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Authors Note: Hey readers, thanks for checking out my first story I’ve decided to up and write. I was reading through a bunch of great stories by incredibly talented authors, and I’ve decided to give one of my ideas, floating in my head, a shot. Please note, there is not much sex in this chapter (there will be more later). Feedback is encouraged so please comment. Also, please mind the themes and if one of them is not for you, please skip this series. Thanks -AngelOFLife

Chapter 1, How it Began…

16 year old Jack was exhausted after his evening marching band practice. It had taken longer than usual because they had their first game to march in soon. So it became one of those Friday nights where one could just stay up late on the couch if you didn’t have a date or a party to go to and couldn’t quite fall asleep.

Jack was pretty easy on the eyes with a 5’8’ frame, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and well-toned muscles from several years of intense marching. He also doesn’t currently have a girlfriend, but he was working on that.

“Jack! Can you turn the TV down! I’m trying to listen to music!” his sister yelled from upstairs. He lived with his sister and mom in their two story house. It wasn’t a hard life by any standards; they had enough money, they had friends and neighbors, the thing is that his sister is an absolute total bitch to him whenever she could be. So that is how fate had gotten him downstairs, as far away from her as he could be, that set his chain of life altering events in motion.

“Alright! Just be quiet!” he called up, annoyed at her. He grabbed the remote and turned down his show a few notches. Their mom was still at work so they wouldn’t get scolded for yelling. Just as he set down the remote and heard music being turned up from above, a sound rang out from the back yard: PHEEEEEW-BOOOSH! As something slammed into the flower bed outside…

“Holy Shit!” he yelled as he went to the window. He couldn’t see much through the dark as smoke appeared sparks skittered out of the violets near the back corner. He ran to the door not even considering telling his sister. He fumbled a moment with the lock and jogged outside.

Shit I forgot a flashlight he thought silently scolding himself. However it didn’t matter he realized because miniature fires had started in the crater illuminating the ghastly view. He was now sure the object had at least passed through the atmosphere as ash and dirt caked the crater. The object itself was something to be marveled; it had honey comb shaped holes all through it perfectly symmetrical in all ways. It also appeared to be made out of a black metal that almost seemed so dark as to absorb the light around it.

He cautiously eyed it and slowly moved his hand over the small alien object. His hand suddenly felt icy cold on his palms. Not as if the object were radiating cold, but almost as if they were freezing of their own accord. What the hell is this thing? He nearly said aloud. Then he reached down and grabbed it. Nothing happened. He slowly picked it up to eye-level. It was fairly heavy but it was almost as if it had no temperature, no heat or cold met his hand.

Then the nightmare began… It began as a slow trickling melt. The orb slowly melted around his hand and by the time he noticed what was happening, it was too late. He tried to scream for help, for his sister, for anyone at this point but he couldn’t hear his own voice! He tried to shake it off but it only helped it to mold around his hand even more.

He was a maniac at this point trying everything to get it off as it slowly spread up his arm… He couldn’t tell where or when he collapsed because the last thing he remembered was the black plasma completely covering him almost in a third skin and it finally finished by covering his head…

He woke up in pure white. Almost like a cloud-like state in a dream. His thoughts were short and blissful. This really must be the afterlife he thought in complete acceptance. That thought kept turning over in his head when suddenly; he felt a pin-prick on his wrist. Then his leg. Then his cheek. They started spreading and increasing in both frequency and intensity. Through all this he felt he was being watched in a million places from every direction. As if some invisible sentinel were observing him calmly through Jacks bodily torture of prin-pricks. Just when he thought he couldn’t bear any more, he awoke in a hospital bed realizing the white he saw around him in the vision was just the blurred white walls and ceiling of the hospital. He also later learned the prin-pricks on his skin were just all his nerves coming to life at once.

Timed seemed so distant and irrelevant to Jack as he lay in his hospital bed watching doctors, nurses, friends, and family enter and exit out of his room. They told him he’d had a concussion and quite possibly a seizure. Her sister had apparently found him lying in the flower bed unconscious and in an unexplainable crater.

The words three months rolled over and over in his mind. Damn that’s a lot of classwork to make up, he thought to himself. That might be the least of his worries as he had physical therapy and he had to rework his voice.

But it was in the first three days that the occurrences started happening. The doctors discharged him after a day in the hospital as moderate sleep-walking and they gave him some nightly medications. He quickly stopped using them however because deep down he knew what had really caused the scene outside and it scared him. He had just started readjusting back into his life even though it felt like he had been in the sleeping coma for only a normal nights rest. So it occurred to him that it might just be his life readjusting to him instead of the vice-versa.

Anyways, it was on one of these days when he was feeling lazy and called around to his mom in the kitchen, “MOM! Can you make me a couple of PB&J’s?” He shouted this half expecting her to shout back a valid argument as to why he could make his own, when suddenly she popped around the corner, ”certainly” she said, disappearing for a moment then returning with his order . Smug he accepted her sandwiches. “Anything else?” she asked. “That’s all for now slave,” he joked. Yet she replied ‘yes master’ strangely seriously and walked off to her room.

He watched her tight ass in sweatpants saunter away. She was a very sexy redhead and in great shape even in her early forties with two kids. He removed his gaze and turned around to leave only to find his sister watching him with her arms crossed and a grinning. “I see someone’s a little worked up” she said giggling at her own cleverness. She was referring to the obvious tent in his pants. His sister was only a year younger than him at 15 but probably smarter and more mature.

“Hey that’s none of your business,” he blushed trying and failing to cover it.

“So I see you’ve acquired a liking to mom, but what about me?” she teased turning and lightly slapping her ass. Her butt was confined in her tightest short shorts and it wasn’t doing anything to help his erection.

“You better not say anything to her!” he said face reddening.

“Ok, Ok.” She said, “But seriously of all people, why mom?” She asked curiously. “I don’t know. Why are you so curious?” He continued. “But I suppose it’s not really just her though.” He said meekly.

Suddenly she became very aroused at the mere mention of him lusting over her. What is wrong with me, she thought. “Just shuddup and follow me,” she said dragging him upstairs and into her room. She shoved him in and locked the door behind him. “Okay listen to me. This is a one-time thing and to be honest, I have no idea why I’m doing this for you.”

She pushed him back onto the bed and jumped on top of him. Holy shit, he thought, this is actually happening. She slowly removed his shirt and revealed his nicely toned abs and arms. She lowered her head and lightly teased on of his nipples with his tongue which he actually thought felt surprisingly good. Then, she slowly kissed her way down his chest reaching the lining of his pants. With a couple of tugs and wiggling from both parties, she got his jeans off revealing his semi-tented boxers to her.

He considered the idea of maybe his six inch penis would be too small for his sister’s liking and he suddenly wished it would be bigger (it wouldn’t matter because she was pretty much under his control whether he knew it or not). But nonetheless, to his surprise he felt it surge in his boxers.

“Mmmm.” She moaned and rubbed the head of it through his shorts. Lightly kissing the tip, she pulled down his boxers revealing an 8 in. penis that looked to be almost 2 in. in girth. “Whoa,” they both said at the same time. He had never seen his penis so big before and she hadn’t seen a real one, period. She slowly wrapped her fingers around it and tested it. “Wow,” she said “it’s like it’s hard on the inside and mushy on the outside.” Giggling she slowly started to stroke it in an up and down motion eliciting a moan from Jack. He asked her to take her other hand and feel his balls. She complied, fondling them and bringing him even more pleasure.

His sister continued stroking him until she got used to it and then slowly brought her mouth down on him. She copied what she had once seen in a video and parted her lips to accept him in her mouth. She slowly worked her way up and down bobbing her head. Jack had to admit this was one of the single best experiences he had ever felt in his life. She continued bobbing up and down his shaft while letting spit dribble out to cover his dick. As this was only his second blowjob, the first being in a teacher’s restroom at his high school in ninth grade, he was close to cumming and said so. If she heard him she didn’t let him know as she kept sucking. He was at the point of no return “Well ok then,” he said as he grabbed the back of her head, grunted, then released ropes of thick hot semen into her throat which she gladly accepted and swallowed his seed without a word.

She slowly released her mouth and pulled off of him. His sister just stood there for a couple of moments seeming dazed and confused, then suddenly, “What the hell did you do?!” She roared, “I don’t know how you got me to do that and I don’t really care! It will never happen AGAIN! Now get out!”

“Jesus Ok!” And with that he ran into his own room confused with his tail between his legs. Now that he thought about, how did he get a blowjob from his sister and sandwich from his mom? And was it just a coincidence that his dick was getting bigger, or had it in fact grown? These were questions that bugged him, but little did he know he would be receiving the answers very soon.

He laid back on his bed desperate for answers when suddenly his vision blacked and the last thing he saw or felt through his tunneling vision was looking at his hand and feeling detached from his body.

God knows how much time passed until he came to. The first thing he noticed was that he was standing on a black metallic square pattern that seemed to stretch too infinite. The second thing he noticed was that the sky was black and yet he could still see clearly on the endless flat plane he existed on. The last thing he noticed was the man standing in front of him. The man was wearing a plain gray sweater and plain cargo shorts, and like his clothes his features were also pretty generic. Almost like this was who god used to model every human after but with slight differences or added imperfections.

“Hello Jack.” The man said.

“I’m dreaming aren’t I?” Jack replied.

“No, not in the sense you’re talking about. I created this dimension so we could talk in private. My name is (garbled noise that can’t be repeated in any human language). It doesn’t have a direct translation but the closest meaning in Humani English would be… Well it would be ‘The Angel of Life’,” He said grinning.

… To be Continued

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