Hi to all my faithful readers, and welcome to Part 1 of my new story. Firstly a confession, this is not the story I promised when I concluded ARE WE TEACHING THE CHILDREN. I have been corresponding with a delightful lady who convinced me to write a story about her personal fantasies, and acknowledge she thoroughly side-tracked me! So a big hi to AF, and I really hope you will enjoy your story! Many thanks to Monique also, as it is people like you that I write for and your kind comments are sincerely appreciated.

As you will gather from the title this is an incest story, so if this is not to your taste then please move on to something you will enjoy more. We all know incest is illegal as are many other activities, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy a work of total fiction where nobody was exploited or harmed in any way. Please remember the right to free speech is legally enshrined in virtually every democracy in the world, so don’t allow your prejudices to spoil the enjoyment of others.

I have realized the futility of placing myself under pressure by putting an anticipated release date on the end of a posted chapter, so I have written four parts to this story that I will post at weekly intervals. Once we reach that point I will review how it is rating and the comments it receives, and see whether you want me to continue or get back to writing the story I had originally planned!

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*********************************** PART 1 ***************************************

“DADEEEEEEE!!!!” The light of Jason’s life squealed in delight as the bedroom door slammed open and his daughter jumped up into his strong arms.

“AUDREEEEEY!!!!” He bellowed in kind, showering her face with butterfly kisses as he held her tiny body against him, his hands resting under her tight butt to find she’d forgotten her panties, again.

“Audrey honey. How many times have I told you that you really need to put your panties on!” He chided with a complete lack of conviction.

“No knickers again?” Her mother Amanda commented in mock surprise. “I swear girl, you’d forget your head if it wasn’t permanently attached. You’re thirteen years old Audrey, you really should be able to remember your underwear.”

She looked suitably sheepish. “Jeez Louise, sometimes I just forget, ok?” Then she looked up at her father and winked.

Amanda completely missed that as she surveyed her open suitcase, mentally checking she hadn’t forgotten anything important. Jason watched her pack a few final items and shrugged in resignation. “So you’re back in a week babe?”

She turned and gave him a half-hearted smile. “I hope so but don’t hold me to it. It’s a major restructure so there could be unexpected problems to deal with. I’ll let you know either way as soon as I can, ok?”

“I guess.” Jason acknowledged, as there was nothing he could do to change things. He thought about how they had changed so dramatically from the two kids who met and fell in love fresh out of college. Back then they were full of ambition and ready to take on the world, and their relationship was just as intense. He couldn’t help but smile as he remembered how she used to be, insatiable and voracious, prepared to try anything in the bedroom and often outside it as they enjoyed each other and expanded their sexual horizons. Their careers blossomed and they decided to start a family, welcoming Audrey into their lives, but the delivery was not without complications and a hysterectomy meant she would never have a brother or a sister.

At that point their sex lives waned, perhaps because Amanda felt incomplete as woman though she never acknowledged that possibility, and then the second axe fell when Jason was made redundant just as the economy took a significant downturn. Weeks became months as he emailed hundreds of resumes and attended countless interviews, always being told he was over-qualified or not exactly what they were looking for. But during this period two disparate factors came into play.

The first was that Amanda had been lucky enough to join a major company that specialized in large scale corporate restructures and redundancies, so hers was one of the few companies that experienced solid growth in difficult times. She applied the effort and was recognized accordingly, being rapidly promoted up the ladder until her income matched their previous combined salaries. However, there are always trade-offs, and hers involved longer hours at the office and increasingly frequent trips away.

The second was somewhat different, as having a young child to care for could have created problems if Jason had not willingly stepped up, and he became Audrey’s primary care-giver and educator until she joined school. The role reversal could have bruised a lesser man’s ego, but to Jason it made perfect sense. While Amanda was enjoying life as a corporate executive, his priority was to spend quality time with his daughter in her formative years. He also became a competent home handyman, taking on increasingly complex tasks such as rebuilding the bathroom and kitchen, before building a large extension on the back of the house. He remembered the inspector who came out to sign off on the addition, and the way he kept nodding his head as he walked around before shaking Jason’s hand firmly. “I haven’t seen work this good for a long time. You should get a job building houses for a living because you’ve done a bang-up job here. They’ll knock this down long before it falls down!”

When Audrey enrolled in school he resumed looking for work, finally being accepted into a major firm at his previous level. But he was no longer the good corporate team player, and struggled to accept the office politics and the necessity to kiss-ass to advance. His dissatisfaction grew stronger until he tendered his resignation, and found a job with a construction company much to Amanda’s dismay. She finally accepted his need for change, primarily because he’d never been happier or more satisfied. The crew he worked with was a solid group of hard-working, easy going men, and there was plenty of satisfaction walking away from a building site for the last time and saying “I built that, and I built it to last.” There was an added advantage as they started and finished early, which normally saw him sitting outside Audrey’s school when a torrent of screaming kids charged out the gates.

A car horn interrupted his sojourn down memory lane and he realized Amanda was looking at him. “That’s my cab Jason, can you bring my bag please?”

“Umm….sure.” He replied, setting Audrey down and picking up the heavy case as they followed Amanda’s clicking heels down the hall. The driver popped the trunk and Jason slid the case in before embracing his wife and giving her a quick kiss. “Shame we couldn’t fit date night in last night.” He said with a tinge of regret.

Amanda shrugged and smiled. “I was looking forward to it too honey. I had no idea that prep meeting would go until after midnight.”

“You and I could have date night tonight Daddy!” Audrey piped up, trying to be helpful without realizing date night normally ended in a pleasant period of lovemaking, which had Amanda blushing momentarily.

He smiled down at her. “We could do that sweetheart. Just you and me, some Chinese takeout and a good movie. Just so long as it’s not Iron Man again!”

Audrey gave him a disparaging look. “Dad, every girl knows Tony Stark is the hottest thing on the planet. You’re just soooo old sometimes!”

He crouched down so that their faces were on the same level. “I’ m here to tell you, every MAN knows Pepper Potts is the hottest thing on the planet honey!”

“Awesome!” She clapped. “Iron Man it is!”

He stood and grinned at his wife. “See what you’re missing out on? Sure you don’t want to stay?”

She laughed as she slid into the cab and lowered the window. “I’ll call you when I can and let you know when I’ll be back. You two have fun. Bye!”

Audrey took Jason’s hand and led him inside, making him a fresh coffee before pouring a glass of juice. She looked at him closely over the rim of her glass. “Are you ok Dad? You seem kinda sad.”

“I’m fine honey.” He smiled across the table. “I just miss your Mom sometimes.”

“She’s been away a lot hasn’t she?” She asked, somewhere between a statement and a question.

“Sure has. Work is really busy so she’s been putting in some long hours.”

“That’s ok Dad, I’ll look after you.” She assured him, Jason completely unaware how prophetic her simple words would prove to be.

As it was Saturday morning they had the weekend to look forward to, and Jason told Audrey he was going to mow the lawns and give the yard a quick tidy up. She said she was going to finish her homework and then have a swim as it was a perfect late spring day. Jason always enjoyed being outdoors, even if it involved mundane tasks like keeping the lawns down, and it wasn’t long before he was trimming the edges and a final walk round with the leaf-blower had the yard looking pristine. He considered washing the car but figured he’d see what Audrey was up to, so he headed for the pool. The water was crystal clear and inviting but there was no sign of her there, so he stepped through the sliding door, took off his heavy work boots and checked the den and living room. Still no sign so he headed down the hall, and just as he was about to knock on her partially open door something stopped him cold.

Audrey was moaning but it wasn’t a moan of pain or cramp, it was something altogether different. “Oh Daddy, that feels so good. Yes…..yes please…..I like it when your big strong fingers stroke my little pussy. Can you feel how wet my little cunt is Daddy? It’s wet because you’re stroking me so good! Put your finger inside me, feel how hot and wet my tight little pussy is….Oh….Oh yes, you’re making me feel good now……..fucking…..good! If you keep this up….I’m gonna cum, you’ll have my cum all over your fingers! What’s that….oooooooh naughty Daddy! What would Mom say if she knew you wanted to kiss my slippery cunt? Oh…..YEAH!”

Jason shook his head briefly as his vision started to blur, and he realized he had forgotten to breathe and was still standing awkwardly with his hand reaching to knock on her door. He also realized his cock was painfully bent inside his shorts as if trying to tear through the fabric. He pulled his arm back from the door and slid his hand inside his shorts, rearranging his semi-hard cock to a position that didn’t bring tears to his eyes. As his fingers slid over his glans he was shocked to find he was wet, running wet.

“Wicked tongue Daddy. Wicked, wicked tongue! You are such a naughty man doing this to your little girl, but I like it soooo much. You’re going to make me cum, but that’s what you’re trying to do isn’t it? You want to make your baby cum and cum and cum. Bad Daddy!”

A thousand feelings were coursing through Jason’s body, which didn’t come close to matching the confused jumble of thoughts in his head. “For God’s sake man, move away and give her some privacy!” A strident voice screamed. “Ok, so she’s masturbating, so what? Leave now while you still can!” But for every sensible, logical thought there was another voice, equally insistent. “Take a peek. What’s the harm in taking a quick peek? Then you can go to your room and have a nice stroke session.” Moving of its own accord his hand slid back inside his shorts and wrapped around his rigid cock, stroking it gently until he almost groaned out loud. “Don’t be so fucking stupid Jason.” The voice of reason shouted. “Get the hell away before you do something you just know you’re going to regret!” But the voice of lustful indulgence wasn’t going down without a fight. “Fuck man, she’s fantasizing about you. Not some hot boy from school, she’s getting off imagining she’s with you. Take a look you fool! How many chances do you think you’ll get? She’s probably lying naked on her bed as she diddles her little pussy. No way she’ll even know you’re here!”

The voice of reason took a bullet to the brain as Jason took a hesitant step forward, and then another, and slowly moved his head until one eye could see into her room. Yes, she was naked and she was unlikely to see him as she was facing away from the door. And yes, her fingers were getting real busy in that magic place between her casually spread legs. And yes, she was watching x-rated porn on her tablet as she continued stroking and probing her glistening pussy!

“Fuck me!” Jason’s inner voice shouted. “SHE’S….WATCHING….PORN!!!” He could only make out the top half of the screen, but it looked as though a middle-aged man had his head buried between a young girl’s thighs and was feasting on her bald little cunt.

“Oh Daddy.” Audrey hissed as her fingers continued to thrust inside her body. “You tongue me so good….so fucking good! Teach me about sex Daddy….teach me everything about fucking! I’ll be such a good student…..I’ll pay attention and do everything you say. Will you teach me Daddy? Please say yes?”

Any shred of self control evaporated like water on hot pavement as Jason kicked his shorts off and started stroking furiously. “Oh yes.” He thought to himself. “I’d love to teach you all about fucking sweetheart, and I’m sure you’d be such a good student!” He could already feel his balls tingling as they prepared to pump his heavy load up his rigid shaft. It had been weeks since he’d fucked Amanda, the only relief being a couple of quick stroke sessions in the shower which left him feeling empty but unfulfilled.

“Oh God Daddy….oh my fucking God!” Audrey cried out. “You tongue my little cunt sooooo good! I’m….I’m……CUMMIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!”

“SO…..AM…..I….BABY!!!” Jason’s mind shouted as his cum flew from his flaring piss-slit with the force of an uncapped fire hydrant. His hand squeezed and stroked furiously as he threw his head back and clenched his eyes tightly. “OH….YEAAHHH!!!” His silent inner voice screamed; his blurring hand still stroking vigorously as his creamy fluids flew until they finally trickled to a dribbling halt. His chest was heaving as he struggled to breathe and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. That was the most amazing cum he could remember, and a satisfied grin spread across his face as his head dipped down, his eyes blinked open, and he saw Audrey standing there, naked, watching him.

He wanted to die right there and then, to have his body dissolve into tendrils of smoke so he wouldn’t have to explain being caught with his cock in his hand outside her bedroom. The color drained from his face and his mouth hung open slackly as he looked down at her, unable to comprehend that she seemed unperturbed in the slightest. “I think you’d better come in and sit down Daddy, before you have a heart attack!” With that she took his free hand and led him into her room, not releasing him until he was sitting stunned and speechless on the mattress.

He sat there dumbly, wondering what he could say or do to try and retrieve the situation, but the voices that were so loud and insistent were strangely silent now; he was on his own. “Oh Jesus Audrey, I….I’m so….so sorry.” He croaked. “I never should have been there….doing what I was doing….and….I know I should have gone away and….given you some privacy. I…..don’t know what happened…..I just….couldn’t help myself!”

“It’s ok Daddy. To be honest, I set you up.” Audrey admitted candidly.

He shook his head violently as if trying to clear a persistent mental block. “Set….me up? What do you mean….you set me up?”

“I figured you’d come looking for me.” She replied without a trace of concern or embarrassment. “So I left the door open, made some noise, and waited to see what happened.”

This wasn’t becoming any clearer and Jason looked at her with a stunned expression. “But….how did you know I was there? Did I make some noise or something?”

She grinned cheekily as she shook her head. “You were as quiet as a mouse Dad.” Then she pointed at the top of her dresser and he saw the make-up mirror perched on top, angled back toward the door.

He moved his head slightly until he could see past the door to precisely where he had been standing, and shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t understand honey. Why…..would you do that?”

She was still smiling at him. “I’ve seen the way you look at Mom lately, and sometimes you just look real sad….like something’s missing? Then I figured she’s been working so much and she’s away a lot, so you two probably don’t get to….hook up too often. That made me pretty sad too, so I figured I’d see if I could do something…..that might make you feel better. I figured you might stay and watch me, or perhaps you’d go away, but I sure didn’t expect you to get off like that!”

Despite the situation Jason couldn’t help but laugh briefly at her last comment. “I guess you ticked that box honey, but look, I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT! This is wrong on so many levels I wouldn’t know where to start. This just has to stop!”

Audrey’s reaction was the total opposite to anything he expected, as her hand slid across his thigh and wrapped around his now flaccid cock. “Audrey, stop that please. I…we should get dressed…. right now!”

“No Dad.” She answered simply. “I’m not going to stop and I’m not going to get dressed, and neither are you. At least, not until I’ve finished what I have to say.” She started stroking him ever so slowly, her tiny hand sliding up and down. “I know you think I’m still your little girl, and I guess I’ll always be that in your eyes and I think that’s sweet. But I’m growing up and now I want to learn about sex. I think about it all the time. I play with my pussy every chance I get. I watch porn almost every night and I know you’ll probably get angry about that, but I know you and Mom watch it too because I found where you hide your DVDs. When I masturbate I think about you, and all the wonderful things we could do together. So here’s the deal. I’m going to experiment with sex whether you like it or not. Most of my friends at school already are, and I’m really curious. So, I can either experiment with you, or….I can fool around with boys at school, or maybe even someone older. I really hope it will be with you because I love you and I know how much you care about me, but if you say no, it’s still going to happen.”

She had spoken her mind clearly and without a hint of child-like protest or complaint. What’s more, a number of her remarks had been accurate and insightful, particularly as far as his marriage was concerned. He realized she was indeed growing up fast, and regardless of what happened from here he would look at her in a different light. “But honey, this is incest and it’s just so wrong! Do you understand what incest is? If anyone ever found out I could go to jail, and I would be registered as a sex offender for the rest of my life. This….just….can’t….happen!”

She nodded back at him. “I understand what it is and that you could get into trouble. But I think there are states were homosexuality is illegal too. And some places you can have sex when you’re sixteen, other places you have to be eighteen. How come the rules change because of where you live? You’ve taught me most of the stuff about my body and how babies are made, and it was mainly you who told me about values and things, so why is it wrong for you to teach me about this too? I get you could be in big trouble if anyone found out, but if you don’t tell and I don’t tell, then how would anyone know?”

His resistance was waning as her hand kept moving and he felt his cock beginning to stir. “But baby, you could finish up hating me later and that’s the last thing I want! I know you think you’re all grown up but trust me, you’re only thirteen and you’ll change a lot more in the next few years. I shouldn’t do this for those reasons alone, it’s just…..wrong.”

“That’s bullshit Dad!” She replied with surprising passion. “I know I’ve got plenty of growing up to do, but I would never hate you for teaching me about sex! I’ve always loved you because you were here for me, and I know what you gave up to raise me. Do you really think I’m some stupid kid who suddenly woke up one morning and thought I want to fuck my Dad? I want this because I KNOW I can trust you and you’d never hurt me, and there is nobody I’d rather learn from, and nobody else ever has to know about it. Now that’s enough talking!”

Her hand released his dribbling cock and she pushed him with surprising force until he was lying back on the bed. Before he could react she jumped between his legs, pushing them further apart to give her some space on the mattress. One tiny hand wrapped around his firm shaft again, while the other gently cupped his balls, and her lips parted as her head dipped down, taking his glans into her moist mouth. At that point the battle was irrefutably lost, and he looked down as his thirteen year old daughter made sweet, tender love to his cock with her willing mouth. Her lips took a loving hold just under his head as he felt her tongue slide over his glans with excruciating slowness, tiny electric shocks firing through his body from every moist contact. “Oh….OH BABY!” When his eyes opened he saw her looking up at him with the slightest hint of a smile curling the edges of her lips.

Whether she realized it or not she looked exactly like an accomplished porn star, taking a stud’s cock into her mouth as she smiled to convey how much she was enjoying herself. He wanted to shake his head in disbelief but managed to refrain, as that could have conveyed the wrong message. Instead he grinned down at her and blew her a soft kiss. “That’s it honey… good….do you like sucking Daddy’s cock? Does it feel as good as you imagined when you masturbate?”

“Hmmmmmm!” She moaned around his girth, nodding slightly as her tongue continued its devilish work.

Her cheeks sucked inward as she took more of him, bringing more gasping encouragement. “Oh yes baby…..that’s it Audrey. FUCK……you’re such a good little cock-sucker!” She smiled up at him again, a tiny string of drool running from the corner of her mouth. “Tell me the truth honey. Is this the first time you’ve had a cock in your hot little mouth?”

Her eyes held his without wavering and she nodded slightly. “Mmmm….mmm.”

He grinned down at her. “I’m only asking because you’re so fucking good baby. Such a sweet cock-sucking mouth! Are you sure you’re ok honey?”

Her eyes drifted closed for a second before she pushed forward and took another inch, and then paused to look up at him again. “Hmmmmm!!” She moaned, louder this time.

His hips started thrusting, moving upward just a little before his movements became longer and more urgent. “Fuck baby! That’s it. Fuck Daddy’s cock with your mouth. I’m think I’m going to cum soon. Do you want Daddy’s cum in your mouth? Do you want me to fuck your sweet little face until my cum is pumping down your throat? Or do you want me to pull out just before I blow?” She shook her head vehemently, taking another inch until she had more than half his length locked between her lips. “Ok baby I got it; and you’re going to get it real soon. Ready….ready…. ARRGGHH!!!”

His hips slammed upward, coming perilously close to jamming his glans into her throat as he unloaded for the second time that morning. Ropes of viscous jizz filled her mouth to capacity in seconds, and thankfully she had the presence of mind to stay still and open her lips slightly to allow the excess to dribble free rather than choke her. When a semblance of rational thought finally returned he looked down at her in concern, wondering how she had coped with his surprising deluge. To his delight she seemed fine, still holding his shaft with her lips as streams of cum trickled down to her chin. Her mouth curled upward as she smiled back at him, a reassuring smile that she was ok, and then she slowly released her hold, tilted her head back, and swallowed.

“Oh baby! My sweet, sexy baby….you are so fucking hot!” She grinned back at his lustful praise, before dipping her head and taking his softening cock back in her mouth, spending an enjoyable few minutes kissing and licking him clean.

When she finally finished she sat back on her haunches and looked at him as he lay spent on the bed. “How did I do Daddy? Was that….ok?” She whispered softly.

He sat up and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her cheeks before brushing his lips against hers, and kissing her as a woman for the first time. He savored the residual taste of his cum and their tongues embraced before he finally broke the kiss. “I have to be honest and say that was so much better than ok honey. That was amazing, and wonderful, and just plain incredible!”

“I’m so happy then!” She giggled. “I really wanted to do that for you.”

“Were you ok with it honey?” He asked with genuine interest. “Some girls don’t like doing that, and find the taste unpleasant. Was it ok for you?”

“Oh yes Daddy!” She enthused. “I thought it was great. The taste was fine, kind of strange but not unpleasant at all.”

“I didn’t cum too much for you? I was kind of surprised because I came pretty hard when I was…you know….masturbating outside your room.”

“You came buckets Dad.” She laughed. “I couldn’t believe how much there was! But I just sat there and opened my mouth when I couldn’t hold it all. But I’ve got cum all over my face now.”

“You look so hot baby.” He assured her. “I love seeing you with cum on your sweet little body.”

“Bad Daddy!!!” She chided, before they both burst into laughter.

“How about a drink and that swim you were talking about?” He asked. “I could really use a drink about now.”

“Do you mean a drink-drink, or a soda?” She asked.

“No, I think I need a drink honey.” He replied.

“Could I have….a drink….too Daddy?” She said in her best coquettish little-girl voice.

He considered her request for a second before shrugging his shoulders. “I guess one drink wouldn’t hurt, seeing as we’ll probably break a truck-load of laws this weekend. But this is between us ok? I don’t want to be copping static from your Mom.”

“Dad, I think everything that happens until Mom gets back is strictly between us, ok? If you want to get our drinks and I’ll clean up the mess SOMEBODY left outside….and see you by the pool in a few minutes.”

Jason blushed, which became a more acute sense of embarrassment when he walked out and saw how much cum he’d sprayed over the floor, and even the wall. “Oh well, WTF!” He thought as he grinned and headed for his bar. He was going to have his normal Bourbon and Cola when he paused, thinking the strong spirit may be too much for Audrey, so he filled two long stemmed glasses with a light white wine and took them outside.

He was quietly thankful that when he had replaced the perimeter fence, he’d gone up another two feet to ensure the yard was private and the neighbors couldn’t see in from the adjoining homes. His plan had been to ensure he and Amanda would have privacy if they wanted to get playful outdoors, and laughed quietly thinking the plan had been solid, even if the circumstances had changed. He waited a few minutes until the sparkling water proved irresistible, diving in naked and starting to swim powerful laps. After ten minutes or so he caught a glimpse of something when he turned his head to breathe, and swam to the steps and climbed out.

Audrey was waiting patiently, and she looked absolutely stunning. Her long brown hair was brushed and shining, with a pair of pearl drop earrings just poking through her flowing tresses. Her lips were cherry red from freshly applied lip gloss, and she was naked apart from a pair of tiny white bikini bottoms and gleaming white leather heels with modest two inch spikes that suited her slim body perfectly.

“My God baby girl. That looks SO DAMN SEXY.” He said softly. “You are going to have the boys going nuts if you dress anything like that!”

She walked over to him, her small heels clicking on paving. When she reached him she stood on tip-toe to plant a soft kiss on his cheek. “Silly Daddy. Why would I want to tease boys, when I already have a big strong man to look after me?”

His cock actually jumped as she spoke the soft words. “Ummm…maybe I’d better put some shorts on.”

“Don’t you dare!” She laughed. “You look just fine as you are. Now, did you say something about a drink?”

He handed her a glass and they silently toasted each other, laying back on the outdoor lounges as they soaked up the sun’s warming rays. They lay there for a while enjoying the peaceful silence, before Jason propped himself up on one elbow. “How’s your wine Audrey?”

Her eyes blinked open and she looked across at him. “Really nice thanks Dad. I’ve never tasted anything like this before, and it makes me feel all warm and tingly.”

“Just take it easy baby.” He advised. “Your body isn’t used to alcohol so it’ll hit you pretty fast. Ummm…..can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything you want Dad. You know I’ve always been honest with you, even if it gets me into trouble sometimes.”

He realized that was the complete truth, at least as far as he would ever know. “Ok, how long have you been looking at porn?”

“Around six months or so.” She admitted. “It started when I found your stash of DVDs in the back of the TV cabinet. Dumb move leaving them there Dad.” He nodded in agreement, wondering how he could have thought they’d be safe where she could find them if she looked hard enough. “Some of them were pretty hot too! But once I’d been through those I wanted to see more. I guess I was looking for sex movies with dads and daughters, you know, so I could really get off.”

“How did you find those movies then?” He asked with genuine interest.

“Daddy….really? You just type it into Google. If it exists anywhere, they’ll find it for you.”

“But honey, aren’t most of those sites loaded with viruses that mess with your computer? At least, that’s what I’ve heard.”

“Yeah, that’s true for sure.” She agreed. “So I’d either Google for problems with that website before I logged on, or listen to the girls talking at school.”

“Your friends at school talk about porn sites?” He asked in disbelief.

“Do you remember what you got up to at school? I doubt things have changed much.”

He could readily accept the truth in that statement, remembering some of things he did at school. Back then it was porn magazines and clunky VHS video tapes that were discreetly passed around, and there were plenty of them. “Fair enough. Then what about what you said before, when you said you could learn about sex from the boys at school, or from an older guy. What was that about?”

She sighed softly. “I probably shouldn’t have said that Daddy, but one of my friends has been having sex with her Dad for a while now.”

Now she was stretching credibility too far. “Sorry baby, but that’s bullshit pure and simple. Plenty of guys at school used to brag about fucking this girl or that one, but it was just trash-talk.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought so I called her on it.” Audrey agreed. “So she showed me on her cell. I have no idea who else was with them and she wouldn’t tell me, but she had movie footage of her sucking his cock, him sucking her cunt, and then the pair of them fucking, and before you ask I could see his face as clearly as yours. Just don’t ask me who ok? I’m being honest here but I can’t tell you that.”

That came as a major surprise until he gave it some thought, realizing that anyone involved in an incestuous relationship would do their utmost to keep it secret. “Um…ok, I won’t ask. I presume your friend is ok with it? She’s not being forced to do something against her will?”

Audrey smiled. “I can’t show you the video, but if I could you wouldn’t need to ask. She loves it Dad, every chance she gets.”

“Fair enough.” He replied. “Can I ask if you’re still a virgin?”

She gave him an easy smile as she sipped from her glass. “That’s sort of yes and no but don’t worry, I’ve never had a boy’s cock or fingers in my pussy. My hymen lost a fight with one of Mom’s dildos around the time I started watching porn.”

“Did it really?” He gasped. “Does…your Mom know?”

“Kind of hard to keep that a secret Dad.” Audrey laughed. “There was blood all over the sheets. I told Mom I’d been…..looking after myself, though I left out that I was using one of her sex toys while I watched porn.”

“Did she take that ok?” Jason asked, wondering how that conversation had gone.

“Kinda.” Audrey giggled. “I think she was surprised that I’d been masturbating, but then she said that was better than fooling around with boys.”

“At least we agree on that princess!” Jason laughed. “Look, this is going to take a little time for me to get used to. Are you sure this is really what you want?”

She smiled reassuringly, standing to slide her tiny bikini bottoms down her slim legs until the only things she was wearing were her earrings and stylish heels. She lay back on her lounge and spread her slim legs in a wanton display and started sliding a slim finger up and down her glistening slit. “Daddy, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I want us to do everything, anything you’ve ever wanted to do to a girl. I don’t care what it is, I just want to try it and make you happy.”

He was unable to resist her teenage temptation and sat down beside her, watching her completely uninhibited way of pleasuring herself. Her slit was already glistening as her pussy started oozing nature’s lubricant in anticipation of what was to come. “But….what are we going to do when Mom comes home baby?”

By now she was wet enough to slip a finger into her pussy, and Jason watched as it slid all the way in to the knuckle, before she eased it back. “You finish work early and normally pick me up from school so we’ll have some time before Mom gets home, and she goes away a lot, so I think we’ll be ok. Do you like my little pussy? Does my hot Daddy want to do anything with my slippery little cunt, or does he just want to watch his little girl play with herself?”

Any remaining doubts were swept away by her hedonistic offer, and his finger joined hers as he stroked her slippery slit for the first time, savoring her feel, her warmth, and the primal scent of a woman aroused. He used his free hand to gently move hers away, and started exploring his daughter’s delights.

“Oh yes….Good Daddy!” She hissed. “You have no idea how much I want this, and how long I’ve dreamed of you touching me this way. Ohhhh……this feels wonderful…..stroke my pussy Daddy, stroke my slippery little cunt!”

Her juices were flowing freely, coating his probing fingers as he thrust them inside her. He felt her slick passage expanding, as though trying to draw his fingers deeper into her core. He used one hand to separate the folds of tender flesh that concealed her clit and dipped down to kiss it, hearing her gasp as his lips made contact. “Oh….Daddy! Oh that’s good….so fucking good! Kiss my pussy please….kiss my hot little cunt!”

His fingers and tongue were working in perfect harmony, teasing, kissing and probing her tight body as he took her higher and higher. Her breath was coming in deep gasps and he could feel the occasional tremor rippling through her body just beneath her skin. “Oh God Dad…..I’m gonna cum so fucking hard! OH FUCK! I can’t believe how good this feels!”

He could feel how wet she had become, her pussy covered in slick juices as her oozing flow increased. Unable to deny himself for a second longer, he pushed his face against her and slid his pointed tongue as far as it would go, feeling her muscles clamp down on his probing flesh as she came. “Oh….Oh….. ARRRHHHHHH!!!!!” She squealed as she came, a sudden torrent of warm, scented liquid bathing his tongue and fingers as she shuddered through her orgasm. “Oh….yes! Oh…my….FUCKING….GOD! SUCK IT! SUCK MY CUNT DADDY….PLEASE!!!”

She came again and again, one burst of teenage fuck-juice after another bathing him until he felt he was drowning in her decadent fluids, before she desperately pushed him away with the last of her fading strength. He sat back and watched her, absorbing every sight and movement from the rise and fall of her flushed little breasts as he stroked her skin softly. When her eyes finally opened she blinked a couple of times and smiled at him. “Oh Daddy, that was so good!” She whispered. “So incredibly good!”

He bent down and kissed her tenderly. “You taste so sweet baby, I could suck on your little pussy all day.”

She giggled at his unusual compliment. “You’d better be careful, I might just hold you to that!”

He slid between her legs, tentatively at first as he made sure the lounge would hold their combined weight, before he took his firm shaft in his hand and slid it up and down her pouting labia. “Oh Dad!” She exclaimed with wide twinkling eyes. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

He shook his head but smiled as he did so. “Maybe later Audrey, but seeing as this is our first time I’m going to make love to you now. I can’t wait any longer. I just have to be inside you.”

“Oh God! I just know I’m so going to love this!” She said quietly, spreading her legs every further apart.

With a gentle push he eased his slick glans past her labia until it slipped inside her, and paused as he felt the firmness of her muscles embrace his cock for the first time. Her eyes rolled back but her facial expression didn’t change to one of pain, so he stared rocking ever so gently as he controlled the urge to thrust deep inside. “Oh….Daddy.” She whispered. “Oh my God….yes.”

Her legs wrapped around him as though she feared he would attempt to pull free but she needn’t have worried; now that he was inside her he had no intention of going anywhere. “Jesus baby, you are so fucking tight!” He hissed.

“I know!” She gasped. “I can’t believe how big you feel! Are you going to cum inside me Dad?”

“Do you want me to honey? Do you want my cum inside your hot little pussy?”

“Yes Dad, oh YES! I want it more than anything!” She pleaded.

“Ok then.” He agreed. “But I’ll have to make a trip to the Pharmacy to get you some morning-after pills.”

With that settled he continued to make sweet love to her, sliding his cock progressively deeper inside her streaming pussy, both loving every slippery second. “Come on Dad!” She enthused as her body became accustomed to having him inside her. “Fuck me; fuck your dirty little girl. Is this good Daddy? Do you like fucking my hot little cunt? You know you can have my cunt whenever you want it. I SO want you to fuck me, anytime, anyplace. Come on Daddy! Fuck my nasty little pussy and fill me with baby-juice!”

There was no way he could resist her, and he saw no reason why he should. After all, she wanted this as much as he did, perhaps more, so he started pumping harder and deeper, bringing a satisfied gasp from her lips with every driving movement. They were both perspiring freely, and not just because they were outside in the warm sun.

He had come twice already and initially felt he could fuck her for hours, but he hadn’t considered the effect this forbidden coupling would have on his mind, and realized another glorious release was rapidly approaching. “Oh baby, Daddy’s gonna cum real soon. I hope you’re ready for me!”

“I’m…so….ready!” She whispered as each driving movement rocked her body along the lounge.

Suddenly he was there; the intensity of his climax briefly overwhelming him as his seed pumped deep inside Audrey’s clenching cunt, and she joined him as her pussy clamped down as if squeezing every drop of thick cream out of his pulsating cock. Their cum pooled in a cocktail of consummated love that had them both breathless as they listened to their pounding heartbeats, every sense acutely registering total surrender at precisely the same moment. When his body had given her everything he rested, incapable of movement as he slowly recovered.

His shaft progressively lost its firmness until it slid free and he stroked Audrey’s sweat-matted hair back from her quiet face. With her eyes still closed her hands looped behind his neck and drew his face down until their lips met in a long, sensual kiss. He opened his eyes to see hers glistening up at him. “Was that ok Audrey?” He asked quietly. “I really wanted your first time to be special.”

“Oh Dad.” She replied with tender love in her voice and her eyes. “That was something I’ll never forget; just so, so special! It was everything I hoped it would be, and so much more!”

He grinned down at her. “I’m glad baby. And for what it’s worth, it was just as good for me too!”

When he emptied his glass of wine and noticed hers was empty as well, he held his up and gave her an enquiring look which received a grateful nod, so he slipped back inside and came back with the bottle. “I was thinking, seeing as you wanted to have a date night, why don’t we go on a proper date and I’ll take you to dinner at a nice restaurant.”

“Oh Dad, that would be so cool!” She replied enthusiastically. “Could we really do that? Could have a proper date, just the two of us?”

“That’s what I had I mind. Would you like that?”

She stood and walked over slowly, wobbling on unsteady legs until her hand slid around his waist. “You’ll have to buy me a special dress Dad. The kind of dress I’d wear on a date when I really wanted to impress the man I was with.”

“I need to go to the pharmacy anyway, so a stop at the mall wouldn’t be a problem.” He replied with a twinkle in his eye. “And I love seeing you all dressed up, but nothing too revealing ok? I don’t want someone getting the wrong idea.”

She glanced down at her small A-cup breasts. “It’d be nice if I had some boobs I could show off.” She complained.

“All in good time honey.” He assured her. “Your Mom has a pretty impressive pair so it’ll happen for you, and I’m betting it will be sooner rather than later.”

“Tomorrow would be great Dad.” She teased. “Have we got time for a swim first?”

“Sure thing!” He agreed, picking her up and throwing her into the pool before he realized she was still wearing her heels! “Oh well, looks like it’s a dress and a pair of shoes.” He chuckled to himself as he dove in after her.

After their swim they went and showered, Jason resisting Audrey’s suggestion they shower together as he knew where that would lead and the stores would probably be closed before they got there. He toweled dry and dressed, calling a restaurant that served sensational seafood and booking a table for two. Audrey skipped in happily just as he finished the call and they went to the car and headed into town. He let Audrey pick a clothing store and told the salesgirl he had to go the pharmacy, and headed down and purchased a pack of morning-after pills, surprised that he felt as embarrassed as a teenage boy buying his first pack of condoms. When he walked back in Audrey was waiting with a couple of bags, and she laughingly refused to let him see what she had picked out. The sales girl gleefully told him he would have to keep an eye on her, which suggested she’d ignored his request not to buy anything too revealing. He shrugged his shoulders and handed over his credit card and they headed for home.

Audrey was positively bubbling all the way home, chattering away about anything that came to mind and telling him at least a hundred times how much she was looking forward to their first real date. He couldn’t help but smile at her infectious enthusiasm, which made him wonder wistfully why he and Amanda couldn’t duplicate the same sense of anticipation.

They walked inside the house and Audrey made Jason a coffee before opening a soda for herself. “So Dad, any ideas what you’d like to do when we get home from dinner?”

“What do you mean honey?” He replied, not completely sure what she had in mind.

“Sex Dad, you know….fucking? Remember what we’ve be doing most of the day?” She laughed. “Is there anything special you’d like to do when we get home from our dinner date?”

He laughed at her unbridled lust to explore, and her uninhibited way of expressing herself. “Sweetheart, after today I’m sure there a thousand and one things we could do, but nothing that immediately comes to mind. Anything special you want to try? You seem to be in the driver’s seat today.”

“Hmmm….I’m not sure….but there is one thing I want to ask you about.” She acknowledged.

“And what’s that baby?” He enquired, noting that for the first time that day she was a little hesitant.

“Well…I was wondering….what’s the deal with anal sex?” She said quietly, almost breathlessly. “I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of your movies were about anal sex, and…I’m really curious about that. Nobody talks about it at school, but you’ve got your movies and there’s a ton of porn sites that have it, so what’s the deal? Have you and Mom done it? Do you really like it? And… seems really gross to me because….well….you know…’s where you go the toilet! I just don’t understand how anyone could do it….and enjoy it.”

Perhaps that question shouldn’t have surprised him given what had taken place so far, but he hadn’t connected the dots so it came out of nowhere. He sat back and smiled at her. “Wow, that’s a tough question to throw at me. Ok….let’s see if I can explain it. Do your Mom and I do it? We used to do it a lot and we both loved it….but…..not so much now. I guess….well you’ve already figured out things in the bedroom aren’t that great these days. I don’t think it’s because we don’t love each other or we’re not interested, it’s more that your Mom is so busy with work. But yeah, we used to enjoy anal sex a lot. Anal sex is different for a few reasons, and some girls just hate the idea of having a cock back there and wouldn’t do it for anything. So if you have reservations about it then you shouldn’t do it, it’s a personal choice.”

“I understand that Dad.” Audrey replied. “But what I don’t understand is how you do it. I mean, a vagina is made to stretch so a woman can give birth. So it makes sense that even a large cock will fit because it’s made that way. And you get natural lubricant to make things easier too. But….back there? It isn’t made to stretch that far, there’s no lube, and it’s gotta be dirty because….well, you know why.”

He nodded in agreement. “Everything you’ve said is perfectly true honey. The secret to anal sex is preparation and patience, because if you don’t have both it’s going to hurt like hell, and yes, it can be pretty dirty too. Do you know what an enema is?” She shook her head. “An enema is a way you can make sure you’re nice and clean back there, but Mom and I didn’t bother about that so much, as she would use some lube in the shower and the result was pretty much the same. Never use soap in there because it will irritate the skin and sting like a bitch ok? But it’s preparation that’s really important, because you’re right when you say that it doesn’t stretch as much or as easy as a pussy does. A man can start with his mouth, and kiss and lick a tight little ass to get it wet. Then he can normally slide his tongue in and let his saliva go to work.”

At that point Audrey screwed up her face in distaste. “Ooooh, that sound’s totally gross! Did you ever do that Dad? Did you stick your tongue in Mom’s ass?”

He nodded emphatically. “You bet, and it really turned us on too! Look, some people have a head problem about it, others don’t, and it’s really a question of whether you enjoy it or not. If you don’t enjoy it, you shouldn’t do it, it’s just that simple. There are other ways you can prepare for anal, like working some lube in there nice and gentle, or even wearing a plug to stretch your ass before you even think about sliding a cock in there.”

“A plug? What’s that?” She asked.

“They call them butt plugs.” He replied. “They’re made out of silicone, and start out pointed at the top to make it easier to push it inside, and then it flares out wider, and it tapers back in at the bottom near the base. Once you have it inside it stays in place, and you can take it out when you’re ready.”

“Have you got one?” She asked breathlessly. “Could I see it?”

“Audrey, I don’t think you’re old enough for anal sex.” He cautioned her. “Your body is still small compared to your Mom, and I don’t think you could even take a small sized cock yet.”

“Could I see it anyway?” She insisted. “And, do you have some lube too?”

Jason was struggling to comprehend where she was going, even though her intention was becoming increasingly obvious. He shrugged and went to his bedroom, rummaging through the bottom drawer collection of sex toys that were rarely used these days. They had bought a set of three different sized plugs some time ago, and he picked up the smallest before he went back to Audrey who was waiting expectantly, and she carefully examined the tapered plug. “Ok, I see how it works. The shape makes it easy to put it inside, and this thin part here stops it from popping out again, and this base piece is how you take it out.” She glanced at the wall clock before smiling at Jason. “I should start getting ready so we won’t be late for our date.” And with that she picked up the plug and the bottle of lube before kissing him on the cheek.

He was mixing himself a drink and wondering how to fill in the time as they had an hour and a half before they should be leaving, when Audrey walked back in with her tablet. She swiped a file icon and opened a folder with a series of interesting movie titles, before handing it to him. “I know you’ll be ready long before I am, so why don’t you see if you can find a movie you’d like to watch when we get home?” She asked sweetly before pausing at the door. “Oh and by the way, no jerking off, ok?”

He grinned back at her. “You give me access to your porn collection, then tell me I can’t jerk off? Now that’s cruel baby girl; very, very cruel!!!”

“I’m sure you’ll manage!” Her tinkling voice replied as she headed up the hall.

He watched snippets of several movies before finally deciding on one, appreciating the diversity of her tastes as there wasn’t one he wouldn’t have been happy to watch. A quick glance at the clock suggested he needed to start getting ready, so he headed for his shower.

After showering and shaving he stood naked in front of the wardrobe as he wondered what to wear, before deciding on dress pants and shoes, a neat casual shirt and a jacket. He made it back to den to find Audrey waiting patiently, and looking absolutely stunning. She had bought a slim cocktail dress in a teal green color, which matched her eyes perfectly and complemented her pale skin and soft brown hair. It was a mid thigh length with slit sides that came up almost to her waist, a relatively high front and a scooped back that went down a long way. A pair of even higher matching heels than her still-drying white pair put a sexy curve on her legs, and sultry make up with dark mascara framed her sparkling eyes. She looked at him expectantly as she waited for his reaction.

He grinned at her as only a proud father could. “Audrey you are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. My God, you make so proud. You are such a beautiful young woman!”

“Am I really a woman Dad?” She asked softly. “Not just you’re little girl?”

“Not tonight honey!” He assured her. “Tonight there is no question that you’re a woman, and I’ll be the envy of every man at dinner.”

She blushed at his enthusiastic praise as she picked up her handbag. “For some reason I’m really hungry, maybe because I never got around to making us any lunch, so can we go now?”

He had completely forgotten about lunch and realized he was hungry too, so he offered her his arm. When they got to the car he opened the door for her, closing it carefully when she was safely inside, and they backed down the drive and headed away.

They were almost there when Audrey looked across at him with a wicked grin. “Oh damn! I forgot something Daddy.”

“Shit! Does that mean we have to go home honey, as that’ll make us late for our reservation.”

“I guess not Dad.” She replied seductively. “It was only my panties that I forgot, again.”

“I’m starting to think your memory loss is not accidental baby.” He chuckled.

“Why Daddy!” She said in mock protest. “Are you suggesting I’d prefer to have your warm strong hands on my tight little butt than a pair of cotton panties? That’s simply outrageous!”

They both laughed so hard Jason was glad they were cruising into the restaurant driveway, as keeping control of the car could have been difficult at higher speeds. A young valet opened the door for Audrey, and Jason tipped him as he slid behind the wheel and they walked inside. He had chosen an up-market restaurant that he and Amanda had enjoyed several times, and while the meals weren’t cheap the food was superb and the service was attentive but discreet. The maitre d showed them to a private booth, laid starched white napkins in the laps, and asked if they would like a drink. Jason ordered a bottle of wine and a soda for Audrey, to her quiet dismay, until he was sure the waiter had left, drained her glass in one long gulp, and discreetly half-filled it from the wine bottle. “I don’t mind you having a drink honey, but leave the top-ups to me please as you don’t quite look twenty one yet.”

“Thanks Dad!” She smiled as she held up her glass for a toast.

They spent some time perusing the menus as the choice was extensive, before deciding on shrimp for the entrée and lobster for the mains. Jason told the waitress they would consider dessert later, as they may not feel like another course after their sumptuous meals. Their entrees arrived and were devoured in no time at all, taking the edge off their hunger pangs as the chef prepared their main courses.

Audrey looked around discreetly to make sure there was nobody with earshot. “I’m wearing your plug in my ass Daddy. It feels really good, and really naughty too!”

“Somehow I had a feeling you would be.” He replied, not surprised in the least. “Were you ok…getting it in there?”

“Oh yes!” She gushed. “I think I nearly came doing it. I did what you suggested and made sure I was nice and clean in the shower, then I put plenty of lube in there and it was pretty easy really.”

“I’m still not sure we should do this baby.” He admitted. “I mean, it’s turning me on just talking about it, but I really don’t want to do anything that might hurt you. I know how much you want me to teach you and I’m starting to come to terms with that, but there could be things that just won’t work until you’re a bit older and you grow some more.”

She wouldn’t be denied. “Today has been a wonderful, special day Dad. For the first time ever I’ve had a cock in my mouth and my pussy. Wouldn’t it be great to finish the day in the one special place you haven’t been yet?”

“You really are determined aren’t you?” He asked, knowing the answer before she nodded. “Ok, I’m happy to try, but let’s agree on one thing. If we try something and it really doesn’t work for you for any reason, we move on to something else, agreed?”

She nodded happily. “Ok Dad, that makes sense to me. So, did you pick a movie we can watch when we get home?”

It was his turn to nod in agreement. “You’ve got a pretty good collection of movies there honey.”

Her eyes sparkled in the subdued lighting. “I’ve got lot’s more Daddy. We’ll have plenty of hot movies to watch whenever you’re in the mood.”

“I thought you wanted to watch Iron Man?” He teased.

She sighed and teased right back. “We can watch that if you really want Dad. I just thought you’d want to watch something….more interesting.”

He laughed and held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. “Ok Audrey, you win!”

“Always Daddy!” She laughed back, as the waitress arrived with their mains.

The conversation was put on hold for a while as they hungrily tucked into their perfectly prepared lobsters, savoring the taste of the tender crustaceans in the creamy mornay sauce. “Either I’m very hungry or this is really good.” Jason commented between mouthfuls as he discreetly topped up their glasses.

“Bit of column A, bit of column B Dad.” Audrey agreed. “It is really good though. Thank you so much for taking me on a proper date, this is awesome!”

“Nothing but the best for my special lady.” Jason acknowledged. “I’d like to think we can do this more often.”

“That’d be really cool Dad.” Audrey agreed. “I think I’ll really like going on dates with you.”

“I’ve got to tell you this has been the best day for me in a long time, and not just for the obvious reasons. Even if nothing else had happened, it’s great to be here having dinner with my special girl.”

Her small chest puffed out in pride and a pink flush appeared on her cheeks. “Thanks Dad, that means a lot to hear you say that. This is a special night for me too.”

They resumed their meal and before long they were sitting back exchanging satisfied smiles as they sipped their drinks. “Wow, I’m stuffed.” Audrey acknowledged. “I don’t think I could eat another thing.”

He smiled across at her. “Don’t tell me I can’t tempt you with dessert?”

She shook her head. “No thanks. But if you want something that’s ok; I’ll just let dinner settle for a while.”

“To be honest I think I’m done too.” He agreed. “Would you like to sit for a while or would you rather get going?”

Her hand slid over his. “We could go if you’re ready. I’m curious to see which movie you picked.”

He made eye contact with a waiter and signaled for the check, which arrived a minute later in a leather folder. He added a generous tip and when his card was returned they were on their way.

Audrey lay back in the comfortable seat and watched Jason drive. “Dad, thanks for how you arranged some wine for me; that was pretty sneaky. I’m feeling so relaxed now, not drunk, just kinda happy and really relaxed.”

“That’s great sweetheart. Your Mom and I had talked about introducing you to alcohol, because it’s nice to have a drink and it certainly does relax you, but you need to be careful and not get drunk. That feels bad at the time, and a whole lot worse the next day. The thing with alcohol is by the time you know you’ve had too much, it’s way too late.”

He glanced over to see her nodding in agreement. “My friend April got drunk a while ago when her parents went away. She said one minute she was feeling all warm and fuzzy, the next she in the bathroom puking her guts up, and she stayed there all night and half the next day. Her parents were really pissed when they found out.”

“Can I give you some pointers about drinking honey?” He asked, not wanting to spoil the night with a parental lecture if she wasn’t in the mood.

“Yes please Dad.” She replied.

“Ok, never drink alcohol when you’re thirsty because it will go straight to your head, so have a soda or fruit juice first. If you’re at a party where you could be there for a while, have a drink and then a soda, another drink, another soda. Just pace yourself and go slow with the booze. Most importantly, as soon as you start feeling a tiny bit woozy, or your coordination is off just a touch, have a rest because you’re real close to getting drunk. I hope you never have a decent hangover but you’ll probably have at least one in your life, and when you do you’ll understand just how bad it feels. I don’t think there’s anything worse.”

She lay her hand on his thigh. “Daddy, you probably don’t know this, but the one thing I love about you is that when you teach me something you never lecture me, or tell me don’t do this Audrey and don’t do that Audrey. You tell me the good things and the bad things, and then you let me make up my own mind. You’re a really cool teacher.”

He blushed at her open praise. “Thanks baby. I guess I try and remember what it was like when I was your age. I wanted to do everything, try everything, and I thought I was so grown up and I didn’t really listen to my Mom and Dad. Now I think I’ve still got things I need to learn!”

He eased the car carefully into the garage and hit the button to close the door, before jogging around to open Audrey’s door for her. She thanked him and they headed inside to the den, where Audrey turned on the TV while Jason mixed them a couple of drinks. “Are you feeling ok? Would you like to try a Bourbon?”

“Yes please Dad!” She replied enthusiastically. “And I feel fine, no wooziness.”

He handed her glass over and watched her face as she took a sip. “Wow! A couple of those and I’ll be feeling no pain. That’s got a real kick Dad!” He had actually watered her drink down a little to take the edge off, and knew that was a good move given her reaction, as the last thing he wanted was to get her drunk. “So, which movie did you pick?” She asked as she connected her tablet to the huge widescreen TV.

“I’ll show you.” He replied as she opened the menu again, handed the tablet across, and he scrolled through to the one he found earlier and swiped the play icon. It was clearly home made as the opening title “Teenage Sluts at Play” came up on the screen for a few seconds, before the image changed to three grinning young girls holding up pieces of paper. The camera zoomed in on the first girl, who was a stunning young blonde wearing a party mask that concealed her eyes, a tiny tank top and the briefest pair of cut-off shorts he’d ever seen.

“Hi everyone!” She smiled into the camera. “This movie was made in 2012, and my name is Sandy, or Sandy the Slut as Mommy and Daddy call me. This is my birth certificate.” She said, holding up the piece of paper until the camera focused on it. The surname and many of the details had been blocked out on the copy, but her first name and date of birth were clearly visible. “As you can see I am fourteen years old, and these are my friends Chloe the Cunt and Tammy the Tease. Hold up your birth certificates girls.” The camera panned across at the two other girls, similarly masked and dressed, and holding up certificates that confirmed their tender ages. “My Mommy is behind the camera, and we’re going to show you how we have fun fucking my Dad. Come on in Daddy!” A large, powerfully built man walked into shot, with an impressive rigid cock pointing upward. Like the girls he was concealing his identity with a mask, and grinning in anticipation.

“We’re not really sisters but Daddy likes all my special friends to call him that. Come on girls.” Sandy called to her friends as the camera pulled back for wider shot. “Let’s get naked and have some fun with Daddy’s huge cock!” They all stripped off quickly, displaying small breasts with pointed nipples and smooth pussies without a trace of pubic hair. Chloe dropped to her knees and started stroking the man’s powerful cock, as Sandy stood on tip toe and engaged him in a sultry kiss. Tammy lay back on a convenient chair and draped her legs over the arms, spreading her labia as she started fingering her glistening pussy.

The man broke his kiss and grinned lustfully down at the young girl kneeling before him. “Well aren’t you a sweet little cunt. You want some cock-meat you hot little slut? You want some hot cock in your wet little mouth?”

“Oh yes please Daddy!” She replied. “Then I want some cock in my cunt, and in my tight little ass too!”

He thrust forward, slamming his cock straight into her throat until Jason could see it bulge as though she had a second Adam’s apple. He shook his head in stunned amazement, unable to believe a girl so tiny could swallow his cock so easily. Jason watched spellbound as “Daddy” started fucking Chloe’s face, using deep forceful thrusts as he drove his firm cock into her throat every time. In the meantime Sandy had moved over to Tammy who was stretching her labia wide open as Sandy slid two, then three, and finally four fingers into her gaping pussy.

Jason didn’t know where to look, feeling overwhelmed as his eyes flicked across the screen from Chloe on her knees with a string of precum and saliva hanging from her jaw, to Sandy who appeared to determined to give Tammy the fist-fucking of her young life. “My God.” He said quietly. “My… fucking….God! I’ve seen some hot porn over the years, but…nothing comes close to this!” He stood but couldn’t straighten his back as his cock was twisted painfully in his shorts, so he tore his clothing off until he was naked with his cock finally free to point skyward.

Audrey followed his lead, unzipping her dress and stepping free before her hand slid around Jason’s painfully hard cock. “Do you like my movie Daddy?” She asked softly.

He didn’t reply, he used his strength to pull her body firmly against his and he kissed her, his lips crushing hers as his tongue demanded entry. He felt her body go tense and then relax, as though she understood the primal need driving his actions, and returned his kiss with increasing fervor. When they finally broke to breathe she gasped. “Wow! Fucking Wow!!! I guess you do like it!”

He sat back down and tried to get his raging hormones under control, convinced a couple more strokes would have him pumping cum all over the room just as he had that morning outside her bedroom. A groan from the TV speakers had him look back to see Sandy had succeeded in sliding her entire hand into Tammy’s painfully stretched cunt, and the little slut seemed to be loving every second of her brutal treatment. “Yeah Sandy!” She screamed. “Fist my pussy you cunt-fucker! Jam your hand into my tight little twat and fuck it…HARD!” Sandy grinned at the camera and started pounding her fist into her willing partner, loud slurping sounds echoing through the room. “Daddy” was enjoying himself as well, slamming so deep into Chloe’s throat that his heavy ball sac was slapping against her dribbling chin.

“Hey little cunt, you ready for a big load?” He shouted lustfully.

“Mmmm!!!” She groaned around his slamming shaft, folding her hands behind her back in a gesture of complete submission.

“Then…take it all you bitch whore!” He shouted as he unloaded his cum straight into her stomach. Her head tilted back as his cum sprayed deep inside her, her throat working as she swallowed his greasy jizz until he finally drained out, sliding his cock back past her lips before he smeared the remainder all over her face.

Another cry of relief attracted Jason’s gaze as Tammy came. “Fuck…fuck me….FUCK MEEEE!!!” The young girl screamed as half Sandy’s forearm disappeared inside Tammy’s streaming cunt and she came and came and came. No sooner had she settled than Sandy ran across the room and grabbed a handful of Chloe’s hair, yanking her head back before locking lips in a decadent cum-cleaning kiss.

Jason couldn’t stand it for another second, and with one powerful sweep he cleared the coffee table, their glasses shattering on the floor. He picked Audrey up as though she weighed nothing and dropped her face down on the table, her small breasts flattened by the impact. Moving with speed of a striking snake he was behind her, slapping her thighs to clearly convey he wanted her legs spread…wide. She had never seen her father like this, never witnessed such a sense of raw, driving need, and while she should have been fearful, the bond of trust reassured her. She spread her legs as far as she could until her tendons were stretched like guitar strings, and then felt the butt-plug being firmly drawn from her body. “I’m sorry honey.” Jason groaned. “This could hurt and that’s the last thing I want but, I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF! I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!”

She felt his slick glans pushing against her tight sphincter and breathed deeply, just as she had when slid the plug into her tight little ass earlier. Her own cunt was oozing freely, slippery trails running down her thighs and her body feeling as though it was on fire. She couldn’t understand why she was almost as aroused as he was, but she knew she had to have him. “That’s ok Daddy, I want this too! Fuck me please! Fuck my virgin ass as hard and as deep as you can!”

He slapped her butt cheek hard enough to leave a read mark, and thrust forward, his glans forcing a passage inside her for the first time. Her eyes rolled back as a wave of pain washed over her and she bit her lip to prevent crying out, then another slap on the other cheek and another purposeful thrust saw his cock inch its way deeper. The pain was beyond anything she expected and a tiny tear rolled down her cheek, but she somehow kept breathing and trying to relax until it finally diminished by a fractional amount. Realizing she was crossing a threshold she kept going, breathing slowly as the pain started to fade and the most intense feelings she had every experienced started bubbling to the surface. “Oh…..yes.” She whispered before her voice found some strength. “Oh my God Daddy, YES! Oh Jesus! Oh Shit! Come on Daddy, fuck my slutty little ass!”

He shook his head briefly and looked down at the red patches on her butt from his powerful slaps, and rubbed them gently in attempt to soothe her punished skin. “Oh God baby.” He groaned. “I’m so sorry, are you ok?”

She responded by pushing her tiny body back at him, using all her strength to force another inch inside her, the fires of wanton lust dictating her actions. “I’m fine Dad, really! Come on and fuck me will you? We both want this, so do it to me. Fuck my ass until your cum is running down my legs! I’ll do anything you want Daddy. I’ll be your slut and your whore and let you fuck me and do anything you want. I need this Daddy, I need it so bad! I’ll find other hot little cunts for you, and help you fuck them too if you want! JUST….FUCK….ME…..NOW!!!”

He was driving into her, his cock firmer than it had ever been as he listened to her desperate pleas. “Yes baby….YES! Be my cunt….be my slut….bring your sweet friends over and I’ll give them a fucking they’ll never forget. We’re gonna spend every waking minute fucking! Ahhh…..Argghhh…. ARRGGHH!!!!”

He threw his head back and clenched his eyes tightly as his scalding seed pulsed up his shaft, and he was sure he could feel every bubbling drop as he thrust forward until his balls brushed her soaking thighs as he came. Had he already cum three times that day? No, no way. He was sure that wasn’t possible as he sprayed his seed deep inside in what seemed to be endless, pumping streams.

She squealed and twisted beneath him as her gushing fluids sprayed from her quivering cunt, drowning his thighs in musky juices that trailed slowly down his legs. His heart was pounding as though it was trying to tear its way out of his chest, his body quivering from sensory overload as his final spluttering sprays found a slippery resting place. A tremble rippled up his arms and he lay down on top of her just before they lost the battle to keep him upright, his cock still locked deep inside her.

He lost all track of time as he focused on breathing, the sound of the forgotten movie the only thing that broke the silence that would have otherwise reigned. His cock finally softened until her muscle pressure pushed him free and she groaned as she felt him leave her. “Dad, put the plug back in me, quickly, please?”

He managed to find it in the jumbled mess on the floor, and slid it inside her bruised ravaged hole as gently as he could and she sighed softly. “That’s better. I felt so empty with nothing in there. I don’t think I can walk Daddy, could you take me to bed please, and I’ll help clean up in the morning?”

He saw the remote lying on the floor and turned off the TV, picking her up easily and carefully skirting the broken glass as he turned off the lights. He smiled ruefully at the trashed room that reeked of primal coupling, but knew they could take care of that in the morning. Right now his body was screaming for rest, and he laid her carefully in his bed, wrapping his arms around her as she snuggled back against him and they drifted off into a deep, satisfied sleep.

He woke the next morning with sun streaming in the windows, and looked at the peaceful form of his daughter sleeping in his arms. She looked serene, her eyes closed and the slightest hint of a smile on her slumbering face. The minutes ticked past and he continued to watch her, satisfied to pass the time just being this close to her. The hint of a frown drifted across his face as he wondered how he would cope when Amanda came home, not that he didn’t love her as that was something that would never change, but the intimacy between he and Audrey was something desperately lacking in his relationship with his wife. He resolved to sit down with her when she returned, and be completely open and honest with her in the hope she could adjust her priorities so that he had a more prominent place in her life. But if that failed he always had the boundless love of his daughter to fall back on.

His mind drifted back to yesterday, and the series of amazing experiences that had unfolded as the day went on. Twenty four short hours ago he was reluctantly saying goodbye to his wife and wondering how long this trip would keep her from him, not that much happened when they were together. Now he realized that an extension to her trip not only wouldn’t bother him, he would probably welcome the chance to continue enjoying Audrey and her unique quest for experience.

She stirred in his arms, rolling onto her back and stretching like a lazy cat until her eyes flickered open. The first thing she saw was her Dad’s sparkling eyes gazing down at her, before he leant down and kissed her softly. “Good morning princess, did you sleep well?”

She smiled lazily back at him. “I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow Daddy. That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages.”

“Me too, I slept like the original log. Are you hungry?”

“Oh my God yes!” She giggled. “I could eat a horse, a cow, and have a sheep for dessert!”

“You’ll get fat baby girl.” He teased.

“Then I’ll just have to make sure I get plenty of SEXERCISE!” She laughed, bounding to her feet. “Come on. I’ll cook us some breakfast.”

She led him to the kitchen and soon he was enjoying the smells of eggs, sausages and hash browns cooking as she moved around the kitchen. His hunger pangs were making it difficult to concentrate, so he picked up a dustpan and started cleaning up the broken glass in the den. Once that was taken care of he gave the floor a quick once over with the vacuum, and then mopped up the sticky residue from their spilt drinks. Satisfied nobody would step on anything sharp he was just about to go back to the kitchen when Audrey called out that breakfast was ready.

He noticed the way she gingerly lowered her bottom on to the chair and smiled a rueful apology. “I think I got a bit carried away last night sweetheart. I’m really sorry about that.”

She smiled back at him. “It was pretty intense Daddy, and you were right because it did hurt at first. Then the pain started to go away, and it actually felt really good. You were sort of out of control there for a while!”

“Oh God I was, wasn’t I?” He admitted. “I don’t know what came over me, but I just lost it completely. I’ve never felt like that, or done anything like that, and I mean never.”

“Well you might have to go easy back there for a day or so.” She laughed to reassure him. “Next time I’ll keep you away from my movies and we’ll work up to it.”

“But overall was it ok?” He whispered. “Or are you saying we file that under tried it, ticked the box, don’t want to go there again.”

To his relief she shook her head. “No way. I think we just need to work on our technique.”

“That’s fine Audrey.” Ha acknowledged in relief. “I’ll do a better job of keeping my hormones under control next time, but it’s hard because you’re such a sexy little bitch. When I see you naked I just become Bad Daddy!”

She sat back and grinned at him across the table. “So what would Bad Daddy like to do today? I’m so ready for more lessons!”

He had given this some thought while he had been cleaning up the den, and knew that after last night he needed to balance his almost brutal anal assault with some tender attention. “Actually, I do have something special in mind. Why don’t you have a quick shower and meet me outside?”

She was clearly curious but managed to contain it, nodding as she stood. “I could use a shower. See you in ten?”

“That’d be perfect.” He agreed, and started getting things ready as soon as she walked out.

She was good to her word, arriving in ten minutes or so with a few beads of water on her skin and a towel wrapped around her to provide some sense of modesty. Jason had soft music playing through the outdoor speakers and fluffy white towel spread out on a lounge. Audrey saw a bottle of clear liquid sitting on side table and wondered what he had in mind.

“Enjoy your shower baby?” He asked and she nodded in reply. “Why don’t you take off your towel and lie face down here.”

She happily complied, stretching out as she felt the sun warming her soft skin. Jason uncapped the bottle and poured a liberal handful of massage oil into his palm, before he started to massage her shoulders and neck. She groaned softly and luxuriated in the roving strength of his strong hands, wondering how he seemed to be able to find every patch of muscle tension even if she was unaware of it. Time drifted past without a care, and his hands slowly moved down her back leaving her feeling warm and progressively more relaxed. As his hands started working on her butt cheeks she felt her internal temperature begin to rise as the first traces of fluid provided moist slippery sensations inside that matched the feel of light oil on her skin. This created something of a dilemma, as she became increasingly interested in a sexual escalation, but was also enjoying his slow, caring massage immensely. “Oh Daddy.” She said softly. “This is soooo good. I’ve never had a massage like this and….it’s making me all hot and gooey inside. I really hope you’re going to fuck me soon!”

He chuckled back at her. “Audrey, it’s a beautiful day and we have all the time we need. So I’m going to keep massaging you until I’m finished, and then we’ll see what we want to do next. Sometimes it’s really nice to just take your time and build up slow, so that’s what I want to do.”

He reluctantly moved down from her butt, but didn’t make things any easier for her as her poured oil onto her upper thighs and massaged them gently, the tips of his fingers just brushing her surprisingly slick labia as he soothed her tensions away. “Bad Daddy.” She laughed softly. “You’re teasing me you naughty man!”

“I am aren’t I?” He agreed as he worked slowly down her firm slim legs.

“You seemed to really enjoy the movie last night.” She commented softly.

“That was amazing baby.” He agreed. “I’ve watched some really hot porn over the years, but nothing even comes close to that.”

“It is pretty hot, but you got….distracted before you got to the really good parts.”

“What?” He half-shouted in disbelief. “No way it could get hotter than that!”

She raised her head and nodded emphatically. “Oh yeah. He makes them all bend over the table side by side, and he goes along fucking each of them until they cum, and then he tells them to kneel together and jerks off until he blows his cum all over their faces. He can cum so hard I was trying to figure out if it was fake or real. They had cum in their hair, all over their faces and tits, it was everywhere. Then the Mom rushes in and starts kissing them and licking the cum from their faces. Like…really, really hot!”

“Fuck me!” Jason said hoarsely. “We gotta watch that honey. Turn over for me and I’ll do your front now.”

She rolled over and stretched out again, and this time he started at her feet and slowly worked upward.

Jason’s cock had sprung to attention, a thin bead of clear liquid dangling from his glans. “Oh God!” He groaned as his fingers slid around her ankles and feet. “Now I’m getting all hot and excited.”

Audrey looked down at his rigid shaft. “I think you’re turning me into a little slut Daddy, ‘cause every time I see your wonderful cock I start thinking of all the different things we could do with it. Does that bother you Daddy? Would you get worried if I became your personal fuck-slut?”

Jason was finding it increasingly difficult to continue massaging his perfect little girl, but resisted the temptation to dig his fingers into her supple flesh. “As long as you were my exclusive slut, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.”

She smiled up at him. “It would make me real happy to be your slut Daddy, and you know I would do anything you want. I know I’ll have to share you with Mom, but would you like me to share you with other girls too?”

His face expressed his amazement. “Umm…not following you baby. What are you suggesting?”

“Wellllll, last night when you were so hot to fuck my ass I said I’d find other girls for you, and you said I should bring them here and you’d give them a fucking they’d never forget. We’re you just talking trash because you were horny, or would you really like that?”

His hands had reached the top of her thighs and managed to bypass her pussy as he worked quickly up her stomach and poured more oil across her tiny breasts. “Jesus Audrey, are you saying you know girls, young girls like you, that would willingly come over and….fuck me???”

She gave him the most lascivious smile he had ever seen. “Maybe. Question is, would you….be interested if I could set it up?”

He shook his head violently. “No…..No way. Far too dangerous! I’m breaking so many laws now, and if we bring anyone else in and we’re just increasing the risk.”

She draped her legs over each side of the lounge, exposing her gleaming cunt to his increasingly lustful gaze. “Your cock looks like it’s about to explode Daddy. Why don’t you slide it into my cunt, but don’t fuck me, just hold it there and you can finish your massage.”

He was helpless to resist as he felt her nipples growing longer against his slippery palms, and slid his shaft easily inside her. His hands moved upward until they were massaging her shoulders gently, and then she continued her line of thought. “You can’t deny how hot you got watching that movie Daddy. I could see how excited you were watching those three little girls and what they were doing. I wouldn’t be jealous Daddy, I just want to make you happy. Would it make you happy to have three young cunts to play with?”

“Fuck Audrey, you’re doing my head in! How do you come up with these ideas?” Jason gasped.

She laughed, which sent ripples of pleasure through her body and into his cock. “I told you before Daddy. I think about sex all the time. And I watch porn and play with myself every chance I get, at least I used to before yesterday.”

His hands worked gently up her slim neck to her hairline until his massage was complete, so he went back to her breasts and started teasing and tweaking her nipples.

“Ok, I have a question for you.” He countered. “Have you ever fooled around with your girlfriends? Have you kissed them on the lips, have you ever played with their pussies, or sucked their little cunts?”

Another sexy smile confirmed his suspicions. “That would be yes, yes and yes Daddy. They may call them sleepovers, but we don’t seem to get a lot of sleep. I’ll bet you’d get real hot watching me enjoy face time with a girl while we played with each others’ cunts.”

His mind clicked into overdrive, thinking about Audrey’s friends who stayed over regularly. There were a few that came over once in a while, but a quick process of elimination brought him back to two girls who were regular overnight visitors. There was Amy-Lin, a petite little Asian girl with a breathtakingly beautiful china-doll face, and Tracey, who was a little taller than Audrey and already had the beginnings of an impressive pair of firm breasts that were probably a reasonable B-cup. Both impressed him as polite and respectful girls, and Amanda had mentioned how happy she was that Audrey had such nice friends keeping her company.

Knowing he would be consumed with curiosity and probably spend days wondering, he decided to see if Audrey would confirm his suspicions. “So I’m guessing Amy-Lin and Tracey, which means one of them is the girl you spoke about who is having sex with her father, but I’m not going to ask you which one. What I just don’t understand is how you could think they’d want to have sex with me!”

Audrey looked surprised for a moment. “Wow, my Daddy’s a detective! That was pretty clever. If you figured that out I can’t believe you couldn’t work out the rest of it, but that’s easy, I know…… because they told me.”

He couldn’t help but laugh. “More teenage trash-talk baby, that’s all that is.”

“You think?” She laughed back at him. “Well I know better! Look at yourself Daddy. You’re in great shape and you don’t have a beer gut or wrinkles. Both my friends have told me heaps of times they think you’re really hot, and they’d do you if they had the chance.”

“That’s just bullshit baby girl. Maybe they say that and I’m not calling you a liar, but I can’t see any way they’d want to be with an old guy like me.”

“Maybe, and maybe not Daddy.” She replied simply. “Thing is, there’s only one way to find out isn’t there?”

“I really don’t think it’s worth the risk baby.” He said honestly. “But right now I need to cum more than anything. Are you ready for me?”

He had already started sliding his hard cock deeper when she cried out. “No Daddy, wait! Please don’t fuck my cunt, at least, not right now. I haven’t had a bath yet!”

“I don’t understand Audrey. You had a shower just a while ago?”

“I don’t mean a bath-bath, I mean a cum-bath!” She said matter-of-factly. “Can you do that please Daddy, please? You can stand over me, and watch me play with my hot little cunt, and you can stroke your cock until you cum all over me. Would you like that Daddy?”

He slid back from his position of warm captivity and wrapped his hand around his slick shaft. “If my little girl wants a cum-bath, then that’s what she’ll get.” He grinned down at her. “I’ll warn you now my balls feel real heavy, so when I cum I think there’ll be plenty of it!”

“I want it everywhere Daddy.” She assured him earnestly. “All over my face, in my hair, and you can paint my tits as well if you’ve got enough.” Her hands slid down to her glistening slit and she pulled her labia wide apart before thrusting two fingers inside. “I want to be your slut Daddy, I going to be your hot little cock-whore. Watch me Daddy, watch me real close. See how I finger my little fuck-hole for you? I’m trying to get you real hot, so hot your cum will be spraying all over my body. Come on Daddy, stretch that wonderful cock for me! I love watching you do things like this. You’re such a naughty man!”

He was stroking rapidly, wondering how he could be so fortunate to have this wonderful young girl willing him on with such lustful enthusiasm. “Oh Audrey, oh baby! You are so fucking hot! I am so lucky to be your Dad, and I cannot possibly tell me how much I appreciate you like this. My God, I love you…..SO……MUCH……ARRGGHH……CUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!”

Having had all night to recuperate his supply was fully replenished, and his first powerful spurt covered half her hair in thick white juice. A slight downward pressure saw his next spray across her forehead and start running down to her eyes just as they closed. She trembled as his next shot spattered against her cheek and he moved his aim to carry it across her nose and coat her other cheek. At that point she squealed loudly, thrusting her fingers firmly into her oozing cunt and shuddering as she came. Her quivering orgasm did nothing to interrupt his furious stroking, and his next release hit her squarely on the lips. Her mouth snapped open and he was sure the next two must have coated her tonsils, such was the force of his gushing spray.

He continued to lower his aim as his pressure started to diminish, trailing a thick bead across her neck and then over each breast, tendrils of viscous jizz hanging from her stretched nipples like some form of depraved erotic jewelry. With his load nearly spent he bent his cock down painfully and pumped his final desperate spurts across her cunt and embedded fingers. Finally done he staggered backward until his calves felt the frame of the lounge and gratefully collapsed onto it, still holding his slowly shrinking shaft. “Man!” He thought to himself. “Every time I cum with Audrey, I cum harder than the time before. If I keep going like this my cock is going to explode!”

He watched her rhythmic breathing and the satisfied smile on her face as her eyes slowly opened, as though trying to make sure pearls of liquid didn’t dribble into them. Seemingly satisfied she was safe, they opened fully and she grinned across at him. “Now that’s what I call a cum-bath Daddy!” She laughed. “I wanted it everywhere, and I got my wish. Do I look like a real slut now?”

“Oh yeah!” He laughed loudly. “You look like the most perfect little slut I’ve ever had the pleasure of blowing over. ALL OVER!!! I have no idea if cum washes out of hair easy, but you’re going to find out baby.”

“That was so good Daddy, thank you so much. And I won’t be washing it out until much later. I love how it feels and it smells pretty good too.”

“Do you really want to be my slut Audrey?”

“More than anything!” She replied.

“Then you need to learn how to behave like one.” He snapped. “You’ve made a hell of a mess of my cock, so you should crawl over here on your hands and knees and clean it up!”

She rolled off the lounge, her eyes shining as she crawled slowly over like a cat stalking a bird. When she reached him she slid one tiny hand around his slippery shaft, and took him slowly into her mouth. Her eyes closed and she smiled as though tasting her favorite food, and her tongue slid across his flesh as she started with his cum-coated glans and worked her way down. It felt as though it took several minutes before she finally released her oral embrace, then she moved down his body, taking each of his balls into her mouth ever so gently and licking them clean. She grinned at him happily and took his hand in hers, extending his fingers before sucking down the length of each one, finally placing his hand back on his chest and licking her lips slowly with her pointed pink tongue. “How was that Daddy?” She asked breathlessly.

“Fucking awesome.” He whispered. “Simply…fucking…awesome! I think I need a drink now, would you like Bourbon or a wine?”

“Either’s fine with me Daddy.” She smiled happily.

Jason walked inside and had his hand on a bottle of wine when a grin spread across his face, and he decided champagne was a better idea. He unwrapped the foil cover and twisted off the metal cork holder, picked up two long-stem crystal flutes, and took them outside.

"Hey you sexy minx, how would you like a glass of champagne?" He grinned.

She jumped to her feet and clapped her hands together. "Champagne? Yes please! Are we celebrating anything special?"

He leant down and kissed her cherry-red lips softly. "I'm celebrating spending quality time with a very sexy, special lady." He said softly.

"Oh Daddy, you can be such a sweet talker." She blushed.

He set the glasses down on the table and popped the cork carefully, having learned long ago that champagne should be treated with respect. He tilted each glass to minimise the frothing, handing Audrey her glass before he poured his and clinked glasses before taking a sip.

Audrey took a sip and smiled contentedly. "Wow, so many bubbles! Sort of like soda, but completely different."

They lay back on their lounges and enjoyed sipping their champagne as the sun's rays warmed their bodies. "I love you Daddy." She said simply.

"And I love you too princess, so much." He smiled back at her.

"I'm so happy." She went on. "This has been such an incredible weekend! I've been on my first real date, I've had my first real drink, and the best thing is you made love to me for the very first time. I don't think I'll ever have a weekend like this again in my life."

"Audrey, you may not have a weekend like this again, but there will be many other memorable firsts for you in the next few years."

"Do you think so Daddy?" She asked with genuine curiosity. "What kind of firsts?"

He thought about that for a second. "Well, you're so beautiful that you will meet a boy and fall head-over-heels in love, and that will be an amazing experience for you. You may decide to travel and see wonderful places and experience different cultures. When the right man asks you to marry him you'll walk down the aisle on my arm looking incredibly beautiful in your wedding gown, and I'll probably cry my eyes out, and then you'll decide to start your own family and you'll give birth to a son or daughter that will change your life forever. How's that for starters?"

"Do you really think I'll do all those things?" She asked as though she found it hard to believe.

"I think every one of those is an absolute certainty, with travel the only maybe, and that's something I really hope you'll do. There are so many incredible places in the world, and if you can afford it and want to do it, then I really hope you do."

"But what about us Daddy?" She asked looking concerned. "I don't ever want us to stop being together."

"Audrey, you will always be my special girl, and it doesn't matter where you are or if you get married or anything. But what's happening now is absolutely wonderful and I'm loving every moment, but I know it won't last forever. One day you will meet a special boy, and when that happens I honestly want you to know that you can come to me and tell me all about him, and that things between us....need to go back to something more conventional, like an average Dad and his daughter. When that happens a part of me will be a little sad, but I know it will happen and I won't stand in your way."

"Oh Daddy, part of that makes me happy and another part makes me really sad." She acknowledged.

"That's pretty much how life is Audrey. But it'll be ok, you'll see."

"But won't you miss me if we're not having sex anymore?" She asked as she sat forward waiting for his reply.

"Oh God, what do you think?" He laughed. "I will miss you, SO MUCH! But you have to live your own life so I'll either go back to jerking off, or I'll turn the garage into a dungeon, tie Mom up and have my evil way with her."

Audrey laughed loudly at that suggestion. "Bad Daddy! I guess you've been jerking off a lot lately?" She asked without a trace of embarrassment.

He looked carefully at his hands. "Yep. Lots of calluses so I guess I have been." She burst out laughing at his outrageous teasing. "And what about you, you sneaky slut? You set me up to jerk off outside your room while you're playing with yourself, and you had a mirror positioned to catch me out! What the fuck was that?"

She laughed until tears streamed down her cheeks. "I had to do something Daddy. I was so sick of you moping around every time Mom went away! Anyway, it worked a treat so what are you complaining about?"

"I'm not complaining. I'm just saying you are a cunning little bitch and a sneaky slut to boot. I'm going to have to keep an eye on you in future." He noticed that when he called her a slut a tiny shiver ran through her body, and her nipples seemed to grow harder and longer. He wasn't completely sure if he'd read her reaction accurately, so he decided to experiment a little. "Come here SLUT!" He barked, and she jumped to her feet and quickly moved over and stood in front of him. “I want you to go and put on those sexy heels you wore to dinner last night, and maybe some hot tights if you have any. Oh, and bring your butt plug and the lube as well.”

Her chest was heaving and flushed, her little nipples hard and extended. “Yes Daddy.” She whispered softly and ran inside. She was back in a minute, wearing a pair of sheer white stay-up stockings and her sexy heels. In one hand she had the plug and bottle of lube, in the other she had his cell. “Mom’s on the phone.” She grinned as his eyes roamed hungrily over her body and she handed it over.

“Hey honey, how’s it going?” He asked.

“Hi Jason, it’s good to hear your voice!” She replied. “We were a little late getting in yesterday as we had to circle for a while before we could land, but arrived ok and got straight to work. It’s a real mess here but we’re slowly getting things sorted out.”

“Are you still on track to come home for next weekend?” He enquired.

“Oh God, I hope so.” She said hopefully. “I promise I’ll call as soon as we can see light at the end of the tunnel. So how are you two going, Audrey not giving you too much trouble?”

“If only you knew.” He thought to himself as he watched his daughter grinning at him as she sat on her lounge facing him before she spread her legs, licked her finger and started sliding it up and down her slit. “No babe, she’s fine, no trouble at all.”

“So what have you two been doing while I’ve been away?” She asked.

“Not much.” He replied easily. “Yesterday we just hung around the house, Audrey did some homework and I tidied up the lawns, then we had a swim. We did do something special last night, I took Audrey on a date and we went to that great seafood restaurant. I bought her a new outfit and she was quite the young lady at dinner, and then we just came home and watched a movie before we went to bed.”

Audrey grinned at him as she made a sexy show of pouring some lube on her pussy before she slid two slim fingers inside. Jason shook his head and grinned back at her. “Well that sounds nice.” Amanda assured him. “She is growing up fast isn’t she?”

“She sure is.” He chuckled softly. “She’s getting more mature every day.”

“Is she still there? Can I talk to her for a minute?”

“Sure.” He replied. “Audrey, your Mom wants to say hi.”

She came over and took the cell, standing with her legs spread as Jason stroked her slippery labia. “Hi again Mom. Everything going ok for you?”

“So far so good honey. I hear you went on special date with Dad. That must have been fun!”

“It was so good Mom!” She gushed. “Dad bought me a new dress and some really pretty heels, I’m actually wearing them now, you know, to get used to walking in them? And he took me to dinner which was awesome. Dad and I had lobster and it was sooo good, we couldn’t even eat dessert!”

“Sounds great honey, I’m really glad you’re having fun. So are you taking care of your Dad? You’re not filling up on junk food are you?”

“Course not Mom!” She responded. “I actually cooked breakfast this morning, but we haven’t done the dishes yet. I’m not sure what we’ll do for the rest of the day but it’s really nice here, so we might have a swim or watch a movie or something.”

“I just wish I could be there with you, but I really have to go now. Tell Dad I’ll call in the next day or so and let you know how things are going here.”

“That’d be great Mom ‘cause we really miss you.”

“I miss you both too honey. Give your Dad a kiss for me and we’ll talk again soon. Bye now!”

Audrey tapped the end icon and put the phone down, taking Jason’s face in her hands before kissing him deeply and with surprising passion. “Mom said I had to give you a kiss for her.” She said simply as she stood up.

“And what a kiss it was!” Jason grinned. “And what’s with the pussy play while your Mom’s on the phone? Are you trying to get me into trouble or what?”

She flashed one of her increasingly familiar sexy smiles. “Why Daddy, isn’t that the way you want your slut to behave? Now what were you planning on doing with that nasty little plug?”

“Bend over that table honey, and you’ll find out.”

She did as she was told, bending forward until her body was flat on the table before sliding her legs wide apart. Jason moved behind her and placed his hands of her incredibly tight butt cheeks, stretching them to the side to expose her puckered pink sphincter. “I know you’re still a little sore, but do you want me to fuck your exquisite little ass again in a few days?”

“Oh yes Daddy!” She hissed. “I think I’ll like it more and more as I get used to it.”

“So you really want to be Daddy’s little ass-slut do you?” He growled.

Once again a little shiver ran across her skin. “I want to be whatever kind of slut you want Daddy.” She whispered.

“You like me calling you a slut don’t you baby?” He asked, though it was more a statement than a question.

“I do Daddy, I really do! I know it’s not...a nice word, but when call me your slut or your cunt, or even your whore, it just makes my pussy all wet and hot.”

“Hot talk can be a turn on, no doubt about that.” He agreed. “Remember how I told you anal takes preparation and patience?” She nodded vigorously. “That’s going to be today’s lesson. I’m going to demonstrate how that works, but you need to do some work too. You should start wearing your plug as much as you can, and when you feel you can take this one easily I’ll give a larger one to try. Having it inside you will allow your muscles to stretch and become accustomed to having a cock in there, so that soon you’ll take me in your ass as easy as you can take me in your cunt.”

“Oh fuck Daddy, I’m getting so wet!” She cried out. “Can I....can I wear to school?”

“If you want to, and you’re sure it wouldn’t create any problems for you.” He replied, and then bent forward and started kissing her forbidden entry. She groaned quietly as she felt his lips on her flesh, and again as his tongue started swirling around her tight muscle. Her temperature climbed until she could feel the warmth radiating from between her lewdly spread legs, but he took his time, kissing and licking her as her worked all around her anal entry.

When he felt she was completely wet he started probing her with his tongue, pushing firmly against her resistant muscle as his hands stretched her cheeks even further. Time was not a problem so used it wisely, continuing to work on her body until she finally succumbed as his pointed tongue slid inside her for the first time. “!” She stammered. “You’re actually doing this. My Daddy.... has his my ass!!”

Her hips started gyrating gently, moving in tiny circles with a little backward push for every soft rotation. He realized she was doing her best to help him, rather than just stay still and compliant. With steady pressure he felt her slowly open, and his tongue slid deeper until his lips were brushing her smooth skin. “I...don’t fucking hot this is Daddy!” She hissed. “My Daddy is fucking my ass...with his mouth. Ohhhhh....GOD!”

He had wondered if she could cum from anal play alone, and received graphic confirmation as her juices sprayed against his chin and dribbled down his chest. So he pushed his tongue a little deeper, stretching his jaw forward to give her every possible inch, and she came for him again. “Uhhhh...... Ohhhhh......FUCK....YEAH! That’s it Daddy, good, so fucking good! Ahhh....I’m such a dirty cunt, whore, SLUT!”

Suddenly she stood, her body pushing him back to the point he nearly stumbled and fell. Her eyes were blazing as she glared at him, and he had a second to realize he had never witnessed a gaze of such pure lust in his life. “Get down!” She spat at him. “Down on your back!”

There was no way he was going to argue given her present state, so he did exactly as he was told. She ran to the table, her heels clicking a staccato beat on the pavers before she snatched the bottle of lube. In her haste she fumbled the simple flip-cap several times. “Fuck it!” She snarled, finally succeeding in opening it. With a force that would probably leave a bruise later she jammed it into her pussy and squeezed the bottle with every ounce of strength until trails of slippery clear fluid dribbled down her thighs. She ran back over and crouched down beside him, inverting the bottle above his rigid cock and squeezing it until his shaft and balls were covered in thick lube and the excess ran down his ass crack. She threw the bottle away and lifted one leg to straddle him. “Hold that fucker for me!” She hissed, and again he did as he was told. Her hands gripped her labia and she ripped them aside, lowering herself down until she felt his slippery head nudge her steaming pussy. She remained still for a second or two, then abruptly dropped, forcing his thick shaft all way inside her incredibly slippery cunt until his balls were crushed by her thankfully modest weight.

“Oh Fuck!” He gasped.

“Yeah Daddy!” She cried out as she started thrusting up and down, lifting up high and them impaling her cunt as she let her weight drive her body downward. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked in your life! You better cum hard Daddy. I want so much fucking cum that I can feel it coming up my throat!”

He was helpless to move, let alone speak, struggling to comprehend what had happened to his sweet little girl. Sure, he was loving her transition into a cock-hungry slut, but this was beyond anything he had ever imagined or experienced. Her body was a blur of desperate movement as she ravaged herself; her face, neck and breasts flushed a brilliant hue of pink that resembled a serious case of sunburn. “Uh...UH....UHHH!!” She grunted in time with each urgent thrust, and Jason could feel a combination of lube and feminine precum running freely down over his clenching balls. “Fuck...fuck ...FUCK!!! Gonna.....gonna cum, GONNA....CUUMMMM!!!”

Her juices gushed down his shaft but she continued to fuck him, his mind overwhelmed by the sensations and liquid sounds of her rapid movement. “Come on Daddy, give it to me! Your slut needs her cunt full!” His cock seemed to suck back on itself slightly, and then spring back to full length as he exploded. “FUCCKKK!!!! YEAH!” She squealed in delight, clamping her muscles around him as she continued to drive him into the ground. “Yeah Daddy, that’s what I need!” Finally she slowed, and with one last easy downward movement she held him deep inside as they both felt her slippery juices oozing free. She slumped forward until her sweat soaked face was resting on his chest, and they lay there for some time, completely and utterly spent.

She finally lifted her head far enough to kiss his lips. “That was intense.” She laughed happily.

“What exactly was that baby?” He smiled. “I think....I just got run down by Cyclone Audrey.”

“I’m sorry Daddy.” She giggled. “My turn to say I got carried away?”

“And then some.” He agreed.

She slid free and got on her hands and knees beside him. “You must be getting old Daddy. You completely forgot to plug my little ass!”

He laughed loud and long. “I...forgot? You’re fucking kidding aren’t you?”

“I guess so, you want to do it now?” She suggested.

“I repeat, you’re fucking kidding aren’t you? That means I have to move!”

“Come on old man, do this for me and I’ll give you a massage.”

He groaned and got to his feet, stumbling over to pick up the silicone sex-toy before looking around to see where the lube had ended its flight after Audrey threw it. He finally saw it resting on the edge of a garden bed and retrieved it. When he has behind her he uncapped it, and dribbled a bead across her rosebud, smearing it around and inside her with surprising ease. Then he picked up the plug and gave it a coating, just holding the tip against her. “Breathe easy honey, and see if you can relax for me.”

She followed his suggestion as he slowly increased the pressure, watching her sphincter push inward before it started to spread, and he gently slid it inside her until she partially closed around the narrow stem. “Hey that was pretty easy.” She said happily. “Feels good too!”

She got to her feet and wiggled her shapely butt, walking a few steps before turning and walking back. “Feels really hot Daddy. I think I’m going to love wearing this.”

“Looks hot too Audrey.” He assured her. “Now I’m really thirsty. Could you go a soda and another glass of champagne?”

“You bet. How about I get the soda and you pour the champagne?” She suggested, and he nodded as she headed inside.

They both drained their soda quickly and then sipped their champagne, before Audrey picked up the oil and returned the favour from earlier. Jason allowed his mind to drift as her small hands worked on his muscles, his body progressively relaxing from the combination of champagne and her gentle massage. “This is so good honey, thank you so much. I am feeling absolutely no pain now.”

“You’re welcome Daddy.” She replied happily. “Your massage was wonderful, so I figure you deserve one too, even if my hands aren’t as strong as yours.”

“You’re doing fine.” He assured her. “I think I could almost go to sleep right now.”

To her surprise a few minutes later, that’s precisely what he did.

***************************** TO BE CONTINUED **********************************

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