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What happened during my daughters summer vacation before her Senior year in high school
My Daughter Decided That I Was To Be Her Very First Lover!

My name is Ross Smith; I’m 46 and have a wife and two kids. My wife is named Rachel, she is 45. Together we had a daughter named Phoebe and a younger son named Joey. We live in Las Vegas Nevada and up until a few months ago we were just like any other family.

My wife and I have always had a great sex life, never any problem. We have been together for over 20 years now and I have always been faithful. I still love her body; we still have sex several times a week. They say a man will always get bored having sex with the same woman over and over again, but those who say that obviously haven’t seen my wife’s body. Rachel is around 5’4 and so curvy. She had her tits upsized from a C into a DD-cup about 10 years ago when she was working in a local hotel serving cocktails. Her tips doubled and we often joked about it being the best money she ever spent on her family.

My daughter, Phoebe is 17 and is looking at colleges to go to. It was summer break and she would be a senior at her high school in the fall. We had suggested the local university more than once but she always says “I worked really hard to get good grades; I want to go to the best college available, not the shitty party school up the street.” Rachel and I had watched the Saturday Night Live skits and the local TV news for years and we couldn’t argue with that.

Phoebe had arranged a viewing at a college in Southern California 300 miles away, Rachel said I should go with her and book a hotel for the night. “Make a night of it, Phoebe is growing up fast, it will be good for you to spend some time with her.” She said. So I did. I told Phoebe to book us a hotel for the night she wanted to go online….

…. “Let’s go!” I shouted to Phoebe, still upstairs getting dressed. The day of our trip had arrived. Phoebe came down the stairs in a pink low-cut top and some very short denim cut-offs. “Don’t you want to put more clothes on?” I suggested to her.

“It’s really warm Daddy.” She replied.

“I suppose we won’t be going anywhere near all those horny teenagers at the campus.” I told her.

We put our suitcases in the car and I gave Rachel a kiss goodbye. The first 20 minutes of the drive were very boring. My daughter had driven past mile after mile of dirt and scrub, my eyes began to wonder why. I looked to the left, the right and the left again. Then I realized why I kept looking to the left. It was my little girl’s legs; the way the sun was shining on them, they were glistening and oh so long!

I tried to stop looking, “just look at the road” I told myself. Before I knew it, I was hard. I thought to myself “Your own daughter’s legs have got your cock hard, you sick bastard.” Luckily Phoebe didn’t notice; she was too busy scrolling through her phone as she drove. I have never looked at Phoebe in a sexual way before; I had always seen her as my beautiful little daughter.

I had a boner for at least the next 50 miles. Phoebe wanted to stop at a gas station for a drink, but I told her no, for obvious reasons; I couldn’t stand up in front of her, it wouldn’t take long for her to notice my erection.

The rest of the drive seemed to take forever. I just wanted to go and take a cool shower and try and take my mind off her legs. Eventually we arrived at the hotel. I told her to take the suitcase out of the back while I went and checked us in. Luckily my erection went down. Phoebe greeted me at the hotel reception area.

The hotel worker gave us a key and led us to our room. When I opened the door I only saw one bed. “Where’s the other bed?” I asked the hotel worker. “This is a King size room, sir”, he told me. I asked if we could be moved to a room with two beds, but he said the hotel was fully booked. “Daddy it’s okay, we’ll share a bed.” Phoebe said.

To tell the truth, I was worried I would find it difficult sleeping in the same bed as her after the way I looked at her earlier in the car. “Okay” I told her. The hotel worker left the room. We had a look round. “Look Daddy, a Jacuzzi” she said. I walked in the bathroom and saw a Jacuzzi tub.

Phoebe was jumping up and down with excitement. It was then my eyes started to stare at her tits. She was 5’4 just like her mother, but her tits were naturally big. I realized that it wasn’t just my daughter’s legs that turn me on; it was her entire young body!

“I am a bad father” I kept repeating to myself.

“Can I go take a bath in it now daddy,” she asked.

“Did you bring a bathing suit?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy, I thought there would be a swimming pool.” She replied.

“There is baby, real estate is expensive down here, it’s probably on the roof. It will be okay to swim honey but later on, we need to get dinner first.” I said.

She went and got dressed for dinner. She had decided to put on a summer dress, slowing a good amount of cleavage. We went down to the hotel restaurant and ordered some food. While we waited for the food my eyes began to wander and soon found their final resting place, my daughter’s tits!

We ate dinner and talked. We talked about all sorts, but it wasn’t long before we started talking about boys. “Are you dating anyone?” I asked her.

“No daddy, I’m sick of boys my age.” She said.

“Why? Did any of them hurt you?” I asked in an angry tone.

“No, daddy! Not that, I can take care of myself. I’m just sick of being some boys ‘good time’. I want a relationship, with someone who actually loves me.” She replied.

I looked into her eyes and told her many people love her. She just smiled at me. We left the table and went back to the room. “Can we go in the Jacuzzi now, daddy? Please!” She asked me in a playful tone.

“Okay, go and put on your bathing suit.” I told her. While she put on her bathing suit I changed into some baggy shorts over my briefs because I hadn’t thought to bring a suit. I reached the Jacuzzi first, got in and started the bubbles. It was a few minutes until Phoebe was ready. She opened the bathroom door and put me in a state of shock. There was my beautiful little daughter with dark red hair in front of me in a white satin bikini. The bathing suits I remember her wearing when my wife and I went on vacation looked nothing like this one; this one was so sexy. Her young body looked incredible.

I was sitting in the Jacuzzi with my mouth wide open. “Are you okay daddy?” I heard her say. I heard her, but I was still in shock; “are you okay daddy?” she asked again. “Oh, yeah, I’m okay baby” I replied. “It’s just kind of hot in here.” Truth was, my erection felt like the biggest one I ever had!

She walked up to the tub and got in. “It’s not too hot daddy!” I had opened a bottle of wine before I went in the tub. “Can I have some wine too daddy?” “Sure what the hell, as long you don’t tell your mother!” I poured her a glass of wine, much to her enjoyment.

“Daddy, can I ask you something?” She said.

“Sure, honey. What?” I replied.

“What is it like?” She asked.

“What is what like?” I asked.

“Sex.” She said.

Two things happened at this moment; one: I was happy, because I knew she had never had sex. Two: I wasn’t sure how to answer her.

“I’m so glad you haven’t tried it before honey.” I told her.

“I’ve had many chances to, but I wanted to save myself for the right guy, I want it to feel special.” She informed me. She was so mature it nearly brought a tear to my eye.

“I’m so proud of you.” I told her. I added: “Sex is a beautiful thing, don’t ever be afraid of it. When you find the right guy and you make love to him, it’s really so beautiful.”

At that point, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Phoebe leaned in and kissed me. But not like a normal father/daughter kiss, a real kiss. She slipped her tongue in my mouth. Like I said, nothing could prepare me. I didn’t stop it. We kissed passionately for a moment. Our tongues tussling together. Eventually, I pulled away from her.

“What was that?” I asked her.

“Daddy, you are the guy I was talking about. You are the special one.” She said.

“You’re my daughter!” I said.

“That boner you have suggests you liked kissing me.” She said.

“I want you to be the special guy I lose my virginity to.” She added.

“I can’t. That would be wrong.” I told her.

“Why? You are my daddy, I would rather you make love to me and make it special instead of being another statistic for a dumb teenage boy.” She said passionately.

“What about your mother? If she found out it would destroy our family.” I asked her.

“She won’t ever find out; it’ll be our little secret daddy.” She said.

“I noticed you staring at my legs in the car earlier and looking at me again during dinner; don’t think I didn’t see your boner then either.” She added.

“Mom put me on the pill a couple of years ago because my doctor said it would help my cycle be regular and my skin to stay clear on my face.”

I don’t know what came over me, but I was so hard and had such a huge desire for my own daughter. That I just knew I was going to hell for my thoughts. I grabbed her and pulled her close. I began kissing her passionately. It wasn’t long until I lifted her lovely tits out of her bikini top. They looked so incredible. So big and round. She had the sort of seventeen year old tits that no man could resist, not even her own father. Not as large as her mothers custom made ones, but 100% real and at least a C-cup with beautiful, large nipples that were already hard and stained dark red with her arousal!

I licked those gorgeous stiff nipples firmly and heard “Ah” in a laughing tone. She looked right into my eyes and said “take me to the bed now daddy. I want to be your only woman tonight.” I carried her wet body out the tub and laid her down on the dark bedspread. She had removed the top of her bikini completely and the small bottom part was wet and clinging to every young curve! I kissed her before directing her down to my dick. She unzipped my wet shorts, pulled them down and let my rather large dick pop out. She slowly positioned her mouth over the bloated head; her lovely ass was facing me and the tiny wet bikini bottom again revealed every curve and crevice! I could tell she was nervous. “Let it slide into your mouth and move your head up-and-down.” I told her.

Her mouth felt incredible, it didn’t take long for her to get the hang of it. She looked up at me and giggled, she had spit dripping from her mouth. As she cleaned it up I said “let it drip”, I liked a sloppy blowjob. I could tell she was enjoying it now; it was as if her case of nerves just went away. I told her “come here baby,” I didn’t want to cum, at-least not yet.

“Are you ready now baby? You don’t have to do this.” I told her.
“I want to daddy; I’m so past being ready.” She turned around and straddled my waist while I untied the knots on both sides of her bikini bottom and exposed her almost bare pussy. Her slit was a little red and there was a neatly trimmed nest of red pubes above it, but naked she was just so damn beautiful!

I put her on her back and went down between her legs for a sniff and a taste and then I realized she had no idea what I was doing. “I’m ready, daddy!” she said. ‘I know it will hurt but I want it so bad!” After stroking my fingers through her inner lips a few times I slowly eased my painfully hard dick into her untried pussy. I didn’t stop when I felt resistance I knew that for me anyway it was going to feel just amazing!

“Oooohhh” she screamed. I had taken her hymen apart and it was clearly a little painful for her. A few seconds later I was inside her as far as I could go and I held perfectly still for a moment. She was biting down on her bottom lip pretty hard. It was a moment she would never forget like my first time had been. I waited another moment and then began going back and forward gently inside her pussy a few times. She began to moan “Ooooooohh and Aaaahhhh and this time it was in pleasure.

I looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately. “Fuck me daddy, just like you do mom,” she screamed. “She always brags to me about what a good lover you are dad!”

“I’m fucking my own daughter, my beautiful teen daughter” I moaned.
“Dadddddddddy” she screamed, apparently having a nice cum.

I could see her eyes roll into the back of her head in pleasure. “You are so tight that I’m going to cum already baby” I screamed and we both moaned in pleasure.

“You’re making me cum great too daddy!” She screamed. “Way better than when I do it myself in my room! It wasn’t long before we both came together. I shot the biggest load I have ever shot, squirting it all deep inside her pussy. Her tight teen pussy was on fire and I aimed to put it out! It felt as though my cock was going to break off inside her she was clamping down on it so tight. I looked into her eyes and collapsed on the bed.

“That was so cool! I love you so much daddy!” She said as I finally rolled off her.

“I love you too baby” I replied.

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