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Adam and his best friend Brittney have been best friends since their childhood. They both eventually fall in love with each other, which eventually led to the best sex either one of them could have ever dreamed of after Brittney reveals her secret Fantasy.
This story has a lot of background, so readers can get a better understanding as to how close these two were, and how close they would become. If you just want to read the sex part of the story, scroll down and look for the *, that is where it begins.

Growing up wasn't too hard. You see, I was raised in a pretty decent sized town. I was an only child so I didn't have any siblings. I found out when I was 14 that I was adopted from a family that lived in the Polynesian islands. My biological parents were both native to the area they lived in, but they were hooked on Ice which seemed to be the drug if choice in that area. According to my adoptive parents I was adopted when I was born. My biological mother had given birth to me while she was in prison. My father was also in prison, both for drug use, sales, distribution, and attempted murder. Luckily my adoptive parents saved me.

I have the upmost gratitude and honor for them for getting me out of that situation. I knew many that grew up in foster care and I know how hard it was on them.

That all being said, I had a great friend that I grew up with. We were the best of friends ever since we were very young. We did everything together. We were always there for each other. Growing up we made a pact, one that said that we would never allow anyone or anything to come between our close friendship. To me, and nothing could sway me otherwise, she was my sister. She was about 3 years younger than I am. She was 3 and I was 6 when we started spending time together all the time, due to the fact that her parents and mine were really close friends. It was when I was 12 and she was 9 that our closeness began to build. I was protecting her constantly. She was an only child too, only not adopted.

Her name was Brittney. She had always had blonde hair, big blue eyes and long eye lashes she has always been a real cutie. She had always been petite and a very fun person to hang out with. Anything we did was extremely random and a hell of a lot of fun.

We both took our pact very seriously in every way. So much so, that whoever we dated during our high school years had to be ok with our friendship. They knew that we were not siblings so some felt threatened by our closeness. Like I said, to me, she was my sister even though we had no biological similarities. She was very white and I was a Pacific Islander. I had ended a few relationships on account of those girls making threats and bullying Britt. I made it very clear that I would not let anyone mess with her. They messed with her, the messed with me, that simple.

She too had ended a few relationships on account of some of the guys she dated hated me, and hated that we were such close friends. A couple had attempted to beat the shit out of me and failed. There was only one time that they were successful and then I was jumped by 8 people. I was in the hospital for a week after that and had many broken bones. Not to mention it was one of the guys she dated that got his ass kicked by me when he tried to kick mine. It also happened to be a guy I played football with from the time we were 10 years old.

During our high school years we never grew apart. I loved that kid. And I know she felt the same way, only it was more like a sibling kind of love. We were very protective of each other and constantly looked out for each other.

As soon as she turned 15 and i 18, something started to change a little. Not in a bad way, but in a very unexpected way. She started looking at me differently. I know now, but couldn't quite tell what the difference was. It was gradual but I started to notice it. She still dated other men but I noticed that she was beginning to spend more time with me, and had stars in her eyes every time she saw me. I still took her to movies and other "dates" on a regular basis.

We would have sleep overs when we were younger and still did. Only it was different now that we were older. I would sleep In a separate room. Those nights we would stay in and watch movies together. She started laying all over me and cuddling up to me. Her mom would always tell us how cute we were together. There were nights that she would sneak in my room and climb into my bed and we just slept together in each others arms, on the nights that either she stayed at our place, or hers. Little did we know, our parents knew but didn't even hint that they knew.

She was my best friend, and I was beginning to struggle with the fact that I was starting to fall for her. I refused to even hint that I was, because I valued her, and I valued our close friendship. I suspected that she felt the same way, and if she did, she valued our friendship like I did.

She was one of those women that had the best personalities. People gravitated towards her because of her smile, and because of how she had this way of lighting up a room. She had always been that way. Then as far as her looks, she was amazingly gorgeous! She was the type that would attract the assholes and douche bags. And the "nice guys" were too intimidated by her absolute, natural beauty. I was a nice guy, and I did have one up on those dudes. She was my best friend.

At 15 she stood 4'9 weighed maybe 90 pounds, she was very small. She still had blonde hair, Blue eyes, a small button nose and in my opinion, the sexiest mouth I had ever seen. She had just gotten braces, making her mouth that much more sexy. Her breasts were very perky and full. They were a b-cup yet on her small frame, it gave her very nice cleavage. She wore shirts that showed her cleavage, but while she was 15, she started showing more and more cleavage around me only. Her skin was very creamy and smooth white. My god she was so beautiful, I can't even begin to explain to you how gorgeous she was!

Me I played football from the time I was 10. I worked out constantly. Every day before and after school for 2 hours each time when football season wasn't around. During football season I'de work out two hours before school. I weighed 210 and was 6'6. I was very cut and toned. I looked like a male stripped, according to an ex girlfriend of mine. And no I wasn't a virgin. And since Brittney was my best friend, she knew that. We shared everything and knew everything about each other. There was a strong connection that was building during all of that time. That connection, was beyond friendship. My name is Adam.

What sucked was, I had to leave for school. There was only one school two hours away, in 300 miles where I could go to study for my chosen career. I really wanted to get into a job where I was helping people. I would be away for two years, maybe more depending on how far I wanted to educate myself. Right after I graduated I was to start school. I wanted to start early, and get done with it. Before I left, I spent as much time with Britt as I possibly could. The day I left I went to her house I took her to dinner and spent hours with her. To see the hurt in her eyes made it agonizing for me. But during my schooling, I made a point to drive home to see her every weekend. I even took her to her Junior prom.

I had finished my my academy, and got a masters in fire science and as many certifications I could. I also got my RN license and was in the middle of my bridge courses because I wanted to work on the streets. I already had a job working full time with a fire agency and I loved the job. It didn't pay well, but I was where I felt I needed to be. Brittney absolutely loved the fact that I did what I did. In fact she bragged to all of her friends about it.

I did get to see her again sooner than either one of us thought. Unfortunately it wasn't under good circumstances. My parents, the ones who adopted me and saved me from a miserable life, were killed. My father owned a very prominent business with some other guy. Apparently it was doing so well that the other asshole decided to kill my father out of greed. I was home for 2 weeks and Brittney was amazing to me the entire time. She didn't go to school for the entire two weeks I was home. I did return for work after it was all done, but now, I really missed Brittney. It was actually making me feel sick. Little did I know, but she was feeling the same way.

We started talking every day for hours at a time, unless I was on a call or sleeping. She drove up and would spend time with me, only now, it was more like we were dating. We hadn't kissed yet even though I really wanted too. I had just turned 21 and Brittney turned 18. Finally her graduation came and I wasn't going to miss it for anything.

When it was over she didn't go to her graduation thing that they go to after the ceremony. She was hell bent on spending the night with me. I was ok with that. She was glowing the entire time she was with me. She was all over me and I was absolutely loving it. I spent some money on her because I wanted her to know that I was proud of her. We took a helicopter ride, took her to dinner watched a movie and really had a good time. She was leaning on me, holding my hand. The only time she wasn't touching me in any way, was when we were getting in and out of my truck.

It wasn't until almost three am when I got her home. Her parents weren't home, but had left a note telling us to behave. We both looked at each other and smiled. She rolled her eyes, "whatever" she said. We went in and I went into the room that was designated as mine and put on sweats and a wife beater and went to the great room and switched the TV on. Britt came out wearing a red and white button down flannel shirt. Of course I did notice that she had 2 buttons undone showing the yummy cleavage she had. She did have a bra. I must have looked too long cause when I looked up into her blue eyes, she just smiled and bit her lower lip. Her absolute beauty was driving me nuts, and what's worse, the fact that I was absolutely in love with this little goddess.

We watched a few programs on TV. I did notice out of the corner of my eye, that she kept looking up at me. I was going nuts, I needed to tell her. She decided it was time for bed. I had waited too long. She turned the TV off and said "Well, Im tired, thank you for tonight. I had a really good time, I'm going to bed. Thanks Adam."

It was then that I grew a set of balls, it was now or never. "Wait a second Britt, I really need to talk to you about something." I said.

"Is everything ok?" She asked looking worried.

"I don't really know yet, listen I have to tell you this. The thing is that if I don't say this I may never say it." I said.

"Ok, she said, I'm getting really worried now Adam." She replied. "Just relax and tell me what's on your mind. It will be ok, I promise."

"Ok look Brittney, here it is. I...I..I'm in love with you. That's it, there it is I said it. I'm in love with you." I said to a surprised look from her. I was expecting the worst. I was expecting the whole, we are good friends and I don't feel the same about you response from her. All I got was less than a minute of silence. It felt like hours.

"Ok well, usually silence isn't a good sign. Please say some thing Britt. She smiled really big as what I had just said sunk into her brilliant mind. Her eyes started filling with tears. Almost crying, she looked up at me and said, "please don't mess with me, just don't fuck with me Adam, cause if you are I'm not sure I can take it."

I gently lifted her chin so I could look deep into those gorgeous big blue eyes. "Brittney", I said, "I promise you right here and now, I am not messing with you. I am in love with you and I have been for a long time. I just didn't have the balls to tell you."

"What changed?" She asked.

"The fact that I would regret not telling you." I replied.

Again, silence. She didn't say anything. I waited patiently for a response from her, not wanting to press the issue, yet expecting the revelation from her that she did not feel the same way about me.

"Say something. I need to know if you feel the same way or not, I'm ok with any answer you might have." I said. After what felt like an eternity. She just looked into my eyes, scooted closer and gently started to stroke my cheek. All I knew next was the feeling of the softest lips pressing against mine. This kiss was very gentle and long. She broke the kiss and rested her forehead on mine. With tears streaming down her face and her eyes closed, she whispered, "Does that answer your question?" I smiled and whispered, "yes it does."

Her eyes opened and looked into mine. She whispered, "C'mon, I wanna show you something." With that she took my hand as I stood up, while looking up into my eyes. We walked hand in hand up to her room. She slowly opened her door. "Go sit on my bed." She instructed. I sat down as she went to her dresser. I scooted all the way to her head board. I sat there marveling in her perfect beauty as she opened her drawer and pulled out what looked like a photo album and 2 books that looked to be a couple of diaries. She then opened another drawer and pulled out a polo that was one of the shirts I wore while I was working. She walked over to the bed with the items. She smiled as she sat them onto the bed and then spread my legs and sat between them leaning up against my body.

"I really need to show you this." She said softly. She reached down and opened the photo album. In it were pictures of me and her from the time that we were very little to my senior year in high school. It also had the photos we had taken at her prom. My god she looked so beautiful that night. Around those pictures was a bunch of frilly stuff with the words "My Love" around it.

"I have never shown this to anyone." She said, as she picked up one of her diaries. She started to read passages from it. Every passage expressed great concern about her love for me, and the prospect of me not feeling the same way about her. She would always talk about how she felt anytime I was anywhere near her.

After several hours of going through those diaries, she sat up and turned around. She faced me and sat in my lap, wrapping her legs around me. She placed her hands on my shoulder and face, and got real close to me.

"I have been in love with you since I was 15. Everything about you just drives me crazy. Your ex girl friend Tara is right. You are amazingly handsome, and you have thee nicest body! Tara has also told me some other things about you that have attracted me to you even more. But most importantly, you are thee most, amazing guy any girl could ever meet. You're sweet, you treat me with more respect than any of my ex boyfriends have ever shown me, more than all of them combined. And the part that I absolutely love, is that you are my best friend. I know almost everything about you, and the kind of person you are. Any girl in the world would be the luckiest bitch to have you as their man." She said softly.

"I don't know what to say." I said in response. I looked her deep into her eyes. "Do you have any clue as to how beautiful you are?" I asked. "Every time I see you I think Oh my god she is so beautiful! You have an amazing body, and the best smile I have ever seen. I love your tiny little voice, hearing it sends chills down my spine every time. I will admit, I wasn't in love with you when you were 15. I had feelings for you and wanted to be yours, but, I wasn't in love, and of course I was 18 and you were still 15. I fell for you hard when my parents were murdered. You were so amazing to me, you have always been amazing to me, but when I needed someone the most, you were there, no one else, but you. You never left my side the entire time I was here dealing with that. You didn't even go to school. That's when I really fell In love with you, hard, and I knew you were the one for me. The funny thing is, you have been here right in front of me the entire time. And now you are the lucky woman that gets to have me all to herself."

She cried the entire time I talked to her, yet she had the biggest smile. I leaned in and started to kiss her soft lips. I felt her tongue tentatively lick my lips. I then opened my mouth and welcomed her tongue into my mouth. I then kissed her the same way. It was slow and gentle. Soon I felt my cock start to stir. We broke the kiss, and she giggled. Then we began to kiss more. Our tongues began to wrap around each others and I felt a very slight grinding coming from Brittney. We broke the kiss again.

"You don't know how long I have dreamed about this." She said as we began kissing. My cock was growing and getting harder and harder as she began to grind harder. Our breathing started to become labored. As we were making out, we hear her dad clear his throat. We both jumped out of our skin. She stood up we both just looked at her dad with the deer in the head lights look. He started laughing as her mom walked up. He pointed to me and said. "Come here son." Then he looked at his wife and said, "talk to your daughter."

He walked me to my room. Terrified, I went in and he followed. He didn't shut the door. He looked at me. "Look," he said. "You know damn well that Brit is still my baby girl."

"Yes sir, and I am so sorry, I don't have any excuse, I should have known better." I said.

"Just listen for a minute." He replied. "Look you obviously already know, but my daughter had been in love with you for a long time. And to be honest with you, I can't think of a person any where close to as good for her as you are. You need to know that you have our blessing, truthfully we really wanted this to happen.

I was stunned. "I don't know what to say. Thank you I really appreciate that." He hugged me and turned around. Brittney and her mom came around the corner and and Britt came up to me and jumped into my arms and kissed me.

"It's about god damned time." Her dad said.

She glowed that entire day, even though we were tired from no sleep. She texted her friend Ally and said, "He is finally mine!!" We went to breakfast with her parents and then we Spent a couple of hours with her friends. They were elated for her. They kept telling her that she was absolutely glowing.

Since I was on vacation from work I was going to spend as much time with her as I could before I go home and go back to work. While we were gone that day her parents put a king sized bed in my room knowing that we would be sleeping together. Once we got home we took showers and had barbecue. Her parents called it a celebration of our relationship. They called it the "it's about damned time barbecue."

Brit and I were already talking about moving in together. What she didn't know was that I got a huge inheritance from a life insurance policy my parents had. Her parents knew about it, but I made them promise not to tell her. It was big enough that I never had to work, ever. I still worked my job because I loved it.

One of the things I bought was my own house. A really nice one. Another thing she didn't know. So while we talked about moving her in with me, her parents would look at me and smile knowingly.

Brit was so excited especially because her parents suggested it. Her dad was talking about helping her move, and how we could get it all done. We all watched a movie, but me and Brit were so tired we couldn't stay awake. We both went to our separate rooms and got ready for bed. Soon she came in wearing boy shorts and a loose fitting tank top.

"Damn, you don't plan on wearing that to bed do you?" I asked.

Yes I do, why?" She replied.

"Because I can really see your little boobs, I'm going to have a hard time falling asleep." I said.

She walked up to me and kissed me, "you'll be ok baby." She said softly. I looked down her shirt and could clearly see her titts. She had bright pink nipples. I looked up at her and she was looking at my bulge being caused by my growing cock. She looked up at me and smiled. We both layed down in bed. We started kissing. We didn't kiss long as we had both been awake for more than 25 hours. We were exhausted. I layed on my back and she used my arm and chest as her pillow. Her leg was over my leg. Once we situated, we fell asleep almost immediately.

*The next morning I started to wake up. In the process I felt a very soft rubbing on my cock. It sent chills through out my entire body. I opened my eyes and realized that Brittney was rubbing her thigh on my growing cock, and she was grinding herself on my thigh. Her breathing was labored as she did this.

I looked at her and placed my hand on her sexy little ass. She looked up at me with a very very sexy smile.

"Hey sexy." She whispered as her hand went under my shirt. With her finger tips she started to trace my 6pack. I kissed her forehead. She started to sit up as her dad knocked on the door.

"It's almost one, time for you two love birds to get up. We are taking you both out to lunch." He said.

"Damn it!" She groaned as she had just straddled my lap. She ground her pussy on my hard cock twice then got out of bed.

I crawled out of bed as well, only I had a raging hard on. I was so turned on by what Britt was doing that I decided to not hide my big bulge. Brittney walked to the mirror and started to brush her long blonde hair. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth to get rid of my morning breath.

I had to reach down and stroke my cock a few times knowing that Brittney was horny. I slipped my sweat pants and shirt off so I was only in my boxer briefs. I checked in the mirror and realized that if you couldn't see my hard cock bulging you were beyond blind. I had a very large cock, so it would be impossible to hide it.

I walked back into the room and looked at Brittney. My god she is so beautiful! She didn't notice me walk out of the bathroom. I walked up and hugged her from behind I kissed her neck as she smiled at me in the mirror. She then realized I had no shirt on.

"Damn baby." She whispered as she reached one of her arms around my neck. She pulled me down and I immediately started to kiss her, sliding my tongue into her open mouth. She pressed her little ass into my raging, twitching cock. I pushed my hips forward pressing my bone into her ass. She moaned lightly as our kissing started to become more aggressive. She pressed her ass into my hard cock and moved it side to side.

She broke the kiss and turned around. She looked me straight in my eyes as she gave me the sexiest smile I had ever seen. One of the straps to her shirt slid down off of her shoulder and down her arm. She shifted her arm making the strap drop to her elbow. The only thing holding her shirt up at this time was her hardened nipple.

"My god, you have the hottest body baby," she whispered. "You don't know this but you are every girls wet dream." She looked down and looked at my bulging boxer briefs. Her eyes grew very wide, and her mouth opened very wide in shock. She noticed that the waist band was pushed out from my body. She stayed like that for a few seconds. She then reached down and started to rub her pussy through her shorts, without thinking.

"I take it you like what you see." I whispered. She just looked up into my eyes, bit her lower lip, nodded yes, then looked at my bulge again. She took her left hand off of her pussy then sat on the dresser. She reached down and with her right hand, making the strap to her shirt slide down further onto her forearm.

My cock twitched hard as her small, very perky tit came into full view. "Oh Jesus, I whispered as I started walking towards her reaching up to feel her little tit. She put her hand out and stopped me by placing her hand gently into my chest.

"I think it's obvious what I do to you, now it's time to show you what you do to me, what you've always done to me." She whispered as pushed me back while staring at my raging bulge and slid her shorts off. She was wearing a white little thong. She sat back on the dresser and spread her legs as wide as she could. She looked me straight in my eyes. I then looked at her pussy and almost shot my load into my boxer briefs. Her little thong was see through. Not because it was sheer, but because of how wet her little pussy was. Her hips were gyrating slightly as I stared at her tasty pussy. I wanted so bad to drop to my knees and just lick her pussy inside and out and drink her juices. I knew one thing for sure, she shaved, and she was bald as ever!

I reached down and gripped my cock, while I stood there looking up at her then her little titts, then her pussy. This woman was an absolute goddess! Her natural beauty was absolutely overwhelming! I walked up to her."I don't have any words to explain how gorgeous, and yummy you are baby." I whispered. She smiled and I noticed that she was breathing hard. Her face and chest were beat red. She bit her lower lip. By then I was so close to her I could feel her body heat.

My cock jumped as she looked down and was able to see down into my boxer briefs. My cock was so hard it hurt. It didn't help that it was facing down and was trying to tear out of them. Then she looked up at me with a very sexy smile. Then I felt two of her fingers hook into my waist band and she started to pull my boxer briefs down. Her smile disappeared instantly as she felt the base of my cock. She bit her lip then looked down my boxer briefs. She sighed as her mouth opened wide and looked up into my eyes.

"So thick." She whispered as her body trembled. She wasn't expecting my cock to be so thick. Her body shook for a few minutes and she had a look of pure bliss on her face. She turned her hand around and placed her hand flat against my abdomen right at the base of my cock fingers pointed down. She pulled my waist band out as far as it would go as she started to slide her hand down slowly. Her finger tips touched the base of my cock and very softly slide down through my trimmed pubic hair, and along the length of my cock.

I threw my head back as electricity shot through out my body and I tensed up. Her soft delicate, small hand felt amazing. I exhaled hard as I looked into her eyes. Her mouth was wide open as she kept sliding her hand down.

I reached out and and placed my hand on her small tits. I leaned forward to kiss her. She opened her mouth wide waiting for my tongue. I immediately slid my tongue into her sexy little mouth wondering what it would feel like for my cock to be in her sexy mouth.

She moaned as I squeezed her titts slowly and pinched her nipples. I pulled her shirt all the way off as I got a really good look at her sexy little body. My cock jumped when my cock head was finally grazed by her finger tips. She pulled her hand out of my boxer briefs, and took one of my hands. We broke our kiss as she started to guide my hand down her stomach. I pushed her hand out of the way and started sliding my hand gently down her body.

All of a sudden I could feel my cock push its way out of the pee hole on my boxer briefs, yet not all the way as it was so big that it got trapped. I kept sliding my right hand down and used my other hand to free my raging cock. Britt didn't notice me doing that. Our foreheads were against each others. We were both breathing hard and staring into each others eyes. Soon I felt the waist band of her yummy little thong. I didn't waist time as I slid my hand into her thong and into her very soaked little pussy.

Her mouth still wide open, she whimpered as I finally touched her. Her hip Immediately started to grind against my hand.

"Oh my god baby," I said as I slid my finger between her soaked lips.

" like that baby? Do you like my wet little pussy?"she whimpered. "Cause I love your cock."

I gently slid my middle finger into her little pussy and used my index finger and thumb to gently pinch her tiny clit. Her eyes closed half way as she held her breath. Her body trembled and tensed up. Her pussy clinched tightly around my finger as she began to gush cum from her pussy.

"Ooohhhh ggoood baaaby!" She moaned as she soaked my hand with her cum.

"I've wanted to make you cum for so long baby." I said as she threw her head back. Her hips were thrashing back and forth.

I kissed her hard. I couldn't take it any more. I dropped to my knees as she placed her hand gently on my head.

"Do you want me to lick this little pussy baby?" I asked.

"God yeah!" She replied.

I placed my nose as close to her pussy as I could and inhaled. The smell of her pussy made my cock become more rigid. I looked up at her and into her eyes. I peeled her little thong to the side and looked at her glistening pussy. I leaned in and kissed it very gently, coating my face with her sweet juices. My god she tasted good. I then started to kiss her pussy more and started using my tongue. I licked her pussy lips and clit. Her body began to tremble as I became more aggressive. I slid my tongue into her pussy and started to really eat her pussy. Her hips were grinding as she whimpered and moaned. The taste and smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I began using my finger making slow circles on her clit as I licked and sucked on her pussy, using my long tongue to slowly push into her little hole over and over again. After at least five minutes her legs clamped around my head. She fell back against the wall as she shook all over her body. She began to squirt her girl cum all over my face and into my mouth. I kept eating her pussy as she rode her orgasm, this time nibbling on her clit and hooking my finger inside her to rub her g spot.

Once she came down from her orgasm, she placed both of her hands on the back of my head as she panted. I continued to gently kiss and lick her sweet pussy. Her pussy lips weren't very meaty, so when she had her legs closed you would only see a slight limp with a slit. Her pussy was bright pink just like her nipples. It drove me insane and I couldn't get enough of licking her sweet pussy. I looked up as I stuck my tongue out and slid it into her pussy. I used my thumb to rub her clit in slow gentle circles. I was going to take my time this time. My goal became to make her cum hard, and I wanted to be the person to have licked her pussy the best.

Her eyes half closed looked down at me as she trembled. She bit her lower lip as she looked into my eyes. Her hips and stomach spasmed as she was breathing erratically. Her tiny voice moaning and whimpering as I licked her juices.

"Ooooooohh my god Adam. Oh god you're amazing at this!" She breathed. I worked her pussy slowly and gently watching her reaction, and loving every whimper, moan, slow hip thrusts, and spasming tight little stomach. Her little titts heaving as she continued to gasp. I ate her pussy like I was kissing her mouth passionately. Only slower, softer and gentle. I would bring her close to an orgasm and back off, wanting to build her up as much as I could. She had the sexiest look on her face as I ate her pussy.

I continued to bring her close to an orgasm and backed off just enough to keep her close but not on the verge. I continued to softly and gently kiss, lick and nibble her pussy loving every second if it. Finally I decided it was time to let her cum. I slid my finger from her pussy and used my mouth only, sliding my tongue into her dripping and contracting pussy. Her entire body shook almost violently the entire time. Her hips still slowly grinding into my face, and moving up and down and side to side, and a circular motion. My cock ached and hurt from its rigidity. I reached down and started to stroke my cock as precum started to leak out. The moaning whimpering, body spasms, and near violent trembling that Britt was doing was making me so hard I couldn't stand it.

I continued to kiss and lick her pussy gently and softly. "Oh sshhhit, ooooh god, oh my god, oh my god, oh god baby uuhhhhhhhh!" She whimpered as her whole body tensed up. She layed back as both of her hands gripped the edge of the dresser. She fell back, lightly bumping her head on the wall. Her hips lifted up and down in a jerking motion. Her legs clamped weakly around my head. Her entire body shivered violently as her sweet pussy nectar started to flow around my tongue and into my mouth.

"Ooooooohhh, gggoooooooood, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, ooooh sssssshit , aaa....." She whimpered. Her head went back, her mouth wide open and gasping, her entire body went stiff as she started squirting cum into my mouth and all over my face. Her hips jerking up and down, smashing
Her pussy into my face. As she started squirting her cum, I pulled my mouth from her pussy, and started licking and lightly sucking her clit. Her orgasm seemed to be going on and on, and I was determined to keep it going as long as I could. My cock absolutely throbbed watching, and feeling her cum. Then her body went limp. She fell off of the dresser, but I was able to catch her. I then stood up and picked her up. Her body was shaking and jerking violently.

Her mouth wide open and still gasping, I gently picked her up and placed her on the bed. As I reached up to get a pillow I felt my throbbing cock touch her very slippery pussy lips. That sent chills throughout my entire body.

I reached up to grab the pillow pressing my cock in between her pussy lips. The feeling was so incredible that I couldn't help but thrust my hips a couple of times, sliding my cock along the length of her pussy. As soon as I placed the pillow under her head I reached down and started to jerk on my throbbing bone. I kissed her gently as her eyes opened. She smiled and kissed me back. Then she looked confused. She didn't realize that she was now on the bed. She layed there jerking and shaking as I jerked my cock.

Watching her reaction to what I was doing, listening to her, and her body brought me so close that I was very close to blowing my load. Soon she gained some composure and started to sit up. She looked down at my just over 9 inch cock and shivered. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes opened wide. She wrapped her hand and arms around my neck and pulled me down and slid her tongue into my mouth. I then felt her soft tiny hand wrap around my throbbing cock. Her fingers didn't reach since I was so thick. I moved my hand as she slowly and gently slid her hand down my cock in a circular motion. As she slid her hand back up, she extended her thumb, and used it to rub around my cock head starting from under the head, then around and over it making me moan and throw my head back.

"Oh my god baby, you're huge!" Had I known that before...wait who am I kidding, your ex girlfriend Tara said you had a huge and impressive package. I have wanted to see it ever since." She whispered.

"Yeah? And when did she tell you this?" I asked.

"After I told her that I was in love with you. She told me how lucky I was because of this gorgeous cock. She said it was the nicest cock she had ever seen. I was only 16. I really wanna suck it." She said as she continued to stroke my cock.

"I'm going to let you know I will not last long, eating your sweet pussy drove me to the edge baby." I said.

"Mmmmmm, yeah?" She asked, "you liked eating my little pussy?" She asked as she squeezed my hard cock as she started to really jerk on my cock. She spit in her hand and used it as lube and continued to really jerk my cock.

"Oh fuck baby, my god, I'm getting close baby," I whispered.

"Mmmhhhh baby, I want you to cum in my mouth baby. I want to taste you, I want to feel your cock pulse as you shoot your cum into my mouth. I want it do drip down my chin, please baby? Cum for me." She said.

The way she was talking drove me insane. "You want my cum in your mouth? You want to swallow huh baby?" I asked.

With the sexiest look on her face, she pushed me back, opened her mouth wide as she dropped onto her knees. Then I watched as her tongue snaked out and licked under my cock head. My cock was ready to explode, and when she did that I almost did. I watched her open her mouth and look up at me. She opened her mouth wide and licked my cock again. She then started to jerk harder and faster, then she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, working her tongue around my cock at the same time.

"Oohhhhh shit baby, mmmmm my god, you keep that up I won't last long at all." I moaned.

She wrapped her lips tightly around my cock head and sucked. She released my cock with an audible pop. "Yeah baby?" She whimpered.

She then spit on my cock and started twisting her wrist as she jerked my cock. She opened her mouth and shoved herself onto my cock. She started sucking and using her amazing long tongue as she jerked what wouldn't fit. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

My knees started to shake as my legs started to feel like jello. My cock swelled more and my balls ached. I could feel my own orgasm building up, and fast.

"Oh god baby, oh shit you are ama....amazing!" I whispered. Soon my entire body felt as though it was shaking, I felt weak and almost fell down. My hips were moving forward and backward involuntary. I fell onto my hands on the bed. Britt started doing things to my cock that I didn't know any woman could do.

"Ooooooohhhh fffffuck, baby! I'm cumming, ffffffuck!" I moaned.

Just as I said that a feeling I have never experienced during an orgasm swept over me. My hips jerked forward as my cock erupted into Brittneys mouth. I do not remember much after that. All I know is when I started to come down from a mind blowing orgasm, I hadn't fallen onto Brittney. I tried to stand up but was too weak. Brittney some how got out from under me, and helped me get situated on the bed. My cock still twitching up and down, I fell back onto the bed and just rode the euphoria out.

"Holy fucking shit! Oh my god that was amazing!" I whispered.

"Do you like the way I suck your cock baby?" She asked.

"Oh my god, fuck yeah, that was by far the best blow job I have ever had!" I replied.

"That's how I feel about you when you eat my pussy!" She said. She reached down and started to lightly stroke my cock again, when we heard a knock at the door.

"Hey are you two up yet?" Her dad asked.

"Yeah daddy, we just woke up. We'll be out in a few minutes." Brittney replied.

"Damn it, I really wanted to fuck you." She whispered.

My cock twitched at her words. She then kissed me using her tongue. I kissed her back. We stood up, me still being slightly weak. We cleaned up as fast and as thoroughly as we could. She had cum that hadn't all fit in her mouth, on her chin and some on her tits. We took a shower together the. Got dressed.

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PUSSYEETER, neglected jewel, you have a talent for telling a sensitive story, using the language well, and building realistic characters.

In this time, I feel we rely to much on technology to do the writing and telling, and to little on the talent pf the author. The author's hand is an extension of the author"s mind, and if the mind does not hold an improving base of knowledge and use of the English language there lies a waste of effort.

Your purpose is to supply the reader on this site with a sexual release of sorts. Good Luck,


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