A schoolteacher turned unwilling sex slave reflects upon her former life.
"Master, sir, I am feeling extremely horny right now so may I please kiss this eleven year old girl and masturbate her vagina to orgasm with my fingers while I rub my clit and finger my pussy with my other hand, please, master, sir?
"hmmm... I don't know. How do I know you're really horny right now? Is that loose whore pussy of yours wet yet?"
"Oh God, yes! I mean, yes, master, sir! My loose whore pussy is dripping wet with lady juices because I'm so fucking hot and horny and I want to fuck and suck my little girl student because she's so hot and sexy and I've wanted to fuck her for years now! I'm a filthy pedophile whore of a teacher and I only chose my career because I wanted to teach little girls how to fuck and lick pussy and eat carpet! I love watching the little bitches eat carpet but I only eat bald pussy because I only like little girls! Thank you for making my dream come true and giving me a harem of preteen schoolgirl sluts to fuck all day, all the time, master, sir!"
Sarah Jane's hands were cuffed behind her back as she delivered her filthy barrage of begging and insincere gratitude. Her words constituted a flawless recitation of a well-studied script. She had memorized her lines well, and when her memory failed her the lines that she improvised were just filthy enough to satisfy the lusts of her spectators.
Little Emily stood ten feet behind Sarah Jane and just a step to the left. The adorable little schoolgirl was still wearing her white thigh socks, pink converse shoes, navel ring, nipple clamps, dog collar and a pretty white ribbon in her hair. Her hands were also cuffed at the small of her back. Her mouth, pussy and ass each had a banana stuffed in them. She was truly grateful for these soft yellow fruits, for they amounted to a temporary respite from the constant company of massive, rigid, uncomfortable and obviously overused sex toys that generally occupied all of her holes at all hours of the day.
The sergeant nodded and smiled. The officers had taught Sarah Jane some interesting lines. Not even Sarah Jane knew what sort of latent or subconscious attraction she might have experienced toward her students during her days as a free woman. Certainly she loved her husband and she didn't harbor any sexual fantasies about women, but sometimes her stare would linger on the bodies of the scantily clad teens she passed while shopping or exercising in public. During her college days she was convinced that she could only be sexually content as the submissive, feminine partner of bulldykes in the 18-20 year old age range. Maybe it had been more than a passing phase after all. Perhaps the various humiliating less-than-consensual experiences she had suffered at the hands of some of the randier sorority girls had forced her to suppress her desires, which evolved within her subconscious for years until they finally manifested as a powerful lust for girls who were less threatening, less authoritative, less brazen and more innocent than her old lesbian partners . In the hands of our troops Sarah Jane swiftly arrived at the discovery that when placed in a suitable environment her little schoolgirl pupils were a bit more brazen and less innocent than she had suspected. As her life devolved into an endless parade of vaginas in her face she longed for the routine, familiar comfort of a cock in her pussy or mouth.
Sarah was a woman of contradictions. She wasn't comfortable with sexual contact more exotic than a blowjob or a rough doggystyle fuck in her cunt. She no longer owned or used any sex toys or marital aids and she rarely let her husband go down on her. On the other hand she approached cocksucking as an extreme sport. Before the pregnancy had begun to complicate their sex life she used to love begging to suck her man's curved, uncircumcised cock. She would wake him up in the morning with a blowjob, give him a bit more release at lunchtime and fluff him as they prepared to make love before bed. When they began to pursue the option of pregnancy Sarah Jane began to sorely miss the cum that was suddenly being expended on her reproductive organs to a far greater extent than her stomach. She could still start an encounter with her mouth, but she was never satisfied unless he came in her mouth. She started giving blow jobs behind truck stop dumpsters. She pursued a couple of strapping, athletic young boys from the local high school but they quickly became turned off by her general lack of class, and dumped her after just a few blowjobs.
The fit but curvy middle-aged schoolteacher gave clarinet lessons to elementary school students during certain late afternoons and early evenings. She tried to acquire students who reminded her of her less butch, more demure lesbian girlfriends from college. Her favorite pupil was a fifth grader named Kate who already sported tits larger than those of an average tenth grader. Sarah Jane's house had a well-maintained swimming pool and she always tried to convince her guests to swim in it as an excuse to show off her own body in one of her many revealing swimsuits. Kate wasn't particularly ashamed of her body either, and she had access to a collection of skimpy two-piece string bikinis that her sister left behind when she departed home for college.
Kate and Sarah Jane loved to frolic in the pool, cavorting and splashing each other playfully as the water sparkled on their skin in the late afternoon sun. They helped each other apply sunblock during each visit, exploring each others' bodies with their hands a bit less bashfully and more adventurously every time. Sarah's husband sometimes watched unseen from behind a window of the house, and to him it seemed the girls had a tacit agreement to steadily reveal more and more of themselves to each other. When Kate visited the day before her eleventh birthday Sarah Jane gave her a special present. Kate got to try out her birthday present a day early. It was a tiny, colorful Brazilian baloon bikini. The top had cups that were more like slings. They contained and supported the breasts but didn't cover any flesh except for the nipples. The bottom was a simple string that went up her ass crack, around her waist and back down her crotch. There was a tiny piece of fabric to cover her genitals from a frontal viewpoint, but if one viewed her from behind as she bent forward they would see her cunt peeping out from between her legs, the string drawn taut over it without covering anything.
"Umm... Mrs. Birchmore?"
Kate shuffled nervously from the bathroom into the living room, having just changed into her new present. A tuft of pubic hair peeked out from the fabric of her bikini bottom. The fabric was so sheer that Mary Jane could see her entire bush as a dark cloud beneath the skimpy swimsuit. Kate's hands were behind her back, her knees turned inward as she stared sheepishly at the floor.
"I don't think it's my size."
Sarah Jane just smiled, sidled up to Kate and gave her a big hug. Neither of them noticed that Sarah Jane was brushing her hand against Kate's firm young ass, even scratching it gently with affection. Sarah Kissed her young student on the cheek.
"You look beautiful, Katie." The teacher took her student by the hand and led her back to the bathroom. That evening Sarah Jane taught something to her student that she'd never expected to teach, the art of shaving one's pussy.
The pert young schoolgirl and her mature teacher would kiss every time they met, then kiss again every time they said goodbye. At first it was only on the cheek, but soon they were touching lips regularly and following Kate's eleventh birthday they began to kiss with their lips parted a bit further with each passing occasion. Sarah Jane thought nothing special of the curious preteen tongue that kept exploring her mouth more eagerly with each meeting. The young girl was just clumsy or confused. Girls will be girls.
The two females were naked together very frequently. They would change in and out of their bikinis in front of each other, shower together after swimming, and afterward they would lie naked together on a towel on Sarah's bed watching television. After her lesson in the technique of acquiring a smooth, bare crotch little virgin Katie couldn't wait to show off her subsequent solo efforts.
"Good girl, Katie! You've really got the hang of it! No cuts, bumps or razor burns anywhere! And did you use Nair?"
And sometimes there were some cuts. When that happened shy little Katie would slowly peel off her panties in Sarah Jane's bedroom with trembing, shy, demure little schoolgirl hands. The busty, beautiful teacher would kneel down by the bed, spread Katie's pale white young legs and kiss the rough red wounds on her inner thighs and virgin pubic mound to make them feel better. The scent of her crotch was intoxicating.
"Is that your daddy's aftershave? I don't know if that's the right fragrance for you... but as long as you're disinfecting with something..." she trailed off in acquiescence. Katie had decided not to clean her cuts with rubbing alcohol because she was so excited over the prospect of showing her barbering work to Sarah Jane and feeling her warm, moist lips on her stinging cuts. She didn't want her crotch to smell like rubbing alcohol when sexy Mrs. Birchmore got a faceful of Katie.
Sometimes they went running together, trading their revealing bikinis for constricting shorts
Kate began to reciprocate following Sarah Jane's gift. The young girl would bring her older sister's tiny, teen-sized bikinis to Sarah Jane's house as gifts, insisting that she try each one on immediately. Sarah Jane was flattered and embarassed but she never rejected Kate's gifts as too small or too slutty, though she immediately concluded that they were. Sarah didn't want to hurt the excitable young virgin's feelings. These swimsuits hid her nipples and genitals from onlookers but did nothing to conceal her tits or her bush. She even had to start shaving her crotch completely bare, a lifestyle change that her husband found most agreeable. She would wear the suits while playing in the pool with Kate and she would wear the suits while playing by the pool with her husband, sucking his cock with increasing frequency and eagerness. Her loving man had noticed that she was always extra horny just after each of little Katie's visits. The little firebrand was somehow the best thing that had ever happened to their sex life. The man of the house was steadily becoming infatuated with pretty young Katie as well, and two months after her eleventh birthday he installed hidden cameras in the bathrooms in order to observe her changing clothes.
As time passed Sarah Jane found that she and her husband were aroused and horny one hundred percent of the time, relieving themselves of their immensely frustrating lust for the sweet little preteen by focusing their energies upon each other. They were fucking like rabbits and soon they decided it was time to start a family.
With her husband trying to breed her Sarah Jane began to long for oral sex, if only for a change of pace. Her suppressed desire to do things to people with her mouth manifested as she got to know Kate a little bit better each and every week. Kate's exploring fingers would keep rubbing Sarah's adult body long after the tanning lotion was thoroughly and evenly spread, her tiny hands wandering to the zones that most bikinis would have left covered up. Kate's attention drifted during these little afternoon massages. She just blissfully ignored the girl's hands as they stroked her tits, buttocks and pubic mound. Sarah Jane would focus on conversation, a book she was reading or the movement of the sky. Sometimes she would doze off and find upon waking that her pussy was wetter than it should have been. The pre-teen's gentle, wandering palms and supple little fingers had continued caressing her inner thighs while she slept, even stroking the outer edges of her labia. Sarah Jane didn't even realize it but little Kate was inadvertently bringing her to orgasm nearly every day.
Sarah Jane was completely unaware of the height of the thrills and the depths of the torment through which she was dragging little Katie's nubile, pubescent body. Every stroke of the hand and every scratch of the fingernails upon her skin made her pussy quiver and moisten, raised goosebumps on her skin and made her fine, strong young bones shiver with excitement. Sometimes she came when they said hello, embraced and kissed. Sometimes she came at the sight of her teacher answering the door in one of the slutty bikinis the preteen had given her. Sometimes she didn't come until they were rubbing each other down with lotion. But every visit brough her multiple climaxes. She didn't attempt to puzzle out her feelings. They weren't in love, nor could Katie comprehend the notion of being in love. They were just two people who loved each other. They were two innocent friends who liked to touch and admire each others' bodies. When Sarah Jane's husband was out late she and little Katie would just lie naked on a towel on her bed watching films in the nude. They would embrace each others' wet, naked bodies fondly and hold each other, caressing and exploring each other's skin with fingers wrinkled from a long evening of swimming together. Every five minutes or so Katie would just stare lovingly into her teacher's eyes, and Sarah would treat her cute little companion to a kiss on the lips. What they were doing was entirely pure and innocent to Sarah. They were just two hot bodies enjoying each other's company without any reservations. Sarah would sometimes feel her pussy tingle and moisten with excitement, and she assumed it was just her intuition telling her that her husband was coming home for some wild, prolonged sex. She never even noticed how wet her young friend's virgin pussy was becoming as they cuddled together on the bed.
"Mrs. Birchmore, can I ask you a really awkward question? I really need to know and I don't know who to talk to." Katie whispered her bashful request nervously into her teacher's ear as they snuggled naked on the bed. Sarah Jane was massaging Katie's creamy white young thighs as Katie sighed contentedly.
"Go ahead, dear. You know you can ask me anything."
"What's masturbation?"
They stared hard at each others' eyes for at least ten seconds before Sarah Jane coyly rolled her eyes back over to the television screen.
"Well, darling... are you sure you don't want to talk about this with your mo-"
"I mean, I know what it is," interrupted the cute naked preteen as her breath became heavy and excited. Her nipples brushed against Sarah's as their chests rose and fell. "I just don't understand... you know. I mean, I don't know how it is that you... I mean how-"
"How you do it?" Sarah Jane finished helpfully. Katie just stared into her eyes with a look of tremendous, inconsolable need. The teacher didnt know what was making her student so horny but she could tell that she was being tortured with frustrated lust. "Well, everyone likes something different. Some people just rub themselves like this," explained the hot schoolteacher as she demonstrated by massaging her outer pussy lips gently with her thumb and index finger. "And that's enough for some women, but some of us have to get really creative."
Katie's virgin pussy was extremely sensitive at first, so direct stimulation of the clitoris and vagina would be tricky. But Sarah Jane showed Katie how to tickle her clit while they cuddled together that evening. First he massaged the schoolgirl's outer labia and thighs until she juiced up. Then she dipped the tips of her fingers ever so delicately into Kate's supple cunt hole, never going deeper than the fingernail. She was wet enough. Just a tiny bit of spit for lubricant and Sarah Jane was rubbing Kate's tiny clitoris quickly and rhythmically. She took Katie's hand and placed it on her own naked crotch, letting the schoolgirl's middle finger enter her mature, well-used pussy.
"See how wet it can get? Don't worry. You'll be the same way. In fact, I think pretty soon you'll be able to get wetter than I can!" She kissed her student's lips proudly. "Look at you, already putting that pussy to work. My slutty little porn star!" She kissed her once more on the forehead while Katie kept her eyes shut in concentration and rubbed her clit with one hand, fingering Sarah Jane's pussy with the other. Sarah took the tiny hand out of her snatch and placed it back on Katie's cunt. "See how smooth it goes with your fingers wet? Just keep going faster and faster!"
"Oh! Mrs. Birchmore! Oh! Oh yeah! That's it! MMMM! OHHHH! MISSUS BIIIRCHMOORE!" shouted the schoolgirl as she came screaming into the towel. The two women continued to embrace and kiss each other for half an hour afterward.
"Thank you, Mrs. Birchmore. Thank you!"
"You're welcome, Katie! It was my pleasure!"
Then Katie said something she never thought she would say. The words just spilled from her mouth.
"I love you, Mrs. Birchmore."
"I love you too, Katie." The naked schoolteacher kissed her nude preteen companion slowly and deeply. "You're such a wonderful friend."
The ladies were spending more and more time together outside of Sarah Jane's house. Kate desperately wanted to get Sarah out of her home and onto the beach wearing one of her revealing new undersized bikinis. Sarah never seemed to mind that her excitable young student was treating her like sexual property, if Sarah ever even realized it at all. When Katie tried to convince her to get a new piercing, she got a new piercing. When Katie hinted repeatedly that a leather collar would look cute on the pretty, mature scholteacher, Sarah started wearing collars regularly. Eventually Kate won her teacher over and Sarah Jane started taking Kate and her girlfriends on frequent trips to the beach. She taught them all about feminine hygiene, hair removal and the art of selecting and wearing sexy swimwear. Soon she was buying them gifts from the underwear catalog as well. When they came to her for information regarding the opposite gender she told them they were too young to be worrying about boys, but then she proceeded to give them some helpful pointers.
She taught the eleven year-old girls how to kiss right then and there on the beach as their almost nude oiled-up bodies lay in a heap on the sun-scorched sand, gently caressing and teasing each other. Sarah Jane never considered that their activities amounted to lesbian experimentation. She didn't notice that the girls were physically interested in her, and not just in using her as a mentor and practice dummy. She didn't even begin to suspect the truth as Kate straddled her thighs, dry-humping her leg and getting her rocks off right there in the sand as her two young classmates kissed and fingered each other. Sarah Jane's eyes were closed and she didn't hear the sounds of fingers darting underneath bikini bottoms, furiously rubbing at moistened clits and slipping in and out of squishy wet vaginas. She was too absorbed in "teaching" her juvenile parter Kate to "Kiss" as her tongue slipped inside her mouth, reaching for the tonsils.
One clear, sunny day around lunchtime Sarah Jane stepped out of a steaming shower stall, oiled up her skin and wriggled her way into the tightest bikini Katie ever gave her. Katie's sister had purchased this particular outfit at the age of fifteen but seldom wore it as she had found it too constricting and revealing. The cute little cheetah print number didn't totally cover her nipples, revealing a glimspe of aureola from the sides when she bent over. The bottom cut into her ass like a taut strand of dental floss. Her pussy threatened to swallow the tiny patch of fabric that was supposed to conceal her crotch. She stared at herself in the mirror for upwards of fifteen minutes. She was smoking! She bent forward and kissed the mirror. She missed her sex toys. She had gotten rid of her vibrators shortly after her honeymoon, simply because she was getting too much action from her husband to find any use for them. They were small and unimpressive, designed for modest young pussies like the kind she had when she was younger. These days she didn't feel bold enough to spring for a great, big dildo that would fill her like her man's cock.
Sarah was lonely and her hubby wasn't home yet. She was supposed to pick up Katie in thirty minutes. Plenty of time. There was an unfamiliar hairbrush on top of the dresser. Katie was always leaving her things here. Her husband must have found it on the sofa or the floor, assumed it was Sarah's and brought it upstairs. The bristles were a perfect match for her long brown hair. She stroked her hair while gazing at her beautiful figure, seemingly poured into the slutty little bikini that a horny fifth grader had pressured her into wearing.
As the handle of the brush grazed her nose Sarah smelled something odd. She sniffed the handle of the brush. She started to wonder. She had done the same thing as a little girl. Did she really use this in her- not a chance. It would have been impossible. Or would it? She tried to work out the mechanics of the scenario in her mind. Eleven years old, but before she started shaving her muff was pretty impressive. Physically she might have been like a fourteen or fifteen year old below the waist. People are complex and full of variations, especially when it comes to sexual organs. But this handle was big and fat, maybe even too big for...
Sarah Jane Birchmore was masturbating with her pupil's hairbrush without even realizing it. She had been cooing softly at her own image in the mirror, stroking her hair with one hand, slipping a hand beneath the fabric of her thong with the other and gently tickling her tender lady parts. Then she was brushing her hair with the brush, and twiddling her pussy lips and clit with the other hand... then she was sniffing the brush while daydreaming about her own days as a girl, discovering the joys of masturbation. Then she was fingering herself and sucking on the handle of the brush, recollecting the sweet smell of her own pussy fluids on the occasions when she would suck her own brush clean after punishing her tight little virgin snatch with it on hot summer afternoons.
She came all over the brush. Good thing the little whore wouldn't notice, since the damn thing already smelled like her horny, slutty, sopping wet tight little pussy... Sarah Jane caught herself. She couldn't think about her student that way. She was just a little girl with a developing body who was still discovering herself and her limits. Judging by the girth of the brush handle, her body had already developed quite a bit. Adrift in a sea of hormonal feminine pleasure, Sarah Jane almost forgot that she herself was no longer a virgin schoolgirl experimenting upon herself. She looked at the clock. Twenty minutes to go. The little cuntlicking whore... that was to say, her sweet, affectionate young pupil wouldn't mind if she was a few minutes late. She wasn't satisfied.
Stripping back out of the excessively tight bikini whose strings bit teasingly but painfully into her flesh, Sarah Jane bolted back into the shower with the brush sticking out from between her legs, the handle thrust deep inside her pussy. Along the way she grabbed a randomly chosen toothbrush from the bathroom sink. Sarah looked at the unfamiliar brush for a moment. "Emily" was written across the handle. The schoolteacher blasted her weighty, heaving tits with steaming hot water from the shower head, and after two or three minutes she turned around and bent over. With a tube of K.Y. Jelly in one hand and the toothbrush in the other, she began to try something she hadn't experimented with since she was sixteen. Up her butt went the slick, lubricated toothbrush. Then she fucked herself raw with both implements, letting the shower water fall into her mouth as she imagined it was a fountain of cascading cum. She swallowed a bit before she realized that she didn't want to have to pee while she was on the beach. She took the shower head off of its mount, adjusted the setting to a high-pressure needle spray and started blasting her clitoris and genitals while flexing her legs and buttocks and rubbing herself to orgasm on the large plastic objects embedded in her holes. Her husband had arrived home early and heard her screaming from downstairs.
Sarah forgot to put on clothes as she skipped with schoolgirl-like glee down the stairs and into the kitchen, rushing to embrace her lover. The kitchen smelled wonderful. Her face turned red when she suddenly realized she was running nude through the kitchen of her husband's house. He looked pleasantly surprised however, and she sensed an opportunity for some fun. She hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately before eagerly stroking his crotch with her hand, kneeling down and preparing to remove his pants.
"Sorry honey, not enough time. I gotta run. I made you some coffee. Try to be like this when I get back!"
Sarah Jane's husband was gone in a flash, leaving her standing naked in the middle of the kichen with a hot mug of coffee in her hands. She took a sip. The hot beverage tasted excellent and the caffeine sent a powerful rush through her bloodstream. She could barely wait to see her beautiful young friend Katie play on the beach.
That afternoon on the beach was unique. Sarah had never seen such a beautiful sky, nor had she ever seen her little schoolgirl companions look so gorgeous. There were no crowds that day, and nobody was around as they relaxed in the sand by the waves. Sarah Jane reluctantly guided the girls through another lesson in kissing. Shortly thereafter the eleven year olds began removing their swimsuit tops. Sarah barely noticed but she rationalized that it couldn't possibly make a difference. They were eleven, after all. Even if Katie looked a bit closer to fifteen. The schoolgirl's full, perky naked tits rested gently on the sand as she fondled and caressed her teacher affectionately. Suddenly the schoolgirl noticed the hairbrush in Sarah's handbag. Thank God! She had been desperately searching for the sin-soaked hair care implement, worrying that she had left it at school or at a friend's house. She began to brush Sarah's hair as the teacher relaxed and began to nod off. They were the most beautiful people she had ever seen, Sarah Jane reflected as they stripped off their bikini bottoms for a nude romp in the sun. Just let them have fun, she told herself as she drifted into sleep.

Approximately four months before little Katie's twelfth birthday, her teacher Sarah Jane came home one late afternoon from a grueling ride on her bike for excercise to find her husband's car already in the garage. She was always horny when she came home from a long, hard bicycle ride. She tore off her sweat-soaked clothes as soon as she entered the living room, opting to cool off with a pleasant sunset skinny dip in the pool rather than a shower. Her husband was probably upstairs. Maybe if she was lucky he would come down and join her eventually. She opened the sliding door and stepped nude out onto the rear patio. Immediately she witnessed a sexy but horrifying sight.
Her husband was lounging naked in a pool chair. Petite schoolgirl Kate was right there beside him, kneeling on the deck next to the chair with her head pressed into his lap. Casey lifted her head and something pink slid out of her mouth. It was Mr. Birchmore's huge, erect cock. The man had Kate's cell phone in his hand and was studying it intently, barely paying attention to the schoolgirl as she fellated him. As Kate lifted her head the man reached out, grabbed her head with his huge hand and forced it back down until her lips and nose were buried deep in his pubes again. The little schoolgirl gagged as the head of his uncircumcised cock slid far back into her throat. The sunlight sparkled off of her tears as they streamed down her face.
Kate was wearing only high heels, nipple clamps, a studded leather collar and a tiny pink pair of My Little Pony underoos. Something fat and knobby protruded from the crotch of her briefs and something thin and knobby poked out from the rear.
Sarah crouched on the deck in shock. Should she run away and call the police? Would her lover try to stop her? Could she even make it? Why was this happening? Why was her clit suddenly engorged and tingling?
Kate unwrapped her lips from Mr. Birchmore's cock, an errant spurt of cum hitting her below the eye as she extricated herself. She ran to Sarah's huddled figure and threw her arms around her.
"It's okay, Mrs. Birchmore! He wasn't hurting me!" Kate showered her teacher's neck and face in sensous kisses. "We're together now! We can practice what you showed me! We can practice on Mr. Birchmore! We can have a threesome like he was talking about!" She closed her eyes and slipped her tongue into Sarah Jane Birchmore's mouth as the teacher's eyes just widened in shock.
"I like you a lot, Mrs. Birchmore. I think you have a sexy body. I think Mr. Birchmore is sexy too. I want to fuck you both all night long. Please say you'll play with your husband and me, Mrs. Birchmore!"
Sarah Jane's husband strode over confidently with the cellphone in his hand, his cock still erect and pulsing. Sarah Jane stared at him with wounded, tear-filled doe-eyes.
"How could you, John? .... I.... I mean.... that's just sick, John. What did you even DO to-"
"Don't act all coy with me, you fucking slut. I saw the photos." He thrust the phone into her face and began flipping through pictures. There was Kate's innocent, angelic, smiling young face next to a woman's crotch. The shaven mons and smooth, slick folds of pussy flesh unmistakably belonged to Sarah Jane's mature womanly body. The next photo depicted Kate with her face closer to the moist, twitching cunt as she glared in the direction of the camera and stuck her tongue out to blow a defiant raspberry. In the next picture her head was closer, tongue extended further. The next thirty or so pics consisted only of the virgin schoolgirl's mouth kissing, licking, teasing and tickling the excited pussy as Sarah's body lay unconscious on the beach. Then came some pictures of Kate and her girlfriends making out with each other with Sarah's slumbering wet pussy and clitoris as a backdrop, occasionally breaking away from their kissing to bestow some passionate slurping and sucking upon the mature woman's private parts. Soon they were all orally pleasuring their teacher at once.
"You can see why she slept through it all, Katie. I'm rocking this whore with my dick every day and she can't feel much down there anymore unless it's big and satisfying like this rock-hard cock."
"Hmmmm!" hummed little Katie in impressed acknowledgment as she turned her head in the direction of his throbbing dick. She wolfed it down in one big, whorish gulp, jerking her head rapidly back and forth along its entire length and polishing the huge fleshy knob to a sparkle. "Hmmmm ymmm ymm yumm!" moaned the ecstatic little preteen slut as she sucked while awkwardly pawing at Sarah Jane's tits and fumbling for her pussy.
John Birchmore displayed more photos, showing his wife in explicit details how she had committed infidelity repeatedly without even realizing it. In one picture her hand appeared to be rubbing two preteen girls' vaginas through their swimsuit bottoms. Of course she was just spreading lotion onto their thighs, but fingers had been wandering over the bare skin of areas that would still be covered in fuzz had she not taught the girls the art of bikini-line trimming. She had never realized how risque her actions appeared from a distance or that she was putting on racy, erotic little displays with these girls in public and they were goading her into this behavior for their own sexual gratification.
There were more and more pictures of her grabbing, stroking and caressing young girl's bare thighs and midriffs. They looked like a gaggle of whores doing a porno shoot. There were pictures of her blatantly fondling, squeezing, pinching and even sinking her nails into these girls asses as they giggled and excitedly returned the favor. To Sarah Jane they had been just a pack of innocent schoolgirls playing on the beach under the careful supervision of a trusted chaperone.
There were pictures of the girls' wet, shaven little pussies rubbing against her legs, tits and face. Katie had taken photos of herself and her girlfriends licking Sarah's tits, rubbing and fingerbanging her pussy and riding her face like a saddle.
Finally John played the video for his wife. Sarah Jane was lying asleep on the sand as the sun began to set. Katie was between her legs, stroking her thighs and caressing them with light scratches of the fingernail. She was licking Sarah's clit, and Sarah was moaning in her sleep. One could scarcely notice that she was unconscious.
"Mmmm... ahhh... John! Lick my pussy, john! Oh! Oh! That's it! Right there! Suck me! Suck me! Mmmmm.... mmmm.... Katie... kiss me, Katie. Hmm. Rub me there! Faster! Faster! Oh! That's it! Just like I taught you, Katie! Ohhh!
Sarah Jane could remember that dream. Every flick of Katie's agile pink tongue felt uncannily real. She had thought nothing of it at the time. Just a random, weird sex dream like the ones she used to have about her sisters as an adolescent girl.
The lighting and carefully-planned choreography lent Katie's amateur porno a certain professional flair. Little did Katie or Sarah know that this video was already available on the internet and several hundred thousand men had already pleasured themselves to this naked shoreside tryst.
The salt water clung to Katie's skin as she thrust her sparkling wet pussy and brine-soaked bottom toward the sky, lapping faster and more loudly at the sleeping teacher's vagina. Sarah Jane had never studied her pupil's cunt in detail before. She never realized it could get that wet. The camera had allowed for a decent shot of Sarah's crotch as well. She was shocked at how wet she herself looked. Maybe it was just a layer of salty water from the ocean. They had spent hours swimming that day.
"ooooh! Mmmm... uhhhh.... Katie..." echoed the teacher's orgasms in the stiff sea breeze.
When she awoke on the beach that day Sarah Jane found her bikini in disarray. The top was askew and her tits were hanging out. Her bottom string had come unknotted and the minimalistic excuse for a pair of panties fell to the ground as she stood up. The girls were playing and cavorting naked in the water. Sarah Jane shrugged, left her swimwear on the beach and ran naked into the water to join them.
The four girls huddled nude on the beach watching the sun set over the waves. The sun was still bright enough to burn and the ladies needed a new layer of sunscreen. Katie happily obliged, caressing every inch of the other girls' bodies with her palms and fingertips as she oiled them up. Katie applied a bit more lotion than she was supposed to on their thighs, buttocks and shoulders. Then she greased up their tits with slow, circular massages. The eleven year old girls giggled occasionally when she played with their nipples but no one made any real protest, especially not Sarah Jane. She just cuddled with her naked students, staring out in blissful contemplation. Katie started to tease Sarah's huge, floppy tits. She pinched the nipples, put a palm under each boob from behind and bounced them up and down, even started slapping them with hard strikes of the palm.
"Ow! That's enough, Katie." Sarah Jane smiled playfully as she chastised the over-eager schoolgirl. All four of the ladies were laughing. They giggled and chattered about nothing of consequence while Katie began massaging sunblock into their crotches, polishing their cunt lips and clits with the grey synthetic goop. She wasn't supposed to be touching girls there, but these receptive ladies simply assumed that she was being clumsy or inattentive. Kate's young friends just sighed and stretched their taut little limbs as hard as they could. Soon every lady's skin had a shiny, reflective polish and Katie reclined in the sand, wrapping her arms around Sarah's womanly figure. They lay together on the beach until the sun was down, caressing each other and kissing each other softly every so often.
"I love you, Mrs. Birchmore" Katie cooed softly into the teacher's ear before leaning back and pulling her face down for a kiss. Katie's lips were wide open. Sarah reeled in surprise at the tongue racing around inside her mouth. She gently pulled away, returning the sloppy french kiss with a quick, dry peck on the lips. "You're my best friend..." continued the eleven-year-old as she rolled her eyes coyly.
"I love you too, Katie. You're so sweet... you're intelligent, you're pretty... And you've got such a sexy bod. You're going to drive the boys wild."
"Do you really think my body is sexy, Mrs. Birchmore?"
"Of course I do. And I enjoy working out and exercising with you very much."
"Oh, thank you, Mrs. Birchmore! Me too!" The preteen gave her teacher another hard kiss on the lips, trying to work some tongue in gently this time. Her virgin pussy started gushing when Sarah Jane reciprocated just slightly, giving tiny licks through slightly parted lips. They stared into each others' eyes for perhaps two minutes before Katie spoke again.
"Tell me I have a sexy body again, Mrs. Birchmore."
"You have a very sexy bod, Katie." Sarah reassured her student with a broad smile. Katie rested her head in Sarah Jane's nude lap, taking great comfort in her aroused teacher's scent.
"I love you, Mrs Birchmore..." repeated Katie as the teacher stroked her hair with the brush that both girls had recently used as a masturbatory aid. They were having one of the happiest days of their lives.
But as Sarah Jane huddled in a fetal position on the deck out by her husband's pool, she struggled in vain to come to terms with reality. She had been raped and sexually exploited by a pack of schoolgirls. She had led them on with kisses, fondling, and nude play. She had taught them directly or indirectly about sexuality and masturbation. She had no idea how much she was working them up, frustrating them until they were about to explode. For them the little prank was just an extension of all this innocent, coquettish play with their sexual mentor. Guilt welled up inside her soul. She had completely forgotten that Katie was sucking her husband's cock when she discovered them.
"I'm so, so sorry, John." sobbed the schoolteacher as she buried her tear-soaked face into her hands. "I don't know how things ended up like this. I'm just so sorry." Her sobbing became a loud, steady wail. Katie rushed to comfort her, and suddenly the two naked women were cuddling again right there on the deck floor. Tears rolled down little Katie's cheeks.
"I just found out today, Mrs. Birchmore... my family's moving away. I won't be able to take lessons or swim with you anymore. I just got so sad, and I needed somebody, some comfort."
Their hearts were breaking.
"It's okay, Katie. Girls have phases, they-"
John had placed towels around each girl's shoulder. He left a note on the kitchen counter and departed silently. The girls just kept holding each other for an hour or longer.
Sarah Jane stood naked in the kitchen after little Katie had dressed herself and departed. She was too lost in thought to dress herself. Would she be able to patch things up with her husband? Did they have a future? The note on the countertop caught her eye.
The letter was neither an apology nor an expression of forgiveness. Mr. Birchmore was merely relaying some news from the doctor. Sarah Jane Birchmore was now a mother of twins. And thus the Birchmores decided to make amends and continue their loving relationship without interruption.
Sarah Jane never knew about the blackmail. Poor, naive Katie actually believed she could somehow stop John Birchmore from uploading his videos of her. Early in the course of the girls' friendship Mr. Birchmore had acquired over a dozen videos of her undressing in the bathroom. Shortly after Sarah Jane taught little Katie how to rub her innocent young clit she started masturbating in their house. She would pleasure herself in the bathroom, in the shower stalls and on the couple's bed. Soon John Birchmore had a dozen videos of this preteen girl brazenly flaunting her newfound sexuality. Threatening to make the videos public to her classmates, her friends and the entire world, Mr. Birchmore was able to coax little virgin Katie into sucking his cock several times each week. Little Katie had no idea she that these encounters were also being recorded or that was rapidly becoming a star on the web.
Mr. Birchmore forced Katie to star in lewd videos in a variety of humilating costumes including ballerina outfits, cheerleader uniforms, nurse costumes, Disney princess costumes and various bondage accessories. Sarah Jane didn't pry much and it was easy enough for him to keep these items hidden along with his photos and videos. Every one of these videos ended with Katie masturbating. She would rub her clit out by the pool, on the bed, atop the dining room table, and squatting on the ground by the fireplace. She rubbed her crotch to ecstasy against the staircase handrail, against hardwood desks and bookshelves and on lamps and coffee tables. She was shy at first, unwilling to play with herself using more than her fingers. Then John Birchmore started making her use her toothbrush and her hairbrush. Sometimes he even made her fuck herself in the ass and cunt simultaneously with cold carrots from the fridge, capturing every second of the innocent young virgin's unwilling but extraordinarily wet self-play on video.
Horny young Katie found the grown man even more attractive than his beautiful wife. These little video sessions aroused her like nothing else ever would during her lifetime. She assumed he was going to rape her eventually, but her tingly little vagina and lubed, veggie-stretched bottom went away disappointed each time. She would even try to hold off her masturbatory orgasms for as long as possible as he watched and filmed, silently praying that he would finally take her. She couldn't stand it. Seemingly every other day the wet little tart was practically just shoving her excited virgin pussy into the couples' faces.
At last Mr. Birchmore decided that he needed to see Katie eat his wife's pussy. He had endured months of teasing and he was unsatisfied with fucking Sarah Jane's pussy every day and Katie's mouth a few times each week. One day after school the disciplined, obedient young bisexual whore was licking and sucking his organ hungrily, the toothbrush with her name written on it lodged deep in her anus when her horniness and curiosity finally became unbearable. She raised her mouth up off of his dick, looked him in the eye and asked.
"Why won't you fuck my pussy, Mister Birchmore?"
Birchmore switched off the camera and paused in thought.
"Katie, you know I'm a happily married man." Kate's face burst into tears. He was enjoying this so thoroughly that she could feel it in his eyes. He was burning a deep, permanent scar of abject humiliation into her innocent young soul.
"B-but maybe we could talk to Mrs. Birchmore about this! You know I love her and she loves me! She teaches me things about boys and... and I just want to learn more! Please, Mister Birchmore?"
He couldn't refuse those deep eyes, swollen and reddened as they were from tears. She already knew by this point that the videos and photos were online. She even had a minor cult following on the internet. People assumed she was just an ordinary camwhore, probably in her mid to late teens. Probably not legal, but certainly physically ready.
"I think you should definitely make love to Sarah Jane, Katie. In fact, I'll make you a deal. I'll put a little something in her drink tomorrow before you go to the beach. She'll take a long nap and you can do anything you want to her. Bring back pictures and a video or two of your lips getting intimate with my wife's pussy, and I promise you I'll rock your sexy little body with my cock. Then when my wife gets home we can have our threesome!"
Katie's pussy gushed. A few drops of fluid dribbled onto the carpet. "Oh, thank you Mister Birchmore! Thank you so much!" She embraced and kissed the man who had so recently exploited her and turned her into an amateur porn starlet.
"Now, I think we have a video to finish." Mr. Birchmore's tapped playfully but firmly on the toothprush protruding from her bottom, tickling her pussy and pelvic muscles. His tone had suddenly shifted from sweet and fatherly to cruel and commanding once more.
Katie pressed her back to the wall, rubbing her clitoris with one hand and fucking her pussy with three fingers at a time on her other hand.
"Mmm.... mmmmm.... oh!" she moaned when she caught her breath in between bursts of excited panting. She switched hands every twenty or thirty seconds, shoving her pussy-juice-soaked fingers into her mouth and sucking them as if she truly relished the taste. She did enjoy her own taste immensely, but after getting a close whiff of Sarah Jane's heavenly arousal she knew whose fluids she really wanted to lick up. She fantasized about the activities in store for her on the beach the next day and brought herself to multiple orgasms for the camera, fucking herself against the wall, on her knees, rolling on the floor on her back, and every other position she could dream up. Then she fucked herself with the handle of her hairbrush until she was very sore but at least moderately satisfied. By the time she left the house that evening.she had three loads of Mister Birchmore's cum rolling around in her flat little tummy.
The next day after Sarah had bolted through the house to greet him in the nude following her hot, wet playtime with Katie's cute little hairbrush, John Birchmore tricked her into drinking a cup of coffee laced with LSD and Rohypnol. Then Sarah Jane took the girls out to play on the beach, and within an hour and a half she had succumbed to the drugs and passed out. Katie's friends had joined the ensuing date rape on the beach voluntarily. They were just silly, horny schoolgirls having a little bit of fun with their friends.
Now Sarah was at the begininning of her first pregnancy. She didn't realize it but she was also more physically fit, more beautiful and more sexually active than ever before, as was her husband. They owed it all to the fire that little Katie had stoked inside them and the novelty and mystique that she had brought to their love life. They never saw her or spoke to her again.
Mrs. Sarah Jane Birchmore the naked, handcuffed thirty seven year old junior high school teacher turned around, lowered her head to the ground and pointed her ass in the air before the patiently waiting sergeant. She then rose from her knees onto her feet, keeping her face to the ground and her legs spread wide. She was ready to demonstrate for her attentive young trainer that even if she was being forced to make false admissions of lust for every preteen who had ever walked through her classroom door, then at least her confession that she was presently quite horny and wet was completely true.
"Please inspect my pussy, master. Please let me show you that I'm not lying. I'm an obedient little slave whore just like the young girls and I only want to tell you the truth and reveal everything about myself to you, master, sir! I love showing off my pussy when I'm all wet and excited! Please examine me master, sir!"
"Hmm... alright." This particular trooper enjoyed sticking his fingers inside ladies' vaginas. Some of the men found it beneath them to touch these filthy whores' messy naughty bits, but they could certainly force another one of the girls to do it for them if there was some pressing need to assess the status of a pussy's lubrication. Sarah Jane was very wet indeed. She courteously licked her juices off of the soldier's fingers.
Suddenly a surge of lighting ripped through Sarah Jane's battered, tortured pussy and ass.
"AIIIIEEEEEE!!" screamed the sweaty schoolteacher whore as her body jerked and her tits swung pendulously back and forth. She wouldn't be allowed to masturbate or eat pussy at this particular moment. The soldier jabbed the twin prongs of his forked cattle prod into her anus and vagina simultaneously as both of her holes contracted and spasmed around the irksome torture device. Little Emily just stared at the scene with huge, wide eyes.
Sarah Jane Birchmore the thirty-seven year old schoolteacher rocked her hips back and forth, fucking the prongs with her tortured ass and her sopping wet cunt. The trooper let her pleasure herself thusly for about eight thrusts, then gave her another jolt. She jumped off of the device with a high-pitched yelp.
"I'm sorry, master sir. I promise I will keep the prod inside my ass and pussy while you torture my ass and pussy with the cattle prod. Please keep torturing my pussy and ass with the cattle prod, master, sir! I love the pain inside my ass and my pussy, it makes me horny and it makes my cunt wet and it makes my wet vagina come, master, sir!"
The troopers considered it very important that the ladies be as specific as possible when begging, even to the point of absurd redundancy. Whenever the men disciplined one of the bitches, be she a horny teacher in her mid thirties or an innocent, inexperienced schoolgirl, she had to follow four rules. The slave was required to apologize for her transgressions, promise to behave more correctly in the future, beg for further discipline, and express sexual desire for (and gratification from) the disciplinary method of choice.
Each time Sarah Jane shouted out her frenzied, berserker-slut ramble of a plea she would follow up by promptly taking the prongs into her holes and fucking them with renewed vigor as the guard continued to hold the nasty, painful utensil at crotch level. Every time she did so he would allow her to thrust the pussy-fluid-tinged prongs in and out of herself anywhere from ten to twenty times before giving her another jolt. If she could just restrain herself from jumping off of the prongs in response to the intense pain then she wouldn't have to repeat the apology each time he shocked her. Unfortunately she did not possess the self-discipline to refrain from bouncing off of the prod with each piercing jolt of current. She repeated her statement of whorish apology and depraved begging twenty five times while little mostly-naked Emily watched in bewildered awe. Then it was Emily's turn.
"Sir, thank you master, sir. Thank you for filling my belly with fifty-six hot loads of yummy, delicious cum yesterday. Thank you for treating me and my slutty girlfriends to the best two days of our lives. We all love sucking cock so much! Especially me! You know, just last week I was thinking about sucking hard soldier cocks in class, and I came right inside my panties! I had to sit there in my wet panties all day until I could get home and change.
Thank you for fucking me in the ass and helping me to discover my true calling as a butt slut. I love anal and I love feeling loads of hot, white, sticky cum filling my butt and trickling slowly down my leg. I love feeling your cum drying all over my skin, it makes me so wet and horny!
Thank you for helping me discover my bisexuality. Thank you for letting me lick girls' cunts and come all over their hot, sweaty faces. I love making other girls taste my juices. I love forcing myself on straight girls and making them my bitches! Thank you for teaching me discipline by whipping me and shocking my cunt with electricity. I never knew pain could feel so good or make my tender eleven-year-old pussy come so fucking hard!
Thank you for letting me masturbate my tight little pussy to orgasm by rubbing my clit and shoving my hand in and out of myself until my hand is all covered in my pussy juice. Thank you for letting me lick my cunt juice off of my hand. Thank you for making me so, so horny. I love you, master. I love you, master, sir."
The soliders made Emily repeat the strained, desperate cry of forced gratitude before they took the white hot live electric wires out of her tortured cunt. Emily didn't shed a tear, crack a sob. She just kept fingering her abused clitoris and smiling her pretty, angelic little girl smile like an obedient bitch. Her braces and her tiny, moistened pussy lips sparkled like jewels in the setting sun.


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