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My Wife Still Turns Me On When She Is Mad
It tasted so…! [Originally written in longhand in 1999]

Sherry had just returned from working her night shift at the TV station. Tonight she was wearing her usual pair of black-knit slacks and a tailored red blouse. I asked her if she’d care for a glass of champagne and she nodded. Then she asked me what the special occasion was. I explained to her that I had just had a pretty good night tip-wise myself and had just grabbed a bottle as I was stopping at the market for some smokes.

She grinned as I handed her the glass and asked me how much. I declined to tell her the true figure because she would automatically assume I had done something illegal. Her smile faded and she took a large gulp from her glass. I returned to the small living room and sat back down in my favorite “easy-boy” reclining chair as she followed me. I knew I was in for a grilling about the side-money.

I was sitting but still had my feet on the rug as she stood close in front of me. Not able to get her to change the topic of conversion I reached out and grabbed her skinny butt with both hands and tried to pull her down into my lap. She resisted but now the front of her slacks was right in my face and I had had just enough champagne in me to do something! She had already pulled the tail of her blouse out so I reached up and unzipped her and pulled the clasp open before she could react. She did however; spill a splash from her glass that landed right on her panties!

…It smelled and tasted really good. The mixture of champagne, female sweat and Sherry’s hot pussy juice made such a sticky combo in my mouth as I worked the tip of my tongue inside her tiny red slit, sucking my breath inward past her small erect clit. She grabbed the champagne bottle and poured all the remaining drops between her small but firm breasts. Then she pushed my head away.

“Fuck me between my tits,” she exclaimed, leaning over and squeezing them together as I slowly started to pump my stiff cock to and fro between them. I could feel it getting sticky as she squeezed them tighter and tighter.

“Come on, Teddy. Come on honey, you started this,” she moaned as her fingers pulled at her firm nipples, twisting them while she smashed her little tits together. I sat back in the easy chair pushing my cock straight up as if it were begging for more. Sherry then climbed over me, spreading her blonde fringed pussy lips apart and almost instantly she was inserting my throbbing knob. She’d always had a tight pussy but when she was very aroused it felt like fire inside and was so wet that I knew I could come right then, but I had to save it for a little longer. I wanted Sherry to ride my cock a lot longer. She wriggled around a bit and then sat down firmly, pushing it all the way inside her and began to slowly bounce up and down on me, screaming for more each time I hit bottom inside her.
Her pussy felt wonderful as she stroked my hardness, working herself furiously toward her first orgasm! Then she stopped and held perfectly still, letting her strong pelvic muscles massage my deeply embedded cock rhythmically for several seconds as her orgasm hit. Suddenly she jumped up onto her feet up and leaned over the nearby dining room table with her skinny white thighs wide apart.

I didn’t need directions and got up quickly, grabbed my throbbing cock and slid into her lewdly exposed blonde muff from behind. I was really into it, slamming it all the way in fast and hard. I held still a moment and then started fucking her quickly using long strokes, occasionally sliding my cock all the way out and rubbing the head against her protruding clit. She cried out as her hand slipped off the nightstand and we almost fell. She resumed holding the wall and shoved her skinny little ass back against me. I screwed her wet cunt like an engine, pounding into it hard and deep for a long time, finally bringing her to a noisy climax! She was so wet after her orgasm that her cunt squirted juice as I seated my throbbing hard cock fully up inside her again. I could feel her bony little ass cheeks jiggle each time I smacked my flabby belly against them. I held still in her warm, slick tunnel until I couldn’t take anymore. Then I yanked my cock out like a long neck champagne bottle and blew my white bubbles all over her quivering ass and back…

A bit later she was sitting on the floor in our bedroom looking in the nightstand drawer at the porn DVD’s there and began to slide her tongue up the inside of my thigh; quickly flicking around each of my balls, and down the side of my soft cock. With no warning she engulfed it quickly, sliding her mouth over it. She used her free hand to cup my large ball sack, once again playing with both of them. My cock swelled again almost immediately.
I climbed up on the edge of the mattress, sat down with my thighs splayed apart and motioned for her to back up against me and mount by cock facing away from me. Sherry’s little white ass looks really great in that position and soon I am really hard again!

Part Two: What’s on HER horny little mind?

Teddy is on his knees at my feet as he parts the lips of my swollen cunt with two fingers of each hand and expertly flicks his tongue against just the right place; this sends waves of pleasure coursing through me. He slides up my body slowly and sucks on one of my big nipples and both begin to stiffen nicely.

“Bite them, go on,” I beg. He hesitates, but does so, lightly. He returns his mouth down to my hot cunt and begins to work his tongue into me in earnest. Having already been fucked to orgasm twice I cum quickly, washing his eager face with my warm honey as he lifts his face up quickly. He comments that it was pretty fast, I must still be really horny. I tell him he has no fucking idea!

I’m ready now for another fast and furious fucking! I turn around, drop onto my knees and present my ass to his face, asking if he would fuck me this way first. He spreads his legs a little and guides me down until I can sit on his cock and slide it into me backwards, stroking my ass crack as I lean forward and wiggle my butt. He holds his wonderfully stiff cock against my tightly puckered asshole, but at the last minute, changes position and pushes it deeply up into my wet pussy. He’s really into it, drives it all the way in fast and hard.

Grasping my hips he pulls me down onto it all the way as his long pole begins to move in and out of me occasionally popping out and rubbing its head against my clit. He moves faster and faster, I push back hard against him. His fingers probe my clit as he goes at my soaking cunt like an engine, pounding me hard and deep for a long time, finally bringing me to another climax! After my satisfied cunt stops contracting around his deeply buried pole he pulls it out and yet another load of his come shoots out all over my ass. I tell him to rub it in all over and he does.

We both had put in long hours at work and had just enjoyed more action than I had seen in weeks! I still love that husband of mine.

Author Note: I'm a new writer here. Positive comments will increase the chances I'll continue...

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Nicely done. I really enjoyed the fact the wife had a nice blonde bush!!! I also liked the details concerning her female scent, would you consider throwing in some anal and describing the smell there as well? It's nice sometimes when a woman isn't just straight out of the shower and has a degree of natural scent to her!!! Thanks, hoping to see more, positive vote!!

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