Same as before but his daughter is disabled.
The next morning I woke up and was alone in my wife's bedroom. I looked at my wrist to find out what time it was. I could not see my watch! It was not on my wrist! Where had it gone? I grabbed a robe and walked into the bathroom and took a leak. Then I washed my hands and walked to the living room area of my wife's apartment. Rita was there with some of her kids but I noticed Amy was gone.

I looked at the wall clock and realized it said it was nine o'clock. I had overslept by 3 hours and was already an hour late for work. I turned to take a shower until Rita called out,"Don't worry Charlie. Amy is in your office and taking care of business." I went to the phone and called Margaret in her office. She put me through to Amy. "Hi, charlie, we figured you were worn out from last night's activities." I asked her,"Yeah you were probably right to think so. Is there anything that requires my attention?" She said,"Sara Wood has been talking to Josh and the private investigator says she is clear if you want to bring her into the family." I tell her,"What does she want us to do?" She says,"Just open the gate. She has her own car and we are stenciling her curb stop and putting signage up so she knows where to park it." I say,"I think you have everything well in hand." She says,"Mom wants to talk to you about the machine you designed I think you called it a Fuckmaster." "Okay I'll explain it to her, bye Amy, love you." "I love you too Dad."

I hang up the phone and ask Rita,"You have questions about the machine?" "Yeah, I don't know why we need a machine to fuck." When you have one man in your pussy, one man in your ass, one in your mouth, one titty fucking you, and a cock in each of your hands you might have a problem keeping everyone in sync. By running the machine it will move the girl up and down so all she has to do is lay there and enjoy it.

I told her,"The bed has different size pads for different sized girls and the stroke is adjustable so if the girl is 4 inches deep we take a four inch stroke whereas some girls can take you beyond their cervix and it can go up to a foot if we ever find a man that big." She says,"It is going to cost as much to build one of your machines than the 100 motion sensing computers and video switchers with cameras that we are ordering." "Yes but you only need one of these machines and we need all those computers and DVD writers."

I call my daughter in the classroom where she helps and she tells me she is going to be implanted with one of Arrianna Clone zygotes this afternoon. She says the girls and her are missing me and want me to come back to them. I tell her I love her and sign off with her. I went to the company computer in the apartment and logged in to my e-mail. There was a story on AOL that child pornography was being considered as a freedom of expression case before the United States Supreme court.

If they decided to okay the production and sale of child porn it would simplify our business as we would be able to sell our child stuff here and cut out the Japanese middleman. In the in-company e-mail I found a listing from the doctor of the women and girls that were to be implanted with the Arrianna clones. He also told me he had 13 zygotes right now and could freeze the extras for later use or even split them to make more.

I was working on scripts using the computer in Rita's apartment. They had all been uploaded to the server and so I and others of the management team could access them and comment on them. I was working on the twins virgin taking when they silently snuck up behind me. I realized they were there only when they giggled. I said,"Well, what do you think?" Queen said,"You know we both race and try to cum first so you have the competition just right." Then she walked up beside me and said,"The way you written it we need two men. I hope you are one of them and that you'll do me." I tell her,"We'll see what happens. We are not going to decide who does who before hand."

I will have to write scripts for all kinds of sex acts by very young girls. This is going to make this complicated. Then I remember that Charlene wants to feel her cherry tear it is a chance to use the alley set with the man being a drunk with his face covered with a newspaper and the girl simply sits on his cock after working him up. I call the airport to get a Tokyo newspaper. It would not do to have it filmed using a Memphis Commercial Appeal.

As I write the script for Charlene I hear a giggle and then feel someone opening my robe. I look down and Samantha is under the desk and has grabbed my cock and is jacking it. She looks up and says,"The doctor just refilled my Expander and I feel real full right now." I tell her,"You don't need to do that if you don't want to." She replies,"I want to." After a few minutes she has me hard enough to fuck if she could do that but she can't so she puts it in her little mouth and goes up until only the head is inside her lip and then down as far as she can go. She does not have room to get in position to deep throat me so only the two inches closest to the head have any action. Well, she was jacking the lower part of so I guess it was the best she could do with the restricted space under the table.

She was going up and down on my prick and jacking the part that would not fit into her mouth. I did not want to cum right now so I reached down and grabbed her under her arms and pulled her out from under the desk. I kissed the mouth that had seconds ago had my cock in it. I frenched her and her tongue came back at me the same way. I turned her upside down and as her T-shirt night gown responded to gravity I started lick her slit. At the bottom (remember she is upside down) I circled her clit with my tongue and at the top I tongue fucked her as deeply as I could at the angle I had. As I kept on doing this she started to moan sensually then she was gasping for breath and then suddenly she stiffened and quaked in my grip as she climaxed.

Then I put her down. She did not go away. She said,"Will you short fuck me so I'll be ready when I get big enough." I give up. I tell her,"Let's go to your room." She took me down the hall to her own little room. When she got there she sat on her bed and laid down with her ass at the edge of her full sized bed. I knelt at her bedside and licked up her slit and around her clit and back down to her hole. After about five circuits of this I felt she was sufficiently lubricated to fuck. So I put my still hard cock at the entrance of her hole and pressed it in. It went in an inch and a half. I started to stroke in and out of her with very short strokes. She sat up a bit and pulled her long t-shirt nightly over her head so she was fully naked. I started to massage her nipples. She had no tits being so young. I was in her about 10 minutes when she inhaled sharply and then shivverred in climax. That was enough and I squirted rope after rope of my cum into the child's body. When I was done I resumed the stroking and she stayed in a heighten state of arousal all the time. Then my organ softened and fell out.

I heard foot steps behind me. Lisa comes in and says,"I guess you prefer tiny tots to me! I told her, "She proposed it I did it. You did not come to me this morning." She said,"Momma said you were too pooped to pop so I did not think you'd be able to anything. Anyway she made me promise not to come to your bed this morning until you came out." Samantha cut in,"And when he came out I was there to suck him and be eaten by him and to be fucked by him. So don't blame him that you did not come to him before I got to him." Lisa mellowed then and said,"Sam let me clean you up and she knelt where I had been and ate my cum out of her sister's pussy. Sam climaxed again under Lisa's tongue and I realized she was showing signs of being bisexual. I guess I should not be surprised. Studies indicate that early introductions to sex can lead to same sex attractions.

I go back to the computer and re-check the e-mails. There are several from members of the staff requesting permission to use studio to produce their own features. I'm surprised to see a request from Dr. Katzenburg and his wife and two people whose names I am not familiar with. I go into the personell database and search for them. They are the daughters of the Katzenburgs and they have requested a male actor to join the four of them. I e-mail the Dr. and give him Josh's information The doctor's daughters are 14 and 6 and as I look at the younger of the two it is plain to me she had a vaginal expander before any other girls had one. At only 6 she can take me and Josh without difficulty. Apparently the doctor has been grooming them because I do not see them on the website at either our US outlet or the Japanese outlet.

Rita brings me another cup of coffee and a pill to take. It is my Cialis prescription. I was okay without it this morning but I'm not sure I'll be any good otherwise. She also hands me my watch. She said,"After all that you did last night I wanted to make sure you got enough rest." I put the watch on my wrist and look around. Lisa is nowhere to be seen right now. I hope I have not angered her too much. Soon I find out where she went as she brings me a DVD. I put it in the computer's DVD drive and watch the video of me consummating my marriage with Rita. The actual sex took only about 22 minutes but this DVD goes on for an hour as the different angles were used for different sections of the tape and my wife had somewhere around 5 climaxes. This DVD show 15 climaxes by showing the same one three times from different angles. Now I understand how the porn stars seem to last so long. It is faked by showing the same sex act from a different angle.

It was approaching noon by the time I finished viewing the video and I called the video room and said the production could run as it was. They told me that Amy had already authorized the release to be made at the end of the moratorium

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I had some clothes here in the apartment and put on a fresh set and went home to the apartment I shared with my daughter.

There was no one here. The apartment was empty. I turned on the television and tuned to the 24/7 porn internal channel. Right now it was showing the consummation of my marriage. While some of the kids were behind the cameras it will be put on our adult site because none of the children are in the frames.

I must have fallen asleeep as I was awakened by a knock on the door. I got up and answered it and found Josh, courtney and Carey. I invite them in. I ask Courtney why she is not is school. She said,"I did not know the girls here went to school." I answer her,"Yes, they do. I want Josh to take you to the educational wing tomorrow and they will see where you are and assign you to a class.

Josh asks me if he can keep Courtney or if not can he act with her in the features we make. I say it is up to her. Courtney tells me, "I will do whatever you tell me. If you assign me to act with Josh I know he will make me cum. So do you. But I will do whatever you want me to do as long as I can stay here."

Then Carey mentions something that I had not previously thought of. She said,"Charlie I've been here a few days and offered once to blow you but you refused. Now you've sent Courtney to Josh and I'm horny. If you want to do something with me right now I'm game." I reply, "What did you have in mind?" She got her 17 year old but off the chair she had sat in and come over and sat on my lap. She wiggle her fine little ass around and then put a lip lock on me and followed with tickling my tonsils with her tongue. My erection expanded beneath her seat. Josh said,"Excuse us" and left with Courtney.

My left arm is around Carey and my right hand is reaching up her skirt. I was surprised to find a bare pussy. Not only no panties, that is fairly normal in this place but not hair on it either. She saw the surprised look on my face and said,"Josh told the doctor to remove all the hair permanently. It involved some kind of electrode." I started to stimulate her by running my finger up her slit, around her clit and back down her slit to her hole and continuing this as she unbuttoned and removed my shirt and then she climbed off my lap and went out of my reach. She turned back to me and said, "Stand up." I complied. She removed my belt and unbuttoned my slacks and pulled them down. She pulled down my briefs. Then she untied and removed my shoes followed by my socks. I stepped out of the clothing.

She reached for my already hard cock and jacked it twice then put her lips on it and swallowed me up to my pubic hair. Then she clamped her lips over it and pulled back until only the head of it was inside her lips. She repeated this three times before I told her,"But now I'm not helping you to come." She said,"Lie on the floor on your back." I did as she told me. She crawled over me until her mouth was over my organ and her pussy was over my mouth. I lifted my head and began to lap at her slit and clit. She lowered her head until she again engulfed my organ in her mouth. She was working her tongue over it and pushing me beyond my ability to control. I let my head drop away from her pussy and said,"Carey, if you keep on doing that I'm going to cum in your pretty little mouth." She came off my cock and said,"If you do I'll just swallow it. Don't worry." Then I said what was on my mind,"But I want to cum in your pussy." Then she rolled off me.

I got up and reversed myself on her and put the head of my cock at the top of her slit against her clit. She moaned. I slid it down her slit slowly and stopped it at the entrance of her vagina. I asked her,"Did the doctor clear you for vaginal sex?" She simply nodded. "Do you want me to fuck you?" was my next question. And said,"If you don't fuck me after working me up this way you just leave me horny." So I started to slide my big cock into her pussy. Considering her reputation as Josh had told me in prison she was allegedly a slut. But if she was she kept her pussy in good shape. She was tight! She gathered her dress and pulled it off over her head. Her nipples were standing up like pencil erasers. I put my mouth on one and my hand on the other. She was gasping to get enough air to moan as she was doing now almost continuously.

Then I put my right foot outside her left leg and pushed her left leg in. Once my right foot was on floor I lifted my left leg and pushed her right leg in. She said,"What the hell are you doing?" My reply was, "Making sure you will cum." She said,"Okay" as I kept rocking my pelvis pushing into her and pulling out of her. She said,"It does feel really good." Then suddenly she tensed up and screamed,"I'm cumming Charlie." as she quaked then she lifted her hips and me with them. I lost contact with the floor so I just hung on for dear life. When she came down and my feet hit the ground I resumed the rocking of my pelvis and she said,"I don't normally cum that hard until the third climax." Then she resumed moaning and huffing and puffing to get the air to try to moan again. I was continuing to work and added a rotation of hips every third stroke when she again stiffened, quaked, had her back arch up. And again I was up in the air and unable to do anything but hang on. She kept me up in midair for nearly 30 seconds.

When she came down she said,"Keep on doing this to me and I may fall in love with you." I told her,"Sorry I'm already married to Rita." She had a ready come back for that,"Yeah, and you still fuck your daughter and all of her daughters and all of Rita's daughters." I said,"Yes, and now I'm fucking you." She said," And I love fucking you Charles." She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked at where and how I was entering her and said,"I'm going to have to teach Josh this one." I was busily rocking and rotating my pelvis to continue the stimulation I was giving this slut of Josh's family. Then she settled herself back to the carpet and said,"Let's roll over and put me on top." I wrapped both arms around her and rolled. My penis was still inside her vagina. She pulled her legs up and using them to push herself up and down she was giving me all the pleasure with none of the work. She was having trouble again getting her breath. She collapsed onto me and fell forward onto my chest. She was stiff I started to rock my pelvis to keep stimulating her as she quaked. She asked me,"How long can you last?" I said,"I don't know." She said,"You're exhausting me." Now I was on the bottom and doing all the work too. She said,"I need to finish." Then she got off me and put the organ that had been in her pussy in her mouth. She was sucking my cock and working her tongue on the bottom of it on the upstroke and circling the head at the top with her tongue.

I knew I could not hold out much longer and so I issued the warning,"I'm gonna cum." She said nothing. Then my prostate started to pump its fluid out of my body. Rope after rope of hot, sticky, greasy white semen flooded into her mouth. She was still pumping on it working her tongue over it just like before. She swallowed me down til the head of my cock was in her throat then pulled back with her tongue on the bottom of my cock then when only the head was in her mouth she worked her tongue around it, even as I was cumming! When I has shot the last of my load she tightly gripped my cock in her lips then pulled off of it cleaning up any of her lubricant still on it and all of my sperm too.

She got up. I got up. We both got dressed. Then I realized what time it was as my daughter and her two daughters came home from the school. One look and she knew what Carey and I had been doing. She said,"Was she good?" I said,"She was very good." She then kissed me with tongue and I returned it. Beatrice also came up after her mother and kissed me with tongue holding her body to mine and I returned it. Charlene came up after her big sister and held up her arms. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and kissed her. She gave me tongue and I returned it. She said,"Too bad Grandpa, I wanted to suck you when I got home but if you are already drained there is no point.

Carey cut in,"Charlie, I'd better go back to Josh's." So I escorted her out the door and made sure Josh opened up for her. We exchanged a wave as he did so. I turned around to see my daughter in the kitchen pulling out some preformed hamburger patties and frozen french fries. She brought out a skillet and fried the burgers in their own fat. she brought out a deep fat fryer and dumped in a batch of frozen french fries. I heard a shower running and wondered who was in it. I got the answer when Charlene came out of the girl's room and sat in a living room chair.

The porn channel was still on the Television. Charlene acted as if it was nothing unusual. I went out and switched it to NBC for news and they reported on the Supreme Court Case and that the administation was defending the current ban on child porn by saying since the acts of child sex were illegal then the creation of child porn picturing those acts was by its very nature illegal. They had several women who had been child porn actesses and while they admitted they felt used by the pornagraphers, they had become rich as a result of law suits recovering a proper share of the royalties from the films. Our company was sending checks to people who had left the company years ago because their stuff was still being sold and viewed on the website. So even if we got busted we were on good ground as far as what we paid the girls.

Charlene looked up after a few minutes of NBC and said,"Why did you turn that off?" I said,"I didn't think you wanted to watch that." She said,"I want to see you with your wife because I want to know what it is like to make love for real." So I put the TV back on the internal porn channel.

It was not on my marriage consummation anymore. It was a early Rita film on now. I saw the girl who would become my second wife as she had been at age 8. I see a resemblance between her and the man who just entered her bedroom. She asks him if he loves her. He says yes. she says,"If you love me why don't you ever make love to me like you do with mommy?" He tells her it is wrong and she is too young. She says,"But Daddy I know Mommy likes it when you do it do her so I want you to do it to me." He tells her,"The first time it hurts a lot and I don't want to hurt you." She thinks a minute then says,"If it only hurts the first time and I promise to do it two times would you do it then?" He says,"Rita, I know you think it is something you want to do but I know you really don't want to." She stands up on her bed and pulls her nightgown over her head and stand there with her hands on her hips and say,"I guess you don't like this body of mine since I don't have tits like my mom. But I think I have a prettier pussy than she does don't you agree?" He steps farther into the room and looks at her pussy and says,"It is pretty but it is not mine." She reaches down and pulls open the labia exposing her clitorus and says,"You like it better this way?"

He walks up to the bed and puts a finger in her slit and slides it up and down. She shivvers a bit as he touches her clit. The bed is high. It puts her hairless pussy at his mouth level. He leans in and licks her slit. She grabs his head, tilts her head back and says,"Oh yeah, don't stop, eat me Daddy!" The illicit couple stay bonded together like this as he continues to lick up and down her slit until she screams,"Daddy, I'm cumming!!!" She stiffens and arches her back as she shivvers in climax. As she comes down from the climax she tells her father. "Daddy that feels so good. Make me a woman right now. Make love to me." He strips starting with his shirt and when his briefs come down his boner springs from the elastic. His daughter Rita sits on the edge of the bed.

She looks at it. Reaches out and jacks it a couple times then licks it from the base to the head. Then she takes the head in her mouth and sucks it down to her throat and then pulls out with her tongue on the bottom of it as her father groans in pleasure. Then she releases him and lays down on the bed crosswise.

He grabs her by the ankles and puts one ankle in each shoulder. He lines up his precum dripping cock with his daughter's virgin pussy. He asks her,"Are you sure you want me to do this?" She said,"Yes, Daddy. I'm ready for you." Then she gritted her teeth ready for him to plow through her maidenhead.

He took his gentle time. He slid slowly into her vagina. She inhaled through her gritted teeth as he pulled back then held her breath in anticipation of his plunging into her. He did not have to wait more than a second. He slammed his cock into her hard, shredding her hymen, then held with his balls against her ass giving her time to adjust to the member newly inserted into her body. He asked her,"Are you okay, Honey?"

She resumed breathing and said,"Just give me a minute." After about three seconds she said,"Okay Daddy, Now see if you can make me cum." He started to stroke in and out of her. A closeup of their genitals showed a pink flow coming out of her no longer virgin pussy. It was her lubrication and blood issuing out.

He kept up a nice steady rhythum going in and out of her with long strokes that put his balls against her ass when he was in deep and left only the head of his cock was still inside her. In and out and in and out he kept on going. She was moaning the pleasure and starting to breath hard as he continued she began to gasp to get enough air. Then she suddenly stiffened and quaked as the orgasm took her. Her back arched up and she said,"God Daddy I'm cumming. You are so good." He said,"Thank you darling you are a very good girl too." He continues stroking and then said,"I'm sorry I can't hold off, You are so tight." Then is face scrunched up as he pumped rope after rope of jism into the girl's vagina. He continued to stroke inside her until he softened and his penis fell out of her pussy.

She climbed up and gave her father a hug and said,"Thank you Daddy. I love you and I want to do it again as soon as we can." The program ended and suddenly I was watching me and Amy the first night she spent at my home in Mississippi.

It seemed to me that they had more than my video here and then I remember the teddy bear had been a stealth nanny cam. They had combined the output of my VHS with her DVD from the bear. When Sabrina calls out "Supper's ready!" I turn off the television and go to the dining room. We eat the burger's and fries and Sabrina says,"Daddy, just because I can't take you in my pussy does not mean you have to stay away. I'm going to take an enema tonight before I go to bed and you can have my ass or my mouth if you want.

We all love you and we know Rita has more girls who also are willing to offer their bodies for your use but I am your daughter and have more history with you than anyone else does except maybe my mother. I ask her if she is still in contact with her mother. She says,"No. she does not love anyone. She is a lonely old woman now."

I tell her."I'm not sure your sexual abuse does not out pace your mother's sex with me over the years we were married." She said,"what do you mean?" I tell her,"She refused sex with me so often after you were born that we only had sex six times from your birth in 1985 to our separation in 2002. Such a cutoff is one symptom of her own childhood sexual abuse." She asked me,"Then how do you explain all the kids here? and me?" I explain,"We have a psychologist here don't we that counsels you on how to accept the abuse without much harm." She said,"Yes, but that does not explain me as I did not talk to him until just before Amy and I visited you, and that was to get advice on how to seduce you.

"I was surprised when you did not want to keep the pictures of the girls since the psychologist called you an opportunist pedophile." I had to correct that,"I am not a pedophile though I can sexually perform with little ones. I prefer to do mature women like Rita but will give attention to the young ones but they always have to initiate the contact.

Charlene had finished her meal in short order and disappeared under the table. I knew this because she had just unzipped my pants and extracted my cock. She was jacking it off and as it got hard she changed over to sucking me. She was bent over with her head tilted back so she could take my whole length down her throat. She was going up and down my cock and licking me as she pulled it out. She was a good cock sucker. When I had cleaned my plate I told her to let me go and I went to the living room putting my cock away as I went.

I sat down and turned on the television. This video was the night I had been tied down by Amy and then after she had me turned on enough to make love to her she walked out and my daughter had walked in and done the deed.

This too was only a week or so away so I should remember it. I watched as Amy was stripping in my room my daughter had stripped to the skin in the back bed room. The video switched between the cameras every five seconds like clockwork. Amy and I went to bed and every five seconds I saw five seconds of my daughter with her fingers in her pussy masturbating herself. The time with Amy and me on camera we were making out and she was asking me to let her tie me up like I had her the night before. So as Amy tied me up we saw my daughter climax under her own hand. As Amy tied my feet the other camera caught Sabrina inserting a small thumb sized vibrator in her vagina and moving into the bathroom. The computer switched on the camera in the bathroom as even Sabrina's breathing was enough to trip the motion sensor.

Amy had stroked my cock in her hand until I was almost fully hard and then had begun to suck my cock until I had a rock hard almost painful hard-on. Then my redheaded nympho called out,"Sabrina He's ready, Are you?" We see my daughter, naked, walk into the room. Amy says,"He's all wrapped up in a bow for you." as she leaves the room. My daughter climbs up on the bed and pulls the vibrator out of her vagina. She is seen passing it under my nose then she shoves it up my ass and then she takes my cock in her mouth and takes it in and out twice. Then she comes off and says,'Watch this." as she dives on my cock and takes all of it town with the head of it in her throat! I asked her,"Who taught you that?" She said,"Amy taught me that and I taught my girls. I could finish you off this way but I want you in my pussy. She stood up on the bed. Straddled me and then squatted over my middle and impaled herself on my pulsating organ. Now she was violently going up and down on my shaft taking out all her frustrations over the abuse I had inflicted on her when she was young. She was breathing hard. Then as her stimulation increased she was gasping for breath and moaning sensuously. Then I see her stiffen and scream out,"Daddy I love fucking you." she was quaking and her back was arching. She was not alone I too was cumming and pumping rope after rope of white, sticky greasy cum into her body. When we both came down from our climaxes she got up and without saying another word she gets up and walks back to her bedroom through the bathroom.

Amy enters from the bathroom and asks me,"Well, Was she good?" I replied,"Good doesn't cover it. She was great." She replied,"I'm frustrated." Then she sits on my face and I eat her pussy. You could see Amy convulse into an orgasm not once but twice before Sabrina returned to the scene of her new incest. As she enters Amy comes off my face. Sabrina asks me,"Will you eat me if I've douched?" I answer her "Yes." So now she sits on my face and says,"I just did." As I am eating the daughter that had been more of a wife to me than my legal wife Amy is untying me. My right arm was freed first and then the left one. When my ankles were untied. I push my 29 year old daughter off my face and put her on her back and I kneel between her legs and eat her as I did when she was young.

My penis had faded after my daughter had left but it was back to full size and hardness as I asked my daughter,"Do you want to fuck me again?" She nods. I pull her down the bed and lie on top of her lining up the head of my cock with her opening. I slid it up to clit and back down again then I push myself back into her. This is slow gentle love making then after a little time you can hear her breathing hard. Then she starts the rhythumic moaning . My hands are on her breasts and our mouths are locked together with our tongues exploring each other's mouths. She screams "Daddy you are so fucking good to me!" as she cums and my hands go from massaging her breasts to holding on as she lifts me off the bed as she cums. My grip failed as she rolled back and forth and threw me off the bed.

I climbed back up on the bed and as she came back to reality I slipped it right back into the dripping white cunt I had just been ejected from. She settled back down and cycled back up to breathing hard then gasping for breath. My hands are back on her beautiful tits and our mouths are again locked together with our tongues entwined. You can hear her moaning into my mouth as her stimulation increases then she again stiffens, quakes and arches her back lifting me off the sleeping surface. She screams out,"Daddy you are so fucking good to me." Then as she comes down back to reality she says,"Daddy, if you want to cum on my tits or in my mouth it’s okay with me.” I reply,"You don't have to do that. I'd be perfectly happy to cum in your pussy." She answered, "Anything you want.' Her arousal again overcomes her ability to speak as I continue thrusting in and out of her pussy. She's moaning and gasping for air. Then she stiffens, quakes and arches her back. This time she had a grip on me, my cock is locked in her vagina.

As she comes down I warn her,"I'me gonna cum" She says,"Take it out and give it to me and opens her mouth." I comply and pull out of her pussy. I crawl up to her mouth and put it in and she takes it in and out using her neck muscles to lift and lower her head. She smiles as the cum shoots into her mouth and you could see her throat move up and down as she swallowed six times to get it all down. She she pulled back and let it escape cleaning off her fuck me juice and my cum.

She exits and the living room cameras show her going to the computer and sending out an e-mail. Then she returns to my room and and asks "Can I sleep here tonight?" I could not say no after what she had just done with me. You see me walkout of the bedroom, reappearing in the bathroom and removing the little vibrator. I wash it in soap and water and leave it on the counter top. Then I can be seen leaving the bathroom and returning to my bedroom where I fell asleep holding the daughter I had just made love to.

Charlene had finished her homework and was back in my lap. She was wriggling her ass on me and my cock was hardening in response. She felt it and climbed off my lap and upzipped my fly and extracted my cock. She again put it in her mouth and fucked herself with it. She went up and down and as it came out she held her tongue on the bottom of it. Her sister came up and asked her,"Will you share?" Charlene came off my cock and Beatrice put it in hers. She went down on it then back out keeping her tongue on the bottom of it. She came off it and her little sister did it once and the two girls alternated while their mother put the dishes and pans in the dishwasher and put her deep fat fryer away. When she was done she joined her daughter. Charlene would swallow it into her throat. Then Beatrice would do the same. Then my daughter would do it once. Now there was time for the girls to take of an article of clothing between each suck they took. So piece by piece each girl and woman wore less and less clothing until they were naked. Each girl was running their tongue around the head of my cock before releasing it to their next in line. They kept this up for about 10 minutes and I knew I was going to cum soon. I warned them,"I'm gonna cum soon." Charlene sucked me twice then put her hand on it. My daughter reached for my balls and gentle stroked them. Charlene was complaining it was her turn when I released and Charlene took my jism right in her face! It was on her forehead and cheeks and on her nose and one rope was in her mouth and another on her chin.

She reached up and pickup up the sticky liquid on her fingers and put them in her mouth to clean herself off. Her sister and mother helped her and tasted my load as they worked at cleaning up the youngest of my grandchildren. When they were done I put my organ away and went to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of milk.

Sabrina looked at me and said,"Dad since when do you drink milk?" I tell her, "I think it will help me regenerate myself since you want me to sleep with you tonight." I looked up and saw a video of Karl being sucked off by three of his daughters who were taking turns on it just as my three offspring had just done to me. I recognized the three girls on the screen as Amy, Brittany and Courtney as they had been when Amy was 8 and Brittany 7 and Courtney 6. Cute kids all. Too bad they had become such little sluts and grown into big sluts.

That video ended and Sabrina said, "I got an E-mail today asking permission to install Video and audio monitoring equipment in this apartment for possible production of pornography. I'm guessing that you are behind it. Am I right?" I answered her honestly,"Rita looked at the video of my seduction back in Mississippi and wanted to set up a system like that here. That would have fine if only one family lived here but with all the people who live here the video would have been fragmented so individual computers will be installed in the backs of the closets to run the software and send the video to a DVD writer."

Then Charlene cut in and said,"Grandpa we made you cum and you did not make us cum. That's not fair!" I got up and told her lay down on the floor. I laid down on top of her and kissed her. She gave me tongue. I started down her little body and kissed her chin, neck and middle of her collarbone. Then I went down and kissed each nipple. Then I kissed my way down to her navel. This I slipped my tongue into. Then I went down to her still virgin pussy. I ran my tongue up to her clit, around that little man in the boat, then back down to her vagina to pick up additional lubricant then back up to her clit. She started breathing hard almost immediately. I put two fingers into her pussy as I continued working my tongue around her clit and down to where the fingers went into her. Now she was moaning and gasping for the breath to moan. I kept up the assault on her sexual parts and was rewarded for my effort when she stiffened and quaked in her climax. She grabbed my head and held it in place and kept it up through the climax. Her back did arch just a little as she rocked back and forth as she lost control of herself.

She was coming down from that orgasmic experience when she said,"Grandpa I love having you do that. It makes me feel so good." She gets up and kneels in front of me and crawls up and kisses me with tongue. I, of course, returned the same to her. When we separated she got up and put back on the clothes she had removed during thier group blow job.

I stood up when Beatrice walked up, still naked, and said,"My turn grandpa." and laid down with her legs spread and waited for me to take up the challenge. I crawled on my knees to the appropriate position to eat her pussy and bent into it for the task. I immediately went to work at her pussy putting two fingers into her vagina and putting my tongue on her clitorus. I circled the little man in the boat and went down her slit to where my fingers entered her still virgin pussy and back up to her clit and which I lightly nibbled on. She was breathing hard and started moaning. I ran back down her slit and pulled out my fingers to tongue fuck her. When I pulled out my tongue I re-inserted the fingers which I was spreading when I pushed them into her hymen and closing them as I pulled them back out. My tongue continued the assault on her slit and clit. She began to gasp for breath as I continued this action. I wanted her to cum hard and was working to make it happen. I again nibbled her clit and was reward with a stiffening of her body and a quake of her body followed by an arching of her back that raised her but off the floor. I kept up the licking and fingering as she continued to cum.

Her hands came down and grabbed my head. Instead of holding me in place as her sister had she pulled me up to her face and kissed me with her tongue reaching for my tonsils. She released me from the kiss and said,"Thank you Grandpa. You do that so well. I'm only sorry I can't fuck you yet." I replied,"That will come very soon." She said,"Thank you grandpa."

I thought it was over and done with but my daughter had another idea. As I stood up and looked around she laid down and spread her legs and said, "Daddy, My turn." She had maintained the bare shaved pussy that she had shaved when at my Mississippi home. I knee walked over to her and told her,"I hope I can satisfy your need. My tongue is getting tired.

Since she was not a virgin I could slip two fingers in to her G-spot. I began to rub it inside her and put my free hand outside her body pushing on the same spot I was rubbing inside her. She immediately started moaning syncronized with my rubbing inside her body. My tongue was circling her clitorus and going down and up the slit repeating the action again and again and again. I kept up this assault on my daughter's genitals as she transitioned into gasping for breath. There was a heat radiating from her body. I licked up to her clit, circled around it and went back down her slit to where my fingers entered her. She was now close to her orgasm and being older it was sure to be a full blown climax.

It hit with a vengence. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pushed me into her as her body stiffened. She rocked first to her left and then to her right. She recentered herself and arched her back and lifted her whole body off the floor as the orgasm grew within her. She Screamed,"Daddy you are too good and eating my pussy. God I wish I could fuck you. I'm sorry I ever fucked Jeff." I hung on as she continued shaking and then she collapsed to the floor. She was crying and I kissed away her tears and said,"I can love you without any sex as I did from the end of your childhood abuse until you reported it and I left the house." She said,"Yes, but the sex is so good."

She release my head and I backed away from her and stood up. I said,"I hope I have made all of you happy." Sabrina stood up and kissed me with tongue and said,"Of course you did. Daddy" Then Beatrice came up and said,"Grandpa, I can hardly wait to take that cock of your into my body and fuck you." I replied,"I look forward to the day I can make love to you." She came up and pressing her body into mine she kissed me with tongue which I returned to her. When we broke the kiss little Charlene came up and held her arms up. I picked her up and as usual she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She said,"Thank you for letting me cum. I hope to be able to cum with you inside me soon." I told her,"I'm hesitant to make any promises on that but when we are sure it will be safe we will do it."

We all sat in the living room watching the porn channel. It was now on a kiddie porn with young Peter being sucked off my the twins. Queen and Rayna are working the youngsters cock up and down and while he does not have enough to deep throat him but he was enjoying what they were doing. Each of the girls took turns taking his cock into their mouths and working it in and out five times before the other twin took over. Peter was talking about wanting to fuck both of them. So Reyna opened up her labia and pushed him into her cunt. This was safe. He was too short to hit his sister's hymen. He pushed her into a wall and rocked his pelvis to fuck his sister. He was at it for about five minutes when he shook and his face scrunched up as he had a dry orgasm. When he came down he pulled out his younger sister and knelt before her and began to run his tongue up and down her slit. She reached down to hold him in place and he did this for five minutes until she stiffened and quaked in orgasmic bliss. As she came back to reality she said,"Don't leave Queen waiting." Queen is laying on the bed with her but on the edge of it and he kneels and dives into the girl's cunt lapping up her clit to her clit and back down to her vagina and back up and down again and again and again. Soon she was stiff and shaking in orgasm. As it ended. Charlene left and went to her bedroom then came back in her nightgown for a hug and kiss before she went to bed. This was a no tongue kiss. Just a token of chaste affection.

We switched to regular TV to watch a network show. Sabrina was on my right and Beatrice on my left. This was a detective series. Not really my cup of tea. I've always preferred Science Fiction but Star Trek was now a movie every third year and Star Wars was also a series. But neither was an active program on the television right now. After it was over both of the ladies got up. Beatrice returned to the bedroom she shared with her sister. Sabrina was emptying the dishwasher and putting all the stuff away back in the cabinets. Before Sabrina had finished her task, Beatrice came back in her nightgown and sat on my lap. She kissed me with tongue and said,"Be good to my mother tonight." Then she retreated to the bedroom and went to bed. Sabrina returned to my side. She turned it back to the internal porn channel.

She reached out to my chin and turned my head toward her. She kissed me on the mouth and said. "I'm going into the bathroom to clean out my bowels. If you want my ass you can take it. If you want my mouth you can have it." What if I want to titty fuck you?", I asked her. She answered me,"If that is what you want I'll let you have that too."

We sat there making out for a few more minutes until she said,"I have to go get ready." She entered the bathroom. Left the door opened. I heard the water running and then heard her fart as she discharged the fluid she had put into her rectum. The toilet was flushed. I heard the water run again. After a few more minutes I heard her discharge the fluid into the toilet. Once again the toilet was flushed and once again the water ran. Then I heard my daughter call me. "Daddy come here." I went into the bathroom and she said,"Is that clear enough for you?" I did not look into the toilet. I told her,"I trust your judgment." She said,"Don't you remember what Ronald Reagan said,"Trust but verify." I looked into the toilet and it was as clear as it was when it was refilled. I said,"It is fine."

I embraced her and kissed her. our tongues wrestled for position. She pressed her body into mine. She kissed me and again our tongues wrestled for position. With her luscious breasts pressing into my chest and her pelvis pressing into my groin I knew I would respond and so did she. My organ swelled into a full blown erection as we continued to neck. After a few minutes she said,"Let's go to bed." We walked out of the bedroom and into her room with my arm around her waist.

She told me to lay down on the bed with my head in the middle. This was like we used to do sixty-nine when she was a young child. So I climbed up on the bed and lie down on my back and she climbed over me and put her pussy directly above my head and she had her head directly over my groin.

I looked down my body and saw her lower her head and take the head of my cock in her lips. Her tongue came out to tough the tip of it before she took the head in. Then she plunged down my shaft taking it to the back of her mouth. I raised my head up and started to lap at her cunt. I licked down her slit to her clit and back up to her vagina. I ran it down her slit and around her clit and back to her vagina. I continued this same cycle again and again and again. I put my hands up to her sides where the lowest ribs are and I could feel her breathing very rapidly. I slipped my fingers up to her breasts and massaged her nipples until they hardened up. Now I could hear her gasping for breath as she sucked my cock and I continued to eat her pussy trying to drive her to orgasm.

She plunged down my shaft then raised her head until her lips were around the head of my cock. Then she plunged down until it was in her throat. She was pushing me toward my orgasm and ejaculation. I did not want to cum yet. I pulled my abdominal muscles tight to hold off.

I kept at it and suddenly she nipped me with her teeth and then raised up as her pelvis lowered as she climaxed. I kept up the stimulation as she moved, moving my head to match her movements. She was rocking forward and backwards and right to left. She was no longer sucking my cock but I was still hard as stone and if she had been okay to have vaginal sex with I would have. As she came down she said,"You made me cum first. How do you want me to make you cum?"

Can I titty fuck you? She rolled over on her back next to me and I got up and put my already hard cock between her C sized breasts. She understood exactly what I wanted as she grabbed her breasts and pushed them together over my penis. I began to rock my pelvis as I had rubbed myself on her when she was young. She said,"Fuck my titties Daddy. Give me a pearl necklace!" I was doing what she had suggested and soon enough I started to shoot rope after rope of the pearlescent, sticky, greasy, liquid semen my body produced. Most of it landed on her neck but the first shot had hit her on her chin. She said,"This is the messiest way to make love Daddy." I reached for the kleenex box on the night stand and pulled out a tissue to wipe up the mess. As each became saturated I threw them to the waste basket. When I was done I laid down beside her and slipping my arm under her neck I fell asleep holding my daughter.

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