Soldiers put a captive class of schoolgirls through a humiliating exercise routine.
Some of the captives were lucky enough to catch three or four hours of sleep before the time came to prep them for their second day of servitude. The most attractive slaves were less fortunate, suffering sporadic sexual assaults throughout the night as the cruel, horny young soldiers on the night shift forced the young ladies to participate actively in their degradation. The officers had ordered the men to give the girl's well-exercised vaginas and anuses a temporary respite. However not a single one of them would face any punishment or reprimand were he to reach inside the ring gag wedging a given young lady's mouth open, yank out the electrically-wired tongue clamps and shove his erect cock inside her tender little mouth. The girls were quite exhausted by this point, most having been awake for over twenty four hours continuously. In order to exacerbate the weary girls' torment the soldiers would generally stand still with their dicks lodged inside the girls' mouths, commanding the innocent little ladies to bob their heads back and forth and fuck the men with their childlike schoolgirl whore faces. Nearly every girl who managed to doze off under the constant assault of electricity and stinging insects all over her body would find herself awakened at least once during the night in order to actively perform oral sex upon a mostly passive male partner. The backs of their heads slammed painfully against the wooden stocks encasing their necks as they jerked their mouths up and down on the soldier's hard, saliva-moistened cocks to the minimal extent allowed by their confining wooden bondage equipment. The pretty young faces seemed exceptionally beautiful as their bright red cheeks filled and their full, pouty young lips puckered with each bob of the head over their spit-soaked male lollipops.
The bitches needed to be fully prepped before reveille. The porters and night shift infantrymen "awakened" the young women well before dawn. The porters filed through the rows and columns of imprisoned girls, quickly removing every single dildo, metal clamp, anal plug and shock pad from their bodies. After this they began to drizzle a pungent, highly astringent cleaning solution all over each captive's body, hair and face. The detergent caused a dry, burning sensation on their skin but it would leave them sparkling clean. The nimble teenage hands of the young female porters massaged the oil into the younger girls' soft, pale skin, gently working the goop deep all over the surface and even deep inside the most private regions of their bodies.Then they treated each lady to a torrent of bruising, freezing water from a hose, thoroughly rinsing off all of the salt, sweat and dried streaks of cum on their skin. Most of these ladies had been given nothing to drink since we arrived and they were all desperately thirsty. At the urgings of the porters they gulped down as much water as they could, not so much to quench their thirsts as to avoid drowning from the relentless tide of water surging about their faces. Within minutes each lady was painfully full, her abdomen bulging from her involuntary drink. Their bodies would use up this reservoir very quickly through strenuous, sustained physical activity.
Next came the internal cleansing as the now-fully-awake preteens experienced the rather embarassing sensation of having their cum-filled asses and cunts rinsed out and sucked dry of debris and male fluids. Their bladders were ready to burst. The catheter/plug accessory embedded in their pissholes had prevented them from relieving themselves since the soldiers first imprisoned them in the stocks fourteen or fifteen hours earlier. The porters popped each cork and used their cleaning apparati to suck each of the grateful women's bladders dry of urine before reinserting the catheter and dispensing an excruciating chemical irritant through the short, narrow tube. For the remainder of the day each girl would have to endure an urgent, burning desire to pee whether her bladder was full or not.
"nnnngggAAHHHHHHH ooh ohhhmmmRRRRGAHHHH!!" cried Emily through her raw, failing throat. Her pussy and thighs were covered in fire ant stings and in the delirium of her agony she began to imagine that insects were crawling up and down her urethra and vagina, viciously tearing her insides apart. Many of the other girls had managed to retain a greater degree of awareness and lucidity throughout the course of their torture than poor dazed little Emily, but none of them fully understood what was happening to them at this moment.
The ladies jerked and strained in spasms of agony against the cruel confinement of the stocks. The burning in their bladder quickly became so intense that many of the young girls felt like their clits, their pussy lips, their vaginas or their entire lower abdomens were on fire. Every girl longed for something to scratch that burning itch inside her pussy, to rub something pointy against her clit and soothe her raw private parts. This sensation would become the ladies' constant and faithful companion in the days ahead, intensifying with every movement of their supple young bodies and every touch to their tender crotches and asses.
While the outsides and insides of the captive girls' naked wet preteen bodies dripped dry in the cool morning air the porters put their hoses back in the utility trailer and rushed eagerly back to the stockade in order to release the young ladies from their unfair confinement. They unlocked the hinges of each pillory before swinging the top plank upward and letting the prisoners' limp bodies fall helplessly to the ground in heaps, still chained to one another by the ankles. It was almost time for the girls to become acquainted with their new "track team" uniform.
The ladies couldn't quite stand anymore after their long, grueling day and night inside the stocks. Apart from Michelle, Sarah Jane, Emily, Casey, Trang and three or four other unlucky ladies the entire group had been trapped in the stocks since the previous afternoon. The soldiers dragged the girls away from the stockade by their hair or their earlobes one after another. A few of the little whores managed to crawl along on all fours at a respectable pace with this additional motivation. The rest just lay limp as their asses scraped along the ground. After half an hour of stretching and some tender massaging from the porters and their arsenal of vibrators and dildos the captives' limbs began to regain some degree of functionality. Soon the naked wet preteens were standing up, jogging in place and doing jumping jacks just like the day before. The porters delivered their new "uniforms" and rubbed oil over every inch of the trainees' nubile young bodies to enhance the visuals of the coming day's various exhibitions.
A few soldiers entered the tents as many more emerged, rested and fresh for a new day of nonstop orgiastic fucking. As they enjoyed breakfast and coffee they watched the girls warm up and fondle each other.
Now that the girls were oiled and limber they could get dressed. Without question or hesitation each girl obediently donned the horrifying, dehumanizing running outfit. Within two minutes every girl was wearing clean, white cotton thigh-high socks and brightly colored converse sneakers. Most of the shoes were a bright shade of red or pink but they came in many other colors. Every girl had electrode-studded rods in her pussy and ass as well as painful, gouging toothed clamps on her clit, outer and inner pussy lips and nipples. The clamps were all wired, the leads connecting to a rectangular electric shock battery fastened with a leather band around the left thigh. These particular electroshock devices could be controlled only by radio. Fortunately for the young women these appliances didn't pack quite as much of a punch as the horrible wired implements with which they had just slept.
Soon the ladies would receive their first piercings, enabling their tormentors to decorate the slaves with deep metal studs and large, hooped rings for the purpose of conducting electric shocks to the tender flesh beneath the epidermis. But for now the soldiers were primarily concerned with breaking in their nearly virgin holes.
The ladies' cruelly oversized vaginal and anal accessories were held in place by a leather strap that looped up across the body and hooked onto the collar around each girl's neck. Over this they wore bright yellow biking shorts in sizes originally intended for girls from ages seven to nine with white stripes running up each hip. The translucent yellow shorts looked like napkins stuffed in their crotches and ass cracks. The fabric bunched up around their pussies and failed to conceal the cracks of their asses or the lower curves of their buttocks.
This being the second day of their training, the little ladies were going to be running in handcuffs. For the time being their "run" would be more of a hop, shuffle and crawl, owing to an additional set of steel cuffs that bit painfully into the tender flesh of their slim young ankles. With their feet shackled together they would experience great difficulty moving their legs and keeping their balance. Suspended between the six-inch chains joining their wrists and ankles was another taut chain of similar length that connected both sets of cuffs. Thus the captives could not stand upright nor take full, proper steps as they shuffled awkwardly onto the track.
Today things would be easy. Tomorrow the ladies would be running in high heels.
The soldiers directed the girls to assume starting positions on the track in two single file lines. Their asses thrust out in the light of dawn as they bent over in their uncomfortable chain hobbles. They stood as closely together as physically possible, noses thrust into the cracks of each others' bottoms as they waited upwards of seven minutes for the starting signal.
The gunshot rang out and the bottoms began to wiggle. Girls were tripping over each other almost immediately, scrambling back to their feet at the urging of whips and electric shocks to their tender bits from within and without. Two teachers and fifteen of the most graceful and athletic young students quickly placed some distance between themselves and the rest of the pack. As their electrified sex toys prodded their insides with every undulating movement of the hips and buttocks some of the girls reached climax within half a lap.
Casey the athletic thirteen-year-old cheerleader was near the front of the pack, hovering around sixth or seventh place. Michelle and Trang managed to stay near the middle. Sarah Jane and little Emily hung near the back due to the severity of the previous night's abuse. Emily in particular could only hobble forward at a modest pace, seemingly oblivious to the rain of whip blows upon her naked backside as it swayed slowly in the breeze. Emily needed lots of motivation. The soldiers' whips began to break her skin and blood trickled down her buttocks and thighs. She just moaned softly as she staggered, falling to her knees every fifty yards or so before a helpful trooper could jerk her back to her feet.
The fastest girls were allowed to run with little interference, but the soldiers pulled the slower girls out of the race at random, yanked the girthsome sex toys from their pussies and asses and fucked them vigorously on the grass by the track. This upset them severely as it greatly diminished their chances of a favorable position in the race. A few of the more athletic captives likewise found themselves tripped and dragged out onto the grass by overzealous troopers.
Sweat stood out on Casey's naked body, illuminating and highlighting her well-toned muscles in the morning sun. For a naked girl with her hands and feet chained together and oversized dildos in her cunt and anus she was jogging at a remarkable pace. As they attentively watched the thirteen year old push her body to its limits it occurred to many of the men that they were tired of waiting to get their rocks off. They decided to apply a handicap to Casey for the sake of competition.
“Hey, blonde cunt!” one of the men shouted, waving his arms in the air. Casey's eyes turned reflexively toward this new distraction. She failed to notice the soldier approaching from the left. He swept his leg in front of her and she tripped, crashing to the ground and landing on her head. She lay in a daze as the man who tripped her took ahold of her legs and dragged her to the side of the track.
Before she could take stock of the situation the men had yanked off her shorts, removed the electrically wired dildo from her pussy and unshackled her legs. One of the impatient young men grunted “Ahem!” and jabbed her in the belly with a cattle prod. She yelped as her head bolted up from the grass. The man with the prod tapped her thighs emphatically. She shrieked again before realizing that he hadn't shocked her. Suddenly she realized why they had removed the chain from her legs, and she began to comprehend what the soldier with the prod was commanding her to do. She spread her legs apart as wide as she could, displaying her glistening wet pussy to the gathering crowd of troopers.
"MMMMMmmmm agghghhhh ooohhhh!!" shrieked Casey as three men abused her cunt with their cattle prods. "Please torture my pussy, master, sir! I love it when you shock my cunt, it makes me wet and it makes me come, master, sir! oh mm oh AAAIIIEEEE!!" she shrieked as sparks flew from her pussy and ass. Despite her suffering she steadfastly refused to break character.
Casey's mind was reeling from pain and exhaustion but her mind was sufficiently clear and rational to understand that she needed relief from her torture, and the only path to relief was to do everything within her power to please and satisfy her tormentors. Her statement to the effect that she loved what was happening to her, that she enjoyed having her gentials subjected to whippings and electric shocks was purely fiction. But her cries of physical pleasure, the tingling and wetness inside her vagina, the trickle of fluid that oozed from within, her blushing cheeks and full, red, pouting lips and the involuntary orgasmic shudders that siezed her once every few minutes were all fully genuine and unforced. Maybe it was the girthsome sex toy lodged in her sensitive anus, maybe it was the sensation of electricity coursing through her pussy, or maybe it was simply a streak of masochistic excitement at being sexually dominated by a crowd of virile young men. Casey would not have been able to tell you at that moment exactly what was making her so horny.
She struggled to force her reflexes to submit, to overcome her body's compulsion to close her legs with each shock. Within twenty minutes she had nearly mastered herself, her knees coming together just slightly in an involuntary attempt to protect her crotch. She understood by this point that any effort to protect herself or mitigate her suffering would only motivate her masters to harm her further.
Unfortunately her gaping wet pussy and inviting pose gave her the appearance of a desperate, nymphomaniacal slut. The cruel comments and mocking derision of her tormentors cut her in a way that their whips never could. Each time her pussy squirted fluid in its hyperexcited orgasmic convulsions the crowd arose in a wail of laughter, and the men rewarded her by laying into her heaving young tits with leather straps. By the fourth orgasm her tits were raw and blood seeped from half a dozen cuts. This particular source of pain did little to arouse her, and she began to weep freely as her insuppressible moans of pleasure dropped in pitch, becoming sobs of abject pain and despair. The soldiers observed her receding eagerness, but their task was accomplished and her pussy was dripping wet. It was time to make use of her.
Thus Casey experienced heterosexual intercourse in the missionary position for the first time as the gathering soldiers gang-raped her in the grass. Most of them took the care to continue whipping her tits while they plowed her. They hadn't bothered to remove the electrified probe from her anus, merely dialing it down from an excruciating pulse to a pleasant tingle. Casey's sobs softened to intrigued coos in response to the sensation of tiny feet pattering up and down her insides. Splayed out as she was, the boys could see every twitch of her occupied anus clearly and in detail. Her coos intensified as her first partner mounted her and her pussy accepted his cock without resistance. After four minutes of thrusting she was moaning like a whore. The troops had granted her a temporary reprieve from her duties in spouting a constant filthy barrage of pornographic speech.
By this point the troops had dragged ten or eleven girls off the track for a quick gang rape. The ladies who were still jogging were mostly in the middle of their eighth lap. All of them were beginning to falter, but Emily lagged far behind the rest. The soldiers had finally lost interest in jabbing and whipping her helpless body as she shuffled down the track. Her pussy had been more or less numb throughout the activity, but she was slowly regaining some sensation and soon she would be all too aware of the burning inside her vagina as it ached and strained against the thick electric probe now occupying it. The insect bites and stings were still troubling her far more than the electricity.
As Casey finished pleasuring her sixth partner in a row Emily shuffled by in her heavy chains, her pussy peeping out through her skimpy shorts. As a closet lesbian Emily couldn't help but allow her gaze to linger for a moment on the blonde cheerleader lying in the grass wearing only shoes, socks and an electric buttplug, semen smeared all over her pretty young face. Casey opened her eyes and met Emily's stare for an instant. She could see the lust burning in Emily's eyes. As Casey's prospective seventh lover unzipped his pants to reveal an intimidating erection, he noticed Casey's wandering eyes and turned to see what she was looking at.
Emily was more beautiful than ever in her battered, desperate, disheveled state. She was crying and she didn't know why. The boys were used to this type of behavior. If the slaves didn't burst into tears at random moments, the soldiers felt that they weren't doing their job properly.
The soldier with his cock on display stepped over to Emily and siezed her by her handcuffed wrists.
“Over there, cunt!” He shouted, shoving her in the general direction of Casey's supine spread-eagled figure, emphasizing his command by swiftly punting Emily in the crotch from behind. She knew exactly what he wanted. The fifth-grade closet dyke took up position astride the blonde thirteen-year-old cheerleader's head, her feet on opposite sides of the teenager's head. One of the soldiers approached her, reached for her waistband and yanked her shorts to her knees. He unbuckled Emily's harness, sliding the electrified probes out of her pussy and anus. Both toys made embarassingly loud pops as they exited her orifices.
“Down!” chanted the crowd of troopers as Emily tried her best to mount poor little Casey's face. It was an awkward situation with her hands and feet cuffed together and her pants around her knees, but she managed to find a squatting position that wasn't unbearably uncomfortable with her anus just an inch from Casey's nose and her pussy lips resting on her face.
“Lick her, slut!” and remarks in a simlar vein arose from the crowd as six troopers thrust cattle prods toward Casey's crotch.
“One... two... three!” counted the men, activating their prods on the count of three with every electrode resting against some portion of Casey's genitals. She screamed and howled into Emily's crotch. Emily's facial epression shifted from a pout to a surprised and amused look that almost seemed like a smile.
Sparks flew from Casey's abused cunt as the soldiers zapped her again and again. She struggled to bring her own screaming under control so she could comply with her orders as quickly as possible. When the soldiers began to hesitate between zaps she began to lick as rapidly and as furiously as possible. She spared no effort to display her eagerness, thoroughly coating every part of Emily's nethers with her saliva as Emily shivered, moaned and quaked. Casey found herself intrigued and alarmed by the amount of fluid this little girl could produce. Soon she began to regard herself with just the slightest hint of pride when she began to produce catlike screams and yowls from her excited little lover. Casey had never suspected that any woman could make noises like that in bed, much less an eleven year old.
“Hmmmm.... ohhhh... ohhh yeah..... uhhhhh.... mmmmm!! OHHH OOOHH WHOA!! OH! OH! OOOOHHHH! MMMM OOOOHHH AAHHHHHH!!” shouted the fifth-grade dyke as she squeezed Casey's face between her thighs and ground her crotch against her mouth.
Casey was concentrating so intently on pleasuring her inexperienced young female partner that she barely noticed when the boys started fucking her again. Five more soldiers fucked her in succession, making her come three more times while she slurped desperately at Emily's vagina and anus. Emily just kept rocking and howling.
Each man pulled out just in time to come all over Casey's face while Emily rode her, smearing plenty of semen onto her own bald little cunt. Quite a bit of it got into Casey's mouth. Finally one of the boys removed the electrified plug from Casey's butthole. Onlookers noted her sudden look of dismay and disappointment with copious laughter. Luckily Casey the thirteen-year-old butt slut was about to get quite a bit more of what she really wanted.
The girls on the track staggered forward through their sixteenth lap. Ten of them had simply collapsed, Lying face-down helplessly on the track for up to fifteen minutes before soldiers dragged them away to the grass. Finally one of the officers signaled to a sergeant, who barked out “One more lap!” in a voice so gruff it was barely intelligible. Some of the ladies actually muttered prayers of gratitude under their breath.
As the race drew to a close Emily and Casey were riding each other in the sixty-nine position with Emily on the bottom. While Casey and Emily slurped at each others pussies a queue of soldiers took turns banging Casey in the ass. The blonde girl was howling with delight, her face pressed firmly into Emily's young bottom. Emily for her part was essentially slamming her ass and genitals into Casey's face, having lost all pretense of demurity and shame. At times Casey had to struggle just to breathe. A couple of men came inside Casey's bottom, but most of them pulled out just in time to stick their cocks inside Emily's waiting mouth so she could finish them off. The majority of their partners came all over Emily's face, but some of them managed to distribute some of their seed upon Casey's hair, cheeks, lips and tits. By the time the other girls were finished running this pair of innocent young lovers had been sprayed with cum from every angle.
The first girl to gross the finish line was a fourteen-year-old redhead named Kerry Thigpen. Her reward for her excellent performance was considerable, though she had won simply because her best competitors had been arbitrarily removed from the race.
As she crossed the finish line the sergeant stepped toward her, put his arm around her waist and pulled down on her shorts. He removed her harness and the electrical probes stuffing her orifices as she heaved an involuntary sigh of blissful relief. Then he shoved her to the ground. She landed butt-first on the sandy track with a light thump.
“Knees apart!” intoned the sergeant. Kerry's feet were still cuffed together but she managed to separate her knees. She sat bound in a lotus position, waiting for her classmates to arrive.
After two and a half minutes the next girl crossed the finish line. This one was a thirteen-year-old hispanic named Leticia. She had a nice rack but nothing so large as to inhibit her running ability. The sergeant stripped her of her shorts and her sex toys as he had done with Kerry. Then he ordered her to kneel in front of Kerry.
“Alright sluts. You with the red hair, put your legs over her back. And you, the spic bitch... get your head between her legs and eat her pussy. Fucking move! Now, you stupid whore!”
Leticia wasn't moving fast enough. The sergeant struck her backside with a heavy whip while Kerry draped her legs around her shoulders. The whip struck her three more times as she thrust her head into Kerry's pale white crotch and began to lick.
Just seconds later Michelle the black fourteen-year-old crossed the finish line. The men yanked down her shorts, pulled the electrified probes from her orifices and instructed her to lie on her back with her face just beneath the kneeling Leticia's crotch. Michelle took her position and began caressing Leticia's genitals with her tongue. She needed no further instructions or motivation.
The next girl to arrive kneeled in front of Michelle, servicing the black teen orally after some slight persuasion from the troops. And so each girl took up a similar position one after the other, forming a lesbian daisy chain that extended all the way around the track. The girls on their backs were the lucky ones, experiencing only light burning and chafing from the sand of the track. The girls on their knees would come out of the experience with scabs and bruises. This was by no means a quickie.
The boys decided that since these girls had very little experience in the art of cunnilingus, today they would spend an hour and a half in this position. In this manner they would have plenty of time to familiarize themselves with each others' bodies as well as their own. As the winner of the race, Kerry had earned the privilege of simply lying back and letting the other girls go to work on her with their tongues. It was simply too bad that she didn't find the experience enjoyable. She would have to learn to enjoy the attentions of other ladies very soon if she hoped to stay sane.
After ninety minutes of oral sex in the same position with the same partners, the ladies' mouths were dry and their bodies were becoming considerably fatigued. One by one the soldiers finished up with their playthings in the grass, escorting their cum-drenched bodies back to the track to take up position as the next link in the daisy chain. They permitted not a single lady to miss out on the experience, their first proper lesbian orgy. Casey and Emily arrived last, with Emily forming the tail end of the chain. Poor Emily, the most girl-hungry dyke of the whole bunch, had no one to service her. She lay on her back in the sand, Casey's round bottom covering her head and concealing it from view. A variety of heavy, breathy, wet slurpy sounds emanated from between Casey's legs. A couple of the soldiers couldn't help but notice that this girl was going through a lot of work for no reward. They rewarded her by lashing her exposed crotch with wooden switches. She shrieked and sobbed continuously throughout the ordeal.
As the first, second and third place winners of the race, the young girls Kerry, Leticia and Michelle were due for a special reward. Though many girls had failed to complete the entire run, the men faced the responsibility of choosing ten “losers” for scoring purposes. Therefore Casey, Emily, Trang Diem, Sarah Jane Birchmore, Mary Burton and five other girls who had collapsed or been pulled out of the race simply “failed to place” in the final scoring. The troops kept some very special punishments in store for girls who failed to place. Casey, Emily and Trang would never forget their first punishment session.

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