey pushed with all her might and Trang made a weak effort to push back. They were bound together by the leash that connected their collars to each other, and with such a short lead they couldn't even get on all fours to fuck each other ass-to-ass. They had to perform the feat standing fully upright. They thrusted their pelvises back and forth rhythmically bumping and slapping their asses together excitedly as the dildo wiggled in and out of both of them. It was stranger, kinkier, more awkward and more exhausting than any sex act either girl could have imagined. The buttfucking wasn't doing much to satisfy Trang in her exhausted and bewildered state but Casey was at least physically excited. Finally she was getting some anal play! She barely managed to get the head of the massive dildo inside her butt without climaxing. Within minutes she was moaning with pleasure and thrusting her hips rhythmically as Trang found herself being jerked around helplessly by the anus. Sarge said he'd give the bitches hell if the silicone cock popped out of either one of them. Trang wisely tried to close the distance. Having never inserted anything in her bottom before today, she was shocked at how easily the spit lubricated tip slid into her greased asshole and how deep the shaft could travel up her rectum before she noticed any discomfort. Discomfort was of course relative to a dazed, drugged gang rape victim covered in whip lashes and knuckle marks.
Casey's juices were flowing copiously and her vacant pussy even dripped onto the ground beneath her as she strained and grunted.
"Nngghhhaaa! Fuck me harder, you little slut! Fuck my asshole! Fuck it! Yeah, baby!" Casey was making the best of her situation. The dildo disappeared between the two little tarts as their ass cheeks slapped together loudly. Their asses and thighs were slick and moist from sweat and bodily fluids, amplifying the squishy, fleshy sounds of lesbian buttfucking. Trang didn't feel particularly ladylike in this position, but she still managed to come twice before collapsing in exhaustion and dragging poor Casey to the ground with her. Their asses were still touching and the dildo could barely be seen between them. They lay on the ground in a scissor position for a moment, Casey rubbing her pussy against Trang's shaven genitals. Then the flexible little cheerleader managed to wiggle to a position atop her almond-eyed partner with the dildo still inside them, and she bent over to kiss Trang on the mouth. The two limber girls were soon making out on the ground even as they continued to wiggle their hips and pound their asses together.
“Mmm... ooohhhh.... uhhhh” Trang moaned amidst the sounds of sweaty schoolgirl bottoms flapping and colliding. She couldn't force herself to make dirty talk for the boys. Casey on the other hand was adapting to her new role very quickly, and when her tongue wasn't in Trang's mouth she was humiliating her innocent little lover with a vile torrent of verbal profanity.
“Mmmm! Yeah! Fuck me harder, whore! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!”
Their wet flesh produced smacking sounds that echoed for several yards as their wet pussies squished against each other, skin slipping and sliding against skin.
“Oooh, yeah! You like it up the butt, don't you? You little whore! Spread your legs and take it in deeper, slut!”
Trang opened her legs obediently as they continue to lay on the ground, kissing and grinding their hips together. Trang sighed and moaned as her mouth gaped open. As Trang reached orgasm Casey bent down to kiss her once more. They lay together on the ground and continued to explore each other's mouths with their tongues.
Suddenly an air horn sounded. Trang and Casey were drifting off, but the crowd had spoken. These two girls were the favorite performers of the evening. Their prize was the privilege of spending the night out of the stocks. Too exhaused to move any longer, they would spend the night there on the cold ground, embracing each other fondly and kissing tenderly while their asses shared a big, flexible, ribbed neon-orange cock.
Emily, Michelle and Sarah Jane would have no such luck. The guards took each girl and tied her leash around the waist of one of the others, forming a human daisy chain. The three girls were on their knees with their faces buried in each other's bottoms, nose resting on the sphincter and tongue lapping at the clitoris. These girls were well aware of the consequences should they fail to pleasure each other enthusiastically while entrapped in their perverse sexual bondage. We walked them around for a bit with michelle in front and the teacher in the rear. It seemed only fitting that the carpet-munching preteen Emily serve as the middle segment. We tied Michelle to one of the jeeps using a longer collar and started the engine. We drove the jeep forward slowly and the girls followed at a trot on their hands and knees, still slurping obediently at each others' girl parts. Emily was getting hot and moaning erotically again from Sarah Jane's loving oral affection. It seemed Emily's horny little body could last forever.
Sarah was just happy to have found a friend. Emily seemed to really enjoy her. The schoolteacher longed for little Em to lick her pussy, but it looked like the older woman was going to play the bottom in this relationship. Emily was easy enough to please. Sarah just moaned like she was deriving genuine physical pleasure from licking and sucking on Em's damp pink pussy folds.
"Mmm..." the teacher moaned every now and again, like preteen pussy was suddenly the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Em was naive enough to believe that the teacher was truly fond of her taste. Somehow the idea that her cunt tasted delicious filled the young girl with a sense of comfort and self-assurance. She would need quite a lot of comfort and reassurance to survive this mad evening.
We took the daisy-chained girls down the road a few blocks to a nearby liquor store. The big guns would be here in a couple of days and the owners had already abandoned the place. Two more jeeps and a small truck arrived behind us. The girls' knees and shins were raw and bleeding from the scramble down the road. They stumbled a few times along the way, allowing themselves to be dragged across the road for several yards before we could stop for them.
We made the cunts keep eating each other out while we raided the store for cigars and drinks. After half an hour or so of listening to emily squeal we unhooked the ladies from each other. We tied their collars together so they were still attached, but had enough slack to move about independently. Then we made them load the vehicles with the store's contents. The girls begin to panic and hyperventilate when we ordered them to kneel in the daisy chain position again behind the jeep. They knew that there was a lot of product left in the store and they were dreading having to make multiple trips. We were just fucking with them. There would be more slaves for subsequent trips. But these women were going to make fine porters.
We played with Emily a bit more outside the store. After they waited in the chain position for fifteen minutes on their skinned knees, once again licking each other's sopping wet private parts, we grabbed them by the hair, dragged their faces away from those sparkling, spit-shined pussies and made them suck our cocks. There were nine of us in all but they handled the parade of boners with mechanical efficiency. After each one had swallowed a load of jizz we got bored and ordered little Emily to lie on her back again. We made Michelle and Sarah Jane lick Emily's lower parts simultaneously, working together to bring the little schoolgirl to climax with their mouths. She just kept howling louder and louder. The little slut was on fire. She needed to learn to appreciate manhood, though We formed a train behind her and gave her limp, exhausted body the same treatment she had experienced in the stocks. Her little body really had a gift for absorbing punishment as well as semen. We filled her stomach, ass and cunt with hot, fresh loads of cum.
Emily tried to take her fucking like a professional but she could no longer conceal her apathy at anything that wasn't a vagina. We got tired of our little rag doll and the men who still needed to come finished themselves off with the black teenager and the schoolteacher. We even let the little champs ride in seats in the jeep on the way back. When we arrived they went back into the stocks.
The porters were cleaning up and closing up shop. Aside from five lucky girls the poor sluts had spent ten hours encased in the wooden stocks, enduring an endless barrage of dicks in every bodily orifice with no breaks to eat, drink or relieve themselves. Their caring attendants slathered a strange, viscous substance across each girl's lower body, carefully working the syrupy concoction into the ladies' vaginas and anuses with plastic applicators. The goop consisted largely of antibiotic ointment for the purpose of preventing infection in their raw, fucked out holes. It was mixed with honey, molasses and high fructose corn syrup.
The syrup would demonstrate an additional functionality late at night after we killed all the bright lights.
After syruping up the girls' bottoms the porters inserted electric probes into every single cunt in the stockade. Every girl got a pair of wired nipple clamps, even little Emily and the poor bedraggled Sarah. Finally we brought out a little something to torment each girl's round little booty, a short tapered silicone plug studded with electrodes. It wasn't too tight of a fit for most of the girls, but there was nothing they could do to expel the nasty little butt-zapping intruder.
The porters attached shock-inducing electrical pads to the girls' inner thighs, calves and feet as well. The various electrical implements were wired to a computer-controlled power converter programmed to trigger shocks of varying intensity at varying intervals, leaving them completely in the dark as to when or where each successive shock would arrive or how much it would hurt.
Finally the porters gave each girl a few more sets of the powerful steel spring-loaded clamps, biting deeply into the softest parts of their skin with their horrible serrated teeth. The men could deliver generous high-voltage discipline to the girl's cheeks, earlobes, bellybuttons, tongues and toes through these nasty little clips.
After the lights went out the bugs came out for the sweet , sticky syrup running down the girls' naked legs and wiggling, quivering buttocks while the women practically danced in their restraints under the sporadic, painful, muscle-spasming jolts of electricity. Fire ants crawled up several girls' legs to gather the sugary nectar, tickling their thighs and crotches. Then a random shock to some part of a girl's body would aggravate a cluster of ants, prompting them to plunge their stingers into the girls' tender, naked flesh. Michelle was lucky and only took a few dozen stings to the thighs. The sores itched like hell and she couldn't do a thing to scratch them with her head and hands restrained within her heavy wooden pillory. She felt intensely frustrated but eventually she managed to drift off, catching a few blissful moments of light sleep during the minutes between the major shocks.
Emily was less fortunate. She took multiple stings to the clit, labia and the rim of her anus and a few of the ants even crawled inside her pussy and ass. She couldn't bear it. She broke down and babbled incoherently throughout the night, feverishly offering to throw herself upon the mercy of any male who would listen and whore herself unconditionally. A few men were awake for the night watch and they occasionally wandered through for a quick blow job, but they would do nothing to help or comfort her. Still she longed for their attention and their company. It was something to do.
The cold night air made Emily's naked little body shiver. Casey and her partner Trang were still snuggling in a heap on the ground thirty yards from the stocks, no longer acknowledging nor responding to the foreign silicone presence inside their butts.
Mary and her younger sister Laura remained side by side, hips pressed into each others' hips, their nipples occasionally brushing together as they breathed their heavy, labored sighs. Unfortunately a few horny, drunken lads decided that these two had not quite earned their break yet. Mary awoke with a start when the whip fell across her bare bottom as it jutted out exposed in the nighttime breeze. Then she heard her sister scream. Before either could come to their senses the troopers had unlocked their pillories and thrown their limp bodies down onto the turf. There was only a scattering of grass. Most of the ground was rough with sand, pebbles and ground glass. Each sister's pale white skin was bleeding from multiple abrasions. Mary had experienced many skinned knees in her lifetime, but this was her first skinned tit.
The Burtons had known in the back of their minds that this moment was coming. Mary felt almost relieved that they were finally going to consummate their coerced incestuous relationship. Practically any sensation would have been better than the dread and panic of wondering when she would finally have to lick her little sister's pussy.
The men had just thrown them onto the ground like sacks of potatoes, Laura landing on top of Mary with a loud thump and a cry of pain. The men then stood around the pair in a circle with their arms crossed over their chests. They glared down at the girls as they lay together. No words, just those intent, piercing gazes. Mary understood. She took ahold of her younger sister's legs, spread them apart, and gingerly licked Laura's pussy lips. Laura just lay still, pouted and moaned. A soldier caught her with a swift kick to the ribcage. She started sobbing. Another soldier crouched down, picked her head up by the hair, slipped a hand between Mary's legs and motioned for her to spread them. Then he shoved Laura's head face-first into her big sister's lap. He pushed with such force that he began to literally smother Laura in Mary's crotch and ass, pressing her face down so firmly that she couldn't open her mouth or breathe through her nose.
“Lick, you stupid whore! Lick and slurp your sister's cunt!” The men started poking her bottom and thighs with cattle prods. Laura groaned and made a sheepish effort to comply as the man holding her by the hair relaxed his grip. She kissed her partner's genitals tenderly and passionately, but with more of the demeanor of a prom date than of a porn star. The men weren't satisfied. Two men grabbed her hair at once and yanked her head upward and away from her incestuous lover, nearly spraining her neck in the process. She knew they were waiting for her to speak.
“Um... yes, master, sir! I love eating my sister's pussy! May I please lick my sister's cunt for you master, sir? Please let me fuck my sister because she makes me very, very horny, master, sir!”
She wasn't entirely lying. Mary was very good at eating pussy, and she made her sister come in just a few minutes. Laura wasn't quite so talented, and as one of the more attractive captives Mary was sexually exhausted from the day's festivities. It took forty more minutes for Laura to send her sister into orgasmic throes convincing enough to satisfy their audience. Then the exhausted, degraded and humiliated sisters went back into the stocks with their faces covered in each others' juices approximately half an hour before sunrise.
Thirty minutes after dawn a new day would begin for our special little ladies. They would start the day off with calisthenics and running just like before. But this time around they would have sex toys strapped into all three of their holes. They would leave them there at all times as instructed, removing a dildo or plug only when commanded to do so by one of the soldiers for the purpose of accommodating his hot, pulsing cock.
Today the girls would receive their first work assignments. It would be a long day.

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