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"I'm not old enough to have a teenaged daughter." "But are you young enough to have a teenaged girl friend
I got a letter from Leesha a few weeks after the final divorce decree had been sent to me. She wanted to know how Sally was doing, and holding up, and how I was doing. I didn’t answer the letter. Sally and I went on about our daily lives. I went to work, leaving Sally at home during the day, and because of some of the time off, and the startup of a new product line at the plant, I usually didn’t get home until late. I had slowly slipped into a bout with depression. I worked more than I should, didn’t have any recreation, or release to speak of, and for the most part ignored Sally. Sure, I made sure that there was food in the house, and that her needs were taken care of, but we didn’t really talk about anything. I’d ask how her day went when I got home, and she’d ask me about mine. Both answers were usually the same. The pat answer was either fine, or nothing, and it had become so much of a habit that it really didn’t matter what the question was. The question could have been How did the Ravens play today, and the answer might be nothing, but neither one of us would have noticed. I think Sally was depressed also, and looking back on the situation, I should have been more supportive of her. After all, she’d lost her parents a short time before all of my problems started. The poor kid was going through just as much if not more than I was.
It was actually Don, from the office, that pointed out the fact that I was looking a little rough. I was unshaven, and my clothes were a little wrinkled. He first made a comment on the condition of my truck. I was a tinkerer, and although my pickup was a few years old, I had always kept it extremely clean, and in good shape. It was true, it hadn’t been washed in weeks, and the inside was full of trash, and was dusty.
“Why don’t you take a break boss?” Don commented after a meeting. “The new project is running fine, and we can handle it for a little while.
“I don’t know. I’ve got the trip to China for the new robots, and…” I was cut off.
“Oh horse shit!” Don interrupted. “Alan can handle all of that, and you already had a football team of engineers going there too.” Don put his hand on my shoulder. “You and Sally need to get out of here for a while.” He looked concerned. “Lord knows, both of you have been through the ringer the last few months.”
“Don, I appreciate your concern, but.”
“No buts.” He interrupted again. “Brenda and I have a cabin up by Lake Fulton. It’s quiet, and secluded, but there’s still some night life in town, and plenty for a kid Sally’s age to do.” He handed me the keys to the cabin. “You guys take it for a week. You guys need some father daughter time right now.”
I started to say that Sally wasn’t my daughter. But, I guess for all intents and purposes, she was. I was her legal guardian until she turns eighteen in a couple years. “Maybe some away time will be good for us.” I conceded. “On one condition.” I added.
“You name it.”
“I’ll be away for a week, but you call me if anything happens. I’ll have my cell phone, and my laptop. Agreed?” I ordered. “I’m serious, if somebody farts loud, you need to call me.”
“Don’t worry about a thing.” Don tried to assure me. “If anything happens, I’ll dial your number, I promise.” He put his right hand over his heart. “Now go home and pack up. I called the cleaning crew, and they’re cleaning it up right now.”
I finished up the e-mail I was working on, and picked up the phone to call Sally. I let the phone ring four times, but there was no answer. “Must be out by the pool.” I thought to my self.
I packed up my laptop, and my phone charger, and headed out the door. It was around two o’clock, so if I hurried, we may be able to beat rush hour traffic. I headed out of the parking lot with a small squeal of my tires. On the way home, I had to pass through the center of town. I stopped at a flower shop. I selected an arrangement that had a cute little teddy bear included, and a small box of candy. I tried to make sure that it wasn’t any thing romantic, but it needed to be girly. I wanted to say I was sorry for falling apart the last few weeks, and to promise to be more of a father, and more of a friend. I got back into my pickup, and out of my rearview mirror, I thought I saw the Cadillac go behind me on the street.
I pulled my cell phone out of my suit coat pocket, and dialed the home number. Once again, there was no answer. “I’m gonna kill that kid.” I muttered under my breath.
I drove straight home. I pulled the pickup into the driveway, and into the garage. I noticed that the garage door behind the Cadillac was closed. I got out of the truck, and walked over to the car. It was making sounds that a car makes after you just shut it off, and the hood was warm. I, admittedly, got angry right away, and stormed back to the truck to get my briefcase. I opened up the door to the truck, and saw the flowers I’d bought. I slumped my shoulders. “How can I get mad at her after all she’s been through?” I asked my self. I decided then that I’d talk to her about it, and that it may be time for her to get her drivers license anyway. She’ll be starting school again soon and needed a way back and forth anyway. I grabbed the flowers, and headed into the house.
I got past the kitchen, and noticed that the place was quiet. No lights on, and the only noise was some music coming from the back deck. I put the flowers down on a bureau in the living room, and headed to the back yard, loosening up my tie. I saw Sally behind the bar. She it looked like she was getting it set up for something. She had a bag of stuff sitting on a stool and she was pulling out decoration of some sort. Quietly, I retreated back to the bureau and got the flowers. I slid open the door, and stepped out onto the deck, holding the flowers in front of my face. “Boo!” I said.
Her head snapped up to look at me, obviously startled. “Dad, uh, I mean Uncle Mark. What are you doing home?”
I walked towards her, and handed her the flowers. “These are for you.” I announced.
She took them from me, and smelled them. “Oh they’re beautiful, but…”
“Sort of an apology, and a promise” I interrupted. I took the flowers from her hands, and set them on the bar. I moved close, and hugged her. “I’m sorry Sally. I’ve been a wreck for the last few weeks.
“She pulled away from me and looked up at me. “No, It’s been me. I’ve been depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I was going to cook dinner, and I thought we’d watch a movie, and just unwind tonight.”
I pulled her back in close to me. “I’ve got a better Idea.” I released my hold on her, and backed up slightly. I reached into my pocket and retrieved the keys to Don’s cabin, and tossed them on the bar.
“What are those?” she asked.
“Well, they aren’t the keys to the Cadillac.” I looked at her sternly. “But we’ll talk about that later. Those are keys to a cabin on Lake Fulton, about 3 hours from here. We’re going on a little vacation, so get packed.” I smiled at her.
She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close for what seemed like a long time. “What do I need to pack? What are we going to do?” She asked me, breaking our embrace.
“Well, pack your bathing suit, and lots of shorts, and something nice just in case we go out for dinner or something. Get started, I want to be outta here A.S.A.P.” I shooed her back into the house, and we both went up stairs.
I reached into the closet, and grabbed my military style rucksack off the shelf. I was pulling shorts out of my drawer when I realized that she had called me dad. “Dad Huh?” I mused to myself. I didn’t have any children biologically, so the concept was a little foreign to me. I got the rucksack packed, and I got changed into something more comfortable. I went by Sally’s room on my way down stairs. “I’m ready, are you?”
“Almost.” She groaned trying to stuff one more, something or other into her backpack. “There, got it.” She said.
“Ok, last one to the truck cooks breakfast tomorrow.” I announced.
I started running down the hallway towards the stairs. I felt her grab a hold of my belt, and pull me backwards, and then watched her pass me. She flew down the stairs with me right on her heels. Through the kitchen, and out to the garage we went. She passed the hood of the Cadillac, and tossed her bag. It landed with a thud in the back of the truck. With a dive, she put her hands on the hood, just before mine.
Out of breath, but seemingly pleased with herself, “Eggs benedict I think.” She stated matter of factly. “Yea, I like eggs benedict.” She laughed.
“You cheated.” I stated. “You grabbed my belt.”
“You could have grabbed mine.” She protested. “Oh yea.” She corrected. “I’m not wearing one.” She laughed again.
“Ok, eggs benedict.” I conceded. “Now lets get going. The lake, and piece and quiet await.” We both got into the truck, and headed out to the lake.
The drive took almost three hours. We stopped about midway for dinner and then about six thirty, we arrived.
The cabin was pretty spacious, and more modern than I expected it to be. There were actually two rooms, one of which being a large loft above the second bedroom. The large loft had it’s own hot tub, and fire place. The beds were large, and looked very comfortable. The whole place was clean, and had a very cozy feeling about it. There was a note on the table in the small kitchen.

You guys have a great time, and don’t worry about a thing here.
Don & Family
P.S. I promised I’d dial your number if anything happened, but you’ll notice that you don’t have any service. Have fun.

He must have called the note in to some of the cleaning crew, and it was a nice touch.
“Ha!” Sally exclaimed. “You’re gonna go crazy without your cell phone.” She giggled.
“Naa.” I responded. “I’ll manage. I just hope nothing goes wrong in China.” The China deal was very important to my company, and if anything screwed that up, it could mean closing an entire division.
“Don’t worry.” Sally tried to comfort. “Uncle Alan is there. He won’t let Don do anything silly.”
“You are right.” I said. “No more worries. Now, I’m going to go upstairs, and unpack my stuff, and find my bathing suit. There’s a hot tub on the deck with my name on it.”
“The fridge is packed.” She said. “Looks like they have all the necessities. Wine, beer, soda.” She listed.
“Oh grab me a beer, will ya?” I asked.
She handed me a bottle, after opening it. “Can I have a wine cooler?” She asked.
I looked at her in my best fatherly face. “I don’t think so.” I said and I noticed the pouting look on her face. “I guess were not going anywhere.” I thought a second. “Ok, you can have one. No more than that.” I said
She smiled, and grabbed a bottle. She twisted the cap, and took a drink. “Mmm these are good.” She exclaimed. “I’ll change too, and meet you in the hot tub.”
I headed upstairs to the loft with my rucksack, and soon found my swim trunks. I changed, and headed back down stairs. I finished my beer, and got another. I took a long swallow of it, and decided that it wasn’t going to last very long, so I grabbed two more from the fridge to take to the deck with me. I flipped the switch on the wall, and the tub roared to life. I slipped one foot, then the other over the side, and sunk in to the bubbling warm cauldron of relaxation. I put my two extra beers on the edge of the tub, took another drink of the open one in my hand, and leaned my head back letting the bubbles and jets of warm water take away my stress.
“Is it nice?” I heard Sally come up behind me.
I managed a moan telling her yes, and I felt her slide in with me. I looked at her, and she was drinking one wine cooler, and had two more sitting on the edge next to my bottles. “Thought I said one?” I asked her.
“I thought you meant at a time.” She pointed to my two sitting next to hers.
I laughed, already feeling the effects of basically guzzling two beers. The cares of the world were flowing out of me with the help of bubbles, jets of water, and Budweiser. “Just don’t get drunk.” I warned. “The hangover from wine coolers is brutal.”
“I won’t she reassured, and then she slid herself close to me resting her head on my outstretched arm.
“Did you call me dad when we were at home?” I asked.
She didn’t say anything, and looked like she was embarrassed.
“I don’t mind.” I said. “You’ve just never called me that is all. It took me by surprise.”
She looked at me. “I want to call you dad. You’ve been more of a dad to me in the last three months than anyone has my whole life.” She leaned her head onto my shoulder. “I feel safe when I’m with you.”
I put my arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer to me, and kissed her on the forehead. “I don’t feel old enough to have a teenaged daughter.” I kidded.
“She lifted her head, and looked at me. “Do you feel young enough to have a teenaged girlfriend?” She asked moving her hand to the top of my thigh.
I started to object, but she cut me off with a kiss. Her tongue parted my lips, and danced around with my own tongue. I wanted to break the kiss off, and stop her, but I couldn’t. Maybe the beer had made me not care, I don’t know, but I didn’t stop her. I kissed her back instead. My hand moved to her back, pulled her close to me and we embraced passionately, She shifted herself so that she straddled my legs in front of me, and held my face in her hands. Still enveloped in the kiss, she pulled her self close to me, and I felt her crotch grind into mine. She released my face, and reached behind her. A slip of a knot, and her bathing suit top tumbled into the water. She wrapped her arms around me, and pulled herself to me, her bare breasts touching my chest. She started grinding her pussy, covered only by the thin bathing suit material, onto my stiffening cock. I reached towards her chest and enveloped both breasts, one with each hand. I squeezed, and kneaded each one, and rolled her stiff nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She let out a soft moan, broke the kiss, and arched her back, looking skyward. I buried my face into her perfect melons, licking and sucking, and teasing her nipples with my teeth. She was bucking wildly on my now throbbing manhood, sliding her hips back and forth wildly. “Oh daddy, oh…. oh…. oh…. I’m cumming!” She moaned. Her body tensed, momentarily, and then relaxed. She almost collapsed onto me resting her head on my shoulder. My cock was throbbing, trying to escape the confines of the swimsuit it was caged in. She slid herself back across the hot tub, coming to rest on the bench just opposite me.
She smiled a seductive smile. “Your turn.” She cooed placing her foot on my swollen crotch.
“Sally,” I objected, somewhat bringing myself back to reality. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” I rubbed my face with water “You’re a child, I’m an old man, It’s just not right.”
She continued rubbing her foot on my crotch. “But it feels right.” She pleaded. “I’ve dated guys my own age, and I’m not a virgin.” She admitted. “In my mind, you’re the sexiest man on earth, and I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want you.”
“But, I’m your guardian. I’m supposed to take care of you, not use you as a sex slave.” I protested.
“I don’t feel used, I feel loved.” She pulled her foot away from my crotch momentarily, and I saw her bikini bottoms float to the surface of the water. She then leaned forward, and I felt her hands reach for the legs of my swimsuit. With a stiff pull, and me raising my hips slightly, she had them off of me. My cock sprang free from its bondage, and stood straight up. In one fluid motion, she straddled my legs again and put her arms around me. My cock was pinned between our stomachs. She kissed me again, and then looked into my eyes. “I’ve been in love with you since I was thirteen.” She brought her hand down in between us and grasped my swollen member. “I’ve wanted you since that night in the hotel room.” She started moving her hand up and down along the shaft of my cock. “Take me, I’m yours.”
I couldn’t resist this goddess. I slid her back off of my knees, and boosted my self up so I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. My cock, now at her eye level, she again wrapped her hand around its base. She leaned forward and kissed the swollen head. The touch of her lips made every nerve explode. She opened her mouth, and took my member in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. She started moving her head back and forth taking more and more of my steel hard shaft into her throat. Impulsively, I put my hand on the top of her head guiding her hot mouth. I knew I wouldn’t last very long, and release was eminent. I had dreamed of Sally and her hot mouth on my cock since the night in the hotel. My dreams had come true. She sucked and slurped, and jacked my dick with both hands until she was jamming almost the entire length of my cock into her throat. “I’m going to cum.” I managed to grunt out, right before glob after gooey glob of man juice erupted from my throbbing glans soaking the back of her throat. She tried hard to swallow everything, but some dribbled down her chin and into the hot tub. She pulled my shrinking cock from her lips with a popping sound, and wiped the remaining semen from her face and chin with her hand.
She looked up at me with the emerald green eyes that would make me do anything as if looking for approval. I held my hands out. She grabbed them, and I helped her stand. I gazed down at her perfect, young, sensual body. Her pussy was shaven except a small patch of blonde hair shaped in a triangle just above her shimmering slit. She was perfect. I placed my hands on her sides, and gently pushed her backwards, and lifted slightly. She took my suggestion, and sat her tight, perfect ass on the edge of the hot tub, and immediately spread her legs to give me full access to the most perfect, most sensual pussy I’d seen in my forty years of life. I knelt down in front of my green-eyed goddess, and smelled her essence. My face only inches from her now steamy cunt, I could smell her musk, and feel the heat on my cheeks. I leaned forward, and grazed my tongue against her velvety outer lips. This made her body shudder. A little more intense this time, I licked the entire length of her slit, and tasted the salty juices that had started to flow, mixed with the chlorine from the tub. I held on to her hips, and pulled my face against her luscious snatch inserting my tongue as deep into her musk as it would go. She grabbed my head, and pulled my face deeper and harder. She ground her hips into me. I ran my hungry tongue to the top of her slit, and encircled her throbbing clitoris.
“Oh God, that’s…. um…. oh God…” Her voice trailed in ecstasy. I pursed my lips, and gently sucked her lively clit into my mouth, and rubbed the love nub with my teeth while inserting first one finger then two into her now dripping hole. I curled my fingers upward in search of her magic pleasure spot, which I soon found. I rubbed her G-spot, and sucked on her clit, all the while pulling her close to me.
“I’m…. oh…oh…. oh my God!” Her body tensed, I felt her pussy clench around my fingers hard. Her clit all but disappeared from my lips, and then I felt all of her woman cum gush around my hand, and fingers onto my cheeks, and face. I licked up as much of her nectar as I could. I felt her spasms subsiding, so I put my pursed lips directly on her clitoris, and sucked gently, but didn’t move. Another intense swarm of spasms erupted around my hand. Her hands on the back of my head were pulling my face into her belly. She jerked one final time, and then let out a long slow breath.
“That was amazing.” She was breathing hard. “Oh my God, you have to fuck me.” She got up from her sitting position, and turned with her back to me, she bent over at the waist, bracing herself on the side of the tub. My cock had regained its stiffness from the taste, smell, and the feeling of her orgasm.
I stood behind my sex goddess, and guided my throbbing rod near the opening of her love canal. I put the head just into the entrance, and started pushing slowly. I watched and felt the head of my cock enter her heated pussy. The walls of her inside caressed, and massaged me with every inch. Slowly, my cock forced it’s way inside her up to the hilt. I stood motionless momentarily soaking up the feeling of the young pussy wrapped around me. Slowly I pulled out almost completely, then forward again. She reached through her legs, and cupped my throbbing balls in her hand, pulling gently, urging my rhythm. I increased my speed slightly, as she increased the pressure on my balls. I reached around her waist, and started to finger her pulsing clit. She backed into me with every stroke urging me deeper, and faster. I stood, put my hands on her hips and started increasing my tempo. I forcibly pulled her to me, ramming my throbbing cock into the depths of her gushing pussy. In and out I pistoned into her, slamming my thighs into her ass, making it shake, and vibrate.
“Oh my god! Fuck me daddy… oh…oh…Fuck me daddy!” She wailed. I felt her pussy clamp down on my shaft, and felt wetness on my thighs as she erupted in orgasm, I didn’t let up on my rhythm, as I too was getting close to release. I pounded my cock into her dripping pussy harder and faster until I felt my balls tighten. “Oh God!” She screamed. As another powerful spasm racked her luscious body. I felt my seed starting to erupt through the shaft of my manhood, then explode from my cock. Streams of hot sticky cum filled her pussy, deep into her womb. I made one final thrust, as the last jet of semen erupted, then stopped. I felt her pussy spasm around my shrinking penis. The warm fluid of her orgasm, mixed with my seed dripped from her swollen pussy. I backed up slowly and let my shrinking cock slip from her depths. I sat down in the tub, and pulled her with me. We sat side by side, in each other’s arms, allowing the afterglow to consume us.
She looked up at me with a very satisfied look. “I love you.” She said.
I gazed down upon her, not sure how to answer that. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind before. I just stared down at her, then kissed her forehead. Did I love her? More than that, was I in love with her? All the feelings in my heart told me yes. Was it possible that I could have fallen in love with a teenager? I squeezed her close to me, and looked down at her. “I love you too sweetheart.” My dilemma solved.
We got out of the hot tub, shriveled and satisfied. We didn’t see the need to put back on the swimsuits, but we did retrieve them from the water. I held her hand, and we went up the stairs to the loft. We dried each other off, and then climbed in to the bed. We cuddled up, and slept, nude, and satisfied.

End of Part IV


2007-12-09 21:12:36
You rock George. That's all their is to it. 1000000000000000000000/** One of the best story lines here, lol.


2006-07-02 20:59:06
this is so awesome-at's well written an you only fucked up the manes once very hot


2006-05-30 08:58:22
I've only read one story that was better than this one. Anyway, damn straight! 12/10!!!! Keep 'em 'cummin!'


2005-11-08 21:04:05
Very nicely constructed. Hell, the stories before hand were excellent. 10/10.


2005-08-28 10:53:37
awsome story, keep them "cumming" 10/10

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