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An illegitimate son discovers his fathers secret.
I take zero credit for this story, it was written by Franco. I'm posting here on his approval.


Chapter 4: Las Vegas, Nevada - Part 1

I waited in the plane, strapped in my seat in the passenger cabin, while dad made a quick pre-flight check. Dad's mechanic had already given the plane a thorough check and fueled it before we got to the airport. During takeoff and just after, dad was busy with the controls and radio communications. After we reached cruising altitude, he called me to sit with him up front, in the copilot's seat.

After a while I said, "Dad, Bobbi and Claudia want to be my girlfriends. What do you think about that?"

"I know you've been having a good time with them," he said. "But you might want to find out if you have anything else in common besides sex. Do you know what kinds of things they're interested in?"

"I guess just fashions, and modeling, and having a good time are pretty much all they care about. To tell the truth, we haven't talked that much, but we all seem to get along together pretty well. But what about Candace? What do you have in common with her?"

Dad looked at me, "Haven't you seen the photographs she's taken? Candace is an excellent photographer. She's had pictures published in leading magazines. She has an excellent eye and has had her work exhibited in some first rate galleries. That was one of the things that first attracted me to her. I like to be able to see things through the eyes of others.

"After she did the Playboy centerfold, she decided she needed something more permanent than modeling and that she enjoyed doing. She studied photography and was able to use the contacts she made modeling to help with her career as a photographer. Now, she's concentrating on her photography. She hasn't done any modeling in over two years.

"Of course, there's no reason why you can't keep Claudia and Bobbi as your girlfriends for a while and see how it works out. If you decide it's not working, I can always help you break up with either, or both of them, if that's what you decide you want to do."

"I guess I need to think about it some more. I don't want to hurt them. I mean, how can I just leave them after everything that's happened."

"Don't worry about that," he said, "Whatever happens, they'll get over it. And don't forget, through you they've been introduced to a depth of sexual pleasure most women never find. I think they'll be able to bring that with them to future relationships, helping create stronger relationships with their partners."

I didn't understand how that happened... how I was able to do that, but wasn't prepared to question my dad any more. I was still tired from last night. "I guess so," I replied, nodding off to sleep.

I woke up as we started our descent. When I asked if I should go back to the cabin, thinking dad would be busy with radio communications and other aeronautical matters during the landing, he said I should stay where I was.

As we descended, I was surprised that I didn't see the skyline of Las Vegas that I expected. Instead of Las Vegas, we were landing at a vacant airstrip in the middle of the desert. From what I could see, there was just one decayed runway with some decrepit metal buildings to the side.

We landed, then taxied over next to one of the buildings. Dad shut down the engines, then turned to me.

"Is this where you tell me the secret?" I asked.

Instead of answering, "How old do you think I am?" he asked.

I knew my mom was 40, and he was older than her - I knew that. I looked at his dark hair peppered with white, his body seemed like it was still in pretty good shape, and I knew he was still sexually active, I said, "I don't know... maybe 45 or 50."

"I'm 69 years old," he said. "I've been married seven times, and I have almost a hundred children, of which you, Rob, are one. Now, I'm going to tell you my story. I want you to pay attention.

"More than 40 years ago, I was a graduate student. I was an only child. While I was an undergraduate, my father and mother were killed in an automobile accident. I was an ideal candidate for the aliens."

When he mentioned aliens I started with surprise, but didn't interrupt.

"There must have been millions of candidates who met their requirements, but they picked me, partly, they told me, because they believed I was a decent person, a good person, who wouldn't abuse the power they gave me.

"Up there, in space," pointing at the sky through the windscreen, "a great war is being fought. We're not part of that war. The earth is on the sidelines... for now. During World War II, there were areas the war didn't spread to, like Switzerland, or South America, and then there were other areas that no one ever guessed would be involved in the war but that couldn't escape it, like Burma or Guadalcanal.

"My aliens, the aliens who recruited me, want the earth to be ready to help them if the war spreads to this sector of the galaxy. They want an earth as united as possible. They want a peaceful, prosperous earth. That's what I've been doing for the last 40 years. That's why I ended the Cold War."

"You ended the Cold War?" I asked. "What about Reagan? What about Gorbechev?"

"They helped, but I did most of it, and it took a lot of work and a long time. And there's a multitude of other things I've done to benefit the aliens, and the earth too, that are not as obvious.

"I do it with telepathy. They gave me the ability to read and control the minds and emotions of others. That's my secret for getting women. That's how I made your two playmates crazy about you. And, in addition to the mind control, as part of the bargain they made with me, to reward me, they uh... augmented and gave me control of my sexual organs, increased my capacity for sexual pleasure, and gave me the ability to control the fertility of my sperm. To extend my longevity, they made me immune to all diseases and made my body as perfect as possible, given my genetic background. That's why at 69 I look like I'm 50 years old." He stopped speaking and looked into my eyes.

I believed him, and I thought I could guess why he was telling me all this, but I had to ask anyway. "Thanks for giving me Bobbi and Claudia, but what does this have to do with me?"

"A while ago, I received an order from the aliens to make arrangements for my succession. There was no explanation. As far as I know, I can expect to live a full, vigorous life for many more years. So, they must know something, or fear something, I don't know about.

"I decided to pick one of my children. That wasn't required - it's my decision. I'm picking you to be my successor. You're not the smartest of my children, although you do have a borderline genius IQ. But I believe you are a decent person who won't abuse the power."

Concerned about my father I asked, "So, you don't have any idea why they want you to pick a successor?"

"No, as I said, I don't know anything about that. I hope it's just a precaution on their part, now that I'm getting older.

"That's it. It's your decision now, just like it was mine 45 years ago. Become my successor and you'll receive all the benefits the aliens gave me. You'll help improve the earth for all of us, and prepare us to face that war out there if it comes this way. Say no, and things will continue as they have been. You'll just go home and then on to MIT. I'll even fix it so you can keep your relationship with the girls - with Claudia and Bobbi, if you want. I'll erase all this from your mind. It'll be like this landing and this conversation never happened."

"And what happens if I agree? I won't be able to go to MIT?"

Hesitating, thoughtful, dad said, "Right now, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to go to MIT. The only difference will be the modifications the aliens make to you. But if something happens... if something happens to me, you'll have to take over my duties - for the aliens. Or, if something else unexpected happens, I might need your help. As I said, I don't know why they ordered me to do this. But, otherwise, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to continue with your life as normally as possible. "

"What are the aliens like? What do they look like?"

"I don't know, I've never seen them."

"How could you agree to join them if you don't know what they're like? How do you know they're the good guys?"

"I don't know," he said. "All I know is what they've communicated to me and how they've treated me. And, I don't believe it matters much for the people of the earth if my aliens are the good guys or the bad guys. What matters is what happens to the earth. In my view, what they want is good for us. Peace, prosperity, unity - those are all good things. Maybe that war up there will never spread here, and the earth will have achieved all those benefits at no real cost. If the war does come here, we'll be better able to help my aliens and perhaps be on the winning side. Whether I help them or not, if the earth becomes involved in the war, we will suffer for it. Maybe, through my help, the earth will be prepared and we'll suffer less.

"Rob, I've told you everything I can. You need to decide now whether you will become my successor and help me with this work, and take over for me if anything happens, or whether you want to forget about all this."

I guessed dad could use his power to make me decide whatever he wanted, but if that was true, there was no point in having this discussion. He wanted me to make up my own mind. His analysis seemed to make sense - about helping the earth and being prepared in case that space war comes here. But, I was more tempted by the benefits. I remembered what I had heard about his dick and how could have sex all night with Candace, and I really liked the idea of being able to get girls, fantastic girls like Bobbi and Claudia. I still had questions - a lot of questions - but I was sure I wouldn't be getting any answers in time to help me make this decision.

"All right," I said, "I'll do it."

"Let's get going," he said, leading me out of the plane to the nearest building.

He knew how to enter the semi-ruined building, pulling aside large pieces of corrugated metal to reveal a half hidden door. Inside there was an old jeep covered with a tarp. We uncovered the jeep. Dad opened the gas cap, checking its level with a stick. "About half full," was his only comment. He pulled a key out of his pocket and tried to start it. Nothing happened. "Battery's dead," he said.

He got a crank from the back, and was able to get the jeep started after a couple of tries. It was running rough at first, but after a few minutes the engine ran smoother. We pulled away some more metal sheets in order to drive the jeep out of the building, then headed west on a rutted clay road. It was really too loud and dusty in the jeep to talk, so I sat quietly. We were driving directly into the sun, and I didn't have any sun glasses, though my dad had brought his. It wasn't a very comfortable drive.

After about half an hour of this, we got off the road and headed into the desert, finally stopping by a small butte. "What now?" I asked.

"Just walk over to the butte and wait. If the aliens accept you, you'll know."

I was getting nervous, afraid. With some hesitation, I walked to the butte. I couldn't see anything unusual, though I was no expert on desert geology or flora and fauna. After waiting a while, I was beginning to think nothing was going to happen. I turned toward the jeep to wave to my dad, when suddenly, there was a white flash - and then I wasn't there any more.

I don't know where I was. Wherever I was, it was bright. I was surrounded by a bright light, kind of like those near death experiences you hear about. It seemed like I was there a long time, though I had no way of measuring time. The light grew stronger and stronger, until it seemed to swallow me. I fainted again - though I don't know how that was possible since I was already unconscious - then the light was gone.

I awoke lying on the sand, I guess just seconds after I turned to wave. Dad was running toward me, then carrying me to the jeep. Then I passed out again. Somehow, he got me in the plane, that's where I woke up again, remaining semi-conscious until we landed at McCarren Airport. I vaguely remember the limousine ride to the hotel and going up to the room, then nothing until I woke up again in the dark.

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